William Samuel Tracy (1802-1873)


William Samuel Tracey (b. c. 1802 – 1873 aged 75 Dublin South) Resident Magistrate. Served in Leitrim, Sligo, Limerick, Antrim and Wicklow.

The information on William Samuel Tracy, Resident Magistrate, has been compiled on this page due to the scattered number of references, as he travelled extensively throughout Ireland.


September 2, 1834 (BL) Marriage

Aug 25, in Lisnadell Church, William S. Tracy, Esq. Sub-Inspector, county Sligo Constabulary to Margaret, second daughter of the late Thomas Simpson, of Beech Hill, in the county of Armagh, Esq. [Lisnadill Church, Diocese of Armagh]


Lisnadill, a parish, partly in the baronies of Armagh and Urrsa Faws, but chiefly in that of Lower Fews, county of Armagh...The principal seats are Beech Hill, the residence of T. Simpson, Esq.; Ballyards, of J. Simpson, Esq.;...

1837 A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland


February 18, 1839 (FJ) Birth

At Bruff, county Limerick, the lady of W.S. Tracey, Esq, stipendiary magistrate, of a daughter.


June 16, 1842 (FJ) Birth

At Castleconnell county Limerick, the lady of W.S. Tracy, Esq., chief magistrate of police, of a daughter.


August 23, 1844 (FJ) Birth

On the 18 instant, at Castle-Connell, county Limerick, the wife of W.S. Tracy, Esq, of a son.


9 Oct 1846 (CE) Births

W.S. Tracy, Esq., R.M. of a son.


Obituary: Mary Tracy, Castle Connell 02/02/1848 dau of W. S. Tracy, Resident Magistrate


April 18, 1848 (FJ) Birth

April 12, at Castle Connell, the lady of WS Tracy, Esq, resident magistrate, of a son.


April 27, 1855 (BL) Militia Ball

Misses...Tracy (2)...

May 17, 1856 (BL) Grand Militia Ball in Belfast

...Mr, Mrs and the Misses Tracy...

August 1, 1856 (BL) Grand Ball to the County Antrim Militia Regiments

...Mr, Miss and Lieut Adair, and Mr. Tracy;...Mr. T. Tracy, Mr, Mrs and Misses Tracy...

30 Apr 1863 (BL) Grand Masonic Ball in Dublin

...WS Tracy, Miss Jane Tracy, Miss Margaret Tracy...


Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin


TRACY Burial Place


Inscription on number 15563:  William Samuel Tracy | Died July 19th 1873 | aged 75 | "Lord have mercy upon me"


Back of number 15563:  (TRACY)


Inscription on number 15565:  Margaret Tracy | widow of | William Samuel Tracy | Died 23rd July 1883 aged 77 years





Thomas Burrowes Tracy entered school Aug 1849 Armagh

Henry Tracy son of William Samuel entered school Jun 1858 Armagh

Maxwell George Tracy entered school Jan 1859 Armagh

John Tracy entered school Jan 1859 Armagh


Thomas Burrow(e)s Tracey (b. c. 1835 d. Sep 1907 Isle of Wight, Hampshire)

03 Oct 1853 (BL) Royal School of Armagh

...Lord Primate...The head master having brought forward Thomas Burrowes Tracy and William Percy Robinson, as the authors of the best English Essay and the best translation into Latin, respectively...presented to the former Hallam's Literature of Europe (three volumes)...The books were very handsomely bound, and made yet more valuable by the autograph of the donor...- Newry Telegraph.

15 October 1853 Wexford Independent

Dublin University. - The October entrance examination was held at Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday, when the gentlemen whose names follow were selected from the class for re-examination for first place:-...Thomas B. Tracey. [came 7th out of nine]

1853-54 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

Royal Scholship...T.B. Tracey £50 per annum...

1855-56 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

Armagh Royal School Foundation...T.B. Tracey £50 per annum...

1856-57 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

Armagh Royal School Foundation...T.B. Tracey £50 per annum...

1857-58 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

Armagh Royal School Foundation...T.B. Tracey, an Exhibition of £50 per annum...

July 31, 1858 (FJ) Education in Ireland

...On the Armagh Royal School Foundation - T B Tracey, an exhibition of £50 per annum;...

Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Thomas Burrows Tracey, pen. (Mr. Guillemard), Oct. 11 1853, aged 18; s. of William, Magistrate; b. Sligo.

Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Thomas Burrowes Tracy, 1st s. of William Samuel, Belfast, R.M. and Margaret Simpson; ed. TCD M 1855.

November 20, 1854 (BL) University Intelligence. Junior Freshmen...Classics - First Prize...Thomas B. Tracy...

June 5, 1855 (FJ) University Intelligence. ...successful candidates for scholarships...Thomas B. Tracey 23 marks...

9 June 1855 (N) Trinity College...successful candidates for Scholarships...Tracey, Thomas B., 23 [marks];...

January 30, 1857 (FJ) University Intelligence. Honor Examination - Senior Sophisters - Classics - First Rank...Thomas Tracey (schol)...






IRELAND. temp. Victoria. 1837-1901. AR Medal (51.5mm, 58.16 g, 12h). Trinity College Dublin – Prize Medal for Letters and Humanities. Dated 1591. Presented to Thomas Tracey, 1857. COLL · SS · ET · INDIVID · TRIN · REG · ELIZABETHÆ · IVXTA · DVBL · 1591, diademed bust of Elizabeth I facing slightly left, wearing elaborate ruff / LITERIS HUMANIORIBUS FELICITER EXCULTIS, coat-of-arms on shamrock-patterned background; rose and portcullis flanking; engraved below, Thomas Tracey Sch 1857. EF, toned, flan crack.


1856-57 Report of President of Queen's College, Belfast

List of the Successful Candidates - Civil Service of the East India Company (1857 the First Year of Public Competition)

Mr. Tracy, 21 years on the 1st May 1857, educated Trinity College Dublin, 2092 marks [Thomas Burrows Tracey???]

July 3, 1857 (FJ) University Intelligence - Trinity College. Examination for prizes in modern languages - Italian...third prize Thomas Tracy, schol...

July 4, 1857 (FJ) University Intelligence. Modern languages - Italian...third prize: Thomas Tracey, Sch...

August 17, 1857 (FJ) Examination for the Civil Service of the East India Company

Mr. Tracy, aged 21, examination place: Trinity College Dublin, 2102 marks [8th place]

August 31 1857 Allen’s Indian Mail

...qualified for admission into the civil service of the East india Company in India...Thomas Burrowes Tracey...Mr Tracy, 21 age on May 1 1857, Trinity College Dublin, 2092 marks...

Tracy, Thomas Burrowes, appointed member of Civil Service IOR/Z/E/4/30/T350 : 1857 (British Library manuscript)

October 27, 29 & 31, 1857 (BL) University Intelligence - Trinity College. Examination for Classical Moderatorships - Silver Medalists: Thomas Tracy (Sch)

February 18, 1858 (BL) Dublin University...II Junior Moderators - Thomas B. Tracey...

1863 [3131] Eighth report of Her Majesty's Civil Service Commissioners

T.B. Tracy, Bengal, £600 pa, A.M. and C., Cawnpore, 11/58; with power of J.M. and D.C., 10/60 [Thomas Burrows?]

Thomas Tracy, Bengal, India. Sch. 1855 ; Reg. Aug. 20, 1868.

The Dublin University Calendar 1911

1875 (139) East India (Civil Service memorials).

...signed...T.B. Tracy...Thomas B. Tracy...

1881 [C.3086] Report of the Indian Famine Commission. Part III. Famine histories.

Mr. T.B. Tracy, C.S. Collector Moradabad

1883 (93) East India (local government).

From T.B. Tracy, Esquire, President of District Committee, Moradabad...Magistrate...

1894 (28) (28-I) East India (pensions).

T.B. Tracy 1887 £1000 annuity

1905 The India List and India Office List

Tracy, Thomas Burrowes. B.A., late Bengal C.S. (N.W. Prov. and Oudh).—Educ. at Trinity Coll., Dublin; apptd. alter exam, of 1857; arrived, 29th Dec, 1857, and served in the N.W. Prov. as asst. mag. and collr., and joint mag.; mag. and collr., Muttra, April 1877; from Feb., 1883, served as civil and sessions judge, and acted as jud. commr. in Oudh, 1884-85; retd., Sept., 1887.


1907 London Wills

Thomas Burrowes Tracy of the White-cottage Shanklin Isle of Wight died 14 September 1907. Probate London. 22 October to Frances Mary Tracy, widow. Effects £2101.7.9


Thomas Burrowes Tracy (s. of William Samuel Tracy) m. Frances Mary Maxwell (d. of Hugh Maxwell) 16 Mar 1861 Cawnpore, Bengal, India

William Maxwell Tracy b. 20 Feb 1862 bapt. 30 Mar 1862 Cawnpore, Bengal, India

Mabel Helen Tracy b. 07 Mar 1863 bapt. 01 Apr 1863 Azimgurk, Bengal, India

Hugh Francis Tracy b. 22 Jan 1865 bapt. 19 Mar 1865 Cawnpore, Bengal, India d. 21 Sep 1866 Burial 22 Sep 1866 Meerut, Bengal, India

Frances Charlotte Tracy b. 26 Jan 1866 bapt. 31 Mar 1866 Meerut, Bengal, India

Maxwell Barnes Tracy b. 27 Jun 1867 bapt. 12 Aug 1867 Mussoorie, Bengal, India [d. 1868 Rathdown, Ireland?]

Julia Tracey b. 01 Sep 1868 bapt. 18 Sep 1868 Umbella, Bengal, India (parents: Thomas Tracey & Mary)

Maud Alice Tracy b. 13 Aug 1871 bapt. 22 Oct 1871 Bhurtpore, Bengal, India

Ralph Stephen Heath Tracy b. 26 Dec 1876 bapt. 12 Feb 1877 Agra, Bengal, India


Civil Service Pension record

Mr. Thomas Burrows Tracy, b. 25 November 1835, retired 1st September 1887 on £1000 a years, died 14 Sept 1907 - 1920/07

Married 12 March 1861.

Wife Frances Mary, b. 20 December 1839, Full pension 2388/87, * Registered under last para of Article V


Frances Charlotte b. 26 January 1866, Full 2388/87, Died 23 September 1922 N.C.P. 20637/22

Edith Margaret b. 14 September 1868, Full, married 6th July 1897 Times 8/7/97

Maud Alice, b. 13 August 1871, Full, do [married] 25th Sept 1890 - 27/9/90

Ralph Stephen Heath (per F.R. same with 2388/81) b. 26 December 1876, Full, of age


1911 English Census - No 4 Akehurst Street, Rochampton, London S W

Ralph Stephen Heath Tracy, 37, Head, b. India N.W. Provence

Margaret Pauline Tracy, 37, married 8 years, 1 child, b. Gainsborogh Lincs

Margaret Franks Simpson Tracy, 3, b. London Middlesex


Thomas Simpson 4 Oct 1911 The Junior United Service Club Pall Mall and 14 Glasbury Road Kensington Middlesex, to Ralph S H Tracy. Resealed at Dublin, trust estate only. [Ralph Stephen Heath Tracy]


Tracy-Simpson Ralph Stephen Heath of 4 Akehurst Gardens Roehampton and of Little Morton Hook Heath Woking both county Surrey died 11 January 1926 at Little Morton Probate London 26 February to Margaret Pauline Tracy-Simpson the widow and Barclays Bank Limited. Effects in Northern Ireland £8 14s. 7d. Re-sealed Belfast 5 November.


20 December 1929 Belfast Gazette

Estate of Ralph Stephen Heath Tracey Simpson, continued in the names of Margaret Pauline Tracey Simpson (widow) and Barclays Bank Limited…under the will dated 31st July 1912 and codicil 9th August 1922…owners of land in the townland of Derryhennet and Maddan…[Armagh]


Mabel Helen Tracy (d. of Thomas Burrowes Tracy) 20 years old, m. Francis Corbett (s. of Edward Corbett) 20 Sep 1883 Nainital, Bengal, India


Maud Alice Tracy (d. of Thomas Burrowes Tracy) 19 years m. Edward Agar (s. of Edward Walter Agar) 31 years, 25 Sep 1890 Kensington, Middlesex, England


29 September 1890 Dublin Daily Express

Agar and Tracy, Sept 25, at St Stephens South Kensington London by the Rev Maxwell Tracy, uncle of the bride, Capt Edward Agar, Royal Engineers, son of the late Major EW Agar, Bombay Army, to Maud Alice, daughter of TB Tracy Esq, Bengal Civil Service (retired)


William Maxwell Tracy (s. of Thos B Tracy, Bengal CS) Capt. Surrey Regt of 1 Victoria Terrace NCR m. Amy Lucy Smyth (d. of Edward Smyth, Lambent?) of Westbridge House Enniskillen, on 4 July 1893 Wit: Edward Smyth & SF Bristow




Jane Tracey (b. 1837)


15 April 1892 The Police Gazette


Description of Articles, the property of Miss Jane Tracy, which were stolen from her house at Bray Great, parish of Bray, barony of Rathdown, on the night of 30th or morning of the 31st March 1892:- A small old Geneva gold watch, double case; 4 table spoons - crest, two wings and cockle shell in centre; 5 plated forks - crest, two wings and cockle shell in centre; 6 desert spoons - crest, two wings and cockle shell in centre; a silver sugar tongs - crest, two wings and cockle shell in centre; 2 salt spoons, one of them had crest on it; an Indian pierced silver plate, 2 silver salt cellars; a prayer book, cover silver; a gold pencil with a long inscription on it, "to Mr S Tracy from Sir William Johnson"; 1 gold earing; an Indian gilt brooch, elephant wreath on it; a gold medal from Trinity College, Dublin, "Henry Tracy" on it; an old fashioned silver ladel; a tiger claw bracelet set in silver; a silver plaed toast rack; a small plated clock with ornamental frame; a large plated soup ladle, crested; a small sauce ladel; 2 ivory frames; small oval metal frame; a pink coral necklace; 3 rows of beads with gold clasp; a red coral necklace with large cross attached; 2 Indian silver earrings; a small tortoisesell snuffbox with gold fox on lid. Bray, 6th April, 1892. (14892 c.-99421)



21st December 1896 South Wales Daily News

Lady's Strange Delusions Warding Off Electric Shocks. The alleged lunacy of Miss Jane Tracey, who was born in 1837, formed a subject of inquiry by Master Fischer, Q.C., and a jury in the Examination Hall of the Law Society's premises in Chancery-lane. The investigation had been ordered by the Lord Chancellor, on the petition of the lady's brother, Mr Thomas Burrowes Tracey.

Mr Crump, who appeared for the petitioner, said that te desire of the lady's relatives was to protect her property and administer it for her own welfare. Miss Tracey possessed a small estate of £3,000, which brought her in some £140 per annum. She had two delusions one that she was being pursued by persons who sought her life; the other that she was being operated upon with electricity. These hallucinations bad existed before and continued since her confinement in Bethlehem Hospital in 1895.

Dr. J. C. Hogau, of Kensington, said he had known Miss Tracey for 20 years. She was often very excitable complained of noises in her head, and declared that she heard voices speaking to her through the wall. She suffered subsequently from other delusions, and he signed a certificate authorising her detention in an asylum. Other evidence was given to the effect that on one occasion Miss Tracey took a fibre from a broom and declared it to be an electric needle. Her secrets, she said, were being wormed out of her by means of electricity, and the only way to prevent this was to think in French. She had complained also that there was a conspiracy to rob her of her grey hairs. When at Bethlehem Hospital it was her habit to wrap a cloth round her head to ward off electric shocks. The case had not concluded when the Court close.


Margaret Tracy (b.c. 1841)

1911 Census - 8 Ruvigny Gardens, Putney S W London

Margaret Tracy, 70, Head, b. Bruff, Limerick, Ireland, Single, No Occupation

Maxwell George Tracy, 62, Brother, b. Castle Connel?, Limerick, Ireland, Single, Clerk In Holy Orders


Henry Tracy, ABsch (b. c. 1844-1886)

4 Nov 1862 (BL) Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society

...merit at the examination...on the subject of "Heat and the Steam engine"...Second class...Henry Tracy...

1864-65 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

We also submit a list of the names of the present holders of the Exhibitions, and the amounts payable annually to each, viz.:

Armagh Royal School Foundation:- H. Tracy £30

1865-66 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

H. Tracey £30 per annum

1867-68 Commissioners of Education in Ireland annual report

Armagh Royal School: H. Tracy £50 per annum

Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Henry Tracy, 3rd s. of William Samual, Bray, Co. Wicklow, and Margaret Simpson; ed. TCD H 1867.

Nov 6 1868 Register of Admissions to the Middle Temple

Henry Tracy, B.A .. Trinity College, Dublin, of Bray, (24), third son of William Samuel T., of Bray, Wicklow. esq .. resident magistrate of Wicklow.

1864 The Dublin university calendar. Elected on this Foundation...1863 Tracey, Henry, Armagh, £30 per annum...[Royal Scholarship]...Queen’s Scholars...Elected November 1863 Tracey, Henry.

1864 University Intelligence Junior Freshman...Classics, First Rank...Henry Tracy...

12 May 1864 (BL) Trinity College Dublin. Classical Honors. First Rank...Henry Tracy...

March 1865 University Intelligence Senior Freshman...Classics, First Rank...Henry Tracy...

May 1866 University Fellowships Classical Scholars...Henry Tracy 111

29 May 1866 (FJ) The Fellowship in Trinity College ...Classics...Henry Tracy 111 marks...

November 1866 Junior Sophisters...Classics, first rank...Henry Tracy...

1867 University Intelligence November...Classical Senior Moderators Exam...Henry Tracy...

February 1868 University Intelligence Berkeley Gold Medal...Henry Tracy, Sch

May 24, 1913 (IT) Death of Mr. Justice Wright ...Trinity College Dublin...in 1868, the Berkley medal for Greek, a much prized distinction, fell to him, in conjunction with Mr. Tracey...

6 July 1870 (FJ) Trinity College Feudal and English Law Examination - First Prize - Henry Tracy (Sch)...

July 1870 University Intelligence Examination, Feudal and English Law, Trinity, 1870...passed Henry Tracy, ABsch, 1st premium...

November 1870 Court of Chancery

1 - Henry Tracy Esq, AB Dublin University, third son of William Samuel Tracy, of Bray, in the county of Wicklow, Esq, R.M. Mr. Tracy obtained a first prize at the General Examination of Students held on the 26th and 27th instant, and takes rank accordingly.

10 November 1870 (FJ) Court of Chancery - Called to the bar

Henry Tracy, Esq., A.B., Dublin University, third son of William Samuel Tracy, of Bray, in the county of Wicklow, Esq., R.M. Certificate signed by Robert William Shekleton, Esq. Mr. Tracy obtained a first prize at the general examination of students held on the 26th and 27th ult., and takes rank accordingly.

1870 The following gentlemen will be called to the Bar on Wednesday next:

Henry Tracy, Esq., AB, Dublin University, third son of William Samuel Tracy, ...

1870 The Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal, page 679

8 March 1871 (FJ) College Historical Society

...speakers...Mr. Henry Tracy, (Sch.) A.M. Negative...

1871 Summer Commencements

Magistrir Artibus...Henricus Tracy...


Sub-Grant in Perpetuity (draft). "New built dwelling house ...... liberty to keep open the two windows ...." by Miss Sarah B. Thomson, of Belfast, to Courtenay A. Hayes, of Southsea, (Retired Commander R.N.), Major Thomas Simpson, of Madden, Co. Armagh. Henry Tracy, barrister, Stephen's Green, Dublin. Thomas St., Armagh. D889/1/456

November 1874

Henry Tracey, Counsel

26 Nov 1881 West Donegal Railway, Marquis of Conyngham’s land guarantee:

opinion of Henry Tracey, counsel.

Ms 35,389 Conyngham Papers

November 1884 (IT) High Court of Justice – Chancery

Mr. Henry Tracy...appeared on behalf of defendant...

27 March 1886 Belfast Evening Telegraph

Death of Mr. Henry Tracy

(from our correspondent)

Dublin, Saturday - Mr. Henry Tracy, M.A., of the North-East Circuit, died this morning after a very brief illness. On Wednesday last he was in the library of the Four Courts in his usual vigour, having but a day or two before returned from Belfast Assizes. He got an attack of pneumonia, which rapidly proved fatal. He had a brilliant college career, and on the North-East Circuit he was highly popular. He had a good practice as a conveyaneer.

31 March 1886 The Daily Express (Dublin)

The Late Mr Henry Tracy

The remains of the late Mr. Henry Tracy were yesterday interred in Mount Jerome Cemetery. The funeral was attended by a large number of friends of the deceased, and the service was conducted by Rev Canon Jellett and Rev JG Scott. Amongst those present were - Rev Maxwell Tracy, Colonel Thomas Simpson, John M Simpson, Maxwell Simpson, M Ross Todd, C Ross Todd...


Will Henry Tracy 30 Mar 1886 10 Henrietta Street Dublin, BL, died at Maison de Sante, to Reverend Maxwell George Tracy of 2 Holly Place Hamstead London, Clerk the brother






Maxwell George Tracy, Reverend (b.c. 1849 d. 1927 London?)

September 1861 Cricket

Armagh College/Volunteer Club...M. Tracy...

4 October 1861 (FJ) Cricket

Armagh Volunteer Club V. Castledillon Club...M. Tracey [Castledillon]

18 June 1867 (FJ) Cricket

Armagh School (Past)...M. Tracey...

1867 Trinity College

Senior Freshmen...97 Tracy, Maxwell George...

28 June 1873 Bury Free Press (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)

...Rev. M. G. Tracey, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin, were ordained deacons. ... and Mr. Tracey to the curacy St. John's.

16 November 1878 London Standard

Church News ... the Rev. Maxwell George Tracy, M.A,, to the curacy of St. John Hampstead

1891 Census - St. John's Hampstead Middlesex, London

Maxwell G Tracey, 42 years, Lodger, b. 1849 Ireland, Curate Of Parish Church

1901 Census - St. John's Hampstead Middlesex, London

Maxwell G Tracy, 52 years, Boarder, b. 1849 Ireland, Clergyman Church of England
18 November 1904 The Church of Ireland Gazette
Dean of Clonmacnois. The Very Rev Dr Campbell, Dean of Clonmacnois, has left Athlone to spend the winter abroad. During his absence, the Rev Maxwell G Tracy, Curate of Hampstead, London, has been left in charge of the Parish of Athlone.
1907 -1908. Dublin University calendar
University Electors - Tracey, Rev. Maxwell George, St. John’s, Hampstead, London, N.W. B.A., Hiem. 1869 ; M.A., Hiem. 1872; Reg. 1872. 

1911 Census - 8 Ruvigny Gardens, Putney S W London

Margaret Tracy, 70, Head, b. Bruff, Limerick, Ireland, Single, No Occupation

Maxwell George Tracy, 62, Brother, b. Castle Connel?, Limerick, Ireland, Single, Clerk In Holy Orders

1917-1918. Dublin University calendar

University Electors - Tracey, Rev. Maxwell George, 8, Ruvigny-gardens, Putney, S.W. B.A., Hiem. 1869 ; M.A., Hiem. 1872; Reg. 1872. 


John D. Tracy (b. c. 1850 d. 1929)

1880 USA Census



Marital Status






Father's Birthplace

Mother's Birthplace

 John D. Tracy









 James D. Ogilby1 










Note 1NOT HD

Census Place, District 129, Navarro, Texas


1920 USA Census

Name John D Tracy

Residence [Nursing Home?], Bexar, Texas

Estimated Birth Year 1857

Age 63

Birthplace Ireland

Relationship to Head of Household

Gender Male

Race White

Marital Status Single

Father's Birthplace Ireland

Mother's Birthplace Ireland


John D. Tracy d. 11 Jun 1929 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas

Resident in City 18 years

How long in US 57 years (1872)

Death Age 78 years

Birth Date 1851 Ireland

Marital Status Single

Father's Name Wm. S. Tracy

Father's Birthplace Ireland

Mother's Name Margaret Simpson

Mother's Birthplace Ireland

Occupation Retired Farmer

Place of Residence 1972 St. Francis Home

Burial 12 Jun 1929 Cemetery San Jose Cem


Hi there,
I've come across one of your Tracy's whom I believe is "missing" from your website. First found him on an 1880 Census in Rice, Texas then located his death certificate - both are attached. He would have been the first son of William and Margaret but is not mentioned.
Since he isn't mentioned I guess there's little point asking whether you have any further information about him (but will anyway, just in case)! An American University Professor and one of my cousins are both writing books about James Douglas Ogilby, who lodged with John Tracy in Rice for 18 months or so and researched the birds of Navarro. We were curious as to the link between them. JDO's father and grandfather were High Sheriffs and Lords Lieutenant of County Tyrone so we assume they and John's father William became acquainted on the Irish legal circuit. At any rate, I found your website most helpful in establishing this. Thanks!
Kind regards,
Kerrie Binnington 
12 November 2010





28 Nov 1823

Letter from Major John Wills, Esker Lodge, Lucan, Dublin, chief police magistrate, to Nathaniel Sneyd, MP for County Cavan, recommending the conduct of a Mr Tracy [William Samuel Tracy?], who previously served in the police establishment under Wills' superintendence. Wills describes him as 'a Person in every way qualified to fill a Situation very different from the one he held under me'.

1 item; 3pp CSO/RP/1823/2248


William S Tracy, enlisted in 1824 as a cadet in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC).


Tracy, William Samuel; LDS 2097/055; 3rd SI 10/8/1824; JP 8/2/1833; resident magistrate 1/9/1838; retired as a RM on 4/11/1868.

Jim Herlihy (2005) Royal Irish Constabulary Officers: A Biographical Dictionary and Genealogical Guide, 1816-1922


Wm S Tracy, P religion, married, appointed 10 Aug 1824, allocations Leitrim Sligo, 1st Sub-Inspector 10 Augt 1824, 2nd appointed Resident Magistrate 1st September 1838


Sub-Inspectors - now called County Inspectors

26 Sligo, W.S. Tracy, Sligo


Superannuated Resident Magistrate - Wicklow

Appointed 1st Sub-Inspr 10 Augt 1824

Coy Inspector (st £250) before 1 Oct 1836

Resident Magistrate (£400) 1 Sepr 1838

Pay raised to £500 per an 1 Feb 1854

Pensioned at £500 per an 4 Nov 1868

Died 19 July 1873

[Total] £596.3.0 widow

Amount submitted to government 20 August 1873

Wm Saml Tracy, pensr, [no number], Dublin, 36-9-19 service allowed, £1 per £24 earned, 1 widow, - children, 596.3.0 pafers, submitted 20 Aug





10 Oct 1825-12 Oct 1825

Letter from Major George Warburton, inspector general of police for Connaught, Oatfield House near Aughrim, County Galway, to Henry Goulburn, Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle, conveying permission to take three weeks leave of absence has been given Mr Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], chief constable of police in County Leitrim, and also to Mr [William] Gardiner, chief constable of police in the barony of Tireragh in County Sligo. With annotation on top from Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquis Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant, stating the inspector general does not have the authority to grant such leave, rather formal permission must be obtained from himself.

1 item; 2pp CSO/RP/SC/1825/667


27 Jul 1826-7 Sep 1826

Letters from Lieut James Gibson, Aavilla [Aghavila], Carrigallen yeomanry, Carrigallen, [County Leitrim], to Brig Maj John Semple, Belturbet, [County Cavan], warning that large crowds of individuals have frequently gathered at Ahavass [Aghavas] to perform military drills and allegedly with the intention of preventing Orangemen from marching; claiming that an incident was prevented through the intercession of Edward Hare on the catholic side and Archdeacon Agar and Rev McCreight on the protestant side; reporting an arson attack on the houses of James Monaghan and William Campbell. Also covering letter from Semple, Belturbet, to William Gregory, Under Secretary. Also letters from William G Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj George Warburton, enclosing affidavits of John Mitchell of Drumgunna and Owen Daly of Corduff stating that they witnessed large bodies of men performing military drills but claiming that the evidence of the men is weak; acknowledging that a number of protestants have been assaulted without provocation in the area and that protestant traders are being shunned by their catholic customers; suggesting however that Gibson is exaggerating the situation in order to get himself placed on permanent duty. Also letters from Warburton, to Henry Goulburn, Chief Secretary, agreeing that Gibson’s reports are coloured for reasons suggested by Tracy.

11 items; 33pp CSO/RP/OR/1826/295


22 Oct 1826-25 Oct 1826

Letter from William G Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, Inspector General of Police, forwarding a certificate signed by three magistrates [extant] claiming that the constabulary force in the district is insufficient; adding that the ‘lower order of Roman Catholics’ have formed combinations in order to prevent dealings with protestant traders and continue to post threatening notices and engage in beatings of transgressors. Includes certificate signed by John Lawder, Joseph Johnston and George HC Peyton, magistrates. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Castlegar, [County Galway], to Henry Goulburn, Chief Secretary, recommending that the force in the barony of Carrigallen be increased. Includes annotation from Richard Wellesley granting the request.

3 items; 8pp CSO/RP/OR/1826/322


23 Nov 1827-31 Aug 1830

Letters from James Duncan, Sub-Inspector and Paymaster, Carrick on Shannon, [County Leitrim], to Maj [George] Warburton, [Inspector General], Castlegar, [County Galway], resigning from his post and recommending his son as Chief Constable, and from William Crossley, Chief Constable, Maghera, [County ], applying for the post of Sub-Inspector of the County Leitrim, enclosing a testimonial from Col [HR] Pakenham, Langford Lodge, [County Leitrim?], praising Crossley’s achievements in County Leitrim and mentioning Capt Armstrong and Mr Macaulay who agree with him. Also includes letter from Maj [George] Warburton, [Inspector General], Dublin, to Hardinge, referring to the above letters but also another [not extant] from Col Beresford; now outlining that John Duncan will become Chief Constable, and that Mr Tracy [William Samuel Tracy] will succeed James Duncan, also mentioning Dr Col Clements whose application was also acceded to.

4 items; 10pp CSO/RP/1830/1472


2 Jan 1828-6 Jan 1828

Letter from William S Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, County Leitrim, to Maj Warburton, reporting on violent attacks on Philip Curran of Aughalough and Francis Mulvanaty, Cloone parish, [County Leitrim] by a gang and suggesting that the motivation for the outrage was they were ‘too obedient’ to Capt Slack, agent to Mr Digby Marsh; also noting that Patrick Rourke, had his house levelled. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Castlegar, [County Galway], to William Lamb, Chief Secretary.

2 items; 5pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/628


25 Jan 1828

Letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary, reporting on the levelling of the house of Martin Saddlier in the barony of Carrigallen by Rockites and an arson attack against Peter McBryan of Cloone; noting that he was informed of these outrages by Mr Montford and Mr Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], chief constables of Mohill and Ballinamore, County Leitrim.

1 item; 2pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/633


26 Jan 1828-7 Feb 1828

Letters from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary, forwarding copies of outrage reports from five chief constables which were submitted to him [extant]. Includes reports from the following chief constables - Daniel Winslow, Drumkeerin, County Leitrim concerning a violent attack against William Murphy, herd to Mr Miller and threatening notices delivered to the contractor building a new church; from Lieut D Carey, Kilrush, County Clare, reporting on the waylaying of two men named MacNinhen and the arrest of a suspect named Keating; from William Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Ballinamore, County Leitrim, reporting on Rockite attacks on Joseph Johnston of Mayo who was ordered to dismiss a servant and Saddler who was ordered not to rebuild a levelled house; from N Caldwell, Ballina, County Mayo, reporting on recent faction fights including a battle which took place at Killalla and was dealt with by Capt Bourk; from Robert Plunkett, Tubbercurry, County Sligo, reporting on the attempted abduction of a farmer’s daughter and the prompt intervention of Mr Armstrong and Mr Wood, magistrates.

10 items; 25pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/635


13 Feb 1828-19 Feb 1828

Letter from William Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, reporting on the levelling of a house and beating of Teague of Cloone parish, by a party of Rockites in retaliation for Teague’s son having rented land on the Glebe lands of Cloone from Rev William Beresford, from which tenants had been evicted five years previously. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary.

2 items; 5pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/639


20 Feb 1828-25 Feb 1828

Letters from William Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, reporting that an armed gangs of Rockites attacked Charles Tully of Knockage, Cloone parish and ordered him to give up the farm he recently leased from Rev William Beresford and also attacked Michael Brien of Drumrahool, ordering him not to take a farm from Lord Leitrim. Also letter from D Crofton, magistrate, Lakefield, County Leitrim, concerning a similar attack made on Michael Conelan, who were subsequently identified as being Peter Haye, Michael Hoey and Bryan Donelly. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary, adding that Mr Weldon, Chief Constable, Carrick on Shannon has been ordered to offer protection to Conelan.

4 items; 8pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/643


24 Feb 1828-29 Feb 1828

Letter from William Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, reporting on an attack on the house of Michael Mullholland of Carricknavoe, Cloone parish, by a gang who demanded whiskey which had been bought for a wedding. Also letter from [?] Montfort, Chief Constable, Mohill, [County Leitrim], reporting on an attack by a party of Rockites on the house of Kiernan of Gortnacondra, who warned him to quit his holding. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary.

3 items; 7pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/646


29 Feb 1828

Copied extract of a letter from Mr Reed, Chief Constable, Boyle, County Roscommon, to Maj Warburton, reporting that the suspected murderers of Mr Cox have been arrested and a portmanteau discovered in a bog hole close to the home of one of the suspects; praising the constables under the command of Weldon and Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], chief constables. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Dublin, to William Gregory, Under Secretary.

2 items; 4pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/647


1 Jul 1828-14 Jul 1828

Letters from William S Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, reporting on efforts to prevent sectarian disturbances in the town involving Orangemen and catholics; noting that a large force of police, military and militia were assembled in the town following receipt of the Lord Lieutenant’s circular and that the Orangemen agreed not to form a procession; describing how he and a troop of dragoons dispersed a large armed crowd of peasants outside the town during which shots were fired; warning that the Ribbonmen are threatened to come to the market in the town to assail the Orangemen. Also letter from five magistrates of County Leitrim, Ballinamore, to William Gregory, Under Secretary, recommending that a military force of at least 30 men be stationed in the town. Also letter from John O’Brien, High Sheriff of Leitrim, Dromahair, [County Leitrim], to Gregory, providing an account of the confrontation with 500 armed men outside Ballinamore and other incidents in the town.

4 items; 13pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/14


9 Sep 1828-11 Sep 1828

Letter from William S Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, County Leitrim, to Maj Warburton, reporting that over 400 men voluntarily cut the corn of William Eden Lees following his testimony in support of the persons tried for illegal assembly; adding that the men marched in order carrying sickles and also cut the corn for their priest. Noting that they stopped to cheer in support of Sharpley, a catholic shopkeeper but ‘hissed and hooted’ at George Peyton, magistrate; adding that Col Beresford regarded the display as ‘savage’. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Castlegar, [County Galway], to Francis Leveson Gower, Chief Secretary.

2 items; 5pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/696


27 Oct 1828-30 Oct 1828

Letter from William Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], to Maj Warburton, reporting that a young man named William Bloxham, protestant, was murdered by David Reilly, baker from Ballinamore who was returning from Ballyconnell Fair, County Cavan. Also letter from Edward Whitely, Ballyconnell, to John Semple, Belturbet, giving an account of the incident. Also covering letters from Warburton, Castlegar, [County Galway], to Francis Leveson Gower, Chief Secretary and from Semple, to William Gregory, Under Secretary.

4 items; 11pp CSO/RP/OR/1828/20


24 Sep 1829-5 Oct 1829

Letters from Walter Molony, Chief Constable, Gort, [County Galway], to Maj Warburton, enclosing proceedings and resolutions of a meeting of magistrates to investigate outrages committed in Tubber, [County Galway] which called for additional constables for the area and search warrants for firearms; reporting on a violent ‘Whiteboy’ attack on John Carney of Gurtavoher by a gang who spoke Munster Irish who ordered him to quit his house and land which he rents from Augustine Butler of Ballyline, [County Clare]; adding that threats have been made against Rev Lahiff, catholic priest, who condemned the outrages from the altar. Also copy of letter from Warburton, to the magistrates assembled at Tubber, responding to the request for additional constabulary in their area and noting that he has had to reinforce the stations along the Shannon and concluding that an augmentation of the force in Clare and Galway is required. Also copied extracts from reports from chief constables stationed in counties Clare, Galway, Leitrim and Sligo including Wright of Milltown, Morgan of Corofin, Molony of Gort, Brew of Clare and Galway, Plunkett of Moylough, Coffey of Clare, Winslow of Mohill, Tracy [William Samuel Tracy] [of Leitrim], Constable Meredith [of Dromahair], Curtis of Collooney, Capt Gardiner of Easkey, Bulfin [of Sligo]; reporting on various outrages including intimidation of voters who supported Mr Fitzgerald in Clare, threatening notices against witnesses and those working or purchasing for protestants, attacks on persons sending their children to Mr Syng’s school, physical and arson attacks against tenants and in order to force them to quit their holdings or not purchase tythes; attacks on livestock and crops, includes reference to a custom of individuals with blackened faces and dressed in straw arriving at weddings and demanding whiskey in order to leave. Also letter from Thomas Bulfin, Sligo, to Warburton, reporting that constables from Carney were prevented from arresting a man, accused of assaulting two protestants, by a crowd of peasantry. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Castlegar, [County Galway], to Francis Leveson Gower, Chief Secretary, noting that the magistrates have requested search warrants for arms to be granted to Col Osborne and Walter Butler of Cregs; adding that he is ‘not favourable to searching for arms’ but concluding that they should be granted in order to demonstrate to the magistrates that such measures are ‘useless’.

9 items; 36pp CSO/RP/OR/1829/855


18 Dec 1829

Copied extracts from reports from chief constables and sub inspectors Morgan, Brew, Townsend, Caldwell, Tabuteau, Molony, Weldon, Daly, Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Curtis, Gardiner and Ferrall in counties Clare, Galway, Leitrim, Sligo and Mayo reporting on outrages in their counties including a desire on the part of respectable inhabitants of Clare to give their firearms to the magistrates but their reluctance to do so due to Rockite intimidation; an attack on the constabulary at Miltown by armed Rockites; threatening notices received by Mr Flynn of Lisdoonvarna who voted for Mr Vesey Fitzgerald; intimidation of the steward and servants of Capt O’Brien, brother to Sir Edward O’Brien, at Clifton; the denouncing from the altar by Rev Lahiff of Tubber of men responsible for sending him a threatening notice, partly in response to his having voted for Vesey Fitzgerald; arson attacks and attacks on property; a letter intercepted in Killalla post office addressed to ‘Hugh O’Hara’, ‘Captain of the Hearts of Steel’ and purporting to contain a list of names of sworn ribbonmen in County Mayo. Also covering letter from George Warburton, Inspector General, Castlegar, [County Galway], to Francis Leveson Gower, Chief Secretary.

2 items; 9pp CSO/RP/OR/1829/892


22 May 1830-5 Jun 1830

File of letters from Maj [George] Warburton, [Inspector General], Castlegar, [County Galway], Brig Maj [S] Semple, Belturbet, [County Cavan], and Arthur Crossley, magistrate, Elphin, [County Roscommon], to William Gregory, [Under Secretary, Dublin Castle], also enclosing letters from William S Tracy [William Samuel Tracy], Chief Constable, Ballinamore, [County Leitrim], and from Lieut [Perry] Norris, yeomanry, Mohill, [County Leitrim], all reporting on two attacks on William Moorcroft Esq, Lavarin, [Lavareen, County Leitrim] by ‘Cap Rock’s men from Castlebar’ [County Mayo], the second one lethally wounding his mason William Sparks; Crossley mentions investigations conducted together with Rev GD Beresford and John [Lawder] Esq, also mentioning Moorcroft’s son James.

6 items; 15pp CSO/RP/OR/1830/92


1833 Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts

Constabulary Police - County of Leitrim

The Account of James Duncan and W.S. Tracy, Paymasters of the Constabulary of the County of Leitrim, for one year, from the 1st day of January to the 31st day of December 1830.

The Account of Messrs. Tracy & Brown, Paymasters of the Constabulary of the County of Leitrim, for one year, from the 1st day of January to the 31st day of December 1831.




1833 Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts in Ireland

Constabulary Police - County of Sligo

The account of Messrs. Bulfin and Tracey, Paymasters of the Constabulary force of the County of Sligo, for one year, from the 1st day of January to the 31st day December 1831.


December 27, 1832 (FJ) Rioting in Sligo

...William S. Tracy, Esq, Sub-Inspector of Police was examined...


December 4, 1833 (FJ) List of the Sub-Inspectors of the Constabulary...

...Sligo, Captain Tracy, Sligo.


8 January 1834 Wexford Conservative

[Sligo]...Mr. Tracey, Sub-Inspector of Police...-Sligo Journal


In May, 1834, the 'Journal' reported that moves were afoot to revive Sligo Races and thereby help to enliven the scene. Nothing came of their efforts then, but in May of the following year an Advertisement in the local press announced that Sligo Races would take place from Monday to Wednesday, August 10th - 12th, and that there would also be Sweepstakes and 'Hack' races. The Stewards were named as the Hon. Robert King, John Martin MP, John Ormsby, Jeremy Jones and William Treacy.



1835 Petty Session Town of Sligo

Magistrate Presiding - William S. Tracy 13, 20 Aug, 24 Sep, 29 Oct


1836 Royal Commission for inquiring into the condition of the poorer classes

1830, Defendant: Andrew Tracey, house & lands, Plaintiff: Patrict Hart, Calry Carbery Sligo, rent £13/13/0


1836 Return of Names of Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates

William Samuel Tracy, Sligo, Sligo


1836-1840 Outrage Reports Ireland

William S Tracy, 1838, —, Sligo


2377 From Christopher Fitz-Simon

Dublin, 21 January [1837] Private My Dear Sir, Mr. Drummond has just sent for me and made the following communication to me. He says they do not place any reliance on it but still he thought it right to let me know. The communication came to Col. Shaw Kennedy 1 who in case of necessity has taken all proper steps. The report came to him that a band of Orangemen intended to attack your carriage at a bridge in a close glen near Sligo, about 3 miles from the town. I think it is called Colloony or Ballisodare. Drummond was not certain of the name. Col. Kennedy has this night sent down to Sligo Sub-Inspector Tracey [William Samuel Tracy, J.P. and sub-inspector of police, sligo.] with instructions. He is to have 100 men in Sligo and 30 military. He is to have his chief constable with 30 men near the bridge in question, not to be seen but to be ready to act at once if necessary and, if he finds any of the Orange party assembling, he is to bring the 100 out of Sligo. The 30 at the bridge have orders to follow at a short distance, so as not to be remarkable, after you have passed. Thus they have taken every precaution though they do not apprehend anything. Yet these Orangemen are such a set, it might if possible be well if you could avoid going to Sligo. 3 P.S. A current report in town that old Kavanagh of Carlow died last night.

The Correspondence Of Daniel O'Connell Volume VI. Irish Manuscripts Commission


1837 Sub-Inspectors of Police

William Samuel Tracy, Sligo, 11 years 9 months previous service to passing of Act


2 October 1838 (FJ) The Irish Government

The last number of the Sligo Champion contained a letter from Mr. O'Connor, the secretary of the Liberal Club...Their promotion of Captain Tracy, and other secret or professing Tories, and their ungrateful neglect of their best and most devoted friends.


30 Nov 1837 House of Commons

Lieutenant Richard Blake. Colonel Perceval...I also wrote to Mr Tracy, a friend, in Sligo, desiring him to show the whole of my papers to Colonel Kennedy...I have answered all questions candidly, and, if necessary, I can adduce the testimony of Captain Tracy to prove my innocence of the charge og having struck a man during the election contest...[Sligo elections]


14 December 1838 (FJ)

The Magistrates of Sligo have addressed W.S. Tracy, Esq., stipendiary magistrate, on his removal from that county to this district [Limerick], and they express their entire approbation of his conduct as a public officer and a gentleman. The address was signed by upwards of 50 magistrates, and was forwarded by Colonel Arthur Knox Gore, the county lieutenant.


1839 The Church of England quarterly review

Captain Samuel Tracy, for nine years a sub-inspector of the police, and now a stipendiary magistrate, altogether in the constabulary fifteen years, testifies to the same facts connected with Ribondism as Mr. Fausset, and produces other documents. He deposes that "one of the objects was to obtain an independent legislature for Ireland, and to recover the estates that were forfeited." He states that his informant in Sligo says, that "all the peasantry, from sixteen to fifty years of age, are engaged in it, and that its objects were to be obtained by force, the members being sworn to turn out at two hours' notice."


LIMERICK (including a portion of Clare and Tipperary his district was formed on the borders of these counties)


22 September 1838 (TH) The Lord Lieutenant has been please to appoint Wm. S. Tracy, Esq, a Stipendiary Magistrate for the county of Limerick, under the provisions of the act 6 Wm IV, cap 13 – D.E. Post


Return of Stipendiary Magistrates 1844

William S. Tracy, appointed 1 Sep 1838, Castleconnell

William S. Tracy, appointed 1 Sep 1838, Bruff, Palasgreen from May


April 1840 Castleconnell Limerick, W.S. Tracy, This made a vacancy for John Drummond a new appointment


1 May 1840 Bruff Limerick, J. Drummond, W.S. Tracy moved to Castleconnell a new station


20 June 1840 (TH) Wm. S. Tracy, Esq, Stipendiary Magistrate, is to be stationed henceforward at Castleconnell


[1844] Ancient Union Lodge No 13 Limerick

This room [6 The Cresent, Limerick], which has ever since remained the headquarters of Lodge 13...These stalls - of which there are 11 - emblazoned with the coats-of-arms of their donors - were presented by past High Knight Templars and Rose Croix Princes, and bear the following inscriptions:-

...4. The Illustrious & Most Excellent Brother William Samuel Tracy K.H. Kt. of the Eagle & Pelican. Soverign Prince Grand Rose Croix. Most Wise Soverign of Prince Mason’s Chapter No. IV. and Rt. Worshipful Deputy Provincial Grand Master. July, 1844...

The Jewels are of solid silver, and four of them bear inscriptions as follows:

Chaplain “Presented by P.M., W. S. Tracy RA. and KT. To Union Lodge No. 13 A.L. 5840.”


12th December 1846 The Tablet

...(Limerick Chronicle)...We annex the committal to the county gaol yesterday, by William S. Tracey, Esq., Michael Burke, Bens and Michael Burke, jun., having been of an armed party who attacked the dwelling-house of Richard Kennedy, of Portrenard, on the evening of the 29th hist and with having fired into the said house, and danger., ously wounded Michael Kennedy, the son of the said Richard Kennedy."


1846 Slater

Castle Connell

Wm. S. Tracey, Esq, (stipendiary magistrate), Grange


1846 Castleconnell

William S. Tracy RM


'Relief Commission Papers 1845-1847'

30/4/1846 William Tracy RM, Castleconnell, describing his meetings with relief committees in the baronies of Coonagh and Owneybeg. NA RLFC3/1/

06/05/1846 William Tracy RM, Castleconnell, applying for payment of the £100 grant towards the employment of the destitute poor on public works in the baronies of Coonagh and Owneybeg. NA RLFC3/1/

Undated William Tracy RM, Castleconnell, providing a further report on the state of the potato crop in the Castleconnell district. NA RLFC2/Z14564

19/9/1846 Draft of letter to be sent to William S Tracy requesting him to return the o1 16/10 remaining from the o200 sent to him to provide employment on the public works in Cappamore district. NA RLFC3/2/17


31 January 1846 (N) News of the Week

The head-quarters of W.S. Tracy, Esq., stipendiary magistrate, are to be transferred from Castle Connell to Murroe...


December 27, 1847 (FJ) The Coercion Act - Licences of Arms

...Limerick...Wm S. Tracey, Esq...Clare...Wm S Tracey Esq.


December 28, 1847 (BL) Proclamation under the Act for the Prevention of Crime and Outrage in Ireland

...William Samuel Tracy...


Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

1847 W.S. Tracy, Limerick

A letter from W.S. Treacy has been read the Seats ass decided to send thirty pounds

1847 W.S. Tracy Limerick

Appl No. 26 from W.S. Tracy OBriens Bridge Co. Clare was read by the Secrs were desired to send £20 towards the soup kitchen then there & to make them an offer of the 100 gallon boiler.

1847 W.S. Tracy, Limerick

(A no. 26)

Limerick 2 mo 18 1847

W.S. Tracy, Respected Friend

The application to the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends in Dublin for assistance for O'Briens Bridge having been transmitted by them to the Auxiliary Committee here we are directed on their behalf to remit a donation of Twenty pounds for the purpose of establishing the soup or porridge kitchen for the relief of the destitute and as a further assistance for this desirable object will forward a boiler of 100 gallons.

We accordingly enclose half note for £20 on receipt of which being acknowledged, the counterpart will follow.

Yours respectfully

James Alexander   }

Isaac W. Unthank  } Secs.

2 Mo 13th to 2 Mo 16th 1847 Grants made

20 W.S. tracy Stipendary Magistrate, O'Briens Bridge Co Clare, £20, Soup Kitcken

1847 W.S. Tracy, Limerick

W.S. Tracy

O'Briens Bridge

Co Clare

P.S. Our committee will be glad to learn how the sum granted has been disposed of when expended and should any further communicaltion be required on this subject please quote the number on the top of this letter.


8 January 1848 (TH) Granting licences for arms

County of Limerick...William S. Tracy, Esq...County of Clare...William S. Tracy, Esq


7 July 1848 (AC) Magistrates

...W.S. Tracy, esq, to the county of Cavan...[It does not appear that he went to Cavan]

8 July 1848 (TH) The Magistry

W.S. Tracy, Esq., to the county of Cavan


May 25, 1849 (FJ)

William S. Tracy, RM, from Castle-Connell to Belfast...


Ballina Chronicle Wednesday, June 6, 1849

It is stated that Mr. Gonne Bell will succeed Mr. Tracy as stipendary magistrate at Castle Connell.


10 August 1849 Edinburgh Gazette - August 4, 1849

The Lord Lieutenant has directed Edward Gonne Bell, Esq. R.M. to take charge of the district of Castleconnell, County Limerick, under the provision of the Act 6 William 4, cap. 13, in the room of W.S. Tracy, Esq. R.M. appointed to another county. [Note: Antrim]


CAVAN [It does not appear that he went to Cavan but went to Antrim]


7 July 1848 (AC) Magistrates

...W.S. Tracy, esq, to the county of Cavan...

8 July 1848 (TH) The Magistry

W.S. Tracy, Esq., to the county of Cavan




June 1, 1849 (BL)

S. W. Tracy Esq, our new resident magistrate took his seat on the bench today for the first time...


June 29, 1849 (FJ) Address to W.S. Tracy, Esq, R.M. Belfast

...Lodge 13...- Limerick Chronicle


10 August 1849 Edinburgh Gazette

August 4, 1849

The Lord Lieutenant has directed Edward Gonne Bell, Esq. R.M. to take charge of the district of Castleconnell, County Limerick, under the provision of the Act 6 William 4, cap. 13, in the room of W.S. Tracy, Esq. R.M. appointed to another county.


October 12, 1849 (BL) Freemasonary

...W.S. Tracy, Esq, R.M., Past Provincial Grand Master of North Munster...14 Castle lane...new Masonic Lodge, No. 51...


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

William Samuel Tracy, Belfast, Magistrate


...The first meeting of the [Belfast Marine] Board was held in the Mayor's Office of the Old Town Hall on September 14, 1850. The Mayor, Mr. James Sterling, and the Resident Magistrate, Mr. William Tracy, were ex-officio members....



December 15, 1851 (BL) Freemasonry

...W.S. Tracy, Esq., Past Deputy P.G.M. of N. Munster, and the Provincial Grand Master of the province of Belfast and N. Down...


1851 Inspectors General: twenty-ninth report on general state of prisons of Ireland

Antrim Goal

Board of Superintendence...William S. Tracy, Esq.


1851 Return of Stipendiary or Resident Magistrates in Ireland

William S. Tracey, 54 years, appointed 1 Sep 1838, salary £400, District of Belfast County Antrim, Public service: served 14 years as sub-inspector and county inspector of constabulary.


January 19, 1852 (BL) Annual Exhibition of Works of Art in Belfast

...Fine Arts Association in Belfast...Wm Tracy, Claud L. Nursey, Hon. Secs.

March 10, 1852 (BL) Belfast Annual Exhibition of the Fine Arts

...hoorary secretaries, W.S. Tracy, Esq, our excellent Resident Magistrate...


1852 Belfast/Ulster Street Directory

William S. Tracy, R.M., Ravenhill


The Belfast Mercury - Tuesday, 17 February, 1852

Belfast Police Court Saturday, Feb.14
[Before W.S. Tracy, Esq., R.M., and John Clarke, Esq.]


Anglo-Celt June 3, 1852

Mr. Tracy, resident magistrate of Belfast, is seriously ill from the injuries received in the attempt to suppress the recent riot.


1852 Alarming riots in Belfast

The Belfast Cronical of Wednesday morning:- “…The mayor, Mr. Tracy, and other magistrates, came on the ground immediately they received notice of the encounter, and proceed to read the Riot Act;…”

Guardian 17/7/1852 p.9


April 18, 1853 (BL) Belfast Government School of Design

...Committee...Wm.S. Tracy, R.M...


1854 Report from the Select Committee of House of Lords on Consequences of extending Functions of Constabulary in Ireland to Suppression of Illicit Distillation

1853 Resident Magistrate station in Belfast...I have served in Limerick, a portion of Clare, and a portion of Tipperary: my district was formed on the borders of these counties...County Inspector...In Leitrim and Sligo...



6 October 1855 (N) Orange Impudence

At the Belfast police court...Mr. Tracey, in sentencing the defendants, cautioned them against the recurrence of similar outrageous proceedings...


22 April 1856 Edinburgh Gazette

Antrim Artillery Regiment of Militia

William Samuel Tracy, gent. to be Second Lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted.


April 22, 1856 (BL) Antrim Artillery Regiment of Militia

Wm. Samuel Tracy, gent, to be second Lieutenant...

14 April 1859 IT

The Royal Antrim Artillery...The following officers have joined the regiment since its embodiment on Tuesday…First Lieutenants…W.S. Tracy…

April 30, 1859 (FJ) Irish Militia Appointments

Antrim Artillery. To be First Lietenant - Second Lietenant W S Tracy...

November 7, 1859 (FJ) Irish Militia

Antrim Artillery...vice Tracey resigned...

1859 The New Army List (Hart’s)

Royal Antrim Artillery...First Lieutenants...William Samuel Tracy 19 Mar 59...


Militia of Ireland

Antrim Second Lieutenants

William Samuel Tracy 9 April 1856

22 April 1856 Edinburgh Gazette

Antrim Artillery Regiment of Militia

William Samuel Tracy, gent. to be Second Lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted.

Antrim First Lieutenants

William Samuel Tracy 19 March 1859

14 April 1859 IT

The Royal Antrim Artillery…The following officers have joined the regiment since its embodiment on Tuesday…First Lieutenants…W.S. Tracy…


May 6, 1856 (BL) Sailor's Home

...W.S. Tracy, Chairman of Committee...


August 1, 1856 (BL) Grand Ball to the County Antrim Militia Regiments

...Mr, Miss and Lieut Adair, and Mr. Tracy;...Mr. T. Tracy, Mr, Mrs and Misses Tracy...


September 30, 1856 (BL) W.S. Tracy, Esq., R.M. and his assailants in the Press

...an article published in the Whig of Saturday, however, requires some notice at our hands...contempt of court...the Ulsterman...


October 2, 1856 (BL) Juvenile reform

...establisment of a Reformatory Institution...committee...W.S. Tracy, Esq...


1857 Riots in Belfast in [12th] July and September

15 September 1857 Evidence of William S. Tracy esq

Resident Magistrate in Belfast for eight years, from the first of last July



July 21, 1858 (BL) Mr. Macartney MP and Mr. Tracy RM


1 January 1859 (N) The Belfast Investigation

This investigation was commenced in the county jail before Mr Tracey and number of police officials. [sercret societies]


December 1859 New Masonic Lodge in Dungannon

...The proceedings were conducted by Br. W.S. Tracy, D.P.G.M. of Belfast...


Early Freemasonry in Tandragee...a warrant for a preceptory was granted on the 20th July,  1860. The grantees were...William S. Tracey...Note...William S. Tracey (d.1873), Resident Magistrate.


1859 Thom's Almanac and Official Directory of Ireland

William Samuel Tracy, Resident Magistrate, Belfast Antrim, appointed 1838

Army List

William S. Tracy, 2nd Lieutenant, Antrim Artillery, 9 Apr 56


1860 Return of Stipendiary or Resident Magistrates in Ireland

William S. Tracy, 61 years, appointed 1 Sep 1838, salary £500, no fees, District of Belfast County Antrim, Public service: in the constabulary 14 years.


1861 Belfast Street Directory

W.S. Tracy, R.M., Tudor Lodge, Crumlin Road.

Petty Sessions

Held in the Court-house, Howard Street, every day, at half-past ten o'clock. W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate. Clerks, J. Searight and G. Kennedy.

Local Marine Board

Appointed under the Mercantile Marine Act 1850, for the examination of masters and mates, and the shipping and discharging of crews. Members of the Board - Ex-Officio members, Mayor of Belfast and W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate…

Belfast Sailor’s Home
Tomb Street - Established in 1852, for providing a suitable home for seamen, with opportunities for mental improvement and religious instruction. Patron, Hid Excellency the Earl of Eglinton and Winton. Vice-Patron, Captain W. H. Hall, C.B. President, the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore. Vice-President, the Mayor of Belfast. Managing Committee - W. S. Tracy, Esq.,…

Belfast School of Art
In connexion with the department of Science and Art, Marlborough House. Officers for 1861: President - Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye. Vice-Presidents, William S. Crawford, J.P., D.L.; S. K. Mulholland, W. S. Tracy,…

Freemason’s Club
Masonic Hall, Donegall Place - Established 1st November 1851. Committee (Original Members) W. S. Tracy, Lodge 10

The Provinical Grand Lodge of Belfast and North Down: Meets on the second Wednesday in March, June, September & December, at High Noon, in the Freemason's Hall, Donegall Place, Belfast. Officers for 1861: R.W.D.P.G.M. - W.S. Tracy, P.M., 10

Belfast Anacreontic Society

Instituted in 1814 for the cultivation of Instrumental and Vocal Music…Vice-Presidents…W. S. Tracy


Griffiths Valuation Antrim 1861-62

William S. Tracy, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Crumlin Road Shankill Belfast Antrim


Lodge 121, 247, 314, 978 - 3 February, 1862 – Read letter from R.W. Bro. Wm. J. Tracy, D.P.G.M. of Belfast and North Down...


May 1862 Cathedral Church of Connor, to be erected in Belfast

Committee...William Tracey, Esq, R.M...Subscriptions...W.S. Tracy, Esq, R.M. £20


June 1862 Masonic Female Orphan Society

...per the hand of Wm S Tracy, Esq, Belfast:...W S Tracy, Esq, £1......per the hand of Wm S Tracy, Esq, Belfast, in aid of the funds of the Masonic Female Orphan School, Burlington Place:...


October 1862 Testimonial to W.S. Tracy, Esq., R.M. Belfast

We are gratified to learn that it is proposed to present a public testimonial to Mr. W.S. Tracy, on the occasion of his removal from Belfast, as a mark of the high sense entertained by the community for that gentleman's character as a magistrate, and his services as a citizen. Northern Whig.


7 Nov 1862 Belfast Newsletter. Masonic Banquet and Testimonial to Wm. S. Tracy, Esq. Belfast Police Court [large article]

Address to WS Tracy Esq from the Sailor's Home...ornamental illumination...first page of the address itself Mr Tracys arms are emblazoned...[by] Marcus Ward & Co., Donegall Place...

Photograph of WS Tracy Esq RM...an excellent photograph...by brother Mason, Mr. Talbot of 12.5 Bridge Street, from whom copies can now be had...of the retiring Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Belfast and North Down.


November 1862 Masonic Banquet and Testimonial to Wm. S. Tracy, Esq

On Tuesday evening, a grand Masonic banquet and testimonial to the R W D P G , master of Belfast and North Down, Wm S Tracy, P G R C, K H, on his removal from Belfast, where he has sat for fourteen years discharged the onerous and important duties of Resident Magistrate with exemplary zeal, ability and impartiality, took place in the Ulster Hall. This public mark of respect was confined exclusively to the members of the Masonic Order, in which Mr Tracy has long held very high rank and office, and was kept quite distinct from the other banquet which the gentlemen of the town generally are about to give him tomorrow evening. When the brethern had all assembled, Brother Samuel Gibson Getty, M P, the Past D P G M of Belfast and North Down, addressing Mr Tracy, said he regretted that, in consequence of the non-complation of the plate by the goldsmith, they were unable to present it on that occasion, but it would shortly be ready, and would be presented in due course. Brother Getty then read the address. Brother Tracy said that he had prepared a reply but, as he was labouring under a very serious affection of the chest, caused by his having caught cold, he really could not read it at that moment. If they would permit him, he would ask Mr Lanyon to read his reply. Brother Charles Lanyon (Mayor of Belfast) then read the reply, the conclusion of which was the signal for loud applause. Immediately after the reading of the address and reply, the brethern proceeded to the minor hall, where the banquet had been laid out. The interior of the hall was beautifully decorated with garlands of flowers and with Masonic banners, symbols, &c, the full meaning of which was known only to the members of the order. Covers were laid for about 150. The chair was occupied by Brother S G Getty, MP. - Northern Paper.


1862 Memorial by Bishop of Down on National Education in Ireland

"We the undersigned Clergy and Laity of the United Church of England and Ireland, resident in the united diocese of Down and Connor and Dromore...no religious teaching of a denominational character be introduced...W.S. Tracy RM...



1862 Return of Names of Stipendiary Magistrates in Ireland over Age of 60

Return of William S. Tracy Esq

I beg to state that I am over 60 years of age, that I am not incapacitated by bodily infirmity, or otherwise, for active duty, and that I attend the police and petty sessions courts of Belfast on every day in the week except Sunday.

(signed) Wm. S. Tracy, Resident Magistrate, Belfast 1 July 1862


1862 Antrim County Directory

William Samuel Tracy (Res. Mag.) Belfast






17 Nov 1862 (BL)

W.S. Tracy, Esq, the resident magistrate for the County Wicklow, recently appointed in the room of James little Esq JP who retires, has taken up his residence at Dargan terrace, Bray.


November 1862

Mr Tracy, the energetic Police Magistrate of Belfast, who has lately removed to Wicklow, has determined to take up his residence at Bray. His furniture arrived here on Friday evening, and he has, I believe, determined to occupy the house, No.5, Dangan Terrace.


January 1863 IT

Bray...M. Tracey on the bench...


March 1863 Grand Masonic Ball

...William S Tracy PDGM...


April 1863 Grand Masonic Ball

...present...Wm S, Miss Jane and Mis Margaret Tracy, Bray...

29 April 1863 (FJ) Grand Masonic Ball

...WS Tracey, Miss Jane Tracey, Miss Margaret Tracey...


April 1863 IT

Bray Petty Sessions...W.S. Tracey Esq., R.M...


July 1863 Rathdown Horticultural Society - First Flower Show

...present...W Tracy, Esq, RM, the Misses Tracey...


August 1863 IT

Bray...W.S. Tracey Esq., R.M...


February 1866

WS Tracy, Esq., RM, has been appointed register to hear applications and grant licences to carry arms in the county Wicklow...Bray...Wicklow...Arklow...Tinahely...Baltinglass...


March 1866 Newtown Petty Sessions

...WS Tracy Esq, RM...


April 1866

Wicklow Quarter Sessions...William S. Tracey, R.M....


27 June 1866 Irish Times

Wicklow Quarter Sessions

The sessions resumed today…magistrates present…W L Treacy…[?]


29 October 1866 IT

Rathdown Horticultural Society...W.S. Tracey Esq., R.M...


April 1867 Wicklow Quarter Sessions




Alexandra Lodge of Masons, Bray 1867


October 1867 Amature Concert Bray...Mrs. Tracey, Mr. Tracey, Miss Tracey...


1870 Masonic Orphan Boys School


1870 Returns relating to Constabulary Reward Fund and Superannuation and Reward Fund

W.S. Tracy, 17 Nov 1868 superannuation, £500 pension, 30 years service






23 July 1872 (FJ) Auction

...instructions from Captain Tracy, J.P.,...on the premises, El Dorado, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin (in consequence of the place having been disposed of)...[hay, cattle, utentils]...

July 1872 Sale

Captain Tracy JP, sell by auction, on the premises: El-Dorado, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin...various agricultural goods...


Tracy - On Saturday 19th July 1873, at his residence, 102 St Stephen's Green, William Samuel Tracy, formerly Resident Magistrate of the Counties of Antrim and Wicklow. The funeral will leave for Mount Jerome Cemetery at a quarter to 10 o'clock tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.


22 July 1873 Belfast Newsletter

Tracy - July 19, at his residence, 102 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, Wm. Samuel Tracy, formerly Resident Magistrate of the Counties of Antrim and Wicklow.


23rd July 1873 The Late Mr William S. Tracy, J.P.

102 St Stephen's Green, South, aged 75 years, chief mourners were Henry Tracy, B.L., son of deceased...


1873 Will

William Samuel Tracy Or Treacy 19 Jul 1873 El Dorado Dublin, Bray Wicklow and late 102 St Stephens green Dublin, RM, to Margaret Tracy widow and son Henry Tracy, barrister



Pamphlet, "Essay on the Bicentenary, 1732-1932, of Ancient Union Lodge, No. 13, Limerick" by W. Bro. J.A. Haydn. Freemason. William Samuel Tracy K.H. Right Worshipful Deputy Provincial Grand Master. p.12.





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