1917 USA Draft Registration  



Note: These forms are signed and have a physical description. Also many of these names are included in the Ellis Island records.


Barton [Martin?] Tracy b. 1889 Tuam Galway Ireland, labourer, no dependants, lives 14 Highland Park Newton Mass

Bernard Joseph Tracey b. 27 Feb 1887 Manchester England, alien, machinest, single, no dependants, lives 230 Concord Ave Detroit Mich [family from Galway]

Bert Tracy b. 16 Jun 1889 Manchester England, alien, Moving Pictures Actor Myers Theby Comedy Co, single, no dependants, lives 820 Reocaside Ave Jacksonville Fla [family from Galway]

Chas [Charles] Treacy b. 17 Nov 1893 Clones Moraghaw [Monaghan] Ireland, declared naturisation, apprentice compositor, father & sister dependants, single, lives 1285 2nd Ave NY NY

Daniel Tracey b. 15 Jan 1887 Dunmore Galway Ireland, naturalised citizen, married, wife and 5 children under 12 years, lives 309 Court St Elizabeth NJ, railway freight conductor at Central railroad of NJ

Daniel Tracey b. 17 Jun 1886 Galway Ireland England, married, wife and three children dependants, lives 78 Megait St Boston Mass, naturalised citizen, motarman ay boston Elevated Cars

Denis Treacy b. 08 Dec 1891 Currick On Sur Tipperary Ireland, alien, shell saddener Du Pont, lives Pompton, single, no dependants, physical disability,  Lakes NJ

Dennis J Tracey b. 12 Aug 1893 Limerick Ireland England, single, lives 822 Sestern Ave Leynan Mass, Monaser dresser at Nenj Moose & Sons

Dennis Tracey b. 17 Mar 1893 Dunmore [Galway] Ireland, naturalised citizen, parents dependants, single, lives 1080 E Grand Elizabeth NJ, Fireman at Standand Ceil

Edward Martin Treacy b. 15 Nov 1895 Portumna Galway Ireland, declarant naturalisation, trucker Western Electric Co, single, no dependants, was private coast artillery USA 6 months, lives 3805 Indianalla Chicargo Ill

Edward Tracy b. 24 Mar 1889 Limerick Co Limerick Ireland, alien, capenter, wife & 1 child dependendants, married, lives 309 E 136 Sy NY NY

Francis John Tracey b. 15 Dec 1893 Consett Durham England, declared naturisation, bus conductor 5th Ave Coach Co, single, no dependants, lives 501 W 134 St NY

Francis Treacy b. 08 Dec 1895 Clones [Monaghan] Ireland, delared first papers, printers apprentice, father dependant, single, lives 1285 Second St NY NY

Frank Joseph Treacy, 29, of 213 Willis Ave NY NY, b. 28 Feb 1888 Tipperary Ireland, naturalized, woraks as labourer at McGrath & Sons 323 Butler St Bklyn, has wife & child, [signed], medium height, stout build, blue eyes, brown hair.


George Francis Tracey b. 15 Sep 1888 Carlow Ireland, naturalised citizen first papers, Carpenter LVRR Co Sayre Pa, mother dependant, single, lives Van Eitten NY

George Tracey b. 04 Apr 1890 Limerick Ireland, declared intention naturalise, motorman Brooklyn Rapid transport, married wife & child dependants, lives 529 56 Brooklyn NJ

Henry Tracy b. 11 Apr 1888 Mill Toure [Milltown] [Miltown Malbay Clare] Ireland, declared naturalisation, single, no depenants, Elecator Runn??? not employed, lives 262 W25 NY

James J Tracy b. 11 Nov 1894 Drumramney [Drumraney Westmeath] Ireland, declared intention 1st papers, single, no dependants, lives 30 Buckington Hardford Conn

James Joseph Tracey b. 14 Apr 1894 Galway Ireland, grocery clerk Atlantic & Pacific, single, no dependants, flat feet, lives 3805 Ind Ave Chicago Ill

James Tracey b. 12 Aug 1886 Liverpool England, declared naturalisation, helper America Express, single, no dependants, lives 349 E51 st [NY]City

James Treacy b. 07 Jul 1887 Kilkenny Ireland, Alien 1st papers 1914, freight handler, wife & child, married, lives 4318 Evans? Ave Chicago Ill

James Treacy b. 11 Jul 1891 Kiltealy [Kilteely Limerick] Ireland, declared intention naturalise, machinest Ford, wife dependant, married, lives 877 Le May St Clair Heights Mich

James Treacy b. 23 Dec 1887 Ballinasloc [Ballinasloe Galway] Ireland, declared intention naturalisation, Catholic priest Fays Diocese, no dependants, single, clergyman exemption, lives Starkmathu NJ

Jas J Treacy b. 01 Nov 1888 Tipperary Ireland, intention to declare naturalisation, butcher, wife and 3 children dependants, married, lives 2463 8 Ave NY NY

John H Tracy b. 05 Sep 1886 Liverpool England, naturalised, Miner Kansas State Penitentiary, single, no dependant, served 4 years US navy, lives Lansing Kansas

John J Tracey b. 18 Mar 1883 Cavan Ireland, alien 1st pap? 5 yrs, single, sister 26 yrs dependant, lives 4 Concord St Boston Mass, waiter at Hotel Westminister

John Joseph Tracy b. 18 Mar 1893 Killmallock [Limerick] Ireland, alien, gateman 3rd Ave for Interborough Rapid Trams, single, no dependants, lives 327 Lenox Ave NYC

John Tracey b. 18 Sep 1888 Dundee Scotland, declared intention naturalise, machinist helper unemployed, no dependents, single, lives 178 Taaffe Pl NY

John Tracey b. 27 Nov 1891 Scarborough [Yorkshire] England, alien, labourer unemployed, single, no dependants, lives 283 Detroit Mich

John Tracy b. 06 Mar 1888 County Limerick Ireland, declareant naturisation, janitor NE Telephone co, dependants wife & mother partly, lives 106 Hyde Park Ave Boston Mass

John Treacy b. 08 Aug 1888 Limerick Ireland, naturalised citizen, locomotive ??? South Pacific, single, no dependants, physically ??? ??? ???, lives 1700 Osoath San Luis ??? Calif

John Treacy b. 17 Sep 1891 Roscommon Ireland, Alien 1st papers, motorman Public Service, single, no dependants, lives 273 Marren Newark NJ

John Treacy b. 22 Feb 1895 County Tipperany Ireland Great Britain, alien, labourer, single, no dependants, lives Valhalla NY

Joseph G Tracey b. 30 Aug 1891 Belfast Ireland, naturalised, machinest Ford Motor, single, no dependants, lives 74 Grand W Highland Pk Mich

Lawrence Tracy b. 08 Nov 1892 Gallaway [Galway] Ireland, declared naturalistion, machinest at Remmington, single no dependants, lives Mildred Ave Stroollyn Pa

Martin Joseph Tracey b. Aug 15 1875 Ireland, lives 196 Ridge St Newark Essex NJ, works Edison Chemical Works Bloomfield Essex NJ, nearest relative Beatrice Tracey Roscommon Ireland.

Mathew T Tracey b. 10 Dec 1887 Abbyside Dungarvan [Waterford] Ireland, declared naturalisation, Oiler, married wife & 2 children, lives 15 Ingram St Yonkers NY

Michael Francis Tracy b. 26 Oct 1893 Portumaria [Portumna Galway] Ireland England, single, no dependants, naturalised, US citizen, lives 4535 Park Ave? NY, Platform man at Aine? Express Co

Michael J Tracy b. 20 Sep 1892 Glenamaddy Galway Ireland, declared intention naturalise, grocer clerk, single, no dependants, lives 16 Ellet Boston Mass

Michael J Tracy Or Treacy, b. 14 Mar 1888 Yarr*, [Dfarr?y}, Ireland, lives 103 E 100 NY, single, naturalised, father? dependant, Engineer at N.S. Caston House

Michael J Tracy, b. Sept 20 1892 Glenamaddy Galway Ireland, lives 16 Ellet Boston Mass, single, grocers clerk

Michael Tracey b. 27 Dec 1886 Roscommon Ireland, naturalised, longshoreman, single, lives 222 South St NYC

Micheal Or Michael Tracy b. 30 Mar 1887 Queens Ireland, single, not US citizen, Sta Aireman? at PH Siginington, lives 261 Platt Rochester New York

Micheal Tracy b. 20 Aug 1887 Kilkenny Ireland, naturised, dependants wife & child, married Driver for NYC, lives 416/420 W 48St NYC

Patrick C Tracy b. 2nd February 1897 Machias Maine USA, native of the USA, father b. Machias Maine US, works NYNN & HRR Co., mother Leneva B Tracy 3 Bremer St Worcester Mass, lives Elm Inn Putnam Conn

August 24, 1918 Norwich bulletin

Putnam...The following men were passed Friday by the draft board as fit for service:...Patrick Tracy...An interesting case came before the hoard when Patrick Tracy requested that his number be advanced. He has been 1 1-2 years in the trenches in France and Belgium and has heen both wounded and gassed. He was one of the guards chained to Roger Casement when he was sent across the Channel to be expected as a spy.


Patrick Joseph Tracey b. 17 Mar 1890 Cornamona [Galway] Ireland England, single, lives 18 Buiney St Boston Mass, grocery clerk at John T Connor


Patrick Tracy b. 01 Jul 1895 Dublin Ireland, alien, operator Du Pont, single, no dependants, lives Elvin Penns Grove NJ

Patrick Tracy b. 10 Dec 1894 [or 1884] Arklow [Wicklow] Ireland, ships ??? New England Steamship Co, father & mother dependants, single, lives 292 W142 NY NY

Patrick Tracy b. 17 Mar 1889 Ballyduff Co Kerry Ireland, declarant naturalisation, structural iron worker Wisconsin bridge, no dependants, single, lives 312 Exchange St Keokuk Iowa

Patrick Treacy b. 02 Aug 1881 Co Mayo Ireland, naturised citizen, chauffeur, mother dependant, single, lives Laurence [Nassau County] NY

Patrick Treacy b. 07 Mar 1891 Dunmore Galway Ireland, naturalised citizen, clerk in railroad office, single, no dependants, lives 309 Court St Elizabeth NJ

Peter Tracey b. 23 May 1891 Granard Longford Ireland, motorman PRT, single, lives 192 E Evergreen Phila Pa

Peter Treacy b. 29 Jun 1890 Terrycrew [Teernacreeve] West Meath Ireland, declared intention to naturalise, Heaor Midvale steel works, supports father and mother in Ireland, single, lives 3053 - 35 Phila PA

Philip Tracy b. 04 May 1886 [Fermanagh?] Ireland, labourer, relative Jennie Tracy Edmon Mich, lives Edmon Mich

Phillip Treacy b. 07 Nov 1886 Newtown [Fermanagh?]  Ireland, alien, Pan den Warker Du Pont, single, no dependants, lives Camp #2 Albany

Thomas Treacey b. 26 May 1888 [or 1898] Caffaewno Co Lumenick [Cappamore Co. Limerick] Ireland, declarant naturalisation, Motorman Beasley Rapid Trams, wife dependant, married, lives 459 Pirpus An Bionlly? NY NY

Thomas Treacy b. Sep 1876 Country Limerick Ireland, labourer, wife Mary A Treacey, lives 60 Mt Aubasn? St Watertown Mass

William Andrew Treacy b. 25 Jul 1882 [Donegal] Ireland, Watchman US Signal Corp, Mrs Mary Treacy Foyle St Moville Co Donegal, lives 207 Pa Ave ??? Washinton DC

William Joseph Tracey b. 12 Apr 1892 Arklow Wicklow Ireland, machinist, partially support father & mother in Ireland, single, declared intention to naturalise, lives 292 W 142 St NY

William Joseph Tracey b. 16 Jun 1892 Roscommon Ireland, naturalised, US citizen, Wife & mother dependants, lives 52 Walnut St Newark? NJ, machinest at Edison, served 3 years in the British infantry

William Patrick Tracey b. 12 Feb 1891 Limerick Ireland, single, naturalised citizen, lives 96 Call St Boston Mass, milk man at Redood & Sons, private infantry in Mas Vol Militia

William Tracy b. 13 Jul 1888 Galway Ireland, alien, handyman Strand Oil, wife dependant, married, lives 10014 Almira Ave Cleveland Ohio

William Tracy b. 23 Mar 1889 Comer Co Kilkenney Ireland, electrican, dependants mother & wife, came to this country at the age of 3 years, lives 45 Webster St Hartford Conn


 WW1 Canadian Records  



Alfred Joseph Tracey, Service Number: 802926 87th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) born August 16, 1897 died August 14, 1917. Vimy Memorial ; Pas de Calais, France. Son of Mrs. Mary Martin, of 13, Oakwood Avenue, Lewis Rd., Mitcham, Surrey, England.

Bert Tracey, Service Number: 109648 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.) born September 29, 1888 died December 4, 1915, Berks Cemetery Extension , Belgium. Son of Bartholomew and Sarah Tracey, of 4, York St., Edgeley, Stockport, England.

Boyle Tracey, Service Number: 111491 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) born November 7, 1894 Saint John, New Brunswick died June 2, 1916, Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tracey, of 61 Prince Edward St., Saint John, New Brunswick.

Dennis Tracey, Service Number: 2007 6th Bn. Canadian Garrison Regiment. born died July 13, 1918 Glace Bay (St. Ann's) R. C. Cemetery ; Nova Scotia, Canada. Son of Martin and Mary Tracey, of New Aberdeen

Edward Joseph Tracey, Service Number: 874817 8th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) born died September 3, 1918 Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension ; Pas de Calais, France

Ernest Tracey, Service Number: 488706 3rd Canadian Machine Gun Corps born February 24, 1897 died November 11, 1917 White House Cemetery , Belgium. Eldest son of Ernest B. and Sadie Tracey, of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. Native of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Francis Treacy, No 2507332, father Patrick Treacy lives 1285 2nd Ave New York City, b. 8th Dec 1895 Clones Monaghan Ireland, printer, single, 5'6", 34.5" chest + 3.5", medium complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, RC

Frederick George Treacy, No 781629, lives Expanse Sask, born 5th Sep 1884 Norton Caines Staff Eng, uncle Alfred Ordan Norton Caines Staff England, painter & decorator, 5'7", 36" chest + 3", medium complexion, hazel eyes, m brown hair, Church of England. Discharged 6.1.19 physically half? wound

Herbert James Tracey, Service Number: 335414 Canadian Field Artillery born died October 2, 1918 Georgetown (Greenwood) Cemetery ; Ontario, Canada. Son of Dennis and Jane Ann Tracy, of Glen Williams, Ont.

Jerome Francis Treacy, no 2011583, lives Brantford Ont, b. 4th May 1891 Creamore Ont, RC, telephone construction, mother Bridget Treacy of 18 Walnut St Brantford Ont, 5'7", 36" chest + 4.5", med complexion, blue eyes, brown hair

John Edward Treacy, 4th Pioneer, born 31 august 1884 Kent Ontario, lives 503 Andreson Apartments Calgary, wife Esther Treacy of Bank of Commerce 2 Lombard St London Eng, Mining engineer, Church of England

John Frederick Tracey, Service Number: 550535 Royal Canadian Dragoons (1st Armoured Regiment) born died August 8, 1918 Vimy Memorial ; Pas de Calais, France. Son of Mrs. Georgia Tracy.

John Groves Tracey, Service Number: 57736 20th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) born age 36, died April 15, 1916 Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial , Belgium. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tracey, of Glasgow, Scotland; husband of the late Catherine Ann Tracey.

John Joseph Tracy, Service Number: 776055 38th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment), born February 22 1884 died April 27 1917, La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

John Marius Tracy, Service Number: 427561 3rd Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment), born September 8 1890 died October 11 1916, Contay British Cemetery, Somme, France  

Leo Joseph Treacy No. 2006894, born 27 March 1895 Brentford Brent Co Ont, lives 670 Brush St Detroit Mich, mother Bridget Treacy 18 Walnut St Brantford Ont, plummer, 5'9", 33" chest + 3", medium complexion, grey eyes, Auburn hair, RC

Thomas Lawrence Tracy, Service Number: 911023 Yukon Motor Machine Gun Bty. Canadian Machine Gun Corps, born 16/9/1897 died October 28, 1917, Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial, Belgium. Son of Allen D. and Mary M. Tracy, of Theodore, Saskatchewan. Enlisted at Saskatoon in 1915, with the 196th (University) Bn. Born near Yorkton, Sask., he had just qualified as a teacher.

Thomas Leonard Tracy, Canadian Pioneers 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion. died September 12, 1916

Weldon Tracey, Service Number: 471157 24th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) born August 22, 1895  died September 30, 1916 Vimy Memorial ; Pas de Calais, France

William John Treacy, Service Number: 623034 Canadian Army Medical Corps born September 18, 1880 Totenham Ontario died December 2, 1918 Lenham Cemetery ; Kent, United Kingdom. Wife Mrs Gertrude Treacy 29 Dufferins Ave Winipeg, Bar tender, RC, 35 years, 5'7", 37.5" chest + 4.5", dark complexion, brown eyes, grey black hair.



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