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Dan Tracey [view file]

An American who was renowned as one of the finest exponents of Irish characterisations and witticisms to tour Australia and New Zealand during the minstrel era from 1885. He was also a specialist clog dancer.


27 February 1896 Otago Witness

Australian Stage Gossip...Stella Tracey, a six-year-old daughter of the well-known dancer Dan Tracey, does a clever song-and-dance turn in "Robinson Crusoe" at Sydney Her Majesty's...





A selection of Newspaper references to 1900 from PapersPast http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast


July 1839  Free Passage to New Zealand

John Tracey of 85 Rosemary Lane [Aldgate Middlesex England]

No.:     427

Gender:           [Male]

Age:    26

Marital status:             Married

Trade or calling:          Laborer

Woman's age: 29

Number of daughters:             1

Ages of daughters:      1 year


2 March 1869 Wanganui Herald

Residents Magistrates Court...[family dispute over peaches]...William Tracey [from Ireland]...[his daughter] Margaret Marshall...[his grandson and her son] Wm. Henry Jones...


8 October 1870 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle

A little girl named Tracey fell into the Avon, at Christchurch, on Saturday last, and for some distance floated down the river, supported by her clothes. She at length sank, but was rescued by a Constable M'Donald, who swam to her assistance. The child was insensible when taken out of the water, but by the application of restoratives was brought to her senses in half-an-hour.


14 October 1870 Star

SALE OF BUILDING. MR H. E. ALPORT has received instructions from the Directors of the Christchurch Music Hall Company (Limited), to Sell by Public Auction, ON MONDAY NEXT, OCT. 17, On the premises, as under — The Weather-board Cottage immediately adjoining the Theatre, Gloucester street, Christchurch, now occupied by Mr Tracey; to be removed in seven days. .Sale at Noon.


British War Office

James Tracy b. 1834 Ballylough, Cavan 2/18th Foot

James Tracey or Tracy, Ballyborough [Bailieborough], Cavan, Ireland [WO 23]

Regiments:         [18th foot 2nd battalion]

Rank:     private

Age:       35

Foreign service:             New Zealand 6 10/12; Australia 7/12

Character:          fair

Trade:    laborer

Height - feet:     5

Height - inches:             4 1/2

Hair:       brown

Eyes:      hazel

Complexion:      sallow

Regimental surgeons report:      bronchitis

Invalid depot report:     will interfere etc.

Residing in Wanganui New Zealand

Permission to reside:      29 November 1870


24 May 1871 Daily Southern Cross

...revising the electoral rolls of the Parnell and Newton electoral districts... The following licenses will be struck off unless fuller particulars be provided to the Revising Officer on an early day;...William Tracey, Barrack-street...


6 July 1871 Wanganui Herald

... Ancient Order of .Foresters, was held last evening at Thurston's Victoria Hotel...The subordinate offices were filled by the nomination of...James Tracey S.B...


27 July 1871 Tuapeka Times

WARDEN'S COURT...Application was refused to Patrick Tracey for an abandoned race, situate at Munroa...


2 November 1872 Otago Witness

...Thomas Joseph Tracey, now waiter at the Occidental Hotel, deposed he, was waiter and assistant barman at the Otago Hotel in the end of May last...


2 July 1874 Star

...Christchurch...Edward Tracey...his wife, Lucy Tracey...


29 July 1874 West Coast Times

ASSAULT. Michael and Thomas Tracey pleaded guilty to assaulting one Thomas Hughes at the Taipo on the 19th inst., by beating and kicking him and throwing a glass tumbler at his head.


10 August 1874 Daily Southern Cross

NOTICE. The Albert Brewery will be Closed This Day from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m , to enable the employees to attend the Funeral of their late fellow-servant, William Tracey. R. WHITSON & SONS. August 10, 1874.

10 August 1874 Daily Southern Cross


A Distressing accident, which terminated fatally, occurred on Saturday afternoon lit about 5 o'clock to a mau of the name of Tracey, in the employ of Messrs. Whitson and Son, brewers. It appears that the unfortunate man was driving in from Onehungs in a spring cart with two empty barrels. Another man named William Currie accompanied him. The horse was proceeding at an ordinary pace. While descending Upper Queen-street, Tracey suddenly tell forwards out of the cart. Currie leaned over to catch him while falling, and in this attempt fell himself out of the cart, fortunately without sustaining any hurt. Owing to this he was unable to say whether the wheel of a cart passed over Tracey or not. Tracey immediately lifted up, and conveyed to the hospital, but while on his way there expired. Drs. Stockwell and Dawson were both in attendance, but the unfortunate man never spoke after he fell. An examination of the body showed no outward marks, ho that the cartwheel could not have passed over him. It is supposed that he was suddenly attacked with an apoplectic fit, to which he was subject, having had a similar attack about 12 months ago, when he fell out of a cart, though fortunately without resulting in serious injury. Tracey was a man of sober, temperate habits, and has been in the employ of Messrs. Whitson and Son for a considerable time, and his loss will be much felt. Ha was about 35 years of age, and leaves a wife and three children. An inquest will be held at the Greyhound Hotel at 2 p.m. to-day. During Saturday evening the body of deceased was brought from the hospital to his late home in Lorne-street, from which place the funeral will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock.

11 August 1874 Daily Southern Cross



3 September 1874 Star

Christchurch... Horse and Cattle trespass...Edward Tracey, one horse, Hereford street; fined 5s...


16 September 1874 Wanganui Herald

Resident Magistrates Court...Thomas Tracey...Catherine Tracey...daughter...


24 September 1874 Otago Daily Times

...The following applications to purchase land on the goldfields were postponed:—P. Tracey, section 45, block XIX., Tuapeka East;...


19 May 1875 Wanganui Chronicle

The following persons are objected to as not being entitled to have their names retained on the list of Voters for the Electoral District of Wanganui:...

Tracey, William John, Wanganui, Household, part of section 513, Harrison Street Three times cv roll

Tracey, William, Wanganui, House in Harrison street Three times on roll...


19 July 1875 Wanganui Herald

BANKRUPTCY GAZETTE IN BANKRUPTCY. In the Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington District. In the matter of the Bankruptcy Acts, NO TIC Eis hereby-given that JAMES TRACEY, of Wanganui, Labourer, did on SATURDAY, the 17 th day of July instant, file in the proper office of the Supreme Court, at Wellington, a declaration of his inability to meet his engageinents with his Creditors. GEORGE HUTCHISON, Solicitor. Dated this 19 th day of July, 1875.


2 November 1875 North Otago Times

Residents Magistrate Court. Thursday, October 28. (Before T. W. Parker, Esq., H.M.) Abusive Language. Patrick Tracey was brought up, charged, on a warrant issued at Dunedin, for using abusive language to a man named King, in Dunedin. Sergt. Smith asked that the man might be remanded to Dunedin, accused to enter into his own recognisance to appear in Dunedin. The Magistrate remanded the accused accordingly, the man to enter in his own recognisance of L10 to appear before the Court in Dunedin.


3 December 1875 New Zealand Tablet

Subscribers...Mr. P. Tracey, Munro's Spur £1/18/6...


24 December 1875 New Zealand Tablet

INFORMATION wanted of PATRICK MORRIS, who left Kilkenny, Ireland, seven years ago for Victoria, Australia, when last heard of two years ago, was living at Woodend, Victoria, with a Mr. Tracey. Any information concerning him by which his present address can lie traced, "will be thankfully received by his sister, ELLEN MORRIS, if forwarded to the Outram Post Office, West Taieri, Otago, New Zealand.


7 January 1876 New Zealand Tablet

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. The school at Invercargill is under the direction of Mr. Tracey, who is assisted by Miss Thompson, and the average attendance is 100...


16 August 1876 Tuapeka Times

WARDEN'S COURT, LAWRENCE...Patrick Tracey applied for an extended claim and tailrace in Munros Gully. — This application was also adjourned to view the ground.


22 September 1876 New Zealand Tablet

Subscriptions...P. Tracey, Evans' Flat, to October 24th, 1876...£1/5/0 [other early reference without address]

22 June 1877 New Zealand Tablet

Subscriptions...P. Tracey, Evans' Flat, to June 19th, 1877...£0/16/6


Waimea arrived Wellington NZ, 04 Oct 1876 (assisted emigration) [see Tim Tracy]

Michl Treacy, aged 24, farm labourer of Clare

Bridget, aged 26

Timothy, aged 2

Mary, 6 months


6 February 1935 Horowhenua Chronicle (NZ)


Mr. Michael Tracy.

The death is reported from. Auckland of Mr. Michael Tracy, for many years in business in Wellington, and father of Mr. Timothy Tracy, of Upper Willis Street.

The late Mr. Tracy, who was born in County Clare, Ireland, came to New Zealand fifty-eight years ago by the ship Waimea. He was accompanied by his wife (who died four years ago), his eldest daughter, Mary (Sister Camillas, of the Catholic Orphanage, who died six years ago), and Mr. Timothy Tracy, formerly well known in boxing circles in New Zealand. Upon his arrival in Wellington, Mr. Tracy found business none too brisk in town, so he set up as a bootmaker and repairer at the Upper Hutt, as at that time there was a largo number of men employed on the railway works building the line that was to connect Wellington with the Wairarapa. When that work gave out Mr. Tracy shifted to Wadestown, to cater for the men who were employed in the construction of the line between Wellington and Crofton (now Ngaio) for the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company. Subsequently he commenced business as a boot salesman in Willis Street, and remained there for some thirty years before shifting into Manners Street. He had been out of business for some years prior to his death.

He leaves five sons, Timothy, Benjamin, Michael, Leo (a Marist Brother), and Patrick.

The remains are being brought to Wellington for interment.

Mrs. N. M. Thomson, of Levin, is a grand-daughter of the late Mr. Tracy.


25 October 1876 Star

Sudden death...Lucy Tracey...


20 November 1876 Southland Times

Magistrate's Court. — At this Court on Saturday, before Mr McCulloch, R.M., five children, whose ages ranged from 2 to 10 years, were brought up under the Neglected Children's Act. Inspector Fox explained that the father of the children, Mr Tracey, at one time Roman Catholic schoolmaster iv Invercargill, was now in Queensland. He was a most respectable man, but had been driven from the place through the misconduct of his wife, There were altogether seven children, but the two oldest boys were earning respectively 15s and 8s per week....James Tracey, 13 years of age...his sister Mary...about 9 years...


30 December 1876 Wanganui Herald

Bulls Resident Magistrates Court...assault on Michael Tracey...


31 January 1877 Wanganui Herald

W. J. Tracey was mulcted in a fine of 2s 6d with 63 6d costs for permitting a horse to stray in Harrison Street.


9 March 1877 Hawke's Bay Herald

DEATHS. TRACEY— At Napier, on the 8th March, Julia Mary Isabella, the beloved child of John and Sarah Jane Tracey, aged 9 months.


14 March 1877 Hawke's Bay Herald

HAWKE'S BAY COUNTY COUNCIL...Mr Bennett moved, " That Mr Tracey be appointed Overseer of Works." The motion was seconded by Mr Brathwaite, and carried.


13 August 1877 Otago Daily Times

The' Commissioner of Police received the following telegram dated Oamaru, 12th August :—Thi3 afternoon the body of, a woman named Louisa Tracey was found in the waterhole at the foot of the steep embankment in Itchen street. From marks on the clay of the embankment it appears she slipped down a height of-about 30ft. She was seen the worse of liquor at 11 o'clock last night, and from where she was so seen to where she was to sleep she had to pass the waterhole. There are no marks of violence on the body."

14 August 1877 Otago Daily Times

Oamaru, August 13th. Yesterday (Sunday) morning three boys playing at the edge of the pool of stagnant water adjoining the north side of Itchen street, opposite Dr Garland's, found the body of a woman in the water, which; haying been, removed by the Police, was afterwards identified as that of a woman named Tracey the wife of Thomas Tracey. There is a; steep Bank from the street to the pool at the spot where the body was found and at the inquest, which was held today, it .was proved that the deceased left a cottage adjoining late on Saturday evening to return to her own home, and it is surmised that the night being dark; she must have missed her way and fallen over the bank, and so met with her death.

14 August 1877 North Otago Times

Inquest...Louisa Tracey...Thomas Tracey, deposed : I have beon doing laboring work at Mr Maude’s house, Awamoa, Previous to that I had been working for the Hon. B. Campbell, at Otekaike. I have resided, while in Oamaru, at Scott's boarding house. The deceased was my wife. She was 37 years of age. We were married 16 years. We arrived in the Colony in 1866...


West Coast Times , Issue 2665, 15 October 1877

Letter from Michael Tracey, Christchurch road, asking the Board to make him some allowance for the portion of the Rangiriri Reserve he had cleared. The Secretary was directed to inform Mr Tracey that the petition cannot be granted, and to refer him to previous letter, and request a reply at once. Letter from the Secretary to the Dispatch Foundry Company, Wrey month, offering to supply bells for school house?. Referred to the Building Committee with power to act.


8 December 1877 Tuapeka Times

Land Sale...Tuapeka East

45 XIX 16/0/10 £32 P. Tracey £32

46 XIX 2/2/2 £5 P. Tracey £31


4 February 1878 West Coast Times

F. A. Learmonth and Co., auctioneers...Tracey's cordial factory, £100;...


7 March 1878 West Coast Times

IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF WKSTLAND, HOLDEN AT HOKI- TIKA. In the matter of "The Debtors and Creditors Act, 1876," and in the Bankruptcy of THOMAS TRACEY, of Kumara, in the District of Westland and Colony of New Zealand, cordial manufacturer. THIS is to notify that Thomas Tracey, of Kumara, in the District of Westland and Colony of New Zealand, has been adjudicated a bankrupt by Order of this Court dated the 5th day of March instant, and by the said order the said bankrupt is required to appear before the said Court in his own proper person on FRIDAY, the 22nd day of March in- t stant, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon at the ( Supreme Court House, Hokitika, and from time to time and submit to be examined from time to time as provided by " The Debtors and Creditors Act, 1876." And further take notice that the first meeting of creditors will be held at ;he Supreme Court House, Hokitika, on TUESDAY, the twelfth day of March, 1878, at eleven o'clock in the foreaon, at which the said Thomas Tracey is hereby required to attend. Dated this 6th day of March, 1878. G. F. HAWKINS, Solicitor for Petitioning Creditor.


15 May 1878 West Coast Times

...Michael and Thomas Tracey [brothers]...live on the Christchurch road...


24 May 1878 Hawke's Bay Herald

BIRTH. TRACEY.— At Shakespeare-road, on May 22, the wife of Mr William Tracey, of a son.


11 June 1878 Evening Post

WANTED, a good Bootmaker. Apply to M. Tracey, Bootmaker, Upper Hutt, or to A. Lindsay, Featherston-street.


1 November 1878 Grey River Argus

County Roll— Waipuna Riding...Tracey, Thomas, Granville, 1 vote...


13 November 1878 Otago Daily Times

Shipping...Passangers for Otago...per Auckland from London...saloon...Mrs Tracey. Mary Tracey, Olga Tracey...

14 November 1878 Southland Times

Per Albion Company's, ship Auckland, from London- Saloon...Mrs, Miss and Master Tracey...


25 April 1879 Grey River Argus

Grey County Council...From Mr [Martin] Tracey, A.haura, complaining of certain statements made in the Council by Or Reid, as to his abilities as a workman, and enclosing testimonials...


5 May 1879 Star

...Edward Tracey...a ticket taker at the Theatre, residing at Durham street south...


8 May 1879 Otago Daily Times


Tracy, James A. Dunedin household Has not the qualification

Tracey, Patrick Dunedin household Has not the qualification


17 December 1879 Tuapeka Times

Rumors were current in Lawrence on Sunday of a destructive fire at Mr Tracey's house, Munros Gully. On making inquiry, we learn that the report, had been greatly exaggerated. Mrs Tracey, on Saturday evening, put some kindling in the grate, and after lighting it went outside for some water. The door was left open and as a fresh wind was blowing the kindling caught the scrim on the wall. Assistance being at hand, the flame was speedily subdued, and the loss will be trifling.


26 December 1879 New Zealand Tablet

Catholic School Lawrence

Class II...Geography 1st M. Tracey...Grammar 1st M. Tracey...


3 January 1880 Southland Times

FATAL FIRE IN INVERCARGILL. Late on Thursday evening a detached hovel situated on the banks of the Puni. Creek, close to the place at which the railway line crosses the stream, was burned to the ground...a woman named Lenihan,- who, along with a Mrs Tracey, occupied the building...Mrs Tracey has been seen since the conflagration...


17 February 1880 Otago Daily Times

SOUTH DUNEDIN BOROUGH COUNCIL...T. J. Tracey complained of a nuisance caused by the ditch in front of his residence...


18 February 1880 Wanganui Herald

THANKS.— MR Wm. TRACEY begs to gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the money collected for him by Messrs Donovan, Kearney, and Wm. Whelan, on the occasion of the death of Mrs Tracey, and he thanks those many friends who so kindly contributed. W. TRACEY.


14 June 1880 Star

Rabbit Skins...Prize-takers :—James Tracey, of Dipton, 1;...


2 September 1880 West Coast Times

WASTE LANDS BOARD...No. 44, 5500 acres, Teremakau (east), purchaser T. Tracey...


23 December 1880 Wanganui Chronicle

WANGANUI CITY RIFLES' SPORTS...100 Yards Race...T. J. Tracey...440 Yards Race...E. S. Tracey...


29 January 1881 Tuapeka Times

EVANS FLAT...The following Committeemen were elected for the ensuing year...P. Tracey...

5 February 1881 Otago Witness



8 February 1881 Otago Daily Times

FOR SALE, a - Quarter-acre Section (freehold), Four-roomed House, fronting Queen street and Town Belt, well stocked with fruit -trees:— Apply to F. Tracey, on the premises.


14 February 1881 West Coast Times

WESTLAND EDUCATION BOARD...[elected]...Christchurch Road...Michael Tracey...


9 April 1881 Otago Daily Times

TEACHERS' EXAMINATION...Passed for class E...Mary A. Tracey...


18 June 1881 Tuapeka Times

WARDEN'S COURT, LAWRENCE...Hugh M'Cann made application for a tailrace.—Granted, subject to a condition that where the tail-race is constructed at the crossing of a roadway from Patrick Tracey's workings, in his freehold laud (section 46) j the race to be made below the level of the roadway, and by means of a substantial culvert not less than 9ft long, so as not to interfere with Patrick Tracey's access by dray to and from his workings. Mr Hunter appeared for Mr Tracey.


18 July 1881 West Coast Times

The Secretary to the hospital desires to acknowledge the sum of £20 from the roadmen, Christchurch road, being £1 each from the following:...M. Tracey...T. Tracey...


19 November 1881 Otago Witness

AN ARTIST'S STORY. 'No. 329— A Wedding March.' Such was the number and name of a picture in the Academy of a certain year which, for polite and personal reason's, be left undesignated. The picture was one of my painting; and I, Reginald Tracey...


26th January 1882 Cape Times

Richard Elliott Tracey (of Wellington) to Laura Anne Clayton on 24th January 1882 at Cape Town



29 March 1882 Wanganui Herald

For the appointment of steward and matron of the hospital...The applicants were...James Tracey...of Wanganui...


11 April 1882 Otago Daily Times

An old English fancy fair is now being held in the Garrison Hall...At the sign of the "Sherwoode Oke " —Mrs Cook, assisted by Mrs Beattie and Misses Edith Cooke, Jeannie Cook, Mary Tracey, Olga Tracey, and Annie Burnside...


10 May 1882 Otago Daily Times

The ordinary meeting of the [Otago] University Council was held yesterday afternoon...Professor Parker reported that only two candidates had competed for the Scott Scholarship—Miss Mary Tracey and Mr W. Allan, and the marks obtained by them were 528 and 308 respectively. The scholarship was therefore awarded to Miss Tracey...


7 June 1882 Wanganui Chronicle

Resident Magistrate's Court...Chimney on Fire. — Joseph James Tracey was charged with allowing his chimney to be on fire on the 27th. May. — Defendant did not appear. — Sergeant Bissett reminded his Worship that the case had been adjourned from a previous sitting at defendant's request. The offence having been proved, defendant was lined 5s, and costs 7s.


12 July 1882 Otago Daily Times

The annual meeting of the Pioneer Lodg 1.0.0.F., was held in the Rattray street Hall last evening, when the following officers were duly installed by the Grand Lodge officials...Bro. T. J. Tracey, R.S. to V.G...


4 August 1882 New Zealand Tablet


The Rev. Father Tracey, who has for some considerable time assisted the Rev. Father Kerrigan in the Te Aro parish, was transferred by his Lordship the Bishop to the charge of the parish of Lyttelton and Akaroa at the beginning of this month...


13 November 1882 Otago Daily Times

UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO. The following are the results' of the ahnua examinations for 1882:...MATHEMATICS. Junior Class...Second Class...Miss M.A.T. Tracey...


23 December 1882 Tuapeka Times

ST. PATRICK'S SCHOOL, LAWRENCE...Best-conducted boy in school : Frank Tracey...


22 January 1883 Star

Thomas Tracey, an elderly man, was found dead on the Kaikourai Valley road. He had ruptured a blood vessel on the chest.


28 April 1883 Otago Daily Times

SALE OF CITY FREEHOLD PROPERTY. At the Rooms ot Messrs Gillies, Street, and Hislop, Rattray street, have received instructions from Mr F. Tracey to sell by auction, at their Rooms, Rattray street, on Saturday, 28th April, at 12 o'clock, Section 11, block XXXII, Queen street, together with the five-roomed house erected thereon. The property is situated nearly opposite the residence of J. R. Morris, Esq., has a beautiful view, and possesses a capital garden, well laid out, and stocked with flowers and fruit trees.


6 September 1883 Otago Daily Times

TUAPEKA WEST. Ranger Hughan reported on complaint lodged by John Hogg against M'Laughlan and J Tracey's illegal occupation of mining reserve in block 111, Tuapeka West, stating that the land fenced in was a portion of that applied for by Hogg, and declined on account of a petition objecting to same. He. recommended that he be authorised to take proceeding against them for illegal occupation of Crown lands, and also afked for formal authority to proceed against John Young.—lt was resnlved to authorise the ranger to proceed against John Young, Patrick Tracey, and Patrick M'Laughlan to recover penalties for unauthorised occupation of Crown lands.


6 December 1883 West Coast Times

FOR SALE OR TO LET, On Reasonable Terms, THAT most desirable FREEHOLD FARM, of 120 acres, and COTTAGE, situate at RANGIRIRI, Christcaurch road, known aa Tracey's. Apply to Michael Tracey, en the premises, or to D. Haniiau, agent, Kumara.


30 January 1884 Wanganui Herald

NEW ZEALAND UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS. Christchurch, Jan 29. The following is the result of the entrance examinations of the University, held in December 1883, at which 181 candidates presented themselves. Junior scholarships were gained by...Mary A. T. Tracey (Dunedin)...


8 May 1884 Otago Daily Times

The Professorial Board also wrote regarding an application by Miss Tracey to bo allowed to retain the Soott Scholarship in conjunction with tbo New Zoaland University Scholarship gained by her.—The Board could not recommend the Council to grant her application. The Chancellor explained that there was a regulation to the effect that no atudent couldhold two scholarships at one time.


6 September 1884 Te Aroha News

Auckland Petitions. The following petitions of Auckland interest were presented :— From Michael Tracey, formerly of the 65th Regiment, praying for a grant of land in consideration of military services;


12 December 1884 Otago Daily Times

GEORGE STREET SCHOOL...Class prizes...Standard I...Division 2: Albert Tracey...


19 December 1884 New Zealand Tablet

ST. PATRICK'S COLLEGE, WELLINGTON....[subscriptions]...LOBURN DISTRICT...Edward Tracey 1...


23 September 1885 Otago Daily Times

The Caledonian Society's evening classes took place in the Athenium hall yesterday evening...A special test in the latter subject was set at the close of the session, when John Smyth and George Tracey distanced their class mates...Bookkeeping and Commercial Arithmetic...George Tracey...


1 October 1885 Star

Exhibition Awards...Cardboard Boxes for jewellery, hats...T. J. Tracey, Dunedin...


31 December 1885 Otago Daily Times

GEORGE STREET SCHOOL...Standard II...Drawing: Albert Tracey...


20 January 1886 Southland Times

The Gore School Committee have agreed to request the appointment of Miss [M] Tracey of Dunedin, as [head] mistress of the Gore school; a lady possessing eminent mathematical attainments, and at the same time said to be au fait in single and double stitch and plain and embroidered—and is fresh from the University...


2 July 1886 Otago Witness

Deaths...On the 19th April, at Roxburgh, Honorie Tracey Fitzgerald, native of Waterpark, County Clare, Ireland, relict of the late Michael Fitzgerald.


2 September 1886 West Coast Times

The Chief Commissioner submitted schedule of runs showing rentals in default as follows:—...No. 44, J. Tracey, Hohonu range, 18 months, £8 5s;...


14 January 1887 Evening Post

The following new patents have been applied for:...for facilitating the handling of kerosene or other lamp oil or spirit, by Olga Maraquita Tracey, of Dunedin, schoolteacher...


24 August 1887 Tuapeka Times

Christchurch...It is with sincere regret that I have to intimate to your readers the illness of a Mr Francis Tracey, who at one time was resident in Lawrence, and was connected with the Roman Catholic Church there. A number of your readers will be sorry to hear that he has been ill for over three months, and is now dangerously so. I am sure it is the heart-felt wish of all that he may soon recover, although there are now very little hopes. I trust I will have better news next time I write.

21 October 1887 New Zealand Tablet

The funeral of Mr. F. J. Tracey, which took place last week in Christchurch, was remarkable for the attendance at it of the members of the Bicycle Club to which the deceased had belonged. A procession of cyclists leading their machines followed the cortege to the New Brighton cemetery, where the Rev. Father O'Hallahan officiated. The event is regarded as a gratifying proof of the spirit of good fellowship prevailing among the wheelmen, as well as a striking testimony to the respect in which their late comrade had been held by them.


10 January 1888 Otago Daily Times

WANTED, Good SEWING MACHINE; Werthelm preferred; hand or treadle.—Address Mrs Tracey, Clyde street, Roslyn.


16 March 1888 Otago Daily Times

CARDBOARD BOX FACTORY. REMOVAL NOTICE. - The Dunedin Cardboard Box Factory have Removed to larger premises in CUMBBRLAND STREET, near St. Andrew street. Every description of Cardboard Boxes manufactured. ALL communications to be addressed to T.J. Tracey, manager. Telephone 367.


21 April 1888 Wanganui Chronicle

The "Daddy" Tracey Concert.

The Drill Hall was crowded to excess last night, every available seat being taken, on the occasion of the concert for the benefit of Mr W. [William] Tracey ("Daddy Tracey"). The arrangements were complete, and the concert was a great success in every way...

26 April 1888 Wanganui Herald

The balance of the "Daddy" Tracey benefit fund was handed over to Mr Bambor last night. It amounted to £57 9s.

9 May 1890 Wanganui Chronicle

The "Daddy Tracey" Committee have decided to get up another concert in aid of the old man, who is now completely bed-ridden…

19 November 1891 Wanganui Chronicle

Local And General. The "Daddy" Tracey concert is fixed for the 27th instant.

26 November 1891 Wanganui Herald

One of those entertainments redounding so creditably to the efforts of the charitably inclined is "the Daddy Tracey Concert," arranged for to-morrow evening, inaugurated for the benefit of Daddy Tracey, who is close upon 90 yours of ago. A number of our best amateur vocalists havo cheerfully given their services, and a glance at the programme published elsewhere, will indicate that, apart from the laudable object in view, the entertainment will bo well worth patronage and support.

17 January 1893 Wanganui Herald

By way of a Christmas Box to "Daddy" Tracey, a gentleman of this town started a small fund amongst the tradespeople, limiting the amount to 2s 6d, and had the satisfaction, after a little energetic effort, of netting the respectable sum of £10 6s, which was duly handed over for Daddy's benefit. Such benevolent acts must be cheering to the old man and pleasing to his friends.

1 August 1893 Wanganui Chronicle

A Concert In Aid Of The Daddy Tracey Fund Will Be Held In The Oddfellows' Hall On Thursday, 3rd August, 1893. Programme in future issue. T. W. RAPLEY, Hon. Secretary.

5 August 1893 Wanganui Herald

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the larrikins in the vicinity of Plymouth Street are becoming unbearable. Their latest prank is to throw stones on Daddy Tracey's house. This has been going on for some time, and we would ask the police to move in this matter, and bring some of these young blackguards to justice.

24 September 1894 Wanganui Herald

...tickets for the Daddy Tracey concert...[93rd year]...

27 August 1895 Wanganui Herald, NZ

Death Of "Daddy" Tracey.

At 5 o'clook this morning an old and familiar face passed away peacefully at the unusually ripe, age of 93 years— William Tracey, better known as "Daddy." Born in the second year of the present century in Roscrea, Ireland, he lived there for 34[?] years, going over to London where he was engaged as a coal porter and wharfinger for 29 years. At the age of 63 he landed in the colonies in 1865, "taking up his home in Wanganui at the corner of Harrison and Plymouth Streets, where he has lived up to the time of his death. Lately, his friends have been much concerned respecting the tenement he inhabited, fearing lest the old building would fall over his cart, but contrary to expectations it has survived him. Though repeated offers were made to take “Daddy” into families, his friends' efforts were unavailing,- the old man stating that he would not leave the old house until they carried him out dead; In order to humour the old man's dearest wish, the owner' of the section, Mr S. Nicholl, has allowed him to occupy the premises rent free for the past six or seven years sooner than disturb “Daddy” who had all an Irishmans love for his heartstone, and wanted to die where he had lived for so long. For the last 12 years the deceased has been incapacited from active duties, and during the last six years he has been practically laid up. He was visited by Mr William Kennedy and others yesterday, and seemed so hale and cheerful as usual, and was conscious up to the time of his death. His last words ware to the old lady who has been attending to his wants— "Cover me now — pull the clothes over me. It will be the last time I'll ask you." From these remarks it would appear that Daddy " was conscious of the end approaching. His diet for the past 12 yean nag been very plain, consisting of but one meal a day— potatoes and milk and now and then a little meat— with a cup of tea in the morning and a glass of milk in the evening. Very little in the way of liquor has passed his lips during that period, though for a great number of years previously with his cart and horse and the old dog , on his way home he called regularly at the old "Anchor" Hotel, now the "Commercial" for his glass. “Daddy” has outlived most of his sons and daughters though we believe he has a daughter alive in Auckland. He has five grandsons and a grand-daughter in Wanganui|, and a number of grand and great grand children and in other parts of the colony. Up to the time that the infirmities of old age kept him a prisoner, there was no more familiar figure in Wanganui than “Daddy”; and it is said that he has followed more funerals during his lifetime than any other two persons put together. It was not an unusual sight, to see the old man, the only mourner, following perhaps the mortal remains from the hospital of one who died uncared-for and unknown, 'and being too tired to go on foot the long walk to the cemetery, time and again he has been picked up by the driver who bad charge of the vehicle with the coffin, The old man's wish has come at last, he having frequently expressed a desire to be taken home, and Wanganui’s second old settler -Mr Sheriff having celebrated his 95th birthday only a day or two ago— has gone the way of all flesh. The funeral is arranged to take place on Thursday at 8p.m.

28 August 1895 Wanganui Herald

Tracey.— On the 27th August, William John Tracey, aged 93 last birthday.

10 September 1895 Wanganui Chronicle

Mr James Brown, of Holland Street, Wellington, writes us re one of Wanganui's old identities, poor old Daddy Tracey. He says that in the year 1865 he, together with Mr and Mrs Tracey, were passengers together by the little Wanganui, bound for this port. Mr and Mrs Tracey had just landed from the ship, which, strange to say, was again, after a lapse of 30 years, lying at Queen’s Wharf when he died...their passage out having been paid by his son-in-law, a Mr. Jones...[death]A detachment of H.M. 18th Royal Irish regiment was stationed at Alexander's farm, and Mr Jones was carting stores to the canteens, when the horses bolted and knocked him down the dray passing over him and inflicting fatal in juries...


William John Tracey (b. 1802 Roscrea Tipperary, d. 27 August 1895 Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand ) & Bridget Brady (1798 Roscommon d. 30 December 1879 Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand)

William John Tracey was born in 1802 at Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland. He married Bridget Brady circa 1828 at Roscommon, Ireland.

William John Tracey was Census 1841 Living with Laurence and Maria Leavy [Leary] and their family. Laurence is a coal whipper from Ireland. There were also three other men living there working as a coal stripper. William Tracey is record as aged 40, coal stripper born in Ireland. Bridget is not listed. In 1841 at Shadwell, London, Middlesex.

He was Census 1861 Boarding with Michael and Mary Hunt. Mary was aged 33 and born in Ireland. William is recorded as lodger, 58, Coal Whipper, born Ireland.
Bridget, wife, 62. Born Ireland in 1861 at 7 Morton Buildings, Shadwell, Tower Hamlet, Stepney, London.

He emigrated in 1865; Left from London. As of 1878, William John Tracey lived at Block 513, Plymouth & Harrison Street, Wanganui.1 As of 1882, William John Tracey lived at Harrison Street, Wanganui.2 He died on 27 August 1895 at Wanganui.

Children of William John Tracey and Bridget Brady

Cecilia Tracey+ b. c 1828

Margaret Elizabeth Tracey+ b. bt 1831 - 1832, d. 19 Mar 1889


[S1128] , NZ Electoral Roll, 1878.

[S1128] , NZ Electoral Roll, 1882.



1851 Census - Martins Buildings, Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex

William Tracey  Head   Male    48        Ireland, Coal Whipper

Bridget Tracey   Wife    Female 50        Ireland, Coal Whipper'S Wife

John Trecey       Son      Male    14        Ireland, scholar


Cecilia Tracey (1826 Roscommon - 25 June 1920 Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand) married Robert Walker (1818-1886)

Margaret Elizabeth Tracey (1832 Ireland - 19 March 1889 Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand) married Edwin Jones (1827-1865)

Ellen Tracey (1834 Ireland - 6 September 1887 New Zealand) married William Craig (1832-)

John Tracey (1837 Ireland -)



Ellen Tracy married William Craig 1866/6739 New Zealand


3 August 1888 Mataura Ensign

In consequence of the illness of Miss Tracey, the teaching staff at the Gore Public School has been recently seriously overtaxed. In response to an application by Miss Tracey, supported by a medical certificate [six weeks plus one month], the Education Board has taken measures to supply the vacancy Miss Escott has been asked to take temporary charge of Miss Tracey's pupils, and it is hoped that this lady will be in attendance on Monday next. The average attendance at the school is now about 160, and the teachers have more that they can do.


30 October 1888 Mataura Ensign

School Committee Meetings...A mass of correspondence with respect to Miss Tracey's leave of absence and appointment of her locum tenens was laid on the table. It was reported that Miss Tracey had now resumed duties.


19 March 1889 Evening Post

Boot Trade. Wanted, respectable Youth, as improver. Apply sharp to M. Tracey, Bootmaker, Willis-street.


23 April 1889 Evening Post

John Berry, a seaman on board the R.M.S. Rimutaka, was this afternoon arrested by Constable M'Anerin upon a warrant charging him with the theft of a waterproof overcoat of the value of 25s, belonging to Herbert Tracey, one of his comrades. The theft is said to have been committed while on the voyage from London to Wellington. Berry will be brought before the Court to-morrow.

24 April 1889 Evening Post

John Berry, the seaman arrested on board the R.M.S. Rimutaka yesterday afternoon for the larceny of a waterproof overcoat belonging to a comrade named Albert Tracey, was sentenced this morning to a month's imprisonment for the offence.


6 September 1889 New Zealand Tablet

The Irish Catholic, of March 16, reports the baptism by the Rev. Father Treacy, of Sioux city, lowa. U.S., of some twelve converts. This, says our contemporary, makes about thirty-five conversions and baptisms of adults since Father Treacy went there about fifteen months ago. Father Treacy, we may add, is brother to the Rev. P. Treacy, of Geraldine, Canterbury, and has also a brother who is a parish priest in the diocese of Limerick, Ireland.

22 May 1896 New Zealand Tablet

The Archdiocese of Dubuque, U.S.A., has been divided and Very Rev Timothy Treacy has been appointed Bishop of Sioux Falls. The Most Rev Dr Treacy is the youngest of three brothers. The eldest is parish priest of Askeaton, County Limerick. The second, Rev P. Treacy, has been in New Zealand for many years and is a priest in the diocese of Christchurch. The new bishop was appointed dean of Dubuque by Dr Hennesay some years ago. He is about forty years of age and it sixteen years a priest. American papers speak of him as scholarly and eloquent, a successful missionary and capable administrator.

29 May 1896 New Zealand Tablet

We are requested to insert the following congratulatory note :-

"The many Geraldine [NZ] friends of the Rev P. [Patrick] Treacey tender him their hearty congratulations on the appointment of his brother the Rev T Treacey as bishop of Sioux City, America. Signed on behalf of committee, E. Burke, T. Markham, D. Guthrie, M. Guerin, J. Charles, C. Boland.


22 January 1890 Tuapeka Times

Warden's Court, Lawrence...P. Tracey: Application for residence site of one acre in Munros Gully.— Granted...


5 April 1890 Star

Sailed...for Lyttelton— Mr and Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Butler and child, Miss Wilson, Messrs A. Tracey, Iwara;...


11 April 1890 Otago Daily Times

Auckland Exhibits. A letter was read from Mr Allan Tracey, representing Auckland exhibitors, asking for a reduction of the dues on the exhibits to one half the usual rates. The Auckland Board had altogether remitted the dues. It was resolved to accept £5 in full payment. This amounts to a reduction of £2 18s 6d.


25 August 1890 Wanganui Chronicle

MILITARY SERVICE CLAIMS....M. Tracey, £30, or 60 acres...


11 October 1890 Tuapeka Times

From Charley Sen, miner, asking permission to work the road near Mr Tracey's house, Evans Flat, and promising to leave the road in good order should his request be granted. —Granted, subject to the usual conditions.


24 December 1890 Northern Advocate

A Colliery Accident...A sad accident occurred late last night. A number of men were working in the new dip at Ralph's mine, where they were entombed by the falling in of the roof...The names of the four men who are buried are James Smith, John Tracey, John Casby, and Alexander Harris...

24 December 1890 Southland Times

Painful Disaster In A Coal Mine...the death of three men named Jas. Tracey, John Caseby aud James Smith and a lad named Alexander Harris, occurred at Ralph's coal mine, at Huntley, in the Waikato district... Tracey, one of the men is about 28 years of age, and a native of Ireland. His case is very painful from the fact that he was married only six months ago. He has been about four years in the colony, and is described as one of the best miners in the district, and a man of excellent character…

24 December 1890 Star

Mining Disaster at Huntley...Tracey has a brother in Auckland, and the latter left to-day for the scene of the accident...

30 December 1890 Auckland Star

The Huntly Disaster Coroner's Inquest...When the inquest was resumed, at 2 p.m. yesterday, before Mr W. N. Searaneke, coroner, there were about twenty persons present, including the Messrs Ralph and Mr A. Niccol, father-in-law of Mr Tracey, deceased...


26 February 1891 Otago Witness

At the sale of privileges in connection with the Dunedin Autumn meeting the following prices were obtained:...No. 6— T. J. Tracey, Ocean View Hotel, £14...


23 April 1891 Timaru Herald

We have been shown some enormous potatoes which have been grown this season in the convent grounds by Mr Tracey, the gardener of the establishment. The bind is the lapstone kidney, and a sample of twelve weighed 22lbs. Four weighed 91bs all but 2oz. The average all round is from 1.1/4lb to 1.1/2lb each. The potatoes are not only large, but are thoroughly sound, and remarkably dry when cooked. The ground m which those lapstones were grown is old cultivated soil, which ib fairly well manured every year.

5 October 1896 Timaru Herald

Town and Country...Mr L. Tracey, the gardener [at the convent]...


28 April 1891 Otago Daily Times

An extensive sale by auction of oil paintings and water colours will take place this afternoon in the rooms of Messrs James A. Park and Co- The collection includes a number of original oil paintings selected from the works on view at the recent exhibition of the Auckland Society of Arts. These are by artists whose works have rarely been offered, up to the present date, under the hammer in the South Island, and the subjects are in most instances drawn from the picturesque scenery with which the province of Auckland abounds. The bulk of these paintings are from the brush of Mr Allan Tracey (who, it will be remembered, was the representative of a number of Auckland exhibitors at the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition)...


9 June 1891 Otago Daily Times

Thomas Joseph Tracey applied for a renewal of the license of the Ocean View Hotel, Main street and Macandrew road...


4 May 1892 Star

Maintenance—Edward Tracey (seventy-one), for whom Mr Loughnan appeared, applied for an order for his son, Thomas Tracey, who lives in Dunedin to contribute something towards his support. Mr Joyce appeared for the defendant. After evidence had been heard, the case was adjourned for a fortnight to enable the family to come to a satisfactory arrangement.


12 July 1892 Otago Daily Times

...Wanted Half-plate PHOTOGRAPHING OUTFIT — M. Tracey, Clyde street, Roslyn...


21 December 1892 Wanganui Chronicle

THE WANGANUI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. The distribution of prizes to the scholars of the St. Joseph's school took place in the afternoon of yesterday...third class...Charles Tracey...second class...Thomas Tracey...


7 January 1893 Grey River Argus

Friday's West Coast; Times says— W- Harris, formerly well-known as the proprietor of the accommodation house that bears his name, situated on the Christchurch road, was brought to town by Constable Baker yesterday charged with attempting to murder a man named Thomas Tracey. From the facts which we have been able to gather it appears that Tracey was at one time working for Harris at the accommodation house and the latter blamed him for his domestic Infelicity and they frequently quarrelled in consequence. Harris seems to have brooded over the affair and it is alleged that on boxing day he went to Tracey's hut and assaulted him. On Tuesday last he again went to him and struck him on the back of the head with a large st me, fracturing his skull. Tracey was taken to the Kumara hospital, where lie now lies in a very precarious condition, but he is perfectly rational and in view of the injuries resulting fatally his depositions have been taken. Harris will be brought up at the R M Court, Kumara, on Wednesday, the 11h inst.


3 February 1893 Marlborough Express

Death. Tracey.— On the 2nd of February, at Weld Street, Blenheim, Mrs B. Tracey, relict of the late Mr D. Tracey, Bradford Yorkshire, England, aged 63 years (mother of Mrs C. Ryan, Blenheim). R.I. P.

3 February 1893 Marlborough Express

Obituary.— Still another death has to be recorded, making we are afraid to say how many for the week. On this occasion there was not the suddenness that has characterised some of the recent losses, the lady, Mrs Tracey, mother of Mrs C. Ryan, having been an invalid for some time. Though confined to her house considerably, she was well known and highly respected, and the many friends of Mr and Mrs Ryan will sympathise with them m the loss sustained. The funeral takes place to-morrow morning.


19 April 1893 Evening Post

Masterton, This Day. A man named John Travers was arrested yesterday on a charge of the larceny of two oloographs, a sowing machine, &c., the property of T. A. Tracey. It appears that Tracey, who is a stevedore, loft Melbourne for Now Zealand some time ago in search of employment, leaving his wife and family behind. Recently, however, his spouse reached Wellington with Travors, and came to Masterton. It was for the alleged larceny of enlarged photographs of Tracey and other articles of his belonging. that Travers was arrested. Ho was brought before a J.P. and remanded till Friday.

29 April 1893 Poverty Bay Herald

A painful domestic drama is now being investigated by the police at Wellington. John Tracey and his wife kept a boarding house in Melbourne. The venture was not sufficient to support them and their children, so Tracey came to New Zealand to find employment. He found it, but in the meantime received word that a man named John Travers was making himself rather free in the Melbourne boarding house. Tracey immediately made arrangements for bringing his wife and family to Wellington, and forwarded passage money, etc., at the time providing a home in Grainger street for his family. Travers, however, with the connivance of the woman, travelled under an assumed name on the same steamer, but the wife and family of Tracey arrived without this fact being known to him. A few days afterwards, while Tracey was at work, Travers made the woman pack up furniture and everything in the house, and with them took her and the furniture off to Masterton. Tracey, who is much "cut-up" over the affair, was immediately advised to communicate with the police, with the result that Travers has been arrested at Masterton for larceny, and will most probably be tried at Wellington in a few days.


6 May 1893 Ellesmere Guardian

School Committee...It was decided to grant the application of Mr Tracey, on behalf of the Southbridge Football club, for the use of the school paddock, and to thank the Club for their donation to the Prize Fund...


9 May 1893 Mataura Ensign

GORE TEACHERS' INSTITUTE...Miss Tracey gave an interesting paper on "The Science Syllabus of the Public Schools." Miss Tracey's pet subject is Science, and her treatment of the growth of plants, the functions of each part, and their mutual relations was clear and able, while her judicious use of the black-board in illustration was much appreciated.— On the motion of Messrs Gilchrist and Macandrew a hearty vote of thanks was unanimously passed, and conveyed by the chairman to Miss Tracey...


22 July 1893 Ashburton Guardian

A satisfactory feature of the display of this breed was the number of local exhibitors, Mrs R. W. Hart, Winchmore, showing in the first prize cock a stupendous fowl, while the "runner up" of Mr L. Tracey was another such. Mr Tracey's five cockerels supplied first and second, but out of the nine shown ie was pleasing to count five excellent exhibits by local breeders...

26 July 1893 Timaru Herald

...At the Ashburton Poultry Show, Mr Tracey, of Timaru, in addition to the prizes named yesterday, also took first and special for silver Wyandotte cockerel, and second for F silver hen or pullet. Mr Tracey took six prizes with six entries...


15 August 1893 Manawatu Herald

...pleaded Guilty to a charge of having stolen a pair of shoes, value 8s 6d. from the shop of Michael Tracey, bootmaker, Willis-street...


2 November 1893 Auckland Star

Births. TRACEY.-On October 15, at her residence. Brown-street, Ponsonby. the wife of John Tracey of a son ; both doing well.


20 December 1893 Wanganui Herald

THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS. St Mary's School...Lower Third Class...Arithmetic...O Tracey...


11 January 1894 Wanganui Herald

...For five sections in the Ngamatea Village Settlement Block there were 11 applicants, Messrs B. 5. Tetter, W. Shaw, J. Freeman, and F. Tracey being the successful ones for sections 1, 2, 3 and 73...


19 February 1894 Evening Post

Galleyhawk V. Galleyhawk...Thomas Tracey, Courtenay-place, Wellington...[wharf labourer]...


7 March 1894 Evening Post

...Michael Tracey, bootmaker, Willis-street...


20 June 1894 Otago Daily Times

Constable Tracey, of North Dunedin, has been transferred to Port Chalmers at his own request.


6 August 1894 Star

[Napier]...William Tracey was found dead in a whare at Te Aute Bush [Hawke’s Bay]. Deceased leaves a wife and five children.


7 August 1894 Otago Daily Times

A man named Patrick Bracey[?] was received into the hospital last evening suffering from a fracture of the right leg. He was bush-felling on Pine Hill, when a tree fell on him and J caused the injury mentioned. He was attended to by the house surgeon.

12 September 1894 Otago Daily Times

Deaths...Tracey. On the 10th September, at Dunedin, Patrick Tracey, of Pine Hill; aged 54 years.

The Friends of the late Patrick Tracey (and of Mrs Barrett and Mrs GodinG) are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave our Premises, 152 George street. Tomorrow (Thursday), at 2.30 p.m.for the Catholic Cemetery (south).


17 October 1895 Hawke's Bay Herald

Our Waipawa correspondent, writing yesterday, says:— John Kirkwood Tracey was this morning charged before the local Bench with stealing two bottles of whisky at Ta Ante, and pleaded not guilty. On the application of the police be was remanded till Wednesday next. There was a further information of setting fire to the station and refreshment rooms, but at the last moment it was decided to withdraw it at present.

25 October 1895 Star

NAPIER, Oct. 25. I At the Magistrate's Court, Waipawa, a boy named John Tracey, aged seventeen, was charged with setting fire to the Te ' Aute railway station, and stealing articles from the refreshment-room. The evidence showed that two full bottles of brandy and a quantity of tobacco were found in the accused's bag, but there was not sufficient evidence to connect the boy with the fire. Tracey was found guilty of theft, and sentenced to three' months' hard labour.


18 October 1895 New Zealand Tablet

Trinity College Musical Examinations.

Wellington District. Senior Division Candidate...Mary Tracey (highest) St Mary's Convent, Pass 87...


28 November 1895 Otago Witness

A certain Mrs Tracey, living away down in South Westland at a place called Rangiri, as a mode of showing the lady teacher there that -she must cot quarrel with her, broke open the school door the other day and marched her children from the schoolroom. The Education Board, in order to show her her duty more plainly, have determined to summons the offending matron for her housebreaking proclivities.


18 December 1895 Wanganui Herald

St. Joseph's School. Inspector's Examination...Standard II...A. Tracey...


20 February 1896 Otago Daily Times

...The Farmers Agency Company (Limited)...Mr. D. Tracey (Willowvale) 60 crossbred wothers at 11s...


30 September 1896 Ohinemuri Gazette

Wardens Court. The following applications were recommended and granted...David Tracey...residence site at Waihi.


27 November 1896 Star

Obituary. — A familiar figure will be missed from the Theatre Royal by the death of Mr John Tracey, which took place early this morning. Mr Tracey, who was seventy-six years of age, was taken ill on Sunday, and was removed to the Hospital, where he died as above. He came to Christchurch from London about thirty-four years ago, and during the best part of that time he was connected with the Theatre, where, for many years, he has had charge of the stalls door. Deceased was a widower, and leaves a grown-up son and daughter.

28 November 1896 Star

Theatrical Employees' Association. The Members are requested to Meet at St Mary's Church, Manchester Street N„ on Monday, at 10 a.m., to follow the remains of our Brother and Officer, Edward (John) Tracey. Whitmore, President.


6 February 1897 Wanganui Herald

Found Drowned.

The body of an elderly man named Joseph James Tracey was found about 5.30 last evening on the river bank just below Mrs Duncan's, on the Sedgobrook side, by Mr William Symes, of Eastown. The body was lying face downwards, and was close to high water mark, evidently washed up by the incoming tide. The deceased, who lived on the sandhill behind the foundry, waa last seen about 11.15 on Saturday night by a man named William Ryan. The latter met Tracey at the Fountain, and at his request directed him along the Quay as far as Brennan's Hotel. He appeared to have had a little drink, and was evidently a bit mixed. On parting with Ryan, Tracey said he could get along all right now. It is surmised that the unfortunate man must have lost his way, and either wandered on to the reclaimed land or on to the beach the other side of Churton's Creek and fallen into the river, and his body taken up the stream by the strong flood tide of the past few days. The deceased was well known to old residents of Wanganui, and during the last few years had been employed by the Corporation in attending to the rubbish heap. About a fortnight ago he was sued by his wife [Agnes Tracey] for maintenance, but as the plaintiff did not appear to support her claim the information was dismissed. An inquest is proceeding as we go to press, [Since writing the above we are informed by Mr T Tracey. a son of the deceased, that he saw his father on Taupo Quay on Monday afternoon.]


22 April 1897 Otago Daily Times

...William Henry Tracey...


26 April 1897 Hawke's Bay Herald

Acts of bravery are always worth chronicling, and therefore the conduct of young Tracey, of Taradale, son of Mr Tracey, road overseer, should not go unnoticed. Mr T. Reidy was driving his wife and family round directly after the flood to give them an insight into the damage, When opposite Meban's corner the spring-cart overturned in an extensive wash-out. Tracey, observing the accident, immediately rushed into the water and pulled two young girls out, when he observed the youngest child floating down a swift running current. Without thought of danger to himself he swam out and resound the little one, who would have found a watery grave had it not been for Tracey's presence of mind.


28 April 1897 Tuapeka Times

Evans Flat...householders...elected...J. Tracey...


26 May 1897 Evening Post

Local and General...Five tenders, ringing from £105 upwards, were received by the Official As-signee for the estate of the bankrupt Michael Tracey. The highest, that of Mr. Geo. A. Mills, at £120, was accepted. [CORRECTION Mr. Lindsay]


3 July 1897 Tuapeka Times

A Disputed Contract. T. and J. Tracey v. R. Cotton.— Claim £40 a 14s, for harrowing, sowing and ploughing at Evan's Flat. The defendant put in a counter-claim of £30 123 6d for straw and sheaves , used by defendants and for damage done to - hut belonging to defendant by plaintiffs. Mr Crooke for plaintiffs and Mr Dalziell for defendant. P. Tracey gave evidence, after which the counter-claim was abandon and an agreement come to between the parties.

9 October 1897 Tuapeka Times

COTTON v. TRACEY. [J. Tracey & Co, 1891]

The following Judgment in the case R, Cotton v. J. Traeey and counter-claim Tracey v Cotton, beard at Lawrence on the 29th September, 1897, before E. S. Hawkins, Esq., S.M., was read by the Clerk of the Court, in the presence of the solicitors Mr Dalziell (for plaintiff) and Mr Crooke (for defendant), on Thursday, 7th October, 1897...


13 July 1897 Timaru Herald


Miss M. Tracey, M.A., of Gore, read a paper at the Southland Educational Institute meeting last month on the development, extension, and popularisation of the New Zealand University system...


16 December 1897 Auckland Star

Mr Denis Tracey, of Whakapirau, has cause to regret having been tempted to witness the Pahi Regatta. It. seems he returned home from the regatta about one o'clock- in the morning, and was so tired that he fell asleep in his chair, awaking about three hours later to find the place in flames. In his sleep he had managed to capsize a kerosene lamp which was burning on the table beside him, and this in its fall set fire. to the furniture. The building, which was valued at £40, was uninsured.


11 February 1898 Nelson Evening Mail

...Esther Ann Conlon, alias Ellen Connell, alias Elsie May Connors, a resident of Kumara, was charged, on the information of Sergt. McArdle, with having, on the 6th July, 1897, made to the Registrar of Births at Nelson, false statements regarding her name and the parentage of a child then registered in the name of Nelson Malcolm Connors...On the 8th ultimo accused told witness that a young man named Thomas Patrick Tracey was the father of the child in question, and that she had put the matter in the hands of Mr Murdoch, solicitor. The accused had, under the name of Esther Ann Conlon, taken proceedings against Tracey...


17 September 1898 Tuapeka Times

John Thompson, on behalf of John Tracey, applied to purchase an area of about three acres of unreserved land in block 20, Tuapeka East district. — To be allowed to acquire at a capital value of £2 10s per acre.


20 September 1898 Mataura Ensign

...The Gore public school...Infant Classes (Miss Tracey)...


18 November 1898 Poverty Bay Herald

BACK FROM KLONDYKE...Mr J. T. Tracey, of Wellington, who has returned from Klondyke, gives a most repelling account of the new goldfield, and earnestly advises everyone to keep away...


22 November 1898 Otago Daily Times

GORED BY A COW...on the body of Mrs Mary Collins, who died in the hospital on Sunday...The boy Tracey, who had been driving it...William Ernest Tracey, aged 14, said he worked for Mr Stevens, who owned a cow...


28 January 1899 Wanganui Chronicle

OLD AGE PENSIONS...The following received the full pension of £18:...Michael Tracey...


1 May 1899 Auckland Star

SCHOOL COMMITTEE ELECTIONS...Victoria Valley...W. Tracey...


1 August 1899 Mataura Ensign


Drummond— Tracey. — On June 24, 1899, in All Saints' Church, Dunedin, by the Very Rev. Dean Fitchett, James, second son of John Drummond, C.E., Gisborne, to Mary, daughter of the late William Tracey, C.E., Norfolk, England.


10 August 1899 Otago Witness

The Tuapeka Times reports the destruction by fire of the house belonging to Patrick Tracey, at Munro's Gully. The building and furniture were insured in the Royal Insuranoa Company for £150.


25 November 1899 Evening Post

WANGANUI, This Day. A lad named Thomas Tracey, 15 years of age, was killed this morning in the main thoroughfare. He was riding a bicycle, and collided with a horse ridden by a butcher boy. Deceased fell on his head and his neck was broken.

27 November 1899 Wanganui Chronicle

Tracey.—On the 25th November, 1899, accidentally killed, Thomas James William, beloved youngest son of Thomas und Louisa Tracey, of Liverpool Street, aged 17 years and 4 months. R.I.P.


Alphabetical Roll Of New Zealand Expeditionary Force WWI

Con Treacy, 46900, labourer, Next of kin: Mrs Eliza Treacy (mother), Christchurch Road, Kumara, New Zealand

Henry William Treacy, 34772, clerk, Next of kin: Mrs M. Treacy (mother), Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand

*James George Tracy, 10/1099, private, Wellington Infantry Batln, single, of 20 Dublin St., Wanganui, Wellington, Next of Kin: J. Tracy, 19 McBride St., South Dunedin

Jean Le Tracy, 16/1568 (WWI) 6366 (WWII), electrican, Next of Kin: Miss H. Sandford (friend), 79 Boulcott Street, Wellington, New Zealand

John Tracy, 12/2137, private, Auckland Infantry Batln, single, of Post-office Karangahake New Zealand, Next of Kin: Thomas Stuart (uncle), Printer, Enniskillen, Ireland, Died 9 August 1915 on H.M.H.S. Gascon,  Memorial: Lone Pine Memorial, Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey

Joseph Tracey, 17/203, trooper, Veterinary Corps, single, of Public? Works Office Clyde Otago, Next of kin: P. Tracey (father), Fineghs, County Carlow Ireland

Thomas James Treacy, 68030, private, New Zealand Medical Corp, packer, Next of kin: Mrs M. Treacy (mother), 29 Nugent Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Thomas Tracey, 19/280, private, Infantry, single, of Huntly Auckland, Kext of kin: Mrs Eliza Tracey (mother), Kumara, Westland

*William Francis Tracy, 8/496, 2nd Lieut to Major, Otago Infantry Batln, single, of 20 McMaster St., Invercargill, Otago, Next of kin: Mrs. Jane Tracy (mother), 19 McBride St., South Dunedin, died 31 May 1963


17 May 1915 Otago Daily Times

New Zealand Casualties

Wounded...Otago Battalion. Lieutenant William Francis Tracy, 8th (Southland) Regiment (Mrs Jane Tracy, 5 Princes Albert street, St. Kilda, mother).


June 1915 Public Service Official Circular NZ - Roll of Honour

Wounded - Customs Department

Private J. G. Tracy, Clerk Head Office Wellington

Lieutenant W.F. Tracy, Examining Officer, 3rd Grade, Invercargill


1 November 1916 The Argus (Melbourne)

In Memoriam

STRUGNELL.-In loving memory of my dear daughter, Ada Strungnell, who died at Coburg on the 1st November, 1915.

We cannot see your face, dear Ada, Your voice we cannot hear,

But with Jesus in Heaven, whose glory you share, ln that beautiful mansion you roam,

And there so fair, free from sorrow and care, You are waiting to welcome us home.

-(Inserted by her loving mother, M. A. Treacy.)

STRUGNELL.-In loving memory of our dear sister Ada, who died at Coburg, November 1, 1915.

Just when her life was brightest,

Just when our hopes were best,

She was called from this world of sorrow To a horne of eternal rest.

Died, beloved by all.

-(inscribed by, her loving brother and sister, George Treacy, Auckland, N.Z. ; Minnie Trim, Perth, W.A.)


August 11, 1917 The Gaelic American

Conscripting priests and brothers...Sydneys Freemans Journal...James Lee Tracy (Christchurch)...Marist Brother teachers...


4 September 1920 Ellesmere Guardian

Retiring. CONSTABLE TREACY LEAVING DISTRICT. Constable D. [Denis] Treacy. of Leeston, who has devoted 4l years of his life to the service of his country in the capacity of a guardian of the peace, put aside the "uniform of " blue" for good on Tuesday night last, and has retired from the force m superannuation. He has been granted three months' leave on cull pay. The residents of the Leeston police district will bid Mr Treacy good-bye with feelings of keen regret. He has been; stationed at Leeston for the last ten years, and during that time has proved himself a worthy citizen, as, well as an efficient and conscientious officer—probably the most conscientious police constable who has ever had charge of the Leeston district. It is no reflection upon any of his predecessors to make this, 3laim concerning Mr Treacy, for he has performed his duties with a ' degree of thoroughness, discretion and tact that could not well be expected of every police officer. It seems to be a popular supposition that it is an easy matter to perform the duties that devolve upon a guardian of the peace. It is nothing of the kind. The position, especially in the case of one in charge of a district, calls for the exercise of both tact and discretion in a marked degree. Many men fail to achieve success in the force because of laxity, lack of discretion, or an inclination to become too officious. The court records show a substantial decrease in both criminal and civil business since Mr Treacy took charge. A man with a very big heart, he never turned a deaf ear to any appeal made for a worthy cause. Although he showed neither fear nor favour in the discharge of his duties, he was always sympathetic to anyone overtaken by misfortune and invariably put in a plea for leniency on behalf of persons before the court if he thought they were the victims of misfortune. It would be interesting to know how many times Mr Treaey has paid fines out of his own pocket. A taste for adventure, and a desire to see the country induced him to join the Armed Constabulary in 1879, when troubles arising out of the Maori war were frequent in the North Island. He joined the police in 1891 and has served at Dunedin, Port Chalmers, Arrowtown, Clinton and Leeston. Some time ago Mr Treaey acquired some land in the North Island. The venture, his friends will be pleased to hear, has turned out very successful and it is his intention to remove to the north very shortly. Mr and Mrs Treacy and family will carry with them the sincere good wishes of their Ellesmere friends. Until a successor is appointed the Leeston police district will be under the control of Constable Moriarty, of Southbridge, who is well known as a capable police officer.



Jim tracey.jpg




1922 Bill Brennan and Jim Tracey.jpg


James St. Martin Tracey (1897 Kimberley SA – 1939 Auckland NZ) [see South Africa]

New Zealand and Australian heavyweight champion


Born 22 May 1897 Kimberley, Western Cape, South Africa. Died 3 October 1939, age 42, occupation, "physical culturist", burial at the Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland.


10 July 1920 Observer p.9 (NZ) Boxing - Jim Tracey's Knock-out

Jim Tracey, who holds the New Zealand professional heavyweight championship and outpointed Albert Lloyd the Australian heavyweight champion in the Town Hall some weeks ago, has been resting quietly lately, and as the genial Jim is a man of remarkable active habits, enquiries were set afoot to ascertain the reason of Jim's prolonged disappearance.

Many rumours were afloat, but it was only the other day that the writer ascertained the reason for Jim’s  absence from his usual haunts. It appears that he has received a knock-out, a solar plexus hit at that—an irrecoverable blow—to fistic ambitions. He has fallen a victim to the wiles and winsomeness of a charming maid, who has clearly outpointed Jim. Yes, he has become engaged to Miss Pauline O'Connor, daughter of Mr. T.B. O'Connor, the famous Aukland forward, who made football history in the 80's...he intends settling in Auckland and will shortly take over the management of the Thames Hotel.  As an athlete, Tracey has made hosts of friends for his straightness, and in business his popularity and success are assured. In the boxing arena Tracey has had a really remarkable career. As one of Fritz Holland s most apt pupils at the early age of 18, he was fighting opponents much more matured than himself, with astonishing pluck, endurance, and cleverness. He started boxing as sparring partner to Milburn Saylor, Eddie MeGoorty, and the famous world-beater, Les D'Arcy. The latter thought a lot of his long sparring partner. Tracey has had an adventurous career. He spent most of his early life in South Africa, where his father was killed fighting against the Boers. An elder brother was wounded in the same campaign. Jim has had no end of short bout wins to his credit, and early in his career he was looked upon as the forthcoming Australian heavyweight. In Australia he first fought Snowy Smiles, and beat him in three rounds. He next fought Frank Mars, the American. Thhe first he lost, but the return battle was his all the way. With Widders he fought a draw in the first clash, but gained the decision on the second. He next met and defeated Erne Valle, of Sydney, in ten rounds. His first big battle was against George Brewer, whom he defeated on points after 20 rounds. Three nights after he faced Larry Foran. and though he sustained three broken ribs, he won a point's decision

At Brisbane he met Bill Walker, heavyweight champion, and after a keenly-fought contest he accounted for Walker in the 12th round. Returning to Sydney, he beat Jack D'Arcy, the N.S.W. heavyweight. Later "he met George Cook, and after a great fight earned the decision. Tracey was next matched against Tom McMahon, who enjoyed the distinction of beating Jess Willard, of Young Town, nine months prior to the latter defeating Jack Johnson to: the world's championship. The match between McMahon and Tracey went the full 20 rounds. Tracey next took part in a sensational fight with Colin Bell. After 17 rounds of fast fighting the bout was stopped. Though the decision was given to Bell, its accuracy was questioned in many quarters, and moreover Tracey was not up to his usual fighting standard. Since then he has fought several great battles in New Zealand, notably with Pooley, Clabby, and  Lloyd, and in every contest he has shown untiring aggressiveness, speed, and cleverness. Besides a wonderful capacity to assimilate punishment, Jim stands 6ft. 4in, and is now only 23.5 years of age, so he has had a phenomenal ring career, fighting many torrid battles, and to-day holds both the New Zealand and Australian heavyweight championships.


Ellis Island

James St. Martin Tracey, NY USA, 1922, 24 years, Hotel ??? [Propriet crossed out], English, lived New York, in transit to Auckland New zealand, b. Kimberley S. Africa


22nd February 1922 RMS Nigara from Auckland New Zealand to Passenger Lists Washington Seattle

James St Martin Tracey, 25, married, Prof Boxer, English race, lived Auckland, brother Mr. M Tracey Waverley Hotel Auckland. to friend Mr TS Andrews Wilwankee [Milwaukee] Wis, 1 year stay, 6'3.5", fr complexion, fr hair, bl eyes, b. Kimberly Sth Africa

Pauline C. Tracey, 24, wife, 5'3", fr complexion, Br hair, bl eyes, b. Gisborne N Zealand

Joyzelle Tracey, 0y7m, child, b. Gisborne N Zealand


Divorce file 1932- James St. Martin Tracey - Pauline Casserley.

James St. Martin TRACEYmarried Florence Elizabeth May BANFIELD – 1934


Brother Michael Sylvester TRACEY buried at Roman Catholic section, Karori Cemetery, Wellington, on 26 May 1936, Aged 48 years, Occupation:  Masseur


Boxing Record: http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=72925&cat=boxer




Nov 6, 1926 Irish Times -  Birth

Tracey - August 26, 1926, at Private Nursing Home, Putarurn, New Zealand, to Mr and Mrs Robert Tracey a son (Robert Patrick).




London Will

Tracey, Sarah of Roslyn near Dunedin Otago New Zealand widow died 9 September 1888 Administration (limited) London 23 December to Thomas Tolmé Blyth solicitor. Effects £130.13.6






NEW ZEALAND ARCHIVES [Note: Use ‘simple search’ and ‘Archway’]





Closed Files - Companies [record group]

B. Tracy Ltd no date


Customs Inwards Letters

Richard Carter, Secretary and Inspector, Wellington - James George Tracy of Lyttelton - new cadet to be stationed at Auckland 1910

W B Montgomery, Secretary of Customs, Wellington - Tracy, Cadet - to be transferred to Wanganui to replace Mr Jones 1910

[1] W B Montgomery, Secretary of Customs, Wellington - R E Dowding - now proposed he is to remain in his present position [Shipping Clerk]; [2] George Craig, for Secretary of Customs, Wellington - R E Dowding, Shipping Clerk, Auckland - transferred to Invercargill as Examining Officer; W F Tracy, Clerk, Christchurch - transferred to Auckland as Shipping Clerk 1914


Flock House archives collection

[Mounted photograph of boys playing rugby] - A. [or H] Paterson, J. Galbraith, B. Tracy [and others] - June 1947

Some Flock House students, 1976 - A. P. Beckett, J. T. C. Arrandale, G. McGill, G. L. Tracy - [Mounted on card] 1976

Photograph - Ploughing with double furrow plough - Teamster, Ted Duckmanton, trainee, B. R. Tracy - Poynsfield Bush (pig plantation in background) - [Mounted on card, deframed] 1947


Immigration Case Files

Ann Treacy 1970, 1971

Anna Maria Tracey 1945-1959

Dolly Agnes Tracy 1946

Dorothy Agnes Tracey 1946-1974

Eileen Tracey, Clifford Tracey 1969- 1970


Index to State Coal Mine Fields

Treacy... no date


Inwards letters and registered files [record group]

Reports - Reports Medical Services NZEF [New Zealand Expeditionary Force] in UK Col. Tracy-Inglis 1918


Land Records

Assorted Records - Standard Specifications

John Turner Tracey - Pouatu Survey District - Freeholded 1897-1990

Land Tenure Files

Lease in Perpetuity - Allotment 183 Maungataniwha Parish - D and J Tracey 1905- 1985

Lease in Perpetuity - Allotment 259 Maungataniwha Parish - C E Tracey 1970- 1983

Lease in Perpetuity - Allotment 260 Maungataniwha Parish in Blocks 5 and 11 - D R Tracey 1902- 1983

Land valuation files

Application for consent to sale - Alfred John George Treacy to Cecil Alfred Turner. Corner Surrey Cres and Great North Rd, Grey Lynn , 1944

Application for consent to sale - Annie May Treacy to Whitie Eugene Cullen and Beryl Elizabeth Cullen. 13 Dexter Ave, Mt Eden , 1944

Application for consent to sale - Leyland O'Brien Timber Co Ltd to Annie May Treacy. 28 Mont Le Grande Rd, Mt Eden , 1944

Application for consent to sale - Kate Adelaide Tracy to Thomas Arthur Smith 1946

Application for consent to sale - Timothy Tracy and James Leo Tracy to David Royston Wadsworth 1946

Tokerau single number alienation files

Tai Tokerau alienation file - Konoti B54A2 - FROM: Henare Raira - TO: H. O. Tracey 1916

Tai Tokerau alienation file - Waiwhariki 1D3B - FROM: Alfred L. Falkiner and others - TO: W. R. Tracey 1916

Tai Tokerau alienation file - Waiwhariki 1D3B1 - FROM: Ethel Stella Faulkiner and others - TO: Walter Reason Tracey 1917


Law Practitioner Act files

William Francis Tracy - Application as a Barrister and Solicitor [see Hamilton] 1920


Ministerial Files Treacy

J Treacy, 1986, 1989


Ministry of Works, Nelson District Office records

Local Bodies: Roads etc - Jerdans Bay to Hakana Tracy (Sounds County) 1928 1938


Multiple number subject files - Electricity

Westland Power Scheme - Lake Coleridge - West Coast 66KV transmission line compensation claim - E N J B C Treacy, Turiwhate 1940 (State Hydro Branch)

Timaru Urban Motorway - Land for Motorway: Claim - J E Treacy, 420-428 Strafford Street, Timaru 1982, 1983

Christchurch-Kumara via Arthur Pass SH [State Highway] - Claim: E M J B C Treacy, Turiwhate , 1971, 1973


Naval and Military Land Claims Commissions, 1896 and 1910 [record group]

James Tracy - Private, 18th Royal Irish Regt. - Wanganui


Personnel files [Forest Service]

John M Treacy - Cadet 1979, 1987


Personnel file cover sheets

Staff Summary Sheets: Susan Tracy 1975 1976


Planning Tribunal/Environment Court case files

A K Tozer & B L Tracy - Rodney City Council 1971

Tracy Homes Limited


Probate Files


Francis Tracey - Victoria Valley - Settler 1916

James Tracey - Auckland - Retired Warder 1924

Julia Tracey - Opotiki - Spinster 1911

Numerical probated case files

Marjorie Tracey, 1952


Registered files [record group]

Racing - Apprentice jockey - Treacy no date


Ships survey papers / tonnage certificates

Ships Survey Papers: Shinko to Stephen Tracy - Reel # 23

Central filing system

FV [Fishing Vessel] 'Stephen Tracy': Stranded, Chatham Islands - 25 January 1984

Ships Records, Plans & Specifications

Stephen Tracy - S H Kiel - Chatham Islands 1977 1983


Unregistered papers - Service schedules (H6A's) [record group]

Treacy - Trott no date


World War One

Andrew Tracey - WW1 53445 - Army

Arthur Burnard Tracey - WW1 65243 - Army

Arthur Edward - WW1 76964 - DPF (Duplicate Personnel File)

Bennett Tracy - WW1 91478 - Army

Charles Henry Edward Tracey - WW1 79296 - Army

Con Treacy - WW1 46900 - Army

Harry Frank Tracey - WW1 25615 - Army (Original Paper Personnel File)

James George Tracy - WW1 10/1099 - Army

John Tracy - WW1 12/2137 - Army

Joseph Tracey - WW1 17/203 - Army

Michael Patrick Treacy - WW1 82932 - Army

Patrick Tracey - WW1 92639 - Army

Russell Tracy-Inglis - WW1 3/745 - Army

Sydney Treacy - WW1 26211 - Army

Thomas James Treacy - WW1 68030 - Army

Thomas James Treacy - WW1 68030 - DPF (Duplicate Personnel File)

Thomas Tracey - WW1 13292 - Army

Thomas Tracey - WW1 50122 - Army

Thomas Tracy - WW1 19/280 - Army

William Ernest Treacy - WW1 89720 - Army

William James Tracey - WW1 62465 – Army




Arrowtown Police loose papers (20535) , 1898 - 1936

This folder consists of loose papers from the Arrowtown Police Station. [Constable Treacy]




Auckland closed company files

Tracy's Dairy Ltd 1959 1960

Michele Tracy Holdings Ltd 1970 c.1979

W G and M F Tracy Ltd 1976 c.1980

Closed company files - Auckland region

Brian Tracy Seminars New Zealand Limited 1988 1993

Brian Tracy Seminars New Zealand Limited 1988 1999

Neal Tracy Limited 1994 1998

Tracy International New Zealand Limited 1992 1997

Tracy International New Zealand Limited 1997 1999

Treacy Consultants Limited, 1987, 1997


Auckland divorce files

Jean Le Tracy - Freda Pansy 1942

Larry James Tracy v Rosemary Ann Tracy 1977

Noeleen Robin Treacy v John Edward Treacy, 1966, 1967

Philomena Ann Tracey (formerly Philomena Ann Tracy ) v Kenneth Peter Tracey (formerly Kenneth Peter Tracy ) 1971 1974

Sharon Wendy Tracy-Inglis v Mark Robert Tracy-Inglis 1978

Shirley Ellen Elizabeth Tracy v Murray Reed Tracy and Marguerite Neri 1976

William Ernest Treacey - Elsie 1921


Auckland Probates

Ada Ellen Tracey - Taneatua ex Matata - Widow 1969

Adelaide Ruth Tracy - Auckland - Clerk 1976

Albert Edward Richard Tracey - New Lynn - Retired Farmer 1957

Albert James Tracey - Auckland - Retired Farmer 1975

Alfred John George Treacy- Auckland - Gentleman , 1972

Allan Lewis Tracey - Auckland - Retired 1997

Annie May Treacy, 1990

Arthur Edward Tracey - Matata - Retired 1964

Christine Tracey - Auckland - Widow 1973

Constance Beavis Dorothea Treacy- Auckland - Married Woman , 1970

David Francis Tracey - Newman, Western Australia - Miner 1976

David Francis Tracey - Western Australia - Miner 1975

Edmund Treacy- Auckland - Retired Clerk , 1970

Eleanor Frances Tracey - Auckland - Married Woman retired 1994

Fanny Eliza Treacy - Auckland - Married Woman , 1954

Fanny Tracey - Auckland - Married Woman 1930

George Eric Tracey - Auckland - Retired 1959

George Tracey - Victoria Valley - Farmer 1927

George Tracey - Victoria, Australia - Farmer 1964

Grace Tracy-Inglis - Auckland - Widow 1951

Hannah Gertrude Treacy- Auckland - Spinster , 1972

Henry William Treacy- Auckland - Retired Farmer , 1974

Herbert Oliver Tracey - Auckland - Retired 1964

Hilda Mabel Rose Tracey - Auckland - Widow 1972

James Thomas Emmett Treacy- Auckland - Retired Butcher , 1978

James Tracey - Papakura - Storeman 1979

Jennifer Joy Tracey - Auckland - Graphic Designer 1992

Jessie Elfreda Tracey - Papatoetoe - Femme Sole 1972

John William Tracey - Auckland - Retired Carrier 1967

Kathleen Bruce Tracey - Howick - Widow 1978

Laurence Albert Tracey - Auckland - Carpenter 1973

Leslie Alexander Tracy - Auckland ex Wellington - Solicitor 1958

Lucinda Jane Tracey - Auckland - Retired Confectioner 1952

Mary Bella Treacy - Auckland - Widow , 1947

Mary Hazzard Treacy- Auckland - Spinster , 1960

Michael Tracy - Auckland - Gentleman 1935

Patrick Harding Treacy - Auckland - Retired Printer , 1960

Peggy Constance Tracy-Inglis - Auckland - Widow 1997

Robert James Tracey - Alfriston - Farmer 1935

Robert Tracy-Inglis - Auckland - Retired Accountant 1993

Stuart Frederick Tracey 1987

Susanna Tracey - Alfriston - Widow 1937

Thomas Tracey - Auckland - Labourer 1957

Victor Maurice Tracey - Maraetai - Retired 1992

Walter Reason Tracey - Howick - Land Agent 1959

William John Tracey 1986

William Tracey - Auckland - Carrier 1936

Willie Tracey - Auckland - Retired 1973

Intestate Files

William Tracey - Auckland - Carter 1874


Auckland Works multiple number subject files

Mrs F E Treacy, Alford Street, Waterview 1938, 1941




Christchurch Divorce Files

Cornelius Treacy v Elizabeth Treacy and John Harpur, 1950

Michael Patrick Treacy v Carol Isabell Treacy and Tyrone Russell Scott [includes marriage certificate] , 1974


Christchurch Probate files

Bertha Winnifred Tracey - Christchurch - Spinster 1957

Catherine Treacy - Christchurch - Spinster , 1969

Daniel Michael Tracey - Christchurch - Council Employ 1965

Denis Tracy - Christchurch - Labourer 1932

John Treacy - Christchurch - Railway Worker , 1963,

Margaret Treacy - Christchurch - Spinster , 1973

Millicent Roma Tracey - Christchurch - Widow 1996

Monica Iris Treacy- Christchurch - Widow , 1997

Percy Richard Tracey - Christchurch - Traveller 1974


Christchurch Works District Office Numeric Registered File Series

Land Purchase - Timaru Trafficway - J E Treacy , 1979, 1984




Dunedin bankruptcy files [fourth series]

Thomas Joseph Treacy - Dunedin - Cardboard Box Manufacturer , 1889

Dunedin bankruptcy files [fifth series]

John Thomas Treacy - Dunedin - Restaurant Keeper , 1906, 1906

Patrick Treacy- Pine Hill - Gardener , 1894, 1894

Department of Justice, Supreme Treacy High Court, Official Assignee in Bankruptcy [and] Department of Justice, Commercial Affairs Division, Official Assignee's Office, Dunedin - Bankruptcy Case Files, Petition Files and Miscellaneous Case Files regarding Bankruptcy

Thomas Joseph Treacy, 1906, 1907


Dunedin probate and Letters of Administration files (I)

Cecil Harold Tracey - Dunedin - Salesman 1941

Francis Treacy - Dunedin - Retired Farmer , 1953, 1953 ,

Laura Mary Daisy Treacy - Stirling and Balclutha - Widow , 1955, 1955 ,

Margaret Treacy - Dunedin - Widow , 1972, 1972

Patrick Treacy - Dunedin - Retired Farmer , 1970, 1970

Patrick Treacy - Outram - Hotelkeeper , 1956, 1956 ,

Thomas Treacy- Greenfield - Farmer , 1950, 1950

Dunedin probate and Letters of Administration files (II)

Agnes Frederica Tracey - Dunedin - Widow 1961

Joseph Tracey - Palmerston - Labourer 1963

Margaret Ellen Tracey - Dunedin - Widow 1982


Dunedin Traffic Manager's Registered Fileshttp://www.archway.archives.govt.nz/Images/Dot.gif

Free Carriage of Lime - Mr T Treacey, Balclutha 1940-1941




Greymouth Divorce Files

Greymouth divorce file - Pamela Ivy Grace Treacy v Edward Patrick Treacy [ includes includes marriage certificate] , 1973


Greymouth probate files

Erina Treacy, Turiwhate, Farmer , 1973

Jamieson Tracey, Greymouth, Bushman 1966

Martin Treacy, Ahaura 1911




Hamilton divorce files - second sequence

Margaret Jean Treacy v Anthony Myles Treacy and Christine Hodgson, 1967, 1969 ,


Hamilton Insolvency Files

Brian Tracy Seminars Auckland Limited - Main (L) 1997 1999


Hamilton Probates

Kate Adelaide Tracy - Hamilton and Auckland - Widow 1949

Hamilton probates - annual number sequence

Kathleen Faithful Tracey - Pirongia formerly Palmerston North - Widow 1991

Leslie Joseph Tracey - Taupo - Hotel Employee 1957

Margaret Marion Tracey - Matamata - Married Woman 1979

Robert Francis Tracey - Ohope - Retired 1979

Sinclair Dunseith Tracey - Rotorua - Company Director 1969

William Francis Tracy - Whitehall, Cambridge - Retired Barrister 1963




Napier probate files [first sequence]

Julia Tracey, 1899




New Plymouth probate files

Patrick Treacy, 1922




Otago Central Licensing District Application Files

Certificate of Fitness - P Treacy, Outram Hotel, Outram 1919

John H Treacy - Application for Renewal of Accommodation License at Patearoa known as Patearoa Hotel 1918

John Henry Treacy - Application for Renewal of Accommodation License at Patearoa known as Patearoa Hotel 1919

S A Lyttle to Patrick Treacy - Temporary Transfer, Outram Hotel, Outram 1919

Samuel A Lyttle to Patrick Treacy - Transfer, Outram Hotel, Outram 1919


Otago Land Tenure Case files

Deferred Payment Licence - [T Treacy] , 1929, 1939

Deferred Payment Licence - [T Treacy] , 1925, 1928

Renewable Lease - Section 1, Block I, Pomahaka Survey District - [J E Treacy] , 1907, 1951

Renewable Lease - Settlements - [Section 1S, Murrayfield Settlement - J E Treacy] , 1929, 1939

Renewable Lease - Settlements - Section 1S, Murrayfield Settlement - [J E Treacy] , 1938, 1951




Palmerston North Probate files [second sequence]

Cecilia Margaret Tracey 1978

James Leo Tracey 1951




Rotorua Probate Files

Denise May Tracy - Rotorua - Married Woman 1978

Doris Florence Tracey - Rotorua - Widow 1976

Marion Tracey - Taupo - Retired 1980




Timaru Probate Files

Lawrence Tracy - Timaru - Farm Manager 1944




Planning Tribunal/Environment Court case files

J Treacy - Wellington City Council 1969


Wellington probate files [first sequence]

Ben Treacy, 1931

Bernard Treacy, 1916

Bridget Tracy 1931

Bridget Treacy, 1931

Edward Treacey, 1916

Elizabeth Tracy 1903

John Tracy 1917

John Treacy, 1920

Joseph John Tracy 1923

Winefred Treacy, 1935

Wellington probate files [second sequence]

Denis Treacy, 1940

James Tracy 1942

Michael Tracey, 1944

Wellington probate files [third sequence]

Arthur Bernard Tracey 1973

Benjamin Tracey 1965

Bennett Tracey 1965

Catherine Jane Tracy 1958

Frank William Tracy 1961

Henry Bernard Jack Tracy 1979

Hilda Ellen Tracy 1960

James George Tracy 1960

James Tracey 1954

James Tracey 1973

John Joseph Patrick Tracey 1953

Julia de Tracy-Innes 1947

Peter Richard Tracey 1949

Thomas Treacy, 1958

Timothy Joseph Tracy 1953




Whangarei probates

Alma Rita Joyce Tracey - Kaitaia - Married Woman 1976

David Wilson Tracey- Victoria Valley - Farmer 1948

Ernest Edward Tracey - Kaitaia - Retired 1991

Florence Ada Tracey - Victoria Valley - Widow 1964

Frederick Aubrey Tracey - Kaitaia - Retired 1989

Harry Hector Tracey - Victoria Valley - Farmer 1966

Irene May Tracey - Kaitaia - Widow 1979

Reginald David Albert Tracey - Kaitaia - Retired Farmer 1989




male BASTINGS marriages New Zealand 1879 - 1930

William Frederick Bastings - married Margaret Treacy in 1901





Owen Vincent Tracey

Born in Dunedin on March 15th 1915, Owen Vincent Tracey learned to fly privately at the Otago Aero club and obtained his 'A' licence in early 1937. He made several applications for a short service commission in the RAF and was finally accepted in April 1939. He sailed for the UK on June 27th. Tracey began his elementary flying training at 19 E&RFTS Fairoaks on August 8th. He went to 3 ITW, Hastings on October 9th and moved on to 3 FTS South Cerney on the 21st. At the end of the course he was posted to HQ Reserve Command for an instructors course. On May 29th 1940 Tracey went to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge and after converting to Hurricanes he joined 79 Squadron at Biggin Hill on July 6th.

He claimed a He111 destroyed on August 15th, a He111 probably destroyed and a Me109 damaged on the 28th, a He111 destroyed on the 30th, a Do17 destroyed on the 31st and a Do17 destroyed on September 1st.






Tracey was sent to No 1 PDC, Bournemouth on January 29th 1941 for overseas preparation. He embarked for the Middle East on March 4th and joined 274 Squadron in the Western Desert on April 5th. He destroyed a Ju52 over Crete on May 26th and was then chased by a Me109. Tracey dived steeply and pulled out but the pursuing enemy fighter did not and crashed into the sea. On the 29th he shared in destroying a Ju88. On August 26th Tracey was appointed a Flight Commander.

When the squadron was engaged in the Sidi Rezegh area on December 1st he saw one of 274's Hurricanes go down and make a forced landing. Tracey landed, picked up the pilot, Lieutenant Hoffe of the SAAF, and successfully carried him back to base.

274 Squadron was detailed to give top cover to Blenheims bombing 5 miles south-west of El Adem on December 8th 1941. Over the target enemy fighters were seen and 274 turned towards them. Other enemy fighters joined in and 274 was heavily outnumbered. Tracey was shot down by a Mc200. His Hurricane turned over at low level and dived into the ground 5 miles south of El Adem, bursting into flames. Sometime later some South African soldiers reported finding a grave beside the wrecked Hurricane. On the cross was a flying helmet and Tracey's identity discs. Tracey was awarded the DFC on 6th October 1942 with effect from 7th December 1941. After the war his remains were re-interred in Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery.

Photographs courtesy of Colonel C R Romberg RA, British Embassy Cairo






Andrew Treacy was born Abt. 1832 in Boho, Fermanagh, Ireland, and died 07 Jul 1894 in Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Bridget Sherry on 01 Mar 1855 in Thornliebank, Glasgow, daughter of John McSherry and Mary Glancey.

John James Treacy, b. 22 Jun 1855, Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland, d. date unknown, New Zealand.

Mary Treacy, b. 27 Apr 1857, Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland, d. 01 Aug 1907, 5 Eastwood Crescent, Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland.

Margaret Treacy, b. Abt. 1861, Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland, d. date unknown.

Owen Treacy, b. 09 Dec 1865, Thornliebank, Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland398, d. date unknown, New Zealand.





Anne Tracey (1849 Cork - ) [see Henry Tracy of Cork]


Otago to Otago, NZ 28 Aug 1874 (assisted emigration)

Ann Treacy, 25 years, Dressmaker, Single of Cork


Anne Tracey married Richard Francis Willis 1874 New Zealand


1915 Will

Annie Willis, sister, 86 or 90 Leith St, Dunedin, New Zealand


12 March 1918 Otago Daily Times

Willis - on March 11, 1918, at his mothers residence, 178 Leith street, Dunedin, Gerald Tracy, dearly-beloved youngest son of Annie and the late Richard Francis Willis. Private interment. No flowers.—A. o. Archer and Co., undertakers.



Donald Tracy and Catherine Margaret Currie [see Kilanne Co. Cavan Ireland]

James Joseph Tracey born appox 1832 in Baillieboro, Cavan, Ireland, Married Agnes Ann Hearty approx 1855. Immigrated to New Zealand at some point. Drowned in the Wanganui River; his body was found on the 5 February 1897.


Thomas James b 1857? - d 1933 Wanganui, New Zealand

Catherine Ellen b 1859? - d 1924 Wanganui, New Zealand

I am interested in hearing from anyone with ANY information relating to any of the above.

Regards Nichola Chapman N.Chapman nichola.chapman@infogen.net.nz 16 Jun 2001


James Joseph Tracey & Agnes Ann Hearty

James Joseph Tracey (m Agnes Ann Hearty) Bailleboro,Co Cavan c1830 went to Scotland & married there 1853 to New Zealand c1862

Janice Goldsworthy New Zealand May 11, 2002



Francis Tracey (s. of John Tracey) m. Rebecca Wilson (d. of John Wilson)  28 May 1860  Ballyclog, Tyr, Ire  (see Donaghenry)

Francis Tracey (b. 1833 Cookston, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 06 Jun 1916 Victoria Valley, Nthland NZ) m. Rebecca Wilson (b. ABT 1838 Ballyclough, Ireland d. 21 Dec 1911 Victoria Valley Mangonui, Nthland NZ)

Lucinda Tracey b. 1862 Ireland, United Kingdom

William `Bill` Tracey b.  ABT 1865 South Africa

Robert James `Bob` Tracey b.  ABT 1866 South Africa

Francis Tracey b.  ABT 1868 South Africa

George Tracey b.  ABT 1870 Dunedin Sth Island NZ

Anna Tracey b. abt 1872 Dunedin NZ

David Wilson `Dave` Tracey b.  ABT 1873 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Albert `Allie` Edward Richard Tracey b.  1875 Dunedin Sth Island NZ

Herbert Tracey b.  ABT 1877 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Thomas Tracey b.  ABT 1878 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Julia Elizabeth Tracey b.  1878 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand






Julia Elizabeth





Herbert Oliver





Francis Thomas










David Wilson










Robert James





Richard Albert










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