Thomas Henry Tracey (1821-1895)


Thomas Henry Tracey, of Dublin, Solicitor, Councillor, QC, JP (1821-1895) was the son of Timothy Tracy, secretary.


He graduated from Kings Inns in 1845. According to the Directory listings, he and his father lived in various addresses in Dublin. He spent the last thirty years living in 103 Lower Gardiner street.


In 1847, Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, was the Clerk of the Peace's office, county of Dublin.


In December 1849, Thomas H. Tracey was sworn in and admitted an attorney of the Court of Exchequer.


In the 1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland, he has the following listings:

City Officers Dublin - Deputy (Clerk of the Crown): Thomas H. Tracy, esq. (48 Gt Brunswick St???)

Thomas H. Tracy, 56 Gardiner Street Lower, solicitor ...


From 1854 to 1860 he was a councillor from the North Dock Ward in Dublin Corporation, and a leader of the liberal/radical party.


In 15 August 1863, Thomas H. Tracey, Esq., and Mrs. Tracey have left lower Gardiner street for the continent.


In 18 January 1864, Mr Thomas H. Tracey dedicated a political pamphlet on “The Irish Viceroyalty” to his Excellency the Earl of Carlisle, published by Joseph Dollard, Dame-street. [A copy is available in the RIA]


In June 1882, Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, Junior and Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, attended the Cardinal McCabe's Reception


In 1888, he made multiple contributions to the O'Connell Monument fund.


In 1890, he became a Justice of the Peace.


He died on the 3rd March 1895, aged 74 years.

Thomas Henry Tracey, Registration district: Dublin North, Record type: DEATHS, Registration date - quarter and year: Jan - Mar 1895, Age: 74



Family Notices


12 April 1854 Dublin Evening Mail

...Thomas H. Tracey, Esq., aged 28 years


Thomas Tracey married Mary Tierney on the 8 May 1843 Wit: Danl Berry & Anne Ennis. Haddington Road Parish

Thomas Henry Tracy & Mary Tierney

Margaret Tracy b. 27 Sep 1846 Sp. John Aoldy? Curran & Anne Cavanagh. Haddington Road Parish

Thomas Tracy & Mary Tierney

Denis Michl Tracy b. 11 September 1853 of 103 Lr Gardiner St Sp. Daniel Bergin & Mary Hargrove. Pro-Cathedral [see address]


Arthur/Arthuris? Tracey, full age, bachelor, porter, lives 6 Temple Ct (s. of Henry Tracey, solicitor) married Catherine Maddix, full [age], spinster, no trade, lives 6 Temple Ct (d. of Thomas Maddix, slater) 26 October 1868 RC Cathedral Marlboro St Wit: William Kerwick & Margaret Puitle [Dublin North PLU]

Arthurus Tracey (s. of Henrici & Mariae Tracey of 103 Gardiner Pl) of 6 Temple St. m. Catherina Maddix (d. of Thomae & Carolinae Maddix of 6 Temple St) of 6 Temple St on the 26 October 1868 Wit: Guillelmus Kerwick & Margarita Purcell

Arthur Tracey & Catharina/Kate Maddock/Maddix/Maddick/Maddocks/Matlock/Maddox

Thomas Henricus Tracey b. 29 December 1865 of 20 Montgomery St Sp. Charlotta Maddocks - MALE b. 29 December 1865 (LDS)

Ellena Tracy b. 5 June 1867 of 24 Mecklenburgh St Sp. Ellena Gibson

Marianna Tracey b. 3 August 1869 of 3 Temple Lane Sp. Marianna Walsh [Matlock]

James Arthur Tracey b. 9 July 1871 of 3 Temple St [Ct] Sp. Emily Maddox

Joseph Tracey b. 3 June 1873 of 6 Mountjoy Ct Sp. Julia Berry [Maddock]

Catharina Tracey b. 15 July 1875 of Mountjoy Court 6 Sp. Catharina McNamara [Maddix]

Patricius Tracy b. 21 August 1877 of 6 Mountjoy Ct Sp. Maria Johnstone [Maddick]

Arthur Tracy b. 22 February 1880 of 7 Mtjoy Ct Sp. Maggie Power


1900 Census ED 396 Borough of Manhattan, Election District 1-2 New York City Ward 17, New York County, New York, United States

Household         Gender  Age         Birthplace

Head   Niclas Toben         M            40              Ireland

Wife    Catherine Toben    F             29           Ireland

Brother-in-law   Patrick Trasy          M            26           Ireland

Brother-in-law   Artur Trasy            M            21           Ireland [Emigrated 1896?]


Thomas Henricus Tracy (s. of Timothei & Margaritae Tracy of York St) of 103 Lr Gardiner St m. Delia Josephina Burke (d. of Jacobi & Mariae Burke of Galway) of 22 Mid Gardiner St on the 25 June 1863 Wit: Daniel Joseph Birgar of 103 Solaid? St & Winifreda Aloysia Quinn of 98 Solaid? St & Maria Martin of Clontarf

Thomas Henricus Tracey & Delia Josephina Burke

Thomas Henricus Tracey b. 31 January 1865 of 103 Lr Gardiner St Sp. Patritius Whelan & Maria Duffey

Ellena Georina Maria Tracey b. 14 August 1867 of 103 legard [Lr Gard] St Sp. Thomas Henricus Tracey & Judith? Alcock per Mariam Emilliam Duffey

Thomas Henry Tracey & Delia Burke [married June 25 1863, at the Cathedral Marlborough street]

Thomas Henry b. 28 January 1865 (LDS)

Ellen b. 14 August 1867 (LDS)


26 June 1863 (FJ)

On June 25, 1863 at the Cathedral Marlborough street by the Rev William Purcell, Thomas H. Tracey, Esq, to Delia, second daughter of James Burke, Esq, of Galway.

27 June 1863 Cork Examiner

... Thomas H. Tracey, Esq., to Delia, second daughter of James Burke, Esq , of Galway.


1 February 1865  Cork Examiner

... Thomas H. Tracey, Solicitor, of a son.

On Jan 28 [1865], at Dublin, the wife of Thomas H. Tracey, Esq., Solicitor, of a son. (The Solicitors' journal & reporter)

Treacy - January 23 or 28 1865, at Lower Gardiner-street, the wife of Thomas H. Tracey, solicitor, of a son (IT & FJ)


14 August 1867 (FJ) at 103 Lower Gardiner street, the wife of Thomas H. Tracey, solicitor, of a daughter.


Thomas H Tracey (s. of Thomas Tracey & Lelia [Delia] Burke of 103 Lr Gardiner St) of 103 Lr Gardiner St m. Kathleen Murray (d. of John Murray & Margaret Boyle of Edenderry King Co.) of 103 Gardiner St on 17 August 1892 Wit: Mark Keely of 16 Buckingham Buildings & Kate Barnett of 111 Gt. Britin St

Thomas Henry Tracey/Tresey & Catherine Murray

Maude Josephine Tracey b. 8 January 1893 of 103 Lr Gardiner St Sp. Margaret Murray

Henry Jos Tracey b. 7 March 1894 of 109 [103] Lr Gardiner St Sp. Mary Brooks

Mary Agnes Tresey b. 16 August 1897 of 103 Lr Gardiner St Sp. Margaret Murray

[Thomas] Henry Tracey & Catherine Murray

Bedelia Catherina Mary Tracey b. 7 September 1895 of Rotunda Hosp Sp. Margaret Murray

Margaret Mary Tracey b. 6 March 1900 of 103 Lr Gardiner St Sp. Margaret Hudson


Thomas Henry Tracey, of full age, widower, solicitor, lives 103 Lr Gardiner St, (s. of Timothy Tracey, gentleman) married Alicia O’Brien, of full age, spinster, lives 17 Marino Cresent, (d. of James O'Brien, Captain in the army) 17 February 1870 RC Chapel Fairview Wit: V.? A. B. O'Brien & Kate J. O'Brien [Coolock & Drumcondra Dublin North PLU]


22 February 1870 Freeman's Journal

Thomas H Tracey. Esq. 103 Lower Gardiner- street, to Alicia, eldest daughter of the late Captain James O'Brien, 6th Royal Veteran Battalion, Brywsytown House, County ...

19 March 1870 The Pilot (Boston & NY)

Feb. 17, at Clontarf, Thomas H. Tracy, Esq., to Alicia, daughter of the late Capt. James O’Brien, Bryanstown House, Co. Meath.


16 June 1890 Freeman's Journal

... of T H Tracey, Ms, .1 P. eldest daughter of the late Captain O'Brier, 6th i:,:;,!Veteran Battalion

13 June 1891 Freeman's Journal ,

... Alicia Tracey, who departed-.. 1, 3 Lower Gardiner street, June :-.- -' . - n-c e soul sweet Jesus have mercy. FPner- .- '-,, d5-rj; seurrted. ...



Thomas Henry Tracey d. 3 Mar 1895 103 Lower Gardiner street Dublin, solicitor, to Thomas Molloy 59 Talbot street, merchant


1901 Census

Thomas Henry Tracey, 36, M, 103 Lr. Gardiner Street, North Dock, Dublin, Saving on his Means on House Property, Roman Catholic Church, Head of Family, Married, Dublin City

Kathleen Tracey, 33, F, Lr. Gardiner Street, North Dock, Dublin, Catholic Church, Wife, Married, King's Co

Delia Tracey, 5, F, Lr. Gardiner Street, North Dock, Dublin, Scholar, Catholic Church, Daughter, Not Married, Dublin City

Margaret Tracey, 1, F, Lr. Gardiner Street, North Dock, Dublin, Catholic Church, Daughter, Not Married, Dublin City


Aug 29, 1908 (FJ) Auction of Dublin Property

...103 Lower Gardiner street, with possession (for executrix of late Mr. Tracy)...

Thomas Henry Tracey d. 25 May 1908 103 Lower Gardiner Street Dublin, gentleman, to Kathleen M. Tracey widow

May 25, 1910 (FJ) In Memoriam

Tracey - Second Anniversary - In loving memory of Thomas Henry Tracey, late of Lower Gardiner street, who departed this life on the 25th of May, 1908; fondly loved and dearly mourned by his sorrowing wife and children. Also my beloved son, Harry, who died on the 2nd of May 1907. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on their souls. Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for them. Masses will be offered in Mount Argus this day.


1911 Census

Kathleen Mary, Tracey, 121 Leinster Road, 43, F, Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin (widow, married 19 years, 7 child 4 alive)

Celia, [Delia] Tracey, Leinster Road, 15, F, Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin

Margaret N, Tracey, Leinster Road, 11, F, Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin

Eilleen F, Tracey, Leinster Road, 7, F, Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin

Thomas C, Tracey, Leinster Road, 5, M, Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin




In the Kings Inns Admission Papers, it states: Tracey, Thomas Henry, s. of Timothy, Dublin, scrivener; under 24; ed. Dublin; aft. Father. H 1845.


Directory Listings:


1829: T Tracey, Scrivener, 70 Aungier St

1830: T Tracey, Scrivener, 16 Aungier St

1831: Timothy Tracey, Scrivener, 42 French St

Not listed 1832 to 1835 and 1837 to 1840

1836: Timothy Tracy, Scrivener, 14 Aungier St

1839-1840: Thomas H Tracey esq, (Gentry & Nobility), 28 Gt Ship St

1842-1847: Timothy Tracy, scrivener, 16 Mercer St

1841: Timothy Tracy, 28 Gt Ship St

1842-1846: Thomas H. Tracey, 1 (and 2) Camden Villa

1847-1848: Thomas H. Tracey, Victoria Terr, Bath Ave, Beggers Bush

1848-51 Griffiths Valuation Dublin:  Timothy Tracey, Howth Howth Dublin

1848-51 Griffiths Valuation Dublin: Thomas H. Tracy, Gardiner Street, Lower St. Thomas Dublin

1849 Thomas H. Tracey/Tracy, solicitor, 56 Gardiner st. Lr. & Timothy Tracey, scrivener, 8 York street

1850: Timothy Trac(e)y, 8 York Street, scrivener,

1850: Thomas H. Tracey, 52 or 56 Lower Gardiner St (solicitor) & Deputy Clerk of the Crown?

1862-3: Thomas H Tracy, Esq., solicitor, 103 Gardiner street lower.

February 1868: Thomas H. Treacy, Solicitor, Lower Gardiner Street




Newspaper References:


December 17, 1847 (FJ) Dublin Police

Cautions to Vintners - Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, of the Clerk of the Peace's office, county of Dublin...


25 March 1848 (N)

...M. Tracy, of Gardiner-street, then rose to address the meeting. He alluded to the conduct of the Lord Lieutenant in filling the town with soldiers and shutting the Castle gates. He urged upon the meeting to exert themselves and obtain their liberties...


13 May 1848 (N) Protestant Repeal Association

...present...T.C. Tracey...solicitor[?]...


January 5, 1849 (FJ) Clerk of the Crown's Office

We should hope that in the distribution of places connected with the above office the claim of Mr. Thomas H. Tracey may not be forgotten. Mr. Tracey has acted in that capacity for many years, and his efficiency as well as his civility on all occasions has been amply attested by the public, who speak largely of him as an officer and a gentleman. - Pilot of Tuesday.


May 25, 1849 (FJ) The State Prisoners

...solicitors...Thomas H. Tracey, 56 Lower Gardiner street...


November 21, 1849 (FJ)

Thomas H. Tracey, Esq, 56 Lower Gardiner street...elected to act as assessor at the ensuing municipal election for the Custom House ward.


December 6, 1849 (FJ)

Thomas H. Tracey was on yesterday sworn in and admitted an attorney of the Court of Exchequer.


July 15, 1850 (FJ) North Dock Ward Liberal Club

Thomas H. Tracey, Esq, solicitor, in the chair


November 30, 1849 (BL) Court of Chancery - Dublin

...applied as attorneys...Tracy...


January 11, 1850 (FJ) Kilmainham Quarter Session

...Mr. Thomas W. Tracy, who defended the prisoner...


April 24, 1850 (FJ) Abolition of the Viceroyalty

North Dock Ward...Moved by Henry Grattan Esq.; seconded by Thomas Tracy, Esq.


May 10, 1851 Nation

Thomas H. Treacy, solicitor, 36 Lower Gardiner street


25 October 1851 (N) To the Liberal Burgesses of the North Ward

Gentlemen - I beg to offer myself as a Candidate for the representation of your Ward in the Municipal Council. If elected, I shall by every means in my power discountenance any increase of Taxation, and endeavour to reduce the rates on this impoverished city. My principals are, that "Tenant Right," and a Repeal of the Legislative Union, are both essential to the prosperity of Ireland. Thomas H. Tracey, 56 Lower gardiner-street.


November 24, 1851 (FJ) To the Liberal Burgesses of North Dock ward

...Thomas H. Tracy, 56 Lower Gardiner street


November 26, 1851 (FJ) North Dock Ward

...Mr. Thomas H. Tracy, 70...Mr. Carolin elected...Mr. Tracey was only a resident for three years within this ward...

29 November 1851 Wexford Independent

Municipal Elections - Town councillors...North Dock ward...Mr. Thomas H. Tracy, 70 [not elected]


February 23, 1854 (FJ) To be sold

...two houses in the town of Naas...to Thomas H. Tracy, Solicitor, No.108 Lower Gardiner street.


Feb 19, 1861 Freemans Journal






28 October 1854 (N) Liberal Registry Association

...present...Thomas M Tracey (Solicitor)...


18 November 1854 (N) To the Liberal Burgesses of the North Dock Ward

Gentlemen - I beg to offer myself as a Candidate for the representation of your Ward in the Town Council. The flattering reception I have received throughout my canvass, inspires me with confidence of my sucess. If elected by you, I shall carefully avoid the discussion of all Sectarian matters, and lessen, by every means in my power, the Taxation of my native City. I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your most obedient servant. Thomas H. Tracey, 103 Lower gardiner-street.


November 24, 1854 (FJ) To the Burgesses of North Dock Ward

I beg to offer myself as a candidate...town council...Thomas H. Tracey, 108 Lower Gardiner street


25 November 1854 (N) City Municipal Elections

In the North Dock Ward Mr Tracey opposes Mr. Carollin, whose re-election is, however, secure.


November 27, 1854 (FJ) Municipal elections

North Dock - In this ward Mr Treacy opposed the re-election of Mr F Carolin.


2 December 1854 (N) Municipal Elections

North Dock Ward - Mr. Frederick Carolin was opposed by Mr. Tracey, solicitor, who was returned. There was only opposition in four of the wards.


2nd December 1854 The Tablet

Dublin Municipal Elections...North Dock—In this ward Mr Treacy opposed the re-election of Mr F Carotin. Alderman Hoyt, presided. At the close the numbers were—Treacy, 156; Carotin, 104....


December 19, 1854 (FJ) To the members of the Dublin Library Society and Hibernian Athenaeum

...John H. Tracey, T.C....


March 2, 1855 (FJ) North Dock ward

...Thomas H. Tracey, TC...


April 20, 1855 (FJ) Liberal Registry Association

...Thomas H. Tracy, Esq., T.C....


June 06, 1855 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Tenant-Right - Deputation to the Lord Lieutenant...from the Corporation...Thomas H. Tracey T.C....


17 September 1855 Cork Examiner,

Sale Of The City Dublin Corporation Estates. To The Editor Of The Dublin Evening Post. Sir—ln the last ..... Thomas H. Tracey, Town Councillor, 103, Lower Gardiner-street ...


July 8, 1856 (FJ) Hackney Carriage Bye Laws

Thos H Treacy, TC, 108 Lower Gardiner street


July 14, 1856 (FJ) Hackney Carriage Bye Laws

...Thos. H. Tracy, TC, 103 Lower Gardiner street...


7 February 1857 (N) Tenant League [Dublin]

...Mr. Tracey, TC,...


30 May 1857 (N) City of Dublin Election

...petition against the return of Messrs Grogan and Vance...Thomas H Tracey, TC...Mr Kernan of the firm of Kernan and Tracey, agents for the petition...


26 September 1857 (N) English Pavers and welch Pavingstones

...burgesses of Merchant's Quay ward...Mr. Tracey, TC...


24 October 1857 (N) Abolation of Ministers' Money

Dear Sir...a sum equal to the amount of the Ministers' money...to be paid to parish priest of his district to be applied towards the enlargement, completion and buildings of the various churches...Thomas H. Tracey


31 October 1857 (N) To the Burgesses of the North Dock Ward. Caution.

Gentlemen - From a Circular which has been distributed amongst the Burgesses, stating that there is a probability of a Vacancy occurring in the Ward, I feel it my duty, as the out-going Town Councillor, to say, on my part, that no vacancy exists, save my going out by rotation for re-election, and that is my firm determination to come forward for re-Election, in accordance with the Resolution come to at a Meeting of the Burgesses of the Ward, offering me their unanimous support.

I take the oppertunity of saying that, relying on the promises of the Burgesses made during my personal canvass, I come forward for re-Election, with every assurance of sucess. Confident of having served you faithfully and well by my votes and public conduct, I feel you will not displace an Irishman without a cause from the position which you, three years ago, placed me in a represenative of one of the most respectable and influential Wards of my native City.

I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful servant, Thomas H. Tracey, Town Council, North Dock Ward, Lower Gardiner street.


November 26, 1857 (FJ) Municipal Elections

North Dock Ward...Mr. Tracey (Liberal) 119 votes...elected...


28 November 1857 (N) Municipal Elections

North Dock ward - the candidates were - Mr Tracey (the out-going Town Councillor), Mr J C Joseph, and Mr M'Comas. At four o'clock the polling was as follows:-

Mr Tracey (Liberal) 119

Mr Joseph (Liberal) 96

Mr M'Comas (Conservative) 70

Mr Tracey was declared duly elected.


16 January 1858 (N) North Dock Ward [Meeting]

...That James[?] Tracey, Esq, TC, do take the chair...


16 January 1858 (N) North Dock Ward

...Edward M'Vey Esq...vacancy...undersigned Burgesses...Thomas H Tracey, TC...


July 10, 1858 (FJ) The Police Bill

North Dock Ward...Thomas Henry Tracy T.C.


13 August 1859 (N) The Corporation [Dublin]



10 December 1859 (N) The Irish Exiles

We are heartily glad to see that Mr. Treacy has given notice that at the next meeting of the Dublin Corporation he will move a resolution in favour of an amnesty to the Irish political exiles...


29 October 1859 Irish Times

Town Council

The following members of the corporation were present…Tracey…

…Councillor Tracey’s motion to memorialise the Lord Lieutenant for the pardon and amnesty of John Mitchell and his confederates…


December 1859 Municipal Council

...Councillors...Tracey/Tracy...soliciting an intercession...on behalf of the State prisoners and political refugees, in order to obtain a general pardon for them...


September 11, 1860 (FJ) North Dock Ward

...our representative, Thomas H. Tracey, Esq, T.C. during the six years he has represented this ward in the town Council...


12 November 1860

Municipal Revision. The Lord Mayor and his assessors, Messers. Hyndmen and Coffey, sat this day for to conclude the revision of the lists. Mr. Tracey, Q.C. appeared to sustain the Liberal interest, and Mr. Atkinson on the Conservative side.


26/7 November 1860 Irish Times

In the North Dock Ward, the contest is between two radicals, the one, the outgoing Councillor Thomas H. Tracey, whose peculiar orations have been so remarkable…(Lost by one vote)


26/7 November 1860 Irish Times

In the North Dock Ward, the contest is between two radicals, the one, the outgoing Councillor Thomas H. Tracey, whose peculiar orations have been so remarkable…(Lost by one vote)


November 27, 1860 (FJ) Municipal Elections

North Dock ward...Mr. McSwiney 169, Mr. Tracey 168...The conservative party, with few exceptions voted for Mr. Tracey...would follow up his objection to the vote of personating...


19 February 1861 (FJ) Address to Thomas H. Tracey Esq.

Sir, We the electors of the North Dock Ward...in appreciation...during your six years of representation...fifteen years you have been locally resident amongst us...signed on behalf of 100 Electors...


28 May 1861 (FJ) North Dock Ward

...Mr. Thomas H. Tracy, solicitor, addressed the meeting...[unity of the liberal interest]...


8 August 1861 (FJ) North Dock Ward

...Thomas H. Tracey, Esq...[support]...Lucas A Treston, 102 Lower Gardiner-street.


24 November 1863 (FJ) Municipal Elections

...Mr. Thomas H. Tracy intends...the North Dock Ward...


4 January 1865 (FJ) To the electors of the North Dock Ward

...honour me with your confidence...Thomas H. Tracey


14 January 1865 (N) North Dock Ward

...Mr. Thomas H. Tracey seconded the motion that Mr. P.P. M'Swiney be offered the aldermanship...


12 January 1865 (FJ) & 28 January 1865 (N) O'Connell Committee

...present...Mr. T. H. Tracey...


18/25 February 1865 (N) The National Association  of Ireland

...present/speaking...Thomas H. Tracey, solicitor, Dublin...


10 may 1865 (FJ) Grand Ball

...Mr Thomas H Tracy and Mrs Tracy...


11 November 1865 (N) Committal of Mr. John Donovan [Dublin]

Mr. John Donovan, a young man about twenty-two years of age, who is, we are informed, the eldest son of the late Mr. John Donovan, the great Irish Historian and antiquarian, was brought before Mr. Stronge, Chief Divisional Magistrate, in the Police Commissioners Court, Lower Castle Yard, on Tuesday evening, charged with having been an active member of the Fenian Brotherhood. Mr. Pepper, instructed by Mr. Tracey, appeared for the prisoner...house of Geary, of Cork...


9 May 1868 (N) Killucan, County Westmeath

...Title and Conditions of Sale to be made to T. H. Tracey, Esq., Solicitor, 11 Essex-bridge.


12 December 1874 (TH) The O'Connell Committee, Dublin

...Thomas H. Tracey...



Thomas Treacy representative of William Saunders, The plot of ground, house and premises now known as no. 103 Lower Gardiner Street in the county of the City of Dublin, rent £13.16.11, 0a/0r/3p, Lease dated 3rd October 1809, John Cash to William Saunders at the yearly rent of £15 late currency...


June 1882 Cardinal McCabe's Reception

...Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, Junior...Mr. Thomas H. Tracey...


April 1883 T.H. Tracey, Solicitor, Chambers, 22 Fownes street, Dublin


August 1886 Public Entry of the Lord Lieutenant

Sir,...Yours, Thomas H. Tracey, Lower Gardiner street


October 1887 The Patriotic Assurance Company of Ireland

...Thomas Henry Tracy...


1888 Report of the O'Connell Monument Committee

Thomas H. Tracy, Esq., Lower Gardiner street Dublin (2nd sub.), per The Lord Mayor 1 0 0


19 April 1890, Irish Society (Dublin)

...His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has appointed Mr. Thomas H. Tracey, of Lower Gardiner street, to be a Magistrate for the City of Dublin. Mr Tracey was for six years a member of the Municipal Council, and served on the Board of S...


September 1890 The Royal Bank of Ireland

...Mr. Thomas Tracy, J.P...


April 1892 Patriotic Assurance Company

...Shareholders present...Thomas H. Tracy, J.P...


June 1892 Unionist Meeting at Rathmines

...present...Thomas H. Tracey...


August 1892...Thomas H. Tracy, Esq., Solicitor, No.103 Lower Gardiner street, Dublin


May 1893 A Sad Case

Sir... Yours, Thomas H. Tracey, J.P., 103 Upper Gardiner street, Dublin


June 1893 Thomas H. Tracey, Solicitor, 32 York street, Dublin


July 1893 City of Dublin Steampacket Company

Sir...Yours, Thomas H. Tracey, Lower Gardiner street


1893 Return for each County, City and Borough in Ireland of Names of Persons holding Commission of Peace

County of Dublin Magistrates, Thomas Henry Tracey, appointed 13 Mar 1890, Solicitor


March 17, 1894 (FJ) St. Patrick's Ball

...Thomas H. Treacey, JP...


8 September 1894 Freeman's Journal

... Thomas H. Tracey, Solicitor, 32 York street, Dublin.


May 1895 Thomas Henry Tracy, late of 103 Lower Gardiner street in the City of Dublin, Solicitor J.P., deceased...died 3rd March 1895...


4 May 1895 IT

Statutory Notice to Creditors in the goods of Thomas Henry Tracey, late of 103 Lower Gardiner street, in the City of Dublin, solicitor J.P. deceased.


26 April 1895 Freeman's Journal

... Henry Tracey, deceased, who - died on the 3 rd day of March. 1D95, are hereby required, on or before the 10th day of June, 189, to-furnish (in writing) the ...

8 May 1895 Freeman's Journal

... Henry Tracey. late of 103 Lower Gardiner street, in the City of Dublin, Solicitor, J P, Deceased. Take Notice that pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd ...



July 1895 Catholic Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Cabra

Public Examination...present...T.H. Tracey...




A treatise on the duties of the offices of crown solicitors, clerks of the crown and clerks of the peace in Ireland (1847) by T. H Tracey

Thomas Tracey, The Irish viceroyalty (Dublin, 1864)




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