Agnes Treacy (1877-1959)



Agnes Treacy (Mrs James Harold) was born in Nenagh, Cо. Tipperary, the daughter of William Treacy of Fermanagh and Susanna Bourke of Limerick. She studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music (Scholar), was a soprano singer, known chiefly as an interpreter of Oratorio.


As a child, her parents sent her to the Royal Irish Academy of Music where she received her musical training. On the day she entered, the famous maestro, the late Mr. Joseph Robinson, tried her voice, and much to her surprise, took her under his own care, as she expected to be put in the junior classes. What she owed to his careful and kind tuition she could not over estimate. With him she studied oratorio, opera and classical music. His rare experience and genius were of invariable assistance to her in her studies, and his death was a great loss to music in this country. She also learned the violin, piano and declamation but only as an aid to singing.


At the Academy she won the National prize, the Begley prize, the first prize for Italian reading, as well as prizes for theory, harmony and singing at sight, and finally the scholarship. She competed at the Dublin Feis Ceoil [May 1897?] and won the Feis gold medal  for a song in Irish, and the gold medal for solo singing.


When not six months at the Academy she sang at the Viceregal Lodge, her first engagement, and the beginning of her professional career. Although she had only began to study, from that time forward she had many offers of engagements.


Other memorial early performances, included singing at the opening of the new organ in Marlborough street cathedral, with Chevalier Wiegard organist. She sang a good deal at the University Choral society and various Philharmonic Society concerts. She sang at nearly all the principal Irish concerts, including the Feis Ceoil, the Oireachtas and the great Moore Memorial concerts. In 1906, at the Eisteddfod, held at Rhyl, she was created a bard and was given the name Llios Yr Iwerddon (Nightingale of Ireland). She also sang at the Pan-Celtic Congress at Carnarvan. In 1907, she was the Irish representative at the Eisteddfod, held at Carnaroon and sang old Irish songs.


When her mother died in February 1909, she cancelled numerous engagements, including the Queen’s Hall, London. Also in the same year, she suffered the loss of her father.


In 1914, she married Mr. James Harold of Bloomsbury of London.


Sep 1, 1917 (IT) Birth

Harold - Aug 22, at 20 Brunswick square, London W.C., the wife of Dr. Harold (nee Agnes Treacy), of a son.

1952 The Catholic Who's who

James Treacy Harold, M.D., M.R., C.P., D.T.M. & H.; Specialist in Medicine and Tropical diseases; b. 17 Aug 1917 s. of Dr. James Harold of Brunwick Square London; unm; Educ Ealing Priory Schl; St Bartholomew' Hosp; served W War II...



Miss Agnes Treacy. Anglo-Celt, 28 March 1908

Cowley Burnand, Francis (1935) The Catholic Who's who and Yearbook - Page 501

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Music In Dublin by Joseph O'Neill

...In the early years of this century the main form of entertainment for the public was through the medium of the concert. These concerts ranged from the popular ballad type, with instrumental relief, to the chamber music recital. It was quite a usual occurrence for three concerts to be held on one night, and I have known that prince of baritones in his time, J. G. Doyle, to commence an evening by singing at the Round Room of the Rotunda, proceed to a concert at the Antient Concert Rooms, and from there to the Rathmines Town Hall, thus contributing to three concerts within a few hours. He would sing twice, perhaps, at the Rathmines Concert, and return to perform in the second half of each of the other concerts. His co-star of the period was Agnes Treacy, soprano, and both shared an enormous popularity in Dublin. While their songs followed the beaten track of the ballad concert, I later came to appreciate the artistry and musicianship of J. C. Doyle when he took part in works of musical importance...
Fleischmann, Aloys (1952). Music In Ireland. Cork University Press.
31st August 1906 The Welsh Coast Pioneer and Review for North Cambria
The Archdruid's Address. Ireland was well represented at the Gorsedd ceremony by Mr Fournier, Mr Hugh Treacey, Miss Agnes Treacey, and the Hon. William Gibson, who speaks Welsh fluently....
Apr 16, 1910 (WE) Agnes Treacy sings in Mullingar
...Miss Treacy's voice has not only the clearness, purity, range and precision of the more ordinary soprano voice., but there is a full round flute-like tone which enriches with a wondrous colour and charm each note she delivers...[much more]


Oct 8, 1910 (MC) Kells

...Agnes Treacy, the patti of Ireland...

Nov 5, 1910 (MC) Kells

...At the head of the list of artists is our Irish "Queen of Song", Miss Agnes Treacy...

Nov 19, 1910 (MC) Kells

..."At my window"..."Good-Bye"... Miss Treacy sang delightfully...


Aug 28, 1920 (FJ) Theatre Royal

The Worlds Best Artists...[Agnes?] Treacy...





Philip Tressy of Galloon Co. Fermanagh, children


James Treacy (1831-)

William Treacy (1836-1909) RIC

Thomas Treacy (1841-1882), RIC

Philip Treacy (1849-)

John Treacy (1848-) RIC

Francis Treacy (1851-) Armagh Manor

Ellen Magovern

Hugh Treacy (1849-)

Daniel Treaey (1851-)



William Treacy (1836-1909)


RIC Service

William Treacy, 19434, b. 1836 Fermanagh


19434 Wm Treacy, 19, 5'7.25", b. Fer, Catholic, married 19 Mar '62 wife born Clare, recommended by G. Shegog JP. lab, appointed 15 Feb 55, served Limk 12 June - City 1/4/63 - Tip NR - Roscomm 1/4/79 - Gal NR 10/2/83, PISC 1 Aug 55 - PACo 1 July 67 - P Con 1 June 68 - P2AC 1 March 1879, Reward and punishments, Pensioned 1.6.85 19434D/96775, served 30 years 3 months, pension £89.9.0


1 June '85 Men of 30 years Service

19434, Gal WR, William Treacy, rank HC 6 years 3 months, served 30 years 3 months, grant £17.1.4, 91 scale, average pension £86.9.0, awarded £86.9.


Wm Treacy, HC, Galway W, pensioned 49 years of age, pension £86.9, started 1 June 1885, paid to Pay Office, died 9 November 1909, pension payments listed from April 1907 to October 1909, balance paid to Edwd Jas Treacy & Hugh Daniel Treacy Exors P/1015


William Tracy married Susanna Bourke 10 June 1858 Wit: Florence Sullivan & Ellen Connors. St Mary's Limerick

Wm/William Tracy/Treacy/Tracey & Susana/Susan/Suzan Burke/Bourke

Francis Tracy b. 30 Mar 1859 Sp. Michl McaAnnoir? & Ellen Connor. St. Mary's, Limerick City Parish

Edward Tracy b. 8 Apr 1861 Sp. James Geason & Ellan Donnell? St. Mary's, Limerick City

John Thos Tracy b. 1 Jul 1867 Sp. James O'Brien & Margt Clinhan. Nenagh Parish

William Slevin Tracey b. 5 August 1868 Sp. Patrick McDonogh & Martha Gleson. Nenagh Parish

Michl Treacy b. 13 Oct 1869 Sp. John Treacy & Hanora Hogan. Borrisokane Parish (Note: policeman)

Suzana Tracey b. 17 Feb 1873 Sp. Patrick Tracey & Magt Coranel. Nenagh Parish

Hugh Daniel Tracey b. 21 Sep 1874 Sp. Thomas Tracey (by proxy) & Mary McLoughlin. Nenagh Parish

Agnes Treacy b. 14? Jan 1878 Sp. Thomas Treacy & Honora Kelly. Nenagh Parish


William Treacy, constable in police, & Susan Bourke

Philip Treacy b. 19 July 1865 Athlunkard Street Limerick. Saint Munchen Limerick PLU (LDS)

William Tracey & Susan Burke/Bourke in Tipperary

John Thomas b. 29 June 1867 Nenagh (LDS)

William Slevin b. 3 August 1868 Nenagh (LDS)

Michael b. 11 October 1869 Borrisokane (LDS)

Susannah Tracey b. 16 Feb 1873 (Susannah Burke) [Nenagh PLU]

Hugh Daniel b. 19 September 1874 Nenagh (LDS)

Agnes b. 21 December 1877 Tipperary (LDS)

William Tracey, Constable R.I.C., & Susan Burke

Agnes Tracey b. 21 January? 1878 of Graces St Nenagh. Nenagh PLU


William Treacy (1836-1909) & Susan Bourke (1836–1909) Marriage: 10 June 1858 St. Mary's, Limerick, Ireland


Francis Treacy 1859–Deceased

Edward James Treacy 1861–1937

Patrick Burke Treacy 1863–1944

Philip Neri Treacy 1865–1951

John Thomas Tracey 1867–Deceased

William Slevin Tracey 1868–1868

Michael Tracey 1869–1937

Mary Ellen Treacy 1870–1949

Susannah Tracey 1873–Deceased

Hugh Daniel Tracey 1874–1945

Agnes Treacy 1877–1959


Patrick Burke Treacy 1863–1944 & Sarah Hynes 1856–1893

Marriage: 25 November 1884

Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland

Mary Frances Treacy 1885

Louis Vincent Treacy born 30 August 1886 Athlone, County Westmeath died 16 May 1953 New York

Wilfrid Treacy 1887–Deceased

Ethel Mary Treacy 1888–Deceased

Patrick William Treacy 1893–Deceased



Philip Treacy 1845/9-1911


Philip Tressy, of full age, widower, tailor, lives Newtown Butler, (s. of Philip Tressy, farmer) married Mary Goodwin, of full age, spinster, lives Gubb Island Newtown Butler (d. of Thomas Goodwin, farmer, deceased) [her mark] Wit: Bernard M Allen & Mary Anne Goodwin [her mark] RC Chapel of Newtown Butler 16 January 1871 [Newtown Butler Clones PLU Fermanagh]


Philip Tressy, full age, widower, tailor, of Greahishial N.T. Butler (s. of Philip Tressy, farmer, deceased) married Rose Mowen, full age, spinster, of Greahishial N.T. Butler (d. of John [Charl - crossed out] Mowen, labourer) [her mark] Wit: Bernard Keenan & Elizabeth A Lilly 10 August 1881 RC Chapel of Clones. [Clones, Clones PLU Monaghan]

Philip Tracy, tailor, & Rose Moan?

Philip Daniel Tracy b. 6 Nov 1886 of Donagh [Galloon Fermanagh]. Philip Treacy Father Donagh. Lisnaskea Lisnaskea PLU


Elizabeth Treacy, 25, single, b. 1889 Ireland (d. of Philip Treacy & Rose Mowen) married Richard Carmody, 22, single, b. 1892 Ireland (s. of John & Brigid Mcdonough) 22 Feb 1914 Manhattan, New York, United States


12 January 1877 (FJ) The Constabulary

There has been no head constable appointed to the Nenagh Constabulary district since the superannuation last month of Head-Constable Dominick Leahy. The senior sergeant, Constable William Tracey, is discharging the duties of head constable pro tem.


1878 DMP Service

Edward James Treacey, DMP 8414, RC,  born 1858, 20 years, 5’10.5”, clerk, Nenagh Co. Tipperary, recommended by Tho Spam Esq, J.P. M.D., joined 3 May 1878, SS 13 May 1904, Inspr 14 Jan 1910, [long pay history] pensioned 1st April 1915, £106/13/4 [p.a.]

The Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy. Four Courts, 2001


June 1890 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society

Agents in Ireland...Athlone Mr. John Parsons, Mr. P.B. Tracey...

28 November 1884 Freeman's Journal

William Treacy, Roundstone, to Rosanna (Sarah), eldest daughter of the late James Hynes, of Athlone.

[State Reg: Patrick Burke Treacy/Patrick Bourke Tracy m. Rosana Sarah Hynes Athlone vol 3 page 2]

June 1894 Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society

Agents...Athlone...Mr. P.B. Tracy...

7 January 1893 (NG) Death

January 6, at Court Devenish, Athlone, Sarah, the beloved wife of P.B. Treasy, formerly of Nenagh.

1905 Kelly's Directory
Patrick B. Treacy, King street, Athlone, co. Westmeath

1906 P.B. Treacy, Esq., Clerk of Petty Sessions, Athlone, County Westmeath.


Mary Ellen Treacy (d. of William Treacy) of 48 Bayview Avenue m. Jeremiah Hanrahan (s. of James Hanrahan) of Castle Yard on 17 April 1894 Wit: John Roe & Susan Treacy. St. Agatha’s RC (North Dublin City)


1 May 1897 (N) Profession of a Religieuse [& 27 April 1897 Freeman's Journal]

The Convent of Mercy, Templemore, was the scene of an impressive ceremony on Thursday week, the occasion being the profession of Miss Susan Treacy, in religion Sister Mary Francis, daughter of Mr. Wm. Treacy, 117 North Strand, Dublin.

The following members of the family of the newly professed nun attended:

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Treacy, parents;

Messrs. Edward J., Patrick B., P. Neil, and Hugh D. Treacy, brothers;

Mrs. Hourahan and Miss Agnes Treacy, sisters;

Messrs. Louis V. and W. Blount Treacy, Athlone, nephews;

and Mr. Jeremiah Hourahan, brother-in-law.

The other friends included Miss Murphy, Miss Kearney and Miss Butler.

Sr. Mary Francis Treacy [Susan Treacy] (1873-1950), of Tipperary, Died 30th August 1950, Age 77, entered The Convent of Mercy, Templemore 1897


May 4, 1898 (FJ) Feis Ceoil in Belfast

Vocal Solos - Soprano...3rd Miss Agnes Treacey, Dublin

1901 Music in Dublin

... Chamber Music Union...Miss Agnes Treacey gave unmixed pleasure by her charming singing of a group of songs by Schubert and Stanford, and a very beautiful Italian song, ' Fior di Siepe,' by Esposito...

 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, Vol. 42, No. 699 (May 1, 1901), p. 332


1901 Census

William Treacy, 65, M, 117 North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Ex Head Const R.I.C. and Bankruptcy Courts Messenger, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Fermanagh

Susan Treacy, 63, F, North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Wife, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Limerick

Edward J Treacy, 39, M, North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Storekeeper D.M. Police, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Hugh D Treacy, 26, M, North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Commercial Traveller and Merchant Wine Trade, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Agnes Treacy, 21, F, North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Professor of Music, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Ethel Treacy, 12, F, North Strand Road, North Dock, Dublin, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Grand Daughter, Not Married, Co Westmeath


Patrick Burke Treacy, 38, M, 8 Court Devenish, Athlone Town, Westmeath, Clerk of Petty Sessions Land and Insurance Agent, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widower, City of Limerick


Louis V Treacy, 14, M, Rockwell College, 1.2 Attykitt, Killeenasteena, Tipperary, Pupil, Roman Catholic, Not Married, Westmeath

Wilfred Francis Treacy, 13, M, Attykitt, Killeenasteena, Tipperary, Pupil, Roman Catholic, Not Married, Westmeath

Also Ethel living in Dublin.


Jeremiah Hourahan, 42, Male, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Co Cork, Police Inspector, 5 South Circular Road Dublin

Mary Ellen Hourahan, 30, Female, Wife, Roman Catholic, Co Tipperary,


Phillip Tracey, 52, M, 26 (File 2 of Aghagay), Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, Tailor, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widower, Co Fermanagh

Lizzie Tracey, 17, F, (File 2 of Aghagay), Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Fermanagh

Philip Daniel Tracey, 14, M, (File 2 of Aghagay), Newtownbutler, Fermanagh, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Fermanagh


May 19, 1906 (IT) Lord Mayors Ball

...Miss Agnes Treacy and Miss M. Treacy, Mr. Hugh Treacy, Mr. Edward Treacy...


28 March 1908 (AC) Miss Agnes Treacy

...Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh. Although resident in Dublin, Miss Treacy's father is a native of Fermanagh, Mr. Philip Treacy, R.D.C. [Clones] being her uncle...

December 16, 1911 Kentucky Irish American

Ireland - The death is announced of Philip Treacy of Newtownbutler. Mr Treacy had reached his sixty-fifth year was Vice Chairman of the local Board of Guardians and was greatly Interested In the Lough Erne drainage question.


1908 Ellis Island

Louis Vincent Patrick Treacy, Athlone Westmeath Ireland, 1908, 22 years [22y1m], single, arrived Sep 26, 1908 on the Saint Paul from Southampton

Louis Vincent Patrick Treacy, 22, single, Solicitors apprentice, English Irish, lived Athlone Ireland, relative P.B. Treacy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. destination Astoria


25 June 1914 Ellis Island Arrival

Ethel Tracy, 1914, 24 years, single, Father: Patrick, 21 Kings St Athlone. To brother Lewis Tracy, 167 Eckford Street, Brooklyn NY. 5’10”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. B. Athlone Ireland.


1921 Ellis Island Arrival

Mary Treacy, London England, 1921, 35 years, single, lived London, Father P.B. Treacy, 8 Garden Vale, Athlone, Ireland. Brother: L.V. Treacy, 399 Wood land Ave, Woodhaven, L.I.N.Y. 5’5”, fair Complexion, black hair, hazel eyes. b. Athlone Ireland.


1910 Census - 600 East 164 Street, Bronx Assembly District 33, New York, New York

John T Treacy              Head       M            40           Ireland, emigrated 1891 Naturalised, manufacturer iron employer

Della J Treacy              Wife       F             28           Ireland, married 7 years, 4 children 0 alive, emigrated 1889

William I Ryan            Father-in-law         M            63           Ireland, widowed, emigreted 1891, Alien, clerk Iron

Louis V Treacy            Nephew M            23           Ireland, single, emigrated 1908, Naturalised? Pa, clerk iron

1920 Census - 399 Woodland Avenue, Queens Assembly District 6, Queens, New York

Louis V Treacy            Head       M            33           Ireland, emigrated 1898, Naturalised 1905, Manager Corporation

Josephine Treacy         Wife       F             27           New York

1930 Census - 119-47 191st street, Queens (Districts 1001-1250), Queens, New York

Louis Treacy                Head       Male       42           Ireland, married age 27, emigrated 1907, natutralised, Supurieor mantaince, Allied Cleaning Co

Josephine Treacy         Wife       Female    36           New York, married age 20,

Edward Treacy            Son         Male       9             New York

Vivian Treacy              Daughter                Female    5             Maryland

Mary Quinn  Mother-in-law        Female    60           Ireland, emigrated 1885, naturalised,

1940 Census - 119 15 192nd St, Assembly District 4, Queens, New York City, Queens, New York

Louis Treacy                Head       M            53           Ireland, same place since 1935, Supervisor Construction Plc

Josephine Treacy         Wife       F             46           New York

Edward Treacy            Son         M            19           New York

Vivian Treacy              Daughter                F             14           New York

Mary Quinn Mother-in-law        F             70           Eire


June 5th 1917 World War I Draft Registration Card

Louis V Treacy b. 30 Aug 1886, lives 1371 Mastrabd Ave Bklyn New York City, Nat born citizen [crossed out] b. Athlone Co. Westmeath Ireland [crossed out]. Supt of repairs, Equitable Office Bld Corp, NY. requested exemption based on wife. signed. Tall slender build, grey eyes, brown hair, not bald.

1942 World War II Draft Registration Card

Louis Vincent Treacy, b. 30 Aug 1886 Athlone Ireland, lives 119 15 192nd St, St Albans, Queens, New York. Telephone La 8 5007. Wife Josephine E Treacy. employed by Allied Cleaning Contractors at Pennsylvannia Station NY. signed.


Treacy - February 6, 1909 at 58 Cabra Park, Dublin, Susan, dearly-loved wife of William Treacy; deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband and children.

Feb 8, 1909 (FJ) Death

Treacy - February 6, 1909, at 58 Cabra Park, Dublin, Susan, dearly-loved wife of William Treacy, deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband and children. R.I.P. Funeral (private) immediately after 8 o'clock mass at St. Peter's Phibsboro on this (Monday) morning for Glasnevin Cemetery. No. Flowers.

8 February 1909 (FJ) Death of Miss Agnes Treacy’s Mother

The sympathy of a very wide circle of friends and admirers will go out to Miss Agnes Treacy in the bereavement that has befallen her by the death of her mother on Saturday evening at her residence, 58 Cabra Park. The deceased lady had been ailing for some time past but there was some hope that she would recover, but she passed away most peacefully away on Saturday evening. The sympathy with Miss Treacy and her brothers and sisters will be deepened when it is known that her father, who has been indisposed for a considerable time, is at present lying very seriously ill at the above address, and of course, is quite oblivious of the death of his wife. The funeral will take place this morning, after eight o’clock Mass in St. Peter’s Phibsoro’.

It may be mentioned that Miss Treacy has, of course, cancelled all engagements, 22 of which she had already booked for this month at home and the series in London.

Feb 13, 1909 (IT) Death

Treacy - February 6, 1909, at 56 Cabra Park, Dublin, Susan, dearly beloved wife of William Treacy; deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband and children.


Nov 20, 1909 (IT) & (FJ) Death

Treacy - November 9, 1909 at his residence, 58 Carbra park, Dublin, William Treacy; deeply regretted by his sorrowing family. RIP.

Nov 10, 1909 (FJ) Death

Treacy - November 9, 1909, at his residence, 58 Cabra Park, Dublin, William Treacy; deeply regretted by his sorrowing family. R.I.P. Funeral (private) after 8 o'clock Mass at St. Peter's Phibsboro', on to-morrow(Thursday) 11th inst. for Glasnevin Cemetery. No Flowers.


Apr 7, 1910 (FJ) Athlone Musical Society

...Gaiety Theatre...The Gondolliers...The part of Giannetta was taken by May Treacy (a relative of our leading Irish soprano, Miss Agnes Treacy)...


Apr 15, 1910 (FJ) Funeral of the Late Mr. Garrett Begg, Beggsboro', Cabra

...The coffin was covered with a number of beautiful wreaths...from James Begg, and from Agnes, Edward and Hugh Treacy, "With deepest sympathy."


1911 Census

Edward J, Treacy, 58 Cabra Park, Phibsborough, 49, M, Glasnevin Ward Dublin (Head, b. Limerick, Inspector DMP, single)

Hugh D, Treacy, Cabra Park, Phibsborough, 30, M, Glasnevin Ward Dublin (Brother, b. Tipperary, Wine Merchant, single)

Agnes, Treacy, Cabra Park, Phibsborough, 27, F, Glasnevin Ward Dublin (Sister, b. Tipperary, Professor of Music and Singing, single)


Patrick Burke Treacy, 48, M, 18 King Street, Athlone West Urban, Westmeath (head, Clerk of Petty Sessions, widower, b. City of Limerick)

Mary Frances Treacy, 25, F, King Street, Athlone West Urban, Westmeath (daughter, b. Athlone)

Ethel Treacy, 22, F, King Street, Athlone West Urban, Westmeath (daughter, b. Athlone)


Wilfred Treassy, 23, M, 7 Quinlan Street, Limerick No. 4 Urban, Limerick (boarder, accountant, single, b. Achloric? Westmeath)


Jeremiah Hourahan, 52, Male, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Co Cork, Commercial Traveller for Wines and Spirits, 16 Munster St., Arran Quay, Dublin

Mary-Ellen Hourahan, 36, Female, Wife, Roman Catholic, Co Tipperary, Married 16 years, no children


Philip Treacy, 66, M, 29 Newtown Butler Town, Newtown Butler, Fermanagh (head, tailor, widower)


1913 Ellis Island

Mary Treacy, NY USA, 1913, 42 years . John T Supreme Ct NY. Brother in law: Edward Tracey, 37 Charlesville Rd Dublin. Resident returning to 334 58th St Hayridge Brooklyn. 5’7”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, B. Mohill Ireland. [Mary Treacy 42, Mary F Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4]

Mary F. Treacy, B'klyn, NY USA, 1913, 11 years, 4 years, US born. Uncle: Edward Tracey, 37 Charlesville Rd Dublin. Resident returning to 334 58th St Hayridge Brooklyn. B. Brooklyn USA. [Mary Treacy 42, Mary F Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4]

Agnes J. Treacy, Brooklyn NY USA, 1913, 4 years, US born. Uncle: Edward Tracey, 37 Charlesville Rd Dublin. Resident returning to 334 58th St Hayridge Brooklyn. B. Brooklyn USA. [Mary Treacy 42, Mary F Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4]

??? [Mrs] Treacy, Brooklyn USA, 1913, 42 years, married, lives 334 58St, Hagridge, Brooklyn [??? Treacy 42, Mary Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4] [crossed out]

Mary Treacy, Brooklyn USA, 1913, 11 years lives 334 58St, Hagridge, Brooklyn [??? Treacy 42, Mary Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4] [crossed out]

Agnes J. Treacy, Brooklyn USA, 1913, 4 years lives 334 58St, Hagridge, Brooklyn [??? Treacy 42, Mary Treacy 11, Agnes J Treacy 4] [crossed out]


1914 Magistrates/Commission of the Peace

Hugh Daniel Treacy, 37 Charleville Road, Cabra, Dublin. Appointed 29th January 1913. Wine Merchant's Agent.


11 June 1914 (FJ) Marriage of Miss Agnes Treacy

The marriage arranged between Dr. James Harold of 20 Brunswick square, London, and Miss Agnes Treacy, of 37 Charleville road, Cabra, Dublin, will take place quietly the first week in July.


On 2nd July 1914, the wedding of Miss Agnes Treacy and Dr. James Harold, at the Church of the Holy Family, Aughrim Street, Dublin.


October 1915 Westmeath Independent

The following is list of men serving as soldiers or sailors with the colours whose dependants were presented with Certificates of Honour at the meeting in the Father Matthew Hall on Thursday week with the names and addresses of dependants."

Wilfred Francis, Lance Corporal South Irish Horse, dependant P B Treacy King St


Wilfred Francis Treacy, full age, bachelor, Lieut in Army, lives Kilworth [Cork] & Limerick (s. of Patrick B Treacy, Clerk of PS) married Jane Angela Taylor, full age, spinster, lives Portumna, (d. of Laurence Taylor, hotel proprietor & farmer) Wit: Brendan Taylor & Nancy [avelly - crossed out] Taylor (19) on the 6 March 1916 RC Chapel of Mercy Convent Portumna


1919 Silver War Badge Roll

Wilfred Frances Treacy, Royal Munster Fusiliers Lieutenant

Badge Number: 245837

Issue Date: 24/06/1919

Lived in 2, Sunview, Dillons Cross, Ballyhooley Road Cork, Ireland, Ireland


Wilfred Francis Treacy: commissioned as a Temp 2/ Lt in a service battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers on 27 August 1915, arriving in France on 23 September 1916 and promoted to Acting Captain for the period from 6 October 1916 to 9 November 1916. Made Temp Lt on 1 July 1917 but wounded in action, becoming eligible for a Silver War Badge on 1 May 1918 and relinquishing his commission due to ill health, caused by wounds, from 3 May 1918. Granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant.

An address is given on his Medal Index Card in Dublin and there is an address in Cork on his SWB entry.

None of the records refers to his Battalion.

He was from Westmeath, worked his way through the ranks, his MIC should show he was in the SIH before he was commissioned.





TREACY Wilfred Patric Francis He was born in Dublin in 1917, and was educated at St Joseph College, Dublin, and Cistercian College, Roscrea. He was commissioned in March 1936, and Mentioned in Despatches in January 1941. His body was found in the sea off Boulogne, and he was buried there.

Christopher Shores (2008) Aces High: A Further Tribute to the Most Notable Fighter Pilots Volume 2


Name: Winifred P F Treacy

Event Type:       Birth

Event Date:        Apr - Jun 1917

Event Place:       Dublin South, Ireland

Registration Quarter and Year:        Apr - Jun 1917

Registration District:         Dublin South

Volume Number:              2


Lt. Col. Louis (Louie) Lawrence Treacy (Irish Air Corps) (22nd Oct 1919 - 19th Feb 2001)


1918 Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar

P. B. Treacy, Athlone Sub-Committee (Westmeath) - Old Age Pensions Act, Petty Sessions Office, Athlone,

P. B. Treacy, P.S.C, Commissioners For Administering Oaths, Athlone, Westmeath

H. D. Tracey, 2 Conquer-hill, Sea-road, Dollymount.

Hugh Daniel Treacy, Justice of the Peace, 11 and 12 Ryder's-row, Parnell street

Treacy & Co., wine merchants, 11 and 12 Ryder's-row, Parnell street


Jun 28, 1924 (FJ) To Visit Mountjoy

The following Peace Commissioners have been appoint visitors to Mountjoy Prison...Mr. Hugh Tracy, Ryder's row, Dublin.

Jul 1, 1924 (IT) Mountjoy Prison Visitors

...Mr. H. Tracy, Ryder's Row, Dublin...


Oct 23, 1922 (II) Irish Musical Talent – Interesting Concert in London

...Miss Agnes Treacy sang with all her accustomed freshness and consummate art. Her rendering of Gounod’s “Ave Maria” with violen obligato, showed this fine singer at her best...


29 November 1924 (NG) "The Irish Patti"

In Mrs. James Harold of Bloomsbury, not everybody will recognise the famous Irish prima donna, Miss Agnes Tracey, "The Irish Patti", as she was often called, when she used to charm audiences with "Home Sweet Home" and Gounod's "Ave Maria" two special favourites with her admirers. She was brought up in Tipperary and Limerick and has many associations with Nenagh.


September 1930

Mr. Frederick Treacy, an ex-lieutenant, of the Royal Munster Fusiliers, of Saggart, Co. Dublin was drowned on Saturday in the vicinity of the treacherous Curley's Hole at Dollymount Strand, Dublin...Mr. P.B. Treacy, The Lodge, Saggart, father of the deceased, accompanied the searchers in their quest...It is a sad coincidence that Mr. Hugh Treacy, uncle of deceased, was playing golf on the Royal Dublin course nearby about the time the tragedy occurred. During Mr. Treacy's service in France with the Munster Fusiliers he was wounded and in consequence was discharged from the army in 1918. During 1918 and 1919 he acted as inspector under the Agricultural Wages Board and from 1919 to 1922 was a temporary inspector under the Local Government Board. After a short sojourn in America he subsequently held a business position in Dublin and in 1928 was appointed secretary to the Newlands Golf Club, from which position he resigned in July last to take up a commercial appointment in Dublin. Mr. Treacy, who was a nephew of Mrs. Harold, of London (formerly Miss Agnes Treacy, the well-known vocalist) was popular with all classes and was a good swimmer. He leaves a widow and six children.

18 September 1930 The Western Daily Press

Dramatic Return of man who was “drowned. Said to have lived on blackberries for ten days.

Dublin Wednesday.

A man believed to have drowned at Curley’s Hole, a danger spot at Dollymount, Dublin, over 10 days ago, was today found wandering in another part of Dublin seven miles away.

The man – Mr Fred W. Treacey – an ex-British officer, was seen on Saturday, September 6, going to the water’s edge with the intention of bathing. Later, clothing containing letter, identifying Mr Treacey as the owner, were found on the rocks.

Civic Guards and Sea Scouts joinded in an extensive search, but found no trace of him.

When found today, Mr Treacey was bare-footed and was carrying his boots in his hand. He wore old tweed trousers and a sports coat.

Clad in Bathing Costume.

Underneath was nothing but a bathing costume.

He was unable to give any account of himself, and said he had been lying in fields eating blackberries. He was taken to Dublin where he was identified by his father.

Mr Treacey served in France with the Munster Fusiliers and after being wounded was discharged in 1918. Later, he acted as an inspector under the Agricultural Wages Board.

After a short stay in America, he held a business position in Dublin.

He lives with his wife and six children at Saggart (county Dublin).



Aug 8, 1959 IT

Harold - August 6, 1959 at St. Joseph's Nursing Home, Raheny, Agnes Harold (Agnes Treacy), of 312 Clontarf road, widow of Dr. James Harold, London, and mother of Maureen and Jimmy. Deeply regreted. Funeral after 10 o'clock Mass at St. Gabriel Church, Clontarf to-day (Saturday) to Glasnevin Cemetary. House private.


Aug 8, 1959 IT

"Irish Nightingale" Agnes Treacy, dead

Mrs James Harold, 312 Clontarf road, Dublin, formerly Agnes Treacy, who sang with the late Count John McCormack before the first World War, has died in a Dublin nursing-home.

Mrs Harold was a native of Nenagh, and sang at the Welsh Eisteddfod, where she received the Bardic title, "Nightingale of Ireland." In Ireland and abroad she received acclaim for interpretation of classical music and oratorio. She appeared specially at festivals at Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, and refused offers to go on tour with Caruso and Melba, although she had sung with Melba.

In 1914, she married Dr. James Harold, and went to live in London. She returned to Dublin when he died in 1939. In 1943 she broadcast feom Radio Eireann, singing with her daughter, Mrs Maureen Nolan.

Mrs Nolan, a son Dr. James Harold, Phoenix Arizone, her son-in-law, sister in law and three grandchildren survive her.





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