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1841-1891 Census of Lancashire


1841 Census


1851 Census


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Born in Ireland (approx)












Date:   c1766


Title:    Account of costs of transportation of John Tracey, Susannah Holt, Robert Suddens alias Suthurst, Southurst or Sutcliffe; Thomas Crowdson alias Mazey and Alice Taylor

Held by:          Lancashire Archives,


Register of Vagrants Deported from the Port of Liverpool to Ireland

19 June 1811 Richard Tracy

10 October 1811 Honor Tracey

31 August 1818 Mary Tracy

Number of children:    2

29 November 1818 John Tracey

Wife:   True

5 January 1819 John Tracey

Wife:   True

Number of children:    1

26 April 1819 James Tracey

18 February 1823 Mary Tracey

30 October 1823 Mary Ann Tracey

5 December 1823 Catherine Tracey

28 October 1824 John Tracey

15 December 1824 Michael Tracey

6 January 1825 Hugh Tracey

6 January 1825 Barney Tracey

5 August 1825 Mary Tracey

15 August 1825 William Tracey

16 February 1826 Michael Tracey

Wife:   True

Number of children:    2

15 September 1826 Trinity [Timothy?] Tracey

Wife:   True

Other: 2 Daughters

28 June 1829 Judy Tracy

No. of children:           1

25 December 1829  Michael Tracy

8 April 1831 Michael Tracy

Other: Brother

28 October 1831 Richard Tracy

Wife:   True

No. of children:           1

25 November 1831 Noble Tracey [of Birr Offaly]

Wife:   True

Number of children:    3

11 November 1832 Bridget Tracey, Macclesfield; Chester

30 August 1834 Tracy Williams

24 October 1834  Bridget Tracey

Number of children:    2

26 April 1834 John Tracey

Wife:   True

Number of children:    3

25 September ???? Ann Tracey

Number of children:    1


1835 26 Nov


Title:    Chorlton upon Medlock. Deposition: Examination of Elizabeth Tracey, with order of removal of Elizabeth Tracey and Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Ellen and Henry her children to Scotland (attached to QSP/3041/142)


1835 2 Dec


Title:      Account for conveying Elizabeth Tracey and her children to Liverpool and Scotland

Held by:             Lancashire Archives


1863 Dublin Workhouse, lives Lpool

Thomas Tracey, 35, b. 1828, single labourer, RC, sore eye


1887 Dublin Workhouse, removal from Liverpool

Elizabeth Tracey, 61, b. 1826, widow, servant, RC


1887 Dublin Workhouse, Passed over from Liverpool

Margaret Tracey, 19, b. 1868, single, servt, RC




1791 Directory

Daniel Treacy, taylor, Bolton-le-Moor, Lancashire


Date:   1824 9 Apr


Title:    West Derby. Order of filiation and maintenance of John, bastard child of Hugh Park of Prescot, watchmaker, and Jane Tracey, singlewoman

Held by:          Lancashire Archives


Date:     1825 26 Aug


Title:      West Derby. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of Hugh Park of Prescot, watch movement maker, and Jane Tracey, singlewoman

Held by:             Lancashire Archives,


Date:   c1825

Reference:       QSP/2856/140

Title:    Bill of costs of prosecution of James Breason and Thomas Tracey

Held by:          Lancashire Archives




January 10, 1845 Vermont Phoenix

A Constable made an Earl.

A Liverpool police man, named James Tracy, has been elevated to the Irish Peerage, as Earl Tracy. His history is curious. He was born in a peasant's cot in King's county, Ireland. There was a large family of little Tracvs, and a gentleman taking fancy to the boy, gave him a liberal education. He subsequently married a lady of beauty and considerable fortune; but reduced himself by prosecuting the peerage claim, until he. was obliged to seek employment as a policeman. The claim has been decided in his favor, and he is now a peer. His story certain ly contains in abundance the raw materials for a romance.

[see Tracy Peerage Case]


January 10, 1845 Vermont phœnix.jpg






ADM 157/461/72


Folios 72-73. Thomas Tracey, born Lancashire [1826].

Attestation papers to serve in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth 1845 (when aged 19).

Discharged 1866 as Length of Service.


1846 Slater’s Directory


James Tracy, Spirit Vaults and Spirit dealers, 17 Parker St

Joseph Tracy, Spirit Vaults and Spirit dealers, 36 Tithebarn St


12 December 1848 Liverpool Standard and General Commercial Advertiser

...An old established Public-House, situated on the south side of Tithebarn-street, and west side of Orange-street, in Liverpool aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Tracey, at the yearly rent of £60...



Bill of costs of prosecution of Laurence Quin and Peter Tracy

QSP/3346/66 Lancashire Archives,



Bill of costs of prosecution of Mary Tracy

QSP/3418/50 Lancashire Archives


1853 Gore's Directory of Liverpool

James Tracey, 171 London Road

James Tracey, 3 Falkland Street

James Tracey, victualler, 171, London road

John Tracey, 93 Chester Street

John Tracey, book keeper, 92. Chester street

Thomas Tracey, cartowner, 10, Love lane

Thomas Tracey, shipping agent, 54, Regent street

Tracey shipping office, 62 Waterloo road




Patrick Tracy & Thomas Tracy of Longford, New York and Liverpool, Emigration Agents. [see Longford]


1870 A. Green & Co.'s Directory for Liverpool and Birkenhead

Tracy & Baldwin, Black Ball Line of New York Packets, emigration office, 68 Waterloo road


August 26, 1873 The London Gazette,

Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, carrying on business as Emigration Agents, at Waterloo-road, Liverpool, under the firm of Tracy and Baldwin, was this day dissolved by mutual consent the said Joseph Baldwin retiring, and the said Patrick Tracy carrying on the said business on his own account.—Dated this 15th day of August, 1873.

Patrick Tracy.

Joseph Baldwin.


[Note: This reference seems to be connected]

8 April 1896 Official Reports of the Debates of the House of Commons Canada

Mr. McNeill...in Ireland I have known a case somewhat in point in reference to separate schools [segregation of schools]...There was a man living in the county Antrim whose name was McElheran...his son went to sea and became commander of one of the Black Ball liners. He was a Roman Catholic, and one of the persons connected with the company by the name of Tracey was intimately acquainted wirg him...Mr Tracey [was a Roman Catholic] had two children...His wife died. These girls were left on his hands, and he had to have them educated and he sent them from Liverpool to the county Antrim to the care of this old man McElheran...Mr McElheran sent the girls to a school there...The school was a good scholl and the father was greatly pleased with the progress the girls were making...Some time after a Roman Catholic school was establised in Larne where McElheran resided...The Roman Catholic priest, Farger McKenna...remove the children from this school and send them to the Roman Catholic school...Mr Tracey...wrote to say that [not] to remove the children...


The Citizen, v. 1, no. 14, April 8, 1854.jpgThe Citizen, v. 1, no. 32, August 12, 1854.jpg

8 April 1854 The Citizen &12 August 1854 The Citizen





Bill of costs of prosecution of John Hardman and John Tracy

QSP/3497/51 Lancashire Archives,


16 September 1857 Liverpool Mercury

At St. Jamses, Birkdale...Henry oldest son of Mr Richard Dandy, of Upper King street, Southport, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Philip Treacy, cattle dealer, Castle Douglas [Scotland].


23 March 1858 The London Gazette [see St. Peters]

On their own petitions...James Tracy, late of the Chatsworth Arms, Harbord-street, Wavertree-street, Liverpool, Lancashire, not in any business.—In the Gaol of Liverpool.

11 May 1858 The London Gazette

Court For Relief Of Insolvent Debtors. Saturday the 8th day of May, 1858...James Tracy, late of the Chatsworth Arms, Harbnrd-street, Liverpool, Lancashire, not in any business, Insolvent, No. 86,529 C.; John Sykes Gardner, Assignee.



ADM 139/392/39196


Name   Tracey, Peter

Place of Birth:             Dublin, Ireland

Continuous Service Number: 39196

Date of Volunteering:             01 December 1858 [Liverpool - previous service 1839 to 1846]

Date of Birth: 18 March 1821 or 1828

Date:   [1853-1872]


1 Dec 1868

ADM 188/49/66739


Name     Tracey, Peter

Official Number:           66739

Place of Birth:   Dublin, Dublin

Date of Birth:    18 March 1821

Date:      [1873]


1 Aug 1860

BT 43/425/131333

Registered design number: 131333.

Proprietor: W S Tracy.

Address: Temple Street, Manchester, Lancashire.

Subject: [Not given in BT 44/31].

Class 13: Lace or Miscellanea

Note:   Description created from the register at BT 44/31]



Bill of costs of prosecution of Michael Tracy for larceny

QSP/3622/36   Lancashire Archives,


24th October 1862 The Cardiff Times

The Recent Riots At Birkenhead. The prisoners remanded from Birkenhead, on the 10th inst., on a charge of being concerned in the recent disgraceful riots in that town, occasioned by an attack of the Roman catholic party on the local "parliamentary debating society",...The following is a list of the prisoners apprehended...James Tracey...


21st March 1863 The Tablet

His Lordship the Bishop of the Diocese held an Ordination in the Chapel of the Convent, at Holt Hill, on the 12th of March, when the Rev. Patrick Tracy, of the Diocese of Limerick, received sub-Deaconship, having on the previous day received the Tonsure and the Four Minor Orders. On Sitientes Saturday he will be ordained Deacon, and on notion Sunday he, will be advanced to the Priesthood. He will be appointed to the Church of St. Werburg, Birkenhead.

7th January 1882 The Tablet

Death of a Shrewsbury Priest At Kilmallock.—The name of the priest of the diocese of Kilmallock, co. Limerick, as stated in our last issue, was incorrectly given. It should have been the Rev. Patrick Tracy, of St. Paul's, Newton Moor, Manchester.


17 September 1864 (N) O'Brien Monument Committee

...Rev. John Tracy, St. Augustine's Manchester £1...

1865 Catholic directory, almanac and registry of Ireland, England and Scotland.

Manchester, St. Augustine's Granby-rown Rev...John Tracey...[of Waterford]

Stockport...St. Josephs Rev...P. Tracey...[of Limerick]


Shropshire, Oswestry, Rev. P. Tracey

Diocese of Salford, Heaton Norris, John Tracy

7th April 1866 The Tablet

Presentation to The Rev. John Tracy, Late Of St. Augustine's, Manchester. (From Our Own Correspondent.)

On Sunday last, a deputation from the congregation of St. Augustine's consisting of Messrs. Brady, Kelly, M‘Coy, J. Brady, Blanchflower, and R. Clayton, waited upon the Rev. J. Tracy, at Heaton Norris, to present him with an address of affection expressing their regret at the separation, and wishing him happiness and success in the new mission to which he has been recently appointed by the Bishop. Accompanying the address was a purse of gold. The Rev. gentleman returned his grateful thanks, and acknowledged with much feeling the kindness which he had experienced during the years he laboured at St. Augustine's, both from the clergy and laity.


Diocese of Salford, Heaton Norris, Rev John Tracy

25 May 1872 (FJ)

We deeply regret the death of a good priest and a good Irishman, the Rev. John Tracy, of Manchester, who expired suddenly at Lismore on the 22nd inst...he had lately visited Cork for the purpose of inviting prominent Home Rulers to the Manchester meeting...


Reference:       QSP/3694/60

Title:    Bill of costs of prosecution of Margaret Tracey for larceny

Date:   c1864

Held by:          Lancashire Archives,


1866 Report of the Health of Liverpool [deaths]

Eaton Street No. 3 Court, Aug 24, sons of a labourer, Edward Treacy 9, Thomas Treacy 3


08 January 1866 Liverpool Daily Post

Treacy —January 5, Mr. John Treacy, secretary to the United Assurance Sick and Burial Society of St. Patrick, aged 57 years.

12 November 1869 Liverpool Daily Post

M'Lean - Treacy. November 10 at St Alexanders Bootle...James eldest son of Captain Peter M'Lean, Bootle, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., of this town [Liverpool].



Bill of costs of prosecution of Philip Tracey for larceny

QSP/3808/83   Lancashire Archives,


23 January 1869 Flag of Ireland (Dublin)

Funeral a Deceased Member of the Irish Brigade. — On Sunday afternoon the remains of Patrick Tracey, one of the band of the Liverpool Irish Brigade (64th L. R. V.) were interred in the Catholic Cemetery, at Ford, with military honours. Early in the afternoon...


1869 Slaters Directory

William Treacy, baker, 5 Pomona St



Bill of costs of prosecution of Mary Tracey and Minnie Ward for larceny and receiving

QSP/3827/23 Lancashire Archives


1870 A. Green & Co.'s Directory for Liverpool and Birkenhead

Ann Tracey, Masonic hotel, 123 Crown St

Daniel G. Tracey, painter and plumber, 35 Great Crosshall street

Tracy & Baldwin, Black Ball Line of New York Packets, emigration office, 68 Waterloo road


Jan 24th, 1870 Liverpool Mercury

Awful Catastrophe In Liverpool. False Alarm Of Fire And Terrible Panic In A Roman Catholic Chapel. 15 Persons Crushed Or Trampled To Death. A Number Injured...the injured...John Tracey, aged 18, baker, 29 Comus St...


4 July 1871 (FJ) The Sisters of Mercy, Ballinrobe, County Mayo

...Beautiful Album and Embroidered Pin Cushion - T. Tracy, Esq, Liverpool.

8 July 1871 Ballinrobe Chronicle

The Sister of Mercy Ballinrobe...Bazaar...Beautiful Album & Embroidered Pin Cushion - T Tracy Esq., Liverpool...



Bill of costs of prosecution of Jane Tracy and another for larceny from the person and receiving

QSP/3874/25 Lancashire Archives



Bill of costs of prosecution of Daniel Tracey for larceny from the person

QSP/3925/81   Lancashire Archives



Bill of costs of prosecution of John Tracy for larceny and receiving

QSP/3909/73 Lancashire Archives



Bill of costs of prosecution of John Tracy for larceny

QSP/3927/70   Lancashire Archives


Royal Navy (RN) Records

Andrew Tracy. Official Number: 198967. Place of Birth: Liverpool, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 06 July 1881.

Arthur Ewart Tracy. Official Number: F52523. Place of Birth: Liverpool. Date of Birth: 05 April 1884.

John Tracey. Official Number: 293466. Place of Birth: Liverpool, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 28 December 1874.


1875 Liverpool Commercial Directory

Tracey/Tracy Daniel G„ plumber, painter, &c, 35 Gt. Crosshall Bt. N

Tracey/Tracy and Co., emigration agents, 60A. Waterloo road N

Treacy Michael, greengrocer, 170 Walton road N


1865 to 1884 Failures & Liquidation UK

Peter Tracey, Glasgow, wine mer. 25 Aug 1868

James Lord Tracy, trading as Jas Tracy and Co., Dorchester, eng. 19 July 1881

William Samuel Tracy, North St., Manchester, manuf. 21 Aug 1877


Date:   1880 Feb

HO 144/55/91076

This file was originally catalogued under more than one subject heading. These headings, and details of this file, are as follows:

CRIMINAL: BURNS, Hugh; COURT: Liverpool Assizes; OFFENCE: Murder; SENTENCE: Death;

CRIMINAL: KEARNS, Patrick; COURT: Liverpool Assizes; OFFENCE: Murder; SENTENCE: Death;

CRIMINAL: TRACEY, Mary Ann; COURT: Liverpool Assizes; OFFENCE: Murder; SENTENCE: Death - Penal Servitude for Life.


7 May 1880 Otago Daily Times

Liverpool, Feb. 13. Crown Court.—(Before Lord Coleridge.) The trial of Hugh Burns, Patrick Kearns, and Mary Anne Tracey for the murder of Patrick Tracey [Chemical worker], at Widnes, on the 24th of October last, was continued this morning, the jury having been locked up for the night. The facts are stated in our yesterday's report, and it will be remembered that the deceased was found murdered in his bed, the male prisoners being in the house, and one of them, Kearns, being, as was suggested, on intimate terms with the female prisoner, wife of the deceased...Mr Commins, on behalf of the female prisoner pleaded that she was quick with child, and asked that a jury of matrons might be empanelled to try the question. His Lordship said that it was not necessary. He would take it upon himself to see that the sentence was respited, as he was satisfied of the prisoner's condition.

Patrick KEARNS, aged 21, Hugh BURNS, aged 30, for the murder of Patrick TRACEY at Widnes on 24th Oct 1879, hanged 2nd March 1880, reporters refused admission.


Jan 1st 1881 Liverpool Journal

HACKNEY / TRACEY, Dec 25th, Joseph Henry HACKNEY to Jessie TRACEY


1881 Census

William Tracey, b. 1847 Liverpool Lancashire, AB, Newport Monmouthshire, Wales


British Postal Service Appointments

Annie Tracey, 1918, Liverpool

Charles K Tracy, 1937, Liverpool

Charles K Tracy, 1940, Liverpool

Charles K Tracy, 1940, Liverpool

Charles R Tracy, 1940, Liverpool

Eric L Tracy, 1928, Liverpool

Eric L Tracy, 1936, Liverpool

Eric L Tracy, 1936, Liverpool

Mary Tracey, 1946, Liverpool

Thos Tracy, 1881, Liverpool

Thos Treacy, 1882, Liverpool


1883 Slater - Liverpool

Furniture & Clothes Broker - Tracey Daniel G, l4 Breckfield road North N

Linen Draper - Tracy Joseph B. 131 Walton Rd N


Date:      [1884]

ADM 188/168/126925

Name      Tracey, Richard Christopher

Official Number:   126925

Place of Birth:       Everton, Lancashire

Date of Birth:        10 December 1868

Former reference in its original department:       Vol No. 126-2


11th December 1886 Weekly Mail [Wales]

Capture of a Notorious Forger. At Manchester City Police-court on Tuesday morning a man named George Tracey, known also as William Edward Bailden, Arthur Foster, Walter Nicolls, William Crawley, and Frank Falkland, who is a convict licence-holder, was placed in the dock on a charge of forgery, by which ho obtained Prisoner is a middle aged, clerical looking man. Detective Camenada said he saw the prisoner 011 Monday standing outside the Bank of England, and, recognising him as a man whose portrait had appeared in the Police Gazette, he followed him, and at night apprehended him as he was leaving the Queen's Theatre, where he had occupied a. box with a lady, to whom he had made some valuable presents. Prisoner, after a while, admitted that he was the mart wanted, and said the woman knew nothing of him. She was, therefore, discharged. On the prisoner was found £320 in notes, and at his lodgings, in a portmanteau, £3,826 in gold. He was wanted in Birmingham for not complying with the condition of his convict's licence. Ten years ago at Liverpool he was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude for a similar offence. Detective Camenada applied that the prisoner should be discharged, in order that he might be handed over to the London or Birmingham police. The magistrates made an order to that effect.


5 July 1889 - Belfast News-Letter

A middle-aged man named Andrew Tracey fatally wounded his wife yesterday in their house in the north end of Liverpool, and then cut his own throat.

17 December 1889 - Cork Constitution

Manslaughter of a wife.—At the Liverpool assizes yesterday. Andrew Tracey, labourer, was placed his trial charged with the wilful murder of his wife. Deceased was very much addicted to drink and frequently pawned or sold articles belonging to the prisoner belonging to the prisoner and his children. In the course of the quarrel the prisoner exasperated cut the womans throat and then his own. She died immediately and he was in hospital for months. The jury found a verdict of manslaughter and judge passed a sentence of six months imprisonment.

18th December 1889 South Wales Daily News

Six Months For Killing A Wife. At the Liverpool Assizes, on Monday, Andrew Tracey, labourer, was placed on his trial, charged with the wilful murder of his wife. The deceased was of very drunken habits, and continually sold and pawned the things belonging to the prisoner and his children. In the course of a quarrel the prisoner, in a state of exasperation, cut the woman's throat and then his own. She died immediately, and be was in the hospital for some months. The jury brought in a verdict of man- slaughter, and the judge sentenced the prisoner to six months' imprisonment.

17 September 1890 - Belfast News-Letter

Murderous assault on a stepfather. Liverpool Tuesday. At Liverpool to-day Andrew Tracey Obas charged, with murderously assaulting his stepfmather, John Maher. breaking some of his teeth and otherwise injuring him so that he lies in hospital in a critical condition. Tracey was charged with the attempted murder of his wife six months ago, but the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter, and he was sentenced to six months hard labour. On coming out of prison he committed the assault on Maher. He was remanded.


Date:      1889 Aug. 2


Title:       Examination and Deposition

Of Rose Ann Kelly, 8 Twiss Street, Hyde Park Street, Liverpool, widow, and Joseph Jones, Holyhead, night station master, at Holyhead in the case v. Thomas Tracey, for indecently assaulting Rose Ann Kelly.

Endorsed: Dismissed.



ADM 157/2102/49

Folios 115-116: Michael Tracey, born: St Marys, Liverpool [1875], Lancashire; Age at attestation: 19; Attested: Edinburgh; Joined in: 1894; Discharge reason: Unfit; Discharge year: 1894.


Date:   [1899]

ADM 188/473/293466


Name   Tracey, John

Official Number:         293466

Place of Birth:             Liverpool, Lancashire

Date of Birth: 28 December 1874

Former reference in its original department:   Vol No.293-1


1891 Census

Frank Tracey, 22, b. 1869 or 1871  Liverpool Lancashire, Servant, Denbighshire, Wales


Jan 21st 1892 Liverpool Mercury

The recent storm at St Helens, missing body found. The body of Mary Ann TRACEY, aged 15, daughter of Patrick TRACEY, a labourer of Stone St, St Helens was found in the Sankey Brook, near the Havanna Colliery, Parr, on Tuesday night. On the 10th December last, several girls including TRACEY, were picking up cinders from the waste heaps near Baxter's Chemical Works. The girls attempted to cross the swollen Sankey Brook by means of a plank bridge, and all succeeded in doing so with the exception of the deceased, who was blown into the water by the gusty wind, and her body was washed down the stream. Attempts were made to recover the body by the use of grappling irons, but without success. On Tuesday night a workman passing along the side of the brook saw a body "jammed" against the stump of an old tree, and on being got to the side it was found to be that of the missing girl. The body was removed to the Ship Inn, Newton Common, awaiting the inquest.


1892-1924 Ellis Island arrivals

Daniel Tracey, Liverpool England, 1911, 24 years, Cousin? Daniel Tracey 202 L? 90 St New York, b. Galway Ireland, Policeman, wife Ethel? Tracey 43 Morris Green Liverpool

Edward Tracey, NY USA, 1922, 31 years, waiter, Irish b. Gars on L’pool, lives New York 1920-1922, John Tracey Doewell Rd Mossley Hill Liverpool, friend Mr Friekean 427 W 23rd St New York

Frank Tracey, Liverpool England, 1914, 20 years

George J. Tracey, 1918, 39 years, fireman, English

George J. Tracey, Liverpool England, 1919, UK Passport 50060W?, fireman, b. Liverpool, last address: 54 Stranhope? St, Liverpool

George Joseph Tracey, Liverpool England, 1918, 39 years, fireman English

George Tracey, 1918, 40 years, Donkeyman, Liverpool, English, Rose at back of left? fham?

George Tracey, 1919, 39 years, of 149 Haigh St, [Liverpool]

J.J. Tracey, Kent [error] England?, 1919, British, Seamans Registration 843086, b. 25/12/87 L'pool, Baker [on ship], lived 22 Portland Place Liverpool

James D. Tracy, Liverpool England, 1892, 22 years,

James Tracey, Lackawanna USA, 1919, 38 years, passage paid by British Govt, lived Lackawanna 8 years, Friend: Mrs Higgins, 422 3rd St Lackawanna N.Y., b. Liverpool England, single, A.B. [profession], Aunt: Mrs Higgins, 19 Albert Street Bury

James Tracey, Liverpool England, 1919, Discharge Book 863492?, b. Widnes? 4/12/98?, lived 44? Ryford? St Liverpool

James Tracey, Liverpool England, 1919, 30 years, British 803492, b. 4/12/88 Widnes, Lived 44 Byford St L'pool

John Tracey, 1920, sailor, b. 2/4/[18]91, lives 10 Elm St, Bootte [Liverpool?]

John Tracey, Boosb (Boosbeck England?), 1919, 655767, b. Liverpool 2/4/1891, lives 10 Elm Street Booth?

John Tracey, b. Liverpool England, 1919, 27 years, 2/4/1891, 655767, father British, lives 19 Westhapton? St Liverpool

John Tracy, Bootle England?, 1920, b. 2/5/91 Liverpool, 5’4”, 180lb, lives 10 Ellan St Bootle [crossed out]

Louis Tracy, London England, 1921, 58 years, married, author, Friend JW Clark Whitby York. lived NY, Friend Mr EJ Clode, 156 5 Ave NY City. 5’6”, Drk complexion, brn hair, grey eyes. None. b. Liverpool England.

Louis Tracy, NY USA, 1920, 57 years, married, author, JW Clarke, Barclay’s Bank, Whitby, Yorks. lived 1920 NY. To Lotus Club, New York City. 5’8”, fair complexion, brwn hair, blue eyes. Slight scar under chin. b. Liverpool England.

Louis Tracy, Whitley England, 1916, 52 years, married, author, Wife: Ethel Tracy Whitby. lived 1896 1897 1902 1911 NY City, Friend Edward J Clode, 156 5 Ave NY City. 5’8”, fair complexion, grey hair, blue eyes. Slight scar under chin. B. Liverpool England.

[see Louis Tracy, CBE (1863 - 1928) was a English journalist of Irish parents, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M. P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century. His father was Thomas Tracy, a Yorkshire policeman. It may be that he was born in Liverpool as Patrick or Joseph Tracy. He may have trained for the priesthood as he is stated to have attended the French Seminary at Douai. His first novel, The Final War, was published in 1896…]

Margaret Tracey, Boston USA, 1914, 39 years, single, English, Friend: Chris Thompson 1079 Roylston St Boston, 5’3.5”, Dr complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Liverpool England

Margaret Tracey, London England, 1912, 36 years, single, housekeeper, 5’4”, fair complexion, bro hair, bl eyes, Father: Thomas Tracey, Romford. Lived Boston 1907,  To friend Mrs Chisholm Golden gates Boston Mass, b. Liverpool England

Michael John Tracey, 1918, 42 years, Elic greaser, (Liverpool) English, 5’5”, 168lb

Owen Tracey, 1923, 31 years, Master at Arms, Liverpool, English, 6’1”, 175lb

Owen Tracey, 1924, 32 years, Bosun Mate, Liverpool, English, 6’0” 200lb

Peter Tracey, Liverpool England, 1920, 16 years, scholar, 5’?”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes,  Father: Richard Tracey, 4 Pope St Liverpool. Uncle Henry Tracey, 24? Linden Court, Detroit, Mich. b. Liverpool England

Rose Tracey, Ambleside England, 1911, 26 years, waitress, 5’5”, fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes,  Father: J Tracey ? Colens St Liverpool. to Aunt Miss S Tracey, 37? West 3rd? St New York, b. Consett England

Thomas Tracey, Weston Super England, 1918, 36 years, married, fish buyer, 5’5”, fair complexion, brn hair, blue eyes, Scar right eye, CM Tracey 8 Milburn Rd West Super Mare,  in transit to St. Johns Newfoundland, b. Liverpool England

William Tracey, Liverpool England, 1920, 29685, 3? Baker, 5’7”, 140lb, lives 48 Harwood? St, Lpl


Reference:       ADM 159/74/8571 [see Knockavilla RC]

Name   Treacy, Edmund

Register Number:        8571

Division:          Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division

When Enlisted/Date of Enlistment:    15 April 1897 Liverpool

Date of Birth: 15 November 1878

Born Knockavilla Cashel Tipperary

Labourer, RC, 5'5", fair complexion, Dk brown hair, blue eyes, scars one between eyes, several faint in corner of R eye one inside first joint fore finger left hand - moles small on throat several left side of neck

Father: Patrick, Bishopswood, Dundrum, Cashel, Co. Tipperary


Private - charcter VG

Depot Plymouth

Illustrious 98 to 01

Essex 04 to 05


1st May 1899 Evening Express [Wales]

Lamp As Missile. A Liverpool Woman Charged With Murder. At Liverpool on Monday Catherine Levens. a married woman, aged 26, was charged with the wilful murder of Mary Tracey, and causing grievous bodily injury to John Tracey, her husband. The parties live in a court house, and on Saturday night some drinking had been going on in the place. Tracey, who was in bed with his wife, called upstairs to prisoner to make less noise. Some words ensued, and prisoner brought a lighted lamp down, which she threw at Tracey and his wife. The lamp struck Mrs. Tracey on the face and broke, setting fire to the bed. Both Traceys were shockingly burnt, and the woman died some hours later, Tracey remains in a critical state. Prisoner was remanded.

2nd May 1899 The South Wales Daily Post

At Liverpool, on Monday, Catherine Levens was remanded, charged with the, willful murder of Mary Tracey, and wich having caused grievous bodily harm to John Tracey. Tracey and his wife occupied & room below that tenanted by the prisoner. The latter, on Saturday night, had been quarrelling, and Tracey called up to her to be quiet. Prisoner took a lighted lamp and hurled it at the couple in bed, Mrs. Tracey being burnt to death, and her husband seriously injured.



Title: Mrs. Noone's mother, Alice Tracy, (later Sutcliffe), as a girl. She was born in 1900.

Date of work: 1900

Reference number: GB124.DPA/370/2

Level of description: Item from Fonds: Documentary Photographic Archive (GB124.DPA)

Part of: Sub-fonds: Photographs Related To Mrs Noone And Family (GB124.DPA/370)

Record number: 7372510

Bookmark link: https://manchester.spydus.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/WPAC/ARCENQ?SETLVL=&RNI=7372510




Date:      1897 - 1946

Related material:           See also deposit no.371.

Held by:             Greater Manchester County Record Office (with Manchester Archives), not available at The National Archives

Language:          English

Creator: Noone, Mrs, b 1930, of Baguley, Manchester

Physical description:      9 PHOTOGRAPHS

Subjects:            Hulme, Lancashire - Blackpool, Lancashire

Administrative / biographical background:      

Mrs. Noone, born Alice Sutcliffe in 1930, had one brother and one sister. Her grandfather ran the George Inn in Hulme until he died. Then her father took over the pub, but died shortly afterwards, so her mother, Alice Sutcliffe, (nee Tracy), ran it.




Date:      1900 - 1951

Related material:           See also deposit no.370.

Held by:             Greater Manchester County Record Office (with Manchester Archives), not available at The National Archives

Language:          English


Noone, Mr, fl 1978, of Baguley, Manchester

Physical description:      20 PHOTOGRAPHS

Subjects:            Stretford, Lancashire

Administrative / biographical background:      

The Noones originally lived in Roscommon, Ireland. Mr. Noone's father was a village publican. He owned the old Grants Arms (Boddingtons) in Clarendon Street, Hulme. Mr. Noone's mother was married twice, her first husband being killed in the First World War. After her second husband (Mr. Noone's father) died she ran the Grants Arms until 1953.



ADM 159/181/11545

Name      Tracey, John [born Carlow Carlow]

Register Number: 11545

Division:                Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division

When Enlisted/Date of Enlistment: 06 June 1901 Liverpool [next of kin 55 Regent St Liverpool]

Date of Birth:        21 March 1881


ADM 157/2620/16 [not digitised]


Folios 135-151: John Tracey, born: Carlow [1881]; Age at attestation: 20; Attested: Liverpool; Joined in: 1901; Discharge reason: Services no longer required; Discharge year: 1912.



ADM 159/183/12754


Name      Tracey, Joseph

Register Number: 12754

Division:                Royal Marine Light Infantry: Portsmouth Division

When Enlisted/Date of Enlistment:     23 October 1902

Date of Birth:        15 November 1883

Date:       [1903]


ADM 157/2479/9


Folios 89-94: Joseph Tracey, born: Liverpool, Lancashire [1884]; Age at attestation: 18; Attested: Liverpool; Joined in: 1902; Discharge reason: By purchase; Discharge year: 1904.


16th July 1902 Evening Express [Wales]

The Bar Tragedy. Exoneration Of Salford Publican. Verdict Recilved With Cheers. Conflicting evidence was given at the inquest at Salford yesterday on the body of Patrick Veldon, the local hooligan who was shot dead across the counter of the British Queen Public- house. A music-hall artiste, Agnes Tracey, who accompanied the deceased to the house...


30th May 1902 The Welsh Coast Pioneer and Review for North Cambria

Abergele..."Tracey" Traced. At a special police court, held on Saturday, before Dr Wolstenholme, Corporal William Tracey, of the 3rd King's Liverpool Regiment, at present located at Warrington, was charged by P.C. Pendlebury with being a deserter from the above regiment. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was remanded to Ruthin gaol to await an escort.

31st May 1902 Denbighshire Free Press

Abergele Notes...Private William Tracey, of the 3rd King's, Liverpool, may be a crack shot on the battlefield, but he is no great shakes at the game of deserting. On Friday he was walking through Market-street trying to act the innocent, when Police-constable Pendlebury walked up to him, and in a gentlemanly, but convincing manner, told him that he had been looking for him for several days. "What for," queried Tracey. "Come up to the police station, and I will tell you all about it," quoth Pendlebury. "Just my luck," said the unfaithful gentleman in Khaki, I had a presentiment that I was going to be nabbed to-day." Later in the day he was brought up in custody before Dr Wolstenholme charged with being a deserter. He pleaded guilty and was committed to Ruthin gaol to await an escort.



Sweated Industries, by Allan Tracy, Hon. Sec., Anti-sweating League, 47 Warbreck Road, Aintree.

364LWD/36/82 Merseyside Record Office,


1907-1910 Conciliation and Arbitration Boards [see Wales]

Boot Shoe and Clog Trade

Matthew Tracey, 10 Landsowne Rd., Oldham


22nd August 1908 Cheshire Observer

Hawarden. Radical Picnic. The annual picnic of the Liverpool Northern Group of Federated Liberal Clubs took place on Wednesday...J. B. Tracey...After tea a meeting was held at the hotel under the presidency of Mr. Tracey...


Date:      1909-1914

ADM 337/50/185

Name      Tracey, Thomas

Service Number:    7/252

RNVR Division:    Mersey

Date of Birth:        23 March 1895

Former reference in its original department:       Vol No 2


ADM 339/1/38772


Name            Tracey, Thomas

Service Number(s):      7/252

Rank or Rating:           Able Seaman

Date of Birth:              23 March 1895

Date:            1914-1919 [father Thomas lives Liverpool]


13th May 1910 The South Wales Daily Post

Haunted By A Child's Cry.

Co-Respondent's Passionate Letter Of Penitence.

Pleads To Husband To Forgive His Wife.

In the Divorce Court on Friday, Mr. William Tomkins Tracey, chief steward on one of the liners running between Liverpool and New York, was granted a decree nisi on the ground of the misconduct of his wife, Eleanor Clara with Mr. William Walden, described as a director of Messrs. William Walden and Co., of Liverpool, and against whom damages were assessed at £1000. Respondent was chief stewardess on another steamer.

The marriage took place at New York in October, 1904, and Mrs. Tracy came back to England and went to reside in Liverpool with her husband's mother. Counsel said in consequence of a piece of paper which was put into his hands petitioner went to an address and found respondent. had stayed there during the night and that die had been with co-respondent. Mr. Tracy was fond of his wife and did all he could to bring about a reconciliation. She, however told him practically that she could not return to him because co-respondent had threatened to shoot her if she did so. Co-respondent, continued counsel, wrote a remarkable letter to petitioner. After stating he had done him (Mr. Tracy) great injury, which it would take a lifetime's repentance to wipe out, Mr. Walden proceeded:

"Last Saturday night I arrived at Orrell-lane. While Clara went in I waited outside. About half an hour later, when Clara was leaving to rejoin me I heard a child's voice - your son calling (Mamma, Mamma; in such a plaintive tremor that it went straight to my heart. That child's wailing cry has haunted me ever since. I cannot sleep at night. I cannot attend to my business during the day. It rings constantly m my ears that cry, “Mamma! Mamma!' Your dumb, dignified sorrow touches me. If I was to part from Clara, it would no doubt shorten my life because, I love her to distraction. Yet for the sake of those innocent children I would ask you to take her back. 'Go and see her because she won't come to you. Plead with her for the sake of the children. If you should succeed I promise you as man to man she shall never see me again. If you should fail then I shall have won her by fair means, and I shal1 be happier with her knowing she loves me only."

Petitioner having given evidence the decree nisi was granted and damages assessed as stated.


William Tomkins Tracy, 37, b. Flint North Wales 1867 (s. of Patrick Joseph Tracy & Catherine Jane Tomkins) married Elend Clara Harriet Evans, 21, b. Sandback 1883 (d. of George Bailey Evans & Elizabeth Walker) 26 Oct 1904 Manhattan, New York, New York


30th July 1910 Weekly Mail [Wales]

Sequel To Card Quarrel. At the Lriverpool Assizes Nicholas Power, a labourer, was tried for the alleged wilful murder of Patrick Tracey. It was stated that during a game of cards a quarrel arose between prisoner's wife and deceased's sister. The women fought, and prisoner intervened to help his wife, while Tracey took sides with his sister. Later the same night Power was alleged to have attacked deceased and his sister in the street with a double-edged knife. Deceased was fatally stabbed in the neck. Prisoner was found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced to twelve years' penal servitude.


1912 Schoolteachers and Headmasters

TREACY, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, schoolmistress in Kirkby la Thorpe in 1912.



Reference:       BT 100/156/1361

Name   Joseph, Tracey [b. 1884]

Content:          Aged 28. Engaged as: Boots Steward.

Date:   1912 Apr 01-1912 Apr 30 [signed 31/1/13] [joined 4/2/13] left 1 Mar 1913]

Former reference in its original department:   Official No.: 118014


Joseph Tracey, 28, b. Lpool, lives 58 Queens Rd Bootle, previous ship Lusitania 1913,


31 December 1914 - Liverpool Echo

Treacy—In loving memory our dearest Elizabeth, wbo died her residence 31, 1913. regretted.) R-U


02 January 1914 Liverpool Echo

Treacy - December 31, at 20 St. John's avenue, Walton, Lizzie, the dearly beloved daughter of James and Mary Treacy...


Date:   1915

Reference:       BT 400/3408/5

Ship: Algiers; Official number: 86982.

T Treacy; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 30; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Dorothy.


Date:   1915

Reference:       BT 400/3659/1B

Ship: Dorothy; Official number: 114648. Crew lsiting continued from BT 400/3659/1A.

J Treacy; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 31; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Austrian Prince.



Reference:         BT 100/156/1315

Name     James, Tracey

Content:             Aged 29. Engaged as: Trimmer.

Date:      1912 Apr 01-1912 Apr 30

James Tracey, 29, Lpl, 167a Rise Lom, Carpathia,


Date:   1915

Reference:       BT 400/3974/5B

Ship: Orduna; Official number: 135539.

Patrick Treacy; rank/rating, Night Watchman; age, 52; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, same.


1915 Merchant Navy

? Tracy; rank/rating, Fireman; age, 36; place of birth, ? Liverpool; previous ship, Lusitania. Ship: Corsican 1915

Albert Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 28; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Harlech Castle. Ship: Quernmore 1915

Andrew Tracey; rank/rating, Cattleman; age, 32; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, first. Ship: Sagamore 1915

C Tracey; rank/rating, Able Seaman; age, 40; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Appalachee. Ship: Counsellor 1915

Cornelius Tracey; rank/rating, Seaman; age, 36; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Vaderland. Ship: Arakaka 1915

Cornelius Tracey; rank/rating, Seaman; age, 39; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Vaderland. Ship: Saint Bede 1915

Edward Tracy; rank/rating, Fireman; age, 32; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Derwent.  Ship: Metagama 1915

George Tracy; rank/rating, Fireman; age, 36; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Haverford. Ship: Adriatic 1915

J Tracey; rank/rating, 3rd Baker; age, 27; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, same. Ship: Lapland 1915

J Tracey; rank/rating, Ex 2nd Baker; age, 27; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Olympic. Ship: Lapland 1915

J Treacy; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 31; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Austrian Prince. Ship: Dorothy 1915

James Tracey; rank/rating, Engineer's Steward; age, 60; place of birth, Dumfries; previous ship, Corcovado. Ship: Flamenco 1915

James Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 31; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Saxonia of Liverpool.  Ship: Agenoria 1915

John A Tracy; rank/rating, 1st Assistant Refrig Engineer; age, 42; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Levuka. Ship: Clan Macewen 1915

John Tracey; rank/rating, 2nd Baker; age, 29; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, same. Ship: Lapland 1915

M Tracey; rank/rating, Greaser; age, 39; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Hesperian. Ship: Megantic 1915

M Tracey; rank/rating, Greaser; age, 39; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Oriana. Ship: Hesperian 1915

M Tracey; rank/rating, Leading Fireman; age, 39; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, same. Ship: Oriana 1915

M Tracy; rank/rating, Leading Fireman; age, 38; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Sorata. Ship: Oriana 1915

Patrick Treacy; rank/rating, Night Watchman; age, 52; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, same. Ship: Orduna 1915

T Treacy; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 30; place of birth, Liverpool; previous ship, Dorothy. Ship: Algiers 1915


13 November 1916 Liverpool Echo

TRACY, Nov 7th, 40 County Rd, Jessie, interred Anfield Cemetery Nov 10th.


Thomas Treacy. Reg. No. 14185. Rank Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers 1st batt. Died of wounds France 2/6/1918. Born Ahascragh, Co. Galway.

Age 34, Son of Michael and Bridget Treacy, of 28, Brown St., Moss Bank, Widnes, Lancs.; husband of Gladys Treacy, of River View Cottage, Compass Hill, Kinsale, Co. Cork. Son Thomas M born 7/6/1916.

Bagneux British Cemetery (Gezaincourt) (Somme France) Treacy, T, United Kingdom Private 14185 Royal Munster Fusiliers 02/06/1918 Age: 34 II. E. 25.

Inscription ordered: For in life we loved him dearly and we love his memory still (Mrs Treacy, 169 Cresent Road, Brentwood, Essex)


2ND LIFE GUARDS, The Household Cavalry

Reference:       WO 400/157/4363

Name: William Tracey. Regimental number: 4363.

Date:   [1856-1919]

William Tracey, 4363, trooper, 2nd Bn Life Gds

Address: 92 Canterbury St, Liverpool

Discharged: 21.1.20 from Wharnellfie War Hospital Sheffield, Neurasthenia, aged 19, single


William Tracey. 18 years 30 days, sugar labourer, single, [25.5.18]

father: Mr James Tracey, 92 Canterbury St, Liverpool

18 years 1 month, 5'5.75", chest 32" 3" expansion


1917 USA Draft Registration  

Francis John Tracey b. 15 Dec 1893 Consett Durham England, declared naturisation, bus conductor 5th Ave Coach Co, single, no dependants, lives 501 W 134 St NY

James Tracey b. 12 Aug 1886 Liverpool England, declared naturalisation, helper America Express, single, no dependants, lives 349 E51 st [NY]City

John H Tracy b. 05 Sep 1886 Liverpool England, naturalised, Miner Kansas State Penitentiary, single, no dependant, served 4 years US navy, lives Lansing Kansas

John Tracey b. 27 Nov 1891 Scarborough [Yorkshire] England, alien, labourer unemployed, single, no dependants, lives 283 Detroit Mich


Date:   1917-1918

ADM 337/59/950


Name   Tracey, Richard Edward

Service Number:         Z/5579

RNVR Division:         Mersey

Date of Birth: 14 June 1900

Former reference in its original department:   Vol No 11


18 February 1918 Liverpool Echo

Port Sunlight Thefts. Steals Electric Globes. Michael Joseph Tracey (34), until recently employed at Messrs. Lever Bros., Port Sunlight, was fined £5 or forty-six...


28th June 1918 Liverpool Echo

William Burrows, aged 25, 50 Edge St was presented with an awards of 10s for saving the life of a boy named John Tracy, aged 6, of 65 Union St, who fell into a culvert on June 22nd.


September 29, 1922 Evening public ledger (Philadelphia Pa)

Rev Dr Tracy took Christ Memorial Charge when a mission. The Rev Dr William Tracy will celebrate the thirty-fourth anniversary of his assumption of the pastorate of the Christ Memorial Reformed Episcopal Church...Last Monday Dr. and Mrs Tracy who live at 4401 Sansom Street, celebrated their fifieth wedding anniversary... Dr. Tracy was born in Pembrokeshire Wales in 1845 and was educated at Mansfield College Oxford University England...he was pastor for several years at [Cheadle Hulme Church] Manchester England. His first charge in the United States was at Lacon Ill...


British Civil Service Evidence Of Age

Ann Tracey, born 1902 Liverpool Lancashire England


Philip Treacy. Official Number: J105646. Place of Birth: Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Date of Birth: 26 April 1905.


Name            Treacy, Philip

Official Number:         J105646

Place of Birth:             Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Date of Birth:              26 April 1905

Occupation: Cloth carrier

26 April 1923 - 12 yrs.

F.E., 5'2.5", chest 33.5", hair brown, eyes blue, fresh complexion, Tattoed R. forearm crossed flages

At 18, 5'3.5", chest 36", hair do [brown], eyes grey, do [fresh complexion]

Service: 3 Feb 22 to 3 Aug 28, over 15 ships, boy to AB,

Record transfered 1 Jan 1929


27 January 1932 Hull Daily Mail

Vessel feared lost...M2 [submarine]...Philip Treacy (leading seaman, seaman torpedoman)...

8 March 1932 The Western Morning News

M2 Widows Pension...Commons Questions...Mrs Alice Treacey, of Liverpool, whose husband lost his life in Submarine M2 and who was awarded a widow pension of 19s per week, plus 5s each for twins 11 months old, total pension 29s weekly; if he was aware that her rent is 14s per week and milk costs 7s6d weekly for the children leaving her with 7s6d per week, which she seeks to supplement from the public assistance committee, and would he be prepared to increase the pension?...


14 May 2012 Liverpool Echo

Liverpool widow’s ashes to be scattered on sunken submarine

A Liverpool family plan to spread their mum’s ashes over the site where the father she never knew is entombed in sunken submarine HMS M2.

Philip Treacy’s body has been sealed for 80 years inside the experimental submarine HMS M2, along with 57 other crew about three miles off Portland, in Dorset.

The surviving families of men killed in the mysterious peacetime submarine disaster now want to sail to the wreck to mark the 80th anniversary of the tragedy.

Philip “Jock” Treacy, who lived at Vronhill Street, in Toxteth, was just 26 when he died on board the HMS M2, which inexplicably sank on January 26, 1932.

He left behind his wife Alice, 25, and their 11-month-old twins Terry and Joan. Tragically Terry died of tuberculosis when he was 12.

Mr Treacy, a leading seaman and torpedo man, was home on leave for Christmas before rejoining the doomed submarine. Mrs Treacy died in 1976, having never re-married.

Her grand-daughter Eileen Glynn, of West Derby, said: “She did not speak much about Philip’s death and I was only a young teenager when she died.”

Joan married Ken Glynn at St Charles Church, Aigburth, in 1952, and Ken still lives in Garston. Joan died last year at the age of 80.

They had three daughters – Angela Roberts, 59, who lives in Speke; Margaret Glynn, 53, who lives in Allerton; and Eileen, 49, who lives in West Derby.

Eileen said: “We found a lot of clippings and photos after my grandmother died. She had letters of sympathy following the press reports of the accident.

“She also had a letter of condolence from someone in the Spanish royal family. My grandfather served in Malta and had his wedding banns read out in a church in Valetta.”

Joan wanted visit the sub’s wreck site where her dad died, but never achieved her wish.

Eileen said: “We plan to go there this year and we thought we should take some of her ashes and spread them over the area where her father is buried at sea.”

HMS M2 was found eight days after it went missing. The submarine incorporated a hangar containing a sea plane and one explanation for the tragedy is that the hangar door was opened too early, flooding the vessel.

The submarine, which sits intact on the seabed, is owned by MoD and protected under legislation as a war grave banning anyone from entering the vessel.



1937 California Naturalization

Thomas James Treacy, 557 23rd Street Oakland, WPA Worker, 64 years, medium complexion, grey eyes, grey hair, 5’5”, 120 lb, Irish race, born July 29 1872 Liverpool England, no children, emigrated from Cuxhaven Germany, landed June 1905 Hoboken New Jersey on the Blucher, signed 23rd March 1937, Alameda


1942 US Draft

John Tracey, 251 Irvington St New Bedford Bristol Mass, 48, b. Nov 21 1893 Preston England, contact wife Mrs Margaret Tracey, work Goshard Mill





1741-73 Registers of St. Mary's Highfield Street, Liverpool

14 Jan 1748/9 ware married John Malloy & Ann Taylor. Wittnesses Rice Bellis, Edwd Tracey, Mary Walsh & Ann Burn.

24 Feb 1747/8 ware marred Tho : Mercer & Elizabeth Tracey Jn presence of Miss Eaton

7 Feb 1748/9 ware married James Clancy & Serah Trasier, wittnsses Wm Burn, Mrs Drumgold, Mr Rob' Rothwell, & M. Washington.

18 December 1758 Was baptd Denis Betts child Mary Godfr John Murray, Godmr Cecily Traisy.

21 January 1760 Was baptd Dan' Northon's child Eliz Godfr Davd Tressy, Godmr Cisy Tressy

3 August 1760 Was baptd Fredrick Davies's Child Eliz, Godfr Thos Tressey, Godmr Mary Handish

8 February 1761 Was Baptd Jn Lovelady’s child Jn Godfr Wm Thracy godmr Mary Leatherbarrow. 

28 March 1762 Was Bapd Jno lindals Child Mary Godfr Thos Tracy Godmr Ailes Howard

6 August 1762 Was Baptd Jos. Parkinson's Child Rich Godfr Thos Bride Godmr Cicily Tracy.

Trac[e]y, Traisy, Trasier, Tress[e]y,

C[ecil]y, 255, 259, 271 ; David, 259 ;Edward, 198; Elizabeth, 197 ; Sarah, 198 ; Tho[ma]s, 262, 269

Miscellanea. Catholic Record Society (Great Britain)


Samuel Treacy

Samuel Treacy b. 23 Jun bapt. 13 Jul 1773 St Nicholas Liverpool


Thomas Treacy

Thomas Treacy b. 28 Aug bapt 27 Sep 1788 St Nicholas Liverpool





Ada Tracey

George Stanley Tracey b. 1894 St Michael


Adam Edward Tracey - [Child] of [unnamed] bapt 21 Oct 1808 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Occupation: Servant. Notes: A Native of the Gold Coast Africa Supposed about 19 years old [or Edward Tracey LDS]

Adam Edward Tracy (X), Servant of Liverpool married Ann Brown Spinster of Liverpool 30 May 1811 St Paul, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Witness: Edward Coventry, Jnr.; Richd. Barrow

Adam Edwd. Tracey & Ann Brown

Mary Tracey bapt. 23 August 1811 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Alfred Clarke Tracey - 24, Seagoing Engineer, Bachelor, 40 Mulgrave St (s. Alfred Tracey, Master Mariner) of married Marguerite Anna Gordon - 24, Spinster, 40 Mulgrave St (d. of Frederick Wilson Gordon, Engineer) Wit: Henry Soden; Mary Isabella Duncan 7 May 1908 St Margaret, Toxteth, Lancashire


Alice Treacy, born abt 1852, married Henry Bagot 5 Aug 1888 St Simon Liverpool


Andrew Tracy married Elizabeth Shore 1876 St Anthony

Andrew Tracey/Treacy & Elizabeth Shaw/Shore

Susannah Tracey b. 1884 Ol Reconciliation

James Treacy b. 1885 Ol Reconciliation

Jane Treacy b. 1888 St Anthony


Ann Tracy married Julius J Henry Buss 1886 St Patrick


Anne Treacey, full age, spinster, dressmaker, of Coolcullen Co Kilkenny, (d. of Edwd Treacey, cattle dealer) married John Nicholas Duggan, full age, widower, labourer, of Liverpool England, (s. of Edward Duggan, officer in Army) Wit: Robert Macartney & Sarah Maria Macartney on the 14 August 1882 RC Chapel of Coon [Muckalee] Co. Kilkenny Ireland.


Ann Teresa Tracy & John Gibney

Ann Teresa Gibney b. 1887 Ol Mount Carmel


Ann Tracy married James Hogan 1859 St Nicholas


Ann Tracey married John Quinlan 1863 St Anthony


Ann Tracey married Thomas Sharkey 1872 St Alban


Bartholomew Tracey & Mary Gibbons

Joseph Tracey b. 3 Feb 1806 bapt 16 Feb 1806 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Of Crosbie St., Tailor


John Tracy (X), Full, Tailor, Widower, Banastre St (s. of Bartholomew Tracy, Shoemaker) m. Mary Gannon - (X), Full, Spinster, Bispham St (d. of John Gannon, Labourer) 22 May 1851 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.  Witness: Michael Fox, (X); Mary Lalley, (X)


Bridget Tracy

Mary Tracy b. 1884 St Francis Xavier


Bridget Tracey married Patrick Jennings 1842 St Anthony


Bridget Tracey married Patrick Kelly 1867 St Augustine


Bridget Tracey/Tracy & Patrick Levins/Levens

George Levins b. 1884 St James

James Joseph Levens b. 1886 St James

John Levens b. 1889 St James

Margaret Levins b. 1891 St James

Ada Levins b. 1894 St James

Sara Levins b. 1897 St James


Bridget Treacey married Matthew Nolan 1879 St Augustine


Caroline Treacy confirmation 25 Mar 1881 - St Anthony


Catherine Tracy

David Tracy b. 1883 St Mary Highfield St



Anne Tracy b. 12 August 1848 bapt. 27 August 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Catherine Tracy married James Cosgrove 1882 St Francis Xavier


Catherine Tracey married Thomas Francis Dowling 1892 St Augustine

Catherine Tracey/Tracy/Treacy & Thomas Francis Dowling

Thomas Francis Dowling b. 1894 St Augustine

Ann Mary Dowling b. 1895 St Augustine

Catherine Elizabeth Dowling b. 1896 St Augustine


Catherine Tracey married Henry Goff 1852 St Anthony


Catherine Tracey married John Horan 1896 St Brigid

Catherine Tracey/Tracy & John Horan

Mary Horan b. 1898 St Joseph

Sara Horan b. 1900 St Joseph

Catherine Horan b. 1896 St Joseph


Catherine Tracy married John Newing 1873 Holy Cross


Catherine Tracey/Tracy & Adam Skelly

Mary Elizabeth Skelly b. 1894 St James

Adam Skelly b. 1896 St James

William Skelly b. 1899 St James


Cecilia Tracy married Bernard Coyne 1846 St Mary Highfield St


Christopher Tracey/Tracy & Sara Guilfoil/Guilfoile [see Dublin]

Frederick Tracy b. 1883 St Nicholas

Thomas Edward Tracey b. 1885 St Peter



Ref: BT 377/7/100802 Royal Navy Reserve

Name            Treacy, Thomas

Place of Birth:             Liverpool

Number:       ST 2726

Date of Birth:              18 December 1885

Date:            [1908-1955]

Parents: Christopher Sarah

5'7.25", chest 37", fair complexion, grey eyes

Address: 26 Lamb Street Liverpool [crossed out]

Enrolment: 12 Jan 1916

2nd page


36 Upper Mercer Street Dublin

42 Arlington Street Liverpool

Naval Prize Money

Interim to Dublin 22 Jan 1920

Final to Liverpool 13 Nov 1922

HMS Eaglet 30 April 1919 demobilisation

Ships: 1916 to 1919


Denis Treacy married Ellen Rigan 9 Dec 1833 St Paul Liverpool

Dennis Tracy & Ellen Regan

Denis Tracey B. 15th July 1836 Bapt. 17th July 1836. Sp. Chas. Muraghan And Ann Duffy. St Anthony's

Geoe. Tracy b. 6th August 1839 bapt. 17th August 1839 Sp. Jas. Farris And Maryann Fay. St Anthony's

George Tracy Buried 2nd October 1839, Age: 2m, Of Swaney Pope St. Son Of Denis Tracy/Trasy & Alice. St Anthony's

Dennis Treacey & Alice Regan

Ann Treacey b. 17th September 1840 bapt. 27th September 1840 Sp. Phillip Kevana and Ann Kevena. St Anthony's

Dennis Tracey & Ellen

Mary Tracey b. 14th July 1846 bapt. 19th July 1846 Sp. Martin Ferris and Jane C. Jordan. St Anthony's [St. Mary's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England LDS]


Dennis Tracey & Charlotte

William Tracey b. 2 October 1796 bapt. 24 October 1796 Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England



Edward Treacy married Mary Leonard 1843 St Nicholas


Edward Tracey, Tailor Bachelor of Liverpool married Ann Milus, Spinster of Liverpool 12 Dec 1831 St Martin in the Fields, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Witness: James Armstrong; Ann Barry, (X) Notes: With consent of such as the law requires


Edward Tracey married Ellen Scanell 1895 Holy Cross


Margaret Tracey of Cumbermere St. (d. of Edward Tracey & Julia) married Samuel Carter of Cumbermere St. (s. of Samuel Carter & Anne of Ireland) 27 Nov 1859 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancashire, England. Witness: James Kelly of Cumbermere St.; Catharine Kelly of Cumbermere St.  Notes: ['Dead' entered for the bride's parents. It is not absolutely clear whether this applies to one or both of the parents. Bride's maiden name written Fitzsimmons then corrected and initialled:]


Eliza Ann Tracey/Tracy & Stephen Joseph Fay

Stephen Fay b. 1883 Sacred Heart

Sara Fay b. 1884 Sacred Heart

Stephen Joseph Fay b. 1885 St Philip Neri


Elizabeth Tracy (X), Widow, the Parish of Liverpool m. Thomas Fairclough, Cordwainer, the Parish of Liverpool. 10 May 1819 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Ralph Cash, (X); William Hamilton, (X)


Elizabeth Tracy married Thomas Holden 1857 Holy Cross

Elizabeth Tracy (Wiclow) [Wicklow] m. Thomam Holden, Holy Cross, Liverpool England. 19th Century.


Ellen Tracey married Thomas Fannon 1871 St Alban


Ellen Tracey married Thomas Costello 1852 St Anthony


Emeline Tracy & William John Lowry
William John Lowry bapt 16 Apr 1899 St Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth, Lancs. Abode: 114 Belgrave Road. Occupation: Engineer


Esther Tracey & Mcdonald

John Mcdonald b. 1888 St Anne


Frank Tracy & Ellen Gray

Bridget Tracy died 20 Mar 1933 Chicago Cook Illinois, born 2 Mar 1850 Liverpool England (d. of Frank Tracy b. Ireland & Ellen Gray b. Liverpool), servant, buried Mt. Carmel Proviso Cook Ill.


Gerald Tracey & Elizabeth Canavan

Julia Mary Tracey b. 1898 Ol Mount Carmel


Herbert Tracy & Mary Alice Tracey

Thomas Henry Tracy b. 7 April 1895 Larch Gro bapt. 24 April 1895 St Peters, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Frank Tracey b. 30 September 1896 bapt. 21 October 1896 Liverpool, Lancaster, England (LDS)


Hugh Treacy married Mary Reyley Or Riley 1841 St Nicholas

Hugh Tracey & Mary Riley

Mary Ann Tracey b. 7 April 1842 bapt. 10 April 1842 St. Anthony's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


James Tracey b. 1895 Holy Cross


James Patrick Tracey b. All Saints


John Tracy married Ann Abernethy 1863 O L Reconciliation

Joannem Tracy (Dublin) m. Annam Abernethy, Our Lady of Reconciliation, Liverpool England. 19th Century.

John Tracey & Ann Abernethy

Joseph Tracey b. 1883 St John

James Tracy & Ann Abernethy

Catherine Tracy b. 1885 St John

James Tracy & Ann Abernethy

Catharine Tracy Born 31 May 1885 Baptised 10 Jun 1885 St. John, Kirkdale. Adddress 13 Pluto St. Godmother Mary Tracy. (Catherine Tracey/Tracy married John Dempsey 01 Aug 1914)


James Tracey (b. 1841 England) m. Anne Abernathy?

John Tracey b. 01 Jan 1847 Liverpool, England...

James Tracey (b. 1863 Liverpool, England d. 24 Mar 1938) m. Maria Robinson

May Tracey b. 01 Jan 1890

Anne Tracey b. 18 Aug 1894

James (Jimmy) Tracey b. 25 May 1911 Belfast

Mary (Polly) Tracey b. 1880 Liverpool, England...

Michael (Sony) Tracey b. 1883 Liverpool, England...

Joseph Tracey b. 1885 Liverpool, England...

Catherine Tracey b. 1887 Liverpool, England...



James Tracy, full [age], bachelor, book keeper, lives Bedforath?, (s. of James Tracy, gentleman) married Emma Juliana Baily, full [age], widow, BLANK profession, lives Hill Street, (d. of Richard Brown, agent) Wit: William Richardson & William Foulkes 12 May 1842 St. John's CoE, Liverpool, Lancashire, England [Tracy Peerage?]

James Tracy & Emma
Mary Ann Tracy b. 26 Feb 1844 bapt 20 May 1846 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.  Abode: Moor Place Occupation: Victualler

Henrietta Tracy b. 21 Mar 1846 bapt. 20 May 1846 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Abode: Moor Place Occupation: Victualler

Arthur Tracy bapt. 20 Apr 1848 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Abode: Parker St. Occupation: Victualler

Ellen Tracey bapt. 12 March 1850 St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

James Tracy/Teacy & Emma Juliana Tracy

Emma Adelaide Tracy bapt. 20 May 1852 St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS) Emma Adelaide Teacy b. 30 Nov 1851 bapt 20 May 1852 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Abode: London Road Occupation: Victualler


1851 Census - Falkland Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

James Tracey, Head, 31, b. 1820 Dublin Dublin, Inn Keeper

Emma Tracey, Wife, 34, b. 1817 York Yorkshire, England

Eliza Bailey, Step Daughter, 13, b. 1838 York Yorkshire, scholar

Richard Bailey, Son, 12, b. 1839 York Yorkshire, scholar

Mary Anne Tracey, Daughter, 7, b. 1844 Liverpool Lancashire, scholar

Arthur Tracey, Son, 3, b. 1848 Liverpool Lancashire

Julia Haldger, unmarried, 16, b. 1835 Ireland, servant

Thomas Meterford, unmarried, 36, b. 1815 Shrewsbury Salop, lodger, book keeper


23 March 1858 The London Gazette [see St. Peters]

On their own petitions...James Tracy, late of the Chatsworth Arms, Harbord-street, Wavertree-street, Liverpool, Lancashire, not in any business.—In the Gaol of Liverpool.

11 May 1858 The London Gazette

Court For Relief Of Insolvent Debtors. Saturday the 8th day of May, 1858...James Tracy, late of the Chatsworth Arms, Harbnrd-street, Liverpool, Lancashire, not in any business, Insolvent, No. 86,529 C.; John Sykes Gardner, Assignee.


1861 Census - Harbord Street, West Derby, Lancashire, England

James Tracy, Head, 41, b. 1820 Ireland, Inn Keeper

Emma Tracy, Wife, 41, b. 1820 Halifax Yorkshire

Mary A Tracy, Daughter, 17, b. 1844, Liverpool, single.

Arthur Tracy, Son, 13, b. 1848, Liverpool, scholar

Allen Tracy, Daughter, 11, b. 1850, Liverpool, scholar

Julia Tracy, Daughter, 7, b. 1854, Liverpool, scholar


Toxteth Park Cemetery, Toxteth, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool, Merseyside, England

In Memory

Emma Adelaide

The beloved child of

James and Emma Tracy

Departed this life June 21st 1856

Aged 5 years and 6? months

Also Ellen daughter of the above

Who died 29th February 1864

Aged 14 years

Also the above James Tracy

Who died 2nd April 1864

Aged 40 years

Also Julia Adelaide

Daughter of the above who died 6th June 1874

Aged 19 years.

Also of Emma Julianna Tracy wife of the above

James Tracy

Who died 14th February 1884

Aged 68 years



James Tracy married Mary Bridges 1859 St Augustine


Jacobus Tracy & Maria [from Carlow? 1871 Census]

Patritius Tracy b. 1861 St Augustine Liverpool


James Tracey & Alice Coghan

Teresa Mary Tracey b. 1897 Ol Immaculate


James Tracey married Jane Alice Dalton 1897 All Souls

James Tracey/Tracy & Jane Alice Dalton

James Patrick Tracy b. 1897 All Souls

Edward Tracey b. 1898 All Souls

William Tracy b. 1900 All Souls


James Tracy & Amelia Jones [Tracy Peerage?]
Elizth Tracy b. 14 Apr 1842 bapt 16 May 1842 Sp. Ann Kelly. St. Anthony’s Liverpool Lancashire England [Jones]

Elizabeth Tracy b. 14 Apr 1842 bapt 31 Jul 1842 St Mary, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England. Abode: Walton Occupation: Police Man


1841 Census

Thomas Tracy, b. 1816 Ireland, Police Station House Walton On The Hill, Lancashire

James Tracy, b. 1811 Ireland, Police Station House Walton On The Hill, Lancashire


James Tracy, French Polisher, This Parish married Esther Kelly - Minor, Spinster, This Parish. 14 Feb 1836 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Francis Hamilton; Archibald Kelly. Notes: With consent of Sarah Kelly, Widow Mother of the said Esther Kelly [see Daniel O'Connell Tracy]


James Tracy married Margaret Kelly 1893 St Sylvester

James Tracey/Tracy & Margaret Kelly

Edward Tracey b. 1893 St Sylvester

Catherine Tracy b. 1895 St Sylvester

Margaret Tracey b. 1896 St Sylvester

James Tracey b. 1898 St Sylvester

Thomas Tracey b. 1900 St Sylvester


James Tracey married Mary Murphy 1864 St Joseph


James Treacy married Ann Jane O'Hanlon 1894 O L Mount Carmel


James Tracy married Eliza Sinnott 1844 St Mary Highfield St


James Tracy & Mary Robson

Ann Tracy b. 1893 St John


James & Anne

James Tracy b. 27 September 1849 bapt. 11 October 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire, England


James & Cath

Edmund Tracey b. 15 December 1848 bapt. 11 February 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


James Tracey & Eliza

John Tracey b. 26th September 1845 bapt. 5th October 1845 Sp. Edwd. County and Mary Johnson. St Anthony's


Jane Tracey b. 1895 Holy Cross


Jane Tracey married Matthew McCarty 1864 St Anthony [Oct-Nov-Dec 1864]


Jane Tracey, (X), Spinster, this Parish married Hugh Parks, Watch-maker, this Parish 11 Dec 1826 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: W. Maybrick; Robert Johnson


Jane Tracey, Spinster of the same Parish married John Pickering, Miller of the Parish of Liverpool, 14 Jul 1823 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Jane Agnes Tracy & James Taunton

Henry Edward Taunton b. 1886 St John


Jeremiah Treacy married Margaret Horgan 1896 St Augustine

Jeremiah Treacy & Margaret Horgan

Jeremiah Treacy b. 1897 St Augustine


John Treacy & Maria Blake

Joseph Pat. Treacy b. 18 Mar 1853 bapt. 27 Mar 1853 St. Patricks, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


John Tracy Kenny & Sara Brotherton

Thomas Tracy Kenny b. 1886 Ol Good Help


John Treacy, Full, Joiner, Bachelor, Norris St (s. of James Treacy, Joiner) m. Martha Brownbill, Full, Spinster, Norris St (d. of Robert Brownbill, Labourer) 12 May 1850 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Thomas Bailey; Mary Bailey


John & Mary Burns

John Tracey b. 24 September 1844 bapt. 29 September 1844 St. Anthony, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


John Tracey & Martha Cheatham, Widow
William Tracey b 17 Jul 1807 bapt. 17 Jan 1808 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Of Prussia Street, Mariner


John Tracy married Maria Clark 5 May 1839 Wit: Dennis Quirk & Mary Hoctor Borrisokane Parish, Tipperary

John Tracy/Treacy & Maria Clarke/Clerke of Crotta Borrisokane, Tipperary

William Tracy b. 20 Jul 1844 Sp. Michl Carrol & Hanna Dougham. Borrisokane Parish

Cathe Treacy b. 11 Sep 1840 Sp. Mary Norton?. Borrisokane Parish

John Tracey/Tracy & Maria/Mary Clarke

William Tracy b. 8 September 1846 bapt. 10 September 1846 St Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire (LDS)

Mary Ann Tracey b. 18 February 1848 bapt. 28 February 1848 St Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

John Tracey b. 21 January 1850 bapt. 31 January 1850 St Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Maria Tracey b. 26 October 1851 bapt. 9 November 1851 St Patricks, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Agnes Tracey b. 25 Jul bapt. 3 Aug 1854 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancashire Sp. James Mc Guiness & Mary Judge


St Patrick's Sick and Burial Society...in July 1849 at which it was proposed to dissolved the society. From the floor, John Treacy, formerly a day laborer in the Irish ordinance survey, voiced his opposition....Under Treacy's entrepreneurial management, the Society enjoyed remarkable growth and commercial success...Within a few years, the society was mired in legal disputes - by 1865 there were six separate actions at law and a chancery suit...'Mister Thrasey'...within the Society the 'principal paerties' were 'all related to Treacy; they were either cousins, or married to nieces, or were brothers-in-law'...Treacy himself was a rags-to-riches role model. Having come to Liverpool as a day-labourer with 'nothing', he confessed in the legal actions to being 'middling': his salary, originally 8 schillings a week, was now £400 per year; he lived in a house built by the Society; had sent two of his daughters to be educated privately in Belgium; own property in Scotland Road (six houses bought for £900 [£800]); and had £1200 [about £1000...4 or 5 houses £200-300] vested in mortgages, while his savings amounted to between £200 and £300 [£100 and £400 other]. His health failed, however, during the course of the legal actions and he died a few months later. 'A perfect martyr to the society', Treacy was revered in death, his legacy being upheld by a corp of relatives, friends, collectors, agents and publicans (including his Fenian brother-in-law, Martin Clarke)...Treacy was an honest man...Treacy, indeed, was a victim of his own sucess...John Baldwin, Treacy's cousin...Patrick Phinn, the Birmingham agent married to Treacy's second cousin..there was a vote of confidence in Tracey ('the meeting decided that Thrasey done roight')... 

John Belchem (2007) Irish, Catholic and Scouse: The History of the Liverpool-Irish, 1800-1939. Liverpool University Press.

Dr Enda Delaney, Donald M. MacRaild (2007) Irish Migration, Networks and Ethnic Identities Since 1750. Routledge.


Reports from the Commissioners. Friendly and Benefit Building Societies. 5 March - 7 August 1874 Vol XXIII - Part II [online book]

The first document appended is the case Sweeney v. Treacy. It is taken from a report in the "Northern Press" (a Liverpool paper) of'the 15th October 1864. The Mr. Judge mentioned is the same that gave evidence before the Commission.

The second is the case of Caraher v. Treacy, from the " Northern Press " of October 22nd, 1864. It sets out the pleadings against Treacy, and the agreement to refer the accounts of the society.

The third document is the report of Mr. Cottam, the accountant appointed by the court, to go through the books of the society, and ascertain the amount due by Treacy, dated 29th January 1865.

The fourth is a manifesto by Mr. Treacy, dated May 1, 1865.

The fifth document is the order of the Liverpool County Court against Treacy for 7,477/. 14s. Gd., dated 10th May 1865.

The sixth is a report of an action for libel brought by Mr. Treacy, copied from the " Northern Press " of August 19th, 1865.

The seventh is a report from the "Liverpool Mercury" of 26th April 1867, of a meeting of St.Patrick's Society at the Odd Fellows' Hall, St. Anne Street.

The eighth gives an account of a subsequent meeting in 1868, and is taken from the "Liverpool Courier " of 21st September 1868.


Denis Baldwin a cousin, John Baldwin a cousin, Patrick Finn married to a second cousin, William Kane a nephew, Martin Clark brother-in-law, John Treacy had five children eldest 20 youngest 7 four daughters 20 16 13 7, two were educated at a boarding school [Belgium 3 years] two were attending a day school education costing £120 a year,


1861 Census - Strickland Street St Peters Everton Lancashire

John Baldwin, 37, born Galway Ireland, Collector For Friendly Society

1861 Census - Westmoreland Place St Martin Liverpool

Dennis Baldwin, 32, born Ireland, Collector For Barial Society


08 January 1866 Liverpool Daily Post

Treacy —January 5, Mr. John Treacy, secretary to the United Assurance Sick and Burial Society of St. Patrick, aged 57 years.

January 8, 1866 Liverpool Mercury (Liverpool, England)

Treacy - Jan 5, aged 57, Mr. John Treacy, secretary to the United Assurance Sick and Burial Society of St. Patrick. Fortified with all the rites of Holy Church.

12 Jan 1866 The Belfast Morning News

Death of Mr John Tracy - The Liverpool Daily post, in announcing the death of Mr J Tracy, secretary and Manager of the St. Patrick Burial Society, says :- "The lamented deceased was no ordinary man. He possessed great original energy, and this energy served to lift him above the humble position which he at first occupied. Being among his class remarkable for a capacity for business, the members of the St. Patrick Burial Society elected him secretary, and the advantage of the choice was soon manifested by a wonderful improvement in the condition of the society, by bringing within its range a larger number of subscribers, the consequences of which was a vast increase of funds. Mr Tracy was a self-educated man, and conscious, as it were, of his honesty, his accounts were not kept with the regularity and precision of a merchant's office. The funds being large, suspicion was aroused as to their safety, and zeal or malice impugned the conduct of the secretary. He defended himself with great energy, and the dispute remained undecided at his untimely death. He has left the society rich in funds."


12 November 1869 Liverpool Daily Post

M'Lean - Treacy. November 10 at St Alexanders Bootle...James eldest son of Captain Peter M'Lean, Bootle, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., of this town [Liverpool].


1871 Census - Wavertree, Wavertree, Lancashire, England

James M Lean             Head       M            32           Liverpool, Lancashire

Catherine M Lean       Wife       F             25           Carmly, [Carney?] Tippreary

Frederick M Lean        Son         M            0             Liverpool

Dora Lennard              Servant   F             21           Wenford, Crunbrow

1881 Census - Dublin St Liverpool, Lancashire,

James Mc Lean            Head       M            42           Glasgow, Scotland, engine fitter

Catherine Mc Lean      Wife       F             42           L'Pool, Lancashire, England, Dressmaker

James Mc Lean            Son         M            11           New York, America

Catherine Mc Lean      Daughter                F             3             L'Pool, Lancashire, England

1891 Census – Latham Street Kirkdale Lancashire

James Mclean              Head       M            49           England, Engine Fitter

Catherine Mclean        Wife       F             48           England

Catherine Mclean        Daughter                F             12           England


John Tracey, single, white (s. of Mark Tracey) married Mary Ann Conolly single, white (d. of William Conolly) 15 Oct 1849 St. John's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

26 October 1849 Liverpool Mercury

Oct 20, at St. John's Church, Mr. John Treacey to Miss Mary Ann Conolly.


Ref: BT 377/7/40898 Royal Navy Reserve


Name      Treacy, John

Place of Birth:       Waterford, County Waterford

Number:                 D 904

Date of Birth:        16 April 1868 [18 Feb 1868 crossed out]


John M. Catherine

5'7", chest 37", fair complexion, hazel eyes, ship & flags on right arm clasped hands on left arm bracelet on left wrist

Address: 5 Ho 6 Ct Upper Frederick St Liverpool

19 13, RV36a, 22.5 years service

Aug 18, Liverpool, RV36a 11871 & Rv8a

Enrolment 14th August 1893 August 1915 Reliza|? RV2 reid

T.M. rating abolished 1st April 1908?


Dardanus various 1908 to 1910

Cyclops varios 1910 to 1912

R.N.R. medal awarded Liverpool 7 Oct 1912


John Tracey & Catherine Dankel

Edward Tracey b. 1873 Holy Cross


John Tracy married Mary Devanney 1898 St Sylvester


John Tracey/Tracy & Catherine Fitzpatrick

Mary Jane Tracey b. 1884 Ol Reconciliation

Winifred Tracy b. 1889 St Alphonsus


John Tracey & Margaret Gordon

John Tracey b. 31 Dec 1829 bapt. Baptism: 2 Jan 1830 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancs. Sp. Thomas Murphy & Margaret Murphy


1841 Census - Clemments Street Jackson'S Court, Liverpool, Lancashire

John Tracey                 M            30-34      Ireland

Margeret Tracey                         F             27-31      Lancashire

Daniell Tracey                            M            16-20      Lancashire

John Tracey                 M            10           Lancashire

William Tracey                           M            7             Lancashire

1851 Census - Charter Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

John Tracey Head       M            50           Ireland, blacksmith

Margaret Tracey          Wife       F             49           Ireland

John Tracey Son         M            20           Liverpool, Lancashire, unmarried, smith

William Tracey            Son         M            18           Liverpool, Lancashire, unmarried, ship wright

Mary Hape   Niece      F             50           Wales, widow

1861 Census - Charter Street Vauxhall Liverpool Lancashire

John Tracy    Head       M            60           Ireland, dock labourer

Margaret Tracy            Wife       F             58           Ireland

John Tracy    Son         M            31           Liverpool, Lancashire, blacksmith

1871 Census

John Tracey, Head, M, 70, b. 1801 Ireland, labourer, Howard Street Liverpool Lancashire

Margt Tracey, Wife, F, 66, b. 1805 Ireland, Howard Street Liverpool Lancashire

William Tracey, Son, M, 34, unmarried, b. 1837 Liverpool, Shipwright, Howard Street Liverpool Lancashire

Margt Ann Tracey, Granddaughter, F, 11, b. 1860 Liverpool, Howard Street Liverpool Lancashire


Daniel Tracey, Full, Plumber Bachelor of Charter St (s. of John Tracey, Smith) married Sarah Knowles (X), Full Spinster of Mill Lane (d. of Thomas Knowles, Warehouseman) 24 May 1846 St Bartholomew, Vauxhall, Lancashire, England. Witness: Sarah Bevan, (X); Thomas Bradshaw

Daniel Tracey & Sarah

Margaret Annie Tracey b. 27 December 1847 bapt. 10 January 1848 St Johns Old Haymarket, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Danielis Tracey

Gulielmus Gordan Tracey b. 16 Aug 1857 - St Mary's RC Liverpool


1851 Census - - Charter Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Esther Brohill                    Head                      F             67            Ireland, widow, washer woman

Daniel Tracy                      Lodger                   M            28            Liverpool, Lancashire, plumber

Sarah Tracy                       Wife                       F             28            Litherland, Lancashire

Margaret Ann Tracy          Daughter                F             4              Liverpool, Lancashire

John Tracy                         Son                        M            1              Liverpool, Lancashire

1861 Census

Daniel Tracey, Head, b. 1823 Ireland, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

Sarah Tracey, Wife, b. 1824, Liverpool Sefton, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

Margaret Ann Tracey, Daughter, b. 1848, Liverpool, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

John Tracey, Son, b. 1850, Liverpool, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

Samuel Tracey, Son, b. 1856, Liverpool, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

William Gordon Tracey, Son, b. 1857, Liverpool, Lancashire, Liverpool Lancashire.

Thomas Tracey, Son, b. 1852, Liverpool, St Albans Liverpool Lancashire.

1871 Census

Daniel Gordon Tracey, Head, M, 48, b. 1823 Ireland, plummer, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

Sarah Tracey, Wife, F, 47, b. 1824 Sefton, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

John Tracey, Son, M, 21, b. 1850 Liverpool, Shipwright, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

Thomas Tracey, Son, M, 18, b. 1853 Liverpool, plummer, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

Samuel Tracey, Son, M, 16, b. 1855 Liverpool, office boy, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

William Gordon Tracey, Son, M, 13, b. 1858 Liverpool, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

James Tracey, Son, M, 6, b. 1865 Liverpool, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

Mary Knowles Barton, Niece, F, 13, b. 1858 Liverpool, Dale Street Liverpool Lancashire

1881 Census - West Derby Rd, West Derby, Lancashire

Daniel Gordon Tracey      Head       M            58           Ireland, Plumber & Furniture Dealer

Sarah Tracey                     Wife       F             57           Litherland, Lancashire, England,

Wm Gordon Tracey          Son         M            24           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, single, Warehouseman Paper Factory

James Tracey                     Son         M            16           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, single, Assistant To Tobacco Spinner

Margaret Tracey                Mother    F             76           Ireland

William Plare                     Lodger    M            22           Australia


John Tracey, single (s. of Daniel Gordon Tracey) married Annie Hollis, single, (d. of Richard Hollis) 18 Oct 1874 St. Simon, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Samuel Tracey, 22 Years Clerk Bachelor of 11 Jefferson Street (s. of Daniel Tracey, Painter) married Elizabeth Ann Ashton - 21 Years Spinster of 11 Jefferson Street (d. of James Ashton, Deceased, Butcher) 19 Aug 1877 St George, Everton, Lancashire, England Witness: John Williams; Phoebe Davies

Samuel Tracy & Elizabeth Ann

Ada Louise Tracy b. 3 February 1880 bapt. 19 September 1880 St Timothy's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


William Gordon Tracey & Sarah Ellen

Florence Tracey b. 22 Dec 1889 - Everton, St Augustine CoI, Lancashire

Margaret Ellen Tracey b. 10 Sep 1893 - Everton, St Augustine CoI, Lancashire

Harold Tracey b. 12 Jul 1896 - Everton, St Augustine CoI, Lancashire

Edith Tracey bapt. 17 Aug 1898 St Augustine, Everton, Lancs.   Abode: 5 Lavan St Occupation: Commercial Traveller

Daniel George Tracey b. 7/16 Aug 1899 - Everton, Emmanuel CoI, Lancashire       


James Tracey, 31 Freight Clerk Bachelor of 91 Herschell St (s. of Daniel Gordon Tracey, Deceased, Master Plumber) married Emily Rebecca Cook - 22 Spinster of 91 Herschell St (d. of Henry Cook, Deceased, Blacksmith) 7 Jul 1896 St Cuthbert, Everton, Lancashire, England. Witnesses: William Gordon Tracey & Elizabeth Tring


John Tracey married Mary Hart 1870 St Patrick

John Tracey & Mary Hart

Albert Tracey b. 1883 St Patrick


John Tracey married Alice Hoffen 1869 St Anthony


John Tracey & Catherine Hynes

Joseph Nicholas Tracey b. 1900 St Clare


John Tracey married Ellen Kelly 1837 St. Michael in the City Liverpool, Lancashire


John Tracey married Margaret Mccabe 1895 St Francis Xavier

John Tracey/Tracy & Margaret McCabe/MacCabe

Margaret Tracey b. 1895 All Souls

John William Tracy b. 1899 All Souls


John Tracey (X), Mariner of Liverpool married Elizabeth McKadom (X), Spinster of Liverpool 23 Dec 1803 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Witness: Edward Coventry; Ls. Pughe


John Tracy married Mary Mitchell 1845 St Mary Highfield St


John Tracey married Mary Ann Scott [maiden name Smith] 24 Jan 1861 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


1861 Census

John Treacy, Head, 45, 1816, Mercantile clerk?, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Mary Treacy, Wife, 40, 1821, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Sarah Jane Treacy, Daughter, 16, 1845, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Mary Anne Scott, Stepdaughter, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Jane Scott Stepdaughter, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Stephen Scott, Stepson, Athol Street, Liverpool, Lancashire


Sarah Jane Tracy, Birth Registration Oct-Nov-Dec 1844 Hull, Yorkshire, England Volume 22 Page 414 Line Number 5


Hello, I'm looking for Mary Howard and John Tracy who were in HULL at the time of the birth of Sarah Jane Tracy November 6, 1844, born at 35 Great Passage Street, Kingston upon Hull, in the sub-district of Myton. Jan in Oz

Jan 3 May 2004 http://www.genesreunited.co.za/boards/board/general_topics/thread/880775?page=1


Sarah Jane Tracey & William Whitford

Elizabeth Ellen Whitford b. 20 May 1870 Clonmel

William Whitford b. 27 May 1872 Clonmel


Whitford and Tracey, Tipperary

William Whitford born 1838 Liverpool, married Dorothea Stewart born 1839 Liverpool, 1859 Liverpool (details obtained).  Have found him1841/51/61 census Liverpool, last one includes their firstborn; between 1860 and 1867 they had 5 children.

My problem is I cannot find him or Dorothea 1871.  Dorothea appears in 1881 and 1901 in Liverpool again; 1881 states her to be "MARRIED", 1901 "WIDOW". She died 1903 in a Liverpool workhouse.  Can't find 1891 for her.

William appears in 1881 in Swansea, Glamorgan, with 2nd "WIFE" Sarah Jane born 1844 Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, and 6 children, first two born Clonmel, Tipperary,  middle two Shropshire, last two Swansea, Glamorgan. Found William and Sarah Jane 1891 and 1901 - he died 1906.

I cannot find a marriage in U.K. for William and Sarah Jane. Not found a divorce either.

William was for certain in Liverpool with Dorothea c 1866, then in Clonmel 1870 when his first child with Sarah Jane was born.




1881 Census - Western St, Swansea (Town), Glamorganshire, Wales

Wm Whitford              Head       M            42           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Watch Jobber

Sarah Jane Whitford   Wife       F             36           Hull, England

Elizabeth Ellen Whitford           Daughter                F             10            Ireland

Wm Whitford              Son         M            8             Ireland

John Henry Whitford Son         M            4             Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

Fredrick ? Whitford    Son         M            6             Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

Maude Whitford         Daughter                F             2             Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

Charles Tracy Whitford              Son         M            7 M         Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

1891 Census - New Oxford Street, Swansea

William Whitford        Head       M            52           Lancashire, England, Watch Repairer

Sarah J Whitford         Wife       F             46           Yorkshire, England

Elizabeth E Whitford Daughter                F             20           Ireland

William Whitford        Son         M            18           Ireland

Frederick H Whitford                Son         M            16           Shropshire, England

John H Whitford         Son         M            14           Glamorganshire, England

Maud Whitford           Daughter                F             12           Glamorganshire, England

Charles T Whitford     Son         M            10           Glamorganshire, England

Alexander Whitford    Son         M            6             Swansea, Glamorganshire, England

1901 Census - Lower Oxford Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales

William Whitford        Head       M            62           Liverpool, Lancashire, WATCH MAKER

Sarah Jane Whitford   Wife       F             56           Hull, Yorkshire

Frederick H Whitford                Son         M            27           Shrewsbury, Salop

Maud Whitford           Daughter                F             23           Swansea, Glamorganshire

Charles Tracey Whitford            Son         M            20           Swansea, Glamorganshire

Alexander Whitford    Son         M            14           Swansea, Glamorganshire


John Tracey & Ann/Annie Tracey

William Daniel Tracey bapt.15 October 1876 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

John Tracey b. 12 August 1878 bapt. 29 September 1878 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Mary Jane Tracey b. 20 February 1880 bapt. 11 April 1880 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Richard Hollis Tracey b. 27 April 1881 bapt. 19 June 1881 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Ada Shaw Tracey b. 5 March 1883 bapt. 22 April 1883 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Annie Hollis Tracey b. 6 December 1884 bapt. 1 February 1885 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Elizabeth Hollis Tracey b. 4 September 1887 bapt. 23 October 1887 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Tracey Family - New York, Marriage, Death & Naturalization Records Needed!

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me with this!

The Tracey Family in question are:


William Daniel Tracey b1876/78 Liverpool, Lancs, England & d? Brooklyn, New York, USA

Emily Florence Tracey b14th July 1880, Liverpool, Lancs, England & d? Brooklyn, New York, USA

Colin Gordon Tracey b4th May 1917, Liverpool, Lancs, England & d28th July 1993 New York, USA


William Daniel seems to have travelled across 2 or 3 times between 1918 & 1920 as i have 3 passenger lists for him, Florence & Colin followed in 1925 & i have that passenger list as well.

The 1930 US Census has the 3 of them in Brooklyn, Kings County, NY (Districts 1251-1500), i only have a printed transcription of this one, so don't have an actual address for them!

This is where things get a little tricky!

On a family tree i found, Florence was shown as having died in 1931 in Buffaloe Bay, USA. I have since found Florence on the 1940 US Census & taking out US Naturalization in 1943, so the tree must be wrong unless they were naturalizing ghosts! lol ;D

1940 US Census has them at 2563, East 27th Street, Brooklyn, NY, with William Daniel listed as a Carpenter, Industry shown as Steamship. Florence is shown as Emily Florence aged 59 with no occupation. Colin Gordon is 22 & shown as being a distributor & industry shown as Motion Picture Film Company! I wonder what he did exactly? Colin is also shown as being married but no wife shows up with him. Could sks possibly find a marriage for him probably between 1935 & 1940.

All 3 took out US Naturalisation in 1943, Colin Gordon on 12th Aug 1943 & still at the East 27th Street address, but Florence when she did hers on Dec 16th 1943 was residing 4677 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY. I have the Nauralisation cards for these 2. However i did find one for William Daniel also in 1943 but haven't got the card for him & i don't have the date of it to hand either. If anyone can help with this record it would be appreciated.

Finally the death records of William Daniel & Florence Emily, which i have not been able to locate. both died sometime between 1943 & 1962 when i believe the US social security numbers started. The family tree that had Florence Emily dying in 1931 (which is quite obviously wrong!) also states that William Daniel died in 1953 but doesn't say where. However with one wrong it is quite possible that the other could quite well be wrong as well!

Sorry if this rambles a bit, quite a bit of info fit in!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

David 31 December 2012 DavidJP



John Tracey & Mary Ann Wright

Mary Tracey b. 19 November 1848 bapt. 9 December 1848 St Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


John Tracey & Mary/Maria

Maria Tracey b. 9 June 1843 bapt. 9 June 1843 St. Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Margt Tracey b. 6 May 1849 bapt. 20 May 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


John Tracey & Martha Tracey

Mary Ellen Tracey bapt. 16 March 1851 Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Jno Tracy & Mary [moved from Ballinrobe Co. Mayo LINK]

Jno Tracy b. 3 Jun 1851 of Friarsquarter Sp. David & Mary Kelly. Ballinrobe Parish

Thos Tracy b. 11 Jan 1854 of Glebe St? Sp. Jno Gill & Mary Ann Keasy? Ballinrobe Parish


John Tracy [b. 1851 Ballinrobe Co. Mayo] married Margaret Maclin 1877 St Francis Xavier [moved from Ballinrobe Co. Mayo LINK]

John Tracey/Tracy & Margaret Macklin/Maclin

Ellen Tracy b. 1883 St Francis Xavier

John William Tracey b. 1887 St Francis Xavier

Florence Tracey b. 1889 St Francis Xavier

Edward Macklin Tracey b. 1892 St Francis Xavier


William Tracy [b. c. 1852 Ballinrobe Co. Mayo] married Margaret Kelly 1878 St Mary Highfield St

William Tracey/Tracy & Margaret Kelley/Kelly

John Tracy b. 1884 St Oswald

Ann Mary Tracey b. 1885 All Souls

John Joseph Tracy b. 1887 St Patrick

Margaret Tracy b. 1889 All Souls

James Tracey b. 1892 St James

Teresa Tracey b. 1894 All Souls


Bridget Tracey/Tracy [b. c. 1859 Ballinrobe Co. Mayo] & Alexander Garraty/Garrity [moved from Ballinrobe Co. Mayo LINK]

Alexander Garrity b. 1887 St Sylvester

Cornelius Garraty b. 1890 St Anthony

Alexander Garrity b. 1895 St Francis Xavier


John Tracey & Sarah
John Tracey bapt 21 Feb 1894 St Bridget, Wavertree, Lancashire, England. Of 7 Mill Row, Baker




Catherine Treacy, born abt 1858 (d. of John Treacy) married Joseph Walker 24 Sep 1879 St Nicholas Liverpool


Daniel Tracey, (X), Full Age, Labourer, Bachelor, Pool Lane? (s. of  John Tracey, Labourer) m. Barbara Callaghan, (X), Minor, Spinster, Jamaica St (d. of Michael Callaghan, Book Keeper) 20 May 1839 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Thomas Holmes, (X); Mary Ann Molloy, (X)

Daniel Tracey & Bab Callohan

John Tracey b. 24 Jul 1840 bapt. 2 Aug 1840 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancashire Sp. John Scott & Mary Scott

Daniel Tracy & Margaret Callaghan

Catherine Tracy b. 12 Jul 1842 bapt. 31 Jul 1842 St Patrick, Liverpool Lancashire (LDS)


John Octavius Treacy, born abt 1870, (s. of John Treacy) married Sarah Lewis 30 Nov 1892 St Cyprian Edge Hill Lancashire


John Tracey, (X), full, Mariner, Bachelor, White St. (s. of John Tracey, Labourer) Married Jane Robinson, full, Widow, White St. (d. of William Hudson, Gentleman) 10 Apr 1859 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: John Mellor, (X); Alice Campbell


Margaret Treacy, born abt 1852, (d. of John Treacy) married John Pritchard 19 or 29 Apr 1878 St Nicholas Liverpool


Mary Treacy, single (d. of John Treacy) married John Fogarty, single (s. of Thomas Fogarty) 30 May 1842 St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Patrick Tracey (X), Full, Mariner, Bachelor, Pall Mall (s. of John Tracey, Farmer) married Sarah McCune - (X), Full, Spinster, Pall Mall (Patrick McCune, Warehouseman) 7 Oct 1859 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.  Witness: Thos. Kelly; Ann Nolan, (X)


Sarah Tracey, Cotter St. (d. of John [Tracey], Dead & Honor of Cotter Street) married Edmund Murray, Cotter St. (s. of John [Murray], Dead & Bridget 31 May 1858 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancs.  Witness: Janett Condon of Cotter St.; Mary Finlay of Great Oxford St.


Catherine Treacy (d. of John Treacy) married Joseph Walker (s. of Charles Walker) 24 Sep 1879 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Catherine Tracey & Joseph Walker

Louisa Ann Walker b. 1893 Ol Star Of The Sea


William Tracey 23, Labourer, Bachelor, 83 Rose Vale (s. of John Tracey, (Deceased), Labourer) married Isabella Moulsdale 20, Spinster, 54 Rose Vale (Thomas Moulsdale, Carpenter) 25 Dec 1900 St Peter, Everton, Lancs. Witness: James Goodwin; Mary Margery Wolfe



Joseph Tracey, Tailor, This parish married Susannah Johnson, Spinster, This Parish. 20 Aug 1834 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Elijah Airey; Sarah Airey


Joshua Tracey
John Tracey b. 7 Mar 1780 bapt 2 Apr 1780 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Of Preston Street, Tailor


Julia Tracey, (X), Full, Spinster, Sawney Pope St. (d. of Michael Tracey, Butcher) married Hugh Rooney, Full, Labourer, Bachelor, Gerard St (s. of James Rooney, Weaver) Wit: Patrick Rooney, (X) &  Mary Rooney, (X) 16 Jul 1838 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancs.


Margaret Tracey married Michael Caldwell 1868 St Alban


Margaret Tracey married Samuel Carter 1859 St Patrick


Margaret Tracey married Mark Doyle 1843 St Mary Highfield St


Margaret Tracey, (X), Widow, This Parish married Patrick Fleming, (X), Tailor, This Parish. 7 Dec 1835 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Thomas Burns, (X); Ann Owens


Margaret Tracey married Daniel Murray 1865 St Augustine


Margaret Tracey (X), full, Spinster, Gt Howard St (d. of James Tracey, Slater) married Edward Smykle - full, Mariner, Bachelor, Gt Howard St (s. of Edward Smykle, Soldier) 27 Sep 1854 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Thomas Kafel; Taborah Stanley, (X)


Mark Tracy & Elizabeth Casidy

Mary Tracy b. 1884 All Souls


Mary Tracey married Patrick Egan 1896 St James Bootle

Mary Tracy & Patrick Egan

Andrew Egan b. 1899 St Winifred


Mary Tracey married Michael Graham 7 Feb 1859 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire [see 1871 census]


Mary Ann Tracey & James Graham

James Graham b. 1897 St Joseph


Mary Tracy married Michael Jacob 1838 St Peter


Mary Tracey married Patrick Kiernan 1863 St Mary Highfield St


Mary Nora Tracey & Patrick Lenane

Frances Lenane b. 1899 Workhouse


Mary Tracey married George Little 1852 St Mary Highfield St


Mary Treacey married James Lundy 1876 St Augustine

Mary Tracey/Tracy & James Londy/Lundie/Lundy

Ellen Lundy b. 1884 St Augustine

James Lundy b. 1885 St Anthony

Mary Catherine Londy b. 1887 St Anthony

Thomas Lundie b. 1889 St Alban


Mary Ann Tracey/Tracy & Christopher Mcaardle/Mcardle/Mccarroll

Edward Mcaardle b. 1884 St Joseph

James Mcardle b. 1887 St Joseph

Michael Mccarroll b. 1890 St Joseph


Mary Tracy married Daniel McCormick 7 September 1847 St Patrick, Liverpool Wit: John McCormick & Martha Eustace


Mary Ann Tracey & James Mcdonald

James Edward Mcdonald b. 1883 St Patrick

Alice Mcdonald b. 1885 St Anne

David Mcdonald b. 1888 St Anne


Mary Jane Tracy (X), 38, Widow, of 7 Beau Street (d. of Patrick McLoughin, Deceased, Lock Smith) married Abraham Williams – 58, Labourer, Widower of 5 Court 7 House Beau Street (s. of John Williams, Deceased, Carter) 17 Mar 1902 All Saints, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Witness: Thomas Duncan, (X); Emma Ross


Mary Tracey married James William Reston 1898 St Alphonsus


Mary Tracey married Peter Whelan 1878 St Joseph

Mary Tracy & Peter Whelan

Daniel Whelan b. 1885 St Anthony

Mary Ann Whelan b. 1888 Ol Reconciliation


Mary Tracey & Decimus Warrey

Decima Tracey bapt 31 Jul 1852 St John the Baptist, Toxteth, Lancashire, England. Abode: Toxteth Park. Occupation: Druggist. Notes: [mother's occupation] servant


Matthew Tracey & Mary Anne

Margret Tracey b. 5th December 1846 bapt. 6th December 1846 Sp. James Reiley and Bridget Jackson. St Anthony's


Michael Tracy & Judith Bryan

William Tracy b. 1st April 1840 bapt. 26th April 1840 Sp. Pat Mcdonnel and Margt. Maher. St Anthony's


Michael Treacy, Tailor, of Liverpool married Ann Carty, (X), Spinster, of Liverpool 27 Sep 1802 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England Witness: Edward Coventry; Robert Hill


Michael Tracey married Ann Leadbetter 1888 Sacred Heart


Michael Tracey married Bridget Reeves 1898 St Francis Xavier


Michael Tracey & Julia

Margaret Tracey b. 10th February 1845 bapt. 9th March 1845 Sp. Thomas Myer and Margaret Mayer. St Anthony's


Michael Tracey & Johanna

Margret Tracey b. 26th June 1847 bapt. 4th July 1847 Sp. John Bryan and Anna Cashen. St Anthony's

Micheal & Joanna

William Treasey buried 24th Sep 1840, age 6m, of Ford St. St Anthony's. paid by Judeath Treasey



Thomas Tracy, full, Mariner, Bachelor, Ray St. (s. of Michael Tracy, Gardener) m. Jane Williams, (X), full, Spinster, Ray St. (d. of Watkin Williams, Mariner) 14 Jul 1856 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: William Williams; Mary Thomson



Patrick Tracey married Mary Butterworth 1886 O L Good Help


Patrick Tracy married Catherine Fitzpatrick 1883 St Anthony


Patrick Tracey married Ann Kavanagh 1882 St Alban

Patrick Tracey & Ann Cavanagh

Mary Tracey b. 1883 St Anthony


Patrick Tracy & Mary Ann Futhey

Margaret Tracy b. 1884 St Sylvester


Patrick Tracey married Ann Magee 1849 St Anthony


Patrick Tracey married Teresa Mcloughlin 1897 St Anthony


Patrick Treacy married Margaret Murphy 1864 O L Reconciliation


Patrick Tracy married Frances Page 1876 St John Kirkdale [Customs Officer – see Tullamore Offaly]

Patrick Joseph Tracey/Tracy & Frances Page

Clara Mary Tracy b. 1886 Ol Immaculate

Ellen Elizabeth Tracy b. 1889 Ol Immaculate

Henry George Tracy b. 1892 St John

Eulalie Gertrude Tracy b. 1893 St John

John Joseph Tracey b. 1895 St John

Patrick Tracy & Ann Page

William Shepherd Tracy b. 1897 St John


Patrick Tracy married Mary Ann Walsh 1885 St Michael

Patrick Tracy & Mary Ann Walsh

Eleanor Tracy b. 1887 St Michael


Patrick Tracey & Mary

Wm. Tracey b. 3rd April 1848 bapt. 9th April 1848 Sp. Bernard Ward and Jane Ross. St Anthony's


Peter Tracey married Jane Brindle 1861 St Peter


Peter Tracy married Elizabeth Murphy 1858 St Joseph


Peter Tracy married Esther Lovelady 1868 Ss Peter & Paul Crosby


John Treacy buried 3rd May 1841, Age: 9m, of Hodson St., Son of Peter Treacey & Bridget. St Anthony's


Richard Tracey & Alice Felton

Richard Edward Tracey b. 1900 Ss Peter & Paul


Richard Tracy married Mary Jane Woods 1899 St Thomas Waterloo


Robert Tracy m. Rose Ann Lynch 02 Sep 1863 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England [see 1871 census] [from Clondalkin Dublin?]


Edmund Treacy (s. of Robert Treacy) married Mary Abram 21 Oct 1840 St Nicholas Liverpool


Christopher Tracey, 21, b. 1865, single, (s. of Robert Tracey) married Margaret Ann Eaton, 18, b. 1868, single, (d. of Thomas Eaton) 12 May 1886 St. Anne's Church, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Christopher Tracey/Tracy & Margaret Eaton/Eton

Rose Ann Tracy b. 1887 St Joseph

Margaret Tracy b. 1889 St Joseph

Mary Tracy b. 1891 Sacred Heart

Robert Tracey b. 1892 Sacred Heart

Elizabeth Tracey b. 1895 Sacred Heart

Jane Tracey b. 1897 Sacred Heart

Josephine Tracey b. 1899 Sacred Heart


Robert Tracey & Marie
Frederick Tracey bapt 31 Jul 1867 Christ Church, Hunter Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. of 7 Kellet Buildings Clare St., Interpreter. Notes: P.


Samuel Tracey (X), this parish married Elizabeth Fryer (X), this parish 19 Jun 1768 St Thomas, Liverpool, Lancs. Witness: Thos. Wainwright; Thomas Smithen

Samuel Treacy

Samuel Treacy b. 23 Jun 1773 bapt. Jul 1773 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Samuel Tracey & Elizabeth Ann Tracey

Sarah Ann Tracey b. 2 July 1878 bapt. 4 August 1878 St. Stephen's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

James Ashton Tracey b. 25 September 1883 bapt. 24 December 1883 St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Samuel Edward Tracey/Tracy & Emma
Edith Margaret Tracy b. 18 Apr 1910 bapt. 3 May 1911 St Cuthbert, Everton, Lancashire, England. Abode: 31 Hartnup Street. Occupation: Labourer

Grace Douglas Tracey b. 15 Mar 1914 bapt 13 May 1914 St Cuthbert, Everton, Lancashire, England. Abode: 1 Varthen Street. Occupation: Labourer


Sarah Norcott Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives 16 Lough? Road Cork, (d. of John Treacy, baker) married Joseph F Hayward, full [age], bachelor, coach builder, lives 93 Benedict St, off Stanley Road Bootle Liverpool, (s. of Frederick Hayward, coach builder) 12 April 1887 S Fin Barr Cathedral Church of Ireland Wit: John Treacy & Agnes Elizabeth Webb [Cork Cork PLU]


Sara Tracey married Edmund Murray 1858 St Patrick


Simon Tracey & Emily

Cyril Tracey b. 5 February 1893 bapt. 31 May 1893 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Susannah Tracey married John Meagher 1871 St Joseph


Thomas Treacy married Ann Caulfield 1842 St Mary Highfield St

Thomas & Ann Cawlfield

John Tracy b. 16 February 1843 bapt. 19 February 1843 St. Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Timothy Tracey b. 12 January 1845 bapt. 19 January 1845 St Patrick, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Treacy married Catherine Devine 1867 St Augustine


Thomas & Catherine Dowd

Maria Tracey b. 18 April 1843 bapt. 30 April 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Tracey & Catharine Duck [see Longford]

Francis Tracey b. 10th March 1838 bapt. 25th March 1838 Sp. James Lee And Elizth. Lee. St Anthony's


Thomas Tracy married Rose Fleming 1891 St Joseph

Thomas Tracey/Tracy & Rose Ann Fleming/ Flemming

Sara Tracey b. 1900 All Souls

Margaret Ann Tracy b. 1892 St Anthony

Thomas Tracey b. 1894 All Souls

Patrick Tracy b. 1896 All Souls

Rose Tracy b. 1898 All Souls


Thomas & Mary Haland

James Tracy b. 11 December 1838 bapt. 23 December 1838 St Anthonys, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Tracey & Catharine Kelly

Catherine Tracey buried 8th September 1836, aged 1y3m, of Chadwick St

Catharine Tracey b. 20th August 1837 bapt. 27th August 1837 Sp. James Conerty and Hanah Blundell. St Anthony's. buried 30th August 1837, age 7d, of Porter St

Thomas Tracey b. 3rd September 1838 bapt. 9th September 1838 Sp. Thomas Murphy and Mary Hart. St Anthony's. buried 11th January 1840, age 16m, of Porter Street

John Treacey Buried 23rd February 1841, Age: 5y, Of Stewart St., of Thomas Treacey & Catherine. St Anthony's

James Mathew Tracey b. 28 November 1843 bapt. 10 December 1843 St. Anthony, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


James Andrew Tracey buried 22nd December 1843, age 2y5m, of Porter St. [parents not stated]


Thomas Thracy married Rebecca Mitchell 9 Aug 1854 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire (LDS)


Thomas Tracy married Bridget Madden 1861 St Nicholas

Thomam Tracy (Waterford) m. Birgittam Madden, St. Nicholas', Liverpool England. 19th century.


Thomas Tracey married Julia Ann Nolan 1898 St Augustine

Thomas Tracey & Ann Nolan

John Tracey b. 1898 St Alban

Ellen Ann Tracey b. 1900 St Alban


Thomas Tracey & Mary Nyland

James Tracey b. 11th December 1838 bapt. 23rd December 1838 Sp. Patk. Carroll and Ann Tobin. St Anthony's


Thomas Tracy married Marcella Reilly 1861 St Augustine


Thomas Tracey married Elizabeth Rossiter 1863 St Anthony

Thomas Tracey & Elizabeth Rossiter

Mary Grace Tracey b. 1882 Ol Immaculate


Thomas Tracey & Catharine Smete

John Tracey b. 2 February 1851 bapt. 9 February 1851 St. Patricks, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Tracey, 21, married Jane Southward, 21, single, 16 Aug 1866 Cheshire, England [see 1871 census]

Annie Southward Tracey b. 3 May 1874 St. Mary's, Kirkdale, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey & Jane Tracey

Daniel Tracey bapt. 7 July 1867 Grove Street Chapel, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Arrabella Tracey bapt. 11 May 1871 Grove Street Chapel, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Joseph Tracey bapt. 11 May 1871 Grove Street Chapel, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Tracey & Catharine Tracey

William Tracey b. 9th November 1839 bapt. 17th November 1839 Sp. Michl. Mcdonnell and Mary Higgins. St Anthony's


Thomas Tracey/Treacey & Catherine

Thomas Treacey b. 28 November 1841 bapt. 12 December 1841 St. Anthony, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

James Tracey b. 18th May 1845 bapt. 25th May 1845 Sp. Wm. Cherr and Jane Noble. St Anthony's

John Tracey b. 18th May 1845 bapt. 25th May 1845 Sp. John Farrell and Bridget Maher. St Anthony's

Mary Elizab Tracey b. 11th January 1848 bapt. 30th January 1848 Sp. Bart Dowd and Martha Curran. St Anthony's

Margh Tracey b. 24 July 1855 bapt. 6 August 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


Thomas Tracy & Jessie

Margaret Tracey bapt. 31 July 1894 St. Peter's, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)

Thomas Tracy bapt. 15 April 1896 Liverpool, Lancaster, England (LDS)


Thomas Treacy & Sarah
Thomas Treacy b. 28 Aug 1788 bapt 27 Sep 1788 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Of Norfolk street, Mariner


Thos & Marget

Pat Tracey b. 24 June 1851 bapt. 3 August 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


William Tracy married Margaret Branigan 1896 St Francis Xavier


William Tracey & Ann Carrall

Robert Newton Tracey b. 17 November 1828 bapt. 30 November 1828 Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


William Tracey/Tracy & Mary Ann Dwyer

Ann Tracey b. 1883 St Sylvester

John Tracy b. 1886 St Sylvester

William Tracy b. 1886 St Sylvester


William Tracey married Louisa Flynn 1854 St Anne


William Tracy (d. 1881) & Anne Lyndon

Michael Tracy b. 31 July 1874 Dungarvan (LDS)

William b. 22 April 1876 Dungawan (LDS)

Johana Tracy b. 14 November 1877 Dungawan (LDS)

Hannah Tracey b c1878 [see Dungarvan Waterford]

William Tracey (let me call him William 1) who married Anne Linden. William 1 was a jobbing tailor, who may have died in 1881. Anne Tracy moved with her three children to Liverpool, England where she remarried to a Charles Kelly.

They had a son Michael who married Ellen, who then had two children, Ann and William (William 3rd). William 3 married Sophie. The story about William 3's death is that he was knocked down by a car and buried in Vladivostok! Apparently, the local consulate was involved, but I can find no records. William 3 and Sophie had a son Michael who married someone called Judy.

They also had a son William (William 2nd) who apparently didn't marry. We believe he was a tailor in the Irish Guards.

Anne's daughter, Hannah Tracy, my grandmother, was born in Dungarvin in c1878. She was married on 10 Feb 1901 to John Dunn, who had come over from Forkhill, County Armagh with his 4 brothers (Richard, Matthew, Michael and Hugh) who all became bus drivers (then horse drawn). Her 1901 wedding certificate is attached. John and Hannah had 4 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys was my Dad William (the 4th?). John died in 1928 and Hannah remarried a Patrick McGlade. Hannah died in Liverpool in 1958.

Tony acldunn@aol.com 13 September 2010


William Tracey (s. of William Tracey, Deceased) married Mary Ewart Mcfall (d. of James Mcfall) 16 Nov 1890 St Mary Kirkdale, Walton On The Hill, Lancaster, England


William Tracey married Grace Mckea 1848 St Peter



Anne Eliza Tracy, 21, Spinster of Lucerne St (d. of William Tracy, Rope Maker) married James Hampson  23 Whitesmith Bachelor of Lucerne St (s. of John Hampson, Rope Maker) 5 Aug 1878 St Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth, Lancs. Witness: John Willis; Annie Parry


William Tracy 23, Baker, Bachelor, 15 Guildford St. (s. of William Tracy, Deceased, Baker) married Mary Lloyd 23, Spinster, 135 Field St. (d. of George Lloyd, Joiner) 5 Sep 1904 St Augustine, Everton, Lancs. Witness: George Lloyd; Annie Tracey. Notes: [Groom signed Tracey]


William Tracey & Ellen
Ann Elizabeth Tracey bapt 25 Apr 1858 St Mary, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England. Of Bootle, Coachman


Thomas Eaton & Margaret Woods

Margaret Tracey b. 1868 Sacred Heart






Bridget Tracy buried 19th Jul 1848, age 5y, of North St. St Anthony’s

Catherine Tracey buried 16th Jun 1849, age 40y, of Norris St. St Anthony’s

Dennis Tracey buried 18th August 1845, age 2y9m, of Adlington St. St Anthony's

Edmund Tracey buried 10th Mar 1847, age 1m16d, of Upper Frederick.St Anthony’s

Edmund Tracy buried 29th Aug 1849, age 1y6m, of Norris St. St Anthony’s

Edward Tracey buried 2nd Apr 1851, age 10m, of Thomas St. St Anthony’s

Eliza Tracy buried 20th Jan 1850, age 2y, of Atherton St. St Anthony’s

Elizabeth Tracey buried 1st February 1848, age 23y, of Slade St. St Anthony's

James Tracey buried 16th Apr 1848, age 6y, of Truman St. St Anthony’s

James Tracey buried 26th July 1846, age 26y, of Sherwood St. St Anthony's

James Treacey, buried 29th January 1857, Age: 25 years, of Carlton. St Anthony's

John Tracey buried 14th Nov 1850, age 20m, of Atherton St. St Anthony’s

John Tracey buried 21st Jul 1847, age 28d, of Addison. St Anthony’s

John Tracey buried 21st October 1844, age 6m, of Princes St. St Anthony's

John Tracey buried 25th Sep 1847, age 3d, of Frederick. St Anthony’s

John Tracey buried 26th Mar 1847, age 9m of North. St Anthony’s

John Tracey buried 28th Jul 1849, age 6m, of Addison St. St Anthony’s

John Tracey, buried 12th September 1845, age 28y [calculated], of workhouse. St Anthony's

John Tracey, buried 14th September 1846, age 12m, of Sherwood St. St Anthony's

Margaret Tracey buried 23rd February 1848, age 8m, of Charter St. St Anthony's

Margaret Tracey buried 7th Jul 1850, age 14m, of Portland St. St Anthony’s

Margret Tracey buried 29th November 1846, age 2y, of McGuire ST. St Anthony's

Martin Tracey buried 1st Jun 1847, age 4y, of Addison. St Anthony’s

Mary Tracey buried 17th Aug 1847, age 23y, of Workhouse. St Anthony’s

Mary Tracey buried 17th September 1848, age 28y, of Sherwood St. St Anthony's

Mary Tracey buried 1st Jul 1851, age 4m, of Banastre St. St Anthony’s

Mary Tracey buried 21st December 1846, age 12m, of Rosemund Place. St Anthony's

Mary Tracey, buried 18th July 1844, age 48y, of Chadwick St. St Anthony's

Mary Tracy buried 31st Jan 1851, age 12, of Workhouse. St Anthony’s

Michael Tracey buried 10th Mar 1851, age 24, of Workhouse. St Anthony’s

Michael Tracy buried 17th May 1849, age 1 day, of Lace St. St Anthony’s

Micheal Treacey buried 2nd December 1857, Age: 3 years, of Saltney. St Anthony's

Owen Tracy buried 27th Jun 1847, age 2y, of Addison. St Anthony’s

Patrick Tracey buried 17th Feb 1848, age 1 day, of Industrial School. St Anthony’s

Patrick Tracey buried 27th May 1847, age 30y of North. St Anthony’s

Patrick Tracy buried 15th Feb 1848, age 12y, of Industrial School. St Anthony’s

Robert Tracy Alias Hinch buried 8th Nov 1846, age 1m3d, of Gildart St. St Anthony's

Sarah Treacy, died 21 May 1865, age 31, of Hornby St, burial: 24 May 1865 St Anthony, Vauxhall, Lancashire, England. Cemeterio apud Anfield

Stephen Tracey buried 21st Apr 1847, age 37Y of Johnson. St Anthony’s

Thomas Tracey buried 9th Jun 1847, age 23y, of Workhouse. St Anthony’s

Thos. Tracey buried 28th June 1846, age 44y, of Thomas St. St Anthony's

Timothy Tracy? buried 4th Oct 1848, age 4d, of Workhouse. St Anthony's

William Tracey buried 12th Feb 1847, age 2m 1d, of Porter. St Anthony’s

William Tracy buried 8th Aug 1848, age 3m28d, of Sherwood St. St Anthony’s

William Treacey buried 30th November 1857, Age: 6 months, of Saltney. St Anthony's


John Tracey buried 17 Mar 1782 St John, Old Haymarket, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Notes: Belonged to the Westminister Militia 
Wm. Tracey - son of Jno. Tracey buried 19 Mar 1782 St John, Old Haymarket, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Notes: Belonged to the Westminister Militia





Professor Ian Graham Tracey, DL, Mus Doc., FRCO,  FRSCM, FGCM, FTCL, FLCM, FLJMU, FRSA.


Ian Graham Tracey was born in Liverpool on 27 May 1955 the son of William Tracey and Helene Mignon Harris. His family originally came from Fermanagh, migrating to Scotland in the 1850s before settling in Liverpool.


He attended Highfield School (1966-1973). Studied organ with Lewis Rust & Noel Rawsthorne, before going up to Trinity College of Music, London (1973-1975).

Studied in Paris with Andre Isoir and Jean Langlais under a scholarship (1976).

Studied choral techniques at Liverpool Cathedral with Ronald Woan and orchestral conducting with Vernon 'Tod' Handley at Liverpool Philharmonic.

Qualified as a teacher in St. Katharine's College, Liverpool in 1976. (PGCE).

Assistant Organist (from 1976), Organist (from 1980) and Organist & Master of the Choristers (from 1982-2008) of Liverpool Cathedral.

Chorus Master to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society since 1985.

Professor, Fellow & Organist, Liverpool John Moore’s University (Formerly Liverpool Polytechnic) since 1988.

Liverpool City Organist (Formerly Consultant Organist), since 1986.

Guest Music Director BBC Daily Service, since 1991.

President, Incorporated Association of Organists of Great Britain 2001-2003.

Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral, since 2008.

Tonal Director for Makin Organs & Copeman Hart, since 2011.

Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside, since 2015.



FTCL, 1975.

FRSA, 1988.

North West Arts Award for Classical Music, 1994.

Hon FRCO 2002.

Hon DMus, Liverpool University, 2006.

FRSCM 2008.

FGCM 2009.


Professor Ian Tracey has had a life-long association with Liverpool Cathedral and its music and, with his two illustrious predecessors, continues the tradition of an almost apostolic succession. He studied organ with Lewis Rust and then with his immediate precursor Dr. Noel Rawsthorne. Studies at Trinity College, London, culminated in Fellowship, after which, scholarship grants enabled him to continue his studies in Paris, with both Andre Isoir and Jean Langlais.


In 1980 he became the youngest Cathedral Organist in the Country, and in 2007 after 27 years service, the Dean & Chapter created the post of ‘Organist Titulaire’, allowing him the freedom to devote more time to playing, lecturing, recording and writing. Since his appointment in 1980, he has played most of the major venues in this country, and an increasing number in Europe; very much in demand in the U.S.A., he has made 23 extensive tours, playing in all the major Cities and in 1999 & 2003 undertook major tours of Southern Australia, recitaling, examining and teaching. The past two seasons have included concerts in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Bermuda, Paris, Holland, Germany, Jersey & Spain; he returns again to Germany and Holland in 2015.


On the wider musical canvas, he is a frequent broadcaster with the B.B.C., and his recordings on the Cathedral Organ have met with wide acclaim from the critics, recording for E.M.I., CHANDOS and PRIORY. He regularly examines and adjudicates and, over the past 28 years, has conducted over 250 concerts with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus. He holds Fellowships from 20 prestigious musical institutions both here and abroad, including the Royal College of Organists, as one of only 28 Honorary Fellows worldwide. In 2006, the University of Liverpool conferred upon him Doctor of Music, in recognition of his long and distinguished service to music in Liverpool and of his national and international reputation. In 2008, the Royal School of Church Music and in 2009, the Guild of Church Musicians, awarded him Fellowships for distinguished services to church music and his international reputation as a church musician. He was commissioned as a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Merseyside in 2015.


His other posts include: Organist to the City of Liverpool; at St. George's Hall; Chorus Master to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society; Guest Director of Music for the BBC Daily Service, Professor, Fellow and Organist at Liverpool, John Moores University, Tonal Director for Makin Organs & Copeman Hart Ltd. and past president of the Incorporated Association of Organists of Great Britain.


His compositions include a Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Fauxbourdons) and Responses for Men's voices. He has composed several carols and many descants and arrangements, including a version of the popular football song 'You'll never walk alone' which caught the national imagination at the moving Memorial Service for the victims of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.


His website is to be found at www.iantracey.com and many of his concerts are also listed on www.organrecitals.com/ian 



Maggie Humphreys, Robert Evans (1887) Dictionary of Composers for the Church in Great Britain and Ireland

Whose Who.







Vince Tracy was born on Wirral, Merseyside and enjoyed the Merseybeat Years at The Cavern and Iron Door in Liverpool. He played harmonica in several groups before becoming one of the first professional disc-jockeys on Merseyside at the Cabin then Hamilton clubs. He worked freelance with the BBC at Radio Merseyside and as a professional DJ and entertainer in the North-West of England. Moving to Cornwall in the 80s Vince qualified as a teacher and ran his entertaining career alongside a teaching career. He had a daily show with Spain's national broadcaster Onda Cero and presents his cabaret shows around Benidorm, Spain. These days he travels extensively creating various podcasts and jamming with other musicians when possible.


Book: The Long and Winding Road: from Beatles to Benidorm. 2013







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 Ashton Under Lyne


Mariam Tracey of Cotton Street (d. of Hugonis Tracey) married Michaelem Reynolds of Cotton Street (s. of Eugenii Reynolds) Wit: Bernardo Devlin of Catherine Street & Anna Cavanagh of Portland Terrace on the 11 Apr 1858 St Mary, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs.


Mariam Tracey of 2 Boodle St. (d. of Joannis Tracey) married Joannem O'Neil of 4 Boodle St. (s. of Jacobi O'Neil) Wit: Bernardo Turner & Maria Helena Brannon

3 Jan 1862 St Mary, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs.


This family may have been from Crossboyne, Co. Mayo


1871 Census

Tom Tracy, Head, M, 41, b. 1830 Mayo, labourer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy, Wife, F, 40, b. 1831 Mayo, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Dennis Tracy, Son, M, 20, b. 1851 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Patrick Tracy, Son, M, 18, b. 1853 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Michel Tracy, Son, M, 16, b. 1855 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mark Tracy, Son, M, 14, b. 1857 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

John Tracy, Son, M, 12, b. 1859 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy, Daughter, F, 9, b. 1862 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

James Tracy, Son, M, 8, b. 1863 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire


1881 Census - Turnpike Rd, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey      Head       M            54           Galway, Ireland, labourer

Mary Tracey          Wife       F             54           London, Lancashire, England

Mark Tracey          Son         M            24           Mossly, Lancashire, England, labourer

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             19           Mossly, Lancashire, England, Cotton Reeler

James Tracey         Son         M            18           Mossly, Lancashire, England, Cotton Picer (Ma)

Margaret Tracey    Daughter                F             6             Mossly, Lancashire, England


1881 Census - Tintwistle (Cheshire), Lancashire

Joseph Delaney           Head       M            62           Ireland

Margaret Delaney        Wife       F             55           Ireland

Joseph Delaney           Son         M            17           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England

James Mills   Boarder M            24           Oldham, Lancashire, England

Margaret Mills             Boarder F             23           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England

Fred Mills     Boarder M            2             Mossley, Lancashire, England

Dennis Tracey             Boarder M            30           Ireland, (Cotton Op)

Julia Tracey Boarder F             28           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England, (Cotton Op)

Thomas Tracey            Boarder M            7             Mossley, Lancashire, England

Joseph Tracey              Boarder M            6             Mossley, Lancashire, England

William Tracey            Boarder M            4             Mossley, Lancashire, England


1881 Census - Wyre Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire

Michael Tracey            Head       M            26           Ireland, Cotton Grinder (M A)

Margaret Tracey          Wife       F             36           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Cotton Cardroom


1891 Census - Stamford Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey      Head       M            64           Ireland Galway, labourer

Mary Tracey          Wife       F             68           London, England

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             29           Lancashire, England, Reeler Of Cotton

James Tracey         Son         M            28           Lancashire, England, Reeler Of Cotton

Margaret Tracey    Niece      F             16           Lancashire, England, servant

William Tracey      Nephew M            13           Lancashire, England, Piecer Of Cotton



James Henry Tracey & Mary

Winifred Ann Tracy Bapt. 15 Aug 1875 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Corporal 63rd. Regt. The Barrack, Ashton]

Fanny Amelia Tracy Bapt. 24 Jun 1877 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Paymaster Sergeant, 16th Brigade The Barracks, Ashton]

Joseph John Tracey b. 22 Dec 1878 bapt. 2 Feb 1879 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Paymaster Sergeant Ashton Barracks]

Alice Louisa Tracey? b. 12 Feb 1881 bapt. 27 Mar 1881 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Paymaster Sergeant The Barracks, Ashton]

Albert Henry Tracey b. 18 Jan 1883 bapt. 4 Feb 1883 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Quarter Master's Sergeant The Barracks, Ashton]

Beatrice Annie Tracey b. 7 Dec 1884 bapt. 25 Jan 1885 St John the Evangelist, Hurst, Lancashire, England [Quarter Master's Sergeant The Barracks, Ashton]


1881 Census - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

James H Tracy, Head Soldier, 35, b. 1846 Canada, married, Paymaster Sergeant 16 Brigade


John/Johannis Tracy & Mary/Mariae Rowly of Roscommon

John b. 15 June 1843 Sp. Conor Kelly & Mary Tracy. Killtomb Parish (LDS)

Brigidam b. 19 June 1848 Sp. Johanne Donnelly & MariaMcDermott. Kiltoom Parish (LDS)

Elizabeth b. 19 June 1848 Sp Henrico McDermott & Margareta Rahean. Kiltoom Parish (LDS) m. Thomas Maw 1882 in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs http://www.gencircles.com/users/roystringer2/1/data/18373


Elizabeth Tracey (d. of Joannis Tracey) married Thomam Maw (s. of Guilelmi Maw) Wit: Carolo Devlin & Elizabeth Harding 26 Feb 1882 St Mary, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs



 Barton upon Irwell


Edward Tracey - Patricroft [s. of Bernard Tracey & Mary, Queens Co] married Maria Higgins - Patricroft [d. of Peter Higgins & Mary, Co Galway] 31 Jul 1854 Wit: Daniel Quigley & Elizabeth Parker. All Saints, Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire


1871 Census

Edward Tracey, Head, 58, b. 1813 Queens Country Ireland, Farm Labourer, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Maria Tracey, Wife, 48, b. 1823 Galway Ireland, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Margaret Tracey, Daughter, 17, b. 1854 Patricroft, Spinner, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Kate Tracey, Daughter, 14, b. 1857 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Edward Tracey, Son, 11, b. 1860 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

James Tracey, Son, 4, b. 1867 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire







1861 Census - 14 Cross St, Blackburn, Lancashire

Margaret Tracy      Head       Widow, 31, Ireland, cotton spinner

Lawrance Tracy     Son         14, Ireland, cotton spinner

Patrick Tracy         Son                        8, Blackburn Lancashire

John Tracy             Son                        3, Blackburn Lancashire

Mary Tracy            Daughter                10M, Blackburn Lancashire


Patrick Trasey married Ellen Connory Jul-Aug-Sep 1878 Blackburn, Lancashire, England


Patritii Tracey & Ellenae Conroy

Petrus Tracey b. 29 Jul 1879 bapt. 3 Aug 1879 Sp. Dionysius O'Brien & Anna Hogan St Alban, Blackburn, Lancashire, England


1881 Census - Turner St, Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Michiel Rape         Head       M            40           b. 1841 Mayo, Ireland, Labourer

Mary Rape             Daughter                F             20           b. 1861 Blackburn, Lancashire, England, Widow, Cotton Weaver

Annie Rape            Daughter                F             19           b.1862 Blackburn, Lancashire, England, single, Cotton Weaver

Isabella Rape         Daughter                F             16           b. 1865 Blackburn, Lancashire, England, single, Cotton Weaver

Teresa Rape           Daughter                F             12           b. 1869 Blackburn, Lancashire, England, single, Cotton Weaver

Michiel Rape         Son         M            8             b. 1873 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Parterick Tracy      Boarder M            25           b. 1856 Preston, Lancashire, England, Cotton Spinner

Ellen Tracy            Boarder F             26           b. 1855 Preston, Lancashire, England, Cotton Weaver

Peter Tracy            Son         M            1             b. 1880 Preston, Lancashire, England

[Rape in the Griffiths Valuation is found in the west of Ireland mostly around Ballina Mayo]


1891 Census - Myrtle Street, ST JOHNS. Blackburn, Lancashire, England

John Roach            Head       M            35           b. 1866 Co Mayo Ireland, General Labourer

Eliza Roach           Wife       F             37           b. 1864 Tipperary Ireland

Ellen Tracey           Sister In Law         F             35           b. 1866 Lancashire, England, Weaver Cotton

Joseph Convery     Lodger Brother In Law        M            30           b. 1861 Lancashire, England, Weaver Cotton

Peter Tracey           Lodger Nephew    M            11           b. 1880 Lancashire, England, Weaver Cotton Half Time

Margaret Mary Tracey          Niece      F             9             b. 1882 Lancashire, England


October 13, 1900 - Blackburn Standard (Lancashire)

DARWEN SWIMMING CLUB...At this stage of the evening's programme, Peter Tracey, of Blackburn, the champion of North-East Lancashire in scientific swimming, gave a good exhibition of the art...


1901 Census - Poplar Street, St Michael And All Angels Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Ellen Tracey           Head       F             47           b. 1854 Blackburn, Lancashire, COTTON WEAVER

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             18           b. 1883 Blackburn, Lancashire, COTTON WEAVER

Peter Tracey           Son         M            21           b. 1880 Blackburn, Lancashire, WOOD SAWER FOR JOINES


Peter Tracey married Agnes Mcallister Jul-Aug-Sep 1905 Blackburn, Lancashire, England


1911 Census - Blackburn, Blackburn, Lancashire

Peter Tracey           Head       M            30           b. 1881 Blackburn, Lancashire, STATIONERY ENGINE MAN

Agnes Tracey         Wife       F             27           b. 1884 Blackburn, Lancashire, WEAVER

George Tracey       Son         M            4             b. 1907 Blackburn, Lancashire


George Tracey married Margaret E O'Bryan Oct-Nov-Dec 1930 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Peter B Tracey b. Jan-Feb-Mar 1932 Blackburn Lancashire England, mother O'Bryan

Sheila M Tracey b. Jul-Aug-Sep 1933 Blackburn Lancashire England, mother O'Bryan

Michael G Tracey b. Jan-Feb-Mar 1935 Blackburn Lancashire England, mother O'Bryan

Maureen T Tracey b. Jan-Feb-Mar 1837 Blackburn Lancashire England, mother O'Bryan

Kathleen M Tracey b. Oct-Nov-Dec 1945 Blackburn Lancashire England, mother O'Bryan


The Conroys of Lorrha

Eliza (1849) married a John Roach, and appears not to have had children. Eliza seems to have been a stable central figure in the family, taking in her brothers and sisters when they needed help, and witnessing the deaths of her parents. In 1881 she and John Roach were living at 30 Manor Sutton Street, Blackburn, and Eliza’s brother Joseph was living with them. At the 1891 England Census they were living at 13 Myrtle Street, Blackburn along with Joseph and Eliza’s sister Ellen (Conroy) Tracy and her son Peter Tracy and daughter Margaret Mary Tracy. At the time of the 1901 England Census they were still living there, with a Peter Conroy, listed as a brother in law to John Roach, and born c.1862 (presumably Eliza’s brother Peter, born in June 1863).

Ellen (1852) married a Patrick Tracy and had a son Peter (c.1880) and a daughter Margaret Mary (c.1882). In 1881 the family were boarding at 7 Turner St in Blackburn. As already noted, by the time of the 1891 England census Ellen and her children were living with Eliza and John Roach at 13 Myrtle St, Blackburn, and Ellen is recorded as a widow. Living descendants of Peter Tracey were known to be in the Sheffield area in 2011.






James Tracy, 24 years Estate Clerk Bachelor of 33, Symons Street, Gt. Cheetham St. Higher Broughton (s. of Lord James Tracy, Engineer) married Mary Alice Willox Thwaites, 31 Years Spinster of 17, Boothroydon (d. of James William Thwaites, (deceased), Cotton Manufacturer) Wit: George William Hellawell; William Firby; Willox Cookson Thwaites; James Henry Thwaites on the 7 Apr 1900 St Paul, Blackpool, Lancashire, England [see Honor Lilbush Wingfield Tracy]





Thomae Tracey/Tracy & Mariae O'Donnell

Jacobus Tracey b. 18 Feb 1872 Bapt. 7 Apr 1872 Sp. Marcellus R. Morand & Maria C. Morand. St Joseph, Bury, Lancashire, England

Gulielmus Tracy b. 25 Jan 1874 bapt. 19 Apr 1874 Sp. Eduardus Little & Maria Calaher. St Marie, Bury, Lancashire, England

Francisca Tracy - filia b. 20 Dec 1875 bapt. 6 Feb 1876 Sp. Thomas Quinlan & Anna Quinlan. St Marie, Bury, Lancashire, England


Thomas Tracey & Mary

Julia Tracey b. 1 Sep 1868 bapt. 18 Sep 1868 Umblla, Bengal, India


Julia Tracey, 22, single, b. 1872 India (d. of Thomas Tracey & Mary O'Donnell) married James Clark, 29, single, b. 1865 New York (s. of James E. Clark & Mary ...Ly) 27 Sep 1894 Manhattan, New York,


Julia Clark died 23 Nov 1946 1 University Place Manhattan New York, Widowed, Probation Officer, b.  1 Sep 1879 Bengal, India (d. of Thomas Tracy b. Ireland & Mary O'Donnell b. Ireland), Spouse: James E Clark, buried 25 Nov 1946 Calvary Cemetery


Thomas Tracey, 106? Rgt, & Mary O'Donnell

John Tracey b. 22 Apr/16 May 1870 Sp. Jemy Talon & Anne Moran St. Patrick's, Cork City





WW1 Pension Records British Army [1901 Census Capel Street/1911 Census Abbey street]

William Gatrick [Patrick] Treacey, 191289/876741 gunner 3rd Red Battery Royal Field Artillery (RC, b 25-11-1892 Dublin, s. of William & Lily) married Lily Elsworth 26 Jul 1916 RO Chorlton Manchester

Residence Place: 1918 117 Upper Abbey St, Dublin/69 Robert St Canho Manchester/1 Walford Villas Splinghead Anbaby Street [all crossed out] 11 Clifford Street Chorlton-on-Medlock Manchester


Maya Treacey, b. 18/6/1917 59 Hull   

Stage Carpenter, 23Y11M, 5'5", 34-37 Chest, 115lb, dk brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, served 2 years 56 days India & South Africa, defective vison, no disability

Health: Seaman's and Firemans Union

Employer: Mr. Mc Cren, Carpenter, Moss Side Manchester.

Trade: Carpenter, Seaman (Mercantile)





Barnard Treacy Married Elsie Edge Or Ellen Marsh Or Mary Ann Smith Or Ann Costhelo 3rd Quarter 1846 Leigh Lancashire





Daniel Tracey, 39, widowed, a finisher of 3 Parliment Square, son of Daniel Tracey, a groom deceased, married 31 May 1883 at All Souls, established church, Manchester to Catherine Hannay, 28, widowed, of 17 North Street, dau of Edward Thompson, a tailor. Witness: Thomas Colman & Elizabeth Colman. [her mark] [wifes marriage in 1873 to Thomas Hannay]


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

John Tracy, enlisted 18 Nov 1879 Ft Oincha? Nebraska by Lt Fort for 5 years, born Manchester England, 31 years, painter, hazel eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5’5”, 9 Inf, deserted Jan 18 1880

John J Trasey, enlisted 14 Feb 1882 at Albany NY by Capt Davis for 5 years, born Manchester England, 22 years, labourer, grey eyes, bro hair, ruddy complexion 5’4”, 5 Cav B coy, discharged Aug 22/85 disability at Fort Reno I.T, [Oklahoma] a Pvt char fair D.Cuc’d


Thomas Tracey & Catherina Butler

Helena Tracey b. 22 Jul 1883 bapt. 4 Aug 1883 Sp. John Whelan; Elizabeth Butler. All Saints, Barton upon Irwell

Notes: Married 1. Joseph Farrell, 30/11/1912 at St Mary, Eccles and 2. William Royle, 24/7/1937 at All Saints, Barton


Thomas Treacy [of Galway] married Margaret Dogherty [of Clare] Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England Jan-Feb-Mar 1865 [moved to Chicago Ill – see Galway]


1881 Census - Green Lane Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire

Thomas Tracey            Head                      M            44           Ireland, carter

Margaret Tracey          Wife                       F             41           Ireland

Hugh Tracey                Son                        M            15           Patricroft, Lancashire, England, book keeper

Mary Ellen Tracey       Daughter                F             12           Patricroft, Lancashire, England, dress maker

Susannah Tracey         Daughter                F             10           Patricroft, Lancashire, England

John Thos Tracey        Son                        M            8             Patricroft, Lancashire, England

Elizabeth Tracey          Daughter                F             5             Patricroft, Lancashire, England

Philip Tracey               Son                        M            3             Patricroft, Lancashire, England


1861 Census

Thomas Tracy, Head, b. 1817 Ireland, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.

Elizabeth Tracy, Wife, b. 1834 Ireland, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.

Lydia Tracy, Daughter, b. 1847 Manchester, St Barnabas, Manchester, Lancashire.

Margaret Tracy, Daughter, b. 1850 Manchester, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.

Lusia Tracy, Daughter, b. 1852 Manchester, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.

Anne Tracy, Daughter, b. 1855 Manchester, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.

James Tracy, Son, b. 1860 Manchester, St Barnabas Manchester Lancashire.


1881 Censu - Heath St, Manchester, Lancashire

Thomas Tracy              Head       M            64           Ireland

Elizabeth Tracy           Wife       F             46           Ireland

John Tracy    Son         M            19           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracy              Son         M            15           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Dennis Tracy               Son         M            13           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Elizabeth Tracy           Daughter                F             11           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Francis Tracy               Son         M            9             Manchester, Lancashire, England

Alfred Tracy                Son         M            6             Manchester, Lancashire, England

Henry Plant Boarder M            20           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Thomas Connelly        Boarder M            24           Manchester, Lancashire, England


1901 Census -              St Barnabas, Manchester, Lancashire

Dennis Tracey             Head       M            32           Manchester, Lancashire

Mary Tracey                Wife       F             31           Manchester, Lancashire

John Tracey Son         M            12           Manchester, Lancashire

Thos Tracey Son         M            9             Manchester, Lancashire

Alfred Tracey              Son         M            7             Manchester, Lancashire

Mary Elizh Tracey       Daughter                F             2             Manchester, Lancashire

Norah Tracey               Daughter                F             0             Manchester, Lancashire


Thomae Treacy & Catherinae Riley [see Galway]

Elizabeth Treacy b. 22/29 May 1864 Sp. Jacobus McCann; Maria Treacy. St Chad, Cheetham, Lancashire


Edward Tracey married Mary Rourke Apr-May-Jun 1877 Manchester Lancashire Volume: 8D Page: 428 Line Number: 325

Eduardi/Edwardi Tracy & Mariae Rourke

Franciscus Herbertus Tracy b. 16/17 Jun 1878 Sp. Maria Agnes Rourke. St Chad, Cheetham, Lancashire [see Bert Tracey, actor and director]

Mary Anna Tracy b. 18/18 Jul 1880 Sp. Jacobus Tracy; Clara Asten. St Chad, Cheetham, Lancashire





John Treacy married Mary Feeny OR Bridget Murphy 4th Quarter 1861 Oldham Lancashire


Birth Registration

Mary A Tracey Jan-Feb-Mar 1924 Oldham, Lancashire, England

Mother - Tracey





1942 Draft Registration

John Tracey, b. 21 Nov 1893 Preston Lanc England, Mrs Margaret Tracey (wife) 251 Irvington St, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts



Arthur Tracy, (1893-1962) champion welterweight boxer, of Darwen Lancashire England, whose family came from Ireland.





Pat McAllister v Arthur Tracey May 16, 1923 Croke Park Dublin

British Pathé




June 25, 1920 Evening public ledger, Philadelphia Pa



1940 Census - Ward 21, Detroit, Detroit City, Wayne, Michigan, United States

Arthur E Tracy            Head   M         46        England, foreman steel wholesale warehouse

Annie Tracy    Wife    F          46        England

Arthur Tracy jr            Son      M         14        England, apprentice pattern maker automobile factory

Joan M Tracy Daughter         F          6          Michigan


5 Nov 1920 Hull Daily Mail (Yorkshire)

Return of Tracy. Arthur Tracy, welter-weight boxing champion North England, arrived home yesterday after an extended American tour...


Ellis Island

Arthur Tracy, Darwin England, 1920, 26 years, 5'8", fresh complexion, blk hair, blue eyes, married, Warehouse man, Father: Mr W Tracy, 5 Sunstock Rd, Darwen. Brother-in-law: Mr W Banks, 3009, Nth Swanson Phila. b. Preston England.

Annie Tracy, Darwen England, 1920, 25 years, Father: Mr Anthony Reeday, 23 Bedford St, Darwen. Husband: Mr Arthur Tracy, 3009 Swanson St, Phila, PA. 5'3", Frash complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, b. Darwen England.

Elsie Tracy, Darwen England, 1920, 4 years, G’Father: Mr Anthony Reeday, 23 Bedford St, Darwen. father: Mr Arthur Tracy, 3009 Swanson St, Phila, PA. 5'3", Frash complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, b. Darwen England.


Arthur Tracy married Annie Reeday Jul-Aug-Sep 1914 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Ann E Tracy b. Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Arthur Tracy b. Apr-May-Jun 1925 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Joan Marie Tracy b. ??? married Robert Chambers True


1911 Census – Darwen Lancashire

William Tracy, head, 40, b. Darwen

Sarah Ellen Tracy , Wife, 41, b. Darwen

Margarate Mary Tracy, Daughter, 19, b. Preston, married James Jones. She passed away on 1 Aug 1979 in St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Arthur Tracy, Son, 17, b. Preston

Jane Tracy, Daughter, 16, b. Preston, married Dick Parsons.

Gilbert Tracy, Son, 13, b. Preston

Isabella Tracy, Daughter, 12, b. Preston, married Jack Flynn and had 4 children.

William Tracy , Son, 8, b. Preston, married Eileen and had 3 children.

Winifred Tracy, Daughter, 5, b. Darwen, married John Noonan and had 4 children.

Annie Tracy, Daughter, 2, b. Darwen, married Herbert Blackburn and had 3 children.

Aloysuis Tracy b. ???

John Tracy b. ??? (mother Margerison) married Maureen.



1911 Census – Darwen Lancashire

Gilbert John Tracy, Head, 33, b. Preston

Elizabeth Ellen Tracy, Wife, 33, b. Preston

Elsie Tracy, Daughter, 6, b. Preston

Gilbert Tracy , Son, 2, b. Darwen


1901 Census - Muncaster Road, Preston, Lancashire

William Tracy Head   M         29        Preston, Lancashire, Confectioner

Sarah E Tracy Wife    F          31        Preston, Lancashire

Margaret M Tracy       Daughter         F          9          Preston, Lancashire

Arthur Tracy   Son      M         7          Preston, Lancashire

Jane Tracy       Daughter         F          6          Preston, Lancashire

Gilbert Tracy   Son      M         3          Preston, Lancashire

Elizabeth Tracy           Daughter         F          2          Preston, Lancashire

Sarah E Tracy Daughter         F          1          Preston, Lancashire

Margaret A Tracy        Sister   F          24        Preston, Lancashire, Cotton Winder


1901 Census - Kent Street, St Thomas, Preston, Lancashire

Annie Gregson            Head   F          45        Preston, Lancashire, Cotton Weaver

Robert Gregson           Son      M         15        Preston, Lancashire, Iron Moulders Apprentice

Gilbert J Tracey           Son-In-Law     M         22        Preston, Lancashire, Bread Baker

Ellen Tracey    Daughter         F          22        Preston, Lancashire, Cotton Weaver

Elsie Tracey     Grand Daughter          F          2          Preston, Lancashire

Ellen Tracey    Grand Daughter          F          0          Preston, Lancashire


Gilbert John Tracey married Elizabeth Ellen Gregson Jan-Feb-Mar 1900 Preston Lancashire


Mary Ellen Tracey, 25, b. 1868, single (d. of William Tracey) married Robert Clarkson, 29, b. 1864, single, (s. of  James Clarkson) 06 May 1893 All Saints, Preston, Lancashire, England


William Tracy married Sarah Ellen Nowlan Jul-Aug-Sep 1891 Preston, Lancashire, England


1891 Census - James Street North, All Saints, Preston Lancashire

Margaret Tracey          Head   F          49        Lancashire, England, widow, charwoman

William Tracey            Son      M         19        Lancashire, England, Bread Baker

Margaret A Tracey      Daughter         F          13        Lancashire, England,

Gilbert Tracey             Son      M         12        Lancashire, England, Tobacconists Assistant


1881 Census - Preston Lancashire

William Tracey            Head   M         38        Ireland, Cotton Weaver

Margaret Tracey          Wife    F          39        Chorley, Lancashire, England, Cotton Weaver

Emma Tracey Daughter         F          18        Preston, Lancashire, England, Cotton Tenter

Anne M Tracey           Daughter         F          16        Preston, Lancashire, England, Cotton Weaver

Mary E Tracey            Daughter         F          14        Preston, Lancashire, England, Cotton Weaver

William Tracey            Son      M         10        Preston, Lancashire, England

Margaret A Tracey      Daughter         F          4          Preston, Lancashire, England

Gilbert J Tracey           Son      M         2          Preston, Lancashire, England

Ann M Tracey             Sister   F          32        Ireland, single, Cotton Tenter


1871 Census

William Tracey, Head, M, 26, b. 1845 Ireland, Hooker, Preston Preston Lancashire

Margaret Tracey, Wife, F, 27, b. 1844 Chorley, Weaver, Preston Preston Lancashire

Emma Tracey, Daughter, F, 10, b. 1861 Preston, Preston Preston Lancashire

Annie M Tracey, Daughter, F, 6, b. 1865 Preston, Preston Preston Lancashire

Mary E Tracey, Daughter, F, 3, b. 1868 Preston, Preston Preston Lancashire

Annie W [or M] Tracey, Sister, F, 22, b. 1849 Ireland, Tenter, Preston Preston Lancashire


William Tracy, b. 1845, 20 years, single, (s. of James Tracy) married Margaret Whittle, b. 1842, 23 years, single (d. of David Whittle) 20 Feb 1865 St. John's, Preston, Lancashire, England


Margaret Whittle & Unknown

Emma Whittle b. 28 Oct 1860 St. John, Preston, Lancashire, England


Margaret Tracey (born Whittle) was born circa 1841, to David Whittle and Jane Whittle (born Aspinal).

David was born on February 1 1809, in Chorley, Lancashire, England.

Jane was born in 1816, in Chorley, Lancashire, England.

Margaret had 5 siblings: John Whittle, Maria Bibby (born Whittle) and 3 other siblings.

Margaret married William Tracey in 1865, at age 24 at marriage place.

William was born in 1843, in Ireland.

They had 7 children: Ann Maria Pearson (born Tracy), Mary Ellen Clarkson (born Tracey) and 5 other children.

Margaret passed away in 1897, at age 56




Michael Tracey & Ellen Dopson [CoI?]

John b. 3 Aug 1867 Annamoe (LDS)

Michael Tracey, labourer, & Ellen Dopson

John Tracey b. 3 Aug 1867 of Roundwood [Derrylossary]. Ellen Tracey, her mark, mother, Roundwood [Annamoe Rathdrum PLU Wicklow]


Michael Tracey (1845 Ireland-) & Ellen Dobson (1844 Ireland-1890 Chorley, Lancashire, England)

John Tracey (1867-)

Elizabeth Tracey (1869 Chorley, Lancashire, England-1891 Chorley, Lancashire, England)

Thomas Tracey (1874 Ulverston, Lancashire, England-)

John Tracey (1877 Ulverston, Lancashire, England-1877 Chorley, Lancashire, England)

William Tracey (1878 Chorley, Lancashire, England-)

Margaret Ellen Tracey (1883 Chorley, Lancashire, England-1912 Chorley, Lancashire, England) married Thomas McDermott (1885-1908) 1908 Chorley, Lancashire, England



1871 Census

Michael Tracey, Head, M, 26, b. 1845 Ireland, labourer, Chorley Lancashire

Ellen Tracey, Wife, F, 27, b. 1844 Ireland, Chorley Lancashire

Elizabeth Tracey, Daughter, F, 1, b. 1870 Chorley, Chorley Lancashire


1881 Census - Vulcan St, Garston, West Derby, Lancashire, England

Michael Tracey, head, 35, b. Ireland, Labourer Docks (Serv)

Ellen Tracey, Wife, 36, b. Ireland

Elizabeth Tracey, Daughter, 13, b. Garston, Lancashire, England

Michael Tracey, Son, 9, b. Garston, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey, Son, 5, b. Garston, Lancashire, England

William Tracey, Son, 3, b. Garston, Lancashire, England

Annie Tracey, Daughter, 0, b. Garston, Lancashire, England




16 March 1844 Manchester Times

On the 13 instant, at the office of the Superintendent Registrar, Town Hall, Salford, Mr Bernard Treacy, to Mrs. Rosetta Radford, both of Salford.


Bernard Tracey died 2nd Quarter 1849 Salford Lancashire


Bernard Treacy, of full age, Clogger, Bachelor, Pendleton, (s. of Bernard Treacy, Weaver) married Mary Hughes - (X), of full age, Spinster, Pendleton (d. of  John Hughes, Gardener) [see Cardiff Wales] Wit:  John Daley, (X); Margret Daly 1 Jan 1848 St Mary the Virgin, Eccles, Lancashire, England

Bernard/Bernardus Tracy & Mary/Maria Hughes
Matthew Tracy b.  26 Mar 1848 bapt. 8 Oct 1848 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire  Sp. Anthony Mullalley & Margaret Daly
Maria Alicia Tracey b. 17 Nov 1850 [sic] bapt. 20 Jan 1850 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire Sp. Edwardus McGinty & Marg. Maguire

1861 Census

Bernard Tracy, Head, b. 1825 Ireland, St James Oldham Lancashire.

Mary Tracy, Wife, b. 1828 Manchester, St James Oldham Lancashire.

Matthew Tracy, Son, b. 1849 Pendleton, St James Oldham Lancashire.

James Tracy, Son, b. 1855 Salford, St James Oldham Lancashire.

William Tracy, Son, b. 1857 Salford, St James Oldham Lancashire.

John Tracy, Son, b. 1860 Oldham, St James Oldham Lancashire.


Bernard Tracey married Mary Connell Or Jane Lawton 2nd Quarter 1862 Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire


Bernard Treacy, died 1869 Oldham Lancashire, Age 46, b. 1823


Edward Treacy - 32, Private in 49th Regt. of Foot, Bachelor, Dublin [s. of Daniel Treacy, Labourer] married Ann Holt - (X), 24, Spinster, Salford, [d. of John Holt, Collier] 7 Nov 1864 Wit: Robert Cox & Jane McBride (X). St Philip [CoE], Salford, Lancashire. Married by Banns by Willm. Hopwood


Jacobum Tracey (s. of Jacobi Tracey & Annae Tracey) married Margaritam Fagan (d. of Patritii Fagan & Annae Fagan0 Witness: Patritio Cullen of Salford; Susanna Gilespie of Salford. 27 Sep 1858 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire

Jacobi Tracey & Margaret Fagan

Jacobus Tracey b. 17 Jan 1860 bapt. 15 Aug 1861 of 1 Cannon C. Sp. Honora Fagan Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire, England

Margarita Tracey b. Feb 1862 bapt. 29 Mar 1862 of 1 Pyn Str. Sp. Anna Fagan Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire, England

Anna Tracey b. 18 Sep 1866 bapt. 18 Feb 1867 of 5 North Charles St. Sp. Elisabeth McLindon Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire, England


1861 Census - Cannon Court, Salford, Lancashire

Patric Tagar Head       M            40           Ireland [Fagan?]

Hannah Tagar              Wife       F             40           Ireland

Mary Tagar   Daughter                F             15           Ireland

Owen Tagar                 Son         M            14           Ireland

Mark Tagar   Son         M            12           Ireland

Hannah Tagar              Daughter                F             10           Ireland

James Tagar Lodger    M            20           Ireland

Margaret Tracy            Visitor    F             17           Salford, Lancashire, unmarried[?], Flax Doffer

James Tracy Son         M            1             Salford, Lancashire


1871 Census

James Tricey, Head, M, 30, b. 1841 Ireland, Boot Maker, Broughton Salford Lancashire

Margaret Tricey, Wife, F, 28, b. 1843 Ireland, Cotton Spinner, Broughton Salford Lancashire

James Tricey, Son, M, 10, b. 1861 Salford, Broughton Salford Lancashire

Margaret Tricey, Daughter, F, 8, b. 1863 Salford, Broughton Salford Lancashire

Patrick Tricey, Son, M, 6, b. 1865 Leeds Yorkshire, Broughton Salford Lancashire

Hannah Tricey, Daughter, F, 4, b. 1867 Salford, Broughton Salford Lancashire

Mary Tricey, Daughter, F, 2, b. 1869 Salford, Broughton Salford Lancashire


1881 Census - Ravald St Salford, Lancashire

James Tracey               Head       M            49           Ireland, shoemaker

Margt Tracey               Wife       F             34           Ireland, spinner

James Tracey               Son         M            19           Salford, Lancashire, England, shoemaker

Margt Tracey               Daughter                F             17           Salford, Lancashire, England, spinner

Hannah Tracey            Daughter                F             14           Salford, Lancashire, England, spinner

Mary Tracey                Daughter                F             12           Salford, Lancashire, England

Eliza Ann Tracey         Daughter                F             10           Salford, Lancashire, England

Jane Tracey Daughter                F             6             Salford, Lancashire, England

Alfred Tracey              Son         M            4             Salford, Lancashire, England

Agnes Tracey              Daughter                F             2             Salford, Lancashire, England


1891 Census - Duke Street, Salford, Lancashire

Margaret Tracey          Head       F             40           Newry Ireland, widow

James Tracey               Son         M            26           Lancashire, England, shoemaker

Margaret Tracey          Daughter                F             24           Lancashire, England, laundress

Patrick Tracey             Son         M            22           Yorkshire, England, labourer

Annie Martin               Daughter                F             20           Lancashire, England, paper works

Mary Tracey                Daughter                F             18           Lancashire, England, Paper Works Finisher

Elizabeth Ann Tracey Daughter                F             16           Lancashire, England, Paper Works Sorter

Janet Tracey                Daughter                F             14           Lancashire, England

Alfred Tracey              Son         M            12           Salford, Lancashire, England

Agnes Tracey              Daughter                F             10           Salford, Lancashire, England

Grace Anne Martin     Granddaughter      F             1             Lancashire, England


Name            Alfred Vivian Tracey

Event Type   Marriage

Registration Quarter    Jan-Feb-Mar

Registration Year        1901

Registration District    Salford

County         Lancashire

Event Place Salford, Lancashire, England

Volume        8D

Page             145

Line Number               87

Mary Agnes Nealis


1901 Census - Lawson Street, Broughton, Lancashire

Peter Nealis Head       M            49           Manchester, Lancashire, Warehouseman (Shipping)

Margaret Nealis           Wife       F             48           Ormskirk, Lancashire

Alfred Tracy                Son-In-Law           M            20           Salford, Lancashire, Fault Finder In Cable Works

Mary Agnes Tracy       Daughter                F             20           Salford, Lancashire, Tailoress



1911 Census - Broughton Salford, Lancashire

Alfred Tracey, 30, b. Salford, Lancashire

Agnes Tracey, 31, b. Salford, Lancashire

Alfred Tracey, 9, b. Salford, Lancashire

James Tracey, 7, b. Salford, Lancashire

Mary Tracey, 5, b. Salford, Lancashire

Josephine Tracey, 2, b. Salford, Lancashire







Alfred Tracey, Royal Field Artillery 24288 Driver

Photos: Carol (29 May 2017)



Mary M [Margaret] Tracey married Williams Lenegan Jan-Feb-Mar 1929 Salford Lancashire




James Tracy - Salford Barracks [s. of Patrick Tracy & Elizabeth, King's County] married Mary McLynn - Regent Road, [d. of Patrick McLynn & Anne, County Antrim] 30 Aug 1848 Wit: John McGee, Barracks & Bridget O'Neill, Seddon St. Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire

William/ Gulielmus/William Thomas Tracy & Anne Farrow/Farrell
Mary Tracey b. 3 Jan 1845 bapt. 28 Sep 1845 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire, Sp. Matthew Keary & Frances Kelly
William Tracey b. 9 Jan 1849 bapt. Baptism: 21 Oct 1849 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire Sp. Edward Lavey & Maria Lily
Mathew Thomas Tracy b. 3 Oct 1851 Bbapt 16 Nov 1851 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancashire, Sp. Edward Levy & Esther Levy

1861 Census

William T Tracey, Head, b. 1815 Ireland, Silk Weaver, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

Anna Tracey, Wife, b. 1817 Warwick Coveney, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

Mary Tracey, Daughter, b. 1844 Salford, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

Matthew T Tracey, Son, b. 1852 Salford, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

William Tracey, Son, b. 1858 Salford, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

James Tracey, Son, b. 1857 Salford, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.

Henry Tracey, Grandson b. 1861 Salford, Holy Trinity Salford Lancashire.






Bernard Tracey married Mary Mooney 2nd Quarter 1859 Warrington Lancashire





Dennis Treacey, 20, (s. of Dennis Treacey) married Margaret Appleton, 20, (d. of Michael Appleton) 26 Feb 1865 St. Thomas, Eccleston (Near Prescot), Lancashire, England


William Tracy & Mary Ann Carmichael [of Timogue Laois and Athy Kildare]


1871 Census Widnes Lancashire

William Treacy, Head, 42, b. 1829 Ireland, clerk Alkali Works, Widnes Lancashire

Mary A Treacy, Wife, 40, b. 1831 Ireland, Widnes Lancashire

William Treacy, Son, 18, b. 1853 Ireland, clerk Soapers, Widnes Lancashire

George Treacy, Son, 14, b. 1857 Ireland, clerk Copper?, Widnes Lancashire

Joseph Treacy, Son, 12, b. 1859 Ireland, Widnes Lancashire

Alfred Treacy, Son, 9, b. 1862 Ireland, Widnes Lancashire

John Treacy, Son, 5, b. 1866 Ireland, Widnes Lancashire

Henry Treacy, Son, 1, b. 1870 Widnes Lancashire, Widnes Lancashire

Mary A Treacy, Daughter, 0, b. 1871 Widnes Lancashire,, Widnes Lancashire

Elizabeth Driscole, Visitor, 40, b. 1831 Ireland, nurse, Widnes Lancashire

Lefroy, 0, b. 1871 Ireland,, Widnes Lancashire

Mary Keefe, Servant, 32, b. 1839 Ireland, Widnes Lancashire


1881 Census - Mersey Road, Widnes, Lancashire, England

William Treacy            Head                      M            52           Ireland, Commercial Clerk Alkali Works

Mary Ann Treacy        Wife                       F             50           Ireland

Elizabeth Treacy          Daughter                F             30           Ireland

Alfred Treacy              Son                        M            19           Ireland, Builders Apprentice

John Treacy Son                        M            15           Ireland, Oil & Grease Manufacturers Commercial Clerk

Henry Treacy               Son                        M            11           Widnes, Lancashire, England

Louisa Treacy              Daughter                F             8             Widnes, Lancashire, England


1891 Census - Mersey Road, Widnes, Lancashire

William Treacy            Head       Male       62           Ireland, Bookkeeper

Mary B Treacy            Wife       Female    60           Ireland

Elizabeth Treacy          Daughter                Female    40           Ireland

John Treacy  Son         Male       25           Ireland, Mercantile Clerk

Henry Treacy               Son         Male       21           Lancashire, England, Mercantile Clerk


31 August 1918 Liverpool Echo

Treacy - August 28, at 145 Mersey road, Widnes, aged 88 years, Mary Anne, wife of William Treacy...


Alfred Treacy, 22, single (s. of William Treacy) married Phoebe Ellen Fowls, 20, single, (d. of William Fowls) 25 Sep 1883 St. Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Alfred Treacy, born abt 1862, (s. of William Treacy) married Margaret Nicholl 15 Jul 1915 St Anne Stanley Lancashire


1911 Census of England - 3 Jubilee Terrace Halebank Nr Widnes Lancashire

Alfred Treacy, 49, head, b. Timogue Queens Ireland, Manager Water Traffic

Phoebe Ellen Treacy, 47, wife, b. Runcorn Cheshire

Elizabeth Treacy, 59, visitor, b. Timogue, Queens, single, Nurse (Sick)

Alfred Reginald Tunley, 12, adopted, b. Woolton Nr L'Pool

Mary Ann Treacy, 81 years, Mother, b. Athy Kildare Ireland, widow


John Treacy married Margaret Elizabeth Walker Oct-Nov-Dec 1891 Prescot, Lancashire, England


1901 Census - Liverpool Road, Ditton, Prescot, Lancashire

John Treacy, Head, 35, b. 1866, Ireland, Commercial Clerk

Margaret E Treacy, Wife, 33, b. 1868, Widnes

Hilda C Treacy, Daughter, 7, b. 1894, Great Sankey

Eric H Treacy, Son, 6, b. 1895, Ditton

Donald F Treacy, Son, 3, b. 1898, Ditton

Mary Ann Treacy, Mother, 70, Widow, b. 1831, Ireland

William H Walker, Brother-In-Law, 31, Single, b. 1870, Widnes, Chemist & Assistant


1911 Census - 128 Derby Road Farnworth Widnes Lancs

John Treacy, head, 45, Commercial Clerk oil merchants, b. Tiniague Queens

Margaret E Treacy, wife, 43, married 19 years, 5 child 4 alive, b. Widnes Lancs

Hilda C. Treacy, daughter, 17, b. Gt Saukey Lancs

Eric H Treacy, son, 16, b. Ditton Lancs

Donald F Treacy, son, 13, b. Ditton Lancs

Nora M Treacy, daughter, 7, b. Ditton Lancs


Eric Henry Treacy, Liverpool Regiment 2681 Private Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Second Lieutenant


15 February 1916 The London Gazette

The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Private Eric Henry Treacy, from The King's (Liverpool Regiment), to be Second Lieutenant (on probation). Dated 5th February, 1916.


18 December 1916 Liverpool Echo

Treacey - December 14, killed in action, aged 22 years, Eric H. Treacey, second lieutenant Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, eldest son of John and Margaret E. Treacey, Farnworth Widnes.


Second Lieutenant Eric Henry Treacy, Died 14/12/1916, Aged 22, 1/12th (Pioneer) Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Son of John and Margaret E. Treacy, of "Mayville," Peel House Lane, Farnworth, Widnes, Mailly Wood Cemetery

Gravestone - Next of Kin: John Treacy ESq, "Mayville" Peel House Lane, Farnworth-in-Widnes.

[Note: On record Treacy crossed out and Trasey written in]



Donald F Treacy, Liverpool Regiment 51747 Private


20 April 1918 Liverpool Daily Post

Mr and Mrs John Treacy, Farnwortb, Widnes, have word that their second son, Donald, serving as a private in the K.L.R., is seriously wounded and missing, presumed prisoner. It is little over a year since their eldest son, Lieut. Eric H. Treacy, was killed in the Somme offensive.


Donald Frederic Treacy, Pte, Service Number 51747, Died 28/03/1918, Aged 20, 18th (Lancashire Hussars) Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), Son of John and Margaret Elizabeth Treacy, of "Mayville", Peelhouse Lane, Farnworth, Widnes, Lancs., Pozieres Memorial



Donald Frederick Treacy [Born Ditton, Lancs Redidence Widnes]


Louisa Treacy, 29, single (d. of William Treacy) married William Jackson Elliot, 31, single (s. of Jackson Elliot)  16 Jun 1902 Liverpool, Lancashire, England









Leeds Times 06 September 1851

On Tuesday, at the same place [St. Patrick's Chapel, York Road]...Mr Cornelius Treacy to Miss Maria Landy, both of Leeds.


Leeds Times 19 December 1874

Treacy - Donlon. Dec 11th at St Marie's Catholic Church, Halifax, Thomas Treacy to Bridget Donlon, both of Halifax.


Kendal Mercury 08 April 1837

At Lancaster, On Monday last, M John Treacy, accountant, to Miss Alice Green, both of that town.

Manchester Times 11 March 1843

On the lst inst., at Chester, of consumlption, aged 31 years, Alice, wife of Dir. John Treacy, and niece to the late Mr. W. Bontham, of the Greaves Farme, near Lancaster.


Cheltenham Chronicle 17 August 1848

...Bethel? Union house, aged 26, Mr. O. Treacy.


Stamford Mercury 30 May 1856

In St Mary Mafdalen's, Margaret Treacy, widow, aged 77.


Henry Barnard Tracy & Mary Williamson Banns: 10 Nov 1839 Sculcoates, All Saints & St Mary's, Yorkshire (East Riding)




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