It may be presumed that the Traceys of Kerry are descended from the Uí Fidgeinti









Church Records for Kerry



The Traceys of Kerry can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as they are of the Ui Fidegeinti.


1603 Pat 1 James 1 Part 3

LXVI - 4 General Pardon to...in Kerrie and Desmond cos...Edmond OTrasey of the Dingle in said co. gent...of Shannyd in said co. Limerick...Shane oge O'Hassey of the same, yeoman...


23o 7bris 1642

Margrett Percy late of kilcrasny in the parish of Glanororte & within the County of kiery widdowe...Cormacke o Tracy of Glanarorte [Glenarought] whoe is out in actuall rebellion...

TCD, 1641 Depositions Project http://1641.tcd.ie/index.php


Edw. Vauclier. Jurat coran. norbis, 21 Martii, 1642, 

Edward Voakley (Vauclier), late of Tralee, in the barony of Trughenackmy, county of Kerry, gent., being duly sworn and examined before me by virtue of a Commission for Enquiring into the losses sustained by his Majesty's loyal subjects in the late troubles, deposeth and saith: That, upon the 20 January, 1641, he lost, was robbed, and forcibly despoyled of his goods and chattels to the several values following, viz.: Of cowes, horses, mares, oxen, sheep, and swine to the value of £400; of household stuffe to the value of £21; of ready money to the value of £120; of wearing apparel to the value of £50; of corn and hay in house and haggard to the value of £260; of debts to the value of £500, which, ere this rebellion, were esteemed good debts, but now are become desperate, by reason some of the debtors are become impoverished Protestants, as John Mason, John Barrett, Arthur Rawleigh, and divers others, which this deponent did (sic) not now remember; and the rest Papists and rebels, as Garrett Fitzgerald at BallymacDaniel, Gen. Finine McDermott Carthy, of Glanerought; Thomas Malone, of the parish of Clogherbrien gent.; Edmund Moore O'Shane, of Ardglass, gent.; Cnogher Trassey, of Ballinerough, husbandman; Philim MacFineen Carthy, of Dromvallagh, gent.; Christopher Hickson, of Knockglass, gent.; John Granal, of same, gent.; all of the county of Kerry, and divers others, which this deponent cannot now remember…..

Ireland in the Seventeenth Century: Or, The Irish Massacres of 1641-2...By Mary Agnes Hickson. Longmans, Green, and co., 1884

Garri-Na-Sassenach, or the Englishman's Garden. Kerry Archaeological Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 15 (Oct., 1915), pp. 153-161


Forfeiting Proprietors in Ireland under the Cromwellian Settlement

"A List of the Papist Proprietors' names in the county of Kerry, as they are returned in the Civill Survey of the said. County."

Barony of Corkaguiny...John Trassy..

Limerick: Transplanted: Trasy, Joane Ny


(a). TRANSPLANTERS' CERTIFICATES.* (vol. i.e. 10. 123)

Transported from Limerick to Connaught

On page 341 are listed the names of:

O'Trasy, Margaret

---------- John

---------- Teige

The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry by John O’Hart


D.4987 7th Oct 1678

Between Thomas Earl of Ossary and Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Clancartie…purchase of Baltinglass Chieferies in Kerry.

Wit: Maur Tracy

Ormond Deeds 11


5 Oct 1723 Deed assigning customs & duties relating to Tralee Fair

Edward Denny of Tralee, KER Hon, Colonel & Lives of Edward Rome of Tralee, KER Gaoler, Mrs Rome of Tralee, KER, wife, & John Rome of Tralee, KER Cordwainer

Witnesses: William Ginnis of Tralee, KER Merchant, Maurice Tracy of Tralee, KER Writing Master, Francis Haly of Tralee, KER Scrivener, Darby Sulevan of Tralee, KER Scrivener, Thomas Blenerhassett of Tralee, KER Registrars Jasper Morris of Co Kerry JP & Richard Morris of Co Kerry JP


18 Mar 1726 Deed House in Tralee

Edward Denny of Tralee, KER Colonel, & Edward Day of Tralee, KER Merchant. Stephen Harvey of Tralee, KER, Abraham Ginnis of Tralee, KER, Cornelius Tracy Deceased, William Carrick. lives of John Day, William Day, Edward Day Witness Edward Denny of Ballyvelly Gent, Thomas Collis of Tralee, KER Revd, Darby Sullivan of Tralee, KER Scrivener, Thomas Fitzmaurice of Tralee, KER Merchant, Thomas Blenerhassett of Tralee, KER Richard Meredith of Co Kerry JP, Henry Parry of Co Kerry JP


Thomas Corridan, of Tighduff, in 1731 solicited Darby Trassy to carry off the Danish silver stored at Ballyheige Castle.

Westropp, Thomas Johnson (1910) Promontory Forts and Similar Structures in the County Kerry. Part II. Clanmaurice (Continued). The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Fifth Series, Vol. 40, No. 2, [Fifth Series, Vol. 20] (Jun. 30, 1910), pp. 99-131


1 Dec 1810 Canadian military service - Description of men of the 2nd Battalion

Cornelius Treacy, 19, 5'7", born abt 1791 Ballynageragh Kerry, volunteer from Kerry Militia, weaver, fresh complexion, dark hair, long face, grey eyes, enlisted Wexford

John Treacy, 22, 5'8.25", born abt 1788 Ballynageragh Kerry, volunteer from Kerry Militia, tailor, fair complexion, d brown hair, oral face, grey eyes, enlisted Wexford

British War Office

Cornelius Treacy Volunteer from Kerry Militia to 2/3rd Foot Dec 1810

Cornelius Treacy 91st Foot deserted 9th Sept 1812 WO25/1330 [same person?]

John Treacy volunteer from Kerry Militia to 2/3rd Foot enl. Jan 1811 from desertion. With Cornelius.


[1793] 1807-1808-1811-1812 County of Kerry Infirmary

Honora Trac(e)y, Housekeeper and Nursetender, [appointed] some time in the year 1793...one year salary £8...


British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Arthur Tracey born Rattoo, Kerry Served in 17th Foot Regiment; 67th Foot Regiment. (7 yrs) and 17th Foot 1814- July 1823, but 24 yrs in total. WO120/25 Pensioner in KER labourer WO116/33. Discharged aged 43 1806-1823

Arthur Tracey, b. 1790 Rattoo, Kerry

Arthr Tracey, born Ratton, Kerry, 17th Regiment of Foot, residence 23 Jul 1823

23 July 1823, Arthur Tracy, 43 years, served 9 7/12 Private, 14 6/12 East India, total 24 1/12 years, 1 1/2 rate per day, long service, born Rattoo Kerry, labourer, 5/7, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, DDpin C54967, Seventeenth of Foot, 67 Foot


1807 Freemasons

Geo Tracey, 17 Jun 1807, Killarney Co Kerry, [Admitted together]

John Tracey, 17 Jun 1807, Killarney Co Kerry


Tithe Records

Jno Tracy, Clooncolla, Dysert (Listowel), Kerry, 1824

Martin Tracy, Kilsallagh, Kilcredane, Kerry, 1825


1830’s??? A noticeably beautiful memorial was erected to his eleven month old daughter, Ellen, by James Treacy of County Kerry.

Behind the Old Brick Wall: A Cemetery Story By Evelyn Lee Moore et al, Commonwealth of Virginia, 1968


1837 Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC)

Thomas Tracy, 2544, b. 1811 Waterford


2544 Thos Tracy, 19 years, 5'8", b. [1811] Wat, Catholic, married Nov '37, wife b. Kerry, recommended by PM Barron JP?. appointed 28 Jan 37, served Kerry & N? Tip 1/4/71, ref B48023/14870, P1SC 1 Feb '38 - RforAC 1 Nov '43 - P1SC 1 Feb '44 - PAC 1 July '51 - P Con 1 Dec '55 - P2HC 8 Feb 1871, Appm 34332/1409 - 2y St A93167/4775 - B281777/8419, Repd A13060/842, Pensioned 1 Nov 1874 £3-15 RF2544D/6129, service 37 years 8 months, £83 pension


March 18, 1851 (FJ) Kerry

...constable Thomas Tracey...


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

John Teasey, 21, grey eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’10.5”, born Kerry Ireland, Satner, 15 Jul 1848 Boston by Capt Ecestes, 1 Drg K, died 6 Dec ’48, at Fort Seavenerock, A private


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

Dennis Tracey, b. 1846 Dunkerrin, Kerry

John Tracey, b. 1876 Tralee, Kerry


1848 RIC Service

Patrick Treacy, 11030, b. 1828 Kings


11030 Pat Treacy, 20 years, 5'8.3/8", b. Kings, Catholic, recommended by JF Rooleston, lab, appointed 1 Feb 1848, served Reser - Kerry 20 Nov '48, Resigned 8 May '53 Annual retn Jan '54, To emigrate to America


Griffiths Valuation - Kerry 1852


By Area

Catherine Treacy, Ballydonohoe, Galey, Kerry


David Treacy, Commons East, Ardfert, Kerry


John Treacy, Ballyheige, Ballyheige, Kerry

John Treacy, Kilteean, Galey, Kerry


Maurice Treacy, Ballymacaquim East, Killahan, Kerry


Thomas Tracy, Boherboy, Tralee, Kerry

Thomas Tracy, Old Bridge St., Kenmare, Kerry

David Treacy, Commons East, Ardfert, Kerry


John Treacy, Ballyheige, Ballyheige, Kerry


Catherine Treacy, Ballydonohoe, Galey, Kerry

John Treacy, Kilteean, Galey, Kerry


Thomas Tracy, Old Bridge St., Kenmare, Kerry


Maurice Treacy, Ballymacaquim East, Killahan, Kerry


Thomas Tracy, Boherboy, Tralee, Kerry


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Bridget Tracy 31 Mar 1880 The Presentation Convent Lixnaw Kerry, spinster, by Mary Shanahan and Julia Ryan, Presentation Convent

Daniel Treacy 4 Feb 1918 Finuge Listowel Kerry, farmer, to John Treacy & Timothy Sullivan

Hanoria Treacy 12 May 1912 Finuge Listowel Kerry, widow, to Mary Duggan, widow

John Treacy 29 Mar 1898 Finuge Kerry, to Daniel Treacy of Ballyhorgan, Michael Treacy of Ballymacquin and Martin Whelan of Finuge, farmers

John Treacy 30 Dec 1874 Kiltean (Listowel) Kerry, farmer, died at Finuge, to Bridget Treacy widow

Margaret Treacy 29 Nov 1912 Finuge Listowel Kerry, spinster, to Mary Duggan, widow

Mary Treacy 23 Feb 1899 Finuge Listowel Kerry, spinster, to Mary Duggan, widow

Maurice Treacy 28 Dec 1915 Finuge Kerry, farmer, to Mary Duggan, widow

Patrick Treacy 6 Feb 1899 Finuge Listowel Kerry, farmer, to Mary Duggan, widow


1861 British Census

Ann Tracy, 26, 1835, County Cary [Kerry?], Ireland, Lancashire

John Tracey, spouse: Julia, b. abt 1835 Kerry Ireland, Middlesex England

= Julia Tracey, spouse: John, b. abt 1834 Cork Ireland, Middlesex England

Morris Tracey, b. abt 1848 Kerry Ireland, Surrey England


26 April 1862 Cork Examiner

... Constable Tracy, accompanied by a doctor, immediately set out for Killorglin, and on visiting the place of the occurrence, found the deceased lying on his back, ...


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Mark John, Killarney, Kerry. 5 322


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

- Alphabetical

- by County


February 1867 Fenian Movement in Kerry

...Mr. Matthew Tracy, the reporter of the Cork Herald, tried to telegraph that there was disaffection among the troops. The RM stopped the telegraph and arrested Tracy...

QUESTION.HC Deb 01 March 1867 vol 185 cc1233-4

LORD NAAS Sir, on the 20th of February a telegram was taken to the telegraph clerk at Killarney to this effect— Rumoured disaffection of troops. Officers heard men singing songs with civilians. Removed by police. Military sent to quarters. Fourteen soldiers missing this morning. A wire cut last night at Cluanmullane. I need hardly assure the House that with the exception of the last—the cutting of the telegraph wire—the whole was entirely false. On this message being taken to the magistrates by the person charged with the conduct of the telegraph at Killarney, the magistrates thought it their duty to order the arrest of the person who was proved to have sent the telegram. It turned out that the gentleman's name was Tracey, and that he was a reporter of the Cork Herald. The magistrates considered that this person, in sending this message, had been guilty of a very serious offence against the law of the land; and they committed him to take his trial at the ensuing assizes. Bail, however, was offered on his part and accepted. As the trial is pending, and as this gentleman has given notice of his intention to take action at law against the magistrates for false imprisonment, I am sure the House will feel that I should exceed my duty if I expressed any opinion on the transaction.

March 09, 1867 Nation

Mr. Tracy of the Cork Herald, is in a position to mediate with advantage upon what Louis Veuillot has written in 'Le Parfum de Rome' about the electric telegraph. "On both sides of the railway (he says) are ...

February 1868 Matthew Tracy V. Daniel J. Cruise RM

The action in this case was brought by Mr. Matthew Tracy, a reporter on the Cork Daily Herald against Mr. Cruise RM Killarney for false imprisonment. Damages were laid at £1000....He inquired from him if he was related to a man named James Tracy, who had been arrested some time before. He said not...

Letters and Leaders of my Day T. M. Healy, K. C.

Father Tracy's brother, Mat, a reporter on the Cork Examiner, was a "character." He was dispatched during the Fenian Rising of 1867 in Kerry by its owner, J. F. Maguire (M.P for Dungarvan), to report events. Mat, equipped with a musket plus a lead-pencil, set forth and was speedily arrested. Telegraphic communication between England and Ireland was then in its infancy, and the Government had no details of Mat's activities. Maguire, in his reporter's bona fides, demanded in the House of Commons satisfaction for his arrest from Lord Naas, the Chief Secretary of the day. That nobleman (afterwards Lord Mayo, the murdered Indian Viceroy) effused in apology, and agreed that the arrest was an infringement of the "liberty of the Press." Maguire urged that compensation should be paid. Lord Naas concurred. Whether £100 or £500 was given, it was too much for Mat. Friends gathered round him night after night, to enjoy his compensation and hospitality. At the end of his jovial evenings he would raise his glass in pathetic self-pity, crying, "Ah, boys! The British Government has been the ruin of me!"


14 December 1868 Cork Examiner

Kerry Intelligence... Cornelius Tracy, for an assault and breach of the peace at Castlemaine fair on the 23rd of November. The Court adjourned.


2 January 1869 Cork Examiner

Kerry Intelligence... Thomas Tracy, for fishing with net and boat in the tidal part of the river Maine, within the weekly close season.


1871 British Census

Andrew Tracy, spouse Julia, b. abt 1822 Ireland, London England

= Julia Tracy, spouse Andrew, b. abt 1825 Kerry Ireland, London England

Patrick Tracey, 40, b. 1831 Kerry Ireland, Hawker, Middlesex        


17 October 1872 (FJ) Munster Bank Appointment

We have much pleasure in announcing that James Tracey, Esq., of the Munster Bank, Cashel...has been appointed to the managership of the new branch at Tarbert [Kerry?]. This intelligence will, we are sure, be received with satisfaction by Mr. Tracey's many friends, who will, while they regret the loss of his pleasing companionship, rejoice in his advancement in the profession of his adoption. - Tipperary Free Press


9 January 1875 (N)

A few evenings since a farmer named Tracey, residing at Kiltean, within a few miles of Listowel, left home on horseback to attend a funeral, and on his return from Kiltorney he turned down to the river near Finague, where it is fordable, for the purposed of crossing it, and taking a short homewards. When he entered the river the horse and rider rolled into the deep water. In the fall the unfortunate man was so stunned as to be unable to make any exertion to recover himself, and in a few moments after his inanimate body was swept down with the current into the tidal water.


1878 RIC Service

Timothy Tracey, 43652, b. 1858 Kerry


43652 Timothy Tracey, 19 years 7 months, 5'11", b. Kerry, Catholic, married 3.2.87 wife from Wat City, recommended by P. Chute JP, clerk, allocated 8 April 78, served Waterford 30 Nov 78 - Wex 6/4/87, Reward 2/7/83, died 13.9.92 date taken from No 14, Phthisis


R.I.C. Died in Service. (1st July 92 to 1st January 93): 43652 Timothy Tracey. Con. Wexford.

State Reg: Timothy Tracey, Death, Jul - Sep 1892 New Ross, age 34, b.c. 1858

Timothy Tracey of Ballynabole, died 13 September 1892, married, 34 years, police constable, phthises 2 years, informant Anty Cullen [her mark] Ballynabole present at death

1893 Deaths RIC: 43652 Tracey, Timothy. Con. Wexford


Timothy Tracey, 28, Bachelor, Constulary, of Manor (s. of John Tracey, Michael crossed out, Clerk) married Mary Lawlor, 18, Spinster, of John St (d. of Michael Lawlor, Clerk) 3rd February 1887 St. Johns Waterford Wit: John Lawlor & May McGrath

Timothy Tracey of Arthurstown Constable RIC & Mary Josephine Lawler [see 1911 census living in Cork]

Margaret Mary Tracey b. 11 April 1889 Arthurstown

Timothy Tracey b. 1991 [New Ross, 2nd Quarter 1891 4 657] Timothy Treacey of Ballynabola [Kilscanlan Wexford], died 21 May 1892, 1 year, police constable son, convulsions 3 days, Informant Timothy Tracey father occupier Ballynabola


28/8/1891 Timothy Tracey of Ballinabulla [Ballynabola Kilscanlan Co. Wexford], complainant

22/4/1892 C [constable] Timothy Tracey of Ballinabulla, complainant

13/05/1892 C [constable] Timothy Tracey of Ballinabulla, complainant & witness, dog

29/03/1897 Matthew Tracey of Ballinebulla, Dog Licence


1901 Census [possible connection]

Mary Tracey, 31, F, 9 Ballyvodock East, Midleton, Cork, Domestic Servant Housemaid, Catholic, Servant, Married, Co Waterford

Margaret Tracey, 12, F, St. Mary’s Orphanage, Fitton Street West and East, Cork Urban No. 5, Cork, Pupil, R Catholic, Not Married, Waterford


1911 Census

Mary Josephine Treacy, 42, F, 8.1 Mardyke Street, Cork No. 7 Urban (part of), Cork (head, widow, married 23 years, 3 children/1 alive, b. Waterford)

Margaret Mary Treacy, 21, F, Mardyke Street, Cork No. 7 Urban (part of), Cork (daughter, single, National school teacher, b. Wexford)


Margaret Mary Treacy (1889 Arthurstown, County Wexford - 1973 Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK)

Mother: Mary Josephine mar. Treacy 1867-1955

Husband1: unknown Fuller 1885-1930

Husband2: Terence William Cummins 1900-1990

Departure: Traveling By Air Aboard An American Export Airline Flight With Daughter Peggy Cummins To New York City, New York, Arriving 13 Sep 1945; Then By Train To Hollywood, California.1945

Foynes Flying-boat Station, Co. Limerick, Ireland to Botwood, Newfoundland and on to New York



2. Maurice Tracey, part of Ballymacaquim East called the Glebe and church lot, Clanmaurice, Kerry, £45.16.0 rent, 37a/3r/33p, tenant from year to year


1881 British Census

Peter Tracy, 39 years, born limerick, married, beer retailer, The Old House at Home Beer House Westbourne Sussex

Amelia, 30 years, born Portsmouth Hamshire, wife

John, 5 years, born Tralee, son

Charles, 3 years, born Belfast, son

Edwin, 11 months, born Ashton Under Lyne Lanc, son

Thomas Treacy, 52 years, born Trichinopoly (BS) East Indies, married, merchants clerk, 15 Rosamuns St Kingston-upon-Hull York [see Cork] [Army]

Hannah M, 36 years, born Cork, wife

Mark J, 17 years, born Killarney, son

Emma, 16 years, born Taunton Somerset, daughter

Louisa M, 14 years, born Curragh Camp, daughter

Alice M, 10 years, born Hull York, daughter

Thomas F, 8 years, born Hull York, son

Albert H, 6 years, born Hull York, son

Alfred E, 3 years, born Hull York, son


1884 [C.3949] Irish Land Commission. - Kerry

Daniel Tracy, tenant, Thomas A. Stoughton, landlord, lecks East and another, 46a2r38p, £24.0.0 valuation, £45.0.0 rent, £40.0.0 judicial rent, by consent


1884 [C.4144] Irish Land Commission - Kerry

Maurice Tracy, tenant, Walter Morrough, landlord, Ballymacwhim, 38a0r11p, £23.5.0 valuation, £45.18.0 rent, £35.0.0 judicial rent, 1866 £30.0.0 rent


31 July 1887; Third Order reception by same of Henry Tracy, son of Henry Tracy and Margaret Calister, born in Glasgow on 17 May 1867 and named Br Benedict; signed by same two.

Third Order profession on 7 August 1888 of Br Benedict Tracy, born in Glasgow, Scotland, and baptised Henry Alexander, into the hands of Fr Bonaventure Brierton, guardian of Killarney; signed by Br Benedict Tracy, Fr Bonaventure Brierton guardian and Fr Andrew [Egan], instructor.

Patrick Conlan. A Short-Title Calendar of the Reception and Profession Books of the English Franciscan Friars in Killarney 1860-1902. Collectanea Hibernica, No. 42 (2000), pp. 181-214


26 August 1887 New Zealand Tablet, NZ

Irish Notes...Kerry...Maurice Tracey was sentenced to a month's imprisonment at Listowel Petty Sessions on June 11 for having a double-barrel gun in his possession without a license. He actually had a license for a single-barrel gun.


Special commission Act, 1888. : Report of proceedings

Volume 2

11.681. This Mrs. Staughton, is that the name of the person you became rent warden to ?—Yes, her husband lived at that time.

11.682. Am I right in the name of Staughton ?—Yes.

11.683. What was the name of her place ?—Ballyorgan.

11.693. Listen to the names I am going to read to you, and tell me whether these persons were tenants of the Staughtons

11.699. Daniel Prayton Tracey?—He settled out of Court also.

11.708. Michael Kerran?—I had marked the tenants on the Staughton property.

11.723. Daniel Tracey 46?. to 40?. ?—Yes. [rent]


8 August 1890 London Gazette

4 August 1890: Sorting Clerk and Telegraph Learner, Joseph Bernard Treacy (Killarney)

British Postal Service Appointments

Jos R Treacy, 1890, Killarney [Kerry]

Patrick Treacey, 1898, Killarney

Patrick Treacy, 1896, Killarney


1891 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

James Treacy, 54486, b. 1869 Kilkenny


54486 James Treacy, 21 years 5 months, 5'9.75", b. Kilkenny, Prot, married 5.2.98 wife [Elizabeth Scollard see Abbeydorney RC] from Kerry, recommended by DI Maxwell, farmer, allocated 15 Aug 90, served Kerry 1? May? 91 - Limerick 12.3.98 - Queens Co 1.10.02 - Wexford 12.5.10, 4 Punishments, Pensioned 1.4.21 69448D, pension £164.13.4, Contd Carlow


1891 Census - Chobham Surrey [d. 1915 France WWI?]

Charles Timothy Tracey, 14, b. Ireland Tralee, Institution [Tracy, Charles Timothy, Parsonstown, 1877 18 577?]


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Mary A. Tracy, Ballyhorgan (Rattoo Kerry Ireland?), 1905, 22 years, single, to Boston Bellow Falls Vt, Cousin: Mrs B Cantillon, 7 Myrtle St, Bellow Falls Vt


Patrick Treacy, Ballyhorgan (Rattoo Kerry) Ireland, 1909, 21 years, single, Dan Treacy Ballyduff Ballyhorgan. To cousin Nora Whelan 8031 Viadens Rd Auburn Park Chicago Ill. 6'2", fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, b. Ballyhorgan Ireland.


1893 Judicial Rents

John Tracy of Tinoge Kerry, landlord Earl of Listowel, 123a/3r/37p, poor valuation £117/0/0, old rent £181/5/0, new rent £137/0/0.


19 March 1897 London Gazette

16 March 1897: Sorting Clerk and Telegraph Learner, Killarney, Patrick Treacy


Irish College in Paris
Andreas Tracy, 1748, P. Lucneolaceu? in Hyb [Hibernia - Ireland]
Patr Tracy, 1860, Blue Scapular
Matthew Tracy, 26 March 1875, Red Scapular – 25 Sep 1874 Matthew Tracy, son of John Tracy & Brigid Keogh, born 22 July 1849 Kildare, T, T, B FMH 3rd Theology, Left 21 June Ordained at home. [of Carlow & Laois?]
Maurice Tracey/Tracy, 1898, of Kerry [Note: No other details in Register] 


1901 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland

Mar 14 1901, Daniel Treacy, tenant, Rose Trent Stoughton, landlord, Lacka East & ors Listowel, Kerry, 49a0r38p, £25 valuation, £46 rent, £40 & £35.12.6 judicial rent


1901 ROC Service

Patrick Tracy, 59968, b. 1878 Fermanagh


59968 Patrick Tracy, 22 years 8 months, 5'9.5", b. Ferm'h, Catholic, married 26.11.1912 wife from Kerry, recommended by DI Burke, farmer, appointed 1st Feby 1901 reappointed 1.6.1901 with loss of service, served Kerry 6 Dec 1901 - Galway WR 23.10.'13, P Sergt 1-9-20, Dischgd 5.2.1901 unfit by surgeon 24869D Disbanded 6.4.22 I.S. Galway W.R. No.14 C.A. £195.0.0


Dec 14, 1901 (IT) RIC

...On the 5th inst, the following recruits...Patrick Tracy, Kerry...

Oct 11, 1913 (IT) RIC

Transfers...Patrick Tracy, Kerry to Galway, W.R...


Tracey, O'Treasaig; Dan of Bishops court, John of Poulnahaha, Mce of Kiltean, Hanora of Finuge, Ml of Ballmacquin. [Note: Information taken from 1901 Census]

County Kerry Past and Present: A Handbook to the Local and Family History of ... by Jeremiah King - 1986 - Page 322

Dan Tracey of Bishops court, John of Poulnahaha, Mce. Of Kiltean, Hanora of Finuge, Ml. Of Ballymacquin, these are all given in Co. Kerry.

Families of County Kerry, Ireland by Michael C. O'Laughlin, Irish Genealogical Foundation (U.S.)


Sessional Papers, Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons 1902


Michael Tracey

Walter Morrogh



1908 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act

16/7/1908 John Treacy of Poulnahaha Kerry, 67a/0r/13p, of Ennismore 2a/3r/38p, value £59, rent £56/16/0, judical, advance £1246, cash £1246


1911 RIC Service

Edward Treacy, 65744, b. 1888 Galway


65744 Edward Treacy, dob 27 Nov 1888 [22 years], 5'9", b. Galway jd from E.R., Catholic, recommended by DI Lyon, farmer, appointed 15 Feb 1911, served Kerry 25 Aug 1911 - Tras Ga Bay 1.4.22, Disbanded 24/8/22 TS Castle Gd fo No6 CA £115-8-9, Contd in Galway E.R. & Kings




1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


1913-1922 Military History

Denis Treacy, Ballyhorgan, County Kerry

Jack Treacy, Guarda, Co. Limerick [Kerry 1 Brigade 2nd Battalion]

John Treacy, Rockfield Abbeydorney Kerry

Joseph [Denis Joe] Treacy, Adjt, Ballinorig/Ballymacandrew Ardfert, Co. Kerry

Maurice Treacy, Killahan, O'Dornet, Co. Kerry

Treacy, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry


1914-1918 Ireland’s Memorial Records

Charles Timothy Tracey. Reg. No. 7692. Rank Drummer, Linc Regiment 2nd batt. Died of wounds France 16/3/1915 received at Neuve Chapelle on the 10th March.. Born Tralee Co. Kerry. Aged 37. [see Limerick]

Son of Amelia Jane Meek (formerly Tracey), of 23, Norman Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth, and the late Peter Tracey (Col. Serjt. Royal Munster Fusiliers). Served in the Sudan Campaign.


Rank: Drummer. Regiment or Service: Lincolnshire Regiment. Unit; 2nd Battalion.

Date of Death:16-March-1915. Age at Death,37. Service No:7692. Born in Tralee. Enlisted in Tidworth, Hants while living in Southsea, Hants. Died of wounds.

Supplementary information; Son of Amelia Jane Meek (formerly Tracey), of 23, Norman Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth, and the late Peter Tracey (Col. Serjt. Royal Munster Fusiliers). Served in the Sudan Campaign. Grave or Memorial Reference: III.D.16. Cemetery: Boulogne Eastern Cemetery in France.



1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

John Lawrence Tracey, b. abt 1876, St Johns, Kerry Ireland,


26 February 1916 Kerryman

Death and funeral of Mr Ml Nelan Ballyduff..mourners...John Tracy, Kiltean...


26 February 1916 Kerry Sentinel

Listowel ploughing match committee...John Treacy...Class 3 4th Michael Treacy Ballymacaquin.


18 March 1916 Kerryman

PURSUANT to an order of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice in Ireland, made in the matter of the estate of John Treacy late of Finuge in the County of Kerry, Farmer, deceased. And in the matter of the estate of Maurice Treacy late of Finuge aforesaid deceased and in a cause "Duggan v Treacy" (1916 No. 97); the CREDITORS of the said John Treacy deceased who died in or about the Month of March, 1898 are, on or before the 8th day of April, 1916, to send by post, prepaid, to Mr. John O'Connell of 24 St. Andrew street in the City of Dublin, the Solicitor for the defendants Daniel Treacy and Michael Treacy two of the executors of the deceased, their Christian and surnames, addresseb and descriptions and in case of firms, the names of the partners and style and title of tho linn, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, and all persons claiming to be lncumbrancers affecting the Freehold Registered Land of the said John Treacy, deceased are, by their Solicitors, to enter and prove their claims at the Chambers of the Hon. Mr Justice Barton, Four CourtS City of Dublin on or before the said 8th day of April, 1916 or, in default thereof, they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said order. Every Creditor or Claimant on Freehold Registered Land holding any security is to pi oduce the same before the Hon. Mr Justice Barton at his Chambers, Four Courts, Dublin on the 1st day of May, 1916 at eleven of the clock in the fore noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims Dated this 11th day of March, 1916 THOS. W ELLERKER, Chief Clerk TERENCE J. LISTON and Co, Solicitors for Plaintiff, I Dame street, Dublin.

18 March 1916 Kerry Weekly Reporter

1916. No. 97.

In The High Court Of Justice In Ireland

Chancery Division., Mr. Justice Barton

In the Matter of tlie Estate of John Treacy, late of Finuge, in the County of Kerry, farmer, and in the Matter of the Estate of Maurice Tracey, late of Finuge aforesaid, deceased.

Between Mary Duggan, Plaintiff; and Daniel Treacy, Michael Treacy, and Martin Whelan, Defendants.

Persuant to the Order of the Court made herein, and dated the 21st day of February, 1916, Subscriber will


On Wednesday, 22nd day of March 1916,

At the hour of 9.30 a.m.,

Cows, 1 Heifers & 6 Calves

These are a splendid lot of dairy cows, well coloured highly bred, and in the best of condition. Eleven; have calved, and ten are in calf. The farm will be offered for sale on A later date.

And pursuent to said Order, will be Sold bv Public Auction,

On The Lands Of Finoge

On the 24th day of March, 1916

lately occupied by Maurice Treacy,

One Horse, Car and Tackling, quantity of Hay in Shed, Harrow, Rolling Stone, Tosser, etc., and House Furniture

The sale of the above will commence at 1 o'clock,

R. D. Murphy, Auctioneer. Tralee. T. J. LISTON AND CO.. Solicitors, Tralee.

15 April 1916 Kerryman

1916. NO 97.



With the Approbation of The Hon. Mr. Justice Barton



containing 128 acres and 35 perches or thereabouts, in the Barony of Clanmaurice and PART OF THE LANDS OF BEENAMEELANE, containing 1 acre 3 roods 14 perches or thereabouts AND PART OF THE LANDS OF GORTNAMINSHA, containing 4 acres and 16 perches or thereabouts in the Barony of Iraghticonnor all in the Co. Kerry AT THE AUCTION MART TRALEE on Thursday the 27th day of April, 1916 at the hour of 1.30 p.m By Mr. Richard D. Murphy, Auctioneer, Tralee.

The Purchaser will not be required to pay Auctioneer's Commission.

PARTICULARS OF TENURE The lands are held in fee-simple and are entered in Folio 3150 of the Register County Kerry, kept in pursuance of the Local Registration of Title (Ireland) Act 1891. There is an appurtenant to the said lands, the right of fishing and taking fish from so much of the River Feale as adjoins said lands. There are reserved to the Earl of Listowel his heirs and assigns all such sporting rights within the meaning of the Irish Land Act 1903 as were, prior to the sale under the Act, vested in him to the exclusion of the tenant. The lands are subject to an annuity of £90 8s 10d., which began on the 1st day of June 1908 and is payable half yearly to the Irish Land Commission until an advance of £2813 has been repaid. The lands are registered subject to equities. Dated this 10th day of April, 1916. THOS. W. ELLERKER, Chief Clerk. For further particulars and Conditions of sale apply to Messrs TERENCE J. LISTON & Co., Solicitor having Carriage of Sale, 1 Dame Street, Dublin and Tralee. And to Mr. Richard D. Murphy, Auctioneer, Tralee.

21 June 1916 Freemans Journal

Sale Of Kerry Lands

Mary Duggan V. Daniel Treacy And.Others.

(Before Mr. Justice Barton.)

Mr. Phelps (instituted by Mr. Liston) applied on behalf of the plaintiff for an injunction restraining the defendants from interfering with the sale by auction. of the lands of Ballyhorgan, Co. Kerry, which had been ordered to be sold in the suit tor the administration o£ the estate of John Treacy, farmer, deceased. The plaintiff is a sister-in-law o£. the deceased and the personal representative of the last surviving, child of the deceased. The defendants, Daniel Treacy and Ml. Treacy, are brothers of the deceased, and it was Alleged that they had interfered with the sale when the lands were put up last April .

Mr. Bernard Roche (instructed by Mr. Marshall) supported the application on behalf of another defendant, Martin Whelan.

Mr: Michael Comyn, KC. (instructed by Mr. John O'Connell, LL.D).) appeared for the Treacy brothers and denied the accuracy o£ the allegations made against them.

Mr. Justice Barton said he would require questions on the construction of the will of the deceased to be argued before him on next Thursday when he would deal with the subject matter o£ the summons.

15 July 1918 Kerryman

1916. No. 97.

In the High Court of Justice in Ireand.

Chancery Division. Mr. Justice Barton

In the Matter of the Estate of. JOHN TREACY, late of Finuge, in the County of Kerry, Farmer, Deceased And in the Matter of the Estate of MAURICE TREACY, late of Finuge, aforesaid, Deceased, Between MARY DIJGGAN, Plaintiff, And DANIEL TREACY, MICHAEL TREACY and MARTIN WHELAN Defendants

TO BE SOLD IN ONE LOT By Private Tender, pursuant to an Order of the Honourable Mr. Justice Barton, dated the 23rd day of June, 1916:—

Part of the Jands of Finuge, containing 128 acres and 35 perches or thereabouts, in the Barony of Clanmaurice, and

Part of the Jands of Beenameelane, containing 1 acre 3 roods 14 perches or thereabouts and

Part of the lands of Gortnaminsha, containing 4 acres and 16 perches or thereabouts in the Barony of Iraghticonnor, all in the County of Kerry.

Private Sealed Tenders tor the purchase of the said Lot subject to the terms of the Conditions of Sale settled in this Matter so far as same are now applicable may be sent to the Chief Clerk of the Hon. Mr. Justice Barton, Four Courts, Dublin, so as to reach him on or before Saturday the 29th day of July, 1916. All such tenders will be submitted to the Hon. Mr. Justice Barton, on Monday, the 3lst day of July, 1916.

Dated this 7th day of July, 1916. THOS. W. ELLBRKER, Chief Clerk. For farther particulars and Conditions ef Sale apply to Messrs TERENCE J. LISTON & CO., Solicitors having Carriage of Sale, 1 Dame St , Dublin, and Tralee ; and to Mr. RICHARD D. MURPHY, Auctioneer, Tralee.


25 Mar 1916 Kerry Weekly Reporter

Thomas Dilane appealed against the decision of the County Court Judge at Listowel decreeing him on title for 1s in respect to a right of way claimed by Elizabeth Tracey and John Tracey, the respondents, who were tenants on the Ormathwaite estate.


15 July 1916 Kerry Weekly Reporter

...In the earlier Hurling game between Tipperary and Kerry (juniors)...The Kerry team were...Ross Tracey [Ross, Tracey?]...


12 August 1916 Kerryman

The same complainants prosecuted Daniel Tracy, Bishopscourt, Ballyduff, for having failed to stamp the card, of Julia Sullivan...complied...a default in respect of Hannah Lynch employed in 1914...



Constable Tracy, 04 Sep 1916 Civilians tried by courts martial, Constable James Allen of Tralee...Const Treacy of Beaufort [Kerry] was one of them...


1917 USA Draft Registration

Patrick Tracy b. 17 Mar 1889 Ballyduff Co Kerry Ireland, declarant naturalisation, structural iron worker Wisconsin bridge, no dependants, single, lives 312 Exchange St Keokuk Iowa


Jan 25, 1919 (IT) Shooting Outrage in Kerry

Three men named Dowling (2) and Tracy were charged, at the Listowel Petty Sessions...with riotous and disorderly behavour at Finuage, by discharging firearms into the house of John Horgan, a local Sinn Feiner...bound to the peace for twelve months with an alternative of a months imprisonment.


1919 [Denis Tracey Ballyhorgan]

Prosecution of Denis Treacy; possession of a shotgun without a permit; 1919; Ballyhorgan, County Kerry; to be tried by District Court Martial.

WO 35: Piece 104/21: Prosecution of Denis Treacy of Ballyhorgan Co. Kerry.

Possession of a single barrel shotgun without a permit at Ballyduff, Listowel, Co. Kerry.. Tried by District Cork Martial at Cork 31 March 1919

The defence was that the gun was useless...The gun was not produced...

Charge Sheet:

Denis Tracey of Ballyhorgan, Ballyduff, Listowel

Age: 35 years

Occupation: Farmer

Character: This man is not connected with Sinn Fein organisation. He is a quiet country farmer who has never given any trouble to the police.

Signed: James Regan, Constable, RIC.


               Denis Treacy of Ballyhorgan Kerry, 20 Mar 1919 Courts martial case registers a2/2132, Ct Marital 4th April 1919 Not guilty of the charges Accused released


1922 Military Archives

Denis Treacy, Ballyhorgan, County Kerry

Jack Treacy, Guarda, Co. Limerick [Kerry 1 Brigade 2nd Battalion]

Joseph [Denis Joe] Treacy, Adjt, Ballinorig/Ballymacandrew Ardfert, Co. Kerry

Maurice Treacy, Killahan, O'Dornet, Co. Kerry

Treacy, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry

1920 [1935] Kerry 1 Brigade 2nd Battalion

Abbeydorney 1st Lieut Joe Tracey Ballymacandrew Ardfert, Co. Kerry

Abbeydorney F Coy 2nd Batt Kerry D.J. Treacy

Coy Officiers on July 1st 1922 O'Dormey 1st Lieut D.J. Tracy

Officiers & men of F Coy 2nd Batt Kerry -

Adjt Denis Joe Treacy Ballinorig Ardvert {interned at Currach 1928}

Jack Treacy, Guarda, Co. Limerick

Maurice Treacy, Killahan, O'Dornet, Co. Kerry


Abbeydorney Company of the Volunteers

April 23rd, 1920 Following the arrest of John Dowd and Patrick Walsh, the following local volunteers were arrested namely, Thomas Stundon, Parknageragh, Joe Treacy, Ballymacaquim, John Leen, do, Cornelius Lyons, Laccabeg. They were questioned about the taking of the mailbag but all had to be later released as no evidence could be found against them. Patrick Walsh was the last released.


Jul 30, 1921 (FJ) Prisoners Released

...Kerry prisoners were released unconditionally from Ballykinlar Camp on Tuesday morning:...- Treacy...Castlegregory...


1922-1924 Dublin Metropolitan Police and Civic Guard (Garda Síochána) Personnel Registers

John Treacy, No. 3094, of Rockfield Abbeydorney Kerry, b. 22/1/1897, joined 10/1/1923, RC, IRA rank Pte, 5'10", 36/34 chest


Jan 10, 1923 (FJ)

...soldiers of the National Army, wound in action in Kerry...Private Tracey, AMC, 3 Queen's square, Dublin...

10 January 1923 Cork Examiner

Army Casualties...Pte Tracey, A.M.C.. 3. Queen's' Square. Dublin.


30 January 1923 Cork Examiner

Kerry Farmer's Fate... John Tracey, Western Division, deposed to seeing deceased brought to the guardroom and heard him being questioned Lieut. Larkin. He saw him threaten Prendeville ...

Nov 8, 1924 (FJ) ...Murder of Thomas Prenderville at Tralee...

...Sergeant John Treacy...said he had been sergeant of a military guard on 1st January 1923 at Hartnetts Post, Castleisland...[of Galway?]


Jun 4, 1926 (IT) Cattle Shows at Listowel and Portadown

...In the open class for cows of shorthorn type, T. Treacy, Lixnaw, was first...[plus other classes]


McCarthy and Treacy - September 8, 1931 at St. Paul's Church, Arran Quay, Dublin...William (Willie), only son of of William and Mrs. McCarthy, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry to Mary, only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Treacy, Moynoe House, Scarriff, Co. Clare.


OPW Feale drainage


"C85/360/131/55" "Feale: Application By John Treacy, Kilteen, Lisselton For Extension Of Drainage Through His Land" "5556"


"C85/360/411/57" "Feale: Complaint Of D.Treacy, Bishopscourt North, Ballyhorgan, Ballyduff" "5761"


"C85/360/754/58" "Feale: Complaint Of Bridget Treacy, Poulnahaha Re Deposition Of Spoil" "5859"



Spencer Tracy (1900-1967)



John D. Tracy was born in Ireland 21 Jun 1832 or 1828 in Tynagh parish, Co. Galway. John died 30 Jan 1901. John Tracy and Letita ??? had the following child:

1.1 Frank J. Tracy was born in Wisconsin ca 1862.

He then married Mary Guhin ca 1866. Mary was born in Ireland 15 Jan 1848 in Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry. Mary was the daughter of Timothy Guhin. Mary died 9 Feb 1918 in Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois, at 70 years of age. They had the following children:

2.1 John Edward Tracy was born in Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois Jan 1873 (d.1928). He married Caroline (Carrie) Brown ca 1894. Caroline was born in Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois Oct 1874 (d. 1942). Caroline was the daughter of Edward Silas Brown and Abigail Stebbins. John Edward Tracy and Caroline Brown had the following children:

2.1.1 Carroll Tracy was born in Illinois Jun 1896.

2.1.2 Spencer Bonaventure Tracy was born 5 Apr 1900, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Died 10 June 1967 Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA

2.2 Jennie Tracy was born in Illinois Aug 1876.

2.3 Agnes Tracy was born in Illinois ca 1878.

2.4 William Tracy was born in Illinois ca 1879.

2.5 Andrew B. Tracy was born in Illinois Sep 1882. Andrew died 1955 at 72 years of age.


LDS records:

John Tracy born about 1836 Ballynahow, Dunquin, Kerry.

Married Mary Guhin (bapt 13th August 1840 Ballynahow, Dunquin, Kerry - died 7th December 1917)

Her father was Timothy (Thady) Guhin (b. 1807 Ballynahow, Dunquin, Kerry - died 12/3/1891 Manitowac WI). He married Mary Cavanagh (bapt 2/1/1809 Ballynahow, Dunquin, Kerry - died 23/4/1879 Manitowac WI) 2nd March 1832 at Dunquin Kerry.



Chang, David A. Y. O. (2000) Spencer Tracy's Boyhood Truth, Fiction, and Hollywood Dreams. The Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol. 84, No. 1 (Autumn, 2000), pp. 30-35

Gildea Cannon, Thomas “Tracy, Spencer (1900-1967)” in Glazier Michael ed. (1999) The Encylopedia of the Irish in America. University of Notre Dame.

Gildea Cannon, Thomas (1997) Spencer Tracy – Actor. Irish Genealogical Quarterly 6/2: 3-8.

West, Sedin Forthcoming biography of Spencer Tracy to be published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1999.






Anne Tracy m. Thomas Rice 06 Oct 1847


Bermondsey Parish Register

Bridget Tracy of Kilcommon Co. Mayo married Maurice Griffin of Leathragh Lerry [Kerry] 1 Dec 1810.

Fr. Godfrey Anstruther's Catholic Marriage Index



Elizabeth Tracey (b. abt 1820 d. abt 1870) m. Patrick Skinners abt 1850 (LDS)


Jeremiah Treacy & Kate Prendergast

May 30, 1903, The Intermountain Catholic. (Salt Lake City [Utah])

Treacy - On April 26, at 34 Great Britian street [Cork], Kate Treacy, daughter of James Prendergast, Milltown, Kerry.


Margaret Tracy b. 1831 (LDS)





John Trasey & Mary Quilter [see Listowel]

Maurice Trasey b. 19 October 1836 Kill Sp. James Edwards & Honora Trasey. Abbeydorney Parish


Philip Healy m. Catherine Connell 30 January 1847 Wit: Daniel Connell & Maurice Trasey. Abbeydorney Parish


Maurice Tracy m. Mary Connell 6 February 1842. Wit: Michael Tracey & Michael Connell. Abbeydorney Parish

Maurice Tracy & Mary Connell

John Tracey b. 8 February 1853 Ballymacquin Sp. Ellen Stack. Abbeydorney Parish

Mary Tracy b. 21 May 1857 Killahan Sp. Patrick Moloney & Catherine McCarthy. Abbeydorney Parish


Andrew Costello & Mary Kelliher

Margaret Costello b. 28 January 1879 Forthwilliam Sp. Daniel Treacy & Margaret Hanlon. Abbeydorney Parish


Michael Tracey (s. of Maurice) of Abbeydorney m. Honora Horgan (d. of Denis) of Clohercroneen 6 February 1883 Wit: Thomas Quilter & Elizabeth Quilter. Lixnaw Parish

Michael Tracy & Honora Horrigan/Horgan

Mary Tracy b. 18 November 1883 West Ballymcquin Sp. Daniel Tracy & Johanna Horrigan. Abbeydorney Parish

Denis Tracy b. 14 August 1887 Ballymaquin Sp. Thomas Horrigan & Mary Scolard. Abbeydorney Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 14 August 1889 Ballymcquim Sp. Denis Horgan & Catherine Horigan. Abbeydorney Parish

John Tracy b. 19 June 1894 Ballymaquim Sp. Ann Costello (Horgan). Abbeydorney Parish

Michael Treacy/Tracy, farmer & Hanoria/Honorah Horgan

Mary Treacy b. 19 Nov 1883 of Ballymacawhim [Ballymacaquim Killahan]. Michael Treacy, father, Ballymacawhim. [Ardfert Tralee PLU]

Maurice Treacy b. 2 April 1885 of Ballymacawhim. Michael Treacy, father, Ballymacawhim.

Mary Treacy b. 16 Sep 1886 of Ballymacawhim. Michael Treacy, father, Ballymacawhim.

Denis Treacy b. 14 Aug 1887 of Ballymacawhim. Michael Treacy, father, Ballymacawhim.

Catherine Treacy b. 15 Sep 1889 of Ballymacawhim. Michael Treacy, father, Ballymacawhim.

Hanoria Treacy b. 2 Sep 1891 of Ballymacawhim. Hanorah Treacy, mother, Ballymacawhim.

John Tracy b. 18 Sep 1894 of Ballymcawhim. Michael Tracy, father Ballymcawhim.


Nicholas Tracy & Honora Horigan

Maurice Tracy b. 28 March 1885 Ballymacquim Sp. Denis Horigan & Catherine Horigan. Abbeydorney Parish

Mary Tracy b. 14 August 1886 Ballymacquim Sp. John Horrigan & Ellen Duggin. Abbeydorney Parish

Honora Tracy b. 9 August 1891 Sp. Michael Horrigan & Honora Horrigan. Abbeydorney Parish


Apr 1914 United States, Border Crossings from Canada to United States

Maurice Tracy, 29 years [b.c. 1885] Kilkenny/Kilkenney Ireland

Departure Contact Name: Cousin Geo Toole

Arrival Contact Name: Sister Jean Tracy

[Note: Kerry best match for birth date]


Daniel O’Connell & Mary O’Connell

Elizabeth O’Connell b. 27 May 1896 Ballymaquin Sp. Maurice Tracy & Mary Tracy. Abbeydorney Parish


James Tracey (s. of Jeremiah Treacy) of Kilkenny m. Elizabeth Scollard (d. of Nicholas Scollard) of Rockfield 8 September 1896 Wit: ??? Scollard & Daniel Healy. Abbeydorney RC* [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

John Tracey b. 22 January 1897 Rockfield Sp. Patrick Scollard & Mary Scollard. Abbeydorney RC*

James Treacy of Cahirconlish & Newpallas Co. Limerick & Doonane [Laois], Constable RIC & Elizabeth Scollard

Gertrude Beatrice Treacy b. 27 July 1899 Caherconlish. James Treacy father

Nicholas James Treacy b. 24 April 1901 Newpallas Co. Limerick. James Treacy.

William Sutcliffe Hastings Treacy b. 7 April 1902 of Newpallas. James Treacy father

Lionel Alexander Treacy b. 7 May 1904 of Doonane [Rathaspick Laois]. James Treacy father.

Linda Olive Treacy b. 17 August 1905 of Doonane [Ballickmoyler Queens Co.] Jas Treacy father

* Marriage and birth not found in State registration. Married 5.2.98 in RIC Record. CoI in 1901 and 1911 census.


Denis Tracy (s. of Maurice) of O’Dorney m. Johanna Horgan (d. of Denis) of Clohercannon 23 February 1897 Wit: Denis Horgan & Thomas Horgan. Lixnaw Parish


Mary Treacy, full [age], spinster, farmer, lives Bally Mcquin (d. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Patrick Brasil, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Fortwilliam, (s. of Denis Brassil, farmer) 27 July 1912 RC Church Of Abbeydorney Wit: Thomas Brassil & Nora Healy [Ardfert Tralee PLU] [see Tralee]

Mary Treasy/Treacy & Patrick Brassil, motor car drives

Michael Brassil b. 28 Oct 1915 of Rock Street. Sarah Parkinson, present at birth, Rock Street [Tralee Tralee PLU]

Daniel Brassil b. 10 Feb 1917 of Rock Street. Patrick Brassil, father, Rock Street




Abbeydorney's Roll Of Honour

1913 County Champions
John Joe Walsh (Ballyhenry) Phil Healy (Killahan) Moss Nolan (Ardrahan) Jack McCarthy (Ahamore) Maurice Goggin (Killahan) Tadhg Connor (Ardrahan) Larry Kearney (Milltown) Denis Glavin (Ballysheen) John Halloran (Baltovin) Pat Healy (Killahan) Maurice Treacy Capt (Killahan) Paddy (Post) Mahony (Rathkenny), Dan Glavin (Ballysheen), Paddy Walsh (The Bog), Peter Stack (Clounametig) Joe Treacy (Killahan) Paddy (Priest) Brosnan (Rathkenny) Dick Glavin (Ballysheen)

1974 Co Senior Hurling Champions .
...Pat Treacy (Droumcunnig)...




 Ardfert (& Kilmoyley)


Elizabeth Tracy b. abt 1809 Ardfert m. Worship Wilson 1830 Ardfert Diocese (LDS)


David Tracy & Mary Moore

Hannah b. 14 June 1838 RC Ardfert (LDS)



Kilmoyley Roll of Honour

Minor County Hurling Championships

Winning Captains

1953 Denis Treacy

1991 Kieran Treacy





John Keane & Honora Hallarin

Honora Kean b. 1 September 1833 Gunsboro Sp. Arthur Treacy & Bridget Griffin. Rev F Enright


Catherine Tracey/Treacy m. John Stack of Galey 2 March 1862 Wit: Robert Stack and John Tracey. Rev. J. Walsh

Mary Stack b. 17 December 1865 Tripill Sp. Michael Enright & Elizabeth Stack

Robert Stack b. 30 January 1869 Tripul Sp. Robert Stack & Mary Stack. Rev. C. Murphy

Catherine Stack b. 1 April 1871 Trippol Sp. Ellen Stack. Rev. M. O’Connor (Par)

Gerald Stack b. 4 June 1874 Tippol Sp. Ellen Stack. Rev M O’Connor


Michael Connell & Mary Sullivan

Mary Connell b. 7 March 1856 Kiltean Sp. Cornelius Sullivan & Catherine Tracy


Edmund Tracey & Ellen Stack

Honora Tracy b. 21 August 1848 Kilmochane Sp. Margaret Stack. Rev. F. McCarthy


Elizabeth Tracy (d. of John Tracy) m. James Harty (s. of James Harty) of Moohane 23 September 1871. Wit: John Tracey & Thomas Houlihan. Rev. M. O’Connor.

Elizabeth Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Kiltean [Kilteean Galey], (d. of John Treacy, deceased, farmer) married James Harty, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Moohane, (s. of James Harty, deceased, farmer) 23 September 1871 RC Chapel Ballydonoghue Wit: John Treacy & Thomas Houlihan [Ballyduff Listowel PLU]


John Tracey of Kiltean (s. of Thomas Tracey & Mary Quilter) m. Bridget Stack of Beale (d. of John Stack & Honora Connor) 17 February 1874 Wit: James Stack & Michael Callaghan. Priest Rev. J. Lawler

John Tracey & Bridget Stack

John Treacy b. 6 February 1875 Kiltean Sp. John Stack & Honora Stack. Rev. M. O’Connor


Margaret Tracy m. Michael Callaghan of Keelthean 1 February 1845 Wit: Dermot Callaghan & William Callaghan. Rev M O’Sullivan


Mary Tracey & Michael Callaghan

Edmund Callaghan b. 21 June 1845 Sp. John Tracey & Margaret Tracey. Priest Rev. M. O'Sullivan


James Griffin & Honora McAuliffe

Michael Griffin b. 26 November 1845 Keelmuhane Sp. Michael Tracey & Margaret Tracey. Rev. M. O’Sullivan


Maurice Tracey & Elizabeth/Bessie Quilter

John Treacy b. 30 December 1878 Kiltean Sp. Mary Quilter. Rev. J. O’Keeffe

Maurice Treacy b. 4 January 1881 Kiltean Sp. Michael Calaghan & Bridget Scanlan. Rev. J. O’Keeffe

William Treacy b. 12 January 1884 Kiltean. Sp. Elizabeth Woulfe. Rev. J. O’Keeffe


Joseph John Callaghan & Mary Stack

Margaret Callaghan b. 17 August 1846 Ballyconry Sp. Maurice Treacy & Bridget Stack. Rev J Scollard



Andrew Treacy

Birth: unknown

Death: Jan. 26, 1969

Burial: Kilahenny Burial Ground, Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

Created by: gipsyeyes, Record added: Oct 16, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 60183838





Mathew Tracey & Agnis Sheton

Agnes Tracey b. 29 July 1846 Ballynagoul Sp. Daniel Kisane & Catherine Kisane. Rev. J. O’Connor


Margaret Tracy m. Cornelius Murphy 14 June 1808 Wit: James Kennedy. Rev E Ahern





Christine Threasy & John Kane

Mary Kane b. 3 September 1827 Asdee Sp Florence Sullivan & Deborah Healy. Rev D O’Sullivan


John Guiney (s. of David Guiney & Joanna Moran) of Lisloughtin m. Hanora Dowde (d. of Patrick Connell[?] & Elizabeth Tracey) of Lislaughtin 2 September 1884. Wit: Cornelius Farrell & Elizabeth Hanrahan. Rev. E. O’Sullivan


John Tracey & Margaret Scanlan

Mary b. 1 July 1842 Sp. Timothy Treacy & Mary Treacy. Priest Rev W. McCarthy


Michael Tracey & Susanna Eggleston

Michael Tracey b. 1 November 1823 Lenamore Sp. William Eggleston & Mary Eggleston. Rev D. McCarthy

Michael Threacy & Susanna Egliston

Ann Threacy b. 1 May 1826 [estimated] of Gurteen Sp. ??? Rev. J. O’Connor


Thomas Tracy & Mary ???

Mary Tracy b. 1 March 1843 Ballylongford Sp. Edward Tobin & Catherine Enright. Rev W McCarthy





David Tracey & Hanora Kelly

Bridget Tracey b. 26 June 1887 Maule Sp. John Keily & Mary Cronin. Priest J. Brick





Hanora Tracey & William J Murdoch

Archibald John Murdoch b. 27 April 1904 Caherciveen Sp. John Tracey & Janet McGinn. Rev. H. O’Riordan

Hanorah Tracy & William John Coote Murdock of Caherciveen, shop assistant

Archibald John Murdoch b. 27 April 1904 Caherciveen. William John Coote Murdock, father, Caherciveen




Ellen Tracy m. Robert Brown 1 January 1821 Wit: Edward Louth & Daniel Sullivan





John Conway & Elizabeth Hussie

Elizabeth Conway b. 22 June 1863 Castleisland Sp. Thomas Treacy & Honora Conway. Rev M O’Sullivan

John Conway & Elizabeth ???

Patrick Conway b. 9 September 1865 Castleisland Sp. John Dalton & Mary Tracy. Rev M O’Sullivan

John Conway & Elizabeth Kerin

Michael Conway b. 17 February 1868 Castleisland Sp. James Treacy. Rev J O’Sullivan



 Dingle (CoI)


Mark Tracy (of South Mayo Militia) & Winifred ???

Ann Tracy b. 25 February 1798 (CoI)





Ann Trac(e)y/Treacy & Patrick Rochford

Frances Rochford b. 16 October 1852 Lisnacon Sp. Laurence Walsh & Julia Slundon

John Rochford b. 29 June 1854 Lisnacon Sp. James Tracey & Mary Gorman

Ann Roachford b. 18 January 1857 Lisnacon Sp. John Walsh & Julia Gorman

Patrick Rochford b. 19 December 1865 Lisnacon Sp. Benjamin Lucey & Ellen Kelly


David Tracy & Honora Keily

Margaret Tracy b. 24 August 1889 Knockaneroe Sp. Thomas Cotter & Mary Fitzgerald


Michael Duhigg & Ellen Buckley

Patrick Duhigg b. 18 March 1854 Drominagh Sp. Michael Tracy & Honora Hill





Thomas Tracy & Mary Tracy/Hume

Patrick Tracy b. 9 March 1845 Cappanacop Sp. John Day & Janet Day. Rev P. Tuohy (Tracy)

Thomas Tracy b. 16 October 1847 Kenmare Sp. James Mc & Helen Mc. Rev J O’Sullivan (Hume)

John Tracy b. 10 June 1849 Kenmare Sp. Michael Brennan & Bridget Sullivan. Rev W Ahern (Hume)


24 Nov 1925 (IT) Marriage

O'Sullivan and Tracy. November 17, 1925 at St. Andrews, Westland Row, by the Rev. Fr. Turley? Captain John C. O'Sullivan, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M.D. O'Sullivan, Kenmare, to Rose Olivia?, only daughter of Mrs. Tracy and the late Charles P. Tracy, Solicitor, Newbridge.





Bridget Tracey & Patrick Dargon

Ann Dargon b. 22 January 1804 Ross Sp. Willian Shuel & Mary Carrol. Rev J. Murphy. Killarney Parish


George Tracy & Ann(a) Tracy

Patrick b. 11 April 1806 Killarney (LDS) Sp. Roger Courane & Catherine Tracy. Rev J. Norris. Killarney Parish


Mary Tracy m. James Mackin (soldier) 3 January 1818 RC Killarney (LDS) Wit: J. Connor & Hugh McGuinn. Rev J McEniery. Killarney Parish


George Tracey & Mary Bower [see Cork]

Julia Tracey b. 27 April 1832 Killarney Sp. James Cooper & Mary Grer. Rev. E. Fitzgerald. Killarney Parish


George Tracey (b. abt 1800 Wicklow) married Mary Bower (b. abt 1804 Cork)

Margaret Tracey (b. 15/11/1826 Cork d. 5/5/1898 Houghton, MI) married Michael John Finnegan [b. 1819 Kerry] 1844 Killarney Co. Kerry (LDS)

Julia b. 27 April 1832 RC Killarney Kerry (LDS)


Jeremiah T. Finnegan.

Jeremiah T. Finnegan, one of the best known lawyers of Houghton County, is a prominent resident of the city of Hancock. He was born at Cliff Mine, in Cliff township, Houghton (now Keweenaw) County, Michigan, in 1850, and was one of eight children born to his parents, Michael and Margaret (Tracey) Finnegan, both natives of Ireland. Michael Finnegan was born in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1819. Coming to this country early in life, he located at Copper Harbor June 20, 1846…

Biographical record; this volume contains biographical sketches of leading citizens of Houghton, Baraga and Marquette Counties, Michigan


Margaret Treasy & Michael O’Keeffe

Catherine O’Keeffe b. 5 May 1853 Limerick Sp. William Hogan & Margaret Whitstone. Rev D O’Sullivan. Killarney Parish


Bartholomew Sullivan (s. of Patrick Sullivan & Mary West) m. Ellen Roche (d. of John Roche & Ellen Tracy) 12 October 1858 Wit: Timothy Riordan & Ellen Tracy. Rev T Nolan. Killarney Parish


Thomas Tracey of Cak [Cork] Barracks, soldier, & Hanna Maria/Anne Mary Waters [see Roscommon] [Army]

Mark John Tracey b. 3 March 1864 of High Street Killarney (Marcus Jn b. 4 March 1864 RC Killarney LDS) . Killarney Parish

Mary Johanna Tracey b. 4 March 1864 of Cork Barrick, Sp. Mary Waters. Rev. D.E. Kerricusis. RC Killarney. Killarney Parish


Patrick Cleary (s. of Edward Cleary & Mary Tracy) of Killarney m. Catherine O’Loughlin (d. of John O’Loughlin & Catherine Linnoll) of Killarney 2 September 1882 Wit: John Duggan & Patrick Phelan. Rev D O’Keeffe. Killarney Parish


Joseph B. Tracey, full [age], bachelor, Post Office Clerk, lives Killarney (s. of James Tracey, contractor) married Nora O'Keeffe, full [age], spinster, lives Killarney, (d. of Eugene O'Keefe, shopkeeper) 8 September 1898 RC Cathedral of Killarney Wit: P. Treacy & B. O'Keeffe [Killarney Killarney PLU]

Joseph Tracey of Templemore [Tipperary] (son of James Tracey & Margaret Ryan) m. Hanora O'Keefe of Killarney (daughter of Eugene O'Keefe & Mary Manix) on 8 September 1898 Parish of Killarney RC. Wit: Patrick Tracey & Bridget O'Keefe, Priest Rev. P. Hayes [1901 Census Kerry & 1911 census Cork] [see Templemore]

Joseph B. Tracey & Honora Keefe

Margaret Mary Tracey b. 13 March 1899 York Road Sp. Patrick Treacy & Catherine O'Keefe. Rev. P. Sheahan.. Killarney Parish

Mary Frances Treacy b. 26 July 1900 York Road Sp. John O’Keeffe & Julia O’Keeffe. Rev P. Shearan. Killarney Parish


Patrick Tracey married Ellie Kearney 26 November 1912 Tralee PLU

Marcus Tracey b. 1913 [registered 1928?]

Thomas Tracey b. 1913 [registered 1928?]


1901 RIC Service

Patrick Tracy, 59968, b. 1878 Fermanagh


59968 Patrick Tracy, 22 years 8 months, 5'9.5", b. Ferm'h, Catholic, married 26.11.1912 wife from Kerry, recommended by DI Burke, farmer, appointed 1st Feby 1901 reappointed 1.6.1901 with loss of service, served Kerry 6 Dec 1901 - Galway WR 23.10.'13, P Sergt 1-9-20, Dischgd 5.2.1901 unfit by surgeon 24869D Disbanded 6.4.22 I.S. Galway W.R. No.14 C.A. £195.0.0


Andrew John Treacey [of Dublin?], 30, bachelor, C. Guard, lives Killarney G. Station (s. of Andrew Treacy, mason) married Mary Healey, 20, spinster, lives Dunloe (d. of Denis Healy, farmer) 23 December 1937 RC Church of Tuogh Wit: Peter McHugh & Sheila Healy [Killorglin Killarney PLU]




Marcus Treacy of Killarney CC, Co. Kerry.

Munster Road Race Junior Champion 2004

Winner Dunboyne 3 Day 2005




Oisin Treacy from Killarney

In March 2008, Kerry’s Young Musician of the Year for 2008, finalist was Oisin Treacy, under-12 brass.

In November 2008, Oisin sang ‘March’ by GF Handel at the prestigious Permanent TSB High Achiever Awards’ regional concert in Limerick. The concert and the awards celebrate the ability, energy and commitment of over 42,000 music and speech and drama students from around the country who take part in the local centre examination system of the Royal Irish Academy of Music each year.

In April 2011, 14 year old Oisin, was the Feis Ceoil talented gold medal winning trumpeter, and performed on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio One on the 14th April 2011.








Pádraig Treacy (b. 1953)


Track 1: Pádraig Treacy recalls his grandfather who served in the RIC and who arrived in Killarney in 1909. He later worked as gatekeeper for Lord Kenmare. Pádraig’s father, Marcus, was a teacher in the Killarney area, and his mother, Marie O’Sullivan, came to Killarney to work at the Ross Hotel, owned by her aunt, Julia O’Donoghue. The premises was then known as the Kenmare Arms Hotel, and it was bequeathed to Marie O’Sullivan during the years of WWII.

Track 2: Pádraig discusses his childhood at the Ross Hotel, his education and his work experience for five years in car sales at Jimmy The Master’s garage. With his wife Janet, he then set to work to build up business at the Ross Hotel in the 1970s and 1980s.

Track 3: He recalls their plans for expansion which involved purchasing land at Fossa, and the eventual building of the Park Hotel in the field adjoining Cooper’s Cinema in 1989. His dealings with the UDC, in particular with Town Manager Paddy d’Arcy, and the support given to him to enable him to build the hotel, are described.

Track 4: The opening of the hotel, designed by architect Roddy Horgan, in 1992 and the huge task which lay ahead at that time are recalled.

Track 5: Pádraig discusses his decision to create a contemporary rather than a more traditional style of building at that time, and he also recalls the work of County Engineer, Colm Kennelly.

Track 6: The positive relationship which exists between the members of the Town Council, the business people and the community groups in Killarney is emphasised.





The Ross Hotel is steeped in history and an integral part of Killarney. The hotel has been part of the Treacy family since 1938, when Marie Treacy purchased the hotel from her Aunt Julia O’ Donoghue (née Scott) for whom she worked for a number of years at this landmark Killarney hotel.

Marie ran the hotel tirelessly and successfully for over four decades until her son Pádraig joined the family business in the late 1970’s.

Padraig and his wife Janet took over the management of The Ross in 1983, and the hotel was fully refurbished into its chic, quirky boutique style status in 2006. In 2009 Padraig and Janet’s daughter Ciara joined the family business and runs the ship today alongside her colleague Eleanor O’Doherty who has been part of The Ross story since 1985.

Subsequently Padraig and Janet Treacy built a sister property the 5 star Killarney Park Hotel just across the road at East Avenue, which opened its doors in 1992. 


The Ross, Town Centre, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Telephone: +353 64 6631855 | Fax: +353 64 6627633









The Killarney Royal Hotel is a boutique style 4 star hotel in the centre of Killarney Town. Originally known as the Munster Arms, the hotel was built in 1900 and purchased in 1961 by Marcus and Marie Treacy.


Killarney Royal Hotel,


Co. Kerry.


Tel: +353 (0)64 31853

Fax: +353 (0)64 34001



Killarney Royal Hotel



The Killarney Park Hotel owned for the past twelve years by the Padraig and Janet Treacy, who can call on three generations of expertise in the hotel industry. Situated on its own private grounds, this luxury, 5 star hotel, is committed to ensuring that every moment will be memorable, relaxing and enjoyable. The Treacys also own the Ross Hotel in Killarney.


Killarney Park Hotel,

Kenmare Place,


Co. Kerry.

Tel: +353 (0)6435555

Fax: +353 (0)6435266







Built in 1996, Killarney Lodge is a large four star guesthouse superbly located in Killarney, minutes from the town centre. Owned and managed by the Treacy family, Catherine & Marcus Treacy, you are guaranteed the highest level of personal service. Leisure and business travellers alike will appreciate the superb location, exceptional service and charming ambience, not to mention the finest home baking!


Killarney Lodge

Countess Rd, Dromhale, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Tel: +353 64 6636499 Fax: +353 64 6631070

Email: stay@killarneylodge.ie






 Killiny (& Castlegregory)


Thomas Tracy (of Castlegregory) m. Mary Humes 26 February 1838 Wit: John Humes & Patrick Commane

Catherine Tracy b. 28 April 1841 Castlegregory Sp. Patrick Commane & Mary Egilston



 Killury Causeway Ratoo


Catherine Trasey & William Porter

William Porter b. 27 January 1814 Lacka Sp. John Kelly & Elizabeth Staughton. Rev E Barry


John Dee & Bridget Fealy

Thomas Dee b. 6 October 1812 Farran Sp. Gerald Dee & Catherine Tracy. Rev Jim Rahilly


Daniel Tracey & Johanna Horgan

Maurice Tracey b. 08 Jan 1880 Ballyhorgan, Listowel, Kerry (LDS)

Mary Tracey b. 12 June 1883 Ballyhorgan Sp. Timothy Tracey & Catherine Horgan

Daniel Patrick Tracey b. 5 March 1887 Ballyhorgan Sp. John Tracey & Catherine Horgan. Rev. T. Enright.


Elizabeth Tracy & Patrick Carroll

Catherine Carroll b. 12 May 1810 Parkee Sp. Thomas Leary & Mary Ferris. Rev Jer Murphy

James Carroll b. 23 October 1811 Parkee Sp. John Lean & Catherine Pierce. Rev Ed Barry


Elizabeth Tracy & John Carol

Jeremiah Carol b. 11 April 1814 Parkbee Sp. Gerald Pierce & Mary Pierce. Rev. E Barry


Joanna Tracy & Patrick Mullowney

Patrick Mullowney b. 2 May 1813 Dirtane Sp. Honora Real. Rev Jer Murphy


John Tracy & Margaret Scanlon

Margaret Tracy b. 28 May 1853 Candeehy Sp. Catherine Dinneen Rev. E McCarthy


John Treacy of Listowel m. Honora Whelan of Causeway 6 May 1889. Rev T Enright


Margaret Tracey & John Enright

Michael Enright b. 29 June 1855 Sp. John Conway & Joanna Conway. Rev. J. O’Keeffe


Mary Tracy/Trasey & John Enright

John Enright b. 30 June 1850 Marsh Sp. Bridget Callahan. Rev. E McCarthy

James Enright b. 31 July 1853 Ballyhorgan Sp. Juliana Ryle. Rev E McCarthy

Patrick Enright b. 3 September 1857 Ballyhorgan Sp. Patrick Flaherty & Mary Flaherty. Rev J O’Keeffe


Timothy Enright & Margaret Scanlon

Patrick Enright b. 30 August 1816 Lacka Sp. Patrick Scanlon & Mary Tracy. Rev Jer Murphy


Michael Tracy & Susan(na) Egleston

Honora Tracy b. 10 August 1828 Benmore Sp. James Crowley & Mary Pierse. Rev E McCarthy

Mary Tracy b. 29 May 1831 Balladuff Sp. Ferdinand Lyne & Margaret Nolan. Rev E McCarthy

Susan Tracy b. 20 August 1833 Benmore Sp. Michael McDonell & Janet Stokes. Rev O McCarthy


Anthony Stoughton & Mary Hacket

William Stoughton b. 4 November 1826 Ballyduff Sp. Michael Tracy. Rev J O’Connor


1917-1918 World War I Draft Registration Lee County, Iowa, United States

Patrick Tracy b. 17 March 1889 Ballyduff, CoKerry, Ireland, tall, slender blue eyes, dk? brown hair, single, lives 312 Exchange St Keokuk Iowa, structural Iron worker Kisconain Bridge & Iron Co Milwaukee Wis, [signed]

1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Patrick Joseph Tracy b. 17 Mar 1888 Co Kerry, Ireland Residence: Spring Valley, Illinois






Mary Tracy & Timothy O’Sullivan

Catherine O’Sullivan b. 21 December 1812 Sp. John Tracy & Mary O’Sullivan. Listowel Parish

Margaret Sullivan b. 21 October 1814 Finuge Sp. James Thornton & Catherine Sullivan. Listowel Parish

Timothy Sullivan b. 27 March 1817 Finuge Sp. John Sullivan & Mary Doyle. Listowel Parish

Patrick Sullivan b. 18 February 1821 Finuge Sp. Maurice Quilter & Margaret Quilter. Listowel Parish

Dermot Sullivan b. 12 August 1823 Finuge Sp. John Connel & Bridget Connel. Listowel Parish

Mary Sullivan b. 1 May 1825 Parknacophage Sp. Michael Tompon & Catherine Sullivan. Listowel Parish


Johanna Tracy & Patrick Molyneaux

James Molyneaux b. 22 February 1817 Kilmeany Sp. Catherine Hennessy. Listowel Parish


Michael Tracy/Trasy & Catherine Flaherty

John Tracy b. 7 May 1817 C[?] Sp. Thomas Purtell & Julia Purtell. Listowel Parish

Michael Trasy B. 17 October 1819 (Based On Other Date Information) of Greenville Sp. James Collins & Mary Dee. Listowel Parish

Timothy Tracy b. 22 March 1825 Ballyhorgan. Sp. John Threasy & Catherine Doyle. Listowel Parish


John Tracy & Mary Quilter

Margaret Tracy b. 25 August 1823 Clouncolla Sp. Michael Tracy & Mary Mahony. Listowel Parish

John Threasy & Mary Quilter

Mary Threasy b. 22 March 1825 Ballyhorgan Sp. Eugene Callaghan & Catherine Flaherty. Listowel Parish

John Thracy & Mary Quilter

Mary Thracy b. 28 March 1826 [date estimated] of Clouncolla Sp. Elizabeth Quilter. Listowel Parish

John Trac(e)y & Mary Quilter

Maurice Tracey b. 11 January 1830 Ballyrehan Sp. Michael Tracey & Mary Cotter. Lixnaw Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 19 March 1832 Ballhorgan Sp. Timothy Sullivan & Johanna Burkett. Lixnaw Parish

John Trasey & Mary Quilter

Maurice Trasey b. 19 October 1836 Kill Sp. James Edwards & Honora Trasey. Abbeydorney Parish


Cornelius Tracey & Mary Scanlan

Bridget Tracey b. 11 September 1824 Leitrim. Sp. Timothy Scanlan & Johanna Barrett. Listowel Parish

Daniel Tracey b. 20 January 1828 Leitrim Sp. Maurice Kennelly & Honora Lynch. Listowel Parish


John Tracy & Mary Connor

John Tracy b. 8 July 1827 Listowel Sp. John Bather & Catherine Forhan. Listowel Parish


Cornelius Tracy & Catherine McGennis

Maurice Tracy b. 7 February 1830 Listowel Sp. John Moriarty & Margaret MacMara. Listowel Parish


Bridget Tracey & Daniel Sweeney

Daniel Sweeney b. 11 October 1850 Skehenerin Sp. Richard Nash & Honora Buckley. Listowel Parish


Honoria Trassy/Trassey, 34 [full age crossed out], spinster, servant, lives Listowel, (d. of Maurice Trassey, labourer) married Edmond Carmody, 43 [full age crossed out], bachelor, labourer, lives Newtown, (s. of John Carmody, labourer) 14 February 1865 RC Chapel of Listowel Wit: Patrick Sullivan & Maurice Wallace [Listowel Listowel PLU] signed their marks

Honora Trassy m. Edmund Carmody 14 February 1865 Wit: Patrick Sullivan & Maurice Wallace. Listowel Parish


Mary Tracy & Benjamin Clarke

Elizabeth Clarke b. 24 October 1865 Listowel Sp Patrick ??? . Listowel Parish


Cornelius Murphy & Margaret Mahony

Margaret Murphy b. 18 March 1866 Greenville Sp. Thomas Tracy & Ellen Creagh. Listowel Parish

John Tracy & Honora Whe(a)lan

John Tracy b. 14 July 1895 Finuge Sp. John Whealan & Mary O’Connor. Listowel Parish

Margaret Mary Treacy b. 23 March 1897 Finuge Sp. Patrick Whelan & Ellen Connor. Listowel Parish


Martin Whelan & Mary Roche

Michael Whelan b. 28 September 1900 Fingue Sp. John Whelan & Honora Treacy. Listowel Parish





Johanna Trasy & Patrick Molony

John Molony b. 25 December 1822 (Based On Other Date Information) Mountcole Sp: James Lynch & Johanna Molony. Lixnaw Parish


Henry Casy of Coulnaleen m. Catherine Doyle 7 February 1827 Wit: Patrick Molony & Johanna Trassy. Lixnaw Parish


John Hart & Ellen Kennelly

Ann Hart b. 9 January 1830 Ballyrehan Sp. Michael Tracy & Johanna Quilter. Lixnaw Parish


John Trac(e)y & Mary Quilter

Maurice Tracey b. 11 January 1830 Ballyrehan Sp. Michael Tracey & Mary Cotter. Lixnaw Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 19 March 1832 Ballhorgan Sp. Timothy Sullivan & Johanna Burkett. Lixnaw Parish


Francis Thornton & Margaret O’Sullivan

Mary Thornton b. 6 May 1834 Droumclough Sp. Mary Tracey & Patrick Tracey. Lixnaw Parish


Michael Tracey (s. of Maurice) of Abbeydorney m. Honora Horgan (d. of Denis) of Clohercroneen 6 February 1883 Wit: Thomas Quilter & Elizabeth Quilter. Lixnaw Parish [see Abbeydorney]


Jeremiah O’Connor & Margaret Horgan

Bridget O’Connor b. 10 May 1884 Clohercannon Sp. Michael Tracy & Honora Horgan. Lixnaw Parish


John Foley of Finuge m. Mary Halpin of Finuge 18 May 1886. Wit: John Carroll & John Tracy. Lixnaw Parish


Maurice O’Connell & Catherine Horgan

Catherine Gertrude O’Connell b. 3 June 1895 Gortadrislig Sp. Michael Tracey & Honora Tracey. Lixnaw Parish


Denis Tracy (s. of Maurice) of O’Dorney m. Johanna Horgan (d. of Denis) of Clohercannon 23 February 1897 Wit: Denis Horgan & Thomas Horgan. Lixnaw Parish


John Tracey (s. of John) of Ennismore m. Margaret Maher (d. of John) of Dysart 27 July 1901 Wit: Bartholomew Dooling & Mary Dooling. Lixnaw Parish



Presentation Convent Cemetery, Lixnaw, County Kerry

Sr Cecilia Tracey, d. 31 Mar 1880





Anna (Ann) or Honora Tracey & Mauritius (Maurice) Walsh

Margarita (Margaret) Walsh b. 12 December 1883 Millstreet Sp. Gulielmo (William) Ring & Anna (Ann) Riordan. Priest C. O’Sullivan

Edwardus (Edward) Walshe b. 30 January 1886 Millstreet Sp. Patritius (Patrick) Corcory & Ellena (Ellen) Ring. Priest JJ MArtin





Daniel Mahoney & Johanna Enright

Mary Mahoney b. 4 May 1875 Cloupruhus Sp. Michael Brandon & Honora Tracy



 Tralee Registrars Office


Anne Tracy, full age, single, servant, lives Tralee Strand? St of Tralee parish county of Kerry, (d. of James Tracy, pensioner) married Thomas Rice, full age, single, Private soldier 77th Regt, lives Barrack Tralee parish of Tralee county of Kerry, (s. of Thomas Rice, weaver?) 6 October 1847 Tralee Registrar's Office Wit: Catharine? Stephens? Ploivman? & Jane Tracy [Tralee Tralee PLU] signed their marks (Note: there is an illegible note on the side)



 Tralee CoI


George Tracy of Wicklow m. Mary Williams of Tralee 4 April 1807 (CoI)


Fredrick Payne (priv 95th Regt) of Tralee Barracks m. Johanna Hennesy of Tralee 30 September 1846. Wit: James Tracy & Benjamin Carter. (CoI)


James Tracy (s. of John Tracy) m. Jane Hoar (d. of William Stephons) 24 Sep 1847 Tralee [PLU]

James Tracy, full age, widower?, steward & pensioner, lives Ballycagh in the parish of Tralee county of Kerry, (s. of John Tracy, trader) married Jane Hoar Nee Stephens, full age, widow, servant, lives Tralee Shand St in the parish of Tralee county of Kerry, (d. of William Stephens, farmer) 24 September 1847 Tralee Registrars Office Wit: Catharine Stephens Plouman & Margarett O'Sullivan [Tralee Tralee PLU]


Amelia Jane Tracy (d. of William Blake Tracy, builder) of Tralee Barracks m. George Meek, quarter master 9 Kings Royal Reg Corpor (s. of John Meek, carpenter) of Tralee Barracks 17 September 1891 Wit: James Henry Headey & Emily Headey. Tralee CoI. [see also Tralee RC & Limerick]

Amelia Jane Tracy, full [age], widow, live Tralee Barracks (d. of William Blake Tickner, builder) married George Meek, full [age], widower, quarter? master Sergeant of Kings Royal Rifle Corps, lives Tralee Barracks, (s. of John Meek, carpenter) 17 September 1891 Parish Church Tralee Wit: Charles Henry Heady & Emily Heady [Tralee Tralee PLU] Church of Ireland



 Tralee RC


1955 – Kennelly Photographic archive [Tracey/Treacy – Joe Treacy etc]



Patrick Murphy & Christine Brien

Mary Murphy b. 5 July 1779 Tralee Sp. John Donohue & Honora Trassy. Rev Nicholas Nelan. Tralee Parish


Catherine Tracy m. John Sullivan 1 January 1790 Wit: Denis Sullivan & Mary Sullivan. Rev T O’Sullivan. Tralee Parish


John Kennedy m. Julia Hackett 1 February 1795 Wit: Richard Tracy & Thomas Dowd. Rev J. Hallaran. Tralee Parish


Margaret Tracy & Bernard McGleenan

Mary McGleenan b. 3 February 1825 of 26 Regt Sp. Terence McGinik & Mary Callaghan. Rev S O’Sullivan. Tralee Parish


James Tracey & Margaret Carr

Honora Tracey b. 25 September 1833 Sp. James O'Lynch & Bridget O'Loughnane. Rev W. O'Moriarty. Tralee Parish


Bridget Tracey m. Thomas O'Cahill 8 September 1846 Tralee RC Wit: James Tracey & Cornelius O'Sullivan. Priest Rev. J. Mawe. Tralee Parish

Bridget Tracey & Thomas O'Cahill

Mary O’Cahill b. 30 September 1845 Tralee Sp. Patrick Carr & Ann Tracy. Rev. Ed O’Flaherty. Tralee Parish


Michael McElligott & Margaret Hannan

Catherine McElligott b. 17 March 1846 Tralee Sp. Cornel. McGillycuddy & Mary Tracy. Rev J Mawe. Tralee Parish


James Tracy m. ??? 17 October 1847 Sp. Maurice O’Collins and Timothy O’Collins. Rev C. Enright. Tralee Parish


Denis Purcell & Margaret Eaton

Mary Purcell b. 19 May 1852 Sp. James Tracy & Mary Eaton. Rev J Mawe. Tralee Parish


Thomas Treacy & Mary Hume

James Treacy b. 2 April 1854 Tralee Sp. John Conway & Mary Treacy. Rev J Mawe. Tralee Parish


John Conway & Elizabeth Hume

Thomas Conway b. 19 December 1856 Tralee Sp. Patrick Tracy & Mary Tracy. Tralee Parish


Peter Laurence Tracy & Almelia Tickner

John Lawrence b. 2 December 1875 Military Barracks Tralee (LDS) Sp. James Smythe & Catherine White. Rev. D. O’Keeffe. Tralee Parish [see Limerick]


John Tracey, 26155, sapper 11th Company, died 11 March 1896 at Currah Camp, Mrs M. Tracey [crossed out] Meak (Mother) Staff Barracks Tralee [crossed out] 23 Gorman? R South next of kin.

John Lawrence Tracey, 26155, sapper, Royal engineers, enlisted October 1891, died 11 March 1896 Scarlet Fever

15 years 10 months, b. 1876, 5'3", 101.5 Lbs, grey eyes, lt brown hair, RC, small scar upper part of left buttock, blacksmith, Mrs M. Mzak? (Mother) Staff Barracks Tralee [crossed out] ??? Amelia ??? [other text] next of kin,

Born St. Johns, Kerry Ireland


William Tickner & Amelia Grant

Emily Jane Treacy b. 21 December 1874 Sp. Harriet Sprinet. Rev J Mawe. Tralee Parish [convert?]


John Conway & Sarah Levandale

Joseph Peter Conway b. 1 March 1875 Military Barracks Sp. Peter Tracey & Cecily Tracey. Rev. T. O’Sullivan. Tralee Parish


William Maher & Ann Duncan

John Agustus Meagher b. 1 September 1875 Sp. Peter Tracy & Mary Mara. Rev M Leyne. Tralee Parish


Mary Treacy, full [age], spinster, farmer, lives Bally Mcquin (d. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Patrick Brasil, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Fortwilliam, (s. of Denis Brassil, farmer) 27 July 1912 RC Church of Abbeydorney Wit: Thomas Brassil & Nora Healy [Ardfert Tralee PLU]

Mary Treasy/Treacy & Patrick Brassil, motor car drives

Michael Brassil b. 28 Oct 1915 of Rock Street. Sarah Parkinson, present at birth, Rock Street [Tralee Tralee PLU]

Daniel Brassil b. 10 Feb 1917 of Rock Street. Patrick Brassil, father, Rock Street





Bernard Tracy married Mary Shanahan 4 December 1909 Killarney PLU [see Waterford]

Bernard Alphonsus Tracy of Knightstown, National Teacher & Mary Shanahan

John Bernard Tracy b. 4 December 1911 Knightstown Valencia. Bernard A Tracy father Knightstown Valentia [Caherciveen]





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NAI Ref Name Probate Ref Grant Type Date Issue Date Death

2004/132/632 TREACY MAURICE 1983 TR 009651 Intestate 21/11/1983 10/08/1983


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