Dr Andrew Tracy (1846-1917) of Galway, Island Pond Vermont and Meriden Connecticut



Dr Andrew W Tracy (b. 1846 Galway Ireland d. Dec. 10, 1917 Meriden, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA)

Burial: Sacred Heart Cemetery, Meriden, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

The son of Michael and Julia (Hannon) Tracy. He came to the US with his parents when three years old, locating in Island Pond, Essex county, Vt., where his parents lived. He attended St. Sulpie College, Montreal, and St. Charles College near Baltimore, and was graduated from McGill College, Montreal, in 1873. He began the practice of medicine in Island Pond, Vt. Since November, 1875, he has practiced in Meriden. He married Margaret, daughter of Edward Broderick, of Willimantic, Conn.

Physician. Mayor of Meriden, Connecticut in 1892. Active member of St. Rose's Church. Husband of Ell Broderick. Predeceased by daughter Molly.

Andrew W. Tracy, M.D., Meriden, Conn. ; McGill University, Montreal, 1873 ; aged 71; Democrat, member of the Connecticut State Medical Society ; mayor of Meriden in 1892, and a member of the city council for two terms ; died at his home, December 10 [Jour A.M.A. Dec 29, 1917]




Andrew Tracy.jpg

Dr. Andrew W. Tracy


Dr. A. W. Tracy died Monday

Suffered from Fatal Disease since August

Mayor in 1892

Practiced Medicine in Meriden since his college days


Dr. Andrew W. Tracy, mayor of Meriden in 1892, and a practicing physician in this city from his college days, died last night at 9.30 o'clock at his home 52 Liberty street. The doctor had been seriously ill since last August and recovery was hopeless. Arrangements for the funeral await the arrival today of his nephew, Dr. E.A. Tracy of Keene N.H.

The doctor has known all along that his illness would be fatal. Until October 18 he was able to be about the house, but after that date took to his bed and has been critically ill. His sustenance has been solely liquid nourishment. Fellow physicians have visited him often during his illness expressing their sympathy and helped to make his illness more bearable. He was conscious to the last, passing beyond peacefully and devoid of suffering. He was 71 years old.


Studied for Priesthood


Dr Andrew W. Tracy was born in County Galway, Ireland, in 1846. his parents were engaged in farming and when the son was three years old they came to America and settled in Island pond, Vt., which is less than 80 miles from the Canadian border.

The father had a fair-sized farm and was for some time engaged in railway work for the Grand Trunk railroad. The boy attended the country school of the community. He decided to study for the priesthood and entered the Sulpician college at Montreal. He perused the course for several years at this Catholic institution but just before taking holy orders he changed his mind about a future profession and returned to his home at Island pond.

Later he returned to Montreal for the purpose of entering McGill University to study medicine. He was graduated when about 24 years old and began his first practice at his home town. Shortly afterwards, in 1872, he came to Meriden and has practiced here ever since.

Fellow Physicians


Among the physicians who were then practicing in Meriden were Drs C.H.C. Davis, D.H. Catlin, John Tait, G.H. Wilson and Mansfield. Dr. Tracy established a lucrative practice in a short time. Always active and interested in public affairs the doctor was soon in demand. He was affiliated with the Democratic party and in 1888 and 1889 he represented the First ward in the city council, having been a candidate on the Democratic ticket.

His party thought so highly of him that in 1890 he was their candidate for mayor. He was defeated, however, by Benjamin Page, republican, by only 61 votes. In the next city election in 1891, Dr Tracy was again advanced as a candidate, his opponent being Dr. G.H. Wilson, republican. Dr Tracy was elected by a margin of 25 votes. Among the notable constructive features of his administration was the installation of the newer disposal plant.


At Town Meetings


He was again a candidate for mayor in 1892 but was defeated by Dr. Wilson by nine votes. Dr. Tracy was for many years a member of the town school committee, retiring about 10 years ago. He was a man of strong convictions which he was wont to register at the annual and special town meetings for the past two decades. Sometimes he was on the winning side but he was sure to be heard from on some important issues. Late years he had not been particularly active in the Democratic party although holding consistently to Democratic principals all his life.

He was a faithful member of st. Rose's church and was vice president of the Holy Name society. He was one of the first presidents of the Amaranth club and his interest in the club never lagged. He was a daily visitor at the club and enjoyed playing cards with his fellow club members or debating questions of the day with them.

He was a charter member of Silver City council, K of C and general physician of that order. At one stage he served on the State board of Charille[?] under a Democratic governor.


Lost Wife and daughter


He married Miss Ella Broderick of Willimanth and the Tracy hole for many years was at 5[?] Liberty street. the death of his wife was followed several years afterward by the death of his beloved daughter, Molly, and ? the double loss. In memory of his daughter he gave a memorial for her to St Rose's parochial school in the form of a Molly Tracy prize for essay work for which each graduating class competed. A brother of the doctor's, John Tracy, died the third week in October following an operation at St. Louis Mo. The doctor was the last surviving member of his family, a sister having died 20 years ago and another brother, Charles, having died about 10 years ago. John Tracy was a locomotive engineer for 25 or 30 years with the Grand trunk railroad. The doctor leaves a nephew Dr. Edward Tracy of Keene N.H. and several nieces in St. Louis, all children of his brother, John.

The doctor's native honesty, his firm convictions and his public spirit made him well liked by the community in which he spent so much of his life. As a friend he was staunch and true. Because of his prominence in the community both as a physician and as a public spirited citizen, his loss will be deeply felt.


Ill since August


The doctor has been feeling indisposed since last August. the first indication of disease came in difficult of speech. At the request of friends he committed with Dr. Verdl of New Haven and was told that his condition was such that medical science could not effect a cure. he has been confined to his home many weeks. He has been failing gradually being compelled to depend upon liquid nourishment for sustenance. His fortitude in the face of fatal illness has been typical of the man.


Meriden Morning Record - Dec 11, 1917




1. Andrew Tracy, (b. circa 1790 Galway d. 6 Feb 1874 Island Pond Vermont) & Catherine Dillon OR Delaney


1.1  Michael Tracy (b. circa 1816 [Connemara?] Galway d. 1910 Island Pond Vermont) m. Julia Hannon OR Harmon OR Shannon (b. 1810 d. 13 Sep 1895) circa 1840 Galway


1.1.1 Delia Tracy (b. circa 1840 Ireland d. 1897 Island Pond Vermont) married John Holloran

1.1.2 Andrew Tracy, Dr b. circa 1846 Galway d. 1917 Meriden Connecticut

1.1.3 John Tracy b. circa 1849 Vermont OR Ireland

1.1.4 Charles Tracy b. circa 1851 Vermont OR Maine


1.2 Peter Tracy (b. circa 1819 Galway d. 1890 Island Pond Vermont) married Mary Folen OR Foley (1829-1894) 1851


1.2.1 Andrew Tracy b. circa 1852 New Hampshire

1.2.2 Catherine Tracy b. circa 1854 Vermont

1.2.3 Mary Tracy b. circa 1855 Vermont

1.2.4 Bridget Tracy b. circa 1857 Vermont

1.2.5 Ann Tracy b. circa 1859 Vermont


1.3 Catherine Tracy (b. circa 1820 Ireland d. 1916 Vermont) married Patrick Deveny


1.3.1 Catherine M King nee Culhane nee Devoney b. 1854 Gorham New Hampshire lived Portland Cumberland Maine

1.3.2 Delia Magee nee Deveny b. 17 Oct 1855 Bangor Maine d. 22 Feb 1941 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

1.3.3 Mary Deveny b. 1859 St. Johns N.B. d. 30 Oct 1893 94 Becket Portland, Cumberland, Maine

1.3.4 Agnes Deveny b. May 1863 Vermont

1.3.5 Annie E. Steinman nee Devney b. 1865 Island Pond, Vt. Lived New York County, New York


1.4 John Tracy (b. 1831 Ireland) married Mary Ridge circa 1850s [brother?]


1.4.1 Thomas Tracy b. circa 1854 Maine

1.4.2 Andrew Tracy, b. circa 1856 Vermont d. Saint George, Benton, Minnesota

1.4.3 Bridget Tracy, b. circa 1859 Vermont d. Saint George, Benton, Minnesota

1.4.4 Joseph Tracy, b. circa 1863 Vermont d. Saint George, Benton, Minnesota

1.4.5 Mary Tracy, b. circa 1866 Vermont d. Saint George, Benton, Minnesota

1.4.6 Kittie Tracy, b. circa 1868 Minnesota d. Saint George, Benton, Minnesota




Tithe Records

Peter Treany [Treascy], [Leppa], Part of Park, Moycullen, Galway, 1828

1855 Griffiths Valuation

James Tracey, Village of Spiddle, Spiddle West, Moycullen, Galway


Note: In a family tree for John Holloran, his parents are located in Headford, which is located on the east of Lough Corrib.



Peter Tracy m. Mary Folen OR Foley 20 April OR 03 May 1851 Portland, Cumberland Maine [listings include Foley, Folan, Falan, Fallan]


August 28, 1896 Essex County herald. (Guildhall, Vt.)

...Island Pond. Jonathan Mason and wife first came here 43 years ago, and after a year's residence he bought of the lumber company 80 acres of land at $1.25 per acre, built thereon a log house in which they lived a year and then sold land and house to Peter Tracy [1854]...


In 1856 Bishop de Goesbriand visited this remote part of his diocese [Island Pond], and said Mass in the house of Michael Tracy...

Diocese of Burlington by J. S. Michaud



1857-9 School District 5 - Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Michael Tracy, parent; Andrew, John, Charles & Delia, children

Peter Tracy, parent; Catherine, Andrew, Mary, Peter, children       




1860 Census – 513 Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Peter Tracy M 38 Ireland

Mary Tracy F 31 Ireland

Anda Tracy M 8 New Hampshire

Cate Tracy F 6 Vermont

Mary Tracy F 5 Vermont

Bridget Tracy F 3 Vermont

Ann Tracy F 0 Vermont

Morgan Conly M 33 Ireland

Stephen Carnin M 23 Ireland

Peter Foley M 10 Ireland

John Foley M 34 Ireland

Anda Tracy F[?] 65 Ireland


1860 Census – 508 Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Michael Tracy M 44 Ireland

Julia Tracy F 48 Ireland

Andrew Tracy M 15 Ireland

John Tracy M 11 Vermont

Chas Tracy M 9 Vermont



14 January 1865 Pilot [Boston]

Subscribers...Vermont...Island Pond, J D Connolly, Thomas Gill, Martin Connolly, Patrick Flaherty, Diamond Stone, P Feeney, A F Woodman, Dr Adams, James Commons, John Halloran, Peter Tracy, A Flaherty, Michael Tracy and John Lenehan 2 each.


June 30, 1865 Orleans independent standard. (Irasburgh, Vt.)

Five Legged Calf. - Mr. Peter Tracy, at Island Pond, has a calf with five legs. The calf is smart and healthy.


October 29, 1868 Rutland weekly herald. (Rutland, Vt.)

While Michael Tracy, night watchman in the G.T.R. depot at Island Pond was sweeping the passenger cars from Portland, he found a bundle of Seven fine gold watches.


1870 Census - Island pond, Brighton, VT

Peter Tracy M 49 Ireland, farmer, US citizen

Mary Tracy F 35 Ireland

Andrew [E] Tracy M 18 New Hampshire

Kate Tracy F 16 Vermont

Mary Tracy F 14 Vermont

Bridgett Tracy F 12 Vermont

Ann Tracy F 10 Vermont

Margaret Tracy F 8 Vermont

Thomas Tracy M 4 Vermont

John Holley M 40 Ireland


1870 Census - Vermont, United States

Michael Tracy M 54 Ireland, works on RR

Julia Tracy F 59 Ireland

Andrew Tracy M 24 Ireland, physician

John Tracy M 22 Ireland, engineer

Charles Tracy M 19 Maine, works on RR



John Tracy m. Lizzie Connery circa 1873


Naturalisation - Superior Court New haven

Andrew Tracy, b. 1835 Ireland, age 43, East Haven, Conn. Oct 25 1878


1880 Census - Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Self Peter Tracy M 59 Ireland

Wife Mary Tracy F 50 Ireland

Son Andre E. Tracy M 28 New Hampshire, United States

Daughter Kate Tracy F 25 Vermont, United States

Daughter Bridget Tracy F 23 Vermont, United States

Daughter Annie Tracy F 20 Vermont, United States

Daughter Maude Tracy F 16 Vermont, United States

Son Thomas Tracy M 14 Vermont, United States



1880 Census - Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Self Michael Tracy M 65 Ireland

Wife Julia Tracy F 68 Ireland

Son Charles Tracy M 29 Maine, United States

1880 Census - Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut

Self Abraham Harris M 33 Poland

Wife Rosa Harris F 27 Germany

Son Samil Harris M 6 New Jersey, United States

Son Louis Harris M 3 New York, United States

Other Morre Mcmahon F 23 Connecticut, United States

Other Maria Wicht F 22 New York, United States

Other Andrew Tracy M 34 Ireland, single, Doctor MD

1880 Census - Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Self John Tracy M 32 Ireland Locomotive Enginer

Other Lizze Tracy F 27 New Hampshire, United States

Other Julia Tracy F ... Vermont, United States

Other Edward Tracy M 3 Vermont, United States

Other Arthur Tracy M 2 Vermont, United States


John E Tracy b. Ireland, RR Engineer & Elizabeth/Lizzie Connery b. Northumberland OR Manchester OR Groveton NH

Julia Tracy b. 10 Oct 1874 Brighton Vermont

Elizabeth Tracy b. 10 Nov 1875 Brighton Vermont

Martha M Tracy b. 07 Jan 1884 Brighton Vermont

Fyeta C Tracy b. 10 Sep 1885 Brighton Vermont

Simon C Tracy b. 04 Aug 1888 Brighton Vermont

Peter Tracy b. 18 May 1891 Brighton Vermont died 19 May 1891 Brighton Vermont


Edward Andrew Tracy, 57y11m14d, b. 19 Sep 1876 Island Pond Vt (s. of John E. Tracy, railroad engineer, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Connary b. New Hampshire) died 02 Sep 1934 Elliot Community Hospital, of 305 Main Street Keene Cheshire New Hampshire, resident 30 years, previous residence Wallpole NH, married, physician



May 25 1881 The Willimantic Chronicle – (Windham, Connecticut)

A brilliant wedding ceremony was witnessed at the Catholic church on Wednesday of last week, the occasion being the joining in matrimony of Miss Maggie Broderick, daughter of Edward Broderick, to Dr. Andrew Tracy, of Meriden. The nuptial mass was celebrated by three priests,--Rev. Thomas W. Broderick, of New London, brother of the bride, celebrant; Rev. Thos. Joynt, of Jewett City, deacon; and the Rev. Father Fleming, of Mystic, sub-deacon. The home of the bride was the scene of a pleasant reception during the day, and the presents were numerous.



1888 Town Directory - Brighton/Island Pond, Essex Co., Vermont

Andrew E. Tracy, (Island Pond) r 12, farmer with Peter.

Charles F. Tracy, (Island Pond) farmer with Michael.

John E. Tracy, (Island Pond) engineer G. T. Ry., h and lot, Mountain.

Michael Tracy, (Island Pond) farmer 79, Mountain.

Peter Tracy, (Island Pond) r 12, farmer 270, Mountain.


Peter Tracy, 71 years 2 mths 7 days, b. circa 1819 Ireland (s. of Andrew Tracy & Catherine Delany), died 05 Aug 1890 Bighton Vermont, United States, suicide

1890 Peter Tracy Estate

Andrew E Tracy, Administrator

Mrs. Mary Tracy, widow

Thomas C Tracy

Mrs Margaret Farrell

Mrs Annie Elkins

Mrs Mary Carleton




Charles F Tracy, 38, farmer, b. So Paris Mo [Maine?] (s. of Michael Tracy & Julia Harmon) m. Bridget Finnigan, 33, b. Canada (d. of John Finnegan & Ester Lamott) 09 Jun 1890 Island Pond, Brighton Vermont, United States; Catholic Ceremony.


A. W. Tracy, M. D., born in 1846 in Ireland, is a son of Michael and Julia (Hannon) Tracy. He came to this country with his parents when three years old, locating in Island Pond, Essex county, Vt., where his parents still live. He attended St. Sulpie College, Montreal, and St. Charles College near Baltimore, and was graduated from McGill College, Montreal, in 1873. He began the practice of me

dicine in Island Pond, Vt. Since November, 1875, he has practiced in Meriden. He is a member of state and county medical societies. He married Margaret, daughter of Edward Broderick, of Willimantic, Conn.

John L. Rockey, W. W. Preston (1892) "History of New Haven County, Connecticut"


Julia Harmon Tracy, 85, b. 1810 Ireland (d. of Chas & Bridget Godfrey), married, died 13 Sep 1895 Brighton, Essex, Vermont, United States


15 Jan 1896 Congressional Record [& 1909]

Thomas C Tracy, to be postmaster at Island Pond, in the county of Essex and State of Vermont


Thomas C. Tracy (s. of Peter Tracy & Mary Foley) m. Della A. Flaherty, 21, (d. of Patrick & Ellen Coyne) 12 Jun 1901 Island Pond, Vermont, United States 


Thomas Charles Tracy, 11 November 1865-18 March 1942, widowed, retired clerk railroad





1900 Census - Brighton town, east side, Essex, Vermont

Head Charles F Tracey M 49 Maine

Wife Bridget L Tracey F 44 Canada Eng

Father Michael Tracey M 84 Ireland

1900 Census - Meriden city Ward 1, New Haven, Connecticut

Head Andrew W Tracy M 54 Ireland, b. July 1846, emigrated 1852, physician

Niece Martha Tracy F 16 Vermont, b. Jan 1884, father b. Ireland

Housekeeper Delia Harhen F 26 Ireland

1900 Census - Brighton town, west side, Essex, Vermont

Head John E Tracey M 53 Ireland, b. Aug 1847, RR Engineer, Marriage Year (Estimated) 1873, Immigration Year 1855

Wife Elizabeth C Tracey F 43 New Hampshire

Daughter Julia E Tracey F 25 Vermont

Son Edward A Tracey M 24 Vermont

Daughter Martha H Tracey F 15 Vermont

Daughter Jeta [Zeda?] C Tracey F 14 Vermont

Son Simon C Tracey M 12 Vermont


1910 Census - Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Head  Ellen Flaherty  F 64 Ireland 

Son  Patrick J Flaherty  M 34 Vermont 

Son-in-law  Thomas K Tracy  M 44 Vermont 

Daughter  Delia A Tracy  F 30 Vermont 

Grandson  Phillip A Tracy  M 7 Vermont 

Grandson  Raymond G Tracy  M 5 Vermont  

Grandson  Richard G Tracy  M 3 Vermont 


1910 Census - Brighton, Essex, Vermont

Head Charles F Tracy M 59 Maine

Wife Bridget L Tracy F 53 Canada

Charge Paul Kennedy M 6 Massachusetts

Father Michael Tracy M 94 Ireland widowed

1910 Census - Meriden Ward 1, New Haven, Connecticut

Head Dr. Andrew W Tracy M 64 Ireland, widowed, Immigration Year: 1875

Housekeeper Adelia Harnan F 35 Ireland



Michael Tracy, 93 years 6 months, b. circa 1816 Ireland (s. of Andrew Tracy & Kate Dillon, both b. Ireland) d. 08 May 1910 Island Pond, Brighton, Essex, Vermont, of a fractured Collar bone femur by a fall old age.


May 13, 1910 Essex County herald. (Guildhall, Vt.)

Dr. Tracy of Meriden, Conn., and John E. Tracy of Lancaster, N. H., came Monday to attend the funeral of their father, Michael Tracy. James Tracy of New York, the adopted son of Charles Tracy, also came to attend the funeral...

Michael Tracy.

Michael Tracy, nearly ninety-four years old, our oldest citizen, died at the home of his son Charles, Sunday afternoon, May 8, 1910. Last August Mr. Tracy fell from his bed, breaking his hip, and since then has been confined to his bed, enjoying comparative comfort until within a week when gangrene patches developed, reducing his remaining strength, and he died of heart failure, survived by three sons, Andrew, (Dr. Tracy) of Meriden, Conn., John E. of Lancaster, N. H., and Charles, and one sister, Mrs. Kate Deveny. One son died in infancy, and a daughter, Mrs. John Holloran, died a few years ago. His wife died September 13, 1895.

Mr. Tracy was born in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland, September 1816, and was married December 1839 to Julia Hannon in Ireland. In 1847 they with their children came to this country, settling in Boston, where he was employed in the construction of the first waterworks. Two years later they moved to South Paris Me., when the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad was in process of building, Mr. Tracy assisting in the stonework. As the work advanced the family located at Bethel, Me., and Gorham, N. H. From the latter place they moved to Wells River, and finally settled in Island Pond in 1852. Soon after the completion of the road to Island Pond he was appointed night watchman at the station, a position he held until he retired in 1872. His brother Peter was night watchman at the engine house during this period.

Mr. Tracy had no opportunity in his youth to attend school, but he possessed a wonderful retentive memory, and could entertainingly relate many reminiscences of local and historical events. Recognizing the great benefits of education he was insistent that his children should have the best privileges the schools could give.

Before coming to this country he was one of the original signers of the Father Matthew pledge, signing it before Fr. Matthew himself. When local option was recognized and the sale of liquors permitted here in 1903 he was invited to go and have a gifts of wine, but he refused, remarking, "I have never seen the inside of an American bar, and don't want to at this late day." Yet at one time he was placed under arrest, under peculiar conditions, charged with selling. The Congregational Church was being built (it was at a time when the Neal Dow prohibition movement enthused many towns and villages, Island Pond among the rest), and a man working on the roof was sunstruck. The nearest house was Mr. Tracy's and he was taken there. Mrs. Tracy seeing his condition revived him with some liquor For this her husband was arrested. A hearing was had at the Island Pond House, and he was convicted and fined, although the only witness, an unwilling one, declared he did not know what he drank. Mr. Tracy refused to pay the fine. Mrs. Tracy, learning the situation her husband was in, went, to the hotel in question and demanded to be taken care of, she and her children. This was too much and later Mr. Tracy was allowed to go home, which was the last he heard of the matter.

Contrasting the conditions existing in railroad work then and now, Mr. Tracy once informed us that the engines all burned wood in the early days, 16 inch wood, and two men with bucksaw cut and loaded the tenders of the engines running west, besides at times assisting the two freight handlers to push cars on and of the spur of the freight shed, which stood on the site of the present new station.

His activity until his accident, his strict integrity, his generosity and un stinted kindness to his friends, his sociability, and above all his Christian life, made him a host of friends. He was a fine old Irish gentleman.

His funeral was largely attended Tuesday morning at the Church of St. James the Greater, where a solemn high mass of requiem w a celebrated by Rev. Fr. Trottier and many accompanied the remains to their last resting place.



September 12, 1913 Essex County herald.  (Guildhall, Vt.)

Miss Zeda Tracy, a prominent school teacher from St. Louis, has been a visitor at the home of Mr.and Mrs. Jas. Farrell this week. Miss Tracy was a former Island Pond young lady, leaving here to make her home in the west about twelve years ago. She returned to her home to-day.


Edward Andrew Tracy, B.A. 1899.

Born September 19, 1876, at Island Pond, Vt

Died September 2, 1934, at Keene, N H.

Father, John Edward Tracy; an engineer for the Grand Trunk Railway at Island Pond; son of Michael and Julia (Shannon) Tracy, of Galway, Ireland. Mother, Elizabeth (Connary) Tracy, daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth (Maguire) Connary, of Lancaster, N.H. St Johnsbury (Vt.) Academy. Second colloquy appointment Senior year

Studied medicine at McGill University 1899-1902 (M.D.C.M.1902); practiced medicine in Walpole, N.H., 1902-04 and in Keene since 1904; obstetrician, instructor in obstetrics, and diagnostician Elliot Community Hospital since 1907; commissioned Captain, Medical Corps, U.S. Army, October 21, 1918; attended Medical Officers' Training School, Camp Greenleaf, Ga., October-December; on medical board of examiners Camp Dix, N.J., December, 1918, until discharge May 7,1919; member American Medical Association, Cheshire County Medical Society, and St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church, Keene. Marned June 19, 1907, in Walpole, Blanche Margaret, daughter of Herbert Baker and Elizabeth (Dnslane) Chapin. Children: John Chapm, '31 S.; and Elizabeth, B.A. Smith 1930, M A. 1932. Death due to bronchopneumoma. Buried m St. Joseph's Cemetery, Keene. Survived by wife, son, daughter, two brothers, Arthur E. and Simon C. Tracy, of St. Louis, and three sisters, the Misses Julia E. and Zita C. Tracy, of St. Louis, and Mrs. David H. Meyer, of Dayton, Mo.

Bulletin of Yale University New Haven 15 October 1935. Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University Deceased during the Year 1934-1935





Delia Holeran, aged 57, b. 1840 Ireland (d. of Michael Tracy & Julia Tracy) died 22 March 1897 Island Pond, of cancer.


1880 Census - 4 Mountain Street, Brighton, Essex, Vermont

John Holland, head, 47, b. 1833 Ireland, car repairer

Delia Holland, wife, 38, b. 1842 Ireland, keeping house


Holleran Family Tree



Catherine/Katherine Tracy & Patrick Deveny/Devoney,


Delia Magee, 85, b. 17 Oct 1855 Bangor Maine United States (d. of Patrick Deveny & Catherine Tracy) widow, spouse Charles Magee, died 22 Feb 1941 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Charles H. King, 33, b. 1858 Mass (s. of Charles M King, dead, b. Bash Me & Mary E Winchester, dead, b. Canada) married Catherine M Culhane nee Devoney, 37, b. 1854 Gorham New Hampshire (d of Patrick Devoney, dead, b. Ireland & Katherine Tracy, of Island Pond, b. Ireland) 10 Oct 1901 Portland Cumberland Maine, United States [Family Tree Kathryn Margaret Tracey b. 1825 Brighton, Essex, Vermont]


Mary Deveny, 34, b. 1859 St. Johns N.B. (d. of Patrick Deveny & Catherine Tracy both born Ireland), single, servant, died 30 Oct 1893 94 Becket Portland, Cumberland, Maine, United States


George H. Steinman, 31, b. 1862 Brooklyn, N.Y. (s. of Frank Steinman & Adalade Cause), Single married Annie E. Devney, 28, b. 1865 Island Pond, Vt. (d. of Patrick Devney & Katherine Tracy), Single, 8 Feb 1893 New York County, New York, United States


1900 Census - Brighton town, west side, Essex, Vermont

Kate Deveny, head, 75, b. Apr 1825 Ireland, widowed, 7 children 5 alive, immigration not known, farmer

Agnes Deveny, daughter, 37, b. May 1863 Vermont, single, parents born Ireland

Mary Culhane, gr Daughter, 20, b. Dec 1880 New Hampshire, single, father b. BLANK mother born New Hamp, school teacher


1910 Census - Vermont? White? Hospital for the Insane, Waterbury, Washington, Vermont

...Kate Deveny, patient, 85, b. 1824 Ireland, widowed...


Mrs Kate Deveny, of Brighton Vt, Vermont State Hospital since Nov 15 1909, widow, 97, b. 1819 Ireland, died 20 Jan 1916 Waterbury, Vermont



John Tracy (b. 1831 Ireland) married Mary Ridge circa 1850s [brother?]


1860 Census - 509 Brighton Essex Vermont [beside Michael Tracy]

John Tracy, 29, b. 1831 Ireland

Mary Tracy, 27, b. 1833 Ireland

Thomas Tracy 6, b. 1854 Maine

Andrew Tracy, 4, b. 1856 Vermont

Bridget Tracy, 1 b. 1859 Vermont


1870 Census - Minnesota

John T Tracy, 38, b. 1832 Ireland

Mary C Tracy, 38, b. 1832 Ireland

Andrew Tracy, 14, b. 1856 Vermont

Bridget Tracy, 12, b. 1858 Vermont

Joseph Tracy, 6, b. 1864 Vermont

Mary Tracy, 4, b. 1866 Vermont

Kittie Tracy, 2, b. 1868 Vermont


1875 Census - St George, Benton, Minnesota

John T Tracy, 45, b. 1830 Ireland, farmer, cannot write, citizen

Mary C Tracy, 45, b. 1830 Ireland, keeping house

Andrew Tracy, 18, b. 1857 Vermont, works on farm

Bridget Tracy, 15, b. 1860 Vermont

Joseph Tracy, 12, b. 1863 Vermont

Mary Tracy, 9, b. 1866 Vermont

Kittie Tracy, 7, b. 1868 Minnesota


1880 Census - Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

John T Tracy, head, 49, b. 1831 Ireland, farmer

Mary Tracy, Wife, 49, b. 1831 Ireland, keeping house

Andrew Tracy, Son, 24, b. 1856 Vermont, farm laborer

Bridget Tracy, Daughter, 21, b. 1859 Vermont

Joseph Tracy, Son, 15, b. 1865 Vermont, farm laborer

Mary Tracy, Daughter, 14, b. 1866 Vermont

Catherine Tracy, Daughter, 12, b. 1868 Minnesota


1885 Census - St George, Benton, Minnesota

John T Tracy, 54, b. 1831 Ireland

Mary Tracy, 54, b. 1831 Ireland

Andrew Tracy, 29, b. 1856 US

Joseph Tracy, 20, b. 1865 US

Mary Tracy, 18, b. 1867 US

Katie Tracy, 17, b. 1868 US


John T Tracy, 1893 Will Books Benton, Minnesota


Andrew R [Richard] Tracy of Benton Minnesota married Barbara Flaherty of Ramsey Minnesota Wit: Bartholomew Flaherty & Sarah Coyne 7 Jan 1886 Ramsey, Minnesota, United States


1900 Census - Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

Andrew Tracy, head, 54, b. Jul 1845 Main, parents born Ireland, farmer

Barbara Tracy, wife, 37, b. May 1863 Ireland, married 14 years, 8 children 7 alive, emigrated 1884, 15 years resident

Mary Tracy, daughter, 14. b. Oct 1885 Minnesota, at school

Joseph Tracy, son, 10, b. Dec 1889 Minnesota, at school

Thomas Tracy, son, 9 b. Mar 1891 Minnesota, at school

Charles Tracy, son 8, b. Mar 1892 Minnesota, at schools

Luisa A Crouley, 10, b. Nov 1890 Minnesota, father b. Canada, Mother b. New York


1910 Census - Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

Andrew Tracy, head, 53 b. 1857 Vermont, parents born Ireland, farmer

Barbara Tracy, wife 44, b. 1866 Ireland, married 24 years, 12 children 11 alive

Joseph Tracy, son, 21, b. 1889 Minnesota, farmer

Thomas Tracy, son, 19, b. 1891 Minnesota, farm laborer home farm

Charley Tracy, son, 17, b. 1893 Minnesota, farm laborer home farm

Margarette Tracy, daughter, 16, b. 1894 Minnesota,

John Tracy, son, 13, b. 1897 Minnesota,

James Tracy, son, 10, b. 1900 Minnesota,

Michael Tracy, son, 8, b. 1902 Minnesota,

Delia Tracy, daughter, 6, b. 1904 Minnesota,

Peter Tracy, son, 4, b. 1906 Minnesota,

Ellen Tracy, daughter, 0y0m, b. 1910 Minnesota,


1920 Census - 71 Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

Joseph T Tracy, head, 55, b. 1865 Vermont, parents born Ireland, farmer

Ellen Tracy, wife, 47, b. 1873 Minnesota, parents born Ireland

Mary Tracy, daughter, 18, b. 1902 Minnesota

Leo Tracy, son, 13, b. 1907 Minnesota

Julia Tracy daughter, 9, b. 1901 Minnesota

Charley Schrciber? widower, 30, b. 1890 Wisconsin, laborer farm

Joseph Kruza, widower, 26, 1894 poland, laborer farm

1920 Census - 74 Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

Joseph P Tracy, head, single, 36, b. 1884 Minnesota, farmer

John A Tracy, brother, single, 23, b. 1897 Minnesotapartner farm

Bridget E Tracy, Aunt, single, 63, b. 1867 Vermont, house keeper

Mary Tracy, aunt, 50, single, b. 1870 Vermont, house keeper

1920 Census - 75 Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

John B Tracy, head, 25, b. 1895 Minnesota, farmer

Lydia Tracy, wife, 20, b. 1900 Minnesota

1920 Census - 76 Saint George Township, Benton, Minnesota, United States

Andrew R Tracy, head, 62 b. 1858 Vermont, parents born Ireland, farmer

Barbara Tracy, wife 52, b. 1862 Ireland, married 24 years, 12 children 11 alive

Thomas Tracy, son, 28, b. 1892 Minnesota,  laborer home farm

James Tracy, son, 20, b. 1900 Minnesota, laborer home farm

Michael Tracy, son, 17, b. 1903 Minnesota,  laborer home farm

Peter Tracy, son, 13, b. 1907 Minnesota,  laborer home farm

Delia Tracy, daughter, 15, b. 1905 Minnesota, house work

Ellen Tracy, daughter, 9, b. 1911 Minnesota, none


Barbara Tracy, 71, b. 1865 Galway Ireland (d. of Flaherty), died 15 Nov 1936 St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota, United States,  spouse Andrew Tracy


Bridget Tracy, 97, b. 1854 Vermont (d. of John Tracy & Mary Riges) died 16 Mar 1951 Fergus Falls, Otter Tail, Minnesota, United States


Andrew Tracy, 86, b. 1856 Vermont (s. of John Tracy & Mary Ridge) died 30 Nov 1942 Anoka, Minnesota, United States


Ellen Dziuk, 31, b. 09 Apr 1910 St George Minnesota (d. of Andrew Tracy & Barbara Flaherty), died 12 Nov 1941 2317 Orchard St Chicago Cook Illinois, married, housewife, spouse Thomas, informant's name J, buried 13 Nov 1941 St Patricks St Cloud Minnesota




Island Pond - St. James the Greater Cemetery - Founded in 1871

Located in the village of Island Pond, Town of Brighton, Essex County...Early Irish settlers...Peter Tracy, Michael Tracy...


John Halloran, of Co. Galway, 3-21-1829 to 6-5-1910

Delia Tracy Halloran, of Co. Galway, 9-24-1840 to 3-21-1897

Julia Hannon Tracy, b. 1810 died 9-18-1895, 85 years (wife of M. Tracy)


Andrew Tracy, of Co. Galway, died 2-6-1874, 84 years

Catherine Tracy, died 3-19-1883, 29 years 5 months 13 days

Peter Tracy, died 8-5-1890, 70 years 1 month 6 days

Mary Folan Tracy, died 1-11-1894, 64 years 10 months

Andrew E. Tracy, 1852-1926

Thomas C. Tracy, 1865-1942

Ronald Chase Murphy, Janice Church Murphy (2000) Irish Famine Immigrants in the State of Vermont: Gravestone Inscriptions


Sarah Tracy, d. 11 June 1913, age 52 years

Philip A. Tracy, 1902-1926

Mary E. Tracy, 24 Oct 1877-4 Sep 1884

Hugh Tracy, d. 26 Aug 1892, age 25 years 6 months


Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Benton County, Minnesota, USA

John T Tracy

Birth 15 Apr 1831 Ireland

Death 5 Apr 1893 (aged 61) Minnesota, USA


Andrew Tracy

Birth 1856 Vermont, USA

Death 30 Nov 1942 (aged 85–86)


Barbara Flaherty Tracy (1865–1936)


Mary Tracy McIver (1886–1978)

Joseph P Tracy (1889–1967)

Thomas T. Tracy   1891–1962)

Margaret Katherine Tracy Scott (1895–1993)

Michael Tracy (1901–1967)

Deliah Anabelle Tracy Kampa (1903–1977)

Peter P. Tracy (1906–1972)

Ellen Barbara Tracy Dziuk (1910–1941)




12  December 1917 Essex County Herald

28 December 1917 Essex County Herald





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