Treacys of Ballymena Antrim


No. 478791, Vol. 698, p.50 Registry of Deeds, Dublin

On 1 November 1815, Lease and Release between Francis Dickson of Belfast Co. Antrim and Jane his wife of the first part; Thomas Dickey of Hill Road, Co. Antrim Esq., of the second part; Michael Harrison of Ballymena of the third part; Mary Jones of Canada, widow, of the fourth part. Mary Jones paid Francis Dickson 950 pounds sterling and for other considerartion mentioned. They, Francis Dickson and Jane his wife, and Thomas Dickey, granted, released and confirmed, according to their respective interests, to Michael Harrison, attorney (see No. 407045), to hold forever in trust for the sole benefit, use and behoof of Mary Jones, property now in the hands of Mr. John Tracy, collector of taxes, property lying on the Ballymena road to Brog- shane, and adjoining the town of Ballymena, called Farm odge, containing 8 acres of woodland, with dwelling house, offices and gardens. Jane Dickson released Michael Harrison from paying her dower in case she should survive Francis Dickson. Witnesses: John Tracy of Ballymena; Thomas Mercer of Birnie, of Dunminning, Co. Antrim; Alex Stewart and Richard Davison of Belfast.

Falley, Margaret Dickson (1898-) Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research: A Guide to the Genealogical Records, Methods, and ...


Her [Elizabeth Willoughby] mother Anne Treacy had been married twice, firstly to John Love who died in 1812, and then to John Treacy of Brigadie House, Ballymena in 1816. When he died in 1843, his four surviving children, William Angustus, Elizabeth Willoughby, Anne Beccles and Catherine Hyndman were all over twenty one, and received two-thirds of his personal papers.

Coming into the light: the work, politics, and religion of women in Ulster ... By Janice Holmes, Diane Urquhart, Queen's University of Belfast. Institute of Irish Studies


I'm descended from Richard Treacy from Belmont, Kilkenny, who according to the diary of my Great grandfather x3, was one of 5 children.

The diary then notes 1st brother, Andrew, who lived with Richard at Belmont and died unmarried, buried in the family burial place in Castlecomer.

2nd brother, William, residing in Leighlin Bridge.

3rd brother, John, of Brigadie House, County Antrim.

His only sister is noted as Charlotte, who married Thomas Budds of Timogue, Queen's County.

The diary also says that they are lineal descendants of James Treacy of Dublin, Earl of Rathecool. I haven't been able to verify this at all.

I would love to share information with you, and compare notes. My Great x3 Grandmother, Sarah Henry (nee Treacy), died enroute to Australia in 1851, along with her youngest baby Andrew. (The diary describes their journey) Her sisters Harriet, Lucy and Emma also died in Victoria, Australia. Their only brother, William, remained in Ireland.

Kerrie 18th February 2014


Jan 21, 1817 (BL) Married

On the 12th instant, at Ballymena, by the Rev. Richard Babington, John Tracy, esq, to Mrs. Love.

Ann Hyndman (1786-1876) m. 1 John Love; m. 2 in 1816 to John Treacy (c. 1779-1843) of Brigadie House, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.
John Hyndman Love, Gent. of Dublin.


1. John Treacy (c.1779-1843) & Ann Hyndman (c.1786-1876)

1.1 William Augustus Treacy (circa 1818 – 1886) [see below] William Augustus Treacy (c. 1818-1886), Co. Surveyor; m. 1852 Agnes Johnston Thomson, 2nd dau of J. J. Thomson, Esq., Mgr. of the Provincial Bank or Ireland, Bandon branch.

1.2 Anne b. 3 June 1821 Ballymena (LDS) Anne Beccles Treacy, b. 1821 m. William Harte of Buncrana, Co. Donegal

1.3 Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) [see below] Elizabeth Willoughby (Finola) Treacy (1821-1896); m. 1871 Ralph Varian

John Treacy, Esq of Antrim (his youngest daughter)

1.4 Catherine Hyndman Treacy b. about 1830 Antrim m. Robert Ball Steele (b. 24 May 1826) 1858

John Treacy & Ann

Anne Treacy b. 3 Jun 1821 Ballymena (Kirkinriola) Parish



William Augustus Treacy, full [age], bachelor, civil engineer, lives Bandon, (s. of John Treacy, Esquire) married Agnes Johnston Thomson, nineteen, spinster, lives Rathclaren parish, (d. of John J Thomson, banker) 3 August 1852 Rathclarn Church of Ireland Wit: Samuel Wood A.M.M.B. & William Thomson [Rathclaren Bandon PLU]

William Augustine Treacy, County Surveyor for Mayo (South), & Agnes Johnson Thomson

Margaret Affleck Thomson Treacy b. 20 Jun 1865 b. Rossbeg House Westport [Oughaval] .W A Treacy, father, Rossbeg House Westport [Westport Westport PLU]


August 7, 1852 (FJ) Marriages

August 3, at Rathclarin, William A Treacy, Esq, Surveyor of the West Riding of Cork, to Agnes Johnston, second daughter of JJ Thomson Esq, Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Bandon.


Born to William Augustine Treacy & Agnes Thomson, Margaret Afflick b. June 20 1865 County Surveyor of Maps, Balla Parish Co. Mayo.


William Augustus Treacy & Agnes Johnson Thomson

Margaret Affleck Thomson b. 20 June 1865 Westport (LDS)

William Augustine Treacy & Agnes Thomson

Margaret Afflick b. 20 June 1865 Westport – County Surveyor of Maps

William Augustine Treacy, County Surveyor for Mayo (South), & Agnes Johnson Thomson

Margaret Affleck Thomson Treacy b. 20 Jun 1865 b. Rossbeg House Westport [Oughaval] .W A Treacy, father, Rossbeg House Westport [Westport Westport PLU]


Agnes Johnston Treacy died 1869, Dungannon PLU, Aged 36, b. 1833, died 12 May 1869 Dungannon


Anne Beckles Treacy, full age, spinster, lives Maryboro' House, (d. of John Treacy, gentleman) married William Harte, full age, bachelor, civil engineer, lives Monaghan, (s. of Redmond Harte, gentleman) 17 October 1848 Rathclarin Church of Ireland Wit: W A Treacy & John H Love [Bandon PLU]


Kate Hyndman Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Brigada? Ballymena? (d. of John Treacy, gentleman) married Robert Ball Steele, full [age], bachelor, gentleman, lives Ballymena, (s. of Robert Ball Steele, gentleman) 24 November 1858 Kilconriola Church of Ireland Wit: William Harte & Norman? McEwing? [Ballymena PLU] [bad copy]

Kate Hyndman Treacy (d. of John Treacy) m. Robert Ball Steele (s. of Robert Ball Steele) 24 Nov 1858 Kilconriola, Antrim, Ireland 

Robert Lawrence Ball Steele b. 30 September 1859 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)

Catherine Treacy Steele (Burke, Sir Bernard (1863) A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland)

John Treacy Steele b. about 1861 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)

Anne Treacy Steele b. about 1864 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)


November 26 1858 Strabane Morning Post

On the 24th inst., In Ballymena Church, by the Rev. Daniel Mooney, Robert Ball Steele, Esq., Jun., eldest son of Robert Ball Steele, Esq., of Rathbride, county Kildare, and Rossylongan, Donegal, to Kate, daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., Brigadie House, Ballymena, county Antrim



29 November 1858 Morning Chronicle

On the 24th inst in Ballymena Church, Robert Ball Steele, Esq., jun., eldest son of Robert Ball Steele, Esq., of Rathbride, county Kildare, and Rossylongan, Donegal, to Kate, daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq, Brigadie house, Ballymena, county Antrim.


November 29, 1858 The Morning Chronicle (London, England)

Marriages...On the 24th inst., in Ballymena Church, Robert Ball Steele, Esq., jun, eldest son of Robert Ball Steele, Esq., of Rathbride, county Kildare and Rossylongan, Donegal, to Kate, daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., Brigadie-house, Ballymena, county Antrim.


I I . Mary, baptized, June 18th, 1768, married to Lawrence Steele of the 4th Regiment, and of Rathbride. county Kildare, Esq, who by her had issue,—1. Lawrence St. George, married and died s.p. 2. Robert Ball Steele, of Banktown, Drogheda, who by his wife Jane, daughter of Murray Babington, Esq, had issue with others, Robert Ball Steele, of Rathbride, born 24th May, 1826; m. 1858, Catherine H , daughter of John Treacy, Esq, county Antrim, and has issue.

3. Thomas.

4. Mary Jane.

5. Frances Amelia.

6. Sarah, m. to Robert Plunkett, Esq.

7. Frances Amelia.

8. Mary.

9. Matilda.

Records of Anglo-Irish families of Ball


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Brigadie Ballymena, (d. of John Treacy, Esq) married Ralph Varian, full [age], widower, brush manu-facturer, lives Glanmire View Balckrock Co. Cork, (s. of Thomas Varian, brush manu-facturer) 25 May 1871 Kilcorniola Church of Ireland Wit: Ann B Harte & Agnes Dickie [Ballymena PLU]


30 May 1871 (BL) Marriage

Varian - Treacy May 25, by special licence, at Brigadier House, by the Rev. John W. Murray, I.L.D., Ralph Varian, Esq., Glanmire View, Blackrock, Co. Cork, to Elizabeth Willoughby (Finola), daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., Brigadier House, Co. Antrim.

[State Marriage Registration: Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy, Ballymena, 1871 6 117]


British Army Service Records

William Tracey, b. 1838 Ballymena, Antrim

William Tracy, b. 1841 Ballymena, Antrim


November 7, 1843 (BL) Death

On the 31st ult. John Treacey, Esq. of Brigadie House aged 64.


23 November 1858 Marriage Settlement of 1st and 2nd parties. Catherine H. Treacy, Brigadee House, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, 1st pt, Robert Ball Steele, Rossylougan, Co. Donegal, 2nd pt, William Harte, Magherabeg, Co. Donegal, 3rd pt. PRONI D366/787


23 November 1858 Catherine Hyndman Treacy, Brigadee House, Co. Ant. 1st pt. Robert Ball Steele, Rossylougan, Co. Dgl. 2nd pt. William Harte Magherabeg, Co. Dgl. 3rd pt. Marriage Settlement T662/232


21 August 1859 Anne Treacy 1st pt. Elizabeth W. Treacy both of Brigadee Ho. Co. Ant. William & Anne Hart Magherabeg, Co. Dgl. & Robert Ball Steele & Catherine Hyndman Steele, Rossylougan, Co. Dgl. 2nd pt. Wm. Augustus Treacy Mt Desert, Co. Cork & William Taylor Ballymena, Co. Ant. 3rd pt. George C. Hyndman Belfast & Andrew Todd Dickey Ballymena, Co. Ant. 4th pt. Appointment of 4th parties as Trustees in place of 3rd parties and assignment by latter to former of Trust Estate



28 May 1873 Release of 3rd parties in respect of trust estate. Anne Treacy, Brigadie House, Co. Antrim, 1st pt, Ralph Varian and Elizabeth Willoughby Varian (orse Treacy), Blackrock, Co. Cork, William Harte and Anne Beccles Harte (orse Treacy), Buncrana, Co. Donegal, and Robert Ball Steele and Catherine Hyndman Steele (orse Treacy), Rossylougan, Co. Donegal, 2nd pt, Margaret and Helena Bell Hyndman, Brantryville, Co. Down, and Hugh Hyndman, Belfast, 3rd pt. D366/960 PRONI


Anne Treacy: The Will of Anne Treacy late of Brigadie House County Antrim Widow deceased who died 4 July 1876 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oath of John Hyndman Love of Rathmines-road Rathmines County Dublin Gentleman and Andrew Currell of Ballygarvey County Antrim Justice of the Peace the Executors. Date Of Grant: 25/08/1876 Effects: Effects under £600

The Will of Anne Treacy late of Brigadie House County Antrim Widow deceased who died 4 July 1876 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oath of John Hyndman Love [son] of Rathmines-road Rathmines County Dublin Gentleman and Andrew Currell of Ballygarvey County Antrim Justice of the Peace the Executors. [Will: son William Augustus Treacy, three daughters Elizabeth, Anne Harte & Kate Steele, son-in-law William Harte, her husband Robert Steele, daughter Elizabeth Treacy, dated 18th March 1875]

Anne Treacy 4 Jul 1876 Brigadie House Antrim


The Will of William Harte late of 10 Clarendon-street City of Londonderry County Surveyor who died 15 March 1895 at same place was proved at Londonderry by Anne Sarah Treacy Harte [daughter] of 10 Clarendon-street Londonderry Spinster the sole Executrix.


Steele of Rathbride - Drogheda, Droichead Atha
Looking for information regarding this family. Laurence Steele, William Edward Steele MD, Robert Ball Steele, John Treacy Steele, Arthur Maule Steele and William Steele are some of the family. They came to Ireland about 1640 and were known to be there as late as 1906. Were in Counties Kildare, Dublin, Louth, Donegal and Antrim to name a few.

Steele Family - Drogheda, Droichead Atha
Looking for information regarding Steele family members Robert Ball Steele, John Treacy Steele, Catherine Steele, Jane West Steele, Arthur Litchfield Steele and Thomas Steele. Are there any Steele's Still living in the County of Louth.


Other Records


1821-1843 John Treacy papers T/3728

11 title deeds relating to land and property in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Treacy property, Stone Park, Ballymena Co. Antrim, Abstract of title, 1821 - 1843, T 3728

Tracey/Tracy/Treacy, Ballymena Co. Antrim, Leases, 1824 - 1830, T 3728

PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland).

14 August 1821

Conveyance of parcel of land called Strone park, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, from James McIlroy, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, to John Treacy, Ballymena; abstract of title of John Treacy to the above-mentioned Strone park. T3728/1

1 November 1824

Lease of tenement on the west side of the Great Road, Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, to Robert Cathcart, merchant, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Yearly rent: £1.10s.10d. T3728/2

1 January 1826

Lease of a plot of ground in Church St., Ballymena, Co. Antrim. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to Thomas Alexander, woollendraper, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £2. 5s. 81/2d. T3728/3

10 October 1826

Lease of a plot of ground in Broughshane St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to William Kenny, stonemason, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £2.12s.11d. T3728/4

10 October 1826

Lease of a plot of ground in Broughshane St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to John Mollaghan, carter, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £3.16s.71/4d. T3728/5

2 July 1827

Lease of a tenement and plot of ground in Broughshane St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to Hugh Moore, merchant, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £2.12s. T3728/6

13 September 1828

Lease of a tenement in Broughshane St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to James Knowls, stonemason, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £1. 9s. 1d. T3728/7

29 September 1829

Lease of plot of ground in Broughshane St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to Andrew Lagan, car man, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £2.15s. T3728/8

15 January 1830

Lease of plot of ground in Church St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, Ballymena, to Thomas Alexander, woollendraper, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £6. 6s. 7d. T3728/9

20 January 1830

Lease of tenement and plot of ground in Church St., Ballymena. John Treacy, Brigadee, to William Wilson, Ballymena. Yearly rent: £3.12s. 2d. T3728/10


1823-1838 Tithe Applotment Books

John Tracy, Bally Loghan, Portglenone, Antrim, 1825

Jno Tracy, Bottom, Kirkinriola, Antrim, 1833


28 August 1826

William Adair to John Tracy both of Ballymena, Co. Ant. Lease of 24a. 22per. for one life or 61 years from 1 Nov.1825 Rent: £46 p.a. Bottom, Co. Ant. T662/107


7 April 1827 (FJ) Signatures

To the Anti-Catholic Petition of the Protestant Noblemen, Gentelemen and landed Proprietors, resident in Ireland

County Antrim...J. Treacy, Landed Proprietor, Ballymena...


Oct 24, 1828 (BL) Ballymena Brunswick Constitutional Club...meeting of the Protestants of Ballymena...5th Moved by John Tracey, Esq, seconded by John Shaw M'Culloch Esq - That those who may hereafter wish to become members of this club be admissible on the recommendation of three members of the commitee...committee...John Tracey Esq...

29 October 1828 (FJ) Ballymena Brunswick Club

...Orangemen...No Surrender...The sergents, corporals drummers and fifers, of this army of the Lord, were to be found in...John Tracy...-Northern Whig


6 Jan 1829 Irish vindicator and Canada general advertiser

...formation of a Brunswick Club in Ballymena...Mr John Tracey, Esq...


May 26, 1829 (BL) County of Antrim

List of persons applying to register their freeholds...No. 1549 John Tracy, Bottom,  Houses, tenements & premises, Lower Toome, townland of Ballymena, £20...


Oct 15, 1830 (BL) Broughshane Clothing Society

...in the church of the United parishes of Skerry and r…John Tracy…


July 31, 1829 (BL) New Presbyteruian Meeting-House, Ballymena

...The following gentlemen officiated as collectors...John Tracey, Brigadie...


1829-1833 Juvenile association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland

Mrs. Treacey, 2s 6d, Diocesan School, Ballymena

Mrs. Tracey, 1s 6d, Mrs C and Mrs Montgomereys Card, Ballymena


1830’s Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland: Vol. 23: Parishes of County Antrim VIII

Parish of Kirkinriola

Brigadie, John Treacy Esquire


1836 Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Associates...William A Treacy, St. Martin's Place, Westminister.


Apr 4, 1837 (BL) Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Ireland

...Ballymena Branch of the above bank was held in Miss Courtenay's Inn...John Tracey Esq, in the Chair...signed John Tracey, Chairman


1837 Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

Kirkinriola or Kirconriola and Ballymena

The principal seats are…Brigadie of J. Tracey Esq.


Jul 30, 1839 (BL) Antrim Assizes

Jury...John Tracey...


Aug 20, 1839 (BL)

The Treasurer of the Ladies' Ballymena Clothing Society has received from John Tracey Esq £1.1s presented to him as foreman of a Record Jury at the late assizes.


1846 Slater’s Directory

Ballymena – Gentry & Clergy

Mrs Tracy, Brigadie


7 June 1847 Holograph letter from Elizabeth Tracy, Ballymena, to Cullen: Looking for Pope’s autograph.

Papers of Paul Cullen (Rome, Armagh, Dublin) Irish College Rome


19 June 1852 William Augustus Treacy Bandon, Co. Cork to Anne Treacy, Brigadie House, Co. Ant. Lease of tenement and 24ac. 22per. for one life Rent: £33:13:4 p.a. Bottom, Co. Antrim. T662/198


1855 Miss Treacy, Brigadie House, Ballymena, Co. Antrim

Subscriber to: D’Alton John (1855) King James Irish Army List (1689). Dublin.


1861 Ulster Street Directory

Ballymena, is a stirring, business and thronged market inland town, in the County of Antrim

Mrs. Treacey, Brigadie.


1861-62 Griffiths Valuation Antrim

Anne Tracy, Bottom Kirkinriola Antrim


17 November 1866 William Augustus Treacy Westport, Co. Mayo to John Busteed Crosshaven, Co. Cork Lease of 78 ac. for 31 years from 25 Mar. 1865Rent: £105 p.a. Ballykennefick, Co. Cork T662/302


19th January 1867 The Cardiff Times

Murderous Outrage In Ireland. Ballymena has been made the scene of a fearful attempt at murder. Brigadie House, the residence of Mrs. Treaey, situated on the road to Broughshane, was fired into on the night of the 5th inst., about 11 o'clock. Mr. Neilson Underwood, barrister-at-law, who had arrived by the five o'clock train from Strabane via Londonderry, was sitting at supper in the dining-room with Mrs. Treacy and Miss Treacy, when a shot was fired into the room, which burst in the shutter; and, immediately on the light being seen, five other shots were discharged into the room. The window was shivered, and the curtains, shutter, and wall bear the impress of the shots, but happily no life was lost. As soon as it was safe, a message was sent to the county inspector (Mr. Williams), and the constabulary, under Sub-Inspector Dobbyn, were sent out, and it was found, from footmarks in the snow, that ten or more persons had composed the party. They had gone round the house from window to window, listening, it would appear, in order to secure their intended victims, and it was discovered that they had remained round the house (the servants heard them), after their attempt, in order, in all probability, to find how they had succeeded, or consulting how best to complete their task, and what further to do.

19th January 1867 The Aberystwith Observer

Some scoundrel Fenians attempted a series of dastardly murders at Ballymena, on Friday night. They had learnt that Mr. Underwood, a banister, hated of the hrotherhoorl," was that night to stay at the house of Mrs. Treacy, II lady of fortune, living in the road to Broughsham and, paying a midnight visit, they prowled from window to window-their footsteps were traced in the snow-till they heard the sound of voices. Then they fired through the shutters, all ten of them, and, with the true Fenian cowardice, immediately ran away. Mrs. Treacy and her daughters, as well II Mr. Underwood, had narrow escapes of being shot, hat luckily no one was hurt.

2 February 1867 Pilot (Boston)

An attempt has been made to assassinate Mr. M. Underwood, barrister-at-law, and Finola, the Ulster poetess (Miss Tracey) six shots being fired into Brigadine House, near Ballymena, the residence of Mr. Tracey, father of that lady, where Mr. Underwood was on a visit. It is ascribed to the Orangemen. 


20 February 1869 (N) Songs of the Rising Nation

...subscribers...Elizabeth W Tracy (Finola)...

22 May 1869 Flag of Ireland

The National Tribute...per Miss EW Treacy, Brigadine House Ballymena £1.7.6...


1 June 1871

Brief on behalf of Deft. John Speer Girvan and Samuel Speer Girvan Plfs, William A. Tracey, Deft. D366/924


1 Feb 1873 (BL) Notices

In the Matter of the Estate of William Augustus Treacy, Owner and Petitioner. The Court Having Ordered A Sale of that part of the, Townland of Bottom known as Brigadie containing Thirty Acres, Two Roods, and Thirty-Two Perches Statute measure, or thereabouts, situate in the Lower Half-Barony of Toome in the county of Antrim...lease dated 28 August 1825 endorsed 16 august 1828...for one life and 91 years...


4 January 1875 Hugh Hyndman Belfast. Plf. William A. Treacy, Brigadie House, Ballymena, Co. Ant. Deft. Excheq. Summons and Plaint. T662/471


17 Jul 1886 (BL) Notice to Creditors

In the goods of William Augustus Treacy [deceased 18 February 1886], late of Ballymena, in the County of, Antrim, Esquire...undersigned solicitors for James Matthew Tracey of 112 Fenchurch Street, in the City of London, Esquire, the Administer of the Diseased...grant probate...High Court of Justice in Ireland...




William Augustus Treacy (circa 1818 – 1886)


William Treacy was the only son of John Treacy of Brigadie House, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. He was living in Highgate, London in 1835, when he was elected an associate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, having been proposed by Sir John MacNeill. While he was still in his twenties, he set up in practice as an engineer in Cork. He was described in the Cork examiner as a civil engineer in 1844. In Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland in 1846, he was described as 'engineer and Cork Corporation Engineer' of 51 Grand Parade, Cork, In March 9, 1846 for the Mallow and Fermoy Railway, he is named as Engineer. In April 1846, following the resignation of Edmund Leahy, he was appointed county engineer and county surveyor for the West Riding of Co. Cork, based in Bandon. He was transferred to the East Riding in March 1855 in succession to John Benson. He married Agnes Johnston, second daughter of John J. Thompson, manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland in Bandon, at Rathclarin, Co. Cork on 3 August 1852 (State Registration: William Augustis Treacy, Bandon, 1852 2 716)


In 1853, William Augustus Treacy Esq, C.E., was renting a dwelling house on Monte notte Terrace, Middle Glanmire Road Cork with garden and Green House attached and Coach House and Stable close adjoining.


In October 1858, at a Tenant Right meeting at Millstreet, Co. Cork, the speaker Mr. Maguire in denouncing the Court of Incumbered Estates, used him as an example. “The farmer to whom I refer is Mr Michael Sisk, whose family have held the farm in question for a period of 170 years under the Marquis of Thomand...77 acres...outbid by County Surveyor, Mr. Treacy, using a Mr. Johnson.” Mr. Maguire held up the notice, which was served upon Michael Sisk, of Ballykenefick, in the Barony of Imokilly, and signed 'W R Treacy, Mount Desert Cork'. He further stated that Mr Treacy offered Mr. Sisk a sum of £150, if he gave up possession at once, which offer Mr. Sisk very properly rejected. It is thought that William Treacy used the farm as his residence.


At the end of 1861 he was transferred to the southern division of Co. Mayo, changing places with Frederick George Deverell. He is recorded as leasing the lands in Ballykennefick, Co. Cork, to John Busteed of Crosshaven, Co. Cork, on 17 November 1866.


9 Mar 1867 Ballinrobe Chronicle

To the Grand Jury of the County of Mayo. My Lord and gentlemen. It is with regret I am about to ask the favour from you of permitting me to leave this county. My children have arrived at that age when it becomes incumbent on me to provide tuition for them. This I see no prospect of being able to do, so long as I remain in this county. This is my sole object in wishing to leave it. W.A. Tracy, County Surveyor...passed...


18 July 1868 Ballinrobe Chronicle

We understand that Mr Tracey County Surveyor for South Mayo, exchanges with Mr Deane, County Surveyor for Cavan. During Mr Tracey's sojourn amongst us he was most courteous and agreeable to all who came in contact with him.— Mayo Examiner


15 February 1868 (TH) Lough Mask and River Robe Drainage

The Superintendent, Mr Tracy, County Surveyor of South Mayo read his report...The report and estimate was passed...Mr Tracy, tendered his resignation of the office of Superintendent, stating that having regard to his other duties in the county, it was impossible for him to discharge the duties of the office satisfactorily. Mr Tracy's resignation been accepted, it was proposed...that Murtagh Farragher, Esq, CE., of Gardenfield be appointed...


In July 1868 he was transferred to the southern division of Co. Tyrone - this time changing places with William Henry Deane, but was dismissed only a year later. As O'Donoghue shows, opinions of his competence seemed to vary from county to county. The Grand Juries of the West Riding of Co. Cork, and Co. Mayo seem to have been perfectly satisfied with his work, while he came close to dismissal in the East Riding of Co. Cork, and actually was dismissed from the Co. Tyrone post. After his dismissal he continued to apply for further county surveyorships but without success. He was the owner of seventy-eight acres of land in Cork in 1876.

Reference:       C 16/533/T47

Court of Chancery - Cause number: 1868 T47.

Short title: Treacy v Hill.

Documents: Bill and interrogatories.

Plaintiffs: William Augustus Treacy and others.

Defendants: Thomas Hill, Charles Baker, John Hyndman Love, Mary Love his wife and Eliza Hill.



7 January 1871 Cork Examiner

... William Agustus Treacy, person of unsound mind, Owner ; Margaret Windele and Thomas Wall, Executrix and Executor of ohm deceased, petitioners. To Sold the Landed Estates ...

24/1/1871 In the matter of the estate of William Augustus Treacy, a person of Unsound mind, owner, Exparte Margaret Windle, widow, and Thomas Wall, Executrix and Execator of John Windle, deceased, petitoners...Lands of Ballykenefick, containing 78 acres 3 roods statute measure situated in the Barony of Imokilly and County of Cork

John Busteed, Ballykenefick, Imokilly, Cork, £105 rent, 78a/3r/0p statute, Lease dated 17th November 1866, from William Augustus Treacy, the owner to John Busteed...


He died at the age of sixty-eight on 18 February 1886 at Ballymena Co. Antrim. 

Brendan O'Donoghue, The Irish County Surveyors 1834-1944 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2007), 312-314.



1874 Thoms Directory

W.A. Treacey, County Surveyor, East Div., Dungannon, Co. Tyrone


1881 English Census (LDS) [his children]

James M Tracey, 23 years, born Cork, single, Commercial Clerk (Ship Owner), 9 Berkley Gard London Middlesex RG11/0025 Folio 19 Page 31

Agnes G Tracey, 19 years, born Westport, single, scholar, 9 Berkeley Gard London Middlesex RG11/0025 Folio 19 Page 31  [Sister]


William Augustus Treacy 18 Feb 1886 Ballymena Antrim, son James Mathews Treacy of 112 Fenchurch street London


1891 Census England

James Matthews Tracy, 33, b. 1858 Ireland, St Mary Abbotts Kensington Town London

1891 Census Scotland

Agnes G Tracy, b. 1864, Ellon Aberdeenshire Scotland

Margaret A T Tracy, b. 1866, Ellon Aberdeenshire Scotland


18 August 1899 Aberdeen Journal

Tracy - At Aberdeen, on the 15th inst, Agnes Johnstone, eldest surviving daughter of the late Wm Augustus Tracy, C.E. of Ballymena, Ireland and sister of James M. Tracy, Maviabank, Banchory...

Scottish Wills

Miss Tracy Agnes Johnstone Tracy, 30/11/1899, Sometime Residing At Knowle, Somerset, Latterly In Aberdeen, D. 15/08/1899 At Aberdeen, Testate, Sister Of James Matthews Tracy Of Co Kincardine Extract Inventory Aberdeen Sheriff Court Inventories Sc1/36/138


1911 Census - Brent Lodge, Docotrs Commons Rd, Berkhamsted, Herts

James Matthews Tracey, 53, Head, b. Cork Cork Ireland, Married, Private Means

Elizabeth Heron Tracey, 47, married 19 years, 2 children,  b. Kingarth Bute Scotland

Margaret Affleck Thomson Tracey, 45, sister, single, b. Westport Mayo

George Dillon Croil Tracey, 17, son,  b. Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex

Eileen Mary Croil Tracey, 15, daughter, b. Edinburgh Edinburgh


1842 Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Associate member...William A Treacy, St. Martin's Place, Westminster


19 July 1844 (CE)

The Park. Mr. Treacy, C. E.,[ Civil Engineer] succeeded last Saturday in banking out the tide from the ground behind the Navigation Wall, and since then several gentlemen have walked ... ”


1846 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Cork City

William A Treacy, Civil engineer & Cork Corporation Engineer, 51 Grand Parade


1846 Mallow and Fermoy Railway

W.A. Tracey, Esq., Engineer

Glynn, Henry (1847) A reference book to the Incorporated Railway Companies of Ireland.  John Weale, London.

Great Southern and Western Railway. Plan and Section of the Great Southern & Western Railway. Extension from Mallow to Fermoy. [Signed] E. A. Treacey. HL/PO/PB/3/plan1846/G73 [House of Lords]


1846-1847 Index to correspondence on measures for relief of distress in Ireland

Cork: W.A. Treacey C.E. Engineer in charge

Mr. William A. Treacy, County Cork. Baronies of West Division of East Carbury, Kiltartan, Courceys, Division of East Carbury, Kinalmeaky, Ibane and Barryroe - No compliants made by labourers in these baronies.

1847 Index to correspondence on measures for relief of distress

Tracy, Mr. Letter from Mr. Tracy to Mr. Walker respecting an alleged death by starvation on the works at Skibbereen, 149Lieut.Col. Jones to Mr. Trevelyan, Office of Public Works, January 6 1847

...six deaths at Clonakilty...Signed W. Tracey Bandon January 4 1847


Treacy, William A. Extract from the report of William A. Treacy, conducting engineer of the relief works in the county of Cork, 207.

Mr. Treacy forwards report of Mr. Gibbings, pay clerk, attacked by labourers to compel an increse of wages at works on Killarney-road, Clonakilty 23rd October 1844. Referred to Captain Hill, who (Nov. 8) states arrangements have been made to prevent a recurrence.

...alleged death by starvation of alabourer on the works at Skibbereen, 149 Letter from Colonel Jones in reply, enclosing a letter from Mr. Treacy thereupon...

1855- 1861 Cork - East Riding (Return of Names of County Surveyors)

County Surveyor William A. Treacy £300 salary

...It is also to be observed that the East Riding of the county of Cork has been divided, and that the two County Surveyors now fulfil the duties hitherto discharged by William A. Treacy at salaries of 300 l. each namely, A.O. Lyons for the Northern Division, and F.G. Deverill for the Southern Division.

December 13, 1846 Extract from the Journal of Captain Huband, Co. Cork

...Mr. Treacey had gone down to Glandore about this..[the overseer had withdrawn over a quarrel between a quarrel between the chlergy of rival persuasions]

9 December 1841 Persons certified to be qualified by return to the Lord Lieutenant

W.A. Tracy, Cork county East Riding, 31 mar 1855, Vice Benson (John Benson, Cork county East Riding, 26 mar 1846)


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

County Officers

County Surveyors: W.R. – W.A. Tracey. Esq., Bandon


1851-1853 Griffiths Valuation Cork  - West Cork

William A. Tracey Esq., Kilbrogan St, Bandon, Kilbrogan, Cork


The Cork Examiner, 6 August 1852 or 1862


At Rathclarin Church, on the 3d inst., by the Rev. John Pratt, William A. Treacy, Esq., Surveyor to the West Riding of Cork, to Agnes Johnston, second daughter of John J. Thompson, Esq., Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Bandon. 


1856 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Cork City

William A Treacy, Civil engineer & Cork Corporation Engineer, 51 Grand Parade



The land of Knockrour...survey made by Mr William A. Treacy, C.E...


Dec 31, 1859 Freemasons and Masonic Mirror

Laying the foundation stone of St. Patricks Bridge

…W.A. Tracy, county surveyor East Riding;…


11 November 1861 Cork Examiner

... W. E. Tracy, appointed to another county.


1862 Cork County Directory

County Surveyors, East Riding: W.A. Treacy, esq., Cork


1866 Nov 17th

Lease of lands in Ballykennefick Co. Cork by William Agustus Treacy of Westport Co. Mayo to John Busteed of Crosshaven Co. Cork. (Belfast Public Record Off T662 (302)


County of Mayo (South Division)

23 May 1868 W.A. Treacy County Division


1876 Landowners in Ireland (over 1 acre)

William A. Treacy, 78a/1r/15p. £71.10.0


1877 County Surveyors

William Treacy, dismissed, 4 assistants salaries £80

W.A. Treacy...Mr.Treacy exchanged to County Mayo and Mr. Deverell came from Mayo...1863, the county surveyor had one bridge to construct...





Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896)


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy came from Brigadee, Ballymena, County Antrim. She came from a Protestant landowning family. Whereas her two sisters married between 1848 and 1859, Elizabeth remained better known in Young Ireland circles as ‘Finola’. She was only 16 when she started contributing to The Nation and was often published. She also published work in the Belfast Vindictor. Her first publication, Poems by Finola, a small volume of patriotic poems was published in Belfast in 1851. Her poem “The Irish Mother’s Lament” was published in ‘Street Ballads etc’ in 1865. Ralph Varian of Cork also had numerous poems published in that volume. In 1869, he published ‘The Harp of Erin: A Book of Ballad-poetry and of Native Song’ in which she was included. In 1871, she married Ralph Varian and he also edited her second volume of poems in 1874, ‘Never forsake the ship and other poems’ Dublin: McGlashan & Gill. [link] There is also ‘The political and national poems of Finola’, Dublin, M.H. Gill & Son, 1877.


7 Dec 1996 Irish People (USA)

Remembering The Past

Finola of 'The Nation'

Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy, one of the many women contributors to The Nation, who wrote under the pseudonym 'Finola,' was born in Ballymena, County Antrim, in 1821.

Reared and educated in the predominantly loyalist town where she was born, she nevertheless developed a keen interest in Ireland and her rich culture and heritage.

Influenced by the Young Ireland movement, she became a regular contributor of verse to The Nation soon after it was established in October 1843. She was deeply moved by the suffering and courage of the Irish people during the famine years of 1843-'49.

She was one of the paper's gifted group of writers, and her poetry published in The Nation during the 1840s and early 1850s was later described, following the publication of her collected poems in Belfast in 1851, as being "Irish to the core, Irish invariably in their aspiration, Irish in their aim, and sometimes, though not often, or very successfully, Irish in their language and idioms. They breathe of faith not to be quenched, and which, like the soul of Ireland, is as true to its idol in '51 as in '48."

In 1871 she married Ralph Varian, who had also been a contributor to The Nation. She moved to Cork, where she lived for the remainder of her life.

Through the following years, she remained faithful to the principles of Young Ireland. During the 1860s she actively supported the Fenian movement and campaigned tirelessly for the imprisoned after the Rising of 1867.

During the early 1880s she became involved in the Land League and Home Rule movements and addressed public meetings in Ireland and England in favor of land reform and a native legislature.

A second volume of 'Finola"s poems was published in 1874 under the title Not the Ship and Other Poems and was dedicated to the people of Ireland of all class and creed. It contained many poems—some of which had appeared in The Nation—written since the first volume was published.

'Finola' and the other women writers of The Nation, through their articles, poems and songs, contributed in no small way towards the reawakening of the national spirit and a love and pride in their country among the people of Ireland.

Aged 75, 'Finola' of The Nation died at St Patrick's Hospital, Cork, on November 30, 1896, 100 years ago.



Coming into the light: the work, politics, and religion of women in Ulster ... By Janice Holmes, Diane Urquhart, Queen's University of Belfast. Institute of Irish Studies

Christine Kinealy (2009) Repeal and revolution: 1848 in Ireland. Manchester University Press.

Lucy Collins, ed (2012) Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870-1970. Liverpool University Press.




I’m kneeling by your grave, aroon! the autumn sun shines bright,

Flinging upon the grassy mound a flood of golden light; 

The flowers I tended for your sake are drooping one by one,

While I must weep in hopeless grief above your grave, my son.


The withered leaves are showering down; they cannot break your rest;

And fair and bright the gorgeous pall they've flung upon your breast:

I saw them bud and blossom forth beneath the soft spring sky,

But little dreamed that you, my son, should be the first to die!


I knew that want had paled your cheek, that hunger cast its blight

Upon the crimson lip, and eye, whose very glance was light!

I knew the powerful arm grew weak, the sweet voice lost its tone;

Yet still watched on, in trembling fear, till death the struggle won.


I longed to yield with cheerfulness the treasure lent to me,

But vainly strove to bow the will, although I bent the knee!

Oh! terrible the inward strife that rends the mother's heart;

They only know, who've felt the pang, how hard it is to part.


Was there not plenty in the land? The earth gave forth her store-

The glad and fruitful mother earth, with riches brimming o'er.

Not for the slave who tilled the soil the garnered wealth was won;

Our tyrant masters gorged their fill, and murdered thee, my son 1


Were there not stately homes enough, that our roof tree must fall?

On the forsaken green hill-side I see the blackened wall.

Be calm, my heart; in faith abide; God will not still endure

That tyrant hands shall desecrate the dwellings of the poor.


The dwellings of the virtuous poor, the homes of poverty,

Are sacred in the sight of God, though humble they may be;

Beneath the lowly cabin roof the truest prayers may rise,

And any a suffering spirit there is fashioned for the skies.


Mavourneen! hark, the bitter winds are howling round your home,

Seep on in peace, my own one, sleep, -your mother soon will come;

The autumn leaves are showering down upon your place of rest,

And bright and beautiful the pall that wraps your Gentle breast.



Varian, Ralph (1869) The harp of Erin; a book of ballad-poetry and of native song, collected, arranged, and annotated by Ralph Varian.


Coming Home From Mass. - Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy*.

Coming home from Mass! What thoughts those simple words call forth!
As here I sit the live-long day beside my cottage hearth,
The treasured gems from memory's mine, like gold sands in the stream,
Through the warm current of my tears but brighter, fairer gleam.
I see no ruin on the green, the chapel still stands there,
The village chimes are ringing through the clear and frosty air;
And mark yon group of peasant girls—God bless them as they pass—
No fairer sight could meet your gaze—they're coming home from Mass.
The autumn leaves that fall around, are faded, seared, and dead—
Unlike the flowers on memory's waste, whose bloom has never fled.
The very embers on my hearth with undimmed radiance low,
Their kindly glances seem to light the forms loved long ago.
The streamlet glancing through the fern speeds singing on its way,
Amid the foam-girt islets—fitting home for sprite and fay.
I used to think ('twas childhood's dream) how happy I should be,
As queen of one lone fairy isle—unconquered, proud, and free.

* Ballymeana, County Antrim. Author of a little volume of patriotic poems, published in Belfast.


6 Apr 1911 Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW)

Less Known Irish Songs And Authors

Elizabeth Willoughby Tracey.

This lady wrote under the nom de plume of 'Finola.' She was a native of County Antrim, and at an early age disclosed poetical and patriotic tendencies. In 1871 she married Mr. Ralph Varian, of Cork, the author of many poetical pieces, and the compiler of the 'Harp of Erin' and the 'Book of Irish Ballads and Household Songs.' Mrs. Variants songs, sonnets and verses appeared in a volume published in 1874, amongst which was the fine song "Never Forsake the Ship." Mrs. Varian embraced the Catholic faith.



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