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Miguel Tressy Exaltacion de la Cruz


William "Guillermo" Tracey. Born in Ireland. Married in marriage to Bridget "Brigida" Buckley, born in 1822 in Ireland, the census in 1895 in CBsAs of 73 years, Irish widow "with her daughter Mary Murray (Tracey and Mary Buckley) for" 48 years, English, widow "and the children of Mary and Tracey Buckley: Bridget (22 years, Argentina, married), Elena (16 years, Argentina, single), Ana (14 years, Argentina), Jose (8 years, Argentina), Josefina ( 6 years, Argentina). Bridget "Bridget" Buckley died on 22.10.1909 to 87 years, being buried in the Cementerio Municipal de Lincoln, PBsAs, section 1, Series E, No. 32. Parent:

1.       Mary Tracey y Buckley. Born in 25.11.1848 in Temple Moate [Mount Temple, Ballyloughloe, Westmeath], Ireland. He [She] died on 13.12.1933 in CBsAs. Married on 26.5.1863 at the Church of Exaltation of the Cross, Lord's Chapel, PBsAs (L 11-1 -), Thomas "Tom" Murray and Lynn, son of James "Santiago" Murray and Catherine " Kethy "Lynn. With offspring (see genealogy of James "Santiago" Murray).


Maria Tracy, 16, (d. of Guillermo & Brigida Buckly) m. Tomas Murray, 22, (s. of Mateo & Catalina Linos) 26 May 1863 Exaltación De La Cruz, Capilla Del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Tracy/Tracey & Tomas Murray

Maria Murray b. 07 Jun 1866 bapt. 17 Jun 1866 Exaltación de la Cruz, Capilla del Señor, Buenas Aires, Argentina

Mateo Murray b. 17 Apr 1867 bapt. 03 Jun 1867 Exaltación de la Cruz, Capilla del Señor, Buenas Aires, Argentina

Guillermo Murray b. 20 Feb 1869 bapt. 14 Mar 1869 Exaltación de la Cruz, Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Tracey (of Ireland 40?) & Tomas Murray (of Ireland 44?) live in Baradero

Josefina Matilde Murray bapt. 14 Feb 1889 Santiago Apóstol, Baradero, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2.       Kathleen "Catalina" Tracey y Buckley. She was born in 1850 in Ireland. Married in marriage on 16/09/1873 at the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, Zárate, PBsAs (Book of Marriage, Year 1873, Number 10, page 30 - 2 -), with Patrick "Patrick" and Spallan Kelly , son of Mathew Kelly and Mary (or Margaret) Spallan (both natives of Ireland), born in 1847 in Ireland. Their offspring are unknown.

3.       Michael Tracey y Buckley. He was born in 1856 in Ireland. Died on 12/21/1866, being registered on 12/22/1866 at the Church of Capilla del Señor, Exaltation of the Cross, PBsAs.

4.       Charles "Carlos" Tracey y Buckley. [Born circa 1856] Married 1st Catherine Anne Keegan, born in Argentina in 1861 and died on 28.8.1884 in Zárate, PBsAs, inscribed in the Book of Death of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, Zárate, PBsAs, because of " cerebral congestion. Married 2nd Mary Kelly. Censused in 1895, when it claims to be the widower of Catherine Anne Keegan.


Carlos Tracey (of Ireland, 27) & Catalina A. Kugan [Keegan] (of del pais, 21?) of this parish

Maria Brigida Dorotea Tracey bapt. 28 May 1882 Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Lorenzo Maxwell b. Ireland, 45?, of this parish? & Pascuala Kenny b. Ireland, 41, of this parish?


Carlos Tracey (of Ireland, 27?) & Catalina Reegan [Keegan] (of del pais, 22) of this parish?

Guillermo Miguel Tracey [b. 30 May previous year?] bapt. 01 Jul 1883 Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Guillermo Jose Tracey born Ireland, 23, of this parish? & Honora? Tracey, born Ireland, 20, of this parish?


Carlos Tracey (of Ireland 29) & Catalina Regan [Reegan or Keegan] (of del pais, 23) of this parish?

Carlos Francisco Tracey bapt. 29 Jun 1884 Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Patricio Kelley b. Ireland, 36?, of this parish & Juana Keegan b. del pais, 25, lives Buenos Aires


5.       Joseph William "Guillermo" Tracey y Buckley. Born in 1859 in Drumraney, Co. Westmeath. Neighbor's Party was in Nueve de Julio, PBsAs. Censused in 1895. Died 3.9.1932 in CBsAs. Married on 13.4.1894 in marriage with Maria Crinigan and Bridget Kelly, born in 1871, who died 5.12.1953, daughter of Michael "Miguel" and Kelly and Bridget Crinigan Spalla.


6.       Nora (or Honoria) Tracey y Buckley. Born in 1863. She died on 2.4.1895 at Station Anchorena, Pergamino, PBsAs. Married in marriage in San Antonio de Areco, PBsAs with Beyrne and Michael Meeks, daughter of John "John" and Mary Meeks Beyrne. With offspring.


Honoria Treicy & Miguel Beyrne

Guillermo Miguel Beyrne bapt. 14 Jun 1890 San José, Arrecifes, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Patrico Beyrne lives Pergamino & Catalina Murray, 23?, lives Carmen de Orew?

Honoria Tracey (of Pergarnino 29) & Miguel Beyrne (of Pergarnino, 36) live in cuartel octavo

Juan José Maria Beyrne bapt. 22 May 1892 Nuestra Señora de La Merced, Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Jaun Beyrne b. Ireland lives cuartel octavo & Ana Dolthen lives cuartel octavo

Honoria Tracy (b. this place, 31) & Miguel Beryne (b. this place, 35)

Maria Inés Beryne 17 Nov 1893 Nuestra Señora de La Merced, Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Thomas J Beryne, b. this place, lives Parrogina & Catalina K de la Beryne, b. Ireland, lives Parrogina



William Joseph Tracey y Brígida Buckley con todos sus hijos (izda a dcha) Juan Carlos, Isabel y de su mano Ana María, José, Teresa, Brígida Buckley, William, Francisco (en brazos), Nora, Miguel y las mellizas Inés y Brígida



Catalina Tracy & José Mayinne of Ireland

Maria Mayinne Y Tracy bapt. 19 Sep 1860 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Patricio Moarcy & Maria Moorcy

Catalina Tracey (of Ireland, 34) & Jose Majinn [Magisin? Magin] (of Ireland, 46?) lives in guantel cinto

*Brigida Majinn Y Tracey b. September 1864? bapt. 05 Feb 1865 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Geremiah Delaney, b. Ireland, 48?, of this parish & Brigida Tracey b. Ireland, 25, of this parish

Catherine Tracey (of Ireland, 32) & Joseph Mac Ginn (of Ireland, 35)

John Mac Ginn bapt 23 September 1866 Sp. James Murray, of Ireland, 44, living in Giles & Catherine Mac Dermond, of  Ireland, 31, living in Giles


Michael Delaney y Tracy b. 1862 England (s. of Delaney & Bridget Tracy) m. Margarita Kearney y Dillon circa 1890

Brigida Tracey (of Ireland, 26?) & Geremia Delaney (of Ireland, 28) lives cuartel quinto

*Juan Delaney Y Tracey b. November 1864 bapt. 05 Feb 1865 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Jose Magin b. Ireland, 37?, lives cuartel quinto & Catalina Tracey b. Ireland, 34, lives cuartel quinto

Brigida Tracy (b. Ireland, 30) & Geronimo Delany (b. Ireland, 32) live la Pasesquia de San Andres de Giles

Elena Delany bapt. 08 May 1868 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Eduardo Whelan b. Ireland, 50?, lives Partido de San Andres de Giles & Enriqueta Munay b. este Partido, 32, lives esta Parroquia

BrigidaTracey/ Treacy & Jeremias Deleany

Santiago Delany b. 07 Mar 1869 bapt. 25 Apr 1869 Exaltación de la Cruz, Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Deleany b. 12 Jun 1870 bapt. 27 Sep 1870 Exaltación de la Cruz, Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires, Argentina


* baptised at the same time


Maria Treacy, 26? & Eduardo Helan of Ireland, lives Lujan

Mariquita Helan [Whelan] Y Treacy bapt. 16 Jun 1861 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Jose McGin & Catalina Treacy

Maria Tracy (b. Ireland, 25) & Eduardo Whellan (b. Ireland, 45) live cuartel Seis

Isabel Whellan Y Tracy bapt 30 Aug 1863 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Santiago Mordu, b. Ireland, 36, lives Villa Calle de la Constitusion & Elana Feely, b. Ireland, 23, lives Villa Calle de la Constitusion

Maria Tracy (b. Ireland, 35) & Eduardo Whellan (b. Ireland, 46) living Cuar tel Seis

Rosa Whellan Y Tracy bapt. 03 Sep 1865 Nuestra Señora de Luján, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Guiller mo Magins b. Ireland, 38? living el Par Isolo de Giles & Isabel Kirwan b. Ireland, 19? living Partiolo de Giles


Raymond Dublin to Argentina 2nd September 1861

2134 Bridget Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2135 Charles Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2136 Christopher Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2137 Mary Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2138 Michael Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2139 William Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2140 William Tracey, 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103

2141 ??? Tracey 02-Sep-61 Dublin Raymond 103


La Zíngara Liverpool to Argentina 06-May-1863

2640 William Tracy, 06-May-63 Liverpool La Zíngara 103


1869 National Census Argentina

Guillermo Trese, 65, yngles, yrlanda, Sección 06ª, Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina


John Mc Cormick, of Lujan, single, 34 years old, residing in this place, (legitimate son of Andrew Mc Cormick, of Ireland, and Mary Thirteen (Tracey), [born 184]  Ireland), married Josephine Noonan, of Navarro, 20 years old, single, (legitimate daughter of Joseph Noonan, of Ireland and Mary Berazategui of Spain),Witnesses: Michael P. Dillon, of this country, 23 years old, residing in the district of Salto, and Elena Noonan, a native of this country, 25 years old, residing in this game, parish priest Antonio Munagorri. 16th May 1911 St. Joseph Church


John Tracey, born 1858 Streamstown, Co. Westmeath Ireland died on 08/06/1910 in Chivilcoy Argintina (son of William Tracy & Hannah Tracy) married Mary Clavin y Casey, born 28/01/1856 in San Vicente (daughter of Joseph Clavin y Ronan and Mary Casey y Scally)

1.         Juan Emilio Tracey y Clavin bapt 1885 in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Suipacha, died 1954 buried in the cemetery of Chivilcoy, Single.

2.         Teresa Tracey y Clavin b. 03/10/1889 Chivilcoy, bapt. 14/10/1899 Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Suipacha Sp. John Fagan of Chivilcoy & Ana Catalina Keegan of Chivilcoy, d. 05/25/1954 Chivilcoyburied in the cemetery of Chivilcoy.  Married 14/03/1908 at the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Suipacha, to Joseph Kelly y Allen (son of William Kelly and Kathleen Allen y Seery) Witnesses: John Tracy, of this country, 23, residing in Chivilcoy & Nora Kelly, of this country, 19, residing in Navarro.

3.         María Luisa Tracey y Clavinas born on 04/09/1891 bapt. 05/25/1891 Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Suipacha Sp. Patrick Gaynor of Chacabuco & Bridget Keegan of Chacabuco, d. in 1963, buried in Sienda Cemetery Chivilcoy. Single.

4.         José Guillermo Tracey y Clavin bapt. 1898 Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Suipacha, d. in 1983 buried in the cemetery of Chivilcoy.  Married to Catherine Capurro.  With offspring.


John Tracey y María Clavin y Casey en BsAs, cerca de 1870.


Casamiento [marriage] de José Kelly y Allen & Teresa Tracey y Clavin.




Elena Tracey (of Ballymore? Trewtywiastmat? [Ballymore County Westmeath?] England, 21?) & Antonio Gey (of Argiles? Tarbes? France, 29)

Pedro Luis Gey bapt. 27 Aug 1885 Catedral Inmaculada Concepción del Buen Viaje, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ilisia Treace (b. Ballemore, Musana? Ireland, 27?) & Antonio Guz (b. Semper, Farbes, France, 31, profesion: quntero)

Miguel Juan Gey bapt. 28 Jun 1887 Catedral Inmaculada Concepción del Buen Viaje, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sp. Leon Gey, b. France, 26? & Maria Canton b. France, 21?) [Written note: Gey or Giez]

Elena Trecy & Antonio Guy

Elena Guy bapt. 31 May 1898 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Tamar, Southampton to Argentina, 1888/12/07

Thomas Tracy, Irish


John Treacy and Honora Hanly

John TREACY (b. May 1831) m. Kate HOURIGAN Nov. 13, 1861 Pallasgrean Limerick

Patrick TREACY (b. 3 March 1865 Grean) & Kathleen BROUGLETT [or Walsh see below]

Child: Kathleen TREACY Birth: 4 DEC 1901, Buenos Aries, Argentina

Child: John TREACY Birth: 12 SEP 1903, Limerick, Ireland

Child: Patrick TREACY Birth: 26 FEB 1905, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Child: Marie TREACY Birth: 9 NOV 1906, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Child: Irene TREACY Birth: 14 APR 1908, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Child: Johanna TREACY Birth: 21 NOV 1909

Child: Thomas TREACY Birth: 9 NOV 1911, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Child: Esther TREACY Birth: 26 OCT 1913, Roselle Park, New Jersey

Child: Anna TREACY Birth: 14 JUN 1915

Child: Gerold TREACY Birth: 15 MAY 1918

Child: Phillip TREACY Birth: 25 SEP 1920

Child: Marcella TREACY Birth: 22 AUG 1924


City of Dresden departing Queenstown, Ireland to Argentina Date of Arrival 15 February 1889
104 John Tracy 18 s labourer l 3

105 William Tracy 16 s labourer l 3

106 Edward Tracy 14 s labourer l 3


507 John J. Tracey 19 s labourer l 10

508 William Tracey 17 s labourer l 10

509 Edmund Tracey 16 s labourer l 11


538 John Tracey 40 m labourer i 11

539 Kate Tracey 40 m servant i 11

540 Thomas Tracey 20 s labourer i 11

541 Pat Tracey 18 d labourer i 11

542 Kate Tracey 15 s servant l 11

543 Johanna Tracey 9 s l 11




domingo, 24 de junio de 2012


Familia Treacy


I'am a Dresden descendant, via my grandfather, John Treacy, whose parents met in Argentina after taking the journey with THEIR parents. Now, I have something special to share. I'm attaching a photo of my Great-uncle, Gerald Treacy, taken sometime in the 1980s. Gerald was born in 1918 & will be 94 in May. He is my grandfather's brother, the last of 22 cousins born to Patrick & his wife, Kate & Johanna Treacy & her husband, Jose Peña (from Spain or the Canary Islands). Gerald is in a senior residence in Washington state, but he still looks the same, only older. As far as he knows, his paternal grandfather never left Argentina & died there. Patrick came to the USA in 1903, 6 wks. after my grandfather was born in Ireland.(His older sister was born in Argentina). Johanna & Jose came to the USA in March, 1912...almost 100 yrs. ago!

Patrick Treacy's Wedding record: Feb. 8, 1901. His profession is listed as "mecanico(maquinista)". Married by Father Jules, Passionist, at Holy Cross Church, Buenos Aires. It also says," Domiciliado en la calle Balcane 1.214 or 7" ---I can't make out which it is, 4 or 7. His bride's address is the same. However, according to family legend, they were married 3 times---once in a Spanish civil ceremony, once in Church & once in English. His wife's name is given as Kate Walshe/Walsh Broughlett. The sponsors were M.Carmody & Elisa Cleary.

Their daughter, Kathleen, was born Dec. 4, 1901 at Calle Alavarez Nuñez esq. Presidente, Buenos Aires.

They left Argentina on May 16, 1903, for Ireland. My grandfather was born there on Sept. 12, 1903 & they arrived at Ellis Island/NYC on Oct. 22, 1903.

My great-uncle Gerald, their son, b.1918, recorded that his father's brother, Thomas Treacy, died in Argentina in the 1930s. Patrick died in 1940 in Roselle Park, NJ & Gerald remembers how upset his father was when the letter came.

His sister, Johanna, her husband, Jose Peña & their children Rosa, Juan, Maria & Patricio came from Buenos Aires on the Voltaire on March 7, 1912. Johanna is listed as Juana de Treacy Pena. She & Jose are listed as being 31 & 32, respectively, but again the ages are fuzzy. Their children were 3, 11, 9 & 7, respectively. Patrick Treacy records that he & his family moved to Camden Street in Roselle Park from Elizabeth on March 27, 1912, so the arrival of the Penas may have had something to do w/ the move.

Kate Treacy, b. 1871(I think--haven't found this record yet) married Edward/Edmund Murphy in Argentina. This Ed Murphy worked on a ranch in Argentina. They had 2 daughters. Nora Murphy was born in Buenos Aires & later married a Charlie Perkins & had a son Billy Perkins. They ended up back in Ireland. They also had a daughter Margaret, who married a man named Leahy. Their son, Eamonn Leahy, who corresponded w/ my uncle Gerald, says that Ed. & Kate went back to Ireland & lived first in a tenement in Limerick city, then moved to a small house on Roseboro Rd. in Tipperary town on the Limerick road. They were very poor.  According to Eamonn, most of them died young (30s-50s), so he knew little about them.

I hope this is helpful in pinning down the Treacy connection for you! We are also some kind of cousin to Sean Treacy, of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade of the Irish Republican Army. Sean is discussed in a book called "Limerick's Fighting Story." He was killed in a shoot-out w/ the British in Dublin in 1921 or 1922. He was only about 23-24. The Irish list him as a brave patriot, but the British police website calls him a "terrorist". There is a statue of him in Tipperary. A football club is named after him.

Linda Koenig, New Jersey, USA


Juan Pablo,I am writing this email on behalf of my Grandfather, Gerald Treacy. He no longer has an email account, but thought that we could communicate through mine. He has expressed interest in seeing any photos of your Dresden project. I do not speak Spanish but he is going to spell something out for me that he wishes to convey: "Hastas luego, mi corazon!" He also would like to say "Hello" to you and the family. Thank you


Gerald Treacy and Granddaughter Patricia, New Jersey, USA.

24 de Junio de 2012: Hola, otra vez! I am so happy to hear from you! Yes, print the picture, by all means. I have been trying to let you know that my dear great-uncle, Gerald, se murio el 28 de marzo 2012. He was the last of the 22 children produced by Patrick & Kate Walsh treacy (12) & Jose & Johanna Treacy Peña.





John Treacy - Born 1831 in Nicker, Ireland. Father of Johanna and Patrick (1865 - 1949)


José Peña, Johanna [Treacy] Peña and kids



Helena Margarita Tracy m. Eduardo Crovoe 17 Sep 1890, Nuestra Senora De La Paz, La Paz, Entre Rios, Argentina (LDS) [see 1995 census]

Elena Tracy & Eduardo Crove

Santiago Enrique Grover bapt. 20 Jan 1894 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Elena Crove Tracy bapt. 02 Aug 1897 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Elena Tracynorte & Eduardo Crower

Isabel Crower bapt. 30 Nov 1895 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Elena Trasey & Eduardo Crove

Eduardo Crove bapt. 11 Jan 1900 La Paz, Entre Ríos, Argentina


Marcela Tracey & Santiago Flaherty

Marcela Flaherty bapt. 12 May 1889 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Marcelina Treacy & Santiago Flaherty

Santiago Miguel Flaherty bapt. 24 Dec 1891 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Marcelina Trecey & Santiago Flagerth

Patricio Miguel Flagerth bapt. 21 Sep 1897 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Mary Flaherty, 27 (d. of Santiago, 24 [Witness] & Marcela Treacy of Ireland) m. Andres Rinaldi, 37, (s. of Andres & Rosa Perez) 02 Oct 1915 Santa Rosa de Lima, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Ricardo Flaherty, 24, (s. of Marcela Tracey of Ireland 58 [Witness] & Santiago Flaherty) m. Leopoldina Albertina Helbling, 21, (d. of Santiago Helbling & Maria Luisa Liesemberg) 22 May 1919 Santa Rosa de Lima, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina


Paulina Tresie & Bautista Regencia

Pero Juan Regencia Tresie bapt. 31 Mar 1895 San Juan, San Juan, Argentina


1895 Argentina National Census


Residence: Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

Patricio Tracey, male, 28 years, b. England, single, calderero [boilermaker]


Residence: Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

Juan Tracey, male, 55 years, b. England, widowed, peon [labourer]

Tomas Tracey, male, 30 years, b. England, single, mariner [sailor]


Residence: Lincoln (Partido), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guillermo J. Tracey, male, 35 years, b. Ireland, married, Cariabi?

Carlos Tracey, male, 40 years, b. Ireland, widowed, Cannen?

Maria de Tracey, female, 23 years, b. B Aries Argentina, married

Guillermo Tracey, male, 11 years, b. B Aries Argentina

Guillermo (hijo) Tracey, male, 0 years [4? Mons], b. B Aries Argentina

Jaucinta? Corie?, 28, b. B Aries Argentina, married, Latillero?


Residence: Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

Carolina Tracy, female, 20 years, b. United States, single, dressmaker


Residence: Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

Johanna Tracy, female, 13 years, b. England, single, mucarna, mother dead


Residence: Castellanos (Departamento), Santa Fe, Argentina

Juan Tracy, male, 38 years, b. United Sates, single, Agsuello, Protestant


Residence: La Paz (Departamento), Entre Ríos, Argentina

Eduardo Crove, 32, b. N. Americas, Agacultor

Elena Tracy, female, 20 years, b. North America, married 5 years, 3 children

Maria Crove, 2, b. E Rios Argentina

Santiego Enrique Crove, 1, b. E Rios Argentina

Isabel Crove, 0, b. E Rios Argentina


Residence: General Villegas (Partido), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diego Y. [J] Tracy, male, 40 years, b. England, married, Henero?

Maria [Hana?] Tracy, female, 40 years, b. England, married

Annie Tracy, female, 11 years, b. North America

Santiago Tracy, male, 8 years, b. Argentina


Josefa Tracey (of Esto Oriental, 19) & Francisco Parodi (of del pais, 26) live in San Vicente

Alfredo Camilo Parodi b. 18 July bapt. 11 Jan 1897 San José de Flores, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina Sp. Domingo Bertinelli b. Italy 39 lives Flores & Mariana Bionda b. Italy 36 lives Buenos Ayres


Juana Tracey (of England 18?) & José Pena (of Spain 22) live Sud Riachudo [

Juan Pena bapt 07 May 1900 San Juan Evangelista, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina Sp. Juan Collins b. Ireland 19? lives Piedras & Ana Morfi b. Ireland 18? lives Sud Riachuela


Tomás Tracey (33, of Ireland) & Margarita Walsh (23, of Ireland) of Calle San Lorenzo 127

Catalina Juana Tracey b. 24? June bapt. 01 Jul 1900 San Pedro González Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina [Parish of San Telmo] Sp: Santiago? Mulcahy b. Ireland 26 of Calle San Lorenzo 127 & Elisa Finnen b. del pais, 26, of Calle Defensa No 577


Felix Boyer, 24, (s. of Pedro Boyer & Ana Maria Tresie) Precentacion Sosa, 22 (d. of Roque Sosa & Ines Payes) 07 sep 1903 Inmaculada Concepción, Bell Ville, Córdoba, Argentina


1908 Southampton to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ignatius Treacy, b. 1883 [Limerick]

Medal card of Ignatius Treacy

Royal Field Artillery, L/2779, Corporal

Date: 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/20

[State Reg: Treacy, Ignatius, Limerick, 4th Quarter 1884 5 367]


1892-1924 Ellis Island arrivals

Morgan Treacy, Buenos Aires Argentina, Penmorvah 29 Mar 1923, 28 years, Nationality: Irish British, AB, 5'4", 10st7lb, tattoo right arm [b. Arklow Wicklow]


Frank Treacy, Buenos Aires Argentina, 1923, 36 years [36y2m], married, diver, lived 2 years Buenos Aires Argentine. Brother: W Treacy, 1025 Cochobamba B.A. lived 10 mos 1912 NY. Aunt: M. Treacy, Main St, Patterson, NJ. 5’9”, Lt complexion, Br hair, blue eyes. b. Tipperary Ireland. [Admitted] [Frank Treacy 36, Margaret Treacy 35, John Treacy 2] [Note: born Limerick married Kilkenny]

Margaret Treacy, Buenos Aires Argentina, 1923, 35 years, married, lived 2 years Buenos Aires Argentine. Brother: W Treacy, 1025 Cochobamba B.A. lived 10 mos 1912 NY. Aunt: M. Treacy, Main St, Patterson, NJ. 5’9”, Lt complexion, Br hair, blue eyes. b. Tipperary Ireland. [Admitted] [Frank Treacy 36, Margaret Treacy 35, John Treacy 2]

John Treacy, Buenos Aires Argentina, 1923, 2 years [2y1m], lived 2 years Buenos Aires Argentine. Brother: W Treacy, 1025 Cochobamba B.A. lived 10 mos 1912 NY. Aunt: M. Treacy, Main St, Patterson, NJ. 2’0”, Lt complexion, Br hair, blue eyes. b. Kilkenny Ireland. [Admitted] [Frank Treacy 36, Margaret Treacy 35, John Treacy 2]


Henry Treacy, Buenos Aires Argentina, 1920, 36 years, single, Cleric, Irish race, lived Buenos Aires Argentina. Mother: Mrs B Treacy, 96 Corporation Dwellings, London E.C. to Hastings UK. to Gaspar Dalia, New York. 3 week stay. 5’7”, fair complexion, auburn hair, blue grey eyes, scar on lt cheek. B. London England.

25th June 1937 Catholic Herald

The Rev. Henry Treacy, P.S.M., for the past five years rector at Greenford, Middlesex, has been appointed rector of the parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Hastings, in succession to the Rev. Patrick White, P.S.M. Fr. Treacy, in going to Hastings, returns to a town where he is well remembered by a long period of service some years ago.


Irish and Irish-Argentine Landowners in Buenos Aires 1778-1922 By Edmundo Murray

Carlos Tracey, Lincoln, 202 hectares


Burial Records in Argentina

Bernardo Treacy, buried Salto 09 Sep 1932 aged 37, born Argentina (Roldán, Sexton)


The family of John Treacey & Mary Anne Rice originated in Laois, Limerick and Kilkenny.




Miguel Rice Treacy (1903-1971), stage name Carlos Viván, known as El irlandesito (The Irish Boy), was an actor, tango singer and songwriter. His first recording is from 1927 and he worked with the orchestras of Juan Maglio, Pedro Maffia, Osvaldo Fresedo and Julio De Caro. He went to work in Brazil and the United States, where he sang tangos and jazz. He had a small warm voice, within an alto-tenor range, as was common then, plus a feature that made his voice unmistakable, his vibrato’ (Todo Tango). He published the famous Argentine tangos "Cómo se piante la vida!" and "Moneda de Cobre"


As an actor, he was known for Carioca Maravilhosa (1936), Canto de amor (1940) and Consejo de tango (1932).


Born 15 April 1903, Buenos Aires, Argentina died 16 July 1971, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1936 'Western World' from Rio de Janeiro Brazil to New York

Rice Treacy, 34, actor, speaks Spanish & English, b. B. Aires Argentine






Edmundo Murray (2009) Una poca de gracia : Irish Music in Latin America.Irish Migration Studies in Latin America.






Carlos Viván y Nelly Omar en Canto de amor (1940).jpg

Carlos Vivan en 1935.jpg





Date of Marriage

Man's name


Groom's occupation

Groom's Abode

Father's Name

Father's Occupation

Woman's name


Bride's Abode

Father's Name

Father's Occupation


Officiating Minister

Marriage solemnized at


Nombre del contrayente




Nombre del padre


Nombre de la contrayente



Nombre del padre




Matrimonio solemnizado en


Treacy, Walter Rice



Banfield, Prov. Buenos Aires

John Treacy

Coal merchant

Dundas, Violet Maud


Banfield, Prov. Buenos Aires

William Henry Dundas

Employee, FCCA

Eliza Grater, Alfred Grater, William Henry Dundas, Lucy Grater, Elsie Gwendoline Dundas


Trinity Church, Lomas de Zamora




Walter Treacy & Violeta Dundas

Walter Dundas Treacy b. 19 Jan 1913 Loms De Zamora Argentina


Walter Dundas (Joe) Treacy


Argentinian volunteers World War II

Walter Treacy, Flight Lieutenant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

London Gazette

917759 Walter Dundas TREACY (154144). 12th Nov. 1943.

22 September 1941Yorkshire Evening Post

Sergt. W.D. Treacy, R.A.F. of Buenos Aires, married at Wortley to-day to Miss Margaret Benn of the telephone managers department, Leeds, G.P.O.[picture]


WW2 Medals (Aircrew Europe) & Log Books Treacy RAF Air Gunner Later RCAF Pilot


A group of 4 medals (including the Air Crew Europe Star) awarded to Walter Dundas Treacy who served as gunner in 149 Squadron in Wellingtons, and as part of "B" flight took part in raids on Mannheim, Hannover, Cologne,Bremen as well as attacks on the Scharnhorst and Gneisennau while in port at Brest. Included is his Observers & Air Gunners Flying Log Book; photo of him with his wife in uniform as a Sgt Air Gunner, single photo out of uniform and three identity discs.


Extracts from his Observers & Air Gunners Log include:


On 15/4/1941 Cologne - "alternatve target attacked due visibility over Cologne". While later in the month he records an attack on the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest. On the 2/8/41 after an attack on Hamburg Wellington R1627 crash landed at Lakenheath due to hydraulics being shot up.

May sees Treacy take part in 12 operations, including targets at Mannheim, Hamburg, Hannover, Kiel as well as further raids against the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest. On the 17th an exercise involving Fighter Co-operation was abandoned due to a collision in formation. There are two further raids in June and then a period at No. 3 Group Training Flight at Newmarket.


By July he is back on operations over Germany including targets at Munster, Cologne & Bremen. This continues into August & September with targets including Boulogne & Cherbourg.


By January 1942 he was part of "D" flight No. 22 O.T.U.


On 30/5/1942 Treacy with the crew of T2766 took part in "Operation Millenium", the first thousand bomber raid on inner Cologne. Later repeated on 25/6/42 when he took part in the 1000 bomber raid on Bremen.


By 1943 Treacy is training to be a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force with No 32 Elementary Flying Training School at Bowden and completed training on the 23rd July 1943. Less than a week later he is with No 38 Service Flying Training School in "H" flight No. 2 Squadron flying Ansons. He is noted as receiving promotion to Sergeant dated at 12th Nov 1943 in the London Gazette.


In May 1944 he is with No 1 Elementary Flying School, and subsequently No 3. Advanced Flying Unit and 1525 Blind Approach Training Flight, before returning to No. 3 A.F.U. He undergoes a variety of training courses such as the Radio Range Course flying Oxfords.


May 1945 sees him with No. 3 Flying Instructor School at Lulsgate Bottom. On the 20th July F/O W.D. Treacy is recognized as an "average" Pilot and "average" Flying Instructor in the Summary of Flying & Assessment`. By the end of 1945 he has achieved above average as a multi-engine pilot and similar standing as a Radio Range Instructor and Standard Beam Approach Instructor.


Entries continue up to April 1946. At some point after this Walter and his wife embarked on the Highland Monarch and emigrated to Argentina, where he worked for Zonda Airlines.


The medals comprise:

1939 - 1945 Star Air Crew Europe Star The Defence Medal, and The War Medal







1950 Immigration to Rio de Janeiro Brazil



Baptisms La Conversion de San Pablo, Salto, Buenos Aires Province

Maria Amalia Treacy, 1912-3

Maria Angelica Treacy 1912-3

Ninfa Haydee Treasey 1927

Jose Maria Treacy 1929


Catalina Treacy m. Angel Larroca 1916 La Conversion de San Pablo, Salto, Buenos Aires Province


Brigida Tracey m. Santiago Sixto Wilson y Daly (b. 6th August 1899 Lincoln)


Ema Tracey y Glennon (d. of Carlos Tracey & Catalina Glennon) m. Alejandro Gunn y Wilson (s. of Archibaldo Gunn & Rosa Ann Wilson) 11th August 1930 Immaculada Concepcion, Lincoln


Maria Ines Treacy m. Dionisio Jose Miguel Aherm 1933 Nuestra Senora de Lujan, Lujan, Buenos Aires Province


1937 Western World from Argentina to New York

Francis Treacy, 36, b. 24 August 1900 Quincy Mass, address: 1001 Mommouth Ave Lakewood NJ

Alicia Treacy, 39, b. 11 December 1897 Jersey City NJ

Elizabeth Treacy, 6, b. 25 July 1931 Buenos Aires Arg

Alicia Treacy, 7, b. 30 November 1929 Buenos Aires Arg

Suzanne Treacy, 3, b. 22 January 1935 Buenos Aires Arg

Michael Treacy, 10m, b. 3o August 1936 Buenos Aires Arg

1941 Delbrasil from Argentina to New Orleans

Francis John Treacy, 40y10m, b. 24 August 1900 Quincy Mass

Alice Higgins Treacy, 43y8m, b. 11 December 1897 Jersey City NJ

Alice R Treacy, 11[21]y8m, b. 30 October 1929 Buenos Aires Arg

Elizabeth J. Treacy, 19y11m, b. 25 July 1931 Buenos Aires Arg

Suzanne M. Treacy, 6y5m, b. 22 January 1935 Buenos Aires Arg

Michael F. Treacy, 4y10m, b. 3o August 1936 Buenos Aires Arg


Frank Treacy m. Thelma Kelly y Barber circa 1950




Masonic Medal of the 40th Anniversary of Campana Lodge N°3364 from Argentina


This special medal has three parts: the top part has the flags of Argentina and United Kingdom enameled. The second part has the symbol of the Campana Lodge enameled too. And the third part is a special award for Mr. Wor. Bro. J.E.Treacy. The award says: ''Presented to Mr. Wor. Bro. J. E. Treacy in appreciation of the valuable services to the lodge as Wor. Master 1957 - 1958''.




Guillermo Fabio Treacy.jpg



Dr. Guillermo Fabio Treacy


Maestro de Derecho de la Escuela de Derecho de Harvard y abogado registrado del Estado de Nueva York admitido en 2000.

Profesor Asociado Regular del Departamento de Derecho Público de la Facultad de Derecho (UBA).

Abogado Especialista en Derecho Administrativo y Administración Pública (Facultad de Derecho-UBA).

Presidente de la Sala V de la Cámara de Apelaciones en lo Contencioso Administrativo Federal.

Funcionario de la Fundación de Investigaciones en Inteligencia Financiera (FININT)


[English translation]

Master of Law from Harvard Law School and registered New York State attorney admitted in 2000.

Associate Professor of the Department of Public Law of the Faculty of Law (UBA).

Specialist Lawyer in Administrative Law and Public Administration (Faculty of Law-UBA).

President of the V Chamber of the Appeals Chamber in Federal Administrative Litigation.

Staff member of Fundación de Investigaciones en Inteligencia Financiera [Fundamental Investigation of Financial Intelligence] (FININT)



2017 Guillermo F. Treacy Jornadas CABA


2016 Curso de Derecho a la Identidad. Clase 10 Secretaría DDHH, Género e Igualdad. Seccional BSAS


2012 Guillermo F. Treacy: Nuevos desafíos del proceso Contencioso Administrativo: a propósito del litigio estructural.










Murphy, W.S., An Irish Regiment in Mexico, 1768-1771 in 'The Irish Sword' (Dublin) 2:8 (Summer 1956), pp. 257-263. Members of Ultonia Irish regiment of the Spanish army arrived in Mexico on 18 June 1768 as a part of Charles III's strategy to protect that country from a possible British invasion. Most of the officers were Irish or had Irish family names. The regiment returned to Spain in 1771. Short biographies of Colonel Marcos Keating, Cadet Carlos Connely, Captain Lucas Treby (Tracy), Captain Patricio O'Heir, Captain Diego Barry, and Captain Diego Quinn.


Ship Atalanta, Pernambuco [Brazil?] to Philadelphia, 26 May 1812

J. Tracy, Four Trunks One Writing Desk, Bed & Bedding One Dressing Box


Letters of F.W. Tracy 1831-1833 of São Leopoldo & Rio Grande, Brazil?

Villanova University. https://library.villanova.edu/


5 December 1874 (N)

On the 17th of last May, in the college chapel of the Caraga in the centre of Minas Geraes, the ordination as a priest of Harold de Tracy de Camarzo de Prado and Dauntre. He is the great grandson of William Daunt, Esq., of Kilcaskan Castle, in the county Cork. He will act as curate in the parish of the Holy Cross, in his native city of Campinas - Communication [Brazil]

12 March 1887 (N) Irish Exiles in Brazil

Advices from Brazil have brought us the sad news of the death at Campinas, on 20th November last, of the viruous and learned priest, Father Harold de Tracy de Camaryo do Prado e Dauntre, eldest son of Richard Gumbleton Daunt, Esq., M.D. Edin. He fell a victim to pulmonary disease, neglected in its commencement owing to his too great dedication to his pastoral duties as Vicar of the Parish of St. John de Capivavy...


1881-1898 British Residents in Porto Alegre, Brazil

6 Dec 1894: Arthur Tracey and Frank Tracey. Apptd attorney Sidney Tracey, Manchester

British Consulate – Porto Alegre – Correspondence Register 1881-1916 [FO 589/1]



British, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other European Adventurers in Gran Colombia (modern day Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela) during and after the Wars of Independence (c.1810-c.1890).


First Name


















Brazil, Immigration Cards, 1900-1965, 125,830 records as of 17 Sep 2011
Argentina, National Census, 1895; 3,888,939 records as of 6 Sep 2011
Nicaragua, Civil Registration; 363,085 records as of 16 Aug 2011
Peru, Civil Registration, 1874-1978; 163,944 records as of 16 Aug 2011



 Traceys of Costa Rica


Costa Rica Church Records, 1595-1992; 1,380,256 records as of 8 Apr 2011


Miguel Tomas Treacy [of Ireland?] & María Ramona Rodrigues

Miguel Eduardo bapt. 14 Jul 1878 El Corazón de Jesús, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Miguel Trese [Tresey] & Ramona Rodriguez

Míguel Trese Burial 05 Sep 1881El Corazón de Jesús, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Age 3; born circa 1878

Elena Ynés Treacy Y Rodrigues bapt. 11 Apr 1880 El Corazón de Jesús, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Catalina Treacy (d. of Miguel Treacy, defuncto & Ramona Rodriges) married Anselmo Perez, 32 years, 10 Nov 1900 El Corazón de Jesús, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Catalina Treacy & Anselmo Perez

Miguel Angel Perez born 13 November 1904? bapt 19 Mar 1905 El Corazón de Jesús, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica [NOTE: Handwritten entry on his marriage]

Catalina Berta del Carmen Perez bapt 17 Aug 1908 Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica


Ada Pérez Treacy de Chavarria; Burial 16 Apr 1936 El Carmen, San José, San José, Costa Rica; Age 21; b. circa 1915; daughter of Anselmo Pérez Cajina & Catalina Treacy Rodriguez; husband Rodolfo Chavarría Salas


Carlos Pérez Treacy (son of Catalina Treacy & Anselmo Perez) & Victoria Trejos

Telma Victoria de la Trinidad [Perez] Trejos bapt 06 Sep 1931 La Dolorosa, San José, San José, Costa Rica


“Lito” Pérez Stadium

The stadium belongs to the municipality of the City of Puntarenas and it is used by the team of the First Division (soccer), the Puntarenas Soccer Club. Its capacity is for 4,105 fans.

The stadium owes its name to the ex-soccer player from Puntarenas, Miguel Angel “Lito” Pérez Treacy. He was a Costa Rican soccer player, born in the province of Puntarenas, and whose sports career took off between 1930 and 1945. In 1974, years after his death, his friend and City Mayor, Lorgio Álvarez, proposed his name to christen the Puntarenas stadium, the motion was approved, thus achieving "Lito" Pérez being remembered forever in the “Pearl of the Pacific.” It is commonly known as "La Olla Mágica", a metaphor for the extremely hot conditions while playing on this field.


John M. Tracy (son of James E Tracy & Mary Agnes Brogan [of MA USA?]) & Ana/Anita Cantillano

James Edward Angel Tracy Cantillano bapt 23 Jun 1929 Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, San José, San José, Costa Rica

Mary Agnes Tracy Cantillano bapt 11 Jan 1931 Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, San José, San José, Costa Rica


Joseph Trazy (son of Owen Trazy & Sarah) & Rose Weeir (daughter of Charles Weeir & Jula [of Jamaica])

Arthur Owen Trazy-Weeir bapt 12 Apr 1931 Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Limón, Limón, Costa Rica



 Traceys of Peru




Samuel F. Tracy & Maria De Los Angeles Arevalo

Maria De Los Angeles Tracy b. 21 Nov 1833 bapt. 15 Mar 1834 El Sagrario, Lima, Lima, Peru

Jose Carlos Tracy b. 03 Nov 1835 bapt. 24 Dec 1835 El Sagrario, Lima, Lima, Peru

Josefa Carolina Elisa Tracy b. 15 Apr 1837 bapt. 25 Aug 1837 El Sagrario, Lima, Lima, Peru


1855 Census New York

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Head Samuel Tracy M 49, b. New York

Wife Maria Tracy F 43, b. "

Child Maria A Tracy U 21, b. South America

Child Joseph C Tracy U 19, b. South America, clerk

Child J C E Tracy U 18, b. South America

Child Clarence Tracy U 14, b. South America

Child Maria Tracy U 10, b. New York

Child Julia Tracy U 7, b. New York

Child Samuel F Tracy U 2, b. New York

Cousin W Henry Barner U 25, b. Connecticut,


1860 Census New York

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Samuel F Tracy M 50 Connecticut

Angela Tracy F 36 Pennsylvania

Charles Tracy M 24 Pennsylvania

Angela Tracy F 26 Pennsylvania

Clorinda Tracy F 19 Connecticut

Christina Tracy F 15 Pennsylvania

Elvira Tracy F 12 New York

Francis Tracy M 6 New York


December 30, 1863 Slow Day at the White House

The only known activity on President Lincoln’s schedule is recognizing José Carlos Tracy as consul of Peru at New York.


1870 Census - New York

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Joseph C Tracy M 33 Peru, Consul of Peru, father & mother foreign born

Maria A Tracy F 49 Peru, $5000 personal estate, father & mother foreign born

Maria A Tracy F 34 Peru, mother foreign born

Clorinda E Tracy F 29 Connecticut, mother foreign born

Samuel F Tracy M 16 New York, mother foreign born


1880 Census – New York

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self Joseph Tracey M 44 Peru, Charge De Affairs Peru, Father born Connecticut United States, Mother born Peru

Wife Marie Tracey F 35 New York, United States

Son Joseph Tracey M 2 New York, United States

Daughter Angelica Tracey F 1 New York, United States

Sister Marie Tracey F 46 Peru, Father born Connecticut United States, Mother born Peru

Brother Samuel F. Tracey M 26 New York, United States, Peruvian Council Clerk, Father born Connecticut United States, Mother born Peru

Niece Julia E. Quintero F 12 New York, United States

Nephew Samuel F. Quintero M 11 New York, United States


February 6, 1881 New York Times NEW-YORK'S WORLD'S FAIR

About 150 gentlemen responded to the invitation from the United states Internationa Commission of 1883...to urge...general support...Among those present...Consul Joseph C. Tracy, of Peru...


Report of the Commission appointed under the act of Congress approved July 8, 1884...

The Consul-General Of Peru. Joseph C. Tracy, Esq., consul-general of Peru, said: Gentlemen: I came in answer to an invitation from your president. I did not come here to try to instruct you or give you any light. All that I can say is that ...



Public Honors Lieutenant-General Grant, Citizens Of New-York. Fifth Avenue Hotel, November 20th, 1865.

Foreign Representatives...Joseph C. [Carlos] Tracy, Peru...



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