Richard Taylor Tracey (1791-1889)


The information on Richard Taylor Tracey, Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, has been compiled on a separate page as he travelled extensively throughout Ireland.


Patrick Tr(e)acy & Ann(e)

Elizth b. 21 June 1789 Cathedral St. Mary Limerick (LDS)

Richard Taylor b. 11 November 1791 c. 15 November 1791 Saint John Limerick (LDS)


1822, 1828 and 1841, there are references to a Methodist Thomas Tracy of Limerick, who it may be presumed is a relation.


Richard T Tracey & Dorothea Wood 1824 (Killaloe Marriage Licence Bond)

Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Tracey, Samuel Joshua, pen. P.T., Dec. 5 1847, aged 18; s. of Richard Taylor, Predicator Methodistas; b. Co. Tipperary.


Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

1854 Saml Tracy

At a meeting of members of the Female Bounty Fund held in Cork 16th of is month 1854 present...Co Tipperary...Saml Tracy le,


1859 Albany Co New York naturalization petitions for Irish born

Samuel Tracy, 24, b. Tipperary, left from Liverpool, Albany Oct 14


April 19, 1854 (BL) Death

April 9, at Tullamore, Samuel Wood, eldest son of the Rev. Richard Taylor Tracy, Wesleyan Minister.


6 December 1854 (NG) Deaths

Dec 4...At his father's house, Youghal, Richard Watson, youngest son of the Rev. Richard T. Tracy, Wesleyan Minister.

December 6, 1854 (FJ) Death

December 1, at Youghal, Richard Watson, youngest son of the Rev. Richard T. Tracy, Wesleyan Minister.


1882 Death Notice

Dorothea Tracy, (née Wood), Catherine Street, Limerick Chronicle 2nd September 1882, wife of Rev. R. T. Tracy, death notice

“Tracy –At her residence, 62 Catherine-street, Dorotheo the beloved wife of the Rev R. T. Tracy, and daughter of the Rev Samuel Wood. – Funeral on Monday morning at 9 o’clock.”


Died on 17th October, 1889, in Limerick.

Richard Taylor Tracy, Registration district: Limerick, Record type: Deaths, Registration date - quarter and year: Oct - Dec 1889, Age: 99

Obituary: Richard Taylor Tracy, Rev., 62 Catherine Street 17/10/1889 death notice, (further report 17/10/1889) (funeral report 19/10/1889)(further report 26/10/1889) [online]


22 October 1889 Northern Whig

The Methodist Church.

Death of Rev. T. Tracey, M.A.—Many will learn with regret the death of the Rev. Richard Taylor Tracey, of Limerick, who was not only by long way the father of the Irish Conference, but probably the oldest Methodist minister in the world. Deceased was a native of Limerick, and entered the ministry in 1817. After performing the active duties of the Itinerancy for nearly forty years, during which time was twice stationed in Armagh, twice Sligo, twice Carlow, and twice in Roscrea; once In Oldcastle, Cookstown, Mallow, Drogheda, Coleraine, Waterford. limerick, Ballina, Newry, Tullamore, and Youghal, respectively, he, became a supernumerary 1857, and for the last thirty two yean be resided in Limerick, with the exception of two years which lived Youghal, four in Cork, and three in Ennis. He was in the 99th year of his age when he died, and the 73rd of his ministry. He remembered the Irish rebellion of 1798, and the excitement, and massacres of that time produced an impression on his mind which he never forgot, and to which he frequently referred in his annual communications to the Conference. He also had a distinct recollection of the evils of the unhappy division of 1816 between the Wesleyans and Primitive Wesleyans, and, of course, lived to see that breach satisfactorily healed Id 1878. All his early contemporaries have long since passed away, and have only been known to the present generation by their names. Mr. Tracey was married to a daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Wood, a distinguished minister of early Methodism, and by her had four children — two sons and two daughters. Both the sons died shortly after they had taken out their degrees as medical men, but the daughters still survive, and are living in Limerick. Mrs. Traoey has been dead for some years. Deceased was a good preacher, a painstaking, conadentions pastor, and a kind friend. Towards all was most gentlemanly in his bearing, and was greatly beloved by those who know him. He died last Thursday, and was buried on Saturday in Limerick, his funeral having bean attended by large concourse of parsons representing all classes in the community.


Limerick Chronicle 
Margaret Elizabeth Tracy, 19/08/1909, daughter of late Rev. Richard Taylor, Methodist minister; death notice

The Rev. Richard Taylor Tracey, m.a., Wesleyan Minister, was born on the 11th November, 1791; was accepted for the ministry by the Conference of 1815; was appointed to a circuit in 1817; died on 17th October, 1889, in Limerick, having almost completed his 98th year, and 73rd of his ministry. The dates in this case can be relied upon, as they are all entered in the minutes of the Conference, and properly authenticated.

Milligan, Seaton F. (1890) Some Recent Cases of Remarkable Longevity. The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 3 (3rd Quarter, 1890), pp. 232-239




[1818] The Wesleyan Conference met on July 3rd...Richard T. Tracy of Limerick...received on trial...Messrs. Bailey and Tracy had been appointed to the Cookstown and Churchhill mission, at the last Conference;...

[1822] These proposals were published in a circular, signed by Messrs...Thomas Tracy, Limerick...

[1825 Coleraine] The Rev. Richard T. Tracy, however, was appointed, with the Rev. John Holmes as his colleague. They both remained in town for the first Sabbath, Mr. Holmes preaching in the morning, and Mr. Tracy in the evening. At the close of the latter service a prayer-meeting was held, at which the officials were set to work. To help in removing the want of harmony that existed, Mr. Tracy soon afterwards invited all the leaders and principal friends to his own house for tea. At first, when they came in, there was some shyness ; but as the house filled, the hearty welcome, the cheerful room, and the encouragement given to free social intercourse did their work, until the spell was completely broken, and there was such a meeting as had not been in Coleraine for years. It proved to be the beginning of better days ; the public services and classes were more largely attended, and God granted His abundant blessing. There was a gracious revival and much spiritual prosperity. So deeply interesting and profitable were the services that at times it was difficult to bring them to a close. On one lovefeast occasion the chapel was open all day and all night, so that many of those present went direct from the meeting, on the following morning, to open their shops for business.

At this time there was an infidel club in the town, which exerted a pernicious influence even on some members of the congregation. The preachers declared war against this ungodly association. Mr. Tracy first intimated his willingness to converse on the questions in dispute, with any willing to speak to him. He then lent them suitable books, and finding that he was gaining ground, took courage, and published that he would preach a series of sermons on the evidences of Christianity and the folly and immoral tendencies of infidelity.. For several Sabbath evenings the chapel was filled so full that some persons could not obtain admission. The result was that the club was broken up and the members scattered, some joining the Society. The leader soon afterwards, when under the influence of drink, fell oflF a coach, was severely hurt, and for some time confined to bed. He was visited by some members of the Society, who admonished him and prayed with him, and there was reason to think, not in vain.

There had been for some years in Coleraine a bad practice which the ministers succeeded in effectually stopping. On the Sabbath afternoon, between the two services elsewhere, people were accustomed to come to the neighbourhood of the preacher's residence for lunch, and some of the young persons to play pitch and toss. Mr. Mayne used to speak to them and give them tracts, but it was of no avail. He was only the Methodist preacher ! Mr. Tracy, having tried a word of counsel in vain, went to the Mayor, and arranged with him that the police should iwt^tfex^.^ which they did; the Sabhath-breakers were coui^eWftdL \ft ^^^«ft.^ did not return to their former habit. For this act Mr. Tracy received public thanks.

[1826] At Bushmills a new chapel was opened on October 22nd ; the services conducted by the Revs. Richard T. Tracy and John Saul, were seasons of gracious visitation, and the collections and subscriptions were sufficient to meet all demands, so as to leave the building free of debt. The entrance-gates were a novelty in ecclesiastical architecture, being suspended on two pentagonal basaltic pillars, which were fair specimens of those which form the Giant's Causeway. There were then in this village good congregations, a promising society, and a Sunday-school.

[1837] The May district meeting of this year in Sligo was rendered memorable by the bringing forward of William Arthur as a candidate. He preached one evening, during the sittings of the district, with wonderful power. No doubt the sermon was open to criticism on some points, but none could think of that during its delivery. Many under it were convicted; one young man said he felt as if the flames of the pit were coming up about him. Mr. Arthur has since preached more eloquent sermons, but not one more remarkable for the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. He had been requested by the Rev. R. T. Tracy to supply for him for a fortnight on the Sligo circuit, and here his labours were so acceptable and so Divinely owned that he was induced to remain for about three months, his youthful appearance, earnest piety, burning zeal, and impassioned eloquence giving a unique attraction to his ministrations. He visited and laboured in town and country, and set them all aflame. Congregations were large wherever he preached, and many were brought to God.

Charles Henry Crookshank (1886) History of Methodism in Ireland


1833 Supplement

Richard T. Tracey

1818 Cookstown

1819 Armagh

1820 Sligo

1821 Clonmell

1822 Mallow

1823 Roscrea

1824-5 Drogheda

1826-7 Coleraine

1828-1830 Roscrea

1831-2 Carlow

Preachers in Ireland of ‘An Alphabetical Arrangement of the Wesleyan Methodist Preachers and’ ...by William Hill, Wesleyan Methodist Church p.95


1858 Supplement

Richard T. Tracy

1817 Oldcastle

1818 Cookstown

1819 Armagh

1820 Sligo

1821 Clonmell

1822 Mallow

1823 Roscrea

1824 Drogheda

1826 Coleraine

1828 Roscrea

1831 Carlow

1834 Sligo

1837 Waterford

1839 Limerick

1841 Ballina

1844 Carlow

1847 Newry

1849 Armagh

1851 Tullamore

1854 Youghal

1857 Youghal, Sup.

Preachers in Ireland of ‘An Alphabetical Arrangement of the Wesleyan Methodist Preachers and’ ...8th ed (1858) by John P. Haswell, Wesleyan Methodist Church, London p.143


29 July 1829 (FJ) Methodist Conferences

Preachers appointed to the Limerick District...at Roscrea, Rev. Richard Tracey...



The Representatives of the Rev. Richard Tracy and of Joseph Leech, Townparks (part of) Methodist Chapel, Roscrea, Tipperary, 0a/0r/18p, £5 rent, Lease dated 2nd November 1830. John Earl of Portarlington to the Rev Richard Tracey and Joseph Leech, of that plot or part of the former Castle garden in the town of Roscrea, called the Methodist Concerns, for 109 years from the 25th day of March previous at the yearly rent of one pepper-corn for the first seven years, and of £5 sterling for the residue of the term. The premises consists of a Methodist Meeting-house and the Ministers residence, which are excellent buildings, in good repair, having been recently erected.


July 12, 1831 The Belfast News-Letter

...Carlow - Rev Richard T. Tracey...


1832 Electoral List Carlow

Tracey Rev. R.T., Brown St., Gentleman, Dissenter, Do [Liberal]


23 Jun 1835 Memorial No: 184306126

Samuel Kyle, Revd Methodist Minister, of Roscrea, TIP

Trustee: Richard F Treacy of Sligo Sligo


July 14, 1835 (BL) Wesleyan Methodist Conference

VI The Sligo District

19. Sligo Richd T. Tracy

22. Boyle Richard T. Tracy


1837 Dublin Almanacy

Richard T. Tracy, Methodist Wesley, Sligo & Chairman Sligo District


03 March 1838 Wexford Independent

Notice Wesley Methodist Chapel, Rowe-street, Wexford...Sermons...Rev Richard T Tracey of Waterford...


July 5, 1839 The Belfast News-Letter

Limerick - R.T. Tracey


1839 Shearman Directory

Rev Richard T Tracy, Wesley Chapel, Parade Quay, Waterford. Nobility/gentry/clergy


1841 Missionary Committee

...Richard T. Tracy [1842 Sligo]...Thomas Tracy of Limerick...


1842 Carlow

Richard T Tracy, Rev., Brown St.

Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House, Charlotte Street, Minister, Rev. Richard T. Treacy.


July 4, 1843 (FJ) Wesleyan Methodist Conference

VI. The Sligo District

Ballina - Revs. R.T. Tracy

Rev. R.T. Tracy, Chairman

July 4, 1843 (FJ) Wesleyan Methodist Conference

II. Waterford District

Carlow - Richard T. Tracy

Richard T. Tracy, chairman of the district


Jul 19, 1844 (BL) Annual Wesleyan Conference

Waterford District

Carlow - Richard T. Tracy

Wexford - Richard T. Tracy, chairman of the district.


1846 Slater's Directory

Richard T Tracy, (rev), Brown Street, Carlow. Wesley Methodist Church.


1848 Dublin Almanac

2. The Waterford District – Chairman Rev. R.T. Tracey


1848 Minutes of the Methodist Conferences

II – The Waterford District

7. Carlow, Richard T. Tracy (pp.37)

Richard T. Tracy, Chairman

XI – The Newry District

48. Newry, Richard T. Tracy (pp. 486)


April 1848

In consideration of the presen[t] and seeing that evil disposed persons [ ]We the undersigned inhabitants of the [town of Newry and district ] expedient and necessary, that all loyal and well-affected men should [ ] maintenance of peace and order, the enforcement of the laws, and mutual pr[otection] and we hereby enrol ourselves for these purposes, solemnly engaging, that we shall bear true allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen...Richard T. Tracy Wesleyan Minister Needham Place, Newry...T2961/1


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

Newry District

Armagh: Richard T. Tracy, Alexander Twiss

Richard T. Tracy, Chairman of the District.


July 1, 1853 (BL)

Tullamore - R. Tracey



In the Griffiths Valuation of 1854 the following was recorded:

Church Street, Tullamore townland of the Parish of Kilbride, Co. Offaly

Map no. 17


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Earl of Charleville

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel




– Lyddon

Rev. R.T. Tracey

Ho., off., & small garden




Rev William Molloy


Ho., off., & small garden




Rev. R.F. Tracey

Abigal McDonnell

Ho., off., yd., & garden




June 30, 1854 (BL) Wesleyan Ministers

Cork District - Youghal - Richd. T. Tracy...


1855 The following members were elected:-

…Rev RT Tracey, Nelson-place, Youghal

Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society (1855)


July 3, 1858 (BL)

Youghal - Richd.T. Tracey...


1858-1865 Report of President of Queen's College, Cork

...Rev. Mr. Tracy, Dean of the Wesleyan Community...Report of the Wesleyan Dean of Residence, Cork, 3 Duke Parade December 9 1862...Richard T. Tracy


July 2 1859 The Portadown Weekly News

Stations of the Wesleyan Ministers for 1859-69

Cork—Thomas T. N. Hull, Robert G. Jones; Richard T. Tracy, supernumerary.


13 March 1861 Cork Examiner

... Rev. Mr. Tracy, Wesleyan minister, said that the students under his care gave entire satisfaction. Their morals propriety of conduct in general was exemplary, and ...


24 February 1863 Cork Examiner

... R. T. Tracy, 3, Dyke Parade. ...


1863 Cork City Directory

Richard T Tracey, Rev, Wesleyan Dean of Residence (Queen’s College), 3 Dyke Parade, Cork


June 1863 Stations of Wesleyan Ministers

Missionary Stations...Ennis: Richard T Tracy, supernumerary...


June 1866 Stations of Wesleyan Ministers

Missionary Stations...Killarney, R.T. Tracy, Supernumerary. Chairman of the District (Cork)


June 1869 Stations of Wesleyan Ministers

Limerick...R.T. Tracy...


1870 Slater’s Directory

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy

Rev. Richard Taylor Tracey, 48 Catherine Street, Limerick


1871? Minutes of the Methodist Conferences

659 Ennis, Richard T. Tracy Supernumerary. Letters to be addressed to Limerick.

754 Limerick, (George Street) Richard T. Tracy Supernumerary


June 1872 Stations of Wesleyan Ministers

Ennis Richard T. Tracy, supernumerary, letters to be addressed to Limerick...


June 1875 Stations of Wesleyan Ministers

Ennis R. T. Tracy, Super...


1875 Bassett

Rev. R. T. Tracey, Catherine Street, Limerick


1875-6 Bassett's Directory

Ennis Clergy

Methodist-Rev Richard Tracey


June 1876 The Wesleyan Conference

Ennis – Richard T. Tracy, Supernumerary

...Letters of sympathy were directed to be sent to...R.T. Tracy...


1877 Bassett

Rev. R. T. Tracey, 48 Catherine Street, Limerick


1879 Bassett

Protestant Dissenting Chapels

Rev. R. Tracey, 48 Catherine Street, Limerick


1880 Bassett

Rev. R. T. Tracey, 48 Catherine Street, Limerick


December 1881 Sunday Closing

...RT Tracy, Limerick...


21 Nov 1883 (BL) The Methodist Church

The numerous friends of the venerable R. T. Tracy, of Limerick, will be pleased to learn that he is well. Although he has entered on his 93rd year his memory is still quick aid retentive, and his intellect unclouded. He began his public labours at the early age of 17, and continued until he was 86.


1884 Bassett

Rev. R. T. Tracey, 53 Catherine Street, Limerick


1885 Limerick City Electors List

Richard T. Tracy, Rev, Catherine Street, Rated Occupier, house and yard, Shannon Ward


1886 Guys Directory

Rev. R. T. Tracey, 62 Catherine Street, Limerick

Protestant Dissenting Chapels

Rev. Richard T. Treacy, George Street, Limerick


23 June 1887 Freeman's Journal

The Methodist Conference... Rev II Tracey, Limerick, who is the father of the Conference, and 96 years of age, and was read by the secretary (the Rev James Donnelly), in which he conveyed his ...

June 1887 The Methodist Church

...A letter in reply to the Conference letter of sympathy was read from Rev R.T. Tracy, M.A., now in his 96th year of his year...


June 1890 The Methodist Church

The obituaries of the following ministers...for insertion in the minutes...Richard T. Tracy, M.A. of Limerick, born in 1791, died in 1889...


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