The Ulster Covenant 1912


Tracey, Aggie, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill,

Tracey, Annie, Lee Ballyclare, Antrim: East,

Tracey, Beryl, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North 

Tracey, David J, Cormullagh, Tyrone: South 

Tracey, David, Lea Ballyclare, Antrim: East 

Tracey, Eleanor A E, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North 

Tracey, Eliza Jane, Cormullagh, Tyrone: South 

Tracey, George, Ballyneal, Londonderry: South 

Tracey, George, Drumgor Portadown, Armagh: North 

Tracey, John, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill

Tracey, Joseph, Ballinran, Down: South 

Tracey, Lillie, Ballyniel, Londonderry: South 

Tracey, M E, Provosts House, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 

Tracey, Margaret, Coleraine, Londonderry: North 

Tracey, Miss, Seymour Street, Antrim: South 

Tracey, Mrs Hugh, Tieveshilly, Down: North 

Tracey, Mrs, Ballymarlow Co Antrim, Scotland: West and Scotland: Glasgow 

Tracey, Robert John, Dromore, Londonderry: North 

Tracey, Sarah, 5 Castle Street Lisburn, Antrim: South 

Tracey, Violet Millicent, Coleraine, Londonderry: North 

Tracey, William James, Dromore, Londonderry: North 


Tracy, Sarah, 5 Castle Street Lisburn, Antrim: South


Treacy, Caroline, Roddens, Down: North 

Treacy, Harriett A, Termon Carrickmore, Tyrone: Mid. 

Treacy, Lizzie, Ravencliff Donegal Park, Belfast: North 

Treacy, Marguerite, 38 Willowfield Gardens, Belfast: East 




1918 Irish memories, by E. OE. Somerville and Martin Ross [pseud.]

...Dan Russel progressed no farther than a couple of chapters and then retired to the shelf, where he remained until the spring of 1909 found us at Portofino [North Italy] with my sister and a friend, Miss Nora Tracey.

...Another of her [Martin Ross] great friends was Miss Nora Tracey, with whom she was staying in Ulster at the tremendous moment of the signing of the Ulster Covenant. Few things ever made a deeper political impression upon Martin than did that visit, and the insight that she then gained into Ulster and its fierce intensity of purpose did not cease to influence her  views. Whatever political opinions may be held, and however much the attitude of No Compromise may be regretted, the impressiveness of Ulster has to be acknowledged. No one was more sensitive to this than Martin, and an article that, at this time, she wrote and sent to the Spectator was inspired by what she saw and heard in the North during that time of crisis....




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