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Michael Treacy 1893


M. Ttreacy

June 07, 1892  St. Paul daily globe

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Brown, Treacy & Co




Michael Treacy is an ordinary sized man, with a quiet movement, possessing a good, round head, stoops a little, and lopes somewhat when he walks. He was born in Massachusetts in 1844, where he was educated; came to St. Paul in 1856; worked for T. M. Newson in 1859, and learned the trade of a job printer; was in the job department of the Pioneer Press for twenty-two years, when in 1882 he commenced business for himself and the firm is now Brown, Treacy & Howard, who are printing Pen Pictures for the author. Mr. Treacy was always an apt apprentice and very industrious, and he has carried these qualities into manhood, and they are rapidly making him well off. His big hold is his steady persistent, determined industry, coupled with excellent artistic taste in "the art preservative of all arts." He is a quiet man, with eyes that laugh and an expression that is pleasant, and is a very deserving citizen. In 1894, the firm became Brown, Treacy & Co. with Hiram Brown, Treacy and Dennis Sperry as partners. The sudden death of Mr. Michael Treacy, on December 18, 1900, dissolved the firm of Brown, Treacy & Co. H. D. Brown, Mrs. Michael Treacy and D. S. Sperry formed Brown, Treacy & Sperry Company in 1900.


December 19, 1900 The Saint Paul globe


Pioneer Printer Passed Away Yesterday Afternoon After A Brief Illness After Assault A Year Ago

He Had Not been as Well as Before, but had Not Been Critically ill. Michael Treacy, of Brown, Treacy & Co., died at his home, 659 East Third street, at 3:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Since a year ago last April, Mr. Treacy has been failing in health At that time he was assaulted and robbed by an ex-employee, who is now at Stillwater. He received a hammer blow on the head from which he never fully recovered. About two weeks ago the de ceased began to suffer pain In the thumb of his right hand. He did not think it at a!l serious at first, but. soon was troubled so much that he consulted a physician. The physician saw at once that blood poisoning had set in and acquainted Mr. Treacy's family with the fact. He gradually grew worse until Sunday night. A marked change for the worse then took place and in a few hours he was unconscious. Michael Treacy was born in Brighton, Mass., in 1844, where he lived and was educated until twelve years of age. He then came to St. Paul and soon after entered the employ of the Pioneer Press Publishing company, with whom he was connected for the next twenty-two years of his life. In 1882 he embarked in business as a member of the firm of Brown, Treacy & Howard, with which establishment he was connected until his death. His wife was a daughter of Martin Husen. Mr. Treacy had a large circle of friends who were drawn to him through his honesty, integrity and perseverance.   


John Treacy, his brother, was born in Massachusetts in 1850; learned the trade of a printer in the office of the Pioneer Press, and is now working for Brown, Treacy & Howard. He is a small man, full of humor, likes fun, and yet is a good printer.


Patrick Treacy, their father, was a tall man, social in his nature and well known in the day in which he lived. He was born in Ireland and adopted the business of gardener; came to St. Paul in 1856 and died some twenty years ago, aged 65 years. One of his sons learned the printing trade with the writer, and the other is now in business for himself, and these two sons are two of the finest job printers in the city. Still another son is a printer, and all have a fine conception of the mechanical art.



Pen pictures of St. Paul, Minnesota, and biographical sketches of old settlers : from the earliest settlement of the city, up to and including the year 1857 (1886) 



Family History


Patrick Treacy, labourer, & Mary

James Tracey b. 10 Mar 1842 Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Michael Treacy b. 11 Feb 1844 Brighton Suffolk Mass.

Galen/Galin [male] Tracey b. 13 Oct 1847 Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Tracey [female] b. 6 Feb 1850 Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts


1855 Census - Brighton, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Patrick Tracy  M 45 Ireland, laborer 

Mary D Tracy  F 40 Ireland 

James Tracy  M 13 Massachusetts 

Micheal Tracy  M 11 Massachusetts 

Ann Tracy  F 9 Massachusetts 

John Tracy  M 7 Massachusetts 

Mary Tracy  F 5 Massachusetts 


1857 Census - Minnesota

P Tracy                        M         47        Ireland, labourer

J Tracy                         M         14        Massachusetts

Ann Tracy                   F          11        Massachusetts

John Tracy                   M         10        Massachusetts

M Tracy                       M         3          Massachusetts


1860 Census - 2nd Ward Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota

Michl Tracy                 M         16        Massachusetts, printer


1865 Census - St Paul, 02, Ramsey, Minnesota

Pat Tracy                     M                    

Ann Tracy                   F                     

Mike Tracy                  M                    

John Tracy                   M                    

James Tracy                 M


Patrick Treacy may have died from drowning in June 1869.


1870 Census - 3rd Ward City of St. Paul

John Treacy, 22, Printer, b. Massachusetts,

Michael Treacy, 25, Printer, b. Massachusetts,


1879-80 St. Paul City Directory RL Polk & Co

Tracy Charles L, book-kpr Campbell, Burbank & Co, res e s Bates ave, 2 n of Fifth.

Tracy Patrick, yardmaster St P, M & M Ry, bds 280 E Fifth.

Tracy Thomas, feeder Pioneer Press, res cor Ninth and Exchange.

Tracy Thomas, clk, bds Tremont House.

Treacy John, printer Daily Globe, res 18 Exchange.

Treacy Michael, printer job room Pioneer Press, res 49 Valley.



Michael Treacy Or Tracy married Minnie Hushen 31 Jan 1878 St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota Wit: Patrick O'Grady & Elizabeth Skully


1880 Census - St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota [lived next door to the Hushens]

Michael Tracy             Self      M         36             Massachusetts, United States, printer

Annie Tracy    Wife    F          24        Missouri, United States

Abbie Tracy    Daughter         F          1          Minnesota, United States


1885 Census - St Paul Ward 01, Ramsey, Minnesota

Martin Hushen            M         55y      Ireland

M Hushen                   F          45y      Ireland

J T Hushen                  M         23y      Missouri

Henry Hushen             M         18y      Minnesota

Maggie Hushen           F          16y      Minnesota

M Treacy                     M         40y      Massachusetts

Mrs Treacy                  F          28y      Massachusetts

Abby Treacy               F          6y        Minnesota

Edward Treacy           M         2y        Minnesota

Frank Merrick             M         19y      Minnesota


February 12, 1887 The Irish standard

Clara May, daughter of Michael and Annie Treacy. aged nine months, died on Saturday last at their residence, corner of Canada and Yalley streets.


Michael Treacy, b. America & Anne Hushess, b. America

George Michael Treacy b.  25 Apr 1888 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota


1895 Census - 659 E 3 St, St. Paul city, Ward 02, Ramsey, Minnesota

Michel Trasey M         51y      Massachusetts, 41 years resident, printing bookstore

Anna Trasey                F          38y      Missouri

Abbey Trasey F          19y      Minnesota

Edward Trasey            M         12y      Minnesota

George Trasey             M         7y        Minnesota

Margaret Ohare           F          32y      Ireland

John Hushen               M         31y      Minnesota

Henrey Hushen           M         27y      Minnesota


1900 Census - Election District 3 St. Paul city Ward 2, Ramsey, Minnesota

Michael Treacy            Head   M         50             Massachusetts, b. Jan 1850, printing & stationary

Annie T Treacy           Wife    F          39        Missouri, married 1878, 4 children 3 alive

Abbie L Treacy           Daughter         F          21             Minnesota

Edward H Treacy       Son      M         15        Minnesota

George M Treacy        Son      M         12        Minnesota

Thomas J Hushen        Brother-in-law             M         30             Missouri

Henry P Hushen          Brother-in-law             M         28             Missouri

Annie Treacy   Sister   F          52        Massachusetts, born May 1848

Etta L Murphy            Brother-in-law             F          15             Minnesota

Inga Johnson   Servant            F          24        Sweden



December 20, 1900 The Saint Paul globe

In Labor's Field.

The Book Binders' union held a special meeting last night, with the president in the chair. The constitution and by laws, as revised, were considered and adopted: -'The Book Binders' union will meet with the Printing Trades unions this evening.. The following resolutions upon the death of the late Michael Tracey were unanimously adopted:

"Whereas, Michael Treacy. of the firm of Brown & Treacy, has departed this life; and

"Whereas, Mr. Treacy. ever since his residence in St. Paul, has at all times and under all circumstances proved him self a friend of Book Binders' Union No. 37, I. B. of B.; therefore

"Resolved, That in his death the local union of book binders has been deprived of a friend who has always shown him self favorable to the interests of the book binders' organization; and therefore further

"Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with his family in the irreparable loss, and that the union spread upon its minutes a copy of these resolutions and for ward a copy of the same to the bereaved family."

TREACY— St. Paul, at late residence,659 East Third street, Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 3:20 p. m., Michael Treacy, aged fifty-five years. Funeral from above residence at 9:30 a.m., Friday, Dec. 21. Services at St. Mary's church at 10 o'clock.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS—THE Funeral of our deceased brother, Michael Treacy, will be held from his late residence, 659 East Third street, Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock. Services at St. Mary's church at 10 o'clock. Brother Knights are requested to be present.


December 22, 1900 The Saint Paul globe.


Pioneer Punter Is Burled in Calvary Cemetery. The last sad rites were performed over the remains of the late Michael Treacy at St. Mary's Catholic church yesterday morning, Fathers Gibbons, O'Sullivan and Printon conducting the service. The church was crowded with friends of the deceased and the floral tributes were many and elaborate. The interment was in the family plot at Cavalry. The pall bearers were the business partners of the deceased, Messrs. Brown and Sperry, and Cootey, of Minneapolis, and Messrs. Blodgett, Nelson, Phelps and Betz, employees. The honorary pall bearers were a delegation from the Commercial club. Mr. Treacy was born in Brighton, Mass.. in 1844, and went into the print ing business as a boy in 1857, continuing in it to the time of "his death, being a member of the firm of Brown, Treacy & Co., one of the oldest and substantial printing concerns in the Northwest. He is survived by his wife, two sons, a daughter, two brothers and a sister, all of whom were at the bedside when he died. 


June 14, 1902 The Irish standard (Minneapolis, Minn.)

A large church wedding was celebrated Wednesday afternoon at St. Mary's Catholic church, when Miss Abbie L. Treacy, daughter of Mrs. M. Treacy. became the bride of Louis J. Dolenty. Rev. T. J. Gibbons read the service, and Miss Elsie Shaw played the bridal music. During the betrothal W. Nelson played a violin solo. The church was decorated in palms, ferns, roses and carnations, white and green being the only colors. Joseph Dolenty was best man. The bride was attended by Miss Myra Kelly, of Fort Benton, as maid of honor, and by Miss Emma Dolenty and Grace Brown as bridesmaids. Among the guests from out of town wire Miss Kate Derrick, of Boston Miss Murphy, D. Murphy and M. Murphy, of Le Sueur Mr. and Mrs. Croty and Mr. and Mrs. Wells, of Minneapolis. Mr. Dolenty and his bride left Wednesday evening for a Western trip. They will be at home after July 25 at 659 East Third street.


June 16, 1902 The Saint Paul globe

TREACY-In St. Paul Saturday. June 14, Edward H. Treacy, aged seventeen years, eldest son of Annie T. and the late Michael Treacy. Notice of funeral hereafter

June 21, 1902 The Irish standard (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Edward Treaty, age 16, son of Mrs. Michael Treacy. of 659 E Third street, was drowned while bathing at the public baths last Saturday. The boy went beyond the danger line and was carried down the river. Young Treacy was apparently a good swimmer, and had several times been cautioned not to go beyond the line. His companions warned him also of the danger, but he swam out into the current of the river. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church Wednesday morning.


Anna T. Treacy died 6 Jan 1909 St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, 50 years, born 1859, father Hushion


John Tracy married Ellen O Connor 6 Dec 1877 St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota


1880 Census - St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Tracey     Self      M         30        Massachusetts, United States, printer

Ellen Tracey    Wife    F          23        Virginia, United States

Mary A Tracey            Daughter         F          1             Minnesota, United States

John Tracey     Son      M         0          Minnesota, United States


1885 Census - St Paul Ward 04, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Tracy                   M         34y      Massachusetts

Ellen Tracy                  F          28y      Virginia

Mary Tracy                  F          6y        Minnesota

John Tracy                   M         5y        Minnesota

Helen Tracy                 F          6m       Minnesota


1895 Census - 470 St Peter St, St. Paul city Ward 4, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Treacy  M 43 Massachusetts, printer

Ellen Treacy  F 38 Virginia 

Mary Treacy  F 17 Minnesota, book bind

John M Treacy  M 16 Minnesota. Printer 

Hester Treacy  F 10 Minnesota 

Chas D Treacy  M 9 Minnesota 

Delia Treacy  F 6 Minnesota 

Gertic Treacy  F 3 Minnesota 

Selestine M Treacy  F 3 Minnesota 


1900 Census - ED 138 Election District 1 St. Paul city Ward 9, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

John Treacy  M 51 Massachusetts, compositor 

Ellen C Treacy  F 43 Virginia 

May Treacy  F 22 Minnesota, Forelady Printing 

John M Treacy  M 21 Minnesota. Pressman 

Helen Treacy  F 16 Minnesota 

Charles D Treacy  M 13 Minnesota 

Cecetia M Treacy  F 11 Minnesota 

Gertrude M Treacy  F 8 Minnesota 

Celestine M Treacy  F 8 Minnesota 


1905 Census - St Peter St St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Treacy     Head   M         54        Massachusetts, printer

Ellen Treacy    Wife    F          46        Virginia

Mae Treacy, daughter F          25        Minnesota, Machine Opr

Helin Treacy, daughter           F          20        Minnesota, seamtress

Charles Tracy Son      M         17        Minnesota, printer

Cecilia Tracy   Daughter         F          16        Minnesota, milliner

Gertrude M Tracy       Daughter         F          12             Minnesota

Celistine M Tracy        Daughter         F          12             Minnesota


1910 Census - St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Tracy       Head   M         58        Massachusetts, printer

Ellen Tracy      Wife    F          49        Virginia

Charles Tracy Son      M         22        Minnesota, pressman

Cecilia Tracy   Daughter         F          21        Minnesota, milliner

Gertrude Tracy            Daughter         F          17             Minnesota

Celistine Tracy            Daughter         F          17             Minnesota


1920 Census - St Paul Ward 5, Ramsey, Minnesota

John Tracy       Head   M         68        Massachusetts, compositor printing office

Ellen Tracy      Wife    F          58        Virginia

Anna Drum     Sister   F          72        Massachusetts, widowed


John Treacy died 16 Jun 1927 St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, 76 years, born 1851 (s. of Pat Treacy & Bridget), Spouse: Ellen O'Conner


1927 Typographical Journal

John Treacy, age 77 years old, a veteran printer of this city having lived here since his boyhood, died on June 16 as the result of injuries suffered when he fell from a ladder at his home two days previous."Jack" Treacy was a brother of the late Michael Treacy, of the old firm of Brown & Treacy.


Gertrude Gomoke died 5 Jan 1946 Warren, Macomb, Michigan, United States, 53 years, married, Married, born 29 Sep 1891 St Paul, Minnesota, (d. of John Tracey & Ellen O'Connor)


John Treacy died 6 Feb 1946 St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, 64 years, born 1882 (s. of John Treacy & Ellen O'Connor), Spouse; Mary Treacy




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