Richard Tracy (1835-1885) of Kildare and Port Jervis NY


January 05, 1886 The evening gazette (Port Jervis NY)

Death of Richard Tracy

A man who was well known in Political Life

He Was Never Defeated For An Office And Was Elected Poorma8ter And Excise Commissioner For A Number Of Years

One of the most widely known men of this village died this morning when Richard Tracy, proprietor of the hotel at Germantown, succumbed to a brief attack of Bright’s disease of the kidneys. He had been sick but eleven days, but was not supposed to be dangerously ill until a day or so ago. Mr. Tracy was born in the county of Kildare, Ireland, 51 years ago, and came to this country when a young man. He was a baker by trade, and when he first settled in Port Jervis 30 years ago, worked as a journeyman and afterwards carried on a large business in the present McLaughlin building on Pike street. About 13 years ago he settled in Germantown where he carried on the hotel business. His business experience is well-known to the present generation in this village, and it is also admitted that amid the many ups and downs of his business life he was noted at all times for being honest and meeting his just obligations as far as the last dollar he possessed would permit.

Like many of his countrymen Mr. Tracy early exhibited his taste and desire for political excitement, and for the past 20 years he stood as a prominent figure in the political affairs of this town and county, and we venture to state that most of the officials, juridical and otherwise, elected or defeated in this county for many years, recall the marked friendship or most positive opposition of Mr. Tracy in the selection of delegates in the nominating conventions and also at the polls. Mr. Tracy was naturally a politician, and had he possessed some of the traits of policy characteristic of successful politicians, and had his life not been clouded by some faults peculiarly un¬ fortunate to himself, it is certain that he would have obtained prominent political preferment. However, as a factor in politics he was all powerful in local organization, and it was always a foregone conclusion that Mr. Tracy would represent his district in conventions whenever and wherever he saw fit. Another feature of his character was his fealty and loyalty to the political friends with whom he allied himself in years past, while upon the other hand those who were not his friends have realized the fact most keenly, as when asking and expecting political favors at his hands, be would at the most critical times secure the revenge which the occasion warranted. Mr. Tracy was a kind-hearted, generous man, and he would part with his last penny to serve a deserving friend. He was elected poormaster for several years , and served as excise commissioner since the present law went into force in 1874, occupying the office at the time of his death. We fail to recall any time that Mr. Tracy was defeated for any office he sought at the hands of the people in this town. He will be missed by a large number of personal and political friends. The date of the funeral will be given tomorrow.


January 7, 1885 The Tri States Union (Port Jervis, Orange Co. New York)

Death Of Richard Tracy.

An Old and Well-Known Resident of Germantown Dies Tuesday,

Mr. Richard Tracy, one of the oldest residents of Germantown, this vlllage, died about noon Tuesday of Brights disease, aged about 51 years.

Mr. Tracy was a native of County Kildare, Ireland, and came to this country in the year 1851, settling in Port Jervis. He was a baker by occupation and for a time worked at his trade, finally opening the bakery and store now owned by Mr. Jas. McLaughlin, on Pike street. Several years later he removed to Germantown and opened a hotel, which he had since kept,

Mr. Tracy was active in political matters and had held the offices of Postmaster and Excise Commissioner in this town for several terms. Deceased leaves a wife and ten children.





The best match of Christian names would suggest he was from Castledermot.


1860 Census - Susquehanna Borough [New Milford page], Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

Richard Tracy             Male    25        New York, baker

Margaret Tracy                        Female 19        New York

Margaret Tracy                        Female [Illegible]         New York

David Tracy                Male    0y3?m New York

Betsey Kinsley                        Female 13        New York


1865 Census - District 03, Deerpark, Orange, New York

Richard Tracy             Male    30        Ireland, baker, naturalised

Margret Tracy Wife    Female 23        Ireland, 4 children

Margret Tracy Daughter         Female 6          Orange

David Tracy    Son      Male    5          Orange


August 07, 1868 Tri-states union.

Democratic Club.

A club styled the "Young men's Democratic Club" has been formed...Vice Presidents...Richd Tracy...


1869 Congressional Serial Set

Testimony of Richard Tracy of Port Jervis...about ten days before the election, received a communication notifying him that he would receive a box with some fifty or sixty odd naturalization papers for parties in that town. The men for whom they were intended were to call for them, the box being placed by him in a conspicuous place in his bakery. This box was subsequently left at his store late one night, where it was found by Tracy in the morning, and placed by him in a case behind his counter.

1870 The Congressional Globe, Volume 42, Part 2

Richard Tracy...resides town of Deerpark twelve or thirteen years...


January 11, 1870 The evening gazette.

At the regular annual meeting of Fowler Engine Company No.3, the following officers were elected for the years 1870: Richard Tracy, Foreman...


1870 Census - Town of Deerpark, Port Jervis, Orange NY

Richard Tracy             Male    41        Ireland, baker

Margaret Tracy                        Female 27        Ireland

Margaret Tracy                        Female 11        New York

David Tracy                Male    10        New York

Annie Tracy                Female 4          New York

Elizabeth Tracy                       Female 2          New York

Maria Hagerty             Female 14        New York, domestic servant

William Rooney                      Male    15        New York, bakers apprentice






May 24, 1870 The Evening Gazette (Port Jervis, NY)

The Fenians on the War Path.

Vermont is said to be teeming with Fenians. Last night it was believed they were going somewhere, to do something, Two organized companies of them left Burlington for Canada last evening, and a boat load of them is said to be en route from Plattsburgh to Albans Bay. Nearly every team in St Albans and Burlington. was engaged for use last night. There were rumors that large numbers of men were ready to ship from Boston, Manchester. Concord, and Other points awaiting transportation. The city of Buffalo is full of Fenians, and there is every indication that something is going to be did sure.

Richard Tracy, of this village, has opened a recruiting office in his bakery, and the green flag Waves triumphantly in front of his building to-day. An old musket and bayonet shows his earnest intentions, and we have no doubt Richard will be able to raise a full company, as soon as the tocsin of war is sounded. Go in Dick and win.



October 18, 1872 Tri-states union. (Port Jervis NY)

Jumping on Railroad Cars - One Boy Killed and Another Badly Injured.

David Tracy, aged about eleven years, son of Mr. Richard Tracy of this village, while climbing on coal cars at the coal- switch, west of this village Saturday afternoon last, fell onto the track and was run over, the wheels crushing his left leg so that amputation was necessary, the limb being taken off below the knee.


December 27, 1872 Tri-states union (Port Jervis, Orange Co. New York)

Eat, drink and be merry.

The annual supper of the Board of Officers of the Port Jervis Fire Department - A good time

...Treasurer Richard Tracy...

The speech of the evening, however, was that delivered by Richard Tracy, the worthy Treasurer of the Department, He began by alluding to the fact that it was only lately that be bad come into notoriety as a public speaker—(his first speech was made the evening of the reception of No. 2’s new hose carriage). He briefly gave his experience as a fireman since he bad come into this village, eighteen years ago, and made some comic allusions to his reception in this village, of how be had been stuck in the mud in Pike street at Farnum’s hill, bad a golden loaf of bread stolen from him the first night he stayed here, and a great many other things that were of interest to his listeners, besides considerable that he didn’t say. His speech was frequently interrupted by applause, both loud and long. Richard’s success as a speech-maker may now he said to be fairly established.


1875 Census - Frame house, Deerpark, Orange, New York

Richard Tracy             Male    48        Ireland, saloon keeper

Margaret Tracy            Wife    Female 33        Ireland

Maggie Tracy  Daughter         Female 16, Orange     

David Tracy    Son      Male    14        Orange

Anna Tracy     Daughter         Female 10        Orange

Lizzie Tracy    Daughter         Female 7          Orange

Mary Tracy      Daughter         Female 5          Orange

Richard Tracy Son      Male    2          Orange

Catharine Haggerty     Servant            Female 17        Orange

Henry Haley    Boarder           Male    27        Ireland, brakeman

Cantler Fish     Boarder           Male    22        Ireland, brakeman

Michael Terry  Boarder           Male    34        Ireland, brakeman

Patrick Larney Boarder           Male    26        Ireland, brakeman


May 02, 1876 The evening gazette (Port Jervis NY)

Richard Tracy, who kept the Pike street bakery two or three years since, afterwards removing to Germantown, will soon start a bakery in that suburb.


February 26, 1878 The evening gazette.

A Burglar Operating At Germantown

About four o’clock this morning Patrick McCahill of Germantown, occupying apartments in the house owned by Richard Tracy, was awakened by a noise as if someone was attempting to force an entrance through the front door of the second story, opening on a piazza...


July 02, 1878 The evening gazette.,

- Mr. Richard Tracy, President of the Excise Beard, caught a 4.5 pound black bass, in the Delaware river at Patterson’s Eddy, one day last week.


June 26, 1879 The evening gazette. (Port Jervis NY)

A Germantown Fight.

A One-Legged Youth Severely Pounds A Lamp - Lighter — Arrested.

Wednesday Daniel Tracy, the son of Richard Tracy of Germantown, was arrested, charged with assault and battery on W. H. Couse. The case was taken before Justice Cox, where it was settled. Couse is lamp-lighter, and accused Tracy of breaking a lamp, which the latter denied. From words they came to blows, and then clenched and fell. Tracy is a lad with but one leg, while Couse is much older, and apparently sound in limb aud mind.” The two fell, Couse on top. Having this advantage he evidently desired to compromise the matter, but while the talk was going on Tracy suddenly turned his opponent, and being on top he proceeded to pound his adversary unmercifully. For this a warrant was issued, with the result stated.


1880 Census - 10th Port Jervis, Orange, New York

Richard Tracy Self      Male    49        Ireland, saloon keeper

Maggie Tracy  Wife    Female 38        Ireland

Maggie Tracy  Daughter         Female 21        New York, United States

David Tracy    Son      Male    19        New York, United States, bartender

Annie Tracy    Daughter         Female 14        New York, United States

Lizzie Tracy    Daughter         Female 12        New York, United States

Mary Tracy      Daughter         Female 10        New York, United States

Richard Tracy Son      Male    6          New York, United States

Katie Tracy     Daughter         Female 4          New York, United States

William Tracy  Son      Male    1          New York, United States


March 4 1880 The Evening Gazette (Port Jervis NY)

Excise Commissioners - Richard Tracy three years

Port Jervis Directory

Fire Department. Board of Officers...Richard Tracy Treasurer...


September 13, 1886 The evening gazette (Port Jervis NY)


Mrs. Charles Knapp.

Mrs. Charles Knapp, daughter of the late Richard Tracy, of this village, died at her home in Equinunk, on Saturday afternoon last. Her body was brought to this village on the Delaware division milk train on Sunday night and taken to her mother’s residence in Germantown. The funeral was held from St. Mary’s church this morning at 10 o’clock, burial at St. Mary's cemetery. Deceased is survived by her husband and one child.

September 16, 1886 Tri-states union.

Some Local Deaths .

A Daughter of the Late Richard T racy.

Mrs. Maggie Knapp, wife of Charles Knapp of Equinunk, Pa., died last Saturday, aged about 22 years. The remains were brought lo Port Jervis Sunday night, and the funeral took place Monday. A solemn requiem mass was celebrated at St. Mary’s church at 10.30, and interment followed in St. Mary’s cemetery. Mrs. Knapp was a daughter of the late Richard Tracy of Port Jervis.


December 06, 1890 The Port Jervis union (Port Jervis NY) and December 11, 1890 Tri-states union. (Port Jervis NY)


Miss Lizzie Tracy, daughter of the late Richard Tracy, died last Saturday at the residence of her mother at 343 Main street, Germantown, of dropsy and Bright’s disease, after a long illness. She was 22 years of age. The surviving members of the family are David, Richard and William, brothers of the deceased, all residing at home, Annie, Minnie, Katie and Mabel likewise living a t home.

The funeral was held on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. from the house and St. Mary’s church at 10.30 a.m., where requiem high mass was celebrated. Interment in St. Mary’s cemetery.

The deceased was a young lady of most estimable character and, in the circle of young people among which she moved, she was deservedly popular and beloved. The sympathy of a wide circle of friends will go out to this afflicted family in their great bereavement.


September 14, 1894 The Port Jervis union.,

Rosas...Mr. Richard Tracy has taken Mr. John Herbison’s place at F. J. tower. “Dick” Is a good fellow and will soon have many friends

January 17, 1895 Tri-states union.

Rosas, Jan 15 - Mr Thomas P. McCoy, formerly telegraph operator at Hale's Eddy, NY, has been appointed  to take Mr. Richard Tracy’s place at R. I. tower, at this point.


January 27, 1898 Tri-states union


Mrs. Margaret Tracy.

Mrs. Margaret Tracy died at her home in Germantown Sunday morning at 2 o’clock of cancer of the stomach after a long illness. She was born in the county of Wexford, Ireland ,nearly 57 years ago and emigrated to this country while very young and located in Port Jervis, where she h as lived ever since. Mrs. Tracy was the widow of the late Richard Tracy, who died twelve years ago. For sometime Mrs. Tracy with her husband kept a bak­ery on Pike street, where the National Bakery now stands and later moved to Germantown and for a long time run a hotel at that place .Mrs. Tracy was afflict­ed for the past year with cancer and bore a great deal of suffering. She was a kind and affectionate mother and was loved and respected by all who knew her.

She is survived by the following chil­dren; David, Anna, wife of James Lyons, Minnie, Richard, Catherine, William, Julia and Mabel, all of Port Jervis; one brother, Mr. John Kinsila and four sis­ters, Mrs. Elizabeth Monaghan, Miss Alice Kinsila, Mrs. James Eagan of Port .Jervis, and Mrs. James Monaghan of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mrs. Tracy was a member of St., Mary’s rosary society of the Catholic church, and Valentine Lodge No. 487, K. & L. of H, of Germantown.


February 16, 1899 Tri-states union.


Carey — Tracy.

Mr. Worden Carey and Miss Catherine R.Tracy, daughter of the late Richard and Margaret Tracy, of Germantown, were united in marriage at 6.30 o’clock, Wednesday at Grace Church rectory by Rev. Uriah Symonds. The witnesses were Mr. Samuel G. Blackman and Miss Mathilde E. Jordan.

Mr. Carey is the well known insurance solicitor for the Metropolitan Insurance Company and is also a popular young man, being secretary for Maghogomock Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, of this village.

The bride is a well known young lady of Germantown and is highly esteemed. The Union joins the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Carey in wishing them a long and happy wedded life.


1900 Census – 42 Front Street, Election Districts 6-7 Port Jervis village, Orange, New York

David Tracy    Lodger            Male    40        b. Mar 1860 New York, single, parents b. Ireland, speculator

Richard Tracy Lodger            Male    26        b. May 1874 New York, single, Parents b. Ireland, telegraph operator


November 10, 1904 Tri-states union.

Richard J. Tracy.

Richard J. Tracey, aged 35 years, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a dispatch received by his brother David [of 41 Ball Street], of this village, of typhoid lever. Deceased bad been a resident of Cincinnati four or five years, as operator for the B. & O. Railroad.

Mr. Tracy was unmarried and was a son of the late Richard and Margaret Tracy, deceased. He is survived by two brothers and five sisters: David, William, Anne, wife of Mr. James Lyons, of Port Jervis; Minnie, wife of John W. Bohan, of New York City; Catharine, wife of Worden Carey, and Julia and Mabel, of Port Jervis.


Ellis Island

William E. Tracey, 1914, 29 years, b. Port Jervis NY, 488 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY

Catherine Tracey, 1914, 24 years, b. Brooklyn NY, 488 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY


July 30, 1918 The evening gazette. (Port Jervis NY)


David J. Tracy

David J . Tracy died at his home. No. 144 Pike street, at 7:15 on Monday evening, July 29, after an illness of several weeks. He was 58 years of age.

Deceased was born in Port Jervis and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tracy. He had always lived in this city. In 1903 he was united in marriage with Miss Mary Kane of Ellenville.

The surviving relatives are his wife and one daughter, Miss Margaret Tracy, at home; one brother, William Tracy, of New York city; five sisters Mrs. James H. Lyons and Mrs. Worden Carey, of Port Jervis; Misses Mabel and Julia Tracy and Mrs. John Bohan, New York city.

The funeral will take place at the house, No. 144 Pike street, at 8:30 on Thursday morning, August 1st, and at nine o’clock in St. Mary’s church. Interment will be in St. Mary’s cemetery


1910 Census - 1617 East Twelve Street, Brooklyn Ward 31, Kings, New York

William E Tracy          Head   Male    28        New York, parents b. Ireland, speculator comnstruction

Julia A Tracy   Sister   Female 23        New York, parents b. Ireland, stenographer Shoe Co.

Mabel V Tracy            Sister   Female 21        New York, parents b. Ireland

William C Davis          Lodger            Male    27        New York, parents b. NY, stenographer Rail road


1920 Census – 170 State? Ave, Brooklyn Assembly District 10, Kings, New York

William E Tracy          Roomer           Male    35        New York, parents b. Ireland, contactor, general

Catherine Tracy           Wife    Female 30        New York, b. Ireland mother b. NY

John Than        Boarder           Male    28        New York, parents b. Ireland, accountant brookerage

Mabel Than     Wife    Female 26        New York, parents b. Ireland

Julie Tracy       Sister   Female 28        New York, parents b. Ireland, book-keeper Coal co.


1920 Census - 174 81 Street, Brooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, New York

William E Tracey        Head   Male    35        New York, parents b. Ireland, contactor, general

Catherine A Tracey     Wife    Female 30        New York, father b. Ireland mother b. NY


1930 Census - 8015 Narrows Ave, Brooklyn (Districts 1001-1250), Kings, New York

William E Tracey        Head   Male    46        New York, parents born Irish Free State, 28 years when married, contractor, general contractor

Catherine Tracey         Wife    Female 39        New York, father b. Northern Ireland, mother b. New York, 24 years when married

Gertrude Green           Servant            Female 25        Newfoundland


William E. Tracey died 28 Apr 1939, 8015 Narrows Ave. Brooklyn Kings New York, 55 years, Married, Occupation: Insurance, b. 6 Mar 1884 U.S. (s. of Richard Tracey & Margaret Kiusila both b. Ireland), buried 2 May 1939 Holy Cross Cemetery, Spouse: Kathryn





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