It may be presumed that the Traceys of Laois are descended from the Uí Bairrche.









The Traceys of Laois can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as Laois formed part of the territory of the Uí Bairrche.


In Laois, there was Shamboe Tracy, [Shanboe Aghaboe?] meaing old house of Tracy, manor of Villars, Barony of Upper Ossory.


circa 1305 Ormond Deeds

391. B Milo Albus grants to Nicholas Harper clerk, and his heirs, a house with a place in the tenement of Jordan de Exonia called Balyk[eh]in, lying from the house of said Nicholas to the highway, paying yearly a penny or a pair of white gloves, value a penny, at Easter. Witnesses : Sir William, vicar of Stradbaly, William Esmer, Thomas Hayrun, Haye Goch, Walter the clerk, son of Ralph, Richard Ylger, Wm. Tracy.


Elizabeth I

1573 20th April

Pardon to ... Rory O Trassye, Teig O Trassye of Tynnekill (Laois)

The Irish Fiants of the Tudor sovereigns. (1994) De Burca, Dublin.


Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

1714 Hugo Tracy, Queens county

Francis & John Roberts had taken from him for tythe by Wm Doran by the order the said [John] Moffitt & Thos Conaway...by Daniel Torsin? and Hugo Tracy and the servts to Mary Quinan widow...

1722 Hugh Tracy, Queens county

Peter Peirly had taken from him for Tythe by sd Matthew Quigly, Thomas Henedy & Hugh Tracy


Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

1721 Wm Tracy, Queens County

James Hitchinson had taken from him for tythe by Wm Tracy and assistants tythetaker undr Charles White tythemonger undr Peter A Cley priest of the parish of Donnaghmooe [Donaghmore]


From a Parliamentary Return made 25th April, 1766

Return of the town and liberties of Mountmellick, being part of the Parish of Oregan.


John Tracy

John Tracy

Mary Tracy

Timothy Tracy


[1734 & 1794] September 15, 1843 (FJ) The Tracy Peerage [2]

…[William Tracy] resided in Fleet street, in the parish of St. Marks, Dublin, in which parish he married, according to the rites of the Protestant Church on the 17th April 1728, Mary, daughter of Mr. James O’Brien, a woolen merchant in that city…and in the same parish his eldest son, James Tracy [and Timothy Tracy born 1730], the claimants grandfather, was born on the 27th January 1729. In 1732, he settled at Ross, in the King’s County, where he died on the 15th October 1734, in the 42d year of his age, and was buried at Castlebrack, in the Queens county…His eldest son, James Tracy, married in the parish of Geashill, King’s County, 10th May 1764 and resided at Gurteen in that parish, where he died 4th April 1794, in the 65th year of his age and was buried next to his father’s tomb in Castlebrack, burial ground, leaving Joseph Tracy, of Geashill, his eldest son, born 7th March 1765, and who married also in that parish a person of his own name, but in no way related to the Tracys of England. He died, and was buried at St. George’s, Hanover-square, London, on the 20th March 1836, in the 71st year of his age, leaving James Tracy, his eldest son, the claimant…

Evidence of Patrick Culleton's of Rurie in the Queen's County...lives near Castlebrack...his mother was a Tracy, a daughter of Bryan Tracy…Thomas Tracy near Castlebrack… Also buried in Castlebrack, brothers Philip Tracy, Hugh Tracy and Bryan Tracy…

Evidence of Martin Higany...Joe Tracy, brother of the Claimant [James]...lives near Maryborough...

Statement of Joseph Tracy made in 1836...formerly of Geashill in the King's County Ireland now of Chapel Place North, South Audley Street, London...aged seventy years and upwards...I was principally reared by my uncle, the late Timothy Tracy of Coole in the County of Westmeath Ireland...that on the 10th day of August 1796 he gave me a Prayer Book...In 1798 I married the daughter of Mr. Philip Tracy of Castlebrack in the Queen's County, by whom I have a family of four sons and two daughters. In the year 1815, I gave the aforesaid Prayer book to my eldest son James...on his going to reside in Dublin...

Evidence of Samuel Sheane, magistrate at Mountmelick...I know an old man [named Tracy, not a relation of the claimant], he is a solicitor, a very old man, upwards of eighty years old...They pronounce the word Tracy in the same way, but the name is spelt differently from what it is on this tombstone. How is it spelt? Trecy. In Ireland e is pronounced like a...There are Three or Four [Tracy] Families at Mountmellick, there are others within the Parish of Castlebrack or in the immediate neighbourhood of it...

Evidence of John Delany...A protestant James Tracy was...There were no other that I know of of the Tracy's that were Protestant but Doctor Tracy [Mountmellick], but he was not any thing to that family...That man is dead many years ago...

(See Tracy Peerage Case I and II)


1771-1865 in the matter of John Tracy and Wm Smith owners John Delany petitioner.

2. John Treacy, Esq, Garrafin otherwise Garryfin otherwise Garrafna, Barony of Upperwoods Queens Co, 105a/3r/1p, £70.10.0, tenant from year to year, Original lease dated 26th March 1789 for 999 years. The immediate landlord's interest in the reversion in the head lease is for sale in the matter of John Tracy and Wm Smith owners John Delany petitioner.

1. John Treacy, Garrafin otherwise Garryfin otherwise Garrafna, Barony of Upperwoods Queens Co, 17a/1r/4p, £11.19.0, tenant from year to year,  Original lease dated 26th January 1771 for three lives renewable, The way marked AB on the map is a public right of way...



Tracy Denis, Dr. of Physick, Dublin & Mountmellick Queens Co (Co. Laois)

O’Byrne E (1981) The Convert Rolls. Dublin Stationary Office. Also 2005 edition.

1771 Freeman's Journal Dublin, December 30.

Last Sunday Denis Tracy, Esq. M.D. of Mount-m lick in the Queen's County, a Gentleman of Eminence in his Profession, read his Recantation in the Parish Church of St. Audeon's, Dublin.

3 March 1773 (F)

To be let from the 1st day of May next, for lives renewable foe ever, or for such term as shall be agreed upon, the house wherein Doctor Tracy now lives, in the market-square, town of Mountmelick, and Queen's County, containing a hall, two parlours, kitchen, pantry, and good cellerage under ground, four rooms above stairs, with garrets and store room, stabling for six horses, coach house, all siated and in good and tenantable order, with a good yard and garden, all walled in, and garden well sewed. For further particulars apply to the said Doctor Tracy. March 3, 1773.

1776 Transfer of Lease

Mary Tracey, wife of Denis Hector Tracey (Dr of Medicine) Francis Empey, Mountmellick Queens co

1795 Renewal

William Baggot, Denis Hector Tracy, Mountmellick

Laois Paper-Deeds http://www.familyhistory.ie/docs/other/Laois_Papers_Sept2012.pdf


List Of Irish Volunteers. taken from The Volunteers Companion, Printed for W. Colles, No. 17 New Buildifigs, Dame Street, Dublin, MDCCLXXXIV. [1784]

N.B.—Those denoted by a star were members of the National Convention at Dungannon.

Rosanalle's Volunteers - Associated 1 July, 1774- Scarlet, faced blue ; silver lace. Colonel Richard Croasdall, Major George Sandcs, Capts. L. Sandes, J. Sabatier, A. Johnston, Lieut. William Tracey.

Parson's Town Loyal Independents — Associated 15 February, 1776. Scarlet, faced black ; silver lace. * Colonel sir Wm. Parsons, bart., Major L. Larsons, Captain B. B. Warbuton, Lieuts. Edw. Tracey, — Kearny, Surgeon Wm. Wilkinson.

Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Volume XV, 1909


Canadian military service

Dennis Tracy born abt 1774 Rosenallis, Queens, Ireland - Canadian military service 1 Jan 1801

Josh Tracey born abt 1791 Rosinalles, Queens, Ireland - Canadian military service 16 Jun 1813

Josh Tracy born abt 1791 Rosenallis, Queens, Ireland - Canadian military service 16 Jun 1813


27 Oct 1775 Saunders News-Letter

We hear from Mountmellick, that the dreadful hurricane on Thursday fennight was severly felt in and about that town, where several houses was unroofed, and two entirely blown down; numbers of deal and elm trees, large enough for mill shafts were torn up in Ballyfin and Anngrove; the loss in hay and corn is very considerable; in the height of the storm two large cocks of hay, the property of Mr. William Tracy, were set on fire and consummed, the flames of which seemed to extend near a quarter of a mile ...- Leinster Journal


1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls

Edmond Tracy of Killeshin, Portarlington 20th May 1795 [Laois]

John Treasy, Innkeeper, of Mountmellick Queens Co, 17th Dec 1778 Chancery City of Dublin

Jo Tracy, gent, of Rosskeen Queens County, 28th Nov 1778 City of Dublin [Same time and place: Wiiliam Tracy, gent, Jun, of Ballylavin Kings County, 28th Nov 1778 City of Dublin]


10 April 1779 (F)

To be Let to Mares at Mr. Tracy's in Borris-in-Ossory, a Black Draught Horse, well gaited and marked, bred in England, at Half a Guinea, and a Shilling to the Groom, who will attend until Ten o'Clock each Day; the Money or a Note for it, to be paid before the Horse is led out. Good Grass with Care at 2s. 6d per Week. March 31, 1779.

14 April 1779 (F)

An Assembly will be held at Tracy's large Room in Borris-in-Ossory, Queen's County, on Friday the 16th Day of April Inst. (that memorable Day) Ladies 2s 6.5d. Gentlemen 5s.5d. For the Benefit of James Doyle, Musician. Doyle hopes the Ladies and Gentlemen will favour him with their Company, and pledges himself to them, that he will have a proper Set of Musick, to make his Institution end end with Satisfaction and Decorum. April 10, 1779.


23 September 1779 (FJ) Queens Co.

...Robert Tracey...


Established since 1780 on the Great Heath of Portlaoise, Treacy's is the oldest pub in Ireland in the same family name. One of Ireland's best known landmarks, the thatched premises is situated just off the main Dublin to Cork/Limerick road (M7). http://www.treacys.ie/


Picture of treacyspub.gif



1782 Volunteers

Magherafelt (First) Volunteers. June 1773; scarlet, faced black. Captain A. Tracy; Lieutenant Richard Dawson; Ensign R. Montgomery.

Parsontown Loyal Independents. Feb. 15th 1776; scarlet, faced black, silver lace. Colonel Sir William Parsons, Bart.; Major L. Parsons; Captain B.B. Warburton; Lieutenant Edward Tracy

Rosanallis Volunteers. July 1st 1774; scarlet, faced blue, silver lace. Colonel Richard Croasdale; Majo George Sandes; Captain L. Sandes; Captain J. Sabatier; Captain A. Johnson; Lieutenant William Tracey.

MacNevin, Thomas (1846) The History of the Volunteers of 1782. 5th Edition. James Duffy, Dublin.


19 October 1782 (F)

Notice is hereby given that a Board or Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road, leading from Maryborough to Toomivara, is appointed to be held at the House of Robert Tracy, in Borris, on Tuesday 21st October next, between twelve and one o'Clock at Noon, in order to set, by public Cant, for one year, from the 1st of November next, the Tolls of the Gates from Maryborough to Toomivara. Thomas Morris, Treasurer. Borris, September 20, 1782.

18 October 1783 (F)

Notice is hereby given, that the Trustees of the Turnpike Road from Maryborough to Toomivara do intend to hold a Board or Meeting of said Trustees at the House of Robert Tracy, in Borris-in-Ossary, on Friday the 24th Day of October next, at twelve o'Clock at Noon, in order to set by Public Cant, for one Year, from the 1st Day of November next, the Tolls of the Gates of said Road, and to transact other Business, according to public Notice given on the Gates of said Road.

Thomas Morris, Treasurer, Borris, September 11, 1783


2 April 1783 Queen's County (F)

...Robbery between Mountrath and Maryborough...two hundred and fourty-four pounds...negotiated in Dublin...Now we, the under-named Nobelmen and Gentlemen of said County...John Tracy £1/2/9...D. Tracy £5/13/9...


14 Feb 1785 Saunders News-Letter

Stolen out of the stables of Nicholas Carney, near Castle Brack, in the Queen's County, on Friday Night the 28th of January last, a low black mare seven years old, with a small star and a few grey hairs under the hind part of the saddle, a switch tail, she was nicked, but carried low, about fourteen hands, high, nice headed, and light in her limbs, well carecased, and had a foal suckling when stolen. Whoever gives intelligence where said mare may be had, shall have one guinea reward, or for mare and thief, on conviction, two guineas; to be paid by Edward Tracy, No. 24, Winetavrn-street. Feb. 10 1785.


1785 A translation of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri: in English verse...Dublin

Subscribers...Dr. Tracey, Mt. Mellick. William Tracy, Esq...

Irish Provincial Directories

Lucas Directory, Mountmellick Town, Laois/Leix, Queen's County

Dennis Tracy, M.D.
John Tracy, Vintner – George Inn.

Maryborough Volunteers, 1789. Obverse, the arms of Maryborough, a castle, with gateway and portcullis, with a flag flying on the battlements. Underneath, Colonel Sir J. Parnell, Bart. Encircling the whole are two scrolls bearing the words, Maryborough Volunteers. Reverse, Reward of merit, to Mr. Sam. Tracy; being adjudged entitled thereto at a tryal match. The 3rd. day of July 1789. A large silver medal, all engraved, 2.15in. diameter, with loop for suspension. In Colonel Gaskel’s collection.

War medals and decorations issued to the British military and naval forces and allies 1588 to 1910


1792 Journal of the House of Lords

Thomas Morris, Treasurer of the Turnpike Road from Maryborough to Tomivarah

1st Nov. 1781 To one Year’s Rent of Tolls let to Edward Tracy £245.0.0

To one ditto of the upper Part to ditto £300.0.0

1st Nov. 1782 To one Year’s Rent of Tolls let to ditto £230.0.0

To one ditto of the upper Part to ditto £320.0.0

29th March 1781 Said Brownlow then received from Robert Tracy, Toll farmer, to hand over to the then Treasurer, the late Thomas Morris £66.17.6

28th July Said Brownlow received from said Tracy £139.14.3

1st Oct 1785 By Cash paid Robert Tracy, his bill as by his receipt and pursuant to Order of Board,

Four Boards…£2.5.6  }          £4.17.10

a Dinner…£2.12.4      }

1st Oct [1788] By ditto [cash] paid Robert Tracy, for Boards and Dinners as his receipt £5.6.10


1793 Subscribers:

Mr. T. Tracy, Mountmellick

William Weldon Tracy, Attorney at Law [Dublin?]

Boyd, Henry. Poems, chiefly dramatic and lyric. Dublin, 1793.


Will: Mary Tracy of Mountmellick Co. Laois, 25th February 1797. 1176/1


1797-1811 James Tracey.

Born Upperwood, Leix.

Served in Irish Fencibles; 43rd Foot Regiment; 12th Royal Veteran Battalion.

Discharged aged 34.

Covering dates give year of enlistment to year of discharge.

Kilmainham Reference: A4043.

British Army Pensioners

James Tracey b. 1777 Upperwood Queen’s Laois Loyal Irish Fencibles (1st Nov 1797-28th Feb 1802), 1/43rd (1st Mar1802-1808), 52nd, and 12th Royal Veterans. Labourer WO119 d. 11thJan 1813 WO25/979. James Tracy 12th Veterans Btn discharged 26th June 1811. Died 20th Dec 1816 WO118/46 p.31

James Tracey, private, born in the parish of Upperwood in the county of Queens

...in consequence of Athena? and Dibility  is rendered unfit for future service...

...description...about 34 years of age, 5 feet seven inches height, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion by trade a labourer.

Statement of Service

Loyal Irish Fenbles, 15 Mar 1797 to 30 April 1801

43rd Foot, 1 May 1801 to 5 Jan 1808

12th Veterans, 6 jan 1808 to 24 June 1811

Discharged at Youghal the 7th June 1811



Joseph Tracey, Rosskeene, Queen’s County, farmer

Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society, v5, (1906-8)


1805 John Tracey aged 29 born in Montmullock [Mount Mellick?], Ireland.

Ship: HMS Britannia [With Admiral Nelson]

Rank/Rating: Landsman [seaman less than one year at sea]


British War Office - Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Patrick Tracey born Killbride, Offaly. Served in 89th Foot Regiment; 4th Royal Veteran Battalion Discharged aged 43, 1807-1817

Patrick Tracey b. 1774 Clearagh/Killbride, King’s Offaly 89th Foot 4th Royal Veterans Btn 1807-1817 WO97 Desetred from 6th Garrison Btn WO25/2700 Patrick Tracey b, 1773 Kilbridge Clara. 89th Foot (6yrs) 4th V Btn. 9 yrs total service. Fractured arm in the King’s Works Point Henry June 1813. Chelsea 28th Mar 1817 WO116/24

Patrick Tracey b. Killbridge, Queen’s [Kilbride Laois] 8th Dragoons enlisted 11th April 1796. [With John b.1782 Killbride, Tullamore and who returned to Athlone] India 28th Jan 1803 WO25/890 labourer. Died as an invalid at Calcutta 20th Nov 1817. His £3 10s 8.5d Prize Money for the Capture of the Gunge and Fortress of Rahah was paid to another invalid Nath Kelly WO25/1419


1860 Ballycollinbeg, Town of Mountmellick, Laois

Bridget Jordon Reo of john Jordon deceased, Bridge meadow, Parish of Coolbanagher, Queens County, 3a/0r/83?p, £21 rent, Lease of the 14th October 1807 from Denis Tracy and John Wheatly Johnson to John Jordan...

Alicia Corbett Rep of Robert Goodbody & Thomas Goodbody, Close and Messuage called Tynan's holding, Parish of Coolbanagher, Queens County, £ rent, Lease of the 18th January 1808 from Denis Tracy of the 1st part; John Wheatly Johnson of the 2nd part; Robert Goodbody and Thomas Goodbody of the 3rd part...


The Protestant Charter Schools

“Stradbally School Thursday, 15th September 1808; two o’clock

…The Usher, Patrick Tracey, has the usual allowance; he had been above a year at the school, and was sent from Clontarf Charter School, in which he has been educated.”

Report, 1809-1912 By Great Britain. Commissioners of the Board of Education in Ireland

Songbook containing original poems by various authors from the Irish midlands [NLI]

Early 19th century songbook containing apparently original poems attributed to Sally Hennessy and Joseph Tuite of Leighlinbridge, Thomas Cahill of Kilbeggan, Patrick Treacy "at Mr. Willis's School, Portarlington" and Henry Odlum of Ballymooney, Philipstown. Many of the poems are entitled "Rebus" (a king of riddle) or "Enigma", and some are addressed to Eliza Maguire of Peter Street, Dublin. The first 65 pages are original poems, and the remainder are collected songs by various authors, all written in the same hand. A later hand adds further, unoriginal verse and genealogical notes on the Donohoe family.

Schoolteachers 1826/7

Patrick Tracy, CI, Timogue, Co. Laois.


1810 (234) (Ireland.) The tenth report of the commissioners

Maryborough - Tracy & Richardson Feb. 1795; £126/2/11 - Spirit Duty

The charge in this case original amounted to £260/17/0 payment of which appears to have been secured by bond by a deed of mortgage dated 29th September 1795 of certain tenants in the town of Mountmellick, in the Queen's county. Richardson, we are informed, is a Bankrupt and that his Assignees are in receipt of the rents of the mortgage premises, which yeild a profit of £40/10/0 per annum. We recommend that the Assignees of the Bankrupt be called upon to pay over the profit rents in discharge of the arrear due to the Crown, and in default thereof that proceedings should be taken to sell the estate.


Stewart, John (1812) Roll of a tennis ball, through the moral world, a ser. of contemplations, by

Subscriber: Dennis Tracy MD Mt Mellick


British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

William Tracey born Coolbanaghan, Leix Served in 72nd Foot Regiment Discharged aged 38, 1813-1831

William Tracey, b. 1793 Maryborough, Queens (Laois)

William Tracey b. 1793 Coolbanaghan, Leix or Maryborough, Queen’s Laois 72nd Foot 1813 – 1831


British War Office

Francis Tracey b.1791 Rose Mullis, Queens York Chasseurs deserted 1st Feb 1814 WO25/2907


1813-1836 Archerstown, Aharney, Laois

...And by a decree, dated 27th July 1813, made in a Chancery Case, instituted for a petition of the above 311 acres, in which Maria and her husband Michael Delany, and others, were plaintiffs, and the said Anne [Laurenson] (now Anne Elizabeth Tracy), and her former husband, Denis Doran, were defendants...The last renewal from rev. William Robert Laurenson, Clerk, to said Stephen Sheffield Cassan, Anne Elizabeth Tracy, widow, and Michael Delany, the late father of the owner in this matter, bears the date the 1st December 1836...Anne Elizabeth Tracy, widow, is now the owner of the other portion of said lands, containing 172a/2r/26p and pays £68.15.5 British as her portion of said head rent...



10. Daniel Treacy, Raheen, [Rathdowney Laois], 26a/0r/7p Statute, 16a/0r/13p Irish, £0.5.0 rent, Lease dated 14th june 1819, from Thomas Prior to Rev. William Treacy, for lives renewable for ever, at a pepper-corn fine; liberty to tenant to plough, break up or burn any portion of the demised premises, during continuance of demise. A compared copy of this lease will be handed to the purchaser.


4th September 1813 to 1827

Lease of twenty acres of land in lower Ballylehane [Killabban] from Henry Hovenden to William Treacy and subsequent dispute. & other documents

Contains: Letter from Elizabeth Treacy to her cousin James, dated Oct. 10, 1853; Lease of twenty acres of land in lower Ballylehane from Henry Hovenden to William Treacy, 4th September 1813; Revenue exchequer for Treacy/Hovenden (cover only - no date); Revenue exchequer accounts for William Treacy/ John Moore Hovenden, 1827; [Accounts] Thos. Gregory to Wm. Treacy, 1826; Revenue exchequer accounts, William Treacy, plaintiff, John Moore Hovenden, defendant, trinity term, 1827; Common Pleas, copy costs, William Treacy, plaintiff, John Moore Hovenden, defendant, Easter term, 1826; Common Pleas, costs of outlay and findings, Tracey [sic]/Hovenden, Easter term, 1826; Indenture of James Rouget, son of Daniel Rouget, to Elisha Mollet, captain of the brig, Two Brothers, dated 1793; Letter from William Harte of Dublin to James Treacy of New York City, dated Sept 8, 1851; document titled "The Rathcool Peerage"; document relating the extinction of the title of viscount for the Tracy [i.e., Treacy] name; document titled "Baron Sudeley" tracing the Tracy [i.e., Treacy] lineage; will of Anne Treacy, dated 1824.

Treacy/Tracy family papers (1813-1853)

FHL British Film [1696691 item 2] - LDS


Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Tracy (Tracey), Michael Lynch, Siz. (Mr. Lyons), June 11, 1816, aged 19; s. of John, Agricola; b. Queens Co. (Laois) Sch. 1820. B.A. Æst. 1829.

1826/7 Schoolteachers

Mr. Tracie, CI, Ballyshannon, Killarron, Co. Donegal.

12 July 1826 Dublin Evening Mail

[Advertisment] Ballyshannon School

M.L. Tracie, (late Scholar of Trinity College,) A.B., Master...At the half yearly examinations held in this school...though not more two years have elapsed since its establishment...


John Tracey, DMP 2110, born 1817, 23 years, Kyle, Queens Co., 5’10”, recommended by W. Egan Esq., joined 15 Mar 1840, C 12 Apr 1850, 2nd Class 10 Apr 1840, 1st Class 12 Sep 1845, 15 years 2 Nov 1855 good service pay, Dischargd Pen 30 Aug 1864, £46 p.a.

The Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy. Four Courts, 2001


'Ireland-Australia transportation 1821

Thomas Cummins

Trial place: Maryborough, Queens Co

Trial date: 00/00/1821

Crime desc: Purchasing Stolen sheep

Sentence: Transportation 7 yrs

Petitioner: Convict

Document ref1: PPC 1613

Comment: Prays release from confinement and states he can be recommended by the Rev. John Treacy, parish priest of Rathdoney, Queen's County. Convict's parents dependant on his industry.


1824 Pigot's Directory of Maryborough


Michael Tracey, woollen draper


Irish Catholic assoc (1825)

Proceedings ... in Dublin, May 13, 1823 to Feb. 11, 1825

... John Treacy, Esq., of Mountrath,... Page 703


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


Andrew Tracey [& Jas Fitzmaurice both written in], Ardenteagle [Ardateggle], Killeshin, Queen's, 1828 [also written in pencil Leighlin bridge [Wells Carlow]]


Edward Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Edward Tracey, Shacullen [Srahcullen], Rearymore, Queen's, 1821

Edward Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Edwd Tracey, Mountmellick, Rosenallis, Queen's, 1823


James Tracey, Acragar, Ardea, Queen's, 1825

James Tracey, Ardee Union Of Coolbanagher [Ballycullenbeg], Ardea, Queen's, 1825

James Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

James Tracey, Kyle, Roscrea, Tipperary [Kyle Laois], 1823

James Tracy, Kyle [written in Cloncourse?], Kyle, Queen's, 1823

James Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

John Tracey [& Danl Dunne], Ballymoney [Ballymooney], Straboe, Queen's,

John & James Racy [Tracy] Coolagh, Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821

John Tracey, Ardee Union Of Cullanagher [Strahard], Ardea, Queen's, 1825

John Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

John Tracy, Clonbarrow, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829

John Tracy, Killeen, Offerlane, Queen's, 1828

John Tracy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

John Tracy, Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829 [twice]

John Tracy, Raheenduff, Rosconnell, Queen's, 1826

John Treacey, Ballagh [Ballagharahin?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

John Treacey, Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826

John Treacy, Ballagh [Ballagharahin?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

John Treacy, Kilanure [Killinure], Lea, Queen's, 1825

John Treacy, Tennakilly, Offerlane, Queen's, 1828 [5 references in Observations]

Jos [Jas] Tracy, Roskeen, Castlebrack, Queen's, 1833


Mark Treacey, Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826

Mary Tracy, Parryhether [Garryhedder], Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821

Maurice Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Maurice Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Michael Tracy, Borrahan [Borraghaun], Rathsaran, Queen's, 1826

Michael Treacy, Clonbrook [Clonbrock], Killabban, Queen's, 1824

Michl Tracy, Drimroe, Ballinvoher, Kerry, [Ballyadams, Laois] 1825


Patrick Tracy, Ballycormick, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829

Patt [Treacy, Killinure, Lea, Queen's, 1825]

Patt Tracey, Charleville, Roscrea, Tipperary [Kyle Laois], 1823

Patt Tracy, Charleville, Kyle, Queen's, 1823

Patt Tracy, Killeganard [Killyganard], Ballinvoher, Kerry, [Ballyadams, Laois] 1825

Patt Tracy, Timouge, Timogue, Queen's, 1833 [twice]

Patt Treacy, Upper and Lower Kilnacourt [Courtwood], Lea, Queen's, 1825 [twice]

Peter Frucy [Tracy?], Raugblown [Wranglestown], Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821


Simon Treacy, Upper and Lower Kilnacourt [Courtwood], Lea, Queen's, 1825 [twice]


Thos Tracy, Lackamore, Castlebrack, Queen's, 1833

Thos Treacy, Ballentoher [Ballintogher], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Timothy Treacy [error Tynan], Upper and Lower Kilnacourt, Lea, Queen's, 1825

Tracy [Revd], Glebe [Johnstown Glebe?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

Treacey [Widow & John], Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826

Treacy [widow], Ballentoher [Ballintogher], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Treacy, [Mrs] Chritchleys Close [Portarlington], Lea, Queen's, 1825


William Tracy, [junr] Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829

William Tracy, Furmoil [Fermoyle], Rosconnell, Queen's, 1826

William Tracy, Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829 [three]

William Tracy, Tankardstwon [Kilmorony], Tankardstown, Dublin, [Laois] 1824

William Treacy [Revd], Glebe [Johnstown Glebe?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827



James Tracey, Acragar, Ardea, Queen's, 1825

James Tracey, Ardee Union Of Coolbanagher [Ballycullenbeg], Ardea, Queen's, 1825

John Tracey, Ardee Union Of Cullanagher [Strahard], Ardea, Queen's, 1825


Patt Tracy, Killeganard [Killyganard], Ballinvoher, Kerry, [Ballyadams, Laois] 1825

Michl Tracy, Drimroe, Ballinvoher, Kerry, [Ballyadams, Laois] 1825


Jos [Jas] Tracy, Roskeen, Castlebrack, Queen's, 1833

Thos Tracy, Lackamore, Castlebrack, Queen's, 1833


John Tracy, Clonbarrow, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829

John Tracy, Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829 [twice]

Patrick Tracy, Ballycormick, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829

William Tracy, Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829 [three]

William Tracy, [junr] Mountrath Lower, Clonenagh and Clonagheen, Queen's, 1829


John Treacey, Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826

Mark Treacey, Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826

Treacey [Widow & John], Morett, Coolbanagher, Queen's, 1826


Michael Treacy, Clonbrook [Clonbrock], Killabban, Queen's, 1824


Andrew Tracey [& Jas Fitzmaurice both written in], Ardenteagle [Ardateggle], Killeshin, Queen's, 1828 [also written in pencil Leighlin bridge [Wells Carlow]]

Edward Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Edward Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

James Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

James Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

John Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

John Tracy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Maurice Tracey, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828

Maurice Treacy, Killeshin, Killeshin, Queen's, 1828


Mary Tracy, Parryhether [Garryhedder], Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821

Peter Frucy [Tracy?], Raugblown [Wranglestown], Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821

John & James Racy [Tracy] Coolagh, Kilmanman, Queen's, 1821


Patt Tracey, Charleville, Roscrea, Tipperary [Kyle Laois], 1823

James Tracey, Kyle, Roscrea, Tipperary [Kyle Laois], 1823

Patt Tracy, Charleville, Kyle, Queen's, 1823

James Tracy, Kyle [written in Cloncourse?], Kyle, Queen's, 1823


John Treacy, Kilanure [Killinure], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Patt [Treacy, Killinure, Lea, Queen's, 1825]

Patt Treacy, Upper and Lower Kilnacourt [Courtwood], Lea, Queen's, 1825 [twice]

Simon Treacy, Upper and Lower Kilnacourt [Courtwood], Lea, Queen's, 1825 [twice]

Thos Treacy, Ballentoher [Ballintogher], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Treacy [widow], Ballentoher [Ballintogher], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Treacy, [Mrs] Chritchleys Close [Portarlington], Lea, Queen's, 1825

Timothy Treacy [error Tynan], Upper and Lower Kilnacourt, Lea, Queen's, 1825


John Tracy, Killeen, Offerlane, Queen's, 1828

John Treacy, Tennakilly, Offerlane, Queen's, 1828 [5 references in Observations]


John Treacey, Ballagh [Ballagharahin?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

John Treacy, Ballagh [Ballagharahin?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

Tracy [Revd], Glebe [Johnstown Glebe?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827

William Treacy [Revd], Glebe [Johnstown Glebe?], Rathdowney, Queen's, 1827


Michael Tracy, Borrahan [Borraghaun], Rathsaran, Queen's, 1826


Edward Tracey, Shacullen [Srahcullen], Rearymore, Queen's, 1821


John Tracy, Raheenduff, Rosconnell, Queen's, 1826

William Tracy, Furmoil [Fermoyle], Rosconnell, Queen's, 1826


Edwd Tracey, Mountmellick, Rosenallis, Queen's, 1823


John Tracey [& Danl Dunne], Ballymoney [Ballymooney], Straboe, Queen's,


William Tracy, Tankardstwon [Kilmorony], Tankardstown, Dublin, [Laois] 1824


Patt Tracy, Timouge, Timogue, Queen's, 1833 [twice]




Tithe Applotments

Ballyadams Civil Parish 1824

Mich'l Tracy 261 Drimroe

Patt Tracy 193 Killeganard

Rearymore or Rery Civil Parish

Edward Tracey

Straboe Civil Parish 1825

John Tracy, Ballymony, #8


James Traiy - NSW

In Ireland

Alias: Tracey Tracy Bourke Burke

Religion: Catholic
Marital status: Married
Calling/trade: Farmers labourer
Born: 1791 Mayo Co
Tried: 1826 Queens Co

Sentence: 7

Former convictions: None
Ship: Boyne (1826)
Crime: Stealing pig

Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 55             

PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT: Maryborough, Queen's Co.


SENTENCE: Transportation 7 years

PETITIONER: Convict             


COMMENTS: Convict served almost 11 years in the army. States he has a wife and a large family, no details given. Petition received in 1826.


1828 Treacy, John Mountrath, Queens Co. (Prerogative Will)


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Daniel Tracey, 4th s. of John, Mountrath, woollen draper, and Mary Delany; over 16; ed. Carlow College; aft. Felix Delany, Dublin, apothecary, cousin german. H 1829


Peter Tracey - NSW

Religion: Catholic
Marital status: Single
Calling/trade: Soldier ploughman & reaper
Born: 1779 Kings Co
Tried: 1829 Queens Co

Sentence: 7

Former convictions: 2
Ship: Larkins (2) [1829]
Crime: Stealing clothes

8 June 1829 Pawnbroking in Ireland

Pawnbroker: William Treacy, jun of Maryborough

Surities: Charles Pim gentleman Mountrath, James Dempsey shopkeeper Mountrath & John Cunningham esq Derrough

1832 Pawnbrokers - William Tracey of Mountrath, May 1829, 15000 tickets

1834 Pawnbrokers - William Tracey of Mountrath, May 1829, 20000 tickets

1836 Pawnbrokers - William Tracey of Mountrath, May 1829, 19872 tickets, £2263/19/0 lent

1837 Pawnbrokers - William Tracey of Mountrath, May 1829, 26884 tickets, £3565/7/7

Pawnbrokers - William Tracy of Mountrath, 26 May 1829, 39152 tickets, £5212/19/1 lent


1829-1833 Juvenile association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland

Mrs. Treacey, 2s 6d, Diocesan School, Ballymena

Mrs. Tracey, 1s 6d, Mrs C and Mrs Montgomereys Card, Ballymena

Master R. Tracy, 3d, Rebecca Parkers Card, Banagher

Mr. Tracy, 1s, Master Robert Deverells Card, Tullamore

Mrs. Tracy, 6d, Mis Welchs Card, Maryborough

M. L. Tracey, Esq, 2s 6d, Miss E Cuppaidges Card, Galway


1829 – 1928 Coote Estate

D.J. Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois 1829

William Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois 1850

John Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois, 1853

Daniel Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois, 1855

Daniel Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois, 1870

Phil Treacy Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois 1881 to 1928

Edward Treacy, Coote Estate, Mountrath Laois, 1898

Laois Papers - Genealogical Society of Ireland



1829 D.J. Treacy

D.J. Treacy, Mountrath Laois, 1829 Rental, Coote Estate I 622

original lease dated 20/09/1829 for life or 99 years to John Farrell, builder, Bray Co Wicklow. Re-assigned by Sir C.N. Coote to reps of John Farrell on 16/02/1853, sold to Mrs Jane Elizabeth Hipwell by conveyance dated 26/05/1922 by Sir R.A. Coote, first part, Sir Hunt Walsh, second part and Elizabeth Hipwell third part for £700


1850 William Treacy & 1881 to 1928 Phil Treacy

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 441

Sublet for several years to Ed & Timothy Fitzparick. September 1921 holding sold Pat Phelan, Ruskin for £200.

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 625

FF Grant dated 14/07/1881 to Philip Treacy sub tenant George Summers

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 626

sub tenant Mrs Lupton

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 627

see folio no. 629

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 628

lease holding taken out by Mr Treacy 14/10/1924

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 629

sub tenants Flynn and Calcutt reps of N. Bennett, Mr O'Keefe, Mr Mc|Gee, Mr Dunne and Mr McDonald rents amalgamated new lease taken date 30/10/1926 for 35 years at £7 p.a. set up by Sir Ralph Coote

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 630

lease dated 23 December 1850 made to William Treacy for 74 years, sub tenants James Miller, Mr Dickenson, lease dated 1/05/1926 reps of Philip Treacy conveyed interest to James Miller and fee simple solkd to Mr James Miller from 1/11/1929 for £200. 8/12/1928 reps of Philip Treacy conveyed second part of holding to Mrs A.M. Baulke for £140, subtenant John Fitzpatrick with effect from 29/06/1926 direct to Sir Ralph Coote.

Phil Treacy Reps, Monrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 631

see folio no.29


1853 John Treacy

John Treacy (reps William Costigan), Cappamara & Killeen Laois, 1853 Rental, Coote Estate, I 148

Annie M Treacy, Cappamarra & Killeen Laois, 1901 Rental, Coote Estate, I 148


1855 Daniel Treacy;

Eliza Wilkins, deceased, Mountrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 638

1899 let to Mr Maloney, 1903 additional building let to Mr Maloney, ooriginal lease dated 16/09/1784 between Rt Hon Charles Henry, Earl of Mountrath and Joseph Calcutt,holding converted to Ffgrant by order of Estates in Ireland dated 22/12/1855 conveyed to Daniel Treacy; George Wilkins conveyed these premises to John Leslie on his marriage to his (George) daughter, Hannah Leslie


1870 Daniel Treacy

Richard Calcutt (reps) Laois, 1713 Rental Coote Estate, I 573a

18/10/1856 first part sublet to William Roe and Fras McNamara Calcutt. 1870 held by Daniel Treacy. Second part leased to George Wilkins 26/5/1870. This passed to Wilkins' Daughter, Mrs Kate Sawyer and was later acquired by the R.D.C. 27/7/1870 the first part was conveyed to James Knaggs with nos. 573 & 574. Land held by William Roe was sold to John McDonald, and is now owned by his daughter Miss M E McDonald. 29/10/1910 plot L conveyed to Mrs A A Haughton Baskin & Mrs Kate Sawyer

Richard Calcutt, Laois 1713, Rental, Coote Estate, I 574

9/10/1713 leased to Richard Calcutt. 1870 the property of Daniel Treacy. 27/7/2870 conveyed to James Knaggs with nos 573 &573a

James Knaggs  (reps W H Baskin), Mountrath Laois, Rental Coote Estate, I 573

Lease 10/3/1783 to Joseph Calcutt. Property of Daniel Treacy in 1870. 27/7/1870 conveyed to Knaggs, and in 1895 to Baskin. 1920 Assigned to Anne Alicia Baskin, Reginald Craig & Michael Drury.

D. Treacy, reps of (per W.H. Baskin), Mountrath (Oxpark) Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 690

see 573 passed to Baskin 1895 estate of D.P. Treacy of which this holding was part, sold through Landed Estate Court 1870 to James Knaggs


1898 Edward Treacy

Alicia Odlum, Mountrath Laois, Rental Coote Estate, I 483

Sold to present tenant by Edward Treacy for £200.00 in 1898

Edward Treacy, Mountrath Laois, Rental, Coote Estate, I 563

Sold to present tenant for £200 by reps Mr john Hawkesworth - sub tenant John Fitzpatrick


April 23, 1830 (FJ) O'Connell Fund

In Montrath division of Clonenagh Parish...John Tracy, Esq £2...


March 5, 1831 (FJ) The Fashionable World

A curious case of abduction is to be tried at the Queen's County Assizes. The prosecutrix is a Mrs. Tracy, formerly Miss Dempsey. The lady, it appears, has married since she was "run away with".


July 6, 1831 (FJ) Dreadful famine in the West of Ireland

Collection in Mountrath, by the Rev Mr. Morris per J. Tracy, Esq...£13/12/6


December 3, 1831 (FJ) Queen's County

...proprietors, Freeholders and Inhabitants...John Tracey, Mountrath...


1831 Tithe Defaulter

John Tracey, Farmer, Raheenduff, Rosconnell, Co. Laois.

William Tracy, Farmer, Furmoil, Rosconnell, Co. Laois.


Will: Ellen Tracey, Woodbrook, Queens Co., 1831, Prerogative Court will. Exec: William Humphreys, Concerstown, ???. IWR/1831/F/492


1831-2 Return of Number of Applications for new Schools

Rev. W. Tracy, Roman Catholic, Rathdowney Queen's, 2 schools


1832 A return of persons tried and found guilty in Queen's County

1. Patrick Treacy, Trespass


12 October to 23 November 1832 Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report

Registered: William Treacy of Boycetown, Co. Kildare

Premises: Maryboro' West West, houses and premises in Mountrath, Queens Co.

Grantor: John Treacy £20


1832-1836 Return of Persons to whom Licenses have been granted to keep Arms

Joseph Treacy, Ballyteagan Queens Co., Magistrates Daniel O'Donoghue Portarlington and Hugh Boyd Wray Maryborough, one gun and one pistol


1832-35 Return of Number of Persons registered as Electors in each County in Ireland by virtue of Rentcharges

Grantor: John Treacy, Grantee: Daniel Treacy, £20, Finnekilly, Registered: Daniel Treacy (Queens?)

Grantor: John Treacy, Grantee: Felix Treacy, £20, Finnekilly, Registered: Felix Treacy

Grantor: John Treacy, Grantee: William Treacy, £20, Mountrath, Registered: William Treacy


1833 A return of persons tried and found guilty in Queen's County

32. Patrick Treacy, Assault

March 1833 Queens County - Return of persons tried

32. Patrick Tracey - Assult

1. Patrick Treacy – Trespass


October 15, 1834 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Tithes - Parsoon Monck and the Parish Priest of Rathdowney

Rathdowney Sep 30, 1834

(From a Correspondent of the Carlow Post.)

The public must be much interested to know the issue of the tithe sale advertised for this day, of the good of the Rev. Mr. Tracy, Parish Priest of Kathdowncy, seized by the sheriff of the Queens County, at the suit ot the Rev Marcus Monck, his neighbour and quondam friend—and, who, if report be true, owed Mr. Tracy an obligation so great, as having once saved him from the gloom of a prison, by satisfying one of his hard-hearted importunate creditors.

About twelve o'clock tho sheriff, in discharge of his duty, proceeded to the residence of the Rev. M. Tracy, accompanied by detachments of miliiaty and police, for the purpose of levying, by setting up to- auction the rev. gentleman's property, the amount of an execution obtained by the Rev. Cormorant of Rathdowney, (parson Monck) — for a claim which was originally but one pound ! ! None but those who witnessed the scene which presented itself, could think it possible that fifteen or twenty thousand men, burning w|lh indignation and a high sense of injury, cuuld have restrained themselves Within tho limits of the Iaw, under causes so exciting. They, however, by their peaceable and orderly demeanour, convinced oven their enemies, that the admirable advice of Mr. O'Connell was not thrown away upon them — for they had determined to break no law, and punctually acted up to this determination.

The sheriffs bailiff now proceeded in the centre of the immense crowd to offer about 1000 kishes of turf for safle, promising it to be of superior quality, and held up as a sample the full of a "ske'eogh" for the inspection of the bidders. He said he would not require any one to bid high — he would thankfully receive the smallest offer. (A death-like silence) — what— is the turf worth nothing, he exclaimod? I say I will take any thing you offer—are there no bidders? Gentlemen, this is a most extraordinary auction. Will no one buy turf, and winter so near ? (All silent). After several appeals of a like nature, ho announced that as them were no bidders for tho turf he would next offer the hay and corn to their consideration. Liko the turf, he praised their quality, &c, but with similar effect. There being no bidder— the cattle were also put up, but with no better success : for tho people wilh the same religious observance a the Jews of old, in not " touching unclean things," would have nothing to do with such unclean beaste as were contaminated by being distrained for tithes. Thus ended this extraordinary drama. The sheriff making a low bow, withdrew, but without informing his numerous audience wtiero tho next farce was to be performed, nor even thanking them for their attendanco.


The above character of Mr. White was given in 1834-5. The priest (Mr. Treacy) writes of this tippler…Erril???

John Campbell Colquhoun (1838) The system of national education in Ireland


7 April 1835 Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report

Registered: D. Treacy of Mountrath, Queens Co. & Rev. Felix Treacy Of Ballylinan, Queens Co.

Premises: Upper Ossory, lands of Tennekelly

Grantor: John Treacy £20


14 December 1835 (FJ) Catholics in Queens

Catholics of property and station in the county, to qualify them for holding the commission of the peace...Mr. Tracy of Montrath...


1835 State of religious and other instruction now existing in Ireland

Diocese of Leighlin

Timogue: Day school kept by M. Tracy. £6 yearly from subscription and payments by the children. Males 18 Females 18. Reading writting arithmetric and bookkeeping.


1835 Returns of Books, Schools and Children of Religious Denominations

William Tracy, Errill school, Rathdowney, Queen's County.

William Tracy J Moyland & J Butler, Rathdowney school, Rathdowney, Queen's County. £40/-/- towards building

William Tracy, Killadooley, Donaghmore/Donoughmore, Queen's County. Local contribution £82/4/4 This sum is the value of premises built before application.


1835 Condition of the poorer classes in Ireland: first report: appendix A and supplement

Rathdowney, Donamore etc. Pop. 9,644

Rev. Wm. Treacy, P.P.


1835 Juvenile Association

Carlow District School

John Storrs’ Card – Mr. H. Tracy 1s 0d

Ennis College

Master Bernard’s Card – Mr. Tracy 0s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

1836 Juvenile Association


Sarah Maria Robinson’s Card – John Tracy 2s 6d


Miss Brown’s Card – Mrs. Tracy 1s 6d

Miss Cliffords Card – Mrs. Tracey 2s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

The Annual Reports of the Juvenile Association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland.


1836 Poor Enquiry, Ireland (Poor Laws)

Rathdowney, Donamore etc (Queen’s County) Answers to queries by Rev. W. Treacy Sup. to App. (D.) 125.

Donamore (Queen’s County) Answers of Rev. William Treacy, PP, to questions concerning the condition of the agricultural labourers, and the state of their dwellings, Sup. to App. (E.) 125.

Rathdowney etc (Queen’s County) Answers of the Rev. Marcus Monk to questions concerning the state of the labouring classes of the district engaged in agriculture Sup. To App. (E.) 124- Answers of John Roe, esq., and Rev. William Treacy, to the same, ib. 125.

Donamore (Queen’s County) Answers of Rev. William Treacy to questions relative to the state of the small tenantry, Sup. To App. (F.) 125

Rathdowney (Queen’s County) Answers of the Rev. Marcus Monck, John Roe, esq. and Rev. William Treacy, to queries relative to the condition of the small tenantry, Sup. to App. (F.) 124, 125.

Parliamentary Papers By Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons, Great Britain, House of Commons


1836 Parish Priest

Felix Tracy, Arless & Ballylinan


1836 Royal Commission for inquiring into the condition of the poorer classes in Ireland

Plantiff: William Cooper, Defendant: Edward Treacy and 4 others, Lands, Killabin Slievemarigue Queens Co, £22/19/6 rent, Pliant dismissed, Issued

Plantiff: Lord Maryborough, Defendant: James Treacey and 2 others, Lands2a/0r/?p, Coolbanagher Portnahinch Queens Co, £1/0/0 rent, overholding, dismissed, Issued


1836 (229) Electors, Ireland. A return of the number of persons registered as electors in each county in Ireland, in the years 1832, 1833, 1834 and 1835, by virtue of rentcharges granted to such electors or others.

Queens Co. 1832

John Treacy, granter, William Treacy, grantee, £20, Mountrath, William Treacy elector


John Treacy, granter, Daniel Treacy, grantee, £20, Finnekilly, Daniel Treacy elector

John Treacy, granter, Felix Treacy, grantee, £20, Finnekilly, Felix Treacy elector


1836 (255) Arms (Ireland.)

Joseph Treacy, Ballyteagan, Queens, one gun and one pistol


1836-1840 Outrage Reports Ireland

Denis Tracy, 1838, Portarlington, Laois (Queen's)

Revd Mr Tracy, 1839, —, Laois (Queen's)


Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 40           

PLACE OF TRIAL: Queens County              

TRIAL DATE: 15/03/1837

CRIME DESCRIPTION: Burglary and Robbery

SENTENCE: Transportation Life

SHIP: CALCUTTA 18/04/1837


COMMENTS: Convict detained at Kilmainham Gaol, Co. Dublin, 23/03/1837


4 July 1837 (FJ)

...Rathdowne, Queen's County, per John Treacy, Esq.- Rev W Treacy, CR...This parish has always been remarkable for its early and liberal contribution to the patriotic fund.


30 October 1837 (FJ) O'Connell Compensation Fund

...Donoughmore, Queen's country: Very Rev Dr. Treacy, CR...


1837 (543-I) (543-II) Report from the Select Committee on the New Plan of Education in Ireland

...The order of the 4th July [1836] suspending the salary of the Teacher of the Erril N. School [Laois]...this order was recinded and that the Salary and all Arrears due be paid to the teacher.

The letters [received] are - a Letter from Mr. Price to me [Thomas F. Kelly Esquire], dated 16th of June in the year 1833; a Letter of Mr. Tracy [Rev Wm. Tracy, Barry Hill, Rathdowney] to me, of the 7th October in the same year; a Letter of Mr. tracy to me, of the 7th October in the Year 1834; a Letter of Mr. Tracy to me, of the 14th January 1836; a Letter of Mr. Price to me, of 27th June 1836.


1837 RIC Record

667 Jas Treacy, 44 years when appointed, 5'9", born [1785] Kings, Catholic, widower, recommended by Marquis Anglessey, famer, appointed 1 Dec 1829, allocations Gal 7.3 - Queens 7.4 - Tip N 35371M/35199, distinctions 96993/8841, pensioned 1 April 1853, served 23 2, £25 pension, Military Pensioner at 5d per diem


March 13, 1838 (FJ) O'Connell fund for the past year

...Mountrath, Queens County...£1 each from John Treacy, Esq...


November 17, 1838 (FJ) Birth

At the 11th instant, at Tenikilly, in the Queen's County, the lady of John Treacy, Esq., of a daughter.


December 24, 1838 (FJ) O'Connell Fund

From the parish of Rathdowney, Queen's County, by the hands of Daniel Treacy, Esq., £31.14.6...Rev William Treacy C.R. £1..


1838 The Catholic Directory, Ecclasiastical Register, and Almanac

Diocese of Ossory

Chapter – Treasurer: Rev. Wm. Tracey.

Northern District

Wm. Tracey, Parish priest, Rathdowney

Diocess of Dromore


Convent Sacred Institute of Saint Clare - Mother Abbess is Mrs. MM Tracy.

Diocess of Kildare and Leighlin

Wm Tracy, Curate Kilcock

F Tracy, Curate Ballyfin

Felix Tracy, Curate, Mountmellick

Diocess of Killaloe

Patrick Tracy, Parish Priest, Toomgreary, Scariff


24 December 1838 (FJ) O'Connell Fund

...Rathdowney, Queen's County...The Rev. William Treacy, C.R...


January 1839 Return of Sums paid to Irish National Board of Education

William Treacy clerical RC

Killadooley Kildare building £55/9/0

Kilcock Kildare male & female fitting up £9/15/8

Newtown Kildare male & female building £220/0/0

Rathdowney Queens Co male & female building £80/0/0 fitting up £39/1/8

Tiermohan Kildare fitting up £12/17/3


19 March 1839 (FJ) Queens co. Assizes

Edward Nevin was found guilty of a malicious assult upon Michael Treacy. To be transported for twelve months.


7 June 1839 The Pilot

Queen's County Meeting. We the undersigned...[support of the queen]...William Tracy P.P....John Tracy...Daniel Treacy, John Treacy...Felix Treacy R.C.C...John Treacy...


10 August 1839 (FJ) Marriages

On the 4th instant, in Mountrath, John Fitzpatrick, Esq., eldest son of Wm Fitzpatrick, Esq, of Deer Park, Queens county to Johanna, only daughter of the late John Tracy, Esq., of Kilcommon, King's County.


14 October 1839 (FJ) Death of the Rev Wm. Treacy

Died, on Monday last, the 7th instant, the Rev. William Treacy, the beloved parish priest of Rathdowney, Queen's county and one of the last of that virtuous body of ecclesiastics who were compelled, under the then existing penal laws of this country, to seek an education on the continent, and who, with others in the French revolution of '89, narrowly escaped the forfeit of his life. In the avocations of his sacred ministry he was at every period of his life most zealous and laborious. In the late political struggles for the regeneration of his country he bore a well known, bold and most useful part; and yet the numerous attendance of his Dissenting brethren and who accompanied his remains to the grave afforded ample and satisfactory evidence of the esteem in which his unsullied character was held.


13 December 1839 (FJ) O'Connell Tribute

...parish of Mountrath, Queen's County...John Treacey, Esq. 3l...


April 27, 1840 (FJ) Repeal of the Irish reform Act

Daniel Tracy, Montrath

John Tracy, Montrath


April 29, 1840 (FJ) The Great Leinster Aggregate Meeting

...platform...Daniel Tracey, Mountrath; John Taaffe Kernan, Dominick street... (see Daniel Thomas Treacy)


1840 Subscribers: Tracey, Rev. F., Mountmellick,

An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland: From the Introduction of Christianity ... by Michael John Brenan 1840, - Page vii


February 15, 1841 (FJ)

On the night of the 13th ult, a desperate attempt was made on the life of Mr. Tracey, near Maryborough; whilst standing in his own door a shot was fired at him, which nearly deprived him of life...- Leinster Reformer


20 March 1841 (TH) Queens County Crown Court

James Brown [constable] was arraigned at the bar for shooting at Joseph Tracy, of Ballyteegan, with an intent to murder...Catherine Molloy, widow, was a first cousin to Tracy's wife...verdict not guilty.


17 July 1841 (TH)

On Thursday a woman named Tracy, at Castlebrack, Queens County, committed suicide by hanging herself from a garden wall whilst under temporary insanity.

1841 A Return of Inquests

Eliza Tracey, on the 5th July, at Kilcavan, hanged herself.

1842 Return of Number of Inquests - Queens County

Eliza Tracey, Kilcavan, hanged herself, 5 July 1841, Coroner: John Healy Owen.


September 06, 1841 Freemans Journal

The Lord Chancellor has appointed John Treacy of Tenikilly, in the Queens County, Esq., to the commission of the peace for said county.

8 Sep 1841 (CE)

John Treacy, Esq., of Tenikilly, to the Commission of the Peace for the Queen's County.

18th September 1841 The Tablet

New Catholic Magistrates.—The Lord Chancellor has appointed three Catholic magistrates to the commission of the peace for the Queen's County : Michael J. Byrne, of Bayswell, Joseph Lyons, of Moyana, and John Tracy, of Tennakilly, Esqrs. It is well that, even at the last hour, the Whigs did so much of justice to the Queen's County. They owed the people there more than a little. It would require a great deal to compensate for their continuance of Mr. Schoales as rejecting barrister, despite all re.. monstrance. But why was Mr. P. Lalor pursed over in the appointments to the magisterial bench ? Why, we would also ask, was not Mr. Byrne appointed for the county Kilkenny as well as the Queen's County?


1841- 1851

The lands of Garrafin otherwise Garryfin otherwise Garrafna, manor of Villiers, Queens county...deed dated 28th December 1841, made between the Most Noble Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Busckinham and Chandoss of the 1st part, John Delany of the 2nd part and John Treacy of the 3rd part, the said Duke of Buckingham renewed said lease to the said John Treacy, for the lives of her Majestry Queen Victoria...


Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 23           

PLACE OF TRIAL: Queens County              

TRIAL DATE: 27/06/1842


SENTENCE: Transportation 10 yrs


10 November 1842 to 10 April 1843 Medical journal of the North Briton , convict ship

James Tracy, aged 23, convict; sick or hurt, psora; put on sick list 28 December 1842, discharged 1 January 1843 cured.

Tasmania Archives

Voyage Ship: North Briton

Voyage No: 212

Arrival Date:, 04 Apr 1843

Departure Date: 20 Dec 1842

Departure Port: Dublin



08 October 1842 Wexford Independent

At Tenikilly, Queen's County, the lady of John Treacy, Esq, of a son.


British Civil Service Evidence Of Age

Edward Joseph Treacy, born 1847 Mountrath Queen's County Ireland

1867 Edward Joseph Treacy. Entry papers for service as an Excise man.

James Treacy, born 1842 Tenikilly Queen's County Ireland

Patrick Tracey, born 1845 Portarlington Queen's County Ireland


1842-1855 Friend's [Quaker] School Mountmellick

Edwd Tracey


21 January 1843 (N) The Mathew Testimonial

John Treacy, J.P., Tenkilly, Mountrath.

January 25, 1843 (FJ) Mathew Tesimonial

...John Treacy, JP, Tenkilly, Mountrath...


25 February 1843 (N) O'Connell Fund

Comerass, Queen's County...collection by Daniel Treacy, Esq., Mountrath...John Treacy, J.P. and John Treacy, jun., Esqs., 1l each...

7 Dec 1844 (N)

Comerass, Queen's County...John Tracy, jun., James Treacy, Esqrs., 1l each...

6 December 1845 (N)

Comerass, Queen's County...John Tracy, jun., Jas. Treacy, Esqrs., 1l each...


18th November 1843 The Tablet

Mount Mellicx.—A correspondent of the Pilot says, "that during mass last Sunday, the Rev. Mr. Treacy, as I am informed, after having pronounced a glowing eulogy on Mr. O'Connell for his unswerving allegiance to Queen Victoria, and his unshaken loyalty to her throne; after having, in short, exhausted his vocabulary in bestowing most laudatory epithets on the Liberator, then piously recommended him to the warmest prayers of the faithful, an appeal which, I understand, was responded to with the most spontaneous cordiality.


January 24, 1844 (FJ)

Upperwood, Queen's County - John Tracy, Esq, J.P. chairman


1844 Mountmellick Workhouse Board

Upperwoods: ...John Tracey...


12 March 1844

Release and reconveyance by James Gaffney Billing Esq., Dublin and Wardle Ivy Sterling Esq., Dublin to Edward Courtney Clibborn Esq., Banbridge, Co. Down of the lands of Shamboe Tracy [Shanboe Aghaboe?], manor of Villars, Barony of Upper Ossory, Queen's County. D1253/5/16


18 January 1845 (N) O'Connell Tribute

...Mountmellick Union, Queen's County...Rev. Felix Tracy, C.C...


Will: Judith Tracy of Ballylinan Co. Laois, 29th March 1845, Prerogative Court will. Char1/13/p21

1846 Charitable Donations and Bequests (Ireland)

Judith Tracy, late of Ballylinan, in the Queen's County, Widow:

I leave and bequeath to the Rev. Mr. Doran, Roman catholic curate of Killalbin, the sum of 10 l. sterling, to be distributed in charitable purposes, as he may think proper. I leave and bequeath to the Rev. Mr. Connolly, of Athy Convent, Dominican Friar, the sum of 10l. sterling, for masses for the repose of my soul.

Parliamentary Papers, Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons


August 26, 1846 (FJ) Married

On the 25th instant in Pembroke street, by the Right Rev. Dr. Haly, Miles Kehoe, Esq of Moorestown, to Margaret, daughter of the late John Treacy, of Tenikilly in the Queens County, Esq.


1846 Slaters Directory

Edward, Treacy, Public House, Ballycolleenbeg, Mountmellick

James Tracy, baker, Main St, Mountmellick

James Tracy, boot & shoemaker, Main St, Mountmellick

James Tracy, Grocer, Main St, Mountmellick

John Treacy, Esq., Gentry, Tinnekelly, Mountrath

Rev. Felix Treacy, curate, Mountmellick

William Treacy, pawnbroker, Mountrath


Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 32           

PLACE OF TRIAL: Queens County              

TRIAL DATE: 05/03/1846


SENTENCE: Transportation for 15 years

PETITIONER: Philip Ryan     



April 5, 1847 (FJ) (From the Leinster Express)

Mountmelick - On the night of Sunday, the 28th ult., a house, the property of James Tracy, of this town, was maliciously set on fire and consumed at Derryguile. Having purchased some land from one member of the family, it would appear that others were not satisfied, and the burning seems to have been the consequence.


June 21, 1848 (FJ) Birth

On the 15th instant, at Tenikilly, in the Queen's County, the lady of John Treacy, Esq, of a daughter.


November 18th, 1848 Athy Poor Law Union

Patt Tracey’s wife, of Ballybed [Ballybeg, Co. Laois?], gave evidence in this case, as it was she received the money he being unable to attend. She said she received the first payment on lady-day in May; the first money she got was 2s 6d; this she got only once; the next time she got 3s, and 4s after that, until she was cut to 3s again; her husband received the money once himself, she got less than 3s only once; considers it was in July she was cut off; Mr. Large told her he would not give it to her anymore, unless her husband came, as he said he was able to work. Relieving Officer - Which was it I or Mr. Whelan gave you the 2s 6d.

Witness - It was you; you threw it on the road.

Mr. Whelan - That is quite true. There is no doubt but it was 2s 6d, and it was thrown upon the road.

Patrick Tracy is charged on the Union, according to the Relieving Officer’s published return, for twelve weeks, at 4s each.


December 27, 1848 (FJ) Queen's County

...voters...John Treacy...


January 29, 1849 (FJ) Mountmellick Poor Law Union

In attendence...W. Tracey...


18 July 1849 Return of all Notices served upon Relieving Officers of Poor Law Districts in Ireland

Notice served by Edward Tracey on behalf of Edward Tracy at Ballcullenbeg Mountmellick Queens Co, 1 person evicted

Notice served by Jane Star on behalf of Edward Tracy at Ballcullenbeg Mountmellick Queens Co, 1 person evicted


Notice served by Patrick Treacy on behalf of the agent to Thomas Biancoci at Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary, 1 person evicted



Castlebrack, Cappanlugg, Grange and Mucklone, in Tinnahinch Queens Co, Charles Launcelot Sandes Esq, 980a/1r/26p Statute, 605a/1r/0p Irish, £55.7.8 rent, ...the last renewal whereof bears the date 20th June 1849 for the lives of Henry Sandes, William Tracey, and Albert Prince of Wales...


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

Felix Tracy, Curate, Mountmellick

John Treacy, Tinnekelly, Mountrath, Magistrate


1850 Primary Valuation of Tenements

Tinnakill...John Tracy...


Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 57           

PLACE OF TRIAL: Queens County              

TRIAL DATE: 05/03/1851


SENTENCE: Transportation 10 yrs


COMMENTS: Convict may have been convicted with Mary Smith


Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



AGE: 21           

PLACE OF TRIAL: Queens County              

TRIAL DATE: 05/03/1851


SENTENCE: Transportation 10 yrs



April 26, 1851 (FJ) Aggregate Meeting of Catholics in Ireland

...Edward Tracy, do [Montrath]...


July 19, 1851 (FJ) Catholics of Ireland

...Mountrath...William Treacy...


1851 Census - Thorney, Cambridgeshire

Henry Tracey, born 1798 in Queen Camel (County?), Ireland.

1851 Census - 6 Crawell's Buildings behind Moreley Road, Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire.

Edward Tracy, head, 32, born 1819 Queens Country Ireland,  Labourer

Ann Tracy, wife, 31, b. 1820 Queens Country  Ireland

Mary Tracy, daur, 5, b. 1846 Queens Country  Ireland

Sarah Tracy, daur, 3, b. 1848 in Queens Country  Ireland

Anna Tracy, daur, 9 mon, b. 1850 Barton Lancashire


Griffiths Valuation - Laois 1851-52


By Area

Anne. E. Tracy Mrs. Archerstown Aharney Laois


Bernard Tracy Srahduff Glebe Kilmanman Laois


Catherine Tracey Garrison Rathdowney Laois

Catherine Tracy Ballyquaid Glebe Skirk Laois


Christopher Tracey Courtwood Lea Laois


Daniel Tracey Esq. Derrynaseera Offerlane Laois

Daniel Tracy Johnstown Glebe Rathdowney Laois

Daniel Treacy Barrahill Rathdowney Laois


Edward Tracey Mountmellick (Pound St.) Rosenallis Laois

Edward Tracy Ballycullenbeg Harbour St Ardea Laois

Edward Tracy Ballymooney Straboe Laois

Edward Tracy Ballymooney Straboe Laois

Edward Tracy Corbally Rosenallis Laois

Edward Tracy Foundry Street Ardea Laois


Esther Tracy Killinure Lea Laois


James Tracey Derrygile Ardea Laois

James Tracey Mountmellick (Main St. Lr. Rosenallis Laois

James Tracy Acragar Ardea Laois

James Tracy Foundry Street Ardea Laois

James Treacy Killeshin Killeshin Laois


John Tracey Jr. Garrison Rathdowney Laois

John Tracey Monamonra Rathdowney Laois

John Tracey Raheenduff Rosconnell Laois

John Tracy Esq. Cappanarrow Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Garrafin Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Killeen Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Tinnakill Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Huntspark,Ardough Killabban Laois

John Tracy Lismurragha Rathdowney Laois

John Tracy Morett Coolbanagher Laois

John Tracy Mountrath Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois


Joseph Tracy Ballytegan Borris Laois

Joseph Tracy Cooltoran Borris Laois

Joseph Tracy Kyleclonhobert Borris Laois


Maurice Tracy Oldleagh Killabban Laois

Maurice Treacy Killeshin Killeshin Laois


Patrick Tracey Timogue Timogue Laois

Patrick Tracy Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois

Patrick Tracy Morett Coolbanagher Laois


Richard Tracy Ardateggle Killeshin Laois


Sarah Tracy Cloncourse Kyle Laois


Susan Tracy Cloncourse Kyle Laois


Thomas Tracy Durrow Town Parks Durrow Laois


Walter Tracy Ballyteigeduff or Jamestown Lea Laois


William Tracy Ardateggle Killeshin Laois

William Tracy Clonbarrow Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Tracy Mountrath Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Treacy Miss Lalor's Lane Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Treacy Mountrath (Town of) Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

Anne. E. Tracy Mrs. Archerstown Aharney Laois


Edward Tracy Ballycullenbeg Harbour St Ardea Laois

Edward Tracy Foundry Street Ardea Laois

James Tracey Derrygile Ardea Laois

James Tracy Acragar Ardea Laois

James Tracy Foundry Street Ardea Laois


Joseph Tracy Ballytegan Borris Laois

Joseph Tracy Cooltoran Borris Laois

Joseph Tracy Kyleclonhobert Borris Laois


John Tracy Mountrath Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Tracy Clonbarrow Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Tracy Mountrath Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Treacy Miss Lalor's Lane Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois

William Treacy Mountrath (Town of) Clonenagh and Clonagheen Laois


John Tracy Morett Coolbanagher Laois

Patrick Tracy Morett Coolbanagher Laois


Thomas Tracy Durrow Town Parks Durrow Laois


Bernard Tracy Srahduff Glebe Kilmanman Laois


John Tracy Huntspark,Ardough Killabban Laois

Maurice Tracy Oldleagh Killabban Laois

Patrick Tracy Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois


James Treacy Killeshin Killeshin Laois

Maurice Treacy Killeshin Killeshin Laois

Richard Tracy Ardateggle Killeshin Laois

William Tracy Ardateggle Killeshin Laois


Sarah Tracy Cloncourse Kyle Laois

Susan Tracy Cloncourse Kyle Laois


Christopher Tracey Courtwood Lea Laois

Esther Tracy Killinure Lea Laois

Walter Tracy Ballyteigeduff or Jamestown Lea Laois


Daniel Tracey Esq. Derrynaseera Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Cappanarrow Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Garrafin Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Killeen Offerlane Laois

John Tracy Esq. Tinnakill Offerlane Laois


Daniel Tracy Johnstown Glebe Rathdowney Laois

Daniel Treacy Barrahill Rathdowney Laois

Catherine Tracey Garrison Rathdowney Laois

John Tracey Jr. Garrison Rathdowney Laois

John Tracey Monamonra Rathdowney Laois

John Tracy Lismurragha Rathdowney Laois


John Tracey Raheenduff Rosconnell Laois


Edward Tracey Mountmellick (Pound St.) Rosenallis Laois

Edward Tracy Corbally Rosenallis Laois

James Tracey Mountmellick (Main St. Lr. Rosenallis Laois


Catherine Tracy Ballyquaid Glebe Skirk Laois


Edward Tracy Ballymooney Straboe Laois

Edward Tracy Ballymooney Straboe Laois


Patrick Tracey Timogue Timogue Laois


1847-1864 Griffiths Valuation

(name-leaser-value of land)

Tallent Michael-Edward Tracy-£0-10-0 Ballycullenbeg

Blanche Anne-Edward Tracy-£0-10-0 Tracey's lane.


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Daniel Treacy, 22 years, grey eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’5.25”, born Queens Ireland, labourer, enlisted 29 Nov 1851 Albany by Col Walker, 2 Inf G, deserted 11 Mch ’52, apprehended 12 Mch ‘52

Henry Trancy, enlisted 16 Jul 1866 Wilmington Delaware by Maj Judd for 3 years, born Queens Co Ireland, 30 years, shoemaker, hazel eyes, black hair, light complexion, 5’7”, G.S. Inf, Des April 4 1867 at Wilmington Del, Les M.R. of Racty Pasty

Patrick Tracy, 25 years, hazel eyes, dark hair, ruddy complexion, 5’6.5”, born Queens Ireland, clerk, enlisted 24 Jul 1852 Baltimore by Capt McLane, 7 Inf A, 24 July ’57, Exp of service, at Fort Belknap Texas, a private

Patrick Tracy, enlisted 29 Oct 1868 at Fort Warren Ma by Lt Burbans for 3 years, born Mountmellick [Laois] Ireland, 27 years, waiter?, blue eyes, black hair, ruddy complexion, 5’8”, 2 Art, K coy, 2 en Discharged Oct 29 71 Exp service at Savanagh Ga, a Pvt

Peter J Treacy, enlisted 20 Dec 1888 Baltimore Md by Capt Rogers for 5 years, born Queens Co Ireland, 21 years 9 months, Weaver, bro eyes blk hair, dr complexion, 5’9”, 2 Inf, B coy, Des Sep 9/90


May 14, 1852 (FJ) Queen's County Elections

Sir...As to Mr. Daniel Treacy, the "freeholder", who put the question to me, and is now the witness against me, I perceive by his letter that he is not only your correspondent, but also a reporter...[signed] Edward Corcoran.

May 15, 1852 (FJ) Queen's County Elections

Sir...[signed] Daniel Treacy, Dominick street. [Dublin]

15 May 1852 Freeman's Journal

Queen's County Election “... Daniel Treacy. Dominick-street, 14th May, 1852. The following is the letter of Mr. Bennett enclosed by Mr. Treacy 32, Dame-street, ... ”


1853-11-274 Marriage agreement dated 1853 between John W Cullen of 14 Mary St Dublin merchant and Mary Kirwan of Templemore Co Tipperary. William Treacy of Mountrath Queens County and Thomas Brady Dublin mentioned.



51. John Daly 52. James Tracy 53. Patrick Dunne, Acragar [Laois] 14a/1r/19p, £26.14.0, tenant from year to year



1. Patrick Tracey, A Moiety of Lower Ballykneen [Laois] containing 48 acres Irish measure, besides Mountain Commonage, 20a/0r/0p, £11 rent, tenant from year to year...three acres arable and 7 acres mountain land.


1853 Battersby's Registry for the Catholic World

Obituary...October 21. Mrs. Tracy, superioress of St. Clare's Convent, Newry,  aged 66 years

Felix Tracy, Curate, Mounmellick

John Tracy, curate, Cahir

Thos Tracy, curate, Cahir

Patt Tracy, curate, Modeligo Cappoquin

William Tracy, PP, Kilcock

Chowringhee and Dacca...Rev J.A. Tracy

Pakoquetti USA, Jeremiah Tracy


July 22, 1854 (FJ)

...John Treacy, Esq, JP...in the chair...That the proceedings of the meeting be published in the Freemans Journal, Leinster Express and Daily express

July 22, 1854 (FJ) Mountrath

...John Treacy, Esq, JP...


November 14, 1854 (FJ) Catholic University of Ireland

Parish of Mountrath...Messrs W. Tracey...


1854 RIC Service

James Tracy, 19127, b. 1835 Kings


19127 James Tracy, 19 years, 5'9.75", b. Kings, Catholic, single, recommended by D Thompson JP. lab, appointed 14 Nov 54, served Queens 10 May, P!SC 1 May 55, Punishment, Resigd 28 Feb 59 A48471/4565


1855 National Bank of Ireland, Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists

John Treacy, Tenikelly, Mountrath. Gentleman.

Andrew Tracy, Francis-street, Limerick. Grocer.

28 February 1855 London Gazette


February 1855 to 1868 London Gazette

Inland Revenue - Copy of Bankers Returns - Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists

John Treacy, Tenikilly, Mountrath (Gentleman) [Laois]


11 October 1856 Wexford Independent

Andrews and Co teas...agents...Mountrath... E Treacy...


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

Frank Treacy, b. 1889 Portarlington, Queens (Laois)

James Tracey, b. 1863 Morettee, Queens (Laois)

Michael Tracey, b. 1855 Portarlington, Queens (Laois)


1858 RIC Service

John Treacy, 23278, b. 1838 Queens


23278 John Treacy, 19 years, 5'9.25", b. Queens, Catholic, married 14 June? 1869 wife from Kilky City, recommended by C White JP, lab, allocated 20 Apl 58, served Kilk City 12 Aug 58 - Limk City 10/7/69 - Limk Co 1/3?/72 - Limk City 1 Jan 1874, PAC 1/6/82 - P 1.5.73, Rewards - stop runaway horse 16/4/71 - 1.12.75 - 3/5/76 - 3/10/81 - 29,.6.87, Pensioned 1.6.88 23278D/22692


August 2, 1858 (FJ) Death

July 27th, at his residence, Mountrath, Wm. Tracy, Esq., deeply and sincerely regretted, honored and respected by all classes; he was the poor man's friend, the protector of the oppressed, the affectionate and fondly loved father of a numerous family - R.I.P.


1858 Albany Co New York naturalization petitions for Irish born

Patrick Tracy, 30, b. Laois, left from Liverpool, Albany Mar 20



1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Edward Tracy 7 Sep 1854 Ballycolleenbeg Queen's, to Elizabrth Tracy widow and universal legatee

Elizabeth Tracy 15 Apr 1874 Mountmellick Queen's, to daughter Maria Tracy, spinster

John Treacey 26 Jul 1897 Moanfad Queen's, retired farmer, to sister Hanorah Treacey

John Treacy 1 Mar 1887 Tenikilly Queen's, died Angel Hotel Dublin, John Joseph Treacy, gentleman

John Treacy 30 Jul 1919 Lisakelly Mountrath Queen's, farmer, to Annie M. Kehoe

Margaret Tracy 26 Feb 1858 Kilmalogue Portarlington Queen's, by Benjamin Fawcett of 19&20 Henry Street Dublin, merchant

Margaret Treacy 7 Jun 1897 Portarlington Queen's, to husband William Treacy, merchant

Mary Treacy 22 Feb 1860 Mountrath Queen's, widow, to son Philip Treacy, shopkeeper

Matthew Tracy Reverend 16 Nov 1902 Rosenalis Queen's, PP, died 21 Gardiner Place Dublin, to The Right Reverend Patrick Foley RC Bishop

Michael Tracey 25 Aug 1919 [11 May 1919] Carne, Portarlington Queen's, labourer, to Mary Tracey widow

Michael Treacy 10 Jan 1920 [14/11/1919] Killeshin Queen's, farmer, to Margt? Treacy ww [widow woman]

Patrick Treacy 10 Jun 1894 Morette Queen's, farmer and publican, to John Treacy, publican

Philip Treacey 26 Aug 1884 Mountrath Queen's, pawnbroker, Edward Treacey of Birr, Kings Co, pawnbroker and Valentine Ryan of Woodpark Castleconnel Limerick, gentleman

William Tracy 9 Dec 1884 Kenilworth square Rathmines Dublin and late of Fermoy Cork, died at Mountmellick Queen's, to James M’Fadden Portadown Armagh, Linen manufacturer, creditor

William Treacy 15 Nov 1901 Maryborough Queen's, shopkeeper and publican, to John Treacy, shopkeeper

William Treacy 27 Jul 1858 Mountrath Queen's, pawnbroker, by Philip Treacy of Mountrath and Martin Keogh of Thurles Tipperary


Johanna Cantwell 5 Nov 1896 of Camblin Roscrea Tipperary and late of Kyle Queen's, widow, by Rev Patrick Treacy of Galmoy Kilkenny RCC


February 5, 1859 (FJ) Propagation of the Faith

...per Mr. E. Tracy, Mountrath...


1 October 1859 (IT) Irish Shareholders - Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co

...John Treacy, Tinikelly, Queen's County, Merchant...


December 28, 1859 (FJ) Sympathy for the Pope

Queens co...Mr John Tracey, J.P....


31 December 1859 (N) Queens County Meeting of Catholics

...Mr. Tracy, JP...


1859 Thom's Almanac and Official Directory of Ireland

Poor Law Unions, Athy Union of Co. Kildare and Queen's Co.: Master, William Treacy


July 5, 1860 (FJ) Tribute for the Pope

Parish of Maryborough...Mr. Joseph Tracey £1...


July 17, 1860 (FJ) Papal Fund

Portarlington...Joe Tracy 2s6d...


1861 - 3 Bedford Place Southampton All Saints St Peter Hampshire

Mary Tracy, grandmother, 75, b. Queens County, Ireland, household [crossed out]

Mary A Hammond, daur, 17, b.London Middlsex

Margaret Hammond, dau, 15, b. Woodbridge Suffolk

Ellenor Hammond, dau, 13, b.London Middlsex

Emily Davis, Dau, 10, b. London Middlsex

Neberia Grey, visitor, 18, b. Montreal Canada, teacher of music


1862 Offences commited in Queens County

Injury to propert or place of Worship of Mary Kenna, labourer, 12 Nov 1860, Abbeyleix town, no inf lodged declined doing so, John Tracy, convicted at petty sessions

Injury to propert or place of Worship of Lord Ashbrook, 24 Sept 1861, Durrow town, no inf summoned, Thomas Tracy, dismissed at petty sessions


1862 - 1864 National education (Ireland)

Mary Tracy R.C., Workmistress and assistant, female R.C., Cullohill, Aghmacart, Laois

Bridget Tracey R.C., Monitor, female R.c., Mount Mellick, Rosenallis, Laois


3 January 1863 (FJ) Death

December 24, after a short illness, Mr. Thomas Tracy, aged 20 years, third son of the late William Tracy, Esq, of Mountrath, Queen's County. R.I.P.


17 June 1863 (FJ)

In the matter of Patrick Dunne of Mountmellick, in the Queen's County, Shopkeeper, and Provision Merchant, a bankrupt...dwelling house and tenement in Mountmellick, wherein Samuel Smiley, formerly resided...bounded on the south by the Main Street...on the east by the holding formerly John Mooore's...on the north by William Shannon's...on the west by John Gee's...held under fee-farm grant dated the 19th day of June 1858 and made between Martha Tracy on the one part and the said Patrick Dunne of the other part...yearly rent of £26/5/11...


1850-1883 New York Emigrant Savings Bank Records

10 Jun 1863 35265 Catherine Tracey, of 60 Rosvelt St, housekeeper, born 1815 Queens co, Ireland and 1851 per WD Sevch?, is married to John Tracy 3 child

4 Apr 1867 58347 Mary Tracey, of 1286 3rd Ave, domestic, born 1841 Queens Co, ard 1866 per "City of Manchester" Fa Patk Mo Eliza Maher 1 bro Wm


1864 RIC Service

Patrick Treacy, 29273, b. 1846 Queens


29273 Pat Treacy, 18 years, 5'10.25", b. Queens, Roman Catholic, recommended by W.C. Cooper JP, laborer, allocated 2 Feb 1864, Dismissed June 1864 B33832/16642, served 4 months 19 days


21 July 1864 (FJ) Burglary

...Portarlington. The female prisoner also bought some clothes from Mr. Tracey of the same town...


1864 Return of Name and Locality of Convent and Monastic Schools

Bridget Tracy, Monitor, Presentation Nuns, Rosmallis, Mountmellic, Queens. £5/13/4


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Daniel Tracey, Junr., s. of John, Tenikilly, Queen’s Co. (Laois); under 20; aft. Daniel, solicitor, uncle. H 1864. (Dublin Census 1911?)


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Margaret, Mountmellick, Laois/Offaly. 18 564

Tracey, Patrick, Carlow, Carlow/Laois. 3 418

Tracey, (female), Athy, Kildare/Laois. 13 436

Tracy, Anne, Athy, Kildare/Laois. 13 416

Tracy, Mary, Carlow, Carlow/Laois. 8 519

Tracy, Mary Ann, Donaghmore, Laois. 3 486

Tracy, Patrick, Mountmellick, Laois/Offaly. 8 653

Tracy, Thomas, Mountmellick, Laois/Offaly. 3 538

Treacy, Alicia, Athy, Kildare/Laois. 13 432

Treacy, William, Athy, Kildare/Laois. 8 459

Treacy, (male), Mountmellick, Laois/Offaly. 13 594


12 June 1865 (FJ) Landed Estates Court - Queens County

In the matter of the Estate of John Treacy and William Smith, Esquires, Owners; John Delany, Esq, Petitioner.

To be sold, befotre the Honourable Judge Dobbs, on Thursday, the 6th day of July, at Noon, at the Landed Estates Court, Inns quay, Dublin, in one lot, part of the Lands of Garrafin, otherwise Garryfin, otherwise Garrafna, containing 138a0r81p[?] statute measure, situated in that Barony of Upperwoods, and Queens County, held under lease dated the 26 day of January 1771, for three lives renewable for ever, which will be converted into fee farm at the expense of the Estate and producing a profit rent of £61/13/10[?]. Date the 16th day of June 1865. C.R. Dobbs, Examiner.

Descriptive particulars: The above lands are situated about four miles from the town of Mountrath, and about six miles from the Mountrath and Castletown station on the Great Southern and Western Railway...

7 July 1865 (FJ) Landed Estates - Queen's County.

In the matter of the estate of John Tracey and another, owners; John Delaney, petitioner. The lands at Garraffin, barony of Upperwoods, held for lives renewable for ever. 298 statute acres; nett proffit rent, £41/13/10; The Ordance valuation is £124/5/0. Sold to Mr John Tracey at £790.

In the matter of the estate of John Delaney, owner and petitioner. Lot 2 a divided part of the lands of Tinnekelly, held for 999 years; 108 acres; net rent £59/8/4. This was bought by Mr John Tracey at £1240.


8 July 1865 (FJ) University, Professional and Civil Service Classes

Mr. Michael Hickey, BA TCD, 38 Summer Hill...Mr. Daniel Treacy, jun, having revised, under Mr. Hickey, the business of the "Preliminary Examinations for Attorney's Apprentices", obtained, at the last Examinations, Second Place in a class of 17 Candidates.

30 June 1871 (FJ)

Mr. D.J. Treacy, son of John Treacy, Esq., J.P.., of Tenikelly, Mountrath, in the Queen's County, has been admitted an attorney of her Majestry's superior courts of law, and a solicitor of the Court of Chancery in Ireland.


26 September 1865 (FJ) Vacant Clerkship of the Crown

The Lord Lieutenant has sanctioned the transfer of Daniel Treacy, Esq, for the Clerkship of the Crown for the King's County to that held by the late George Pilkington, Esq, for the Queen's County. His Excellency has conferred the appointment rendered vacant by Mr. Treacy's transfer on Joseph Lyons, Esq, of Maryborough.


13 March 1866 (FJ) Queens County

...grand jury were sworn by Daniel Tracey, Esq., Clerk of the Crown...

25 July 1867 (FJ) Queens County

...sworn by Mr. Daniel Tracey, clerk of the Crown...


1866 RIC Service [Retired to Ovoca, Wicklow see 1901 & 1911 Census]

John Treacy, 31648, b. 1847 Queens


31648 Jno Treacy, 19 years, 5'7.75", b. Queens, Roman Catholic, married 4/7/78 wife from Wexford 31648D/35758, recommended by B.W. Delany JP, laborer, allocated 7 May 1866, served Wexf 27 Oct 66 - Tip SR 20/10/78, P Acts Sergt 1.12.8? - P Sergt 1.1.86, Rewards & Punishments, Pensioned 1-6-96 31648D/15961, Cosmected? in Kilkenny


4 August 1866 The Kilkenny Journal

Kilkenny Union...The Mastership of the Workhouse...eleven applications...Wm Tracy, Athy...seventeen years master of Athy Workhouse. The chairman of that board, Mr Lefroy?, gave him an excellent character, on resigning. Mr. Buggy - This man was suspended by the Athy board of guardians until called upon by the commissioners to resign...Mr Treacy stated to the chairman that he was called upon to resign by the commissioners, in conjunction with three other officiers, for the reason that they could not agree between them. (To Mr Buggy) - there were severalo charges made against me; one was by the schoolmistress, for making advances towards her...Mr Smithwick. As far as my judgement goes, Mr. Treacy is a good man...Sir John Blunden - On the 28th of May Rev Mr Quin, chaplin of Athy workhouse, gave him a very good character, as well as the Rev Mr Keatinge, Protestant chaplin...Mr Blunden proposed Mr Treacy as a candidate for the office of master, which Colonel Bull seconded and said that it was only fair that he should be elected, and he did not see why a little difference between him and some of the other officiers of athy workhouse should be brought against him...Mr E.J. Maher - I took an oportunity of communicating with several gentlemen in the Queen's County about the character of Mr Treacy and three out of the five gentlemen that I communicated with gave him a very high character. One of the gentlemen that gave him a good character was a magistrate and an ex-officio guardian of Athy union...Mr Smithwick - I received numerous letter from gentlemen of the Queen's County and from them I would say that his character is unexceptionable...I heard about two months ago that he (Treacy) was dismissed from Athy workhouse...election be adjourned for two weeks…


12 October 1866 (FJ) Death

September 27, at Mullingar, Mr. William Treacy, late of Mountrath, much regretted by a large circle of friends.


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

- Alphabetical

- by County


20 March 1867 (NG) Crown Court – Assault [Tipperary/Laois]

Catherine Tracy and Daniel Tracy were charged with an assault on James Monaghan and occasioning actual bodily harm...The man not appearing his recognisances were entreated; and the Crown proceeded with the case against the woman...James Monahan...I live near Catherine Tracy, the prisoner; I was in Rathdowney fair on the 15th December with a heifer, which I did not sell; on going home I passed by the prisoner's down a narrow lane; my heifer broke into Tracy's ground...attacked with stones...Dr. O'Connell, Templemore, attended me...I was fined one time for trespassing on the prisoners land...convicted of a common assault with a recommendation to mercy, and was sentenced to two months imprisonment without hard labour.


10 April 1867 (FJ) The Late Rev J. Dunne, P.P., Mountrath

...Philip Treacy, do [Mountrath] £2...


19 August 1867 (FJ) Thanks - The Christian Brothers, Maryborough

...1s...Joseph Tracey...


16 December 1867 (FJ) In aid of Pope

Parish of Mountrath...Philip Tracy £1...

16 December 1867 (FJ) Contribution for the Pope

Parish of Mountrath...Philip Tracy...10s...

17 July 1871 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb, Cabra

Mr. Philip Treacy, Mountrath...


1867 Parliamentary Papers - Accounts and Papers 21st Volume

Landed Estate Court 1855 and 1866

Treacy and another, one lot, Quantity 298a/0r/31p, Value £41.13s.10d, Queen’s County


2 May 1868 Cork Examiner

... Wiiliam Treacy, Esq., of Mountrath.


11 July 1868 Queens County Criminal Indictments 1840-1867

Daniel Treacy, Clerk of the Crown


2 April 1870 Irish Times

Landed Estates

In the matter of he estate of Daniel Treacy owner and Eliza Mary Byrne petitioner.

(Ballincarra Weston, Soouth Liberties, Limerick & Ballyrackane and Drishane Tipperary & Raheen (Kilkenny/Laois) & Barryhill (Kilkenny) & Mountrath (Laois) & 33 Henry Street Dublin)

9/11 June 1870 Irish Times

Landed Estates

In the matter of he estate of Daniel Treacy owner expartate and Guinness Mahon & Co petitioner.

(4 Lower Pembroke St Dublin… residue of 77 years from 1857… yearly rent £20…)

10/11 June 1870 Irish Times

Landed Estates

In the matter of he estate of Daniel Treacy owner and John Hobbs Peart petitioner.

(??? Court or Market Square Mounthrath and other property in Mountrath)

5th July 1870: In the Matter of the Estate of Daniel Treacy, owner, John Hobbs Peart, petitioner

The dwelling house, ground and premises situated at Thomas Court or Market Square in the town of Mountrath The Double Grist Mill, with the yard fronting the same, and the passage leading thereto. from the Street of Mounthrath, together with the liberty of the river or mill race bounding same The plot of ground in the town of Mouthrath known as Green's Lot; The plot of ground known as Lockington's holding; and The plot of ground in said town of Mountrath, with the houses thereon...

13 June 1870 Irish Times

Landed Estates

In the matter of he estate of Daniel Treacy trustee and executer of Patrick Murray desceased owner and Ellen Moore Spinster petitioner.

(lands North Ward Castleknock Dublin)



9 July 1870 (FJ) Grand Drawing of Prizes, Jervis Street Hospital

...2nd Raffle...5th Prize - Embroidered Cushion, No. of ticket 105; won by Miss Agnes Treacy, Deerpark [Mountrath, Laois?].


28 November 1870 (FJ) Collection for the French

Mountrath and Hollow...Philip Treacy 10s...


15 & 16. George Wilkins, Mounrath Laois, House and land part of a plot of ground in the town of Mountrath with the houses thereon, £5.10.0 & £3.3.0 rent, 0a/1r/15p & 0a/3r/24p, Lease from Daniel Tracey the owner, to George Wilkins dated 26th day of May 1870 of these holdings for sixty years from 1st May 1870 at a bulk rent of £8.13.0 per annum, being £5.10.0 for no.15 and £3.3.0 perannum for no.16. This lease has not been executed by the lessor but the premises will be sold subject to it...


Magistrates 1870/1880s

John Treacy, Tenikilly, Mountrath.


1871 British Census

Mars Treacy, b. abt 1820 Laois Ireland, Derbyshire England

William Treacy, b. abt 1843 Laois Ireland, Derbyshire England


Edward Tracey , Head, 58, b. 1813 Queens Country Ireland, Farm Labourer, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Maria Tracey , Wife, 48, b. 1823 Galway Ireland, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Margaret Tracey , Daughter, 17, b. 1854 Patricroft, Spinner, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Kate Tracey , Daughter, 14, b. 1857 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

Edward Tracey , Son, 11, b. 1860 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire

James Tracey , Son, 4, b. 1867 Patricroft, Winton Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire


26 June 1872 (FJ) The Galway Vindication Fund

Mountmellick...Mrs. Tracy 5s...


15 July 1872 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb

...Mr. John Treacy, Tinkilly, Mounthrath...


15 July 1872 (FJ)

...Mr P Treacy, Mountrath...


1873-74 Teachers and Monitors Ireland

Jos Treacey, Killeagh, Kings Co

Bt Treacy - Ind, Mt Mellick F – nuns, Queens Co


2 May 1874 (N) Attempted Murder in the Queen's County

...Mr. John Tracey, J.P., Tennakilly...


23 September 1874 (FJ) Police Intelligence

John Kelly, Maryborough, Queen's County...a sheep affected with scab...veterinary surgeon, named Wm. Tracey...


November 1874 Court of Insolvency

Daniel Tracey, solicitor, accounts from 1844 to 1874...


2 April 1875 (FJ) Queen's County Quarter Sessions

...grand jury...Philip Treacy...


July 1876 Ballyfin Yearlings

present...Mr. Tracy, V S; Mountrath...


1876 Landowners in Ireland

Tracey, A. E., (Dublin), Laois. 191a/1r/17p. £134.5.0

Tracey, John, Ardough, Laois. 13a/2r/20p. £3.10.0

Treacy, Daniel, (Dublin), Laois. 47a/3r/15p. £92.0.0

Treacy, John, Tinnakelly, Mountrath, Laois. 558a/0r/0p. £281.5.0

Treacy, Philip, Mountrath, Laois. 2a/3r/35p. £40.0.0

1876 (412) Owners of land (Ireland).


Anne H. Tracy, 278a. £163

Daniel Tracy, 26a, £17


1876 Return of holdings purchased by Tenants from the Church Temporalities

Ballyquaid Glebe, Skeirke, Clandonagh, Queens County

Wm. Treacy, sale 1 April 1876, 7a/2r/19, valuation £6/15/0, rent £8/7/6, Gross £184, cash £94/1/4, Mortgage £80/18/8, 31/8/1880 arrears -


25 Nov 1876 IT

Mr Treacey, V.S. (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London), having resigned his position under Professor Ferguson, her Majesty's Veterinary Surgeon, can be consulted at Mountrath.


6 December 1877 (FJ) The Casey Fair Trial Fund

...Philip Treacy, Mountrath, 5s...


13 December 1877 (FJ) Queens County

Magistrates...John Treacy...


'Ascension Thursday 1877' (c. June) Holograph letter from James Walshe, Carlow, to Kirby: Letter of introduction to Rev. F. Treacy. [Felix?]

The Kirby Collection Catalogue Irish College Rome


1877 The Irish language in National Schools

John Treacy, J.P. Queen's County


1877 Return of Holdings exceeding Three Acres sold by Commissioners of Church Temporalities in Ireland

Wm. Tracy, Ballyquaid Glebe, Skeirke, Clandonagh, Queen's Co., sale 31 Mar 1876, rent £5/9/2, 4a/0r/30p, value £4/0/0, gross £108, cash £27, mortgage £81


December 1878 Court

...John Tracey, Esq., J.P. Trinakilly, Queens county...


9 September 1876 (N) Bazar in aid of the Completion of the Church of Aghaboe [Laois]

...Second stall was presided over by Miss Campion, Rathdowney, Miss Coyne Fernville; assisted by the Misses Treacy, Miss Power and Miss Banks...Fourth Stall was presided over by Miss Treacy and Miss Cunningham assisted by Mrs. O'Connor, Miss Cass and Miss Fennelly...Mr P Treacy, Mountrath 10s...


17 April 1878 (FJ) To the Right Hon. Hugh Tarpey, Lord Mayor of Dublin

...convene an Aggregnite Meeting of the Catholics of Ireland...demands...education, Primary, Intermediate and University.

Edward Tracey, Morehampton-road, Dublin

John Tracey, jun, Mountrath.


15 November 1880 Castletown of Upper Ossary

John Treacy of Tinakilly Mountrath Laois, appointed magistrate 30 Aug 1840 Castletown and Coolrain


27 November 1880 (N) Demonstation at Stradbally [Laois]

...present...P. Treacy...Maryborough Branch...- Freemans


30 December 1880 Freeman's Journal

... Philip Treacy...Mountrath...

29 August 1883 Freeman's Journal

...Philip Treacy, Esq, after a long and painful illness...[Laois?]


July 1881 Queens Co.

...Charles R. Tracy...obtained from Captain John Sweetman Powell at Lamberton Park, the sum of £4...


December 1881 Judicial rent, Maryborough

Timothy Meagher, tenant; John Tracy, landlord

Holding of 19 acres, rent £15, valuation £7/10/0, on the River Delaur. He said that his father had been bord on the farm 63 years ago, he paid the rent by working for Mr Tracy as his father did before him. Mr John Tracy junior said he would give the farm for £11/5/0.

Patrick Dunn, tenant; John Tracy, landlord

holding 12 acres, rent £19/9/4, valuation £9


1881 British Census

Mary Tracy, aged 20, born Neath Queens Co, single, Housemaid, Bridge St (Victoria Hotel) Bradford York

Mary Tracy, Boarder, Married, F, 30, Woolcombing, Queens County Mount Mellick; 92 Back Abbey Rd, Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire

Patrick Tracey, aged 59, born Queens Co, widow, wool washer (stuff), 22 Broom St Bowling York

William, aged 35, born Queens Co, son, single, woolen warehouseman (CI Dur)

John, aged 31 years, born Queens Co, lodger (son???), married, operative stuff dye

Richard Tracey, aged 60, born Queens Co, widow, lodger, shoemaker, 34 Granby St Bowling York

William Tracey, 65 years, born Queens Co, single, lodger, labourer, 11 Lombard St Manchester Lanc.


1882 RIC Service

Martin Treacy, 49459, b. 1861 Kings


49459 Martin Treacy, 21.5 years, 5'10.25", b. Kings, Catholic, recommended by SI Greene, farmer, allocated 17th June 1882, served Queens 26 Nov 82, Reward & Punishments, Gratuity 4.9.91 49459D/57105, Cond in Tipp N


1882 Return of Payments to Landlords

John Treacy, 2 holdings, annual rent £38/4/4, amount paid £19/2/2


1882 [C.3120] Irish Land Commission. The Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881 - Queens Co

Thomas Dunne, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Tinnakill, 5a1r20p, £1.10.0 valuation, £3.10.0 rent, £1.2.6 judicial rent

Margaret Dooley, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Tinnakill, 39a0r0p, £22.10.0 valuation, £49.6.8 rent, £27.0.0 judicial rent

Reps of Timothy Meagher, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Garrafin, 19a0r0p, £7.10.0 valuation, £15.0.0 rent, £9.0.0 judicial rent

Patrick Dunne, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Tinnakill, 17a0r0p, £9.0.0 valuation, £19.9.4 rent, £11.0.0 judicial rent

G. Selvey, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Tinnakill, 119a1r25p, £114.0.0 valuation, £85.0.0 rent, £1.2.6 judicial rent

J. Hegarty, tenant, John Treacey, landlord, Tinnakill, 16a0r0p, £5.15.0 valuation, £16.24.4 rent, £8.0.0 judicial rent, fixed by consent


1883 Hugh Cassin, tenant, John Treacy, landlord, Garafin, Queens Co, 8a0r0p, £2.15.0 valuation, £8 rent, £3.15.0 judicial rent, by consent


1884 [C.4059] Arrears of Rent (Ireland) Act, 1882 - Landlords

John Treacy, Queens, 2 holdings, £38.4.4 rent, £38.4.4 arrears 1880, £19.2.2 paid by commission


17 October 1885 (N) Queens County Convention

...Rev PJ Tracy, CC, Grogan...

17 October 1885 (N) Queen's County Conventions

...Rev PJ Treacy, CC, Grogan...delegates...Camross...W. Treacy...


1886-7 Wexford

Anne Tracey alias Kelly, 59, 5'6", gr hair, gr eyes, sallow, b. Mountrath, no fixed residence, dealer married, RC, attempt to steal a purse containing a sum of money, 3 months


1887 Family of Treacy

Papers in the Chancery Case 1887 of Treacy v. Treacy relating to trusts of the marriage settlement of John Treacy of Tenniskelly, Queens Co & Mary Madden 1838.

Dublin Public Records Office M 5822 (1-7)


28 February 1887 London Gazette

Inland Revenue - Copy of Bankers Returns - Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists

Maria Tracy, Miss, Mountmellick [Laois]


Treacy - 1st March 1887, in Dublin, John Treacy, J.P., Tenikilly, Mountrath, aged 86 years. R.I.P. Funeral from Mountrath Station on to-morrow (Friday) morning at 9.15 o'clock.


1887 [C.5031] Irish Land Commission - Queens Co

John Treacy, tenant, Robert H. Stubber, landlord, Bawnbrack, 32a2r9p, £26.10.0 valuation, £33.2.6 rent, £22.0.0 judicial rent


24 February 1887 Freeman's Journal

... to Mrs Tracy, General Drapery Establishment. Portarlinigton, Queen's Co.

12 January 1888  Freeman's Journal

... Joseph Tracy, General Drapiery, Main at, Portarlington, Queen's Co.


3 May 1889 New Zealand Tablet

Queen's County.— The people of Mountrath held a public meeting to protest against the barbarities to which Wm. O'Brien is being subjected in Clonmel Gaol. Rev. Edward Brennan presided. ihe following resolution was proposed by Rev. J. Donovan, seconded by Daniel J. Treacy, and unanimously adopted:— That we indigently protest against the barbarous and cruel treatment to which William O'Brien is being subjected in Clonmel Gaol, and that we hereby declare our determination to aid more strenuously than ever the noble cause tor which he suffers.


18 October 1889 Freeman's Journal

John Tracy, Tinnakill [Laois?]


1889 Return of judicial rents

Patrick Lapsley of Kylenaseer Laois, landlord John Treacy Exor. of John Treacy, 16a/0r/31p, poor valuation £6/10/0, old rent £11/10/0, new rent £6/15/0

Michael Doolan of Kylenaseer Laois, landlord John Treacy Exor. of John Treacy deceased, 31a/3r/37p, poor valuation £12/10/0, old rent £20/5/6, new rent £13/0/0

John McDonnell of Kylenaeser Laois, landlord John Treacy Exor. of John Treacy deceased, 32a/1r/23p, poor valuation £11/10/0, old rent £19/3/8, new rent £12/0/0


United States Naturalization Petitions

James Joseph Tracy, born 24 Dec 1887 Queens, [Laois] Ireland. Naturalised 1926 New York City, NY. Spouse's Catherine Tracy born 1896 Child James Tracy born 04 Nov 1924

James Tracy, born 24 Dec 1884 Queens, [Laois] Ireland. Naturalised 1923 New York City, NY. Spouse's Catherine Tracy


1890 Return of judicial rents

Abraham Tracey of Ardentagle Queens Co, landlord Harman Fitzmaurice and others, 65a/3r/11p, poor valuation £27/5/0, old rent £47/0/0, new rent £34/0/0


25 April 1890 New Zealand Tablet

Queen's County. — At the recent meeting of the Aghboe League, Father Kuaresborough presided. Other members present : Messrs. Lawrence Cummins, Nicholls Connor, Robert Treacy. M. Whittaker, J. Dunphy, E. Loughman, J. Deegan, P. Flynn, E. Fitzpatrick, J. Collins, J. Davin, J. Harte, B. Fitzpatrick, etc. The following resolution was unanimously passed . — That we, in meeting assembled, having heard the facts of the case of Butcher v. Tierney, and the ground for complaint by the former, consider Mr. Butcher's conduct in serving Tierney with an ejectment process as harsh, unjustifiable, and tyrannical, and as such we pledge ourselves to support the oppressed tenants by every legal means, and we would recommend that all Nationalists solicitors woukd keep aloof from taking the landlord's part in all such cruel proceedings.


Mayo Church of Ireland Graveyard



13 & 28 June, 21 July 1890 Freeman's Journal

... of John Treacy, late of Tenikelly, in the Queen's County, Deceased. Esther Spafiaccini, Plaintiff; John Joseph Treacy, Defendant., ...

... of John Treacy, late of Tenikelly, in thle uneon's County, Deceased. Esther Spadarcini Plaintiff; John Joseph Treacy, Defendant.: Persunt to the order of the Right ...

S Treacy, deceased, Spadaccini v Treacy; same matter and cause


7 December 1891 Freeman's Journal

... George Treacy was indicted that he, on the 10th June last, committed wilful and corrupt perjury before Mr. Humphrey Smith, J P, at Mountmellick Courthouse in a ...


1892 Jeanie Treacy, tenant, Major H Fitzmaurice, landlord, Ardteggle, Queens Co, 90a3r20p, £11.10.0 valuation, £16 rent, £14 judicial rent


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Bridget Treacy, Maryboro (Laois? Ireland), 1909, 26 years, single, clerk, Uncle John Treacy, Heath, Maryboro. to sister in law Hitema Moore, 17 West 65th St New York, b. Maryboro Ireland.


Cornelius Treacy, Ballybrophy (Laois) Ireland, 1914, 40 years, married, Mother Mary, Ballyquad, Ballybrophy. Wife Mrs Treacy, 70 West 107th St New York, 5’6”, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. b. Ballygnow [Ballyquaid] Ireland. [Cornelius Treacy 40, Maggie Treacy 9] [Dublin Census 1911]

Maggie Treacy [Norris], Ballybrophy (Laois) Ireland, 1914, 9 years, (margaret mary see file # 283/831 daughter? Mother [grandmother] Mary, Ballyquad, Ballybrophy. [step?] Father paid passage. Mother do [Mrs Treacy, 70 West 107th St New York], Bureau authories correction of name to Margaret Mary Norris upon payment of head tax. Head Tax 400 forwarded to Comm of Iramey hdl Wash DC File #283/831 . b. Ballygnow [Ballyquaid] Ireland. [Cornelius Treacy 40, Maggie Treacy 9] [Dublin Census 1911]


Ellen Treacey, Mountmellick (Laois? Ireland), 1893, 21 years, to New York [with Norah Fay 23 of Mountmellick]


Florence Tracy, Twichenham England, 1911, 30 [39?] year, Friend: Mrs Gardiner, Twickenham. Husband: Mr. Kyran? Tracey, 150 Manhattan Roe?, New York. 5’7”, dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes. b. Breenhlan? England. [Florence Tracy 30, May Tracy 11, Edwin Tracy 9, William Tracy 8, Gertrude Tracy 6]

Florence Tracy, NY USA, 1922, 50 years, Friend: Mrs Berry, 60 Cambridge Rd, Norbiton, Kingston Thames England. Husband: Mr Kryam Tracey, 156 West 95th St, New York, NY. 5’6”, fair complexion, grey hair, grey eyes. b. Middlesex England. [brother of Cornelius Dublin Census 1901]


James Treacy, Kathbowny (Rathdowney Laois Ireland?), 1906, 22 years, single, to Aunt Mrs White, Palmyra NY


Julia A. Tracey, Emo [Laois] Ireland, 1920, 17 years, single, Student domestic, Mrs. Tracey Coolbanager, Portarlington. To Dominican Convent Newburgh New York, 5’4”, Fr complexion, Br hair, Br eyes, b. Coolbanagh Ireland


Lena Tracey, Emo (Laois) Ireland, 1914, 20 years, Postulant, 5’1”, pale complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, Father: Michael, Emo Portarlington, going to Holy Angels Academy Seatle Washington, b. Emo Ireland [also sister Maggie Tracey, 18]

Maggie Tracey, Emo (Laois) Ireland, 1914, 18 years, Postulant, 5’0”, pale complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, Father: Michael, Emo Portarlington, going to Holy Angels Academy Seatle Washington, b. Emo Ireland [also sister Lena Tracey, 20]


Margaret Treacy, Rothdonney (Rathdowney Laois) Ireland, 1909, 20 years, single, Father Wm, Kylerhaw, Errill Ballybrophy. to Aunt Mary White, Palmyra?, New York. 5’6”, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Rathdowney Ireland.


Michael Tracey, Kylehan Ireland, 1914, 25 years, single, 5’9”, fair complexion, br hair, bl eyes, Farm Lab?, lived Kylehan, Wm? Tracey, Kylehan, Erril, Queen Co. Ireland. To uncle James White Palmyra Wayne Co NY. b. Kylekan Erril Ireland


Patrick Treacy (Rev), 1923, 25 years, single Clergyman, Lived Wexford Ireland, father John Treacy The Heath Maryboro Leix. to Cathedral Great Falls Montana, 5'10", fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, b. The Heath Loix Ireland.


William Tracey, Durrow (Laois?) Ireland, 1903, 24 years, to brother John, 146 Dawrnirs St New York [may have travelled with the Clooneys]


1892 Return of judicial rents

Jeanie Treacy of Ardateggle Laois, landlord Major H. Fitzmaurice, 90a/3r/20p, poor valuation £11/10/0, old rent £16/0/0, new rent £14/0/0

Thomas Carroll of Crannagh Laois, landlord John Treacy, 54a/1r/2p, poor valuation £25/10/0, old rent £48/6/0, new rent £38/0/0


March 1893 New Magistrates

Queens Co...John Tracy...

1894 Names of Persons holding Commission of Peace

John Treacy, Queens Co., Landowner and farmer, appointed magistrate 18 Feb 1893


March 1895 Estate

John Joseph Keon late of Mullingar and died 67 Lower Leeson St, Dublin...Executrix Mrs. Mary Josephine Treacy of Belle Vue, Mountrath, Queens County...


21 July 1897 Freeman's Journal

...Apply Tracy and Tierney, Portarlingtown.


February 1899 House and Parlourmaids

Repectable young country girl, never out before, wishes to be trained as housemaid; well recomended; R.C. Address B. Tracy, care of Mrs. Hill, Cherry Hill, Maryborough.


1899 Return of advances under Purchase of Land

July 28 1898 Purchaser: John Treacy of Morreit Queens Co., Vendor: Earl of Portarlington, 7a/1r/35p, value £4/5/0, rent £4/10/0, purchase £81, advance £81


1899 Return of advances under Purchase of Land

Jul 23 1897 Purchaser: James Treacey of Morett Queens Co., Vendor: Earl of Portarlington, 6a/0r/19p, value £4/18/0, rent £4/0/0, purchase £76, advance £76




 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



1901 Census – Heads of households


 Civil Parish


Abraham Tracy, Killeshin

Anne Tracy, Rosenallis

Anne Treacy, Aghaboe


Eliza Tracy, Carn or Curraghane, Emo, Coolbanagher


Francis Treacy, Killeshin


James Treacey, Rathdowney

James Treacy, Morett, Emo, Coolbanagher

John (J.Peace) Treacy, Offerlane

John Treacy, Morett, Emo, Coolbanagher


Maria Treacey, Skeirke

Martin Treacy, Killeshin

Mary Tracey, Castlebrack

Mary Tracey, Rathdowney

Mary Tracy, Offerlane

Matthew Tracy, Clonenagh & Clonagheen


William Tracy, Borris

William Tracy, Rathdowney

William Treacy, Clonenagh & Clonenagheen


Anne Treacy, Aghaboe


William Tracy, Borris

Mary Tracey, Castlebrack


Matthew Tracy, Clonenagh & Clonagheen
William Treacy, Clonenagh & Clonenagheen

Eliza Tracy, Carn or Curraghane, Emo, Coolbanagher
James Treacy,
Morett, Emo, Coolbanagher
John Treacy,
Morett, Emo, Coolbanagher

Abraham Tracy, Killeshin
Francis Treacy, Killeshin
Martin Treacy, Killeshin

Mary Tracy, Offerlane
John (J.Peace) Treacy, Offerlane

Mary Tracey, Rathdowney

William Tracy, Rathdowney
James Treacey, Rathdowney

Anne Tracy, Rosenallis


Maria Treacey, Skeirke


1902 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

James Treacy, 54486, b. 1869 Kilkenny


54486 James Treacy, 21 years 5 months, 5'9.75", b. Kilkenny, Prot, married 5.2.98 wife [Elizabeth Scollard see Abbeydorney RC] from Kerry, recommended by DI Maxwell, farmer, allocated 15 Aug 90, served Kerry 1? May? 91 - Limerick 12.3.98 - Queens Co 1.10.02 - Wexford 12.5.10, 4 Punishments, Pensioned 1.4.21 69448D, pension £164.13.4, Contd Carlow


17 November 1902 (IT) Death

Tracey - November 16, at 21 Gardiner's place [Dublin], the Rev. Matthew Tracey, P.P. Rosenallis, Queen's County, aged 53 years. R.I.P. Funeral arrangements will be announced in to-morrows issue.

January 03, 1903 The Intermountain Catholic. (Salt Lake City [Utah] ;) 1899-1920 newspaper.

The Rev Matthew Tracey pastor of Rosenaills died on the 16th [November]. He was A native of Carlow and for nearly thirty years was in the sacred ministry. He was for two years on the Scotch mission He then returned to Clonbullosue where he remained twenty-three years. He was transferred to Rosenaills about three years ago.


1902 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act

15/5/1901 Martin Treacy of Killeshin Queens, landlord William A. Cooper, 16a/0r/19p, poor valuation £-, rent £7/12/0, purchase £157, advance £150, cash £-


Nov 23, 1903 (IT) Church of Ireland

United Dioceses of Ossary, Ferns and Leighlin...examination for the Bishop's medals...Lizzie Treacy (Killabban) [Laois]...


Jul 30, 1904 (IT) Awards

No. 1 "Grann's Hamper" has been awarded to Miss Kate Tracey, aged 11, Ardentegle, Killeshin, Queens Co., for a letter about her home.

Aug 27, 1904 (IT) Prizes and Marks

First prize has been awarded to Miss Kate Tracey, aged 11, Ardentegle, Killeshin, Queens Co., for 1o marks.


1904 Quebec Arrivals

Pat. Tracey, 30, of Queens Co. Ireland, car-man, 30 September 1904 Bavarian, to Winnipeg


1906 [Cd. 3238] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the period from 1st November, 1903, to 31st December, 1905 - Queens Co

July 7 1904, Abraham Teracy or Tracy, Ardtoggle, 65a3r11p, £34.0.0 rent, judicial, £689 advance, £672 purchase, £17 deposit, Estate of Harman Fitzmaurice


1905 Irish Jurist and Local Government Review

John Joseph Treacy, only son of D. J. Treacy, Belle Vue, Mountrath, solicitor. Certificate signed by Daniel Kehoe. Proposed by T.L. O'Shaughnessy K.C.


1905 Kelly's Directory

D.J. Treacy, Bellevue, Mountrath R.S.O. Queen's County

John Treacy J.P. Tennekelly, Offerlane, Mountrath R.S.O.


Kehoe and Treacy - May 6th 1907, at the Church of St. Andrew, Westland Row [Dublin]...Miles Kehoe, K.C. County Court Judge, to Annie, daughter of the late John Treacy, J.P., Tenikilly, Mountrath, Queen's County.

November 16, 1907 The Intermountain Catholic. (Salt Lake City [Utah])

Queens - The recent death of Mr. Miles Kehoe, KC, county court of Clare, brings sorrow to the well known Queen's county family, The Treacy's of Tenakill, of whom his brother-in-law and kinsman, Mr. John Treacy, JP, is now the respected head.

November 16, 1907 The Irish standard (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Queen's. The recent death of Mr. Miles Kehoe, K. C., County Court Judge of Clare, brings sorrow to a well known Queen's County family, the Treacy of Tenakill, of whom his brother-in-law and kinsman, Mr. John Treacy, J. P., Tenakill, is now the respected head.


Nov 22, 1907 (IT) Question as to a sub-Tenacy

...O'Loughlin v. Treacy...appeal by the landlord Mr. John treacy, of Tinnekill, Mountrath, against a decision of the Sub-Commission, fixing a fair rent upon the holding of Mary O'Louhlin, comprising  2? acres, which was held at the rent of £3 per annun as sub-tenant to Mr. Treacy, who was a middleman...it was nearly 40 years since her farther went into occupation...Mr. Treacy's evidence was that the present occupant's father went in as a caretaker. In 1884 he himself was evicted by the head landlord, for non-payment of rent, and O'Loughlin, his sub-tenant, was evicted at the same time. Subsequently, he got a lease from the head landlord of portion of his original holding and included the house and parcel of land in the occupation of Miss O'Loughlin...[Appeal denied]


12/12/1907 Irish Times

…J Treacy, Maryborough (Archers Chevalier)…


County Laois, Portlaoise Cemetery, Portlaoise,County Laoise

Thomas Tracy, 45, Labourer, Infimary, 15/06/1907


Mar 17, 1908 (FJ) Land Commission Judgements

District of Mountmellick. Representatives J O'Loughlin v John Treacy £3 £1.16.9 Raised to £2.2.6


July 1908 IT

Ossary Agricultural Show...

Cattle Class 5 2nd John Treacy, Ballyquaid, Skeirk, Ballybrophy - Roan heifer

Sheep class 33 1st John Treacy, Ballyquaid, Ballybrophy

Sheep class 34 1st John Tracy, Ballyquaid, Sheirk, Ballybrophy

Sheep class 35 1st John Tracy, Ballyquaid, Ballybrophy

Jul 22, 1909 (FJ) Ossory Show

...Class 6 - Calf born in 1909...reserved, John Treacy, Skeirke, Ballybrophy. [Laois]


May 2, 1910 (FJ) RIC

...Constable Jas. Treacy, Queen's Co., to Wexford...

Constable Treacy (Clonaslee, Queen's County).HC Deb 07 July 1910 vol 18 c1768 1768

§ Mr. DELANY asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been called to the case of Constable [James] Treacy [b. Kilkenny], lately stationed at Clonaslee, Queen's County, against whom it was alleged that on a certain Sunday in October last, when acting as barrack orderly between nine and ten o'clock at night, he stopped two men outside the barracks, and, after procuring drink for them from an adjacent public-house, incited them to smash the bicycle belonging to the sergeant of a neighbouring station and throw it into the river; that on another occasion this constable supplied horns to two young men, prompting them at the same time to sound a local Protestant, lately married, with the object of annoying the sergeant; and that he advised certain persons to feign drunkenness before the sergeant, get arrested, and then go before a doctor and a magistrate and charge the sergeant with unlawful arrest; whether he is aware that evidence of a most reliable character is forthcoming in support of those charges; and will he grant a public sworn inquiry in order that the allegations against this constable may be thoroughly investigated?

§ Mr. REDMOND BARRY My attention has already been drawn to the matters referred to in the question, which were investigated by two experienced police officers some months ago. The Inspector-General then came to the conclusion that the case of Constable Treacy would be sufficiently met by his transfer to another county, as already ordered on other grounds. I see no reason for any further inquiry.

Royal Irish Constabulary (Constable Treacy).HC Deb 13 July 1910 vol 19 cc573-4W 573W

§ Mr. DELANY asked the Chief Secretary whether he can say upon what date Constable Treacy left Clonaslee, and where he is at present stationed; and whether he is engaged in ordinary police duties?

§ Mr. BIRRELL Constable Treacy left Clonaslee on 14th May and is at present stationed at Coolgreaney [Coolgreany Co. Wexford]. He performs ordinary police duties.

Royal Irish Constabulary (Constable Treacy).HC Deb 14 July 1910 vol 19 cc591-2 591

§ Mr. REDDY (for Mr. Delany) asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he will order a magisterial investigation into the charges preferred against Constable Treacy, lately stationed at Clonaslee, Queen's County, seeing that the evidence of eight independent witnesses is forthcoming charging this constable with incitement to crime and outrage on three distinct occasions?

§ Mr. BIRRELL As the hon. Member has already been informed, this matter has been investigated by two experienced police officers. The constable has been transferred to another county, and I see no reason for any further inquiry.

§ Mr. REDDY (for Mr. Delany) asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether, at the inquiry held on 19th April at Clonaslee, Queen's County, by District-Inspectors O'Connor, Kanturk, and Wallace, Cappawhite, into the charges of incitement to crime and outrage preferred against Constable Treacy, the evidence was taken on oath; and whether he will lay a copy of the report of those two police officers and the minutes of evidence upon the Table of the House?

§ Mr. BIRRELL Evidence was not taken on oath at the inquiry referred to. I do not propose to lay upon the Table of the House a copy of the report of the officers who conducted the inquiry.


Jun 4, 1910 (FJ) UIL

Parish of Emo (Queens Co)...5s...John Treacy...


Jul 21, 1910 (FJ) Ossory Agricultural Society's Show & Jul 29, 1910 (FJ) Queens Co. Ag Show

Class 56. Two year gelding or filly suitable for hunting purposes. 1st prize John Treacy, Sheirke, Ballybrophy...


Mar 31, 1911 (FJ) Mountmelick Union

...Patrick J. Treacy, Acting Clerk of Union and District Councils...



1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland



Jul 17, 1911 (IT)

At the Mountrath Petty Sessions...before...Mr, John Treacy...


1913-1922 Military History

John Tracey, D (Emo) Company, 5 Battalion, Laois Brigade


1914-1918 Ireland’s Memorial Records

Joseph Tracey. Reg. No. 29807. Rank Private, Royal Dublin Fusiliers 1st batt. Died of wounds France 14/5/1918. Born Portarlington.

Age 32, Son of Jane F. Treacy, of 5, Hilton St., Kay St., Lower Openshaw, Manchester, and the late Joseph Tracey.


1915 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act - Estate of Samuel Dickson Sandes

29/7/1915 Michael Treacey of Garrymore Queens, 3a/0r/1p consolidated with 3a/2r/14p parcel, poor valuation £1/0/0/, rent £1/5/0, purchase £25, advance £25, 20 years rent


27 May 1916 Kilkenny People

...Tenancy of a cottage at Rushall under the Labourers Act...inhabited by a man named Tracy...Mr Corbett, R.O., had reported that this man was taking in Lodgers...He is paying no rent at present. Mr. Tarrant remarked that the place never looked better. The tenant was an honest poor fellow and had paid his rent up to a couple of months ago. It was decided to send Treacy a copy of the LGB letter.

30 Sep 1916 Leinster Express

Cottage eviction...Castletown...their order that Michael Doyle be evicted from the cottage at Rushall [Portlaois] the tenant of which is Peter Tracy...


10 June 1916 Leinster Express

Mountmellick Rural District...The clerk reported that Patrick Treacy, a tent of a cottage at Monamonra against whom the County Council had obtained a degree for posession for non-payment of rent had paid up all the arrears and costs of legal proceedings.


15 July 1916 Leinster Express

Abbeyleix Petty Sessions...Thomas Treacy Ballinakill for a breach of the Food and Drugs Act...butter...


29 July 1916 Leinster Express

Horses...Class 11...3rd John Treacy, Skeirke, Ballybrophy. Lizzie Dee, chestnut filly, 2 years old.


4 Sep 1916 Irish Independant

Treacy and Phelan—Angust 30. 1916. at Shanahoe R.C, Church (with Nuptial Mass), by Rev. P. Loaghlin, P.P., Raheen, Patrick J. Treacy, B.A., son of the late Maurice Treacy, Esq.. Mount Uniack Killeagh, Co. Cork, to Elizabeth Phelan daughter of Michael Phelan, P.L.G., Cappanacloueh. Abbevleix Queen's Co.


23 Sep 1916 Leinster Express

Maryborough Petty Sessions...Mountmellick District Council...Patrick J Treacy, Assistant Clerk to the District Council...


1916 The American Law List

Mountrath Queen's Daniel J. Treacy


1917-1918-1919 Schools under Roman Catholic managment

Mountrath patrician College

Mr. P.J. Treacy/Tracey, qualified lay teacher, £120 & £160


1917 USA Draft Registration  

Micheal Or Michael Tracy b. 30 Mar 1887 Queens Ireland, single, not US citizen, Sta Aireman? at PH Siginington, lives 261 Platt Rochester New York


1917-1921 Service Medal John Tracey, D (Emo) Company, 5 Battalion, Laois Brigade


John Tracey

Coolbanagher, Emo, Portarlington, Laois

Date of birth: 1889-03-13

Date of death: 1978-01-16

Civilian occupation: Labourer

Notes: File relates to successful Service (1917-1921) Medal application. Service certified and medal issued 14 December 1954. Medal later deemed to have been duly awarded. Duly awarded certificate signed 6 August 1969. Associated file DP48775: relates to subject's application for and award and payment of Special Allowance under the Army Pensions Acts in respect of illness or disability. Allowance awarded 1969. After subject’s death, both the balance of this allowance and a funeral grant were paid to his sister, Nancy McNamara [nee Tracey]. File includes applications, memoranda and correspondence, means assessments, and social welfare and medical reports.

Data Protection Note: Open

Organisation: Irish Republican Army

Rank: Unknown

Commanding Officer(s): Thomas Brady; John Scully; William Moran

Company: D (Emo) Company

Unit: 5 Battalion

Brigade: Laois Brigade

Medal awarded: Service (1917-1921) Medal

File Reference: MD19814


1918 Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar

Daniel J. Treacy, Solicitor, Mountrath.

Daniel J. Treacy, solicitor, 10, Gracepark Gardens, Drumcondra

John J. Treacy, Barrister, Counsel to Attorney-General, Gold Coast, 10, Gracepark Gardens, Drumcondra  (T. 1905)


1922-1924 Dublin Metropolitan Police and Civic Guard (Garda Síochána) Personnel Registers

Peter Tracy [Tracey corrected 15/5/26?] No. 74, of Emo Portarlington Laois, b. 1897? [correct in 1901 and 1911 census], joined 27/2/1922, card issued 14/5/26


Apr 5, 1924 (FJ) Leinster

Appoinments...Leix County Board...Mr PJ Tracey as Home Assistant Superintendent.

Oct 4, 1924 (FJ) Laoighise County Council Affairs

Mr. Patrick J. Treacy, superintendent assistance officer, told the inspector his salary was £240 per annum. He had no travelling expenses...


1926 Irish Mission for Immigrant Girls in New York City

Phoebe Tracy, 1926, 35 years, from Queen's. Sponsor: Mrs. Hingington 79 Pine St. New Haven, Conn. cousin (Carinthia - May 31 1926)


1931 Mountrath

PJ Treacy, Main Street, Drapers Milliners & Dressmakers


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

James Joseph Tracy b. 24 Nov 1885 Jueens Or Leeks, Ireland

William Joseph Tracy b. 27 Mar 1883 Queens, Ireland Residence: Hartford, Connecticut







Colm Treacy, MSc PGCE RMN RGN RNT FHEA, Senior Lecturer, of Laois and London


A dually qualified RGN and RMN with over 20 years of clinical experience, Colm has worked in number of clinical settings in the UK and abroad. He has experience in lecturing across various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in a range of subject areas. His main teaching focus is around the care and management of patients with long-term conditions, particularly inherited neurological conditions, inherited dementias & enduring neuropsychiatric problems.


Before joining Kingston and St George’s Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Colm worked at City University London and was an honorary CNS (secondee) at Barts Health NHS Foundation Trust.


Professional experience:


2016 – Present  Senior Lecturer, Kingston University, Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7LB

2012 - 2016       Clinical Nurse Specialist (Honorary Clinical Secondment - 0.2 WTE), Barts Health NHS Trust

2009 - 2016       Lecturer, School of Health Sciences, City University London

2008 - Present   Editorial Board, British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (BJNN) - Mark Allen Publishing

2005 - 2009       Neurogenetics Clinical Nurse Specialist (Grade H / Band 7), Department of Neurogenetics& Molecular Neuroscience - The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

2003 - 2005       Prion Disease Clinical Nurse Specialist (Grade H), The National Prion Clinic - The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

2001 - 2003       Research Nurse (Grade G), Academic Department of Accident & Emergency Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) - Imperial College London

1998 - 2001       Staff Nurse (Grade E; Acute Neurology), The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery - University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

1996 - 1997       Change Agent and Project Co-ordinator, DivizjoniServizziTas-Saħħa (Ministry for Health - Malta)

1995 - 1996       Staff Nurse (Grade E; Acute Psychiatry), Springfield University Hospital - Pathfinder Mental Health Services NHS Trust

1993 - 1994       Staff Nurse (Grade D; Coronary Care Unit), Oldchurch Hospital - Havering Hospitals NHS Trust

1992 - 1994       Staff Nurse (Grade D; Acute Medicine / Gastroenterology), Oldchurch Hospital - Havering Hospitals NHS Trust


Academic and professional qualifications:


·         Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

·         Post-graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, City University London

·         MSc, Clinical Neuroscience, University of Roehampton, London

·         ENB 997/998 - Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice, London South Bank University

·         ENB 148 - Neuromedical& Neurosurgical Nursing, London South Bank University

·         RMN - St. George's & Kingston College of Health Studies

·         RGN - Romford College of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Studies


Research interests:


Colm's main research areas include:


·         Care and management of patients with long-term neurological conditions, including neurogenetic conditions, dementia and enduring neuropsychiatric problems.

·         Men's long-term health

·         Neuropraxia and erectile dysfunction following major abdominal surgery and long-term medical problems (including CHD, Diabetes & renal failure).

·         The effects on erectile function following radical surgery / radiotherapy for prostate cancer.












Army Birth Registration

Edward Tracey, Mount Melick, 1815, 30th, Vol 1133, page 10



Edward Tracy (b. abt 1813 in Queens Ireland) & Maria ??? (b: ABT 1823 in Galway Ireland) (see 1851 British Census?)

Ann Tracy (b. 1850) m. John GREGORY (b: 28 Jun 1850) 18 NOV 1871 in All Saint's R.C. Chapel, Barton


1. Clementine GREGORY b: 1876

2. Florence A. GREGORY b: 1878

3. Ellen GREGORY b: 1880

4. Has ChildrenAmy Elizabeth GREGORY b: 6 Jul 1881 in 27, King Street, Eccles

5. Catherine GREGORY b: 1885

6. Mary F. GREGORY b: 1886

7. Adam GREGORY b: 1888 in Patricroft Eccles


Elizabeth Tracy

Bridget b. 28 January 1880 (LDS)


Ellen Tracey & James Gorman [see Castlecomer RC]

Patrick, 06.12.1867, Laois


George Tracey & Lillie Talbot

Tracey and Talbot - September 3, 1918, at Kilternan Church, George, son of William and Margaret Tracey, "Barnacullia," Sandyford, to Lillie daughter of the late James and Frances Talbot, "Killart," Clonaslee, Queen's County.


Hugh Tracey and Ann White

Mary Tracey born c1830 Queens County (Laois) IRE, married Joseph Boyd in 1854 in Victoria, Australia. Her parents were Hugh Tracey and Ann White.

Pauline Turner May 14, 2013


James Tracey & Margaret Dunne

Joseph b. 8 September 1870 (LDS)


John Tracy & Mary Galvin

Esther b. 19 February 1874 (LDS)


John Tracy & Margaret Smith

Bridget b. 20 August 1870 (LDS)


John Treacy & Catherine ???

Mary b. 25 April 1875 (LDS)


John Tracy (b. about 1818 d. before March 1871) & Julia ???

Patrick b. about 1843 (LDS)

William b. about 1845 (LDS)

Winnie b. about 1847 (LDS)

Julia b. about 1849 (LDS)

Eliza b. about 1851 (LDS)

Mary b. about 1853 (LDS)

James b. about 1855 (LDS)

John b. about 1857 (LDS)


Freedmans Bank Records

Patrick Tracy, 28 years, single, s. of John & Julia (dead), b. Queens Co., Ireland

Brothers & Sisters:

Wm in Phila

Winne, Julia & Eliza in Phila

Mary, James & John dead

Private, Co. K. 3 U.S. Artillery, Account Date: 21 Mar 1871, No. 5703 Savannah, Chatham, Georgia, United States

[view record]


Joseph Treacy & Bridget Doyle

Bridget b. 26 December 1879 Kildare & Queens (LDS) (Stated as Laois)

Joseph Tracy & Bridget Doyle

Josephine Tracy b. 04 Oct 1878 Barrack St [Athy PLU] Ireland


Mary Tracey or Quaney (b. 19 Feb 1837 in County Queens or Kings, Ireland d. 2 Dec 1908 in Meriden, Kansas)

1870 Census: Philadelphia Ward 10 District 28, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1880 Census: Kentucky, Jefferson, Kansas, United States

1900 Census: Fairview, Jefferson, Kansas



Patrick Tracey & Ann Cummings (both born Queens Co Ireland)

Simon Tracy d. 03 Jan 1916 Boston Suffolk Massachusetts United States, age 86 [b. 1830]

Ann Tracey O'Connor b. 9 April 1839 Queens Co Ireland, d. 31 May 1917 Newton Middlesex Massachusetts United States, age 85 [b. 1832], widow, married Michael O'Connor


Ship Elizabeth, Liverpool to Boston Suffolk Massachusetts United States 1849

Patrick Tracey, 50, farmer

Ann Tracey, 45, housewife

Simon Tracey, 20, farmer

Ellen Tracey, 18, servant

Ann Tracey, 16, servant


Richard Treacy & Margaret Coply

Mary Anne b. 21 February 1874 (LDS)


Thomas Treacy & Ellen Meagher

Mary Anne b. 10 February 1880 Roscrea, Tipperary (LDS) (Stated as Laois)


Hi: I'm searching for William Tracey and Rachel Dague (Day, Dagg). Hope you can help. Thanks.
Louise Kobus
Good morning, Louise:
There were two William Tracey's in the Ottawa area very early. The first William came from England and joined the Philomen Wright settlement in Hull. 
Another William Tracey came from Queen's County, Ireland in the late 1820's. William Tracy of Queen's County, Ireland, married Rachel Day or Dagg Of County Tipperary, Ireland in 1830 at Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. The witnesses were Martin McPherson, Rosalie Unknown and Joseph Armstrong
Source: Drouin records at http://www.ancestry.ca
Some (all?) of their children were: 
Christopher 1830
Thomas 1832
Ellen 1834
Esther 1835
William Henry 1837
RoseAnn 1839
Elizabeth 1845
Bridget 1846
Richard 1848
This family should be in the 1851 census for March Township.

... Al January 14, 2008:


1830 Marriages: Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown (Ottawa, Canada)

1 Feb William Tracy of Queen's County, Ireland to Rachel Dague of Tipperary


William Tracey (b. 1804) m. Rachel Dague 1 February 1830

Thomas Tracy, Sr., (b. Birth 21 December 1831 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Married 9 June 1857, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Anne Muldoon 1836-1897


William Tracey (b. Co. Laois [Queen's Co.], Ireland) m. Rachel Dea (b. Co. Tipperary, Ireland) 01 Feb 1830 Notre Dame, Bytown

John Tracey b. About 1830 March township, Carleton Co., Ontario m. Emily Scissons 16 Oct 1854 - Notre Dame, Ottawa 1

Elizabeth Tracey b. 27 May 1845 March Township, Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada Christened 12 Jun 1845 Notre Dame, Bytown Died 1911 m. Michael Fahey 11 November 1864 - St. Isidore, South March, March township, Carleton Co. Ontario 2

Richard Tracey b. 07 Apr 1848 March township, Carleton Co., Ontario Christened 14 Jun 1848 March township, Carleton Co., Ontario 1



Charles Villeneuve is one of the men whose activities in Skagit county commenced in the days when settlers were few and communications difficult. He and Mrs. Villeneuve were the real pioneers of Conway, where they still have interests, though living in Sedro-Woolley and operating the St. Charles hotel in that city. Mr. Villeneuve was born in Ottawa, Carlton county, in the eastern part of the province of Ontario, February 18, 1830. His father, Charles Villeneuve, was a native of Quebec where his ancestry had gone to engage in the fur trade. He took sides with the American revolutionists when the struggles of the colonists commenced with the mother country, and as one result of this, the \'illeneuve estates were forfeited. Mrs. Ann (McKusick) Villeneuve was a native of Ireland. Charles, who was the only son of his parenis, attended school until he was sixteen years of age, and his interests being in common with those of his parents, he continued to reside with them long after he had attained to man's estate, but in 186S, shortly after his marriage, he went to San Francisco, where he passed three years in a sash and door factory, his natural ability with tools supplying in a great measure what he had lacked in experience and training. He finally determinerl to come to the Paget Sound country and boarded the Forest Queen for the trip to Port Gamble, in Kitsap county, reaching his destination after an exciting voyage in which tlie vessel was driven 200 miles to the south of the Golden Gate on the third day out from San Francisco. At Port Gamble Mr. Villeneuve passed two years in a saw-mill, engaged in sawing and tallying, then he went back east and visited his family and friends for six months, returning with his daughters. In the fall of 1873 Mr. Villeneuve came to what is now Skagit county and took up land where now stands the town of Conway. In a few months his family came. On the east side of the river at that time were Big Wilson, Little Wilson, Willard Sartwell, Orin Kincaid and Billy Johnson. During the following summer an Englishman named Marshall started a little trading post across the river where Fir now stands. Marshall had to leave because he was selling whiskey to the Indians, and a Frenchman named Longpre, who became his successor, left after a time for the same reason, but was later caught by the authorities and had to serve a term in prison. The stock of goods was bought by Charles I\Iann early in 1870, and the steamers, which by that time came up the river quite frequently. gave the place the name of Mann's Landing. Further up the river were Joe Lisk, William Caton,  James Abbott and John Wilber, in regular order toward Mount Vernon, all squaw men. Next came Thomas and John Moore with their white w'ives, and Robert Gage and McAlpin came ne.xt after them, all on the west side of the river. To the south was Tom Jones, who came shortly after the Villeneuves. There were no roads, and travel was wholly by boat. Mrs. Villeneuve had preceded Mrs. Tom and Mrs. John Moore, and was thus the first white woman in that section of the county. At that time on the site of Mount Vernon were ^Irs. Jasper Gates, Mrs. Hartson and her mother,  Mrs. Kimljall and Mrs. Ford, the Washburn family not coming till later. In order to get lumber with which to build his house Mr. Villencuve went to Utsalady, on Camano island, made the lumber into a raft and towed it behind his Whitehall boat. The tides greatly hindered progress, and he was four days in making the return trip. The house built from that lumber was the first board structure in this section of the country. A suggestion as to the utter wildness of the country may be gathered from the fact that on the site of Mann's landing was an old Indian burial place and bodies were found wrajipcd in blankets and hung in canoes in the trees, which were removed by the first two traders because they caused so great a stench. Many of the Indians at that time had long fiery red hair.

January 29, 1868 at Ottawa, Ontario, Mr. Villeneuve married Miss B. A. Treacy, daughter of William and Rachael (Dagg) Treacy, who were of Irish descent. Mrs. Villeneuve was born in Ottawa in 1847, the tenth of a family of eleven children. She and Mr. Villeneuve have six children : Mrs. Drusilla T. McGregor ; William Eugene, now in Alaska; Mrs. Ida Emogen Lloyd, wife of John Lloyd ; Charles F. and Joseph Benjamin, both of whom are in British Columbia ; and Cecilia, living at home. In politics Mr. Villeneuve is a Democrat, always active in attending the conventions of that party and prominent in its work. He was postmaster at Conway for eight years, during the last three of which he was a resident of Sedro-Woolley and conducted the post-office through a deputy. When Mr. Villeneuve first settled on the Skagit where Conway now is, he worked in the w'oods and logging camps for a number of years. In 1880 he sold out and went to Snohomish county, taking up a preemption near Stanwood, but on proving up, he came back to Skagit county in 1885. For a year after his return he ran a hotel at Fir. Later he purchased land on the east side of the river hard by Conway and commenced to operate a ferry across the Skagit, also built the first store in Conway and arranged for keeping boarders. When he attempted' to get a post-office located there, he met with opposition from the people of Mann's Landing who looked with displeasure on the rival town across the river. In 1897 Mr. Villeneuve came to Sedro- Woolley and built the Hotel Royal, now the Vendome, the largest hostlery in the city, in the meantime renting out his property in Conway and ultimately selling it. In 1903 Mr. Villeneuve sold the Hotel Royal and built the St. Charles which he continues to operate. In addition to his hotel property he owns seven acres of the town site. During his residence at Conway and in Snohomish county he was justice of the peace ; he was a member of the city council at the time of the consolidation of Sedro and Woolley and is still a member of that body, also is secretary of the Skagit County Pioneer Association. Mrs. Villeneuve, who is deeply interested in education, was the prime mover in the establishment of the first school built on the Skagit river, the lumber for which was brought by boat at half charge owing to Mrs. Villeneuve's individual effort and public spirited action.

An illustrated history of Skagit and Snohomish Counties (1906)


Wm Treacy m. Bridgt Kilfoyle 7/2/1842


William Treacy & Maria Treacy

William b. 28 August 1876 (LDS)


 Abbeyleix and Ballyroan (Laois & Kilkenny)


Eliza Treacy? & Jno Fitzpatrick

William fitzpatrick b. 1 Jan 1853 of Abbeyleix Sp. William Weldon? & Mary Coyle. Abbeyleix and Ballyroan Parish


Anne Tracy? (Note: Protestant wife to Cosleyen? Reliamick?) & Henry? Moran?

Anne Moran b. 16 May 1873 Sp. Dioynis? Maher & Jn? Maher. Abbeyleix and Ballyroan Parish


Ballyroan Graveyard

Treacy/Morris Ewleanor - Stone no.5





Mary Trasy/Treasy & Timothy Fizpatrick/Fitzp;

John Fitz b. 20 Feb 1798 of Rathondrick [Rahandrick Bordwell] Sp. Edmund Fitzp: & Honor Fitzp: Aghaboe Parish

Ellen Fitzpatrick b. 17 Aug 1805 of Rahanrich Sp. Larry Magher & Sara Fitzpatrick Aghaboe Parish

Derby Fitzpatrick b. 1 Nov 1807 of Rahendruck Sp. Jno Cahill & Judy Fitzpk Aghaboe Parish


Mary/Catherine Treasy/Treacy & Pat Bergin

Elizbth Bergin b. 26 Jan 1809 of Balagauge [Ballygauge Killermogh] Sp. Mary Stringer Aghaboe Parish [Mary]

Bridget Bergin b. ? Aug 1814 of Ballagy Sp. Nancy Kelly Aghaboe Parish

Patt Bergin b. ? Jun 1816 of Ballague Sp.  William Hahu & Bridgit Creasy Aghaboe Parish


Onney/Honor/Honora Tracey/ Tracy & Dennis Bergin

Daniel Bergin b. 1 Feb 1828 of Grange Sp. John Bergin & Catherine Tracy

Biddy Bergin b. 15 Apr 1829 of Grangemore Sp. Dennis Tracey & Mary Bergin

John Bergin b. 23 Jan 1831 of Grangemore Sp. Thomas Tracey & Frances Keys

Mary Bergin b. 29 Aug 1832 of Grangemore Sp. Denis Keys & Margaret Egan

Dennis Bergin b. 11 Jan 1836 of Grange Sp. Martin Quany & Mary Bergin

Thomas Bergin 15 Dec 1838 of Grange Sp. Daniel Bergin & Ally Tracy



Thomas Bourke married Margt Phelan 25 Jan 1830 Wit: John Tracy married Mary Phelan Aghaboe Parish


Martin Tracy & Cathe Gleeson [from Roscrea]

Dan Tracy b. ? Jan 1836 of B?? Sp. Wm Tracy & Ann Carroll Aghaboe Parish


Martin Bergin & Catherine Phelan

Dennis Bergin b. 28 Jan 1838 of Ashbrook Sp. Patt Tracy & Judy Phelan



Patrick Bergin married Mary Butler of Doon 23 Feb 1841 Wit: William Heaney & Hony Treacy  


Betty Tracy married Michael Bergin of Coolderry 21 Jan 1845 Wit:  Lawrence Fitzpatrick & Sally Fitzpatrick


Dora Treacy & Jas Cunninghan

Joseph Cunnighan b. 19 Dec 1858 of Hollow Sp. George Cunnigham & Mary Cunnigham Mountrath Parish

Doza/Dora/Dorethea Tracy & James Cunningham

Mary cunningham b. 9 Dec 1861 of B. Colla [Ballycolla Aghaboe] Sp. John Cuddy & Maria Aghaboe Parish

Wm Cunningham b. 2 Aug 1863 of B. Colla Sp. John Phelan & Ellen Phelan Aghaboe Parish

James Cunningham b. 19 Jun 1867 of B. Colla Sp. Thomas Cunningham & Judith Cassidy Aghaboe Parish


James Cunningham (s. of Dorothea Treacy & James Cunninham of Ballacolla) of Ballacolla Queens Co. m. Catherine Bowden (d. of Michael Bowden & Mary Keyes of Urlingford) of Urlingford on 8 June 1903  Wit: Fred Bowden of urlingford & Mary Cunningham of Ballacolla





Arless Parish Records

Baptisms 1830-1880 (various records)


Marriages 1831-1881



Anne Tracey & Jas Murphy

Mich b. May 1 1842 Sp. Mick Murphy & Peggy Drennan


John Tracey & Margaret Lacey

Mary b. 21 June 1878 Ardough (LDS) (or Huntspark) (or may be the parish of Mayo & Doonane)

Kate b. 18 May 1879 Ardough (LDS)

Martin Tracey b. 15th May 1880, Ardough, Laois (LDS)


Judy/Julia/Margt Tracy & James/Jas King

Patt b. 1832, Jul 17 1832 Sp. John McDonald & Anne ??? (Margt)

Eliza b. 1833 Sp. John Keating & Kate Tracy (Judy)

Illegible b. Jan 31 1841 Sp. Illegible & Fanny King (Julia)

Thos b. Dec 24 1843 Sp. Jakes Brennan & Anne Freeman (Julia)

Wllm b. 20 Dec 1846 Strand Sp. Laurance Dooly & Ann Hohing?


Margaret Tracey & Edward Donnelly

Bernard b. Dec 2 1860 Coolnrath Sp. John Hefrenan & Eliza Bambrick

Thomas b. 14 May 1863 Sp. Martin Tracy & Mary Tracy

John b. Jul 1 1865 Sp. Andy Ryan & Mary Bambrick


Martin Tracey m. Bridget Cooper 4th June 1867, Graigue, Laois (LDS)

Michael b. 4 June 1868 (LDS)

Julia b. 3 March 1870 (LDS)

Joseph b. 5 December 1871 (LDS)

Mary b. 6 December 1873 Ballickmoyler (LDS) (or may be the parish of Mayo & Doonane)

Edward b. 20 May 1875 (LDS)


Martin Calehan?? m. Anne Brophy 1859 Nov 26 1859 Wit: Martin Tracey & Mary Tracey


Mary/M??? Tracy/Treacy & Oliver Price

Bridget b. Aug 5 1833 Sp. James Paurer? & Betty M???

Ann b. 27 Aug 1846 Sp. Mick Mc,,...? & Mary Stynes?


James King & Margt Dempsey

Mary b. Nov 12 1843 Sp. Maurice Tracey & Mary Doyle


Mick Tracey & Margt Rice

Anne b. May 1 1842 Sp. Maurice Tracey & Anne Rice


Patt Tracy & Marg Bennet

John b. Jun 23 1839 Sp. James Cunningham, Eliza McDonald


Patrick Tracey & Bridget Fitzpatrick

Michael b. 10 October 1869 Ballickmoyler (LDS) (or may be the parish of Mayo & Doonane)

Mary b. 24 May 1875 (LDS)


Patt Tracy & Rose Horohan/Horahen?/ Horaghan

John b. Apr 81840 Sp. John McGrath, Anne Tracy

Michael b. May 26 1842 Sp. Thomas Malone, Mary Drennan

James b. 17 Feb 1850 B.moyler Sp. Jas G......? & Bessy Bamrick


William Noon & Kity Butler

Thos b. Apr 10 1836 Sp. Patt Tracey & Nana Tracey


William Tracy, single, (s. of John Tracy) m. Catherine Heffron, single, (d. of Michael Heffron) on 20 Apr 1868 Carlow, Carlow

William Tr(e)ac(e)y & Catherine Heffernan/Heffrin

Louisa Catherine b. 19 January 1869 Ballickmoyler & Newton, Queens/Laoighis (LDS) or Carlow (LDS)

Harriett Louisa b. 25 August 1870 Ballickmoyler, Queens (LDS)

Alice b. 24 February 1872 Ballickmoyler, Queen's (LDS)

John b. 2 July 1873 Ballickmoyler, Queens (LDS)

Mary Anne b. 14 April 1875 (LDS)



 Athy (Laois/Kildare)


See Kildare





James Connor & Langton, Margaret,

Francis b. 1835 Pimlico Sp. Patrick Greene & Mary Tracy





John Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Nicholstown Athy (s. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Lizzie Holland, full age, spinster, farmer, of Fermoyle Ballynakill (d. of Kieran Holland, farmer) Wit: James Treacy & Sara J Gannon on the 27 April 1904 RC Church Ballmakill [see Athy Kildare]





Bridget Treacey & Patrick Loughman

Joseph b. 1856


Catherine ?Tracy & Richard Huphy

Patrick b. 1856


Eleonora Tracy married Frank Wrice [Wivce? Ware] 16 May 1860 Wit: Pat Dowling & Mary Neil Borris-In-Ossory Parish


Patrick Dowling married Mary Neil 16 May 1860 Wit: Francis Ware & Eleonora Tracy Borris-In-Ossory Parish


Johanna/Judy Tracy/Treacy & John Kilmertin

William Kilmartin b. 25/30 May 1873 of Garron [Garranmaconly? Skirk] Sp. William Kilmartin & Margt Kilmartin Borris-In-Ossory Parish

Mary Kilmartin b. 13 Apr 1875 of Garron Sp. John Divan & Margret Connell Borris-In-Ossory Parish

John Kilmartin b. 7/11 Jun 1877 of Cool? Sp. Michael Kerwan & Mary Kerwan Borris-In-Ossory Parish


Michael Tracy married Catherine McLoughlin 27 Aug 1873 of Vage Wit: Edmond Clancy & Honoria Bourke Borris-In-Ossory Parish


William Treacy & Mary Delany

Joseph Tracy b. 11? July 1868 of Bally quad Sp.Malachy Fitzpatrick & Kate Bergin. Borris-In-Ossory Parish

John Tracy b. 24/28 Nov 1869 of Ballyquad Sp. Daniel Bergin & Mary Collier. Borris-In-Ossory Parish

Cornelius Tracy b. 7/13 August 1871 of Ballyquaid Sp. Richard McEvoy & Mary Sweeny. Borris-In-Ossory Parish

Kyran Treacy b. 25/29 June 1873 of Ballyquaid Sp. John Nolan & Margaret Butler. Borris-In-Ossory Parish

William Treacy (dead) b. 21/23 Jun 1875 of Ballyquaide [Ballyquaid Glebe Skirk] Sp. Pat Bergin & Bridget Berin Borris-In-Ossory Parish

William Treacy & Mary Delany

Joseph b. 8 July 1868 Borris-in-Ossory (LDS)

John b. 24 November 1869 (LDS)

Con b. 7 August 1871 Borris-in-Ossary (LDS)

Kyran b. 25 June 1873 Borris-in-Ossary (LDS) [moved to Dubln, then England and then New York]


After my grandmother married William Treacy, they moved to the small town of Roscrea, County Tipperary around the year 1880. It is about nine miles from the family home. She lived there until her death in 1919.

''Love Bears All Things - Bridging Troubled Waters'' 1994 - Father William Treacy


1901 Census

Cornelius Treacy, 27, M, 128.5 Upper Abbey Street, North City, Dublin, General Labourer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Queens Co

Kate Treacy, 25, F, Upper Abbey Street, North City, Dublin, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Dublin City

Kieran Treacy, 25, M, Upper Abbey Street, North City, Dublin, Tramway Motorman, Roman Catholic, Boarder, Not Married, Queens Co


Florence Tracy, Twichenham England, 1911, 30 [39?] year, Friend: Mrs Gardiner, Twickenham. Husband: Mr. Kyran? Tracey, 150 Manhattan Roe?, New York. 5’7”, dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes. b. Breenhlan? England. [Florence Tracy 30, May Tracy 11, Edwin Tracy 9, William Tracy 8, Gertrude Tracy 6]

Florence Tracy, NY USA, 1922, 50 years, Friend: Mrs Berry, 60 Cambridge Rd, Norbiton, Kingston Thames England. Husband: Mr Kryam Tracey, 156 West 95th St, New York, NY. 5’6”, fair complexion, grey hair, grey eyes. b. Middlesex England. [brother of Cornelius Dublin Census 1901]


1920 Census - Manhattan Assembly District 9, New York, New York

Head                  Ryran Tracy    M         46        Ireland

Wife                   Florence Tracy            F          48        England

Daughter            C May Tracy   F          21        England

Son                    Edvin Tracy    M         18        England

Son                    William Tracy M         16        England

Daughter            Gertrude Tracy            F          15        England

                           Hester Nichols            F          42        Ireland

Lodger               John Nichols   M         38        Iowa

                           Annie Mc Leary          F          35        Maine


Edwin Tracy, 28, single, b. 1901 England (s. of Hyran & Florence Hale) married Rose Leveroni, 26, single, b. 1903 N.Y.C. (d. of Giovanni & Liusa Cavanaro) 31 Aug 1929 Manhattan, New York


1930 Census - 2818 42nd street, Queens, New York

Edwin Tracy        Head   M         28        England, emigrated 1911, Na, Father b. Ireland Mother b. England, House painter painting

Rose C Tracy       Wife    F          27        New York, parents b. Italy


1940 Census - 35th Street, Queens, New York

Edwin Tracy        Head   M         38        London, na, painter painting

Rose Tracy           Wife    F          37        New York

Robert Tracy        Son      M         2          New York


Photographic Record Tracy of Ballybrophy and NY  https://picasaweb.google.com/beachnutsfla/TracyGenealogy#

Home of Joseph Treacy, Killasmeestia https://picasaweb.google.com/beachnutsfla/TracyGenealogy#5425578310978142290




Fr. Treacy porch_cropped.jpg

Father William Treacy

who turned 97 on May 31 2016


Book Titles by Rev William Treacy

''Wild Branch on the Olive Tree''
''Biblical Meditations on Peace'' 1985
''Rabbi Levine's Challenge-Father Treacy's Response ''
''Love Bears All Things - Bridging Troubled Waters'' 1994
''To Love Is to Live - Building Bridges of Understanding'' co written by Fr Treacy & Rabbi Raphael H.Levine
''People Loving People ''
''He Is My Brother'' - Father William Treacy & Rabbi Raphael Levine
''Reflections of a Pioneering Priest - 60 Years of Ministry in the Pacific Northwest''.



Father William Treacy was born in Ballyquaid, Killasmeestia, Borris-in-Ossory, Co. Laois in 1919. In 1932, he left for St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny, a boarding school 30 miles from his parents’ home. It was during that time that Father Treacy decided to become a priest and in 1937, entered St. Patrick’s Seminary, Maynooth. He was ordained in June 1944. In 1945, while the Second World War was still raging, Father Treacy left for Seattle, Washington to fill a temporary vacancy at St. Alphonsus Church. In 1989, he retired after 50 years of service in Washington State. In addition to his duties within his parishes and interfaith projects, Father Treacy was active in faith-based and service organizations that provide aid to the poor as well as those in spiritual need, both at home and overseas. Today, Father Treacy continues to deliver his message of the importance of service and interfaith communication.


In 1960 Father Treacy was chosen to the Catholic representative to the award winning interfaith television program, Challenge, which had been organized by Rabbi Levine. The program aired for fourteen years. Their friendship sprang from those meetings and together they wrote, Wild Branch on the Olive Tree, a book about their relationship.  Rabbi Levine and Father Treacy were friends for 25 years.


On May 14, 1962, Mother's Day, 75-year-old Mary Treacy from County Laois was named the Seattle World's Fair Mother of the Year. Mary was brought from Ireland by the Seattle Council of I be Knights of C Columbus as a surprise for her son, Fr. William Treacy.


Rev William Treacy founded the '' Treacy - Levine '' Centre in 1968 which is situated at Camp Brotherhood, Camp Brotherhood Road, Mt Vernon, which is hour's drive north of Seattle, USA. Camp Brotherhood is an inclusive interfaith organization that offers facilities for educational, spiritual and experiential programs. It fosters harmony in the human family by inviting dialogue and reaching out to religious, spiritual and secular groups, communities, youth, families and individuals of all abilities. It promotes interaction between racial, ethnic, international and cultural groups, seeking to bring peace and reconciliation by increasing mutual understanding and compassion.

In 2014, at 95 years of age and marking 70th year of ordination, he was honoured at a family-style picnic that also celebrated the retreat’s new name: Treacy Levine Center, in honour of Father Treacy and his friend and co-founder, the late Rabbi Raphael Levine. The centre, which aims to “foster harmony in the human family,” offers retreats, programs and conferences that draw people from the U.S. and other countries. It also highlights veterans’ issues and hosts Marriage Encounter events.




John F. Keane (2007) Irish Seattle. Irish Heritage Club




Joe Treacy.jpg



Tribute to Joe Treacy: two-time Leinster MHC winner


The death took place on April 7 at Mount Carmel Nursing Home, Roscrea, in his 94th year, of Mr Joseph Treacy, formerly of Ballyquaid, Borris-in-Ossory.


Younger brother of Fr William Treacy, Seattle, Washington, who will (DV) be 98 on May 31, also brother to late Sean (Jack) who died on 28th February, 1986 aged 66. He also had a sister, the late May Phelan, Garron Castle, who died in Lourdes on 5th October, 1985 aged 63.


He received his primary education in Killesmeestia. His first hurling medal came with the inaugural county parish primary schools final of 1938, in which Borris-in-Ossory defeated Abbeyleix.

While Fr Willie went to St Kieran’s, winning a Leinster Colleges SH medal in 1937, Joe had his secondary education in Ballyfn College. In 1942 St Kieran's were going for six-in-a-row of Leinster Colleges titles, but were beaten 6-4 to 4-2 by Ballyfin in the semi-final. Joe was vice captain of Ballyfin, who won their first Leinster title, beating St.Vincents, Marino, 1-2 to 1-0, in the final.


The Ballyfin panel was T Daly (Kerry, capt.), J Treacy (VC), P Ryan (Laois), P Boyle (Leitrim), P Baker (Waterford), L Culliton (Meath), S Galvin (Offaly), G Conway (Galway), B Egan (Meath), J Bergin (Laois), C Toolan (Dublin), P O’Flaherty (Galway), S O’Meara (Tipperary), S Ryan (Tipperary), J Conroy (Westmeath), S Conway (Galway), P Brophy (Laois), B Hogan (Dublin), M O’Dwyer, C O'Reilly (Limerick)


Borris reached the minor final of 1940 against Cuddagh with Joe at midfield, but were beaten 4-5 to 1-5. Borris in Ossory team was: Michael Guerin, Jimmy Williams, Amy bergin, Dan Sweeney, Joe Loughman, Paddy O’Brien, Dan Moore, Joe Treacy, Michael Loughman, Liam Lenihan, Tom Wall, Jimmy Daly, Paddy Maher, Liam White.


He had come to the attention of the Laois selectors, and lined out at midfield for the opening championship game, where Offaly were defeated 14-4 to 2-2. Meath were beaten 8-4 to 2-3, to set up a final against Dublin. Dublin proved too strong 10-5 to 3-3, but were disqualified for fielding overage players, so Laois found themselves in the All-Ireland semi-final. However, Antrim were winners by a point, 5-3 to 4-5.


Joe came on as a sub for the 1941 Leinster semi-final in which Dublin were defeated. Kilkenny were to be the opponents in the final, but due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak, could not play, and Laois were nominated to represent the province.


The All-Ireland semi final was in St Cronan’s Park, Roscrea, with Galway victorious by a single point, 5-1 to 4-3. The Leinster final was eventually played in November, and Laois won, 3-5 to 2-4.


Joe was on the team again in 1942, but Kilkenny beat them in the opening round.


With Borris in Ossory, he won a Murphy Cup medal in 1943. In early 1940’s a new junior club, Eire Oge was formed under the chairmanship of Edward Guerin, N.T and took many a scalp in the championships.


In 1947 at the AGM, Killasmeestia united with Eire Óg (Ballybrophy) and club was called Eire Óg-Killasmeestia. Joe was captain as they reached the JHC 'A' semi-final, in 1948 losing narrowly to Shanahoe eventual winners against Clonad.


The semi-final team was: Pat Fitzpatrick (Tullacommon), Jack Treacy, Eddie Moynan, George Hanrahan, Kieran Hogan, Paddy Shiels, Bill Kirwan, Joe Treacy Capt, Liam ‘Chum’ Brophy, Michael Loughman, Joe Delaney, Patsy McKelvey, Connie Lenihan, Tom Wall, Amy Bergin Subs: Andy Ryan (Garryduff), John Kirwan, Fr Mark Kirwan

He worked for a number of years in Donaghmore Creamery, before emigrating to England in 1964, where he spent fifty years. He came back to Ireland three years ago, to reside at Mount Carmel where he was so lovingly cared for.


His Ballyquaid neighbour, Very Rev Seamus McEvoy, Seir Kieran, was principal celebrant of the Funeral Mass along with Very Rev Bobby Fletcher, PP Ballinahinch, in the Church of the Assumption, Killesmeestia, with Very Rev Jackie Robinson, PP Borris in Ossory also in attendance, and Interment was in the adjoining cemetery.

He is survived by his nephews, nieces, grand nephews, grand nieces.


7 May 2017 Leinster Express





Mary Treacy married James Gorman 27 Aug 1828 Wit: Danial Treacy & John Murray Camross Parish


Hon Treacy & John Carroll

Cath Carrol b. 20 Nov 1844 of Cainareagh [Carrowreagh? Offerlane] Sp. Pat Quin & Bessy Treacy  Camross Parish


John Treacy & Mary Madden

John Treacy b. 15 Nov 1839? of Tinakilly [Tinnakill Offerlane] Sp. Rev. Wm Treacy & Anna ??? Camross Parish

Ewd? Treacy b. ? May 1848 of Tin? Sp. Thos Madden & Mary Treacy Camross Parish



Very Rev. William Tracey (c.1771-1839)

The first chapel of Grogan was thrown down and another built on its foundations, in 1791 by Father Purcell, P.P. The present chapel, the third on the same site, was built by Father Tracey PP., in 1826, around and over its predecessor, which was only taken down when the new edifice had been roofed in. Father Tracey rests here, at the intersection of the nave and north transept, but there is no monument marking his grave. Father William Butler, his predecessor, rests here also, it is said, before the high altar, as one steps from the sanctuary into the nave. A chalice belonging to this chapel has the inscription: - "Collected in Grogan for the use of the parish by the Rev. W. Tracey, 1799."

Very Rev. William Tracey was born at Marymount, parish of Camross, and received at least part of his education in France, where he narrowly escaped the guillotine at the time of the Revolution. He was ordained by Dr. Lanigan about 1796, after which he was C.C. Rathdowney till 1799. His next Curacy was Muckalee, whence he was promoted to the pastorship of Rathdowney in 1802. He became Treasurer of the Diocesan Chapter in 1837. Having governed this parish 37 years, he died at his house in Barrachill, Oct. 7th, 1839 at the age of 68, and is buried in Grogan chapel. Two of his nephews were respected priests of Kildare and Leighlin Diocese, viz., Rev. William Tracey, P.P. Kilcock, and Rev. Felix Tracey, P.P. Ballyna.

(see Daniel Thomas Treacy)

Source: Carrigan, "The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory", Vol. 2 (1905)







Margaret Dowling (15) about James Treacy, The Derries, Co. Laois in 1937.

The Schools Collection, St John of God Convent, Rathdowney, Co. Laois





William Tracey married Bridget Lalor 26 Nov 1820 Wit: William Malone & Anne Lalor Cappinrush Parish


Pat Tracy & Ellen Tracy

Elisa Tracy b. 8 May 1836 Sp. Martin Delany & Mary Delany Cappinrush Parish





Roger Tracy & Judy

Margt Tracy b. 12 Oct 1766 of Barrodoes [Barradoos Kilmanman - Clonaslee RC] Sp. Tim McAboy & Margt Barret Rosenallis Parish


Edward Treacy of Ballykeenon [Ballykenneen? Kilmanman - Clonaslee RC] married Anne Lawlis of Rearynaior [Rearymore] 12 Feb 1844 Wit: Edward Brophy & Anne Collins Rosenallis Parish





Will Treasi? & Maria Kavanagh

Wm Treasi b. 2 Nov 1841 illigimate of Durrow Sp. Pat Kavanaghs wife Durrow Parish


Thos Treacy married Anne Connell 27 Feb 1843 Wit: James Murphy & Mary Palmer Durrow Parish

Tom/Thomas Tracy & Anne Connell

Wm Tracy b. 23 Oct 1844 of Durrow Sp. Patt Connell & Ellen Palmer Durrow Parish

Patt Tracy b. 24 Apr 1846 of Durrow Sp. Tim Larkin & Ony McMahon Durrow Parish

John Tracy b. 12 Jul 1847 of Durrow Sp. Michl Crennan & Ann Fitzpatrick Durrow Parish

James Treacy b. 24 Feb 1850 of Durrow Sp. James Fleming & Ellen Gleeson Durrow Parish

Mary Tracy b. 11 Sep 1853 of Queen St Sp. William Shehan & Gertrudo James Durrow Parish


Patt Tracy married Mary Purcell 22 Jan 1845 Wit: Thos Hayden & Catherine Cashin Durrow Parish


Richard Treacy & Mary Anne Copley [see Castlecomer Kilkenny CoI]

William b. 30 June 1877 Maynebog [Aghmacart Laois] (LDS)





Bidy/Bridget Tracy & Tom/Thos Lamb

Mary Lamb b. 16 Mar 1833 of Heath? Sp. Michl Mc & Kitty? Tracy Maryborough Parish

Michael Lamb b. 22 May 1836 Sp. Michael Dunn of Kilone & Ann Tracy of Morett Maryborough Parish [Emo]

Catharine Lamb b. 6 Jan 1839 of South B: Davis [Ballydavis Straboe] Sp. William Dunn Raheen & Mary Deegan of Ballyduff Maryborough Parish

Peter Lamb b. 27 Jun 1841 of Heath Sp. Peter Tracy & Ann Dunne Maryborough Parish


Patrick Tracy & Catherine Doolan

MALE b. 7 August 1864 Emo (LDS)

Esther b. 2 September 1866 Emo (LDS)

John b. 1 May 1868 (LDS)


Patt Tracey & Mary Hinds/Hynes

Patt Tracey b. 27 March 1864 of Morette Emo Sp. James Doran & Catherine Lamb Maryborough Parish (Note: born in Co Infirmary)

Patrick Tracy & Mary Hynes/Hines

Patrick b. 13 March 1864 Emo (LDS)

Peter b. 3 March 1867 Emo (LDS)

John b. 1 March 1869 (LDS)


1. Unknown Treacy

1.1 John Treacy (d. 27 Dec 1924 The Heath, Portlaois bur. Emo Church yard) m. Henrietta Moore

1.2 Patrick Treacy (Monsignor)

1.3 Thomas Treacy



John Tracey of Morette [Morett Coolbanagher] (s. of John Tracy & Hennrietta Moore of Heath [Greatheath Coolbanagher]) married Kathleen Brophy of Ballyclider [Straboe] (d. of Matthew Brophy & Mary Farrell of Ballyclider) 19 Oct 1938 Wit: William Tracy of Heath & Madge Brophy of Ballclider Maryborough Parish

November 23 1938 II

Tracey and Brophy - October 19, 1938, at the Heath Church, Portlaoighse (with Nuptial Mass)...Jack Tracey, Morette House, Emo, son of Mrs Tracey and the late John Tracey, the Heath, Portlaoighise, to Kathleen, daughter of Mrs. Brophy and the late Matthew Brophy. Ballyclider, Portlaoighise.


 Killeshin (CoI)


Church of Ireland records for the Carlow area



Killeshin is included in the Carlow records.


William Treacy b. 19th September 1843 an illegitimate child

Mother name Eliza Jessop a foundling? of Bilboa, by John Williamson, curate of Killeshin View Register


James Tracey (s. of James Tracey, labourer) widower, Corporal 18 Regt of Curragh Camp m. Rebecca Gould (d. of James Gould, labourer) of Graigue on 6 May 1866 Wit: William Galvin & James Blacker. Killeshin Parish View Register

James Tracey, Corporal 18 regt. Foot Curragh Camp of Kildare m. Rebecca Gould of Graigue Parish Killeshin on 6 May 1866 Wit: William Galvin & James Blacker. Killeshin Parish View Register

James Tracy & Rebecca Gould/Goold/Goolde [see RC]

John b. 25th January 1875 bapt. 14th February 1875 Graigue RC Sp. John Clear & Anne Doyle

James b. 17th December 1876 bapt. 7th January 1877 Graigue RC Sp. John Clear & Margaret Dunne?

Julia b. ?? July 1879 Bapt. 15 July 1879 Leighlin St RC Sp. Mich Farrell & Mary Clear

James Tracey & Rebecca Goold

John Tracey b. 25 Jan 1875 Carlow, Car, Ire. (LDS)

James Treacy, 14, b. abt 1877 Carlow Carlow, 3109 R Narwick Regiment [see Rotundra 1901 & 1911 Census]

mother Rebecca Treacy and brothers Robert E Treacy and John Treacy of 7 Bolton Street Dublin.

tailor, resided 3y8m in RAM School, 4'6", 73lb, chest 27-29", fresh complexion, brown yeyes, brown hair, RC,

Nile Expedition 1898

1903 James Treacy, 25y6m, b. Carlow Carlow, tailor, served 12 years in the army, 9432 Royal Warickshire Reg,

5'3", 130 lb, 36-38" chest, salow complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, RC, distinctive marks,

Royal Hibernian Military School, Drummer

Mother Mrs Rebecca Treacy, 7 Bolton Street Dublin.


Abraham Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Ardteggle, (s. of William Treacy, farmer) married Kate Tunstead, full age, spinster, of Torolerton [Towlerton Killabban], (d. of George Tunstead, farmer) Wit: Richard Treacy & John Walker on the 23 May 1887 Mayo Church parish of Killaban Queens County of Church of Ireland


Abraham Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Bilbo (s. of John Treacy, farmer) married Anne Condell, full age, spinster, of Augharue (d. of Thomas Condell, farmer) of Augrue Wit: Thos Willoughby & Alicia Condel on the 1 February 1883 Bilboa Parish Church of Ireland.[widower 1901 Census]

Abraham Treacy (s. of John Treacy, farmer) famer of Bilbo m. Anne Condell (d. of Thomas Condell, farmer) of Augrue on 1 February 1883. Wit: Thos Willoughby & Alicia Condel. Bilboa Parish View Register

Abraham Tracey (labourer) & Anne Tracey

Martha Tracey b. 25 November 1883 bapt. 13 January 1884 of Greenhill, Killeshin Parish View Register

John Tracey b. 2 November 1884 bapt. 4 January 1885 of Greenhill Cottage, Killeshin Parish View Register

Abraham Treacy & Anne Treacy

Mary Jane Treacy b. 31 May 1886 bapt. 22 August 1886 of Carlow Parish View Register


Annesley Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Denaquilly Castlecomer (s. of William Treacy, farmer) married Susan Tunstead, full are spinster, od Ardateggle (d. of George Tunstead, farmer) Wit: Leeson Treacy & Lizzie Tunstead on the 12 July 1893 Irish Church of Castletown Killabban Queens County [see Kilkenny]


James Tracey (s. of Jeremiah Treacy) of Kilkenny m. Elizabeth Scollard (d. of Nicholas Scollard) of Rockfield 8 September 1896 Wit: ??? Scollard & Daniel Healy. Abbeydorney RC*

John Tracey b. 22 January 1897 Rockfield Sp. Patrick Scollard & Mary Scollard. Abbeydorney RC*

James Treacy of Cahirconlish & Newpallas Co. Limerick & Doonane [Laois], Constable RIC & Elizabeth Scollard

Gertrude Beatrice Treacy b. 27 July 1899 Caherconlish. James Treacy father

Nicholas James Treacy b. 24 April 1901 Newpallas Co. Limerick. James Treacy.

William Sutcliffe Hastings Treacy b. 7 April 1902 of Newpallas. James Treacy father

Lionel Alexander Treacy b. 7 May 1904 of Doonane [Rathaspick Laois]. James Treacy father.

Linda Olive Treacy b. 17 August 1905 of Doonane [Ballickmoyler Queens Co.] Jas Treacy father

* Marriage and birth not found in State registration. CoI in 1901 and 1911 census. See Caslecomer Kilkenny.


Abraham George Treacy, 31, bachelor, farmer, of Ardentegle Killeshin Co. Carlow (s. of Abraham Treacy, farmer) married Eleanor Rothwell, 19, spinster, of Coolcullen Bagnalstwon  Co. Carlow, (d. of Thomas Rothwell, farmer) Wit: Dick Watchorn & Lily Rothwell on the 19 April 1933 Church of Ireland Mothel


Killeshin Headstone Inscriptions - Church of Ireland


On wall L. inside door         

In memory of

William Treacy

Sexton of this Church for

41 years 1912 – 1953

Died Nov. 14th 1953





 Killeshin (& Graigue, Graiguecullen)


Killeshin marriages 1822-1881 (A lot of the records could not be read)


Killeshin baptisms 1819-1881 (A lot of the records could not be read)



Many thanks to Michale Purcell and Terence Curran of Carlow for various records (January 2008).


Griffiths Valuation - Killeshin 1851-52

No & Letters Reference to Map, Occupants, Immediate Lessors, Description of Tenement

Ardateggle (Ord. S. 31, 32, 36 & 37.)

16, A. a. B, William Tracy, Jas. Fitzmaurice, Esq., House, offices & land

17, A. B., William Tracy, Jas. Fitzmaurice, Esq., Land

51, -, Richard Tracy, Jas. Fitzmaurice, Esq., Herd's House, office and land

Killeshin (Ord. S. 32 & 37.)

5, James Treacy, Wm. C. Cooper, Esq., House, offices, nod land,

8, Maurice Treacy, Wm. C. Cooper, Esq., House, offices, and land.



Mary Tracy & John Hennghy?

Pat b. 9?/8/1819 Killeshin? Sp. M.Curran? & Cath Tracy (year not stated on page)

Pat b. 9/8/1846 Killeshin? Sp. M. Curran & C Treacy (year not stated on page)


Jo?/Jas/James Tr(e)acy & Brid(get) Kavanagh

Anne b. 22nd March 1820 Killeshin? Sp. Danial & Mary Tracy

Julia b. 11th March 1827 Killeshin Sp ??? & ??? Kavanagh

Ellen b. 29th May 1830 Killeshin Sp. Andy McDavies? & Judy Kavanagh?

Patrick b. 18th March 1838 Killeshin? Sp. Mich? ?aper & Cath Treacy


Jmo Treacy & Mary Bisalean?

Luisa b. 14? October 1821 Killeshin? Sp. Walt? Dowling & C Brennan?


Jno Tracy & B Lawler?

Jno Tracy b. 13 Jan 1822 Sp. Martin Scully & A Pendar? Killeshin Parish


Margret Treacy m. James Dugan? Feb 6 1826 Wit: Mich Treacy & Mary Kavanagh?

Marget Tracy & Jas Digan

Thos Digin b. 11 Dec 1826 of Kileshan? Sp. Patt Harris? & Jonohin Hogan? Killeshin Parish

Margret Treacy & James Dugan

??? b. 11th January 1835 Clonmore Sp. Martin Curran & Judy Lyons


Catherine Tracy & John Prendergast?

Catherine b. 17th February 1828 Killishin Sp. James Prendergast & Brid Neil


Ann Treacy & Mick Byrin

Ellen Byrin b. 12 July 1829 of Killeshan Sp. Jas Farrell & Ann Treacy Killeshin Parish


Pat Tracy? & Ann Cacucle?

Margaret b. 11th Oct 1829 Graigue Sp.Jas Riely? & Mary ???


John Tracy & Anne Dalton

Anne? Tracy b. 14th July 1830 Old Derrig [Oldderrig] Sp. John Cranby? & Mary Bulon? Killeshin Parish


Maurice Tr(e)acy m. Judy/Judith Kavanagh Nov 22 1830 Wit: Andy McDonald & Catharin Kavanagh

Maurice Treacy & Judy/Judith Kavanagh

Margaret b. 11th Sept? 1831 Killeshin Sp. Pat & Mary Farrell

Catherine b. 30th Dec 1832 Kileshin Sp. Andy ??? & ???

Bridget b. 4th Dec 1836 Kileshin? Sp. Pat Kelly & Fanny King

Mary b. 8th December 1839 Kileshin Sp. Jas Farell & Mary Treacy


Mary Tracey Killeshin (daughter of Maurice Tracy & Johannia Killeshin) married Michael Cooper? Killeshin (son of Edward? & Julia? Deceased) Wit: Martin? Tracy? Killeshin & Bridget Cooper Killeshlin. May 7th 1867


Martin Tracey Killeshin (son of Maurice & Julia? Tracy Killeshin) married Bridget Cooper Killeshin (daughter of John & Margaret Cooper lohylain?) Wit: ??? Cooper Longlaime? & Anne Cooper Longlaine June 4th 1867

Martin Tracy & Bridget Cooper

Michael b. 4th June 1868 bapt. 7th June 1868 Killeshin Sp. Michael Doyle & Bridget Malone

Julia b. 3rd March 1870 bapt. 6th March 1870 Killeshin Sp. John Doyle & Ellen Foley

Joseph b. 5th December 1871 bapt.10th December 1871 Killeshin Sp. Silvester Doyle & Margaret Foley

Mary b. 6th December 1873 bapt. 7th December 1873 Killeshin Sp. Daniel Doogan? & Mary Grant?

Edward b. 20th May 1875 bapt. 23rd May 1875 Killeshin Sp. Edward Dougue? & Margaret Nelson

James b. 7th April 1877 bapt. 8th April 1877 Killeshin Sp. James McDonald & Mary McDonald


Bessy? Tracy & John ???

Eliz? B. 1st Jan 1831 Killeshin Sp. ??? & ???


Margret Tracy? m. James ??? Oct 2 1831 Wit: John ??? & Judy Tracy


Anne Tracy & William Martin

John b. 30th January 1831 Kileshin? Sp. Patt Carrol? & Biddy Quin?


Mary Treacy & Jas King

Patt King b. 4 Apr 1832 of Killeshin Sp. Martin Callehan & Bety King. Killeshin Parish


Anne Tracey m. John Kelly July 1st 1837 Wit: Edw Cummins & Mary Brennan


Mary Tracy m. James Quinn? 27th February 1835 Wit: John Caipesiter? & Peggy Brennan


Andy Tracy & Betty Murphy

John b. 20th January 1839 Spuan??og?? Sp. John & Betty Eagan?


Jas Nash to Ann Byan February 8th 1839 Wit: Patt Cussins? & Cathr Tracy

Mich Treacy & Margt Rice (moved to Carlow town?)

Bridget b. 1st November 1839 Laughs Sp. Maurice & Mary Treacy

Pat b. 24th March 1844 Cooslaim? Sp. John Kavanagh? & Cath Rice

Michael? 24th March 1850 Bally Lasmorg? Sp. Henry Leonard & Ann Nolan


Catherine Treacy m. James Curran 23rd November 1839 Killeshin, Laois Wit James Caopuis? & Anne Treacy

Catherine Treacy & James Curran

Danl? b. 22nd Oct 1843 Killeshin Sp. Pat & Mary Curran

Elizabeth b. 1855 Barrack Street, Carlow town (Book 6, p.129, No.90)


Daniel Pendar m. Margt Kenedy Sep 18 1840 Wit: Andrew McDonald? & Anne Tracey


Mary Treacy m. John Hennessy Feb 17 1841 Wit: Pat Lalor & Cathr Kennedy


John Tracy & Mary Nowlan

Teresa b. 14th Oct 1841 Killeshin


John Tracy? & Bridget Doran

Margaret b. 12th Oct 1845 Keelogue Sp. Edw Haughey & Catherine Doran


Pat Kenna & Anne Kelly

Mary b. 24 November 1845 Killeshin Sp. Martin Treacy & M Nelson


Anne Treacy of Killeshin m. John Curren/Curran 23rd February 1846 Killeshin, Laois Wit: Morris Treacy? & Judy Treacy

Anne Treacy & John Curren/Curran

Joseph b. 10th or 18th January 1847 100 Acres Sp. John & Anne Whelan

Bridget b. 6th February 1848 Killeshlin Sp. Pat Cooper & Anne Neill

Laurence b. 1852 Staplestown Road, Carlow Town (Book 6, p.102, No.121)


John Nelson & Margaret Doyle

Mary b. 6th January 1852 Killeshin Sp. Nicholas Nelson & Catherine Treacy


Bridget/Biddy Trac(e)y & Edward/Ned Malone

??? b. 4th April 1858 bapt. 11th April 1858 Coolame? Sp. Martin Tracy & Mary ???

Catherine b. 20th March 1860 bapt. 18 April 1860 Rosmose? Sp. Joseph Tobin? & Mary Tracey

Thomas b. 28th July 1862 bapt. 3rd August 1862 Coorlane Sp. Martin Haughney? & Kitty Malone

Michael b. 14th Jan 1864 bapt. 17th January 1864 Coorlane Sp. Tom Haughmy & Margaret Brennan

John b. 28th May 1867 bapt. 30th May 1867 Coorlane Sp. Martin Tracy & Shiga? Haughney

Edward? b. 1st March 1869 bapt. 7th March 1869 Coorlane Sp. Pat Haughnay & Kate Connolly?

William b. 23 December 1870 bapt. 25th December 1870 Coorlane Sp. Richard Grant? & Kate Doran?

James b. 18th August 1876 bapt. 20th August 1876 Coorlane Sp. John Connolly & Bridget Dowling

??? b. 28th March 1878 bapt. 29th March 1878 Coolane Sp. John Connolly & Bridget Connolly


James Tracy 27th Rement? (Son of Andrew & Mary Tracy deceased [Fermanagh?]) married Ellen Fenlan? Graigue (daughter of Patrick & Margaret of Graigue) Wit: Martins Collins of Graigue & Mary Higgans? of Graigue. July 13 1864. Killeshin Parish Laois/Carlow


James Pender & Mary Kinnedy?

Martha b. 4th March 1864 bapt. 3rd April 1864 Grague Sp. Richard Grant & Mary Tracey


Michael Byrne, St. Kevin’s Dublin. (SO John & Anne Byrne, deceased.) married Bride Margaret Casey, Clonmore. (DO Tim & Mary Casey, Clonmore) Witnesses. Michael Lyons, Clonmore & Mary Tracey. Nov. 12th 1867


Michael Byrne & Margret Clary?

Maryanne b. 13th August 1868 bapt. 16th August 1868 Clonmore? Sp. Michael Lyons & Maryanne Tracy


Mary Tracey & Richard Grant

James b. 7th Dec 1869 bapt. 10th December 1869 Killeshin Sp. Edward Grant & Bridget Grant

Bridget b. 25th May 1871 bapt. 28 May 1871 Killeshin Sp. John Grant & Anne Donnelly

Mary b. 1st March 1873 bapt. 2nd March 1873 Killeshin Sp. Martin Tracy & Bridget Tracy

Richard Grant b. 28 Apr/2 May 1880 of Killeshin Sp. Michael Cooper & Julia Grant  Killeshin Parish


Bridget Tracey Mocklea/Croptea/Crosslen? [Crossneen?] (daughter of James Tracy & Catherine Brady Deceased) married John Wills Carlow (son of Daniel & Sarah Wills Deceased) Wit: Patrick Barret Carlow & Anne Foley Carlow. April 28th 1870


James Tracy & Rebecca Gould/Goold [see CoI]

John b. 25th January 1875 bapt. 14th February 1875 Graigue RC Sp. John Clear & Anne Doyle

James b. 17th December 1876 bapt. 7th January 1877 Graigue RC Sp. John Clear & Margaret Dunne?

Julia b. ?? July 1879 Bapt. 15 July 1879 Leighlin St RC Sp. Mich Farrell & Mary Clear


Mary Tracey Clonmore (daughter of Mick Tracey & Anne Deceased) married John Brennan Carlow (son of Martin Brennan Rossamore [Rossmore] & Mary Fitzpatrick Deceased) Wit: Henry Fraine? Rossmore & Mary? Brennan Clonmore Feb 28th 1876


James McDonald & Mary Kelly

Patrick b. 9 May 1878 bapt. 12th May 1878 Killeshin? Sp. Martin Tracy & Catherine Kelly


James McDonald & Mary Kelly

??? b. 29 May 1880 bapt. 30th May 1880 Killeshin Sp. Michl Tracy & Anne Callanan


Walter Tracey & Mary Foley

Walter b. 26th March 1899 Clogrennan (Note: could not find the State Registration details for marriage or birth)


Maurice Tracey & Anne Lawler

John b. 4th March 1906 Chapel Street




In 1890 Crecrin Harps played Graiguecullen in the County Carlow final. The Harps men were beaten by a single point scored between two posts which were beside the goal. Crecrins defender Jim Carthy moved up in attack, Graiguecullen managed to get the ball and sent it over his head and Jim was left stranded. A Graiguecullen man got the ball and with his chance he scored the only point of the match. John Lennon of Knockballystine was captain that day and his team mates were Joe Lennon King’s Cross, William Doyle Coolmanagh ,John and Edward O’Brien Crecrin, Michael and Pat Treacy, Michael Donaghue, Martin Keogh, Pat Murphy, John Sheppard, Jim Kennedy, Charlie Breen, Pat Mulhall The Rock . Patrick O’Neill, Knockeen. Pat and John Bolger , John Condron, Kilquiggan Pat Timmons and Jim ‘Red’ Tyrrell, Killinure , and of course Jim Carthy, Knockballystine. As can be seen football teams had 21 players in those days.

Source: P.MacSuibhne book 'The Parish of Killeshin, Graiguecullen'. 1972


 Kyle & Knock (Laois/Tipperary) (see also Roscrea)


See Tipperary



 Leighlinbridge (Carlow/Laois)


See Carlow



 Lisdowney (Kilkenny/Laois)


See Kilkenny



 Maryborough (Portlaoise)


Dinard Tracy married Mary Fitzpatrick 22 Feb 1830 Wit: Dinard Bergin? & Cath Grey? Maryborough Parish

Edward Tracey & Catherine Fitzpatrick

Brided Tracey b. 1 Sep 1834 of Rathleagua [Rathleague Kilcolmanbane] Sp. Edward Lalor & Martha Stepylton Maryborough Parish


Joseph Tracy married Margaret Dempsey 12 Feb 1831 Wit: James Maguire & Maria Davise? Maryborough Parish


Bidy/Bridget Tracy & Tom/Thos Lamb

Mary Lamb b. 16 Mar 1833 of Heath? Sp. Michl Mc & Kitty? Tracy Maryborough Parish

Michael Lamb b. 22 May 1836 Sp. Michael Dunn of Kilone & Ann Tracy of Morett Maryborough Parish [Emo]

Catharine Lamb b. 6 Jan 1839 of South B: Davis [Ballydavis Straboe] Sp. William Dunn Raheen & Mary Deegan of Ballyduff Maryborough Parish

Peter Lamb b. 27 Jun 1841 of Heath Sp. Peter Tracy & Ann Dunne Maryborough Parish


Mary Tracy & James Deegan

Eliza Deegan b. 14 Jul 1839 of Ballyduff [Moyanna? Stradbally RC] Sp. Patt Roberts of Ballyduff & Mary Deegan of Ballyduff Maryborough Parish


Margt Tracy & John Lewis

Michl Lewis b. 18 Jul 1841 of Morette/Ballycars? [overwritten] Sp. John Whelan & Anne Tracy Maryborough Parish

Peter Lewis b. 28 Jan 1844 of Ballycono? Sp. John Boa & Margrat Ging Maryborough Parish

John Lewis b. 30 Aug 1846 of Ballycarroll [Kilteale] Sp. John Hyland & Catherine [Margaret crossed out] Whelan Maryborough Parish


Sally Tracy & James

John Tracy b. 22 Jan 1842 of Balyduff [Moyanna? Stradbally RC] Sp. James Thortle & Ann Tracy Maryborough Parish

Sally Tracy & James Dugan

Michael Dugan b. 30 Jun? 1844 of Heath Sp. Patt Tracy & Mary Singlton Maryborough Parish

Charles Deigan b. 4 Oct 1846 of Ballyduff Sp. Pat & Margaret Deegan Maryborough Parish


Pat Tracy & Anne ?lahan (whelan) [Holahan?]

William Tracy b. 22 Feb 1846 of Clonadin? Sp. James ?lahan & Sally Holahan Maryborough Parish


Mary Tracy? & James Keegan

Bridget Keegan b. 10 Mar 1846 Sp.James OConnor of Town & Bridget Lalor? of Aghnahily Maryborough Parish


Edward Tracey married Elizabeth Mack 26 Nov 1857 Wit: Thomas Byrne & Elizabeth Fennelly Maryborough Parish

Ed Tracy & Eliza Mac

John Tracy b. 29 Aug 1858 of Rathlege [Rathleague Kilcolmanbane] Sp. Patt Mac & Anne Fitzpatrick Maryborough Parish

Edward Tracey & Eliza McEvoy [Mangan crossed out]

Mary Tracy b. 29 April 1860 of Rathleague Sp. John Adderly & Mary Adderly Maryborough Parish

James Tracey b. 5 Oct 1862 of Rathleague Sp. Thomas Byrne [Murphy crossed out] & Mary Muphy Maryborough Parish

Edward Tracey b. 12 Mar 1865 of Rathleague Sp. Michael Fitzpatrick & Julia Gray Maryborough Parish

Patt Treacy b. 3 Jan 1867 of Rathleague Sp. John Gray & Brigid Fitzpatrick Maryborough Parish

Peter Tracy b. 8/15 Nov 1869 of Rathleague Sp. Thomas Gray & Alicia Gray Maryborough Parish

Edward Trac(e)y & Eliza/Elizabeth Mack/McEvoy

Edward b. 2 March 1865 Maryborough (LDS)

Patrick b. 10 January 1867 Maryborough (LDS)

Peter b. 7 November 1869 Maryborough (LDS)


Mary Tracy & George Little

Patt Little b. 20 Dec 1857 of no residence? Sp. Mary Burke Maryborough Parish


Edward Tracey of Rathleague [Kilcolmanbane] married Julia Byrne of Maryboro [Maryborough Borris] 7 Mar 1859 Wit: Thomas Byrne of Meelick & Hanna Mahon? of Maryboro Maryborough Parish

Edward Treacy & Julia Byrne

Joseph Treacy b. 29 April 1860 of Rathleagea Sp. Thomas Byrne & Judy Gray Maryborough Parish

John Tracey b. 15 June 1862 of Rathleague Sp. Timothy Byrne & Catherine Byrne Maryborough Parish (Note: Sub cond)

Margt Tracey b. 13 Nov 1864 of Rathleague Sp. John Kennedy & Mary Murphy Maryborough Parish

Edward Tracey & Julia Byrne

Margarett b. 7 November 1864 Maryborough (LDS)


James Tracey of Ballytegan [Borris] married Margaret Dunne of Rosleighan [Rossleaghan Borris] 3 Mar 1862 Wit: William Dwyer of The Ridge & Margaret Deevy? Maryborough Parish

James Treacy & Margt Dunne

Mary Anne Treacy b. 5 Oct? 1863 of Ballytegan Sp. John Dunne & Margt Kelly Maryborough Parish

Margt Tracey b. ? Aug 1864 of Ballytegan Sp. Joseph Tracey & Margt Tracey Maryborough Parish

Julia Tracey b. 26 Nov 1866 of Ridge Sp. Edward Dunne & Honer Dunne Maryborough Parish

Brigid Tracey b. 1/7 June 1869 of Ridge Sp. John McDonnell & Anne McDonnell Maryborough Parish

Joseph Tracey b. 8/12 Sep 1870 of Ballteagne Sp. Patt Kelly & Maryanne Dunne Maryborough Parish


Mary Anne Tracey of The Ridge (d. of James & Mrs Tracey of The Ridge) married Patrick Hegarty of Clonin [Offerlane] (s. of Jas Hegarty & Bridget Delany of Clonin) 6 May 1879 Wit: Patrick Shearn of Mullingar & Mary Dunne of Cappagh Maryborough Parish


Patt Tracey & Mary Hinds/Hynes

Patt Tracey b. 27 March 1864 of Morette Emo Sp. James Doran & Catherine Lamb Maryborough Parish (Note: born in Co Infirmary)


Patt Tracey & Margt Dooly

Patt Tracey b. 7 July 1864 of Vagus Sp. William Dowling & Mary Dowling Maryborough Parish


Ellen Tracey & James Gorman

Patrick Gorman b. 9 Dec 1867 of Town Sp. Thomas Gorman & Brigid Tracey Maryborough Parish


John Tracey of Morette [Morett Coolbanagher] (s. of John Tracy & Hennrietta Moore of Heath [Greatheath Coolbanagher]) married Kathleen Brophy of Ballyclider [Straboe] (d. of Matthew Brophy & Mary Farrell of Ballyclider) 19 Oct 1938 Wit: William Tracy of Heath & Madge Brophy of Ballclider Maryborough Parish


Portlaoise Cemetery

Thomas Tracy, 45, Labourer, Infimary, 15/06/1907




The Heath GAA sponsored by Treacys






Mount Mellick Parish (R.C.) Baptisms 1837-1859 T-Y



Eliza Tracy married John Glennen 23 Jul 1815 Wit: Peter Tracy & The Widow Tracy Mountmellick Parish


Eliza Tracy married John Daily 18 Nov 1817 Wit: John Connel & Anne Conroy Mountmellick Parish


Thomas Tracy married Elen Bracken 18 Apr 1818 Wit: Denis Brackin & Eliza Conroy Mountmellick Parish

Tom/Thos Tracy & Elen/Ellen Bracking/Brahin/Braccan/Bracken

Catherine Tracy b. 28 Nov 1824 Sp. Daniel Dowling & Judy Bracking Mountmellick Parish

Mary Tracy b. ? Jun 1827 Sp. Michael Graye? & Biddy Dunne Mountmellick Parish

Thos Tracy b. 15 Jul 1832 Sp. Mich Quanlin & Catharin Dowling Mountmellick Parish

John Treacy b. 20 Jan 1839 Sp. Con Malone & Biddy Quinn Mountmellick Parish


John Tracy & Judy Gorman

Mary Tracy b. 26 February 1820 Sp. Michl Carrol & Mary Malon. Portarlington Parish

John/Jno Tracy & Judy/Judith/Julia Gorman

Willm Tracy b. 16 Nov 1823 Sp. Patt Tracy & Betty Gorman Mountmellick Parish

James Tracy b. 14 Nov 1825 Sp. Wm Clinton & Mary Conroy Mountmellick Parish

John Tracy b. 11 Jan 1827 Sp. Denis Bergin & Maria Gorman Mountmellick Parish

Eliza Tracy b. 9 May 1830 Sp. Edward Quinn? & Catherine Connors Mountmellick Parish

Julia Treacy b. 12 May 1839 Sp. Jno Siney & Julia Treacy Mountmellick Parish


Wm Tracy & ??? [not stated]

Joseph Tracy b. 24 May 1822 Sp. Laur McEvoy & Anne Lalor Mountmellick Parish


John Tracy & Anne Redmond alias D??? [Dunn?]

Bridget Tracy b. 16? Feb 1823 Sp. Tom Fitzpatrick & Anne Dunn Mountmellick Parish


Hony Tracy married George Horohan 8? Feb 1823 Wit: John Connell & Eliza Brophy Mountmellick Parish


Edwd Tracy married Elizabeth Horan 29 Feb 1824 Wit: Thomas Darcy & Alice Horan Mountmellick Parish

Edward/Ned Tracy & Elizabeth/Betty Horan

Lucy Tracy b. ? Jan 1825 Sp. Gorge Pexton & Anne Butler Mountmellick Parish

Patt Tracy b. 25 Mar 1827 Sp. Wm Horan & Margt Tracy Mountmellick Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 8? Feb/ 1829 Sp. Thos Hays & Mary Walsh Mountmellick Parish

Lucy Tracy b. ? Jul 1831 Sp. Thos Darcy & Anne Scully Mountmellick Parish

John Treacy b. 29 Apr 1838 Sp. Matt Glennan & Mary Darcy Mountmellick Parish

Theobald Treacy b. 14 Jun 1840 Sp. Jno Corcoran & Cath Horan Mountmellick Parish

James Treacy b. 8 Apr 1842 Sp. Jer Dunne & Sally Horan Mountmellick Parish

Mary Treacy b. 29 Jun 1844 Sp. William Gray & Anne Dunne Mountmellick Parish


Maria Tracy (d. of Edvardus Tracy & Elizabeth Horan of Mount Mellick of Queens? Co) of 23 Richmond St m. Gulielmus Kelly (s. of Martini Kelly & Honoria Owens of Ballymic Co. Carlow) of 23 Richmond St on the 11 September 1877 Wit: Joannes Martin & Maria Martin of 6 Shamrock Villa Harolds Cross. [comment in Latin?]. St. Lawrences, Dublin.

Mary Tracey & Gulielmus Kelly.

Gulielmus Joseph Kelly b. 19 July 1878 of 23 Richmond Place Sp. Gulielmus Leadley & Maria Helena Leadley. St. Lawrences, Dublin.


Honora/Anny Tracy & George Horan/Horahan/Monahan

John Horan b. 20 Nov 1825 Sp. John Kenedy & Judith Dunn Mountmellick Parish

Buddy Horahan b. 24 Feb 1828 Sp. John Brown & Biddy Clark Mountmellick Parish

Mathew monahan b. ? Aug 1833 Sp. Thos Baken & Ann Monahan Mountmellick Parish


Edwd/Edward Tracy & Mary Keegan

Joseph Tracy b. 19 Mar 1826 Sp. Richard Laeler & Mary Flood Mountmellick Parish

John Treacy b. 3 Feb 1828 Sp. James Cullidan & Mary Horahan Mountmellick Parish

Mary Treacy b. 16 May 1830 Sp. Mountmellick ParishJohn Horahan & Margt Horahan Mountmellick Parish

Edward Tracy b. 11 Feb 1836 Sp. Denis Keegan & Margat Purcel Mountmellick Parish


Sarah Tracey, 38. single, b. 1840 Gueens [Queens] Co., Ireland (d. of Edward Tracey & Mary Keegan)  married Edward Fanning, 37, widowed, b. 1836 Tipperary Ireland (s. of Michael Fanning & Catherin Keys) 23 Feb 1873 Manhattan New York


Ann Tracy & Patt McEvoy

Paul b. 6/4/1826 Sp: William McEvoy & Mary McEvoy. Mountmellick Parish

??? & Patt McEvoy

Anne b. 2/7/1816 Sp: Peter Tracy & Elisa Lalor (Mountmellick RC)

Patt b. 20/5/1817 Sp: Lawrence McEvoy & Mrs Tracy (Mountmellick RC)

Denis b. 3/4/1819 Sp: Joseph McEvoy & Mrs Tracy (Mountmellick RC)

Judy b. 5/6/1820 Sp: Peter Tracy & Mary McEvoy (Mountmellick RC)


Patrick McEvoy was a barrister and landed proprietor of Castlebrack. He married Anna Treacy. They had a number of children, one of whom being Laurence McEvoy. Laurence married Margaret Delaney in New York in 1876...

Bridie Dunne (2011) History of Castlebrack.


Eliza Treacy & Frank/Francis Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham b. 2 Mar 1828 Sp. Judy Roach Mountmellick Parish

William Cummingham b. 21 Feb 1830 Sp. James Lamb & Mary Lamb Mountmellick Parish

Mary Cuningham b. 29 May 1831 Sp. Mark Kirwin & Mary Cuningham Mountmellick Parish

Edward Cunningham b. 24 Mar 1839 Sp. Wm. Higgins & Ann Quirk Mountmellick Parish

Michael Cunningham b. 14 Aug 1840 Sp. Wm. Dunne & Ellen Peters Mountmellick Parish

Elizabeth Cunningham b. 3 May 1843 Sp. James Lamb & Eliza Sides Mountmellick Parish

Henry Cunningham b. 7 Jun 1845 Sp. Mary Fennelly Mountmellick Parish

William Cunningham b. 15 Aug 1847 Sp. Wm. Chapman & Eliza Scythes Mountmellick Parish


Teresa Tracy & Thos Dowling

Daniel Dowling b. 7 Apr 1828 Sp. Daniel Foran & Brdt McEvoy Mountmellick Parish


Tom? Tracy? & Judy Fitzpatrick

Ann? (spensiscis? Tracy b. ? Feb 1831 Sp. Patt Tracy & Judy Waits? Mountmellick Parish


Betty Treacy & Dan [Wm?] Brange [OBariges?]

Susana Brange b. ? Mar 1831 Sp. Wm Treacy & Ellen Vicars Mountmellick Parish


Bridget Tracy & Thos McDermott

Bridget McDermott b. 16 May 1833 Sp. Mat Delany & Mary Carroll Mountmellick Parish


Margret Tracy married Wm Dunne 10 Feb 1834 Wit: Mich Gilligan? & Mary? Brophy? Mountmellick Parish


Margt/Peggy Tracy & Tim Gorman

Mary Gorman b. 9 Dec 1838 Sp. Mary Gorman & Jno Butler Mountmellick Parish

Wm. Gorman b. 29 Nov 1840 Sp. Jas. Ward & Mary Delahoide Mountmellick Parish


Anne Treacy married Wm Fitzgerald ? Jan 1839 Wit: ??? ??? & Elly? Walsh? Mountmellick Parish

Anne Treacy & Wm Fitzgerald

William Fitzgerald b. 14 Feb 1841 Sp. Wm. Holohan & Mary Holohan Mountmellick Parish


Edw. Connoly & Margt. Culaton

Margaret b. 8 Mar 1840 Sp. Edw. Delaney & Betty Treacy


Joseph Treacy married Elizabeth Green 18 Feb 1841 Wit: Michael & Catharine Deegan Mountmellick Parish


Edw./Edmond Williams & Lucy Horan

Jerom Williams b. 26 Sep 1841 Sp. Patt Treacy & Cath. Horan

Catherine Williams b. 21 Jan 1844 Sp. Wm. Horan & Lucy Treacy

Alicia Williams b. 3 Jan 1847 Sp. Wm. Treacy & Kate Horan

Daniel Williams b. 4 Oct 1848 Sp. Edw. Treacy Margt. Horan


Jas Treacy & Anne/June Jordan

Mary Treacy b. 18 Dec 1842 Sp. Patt Kinna & Cath Bowers Mountmellick Parish

James Treacy b. 10 Mar 1844 Sp. Jno. Fines & Dora Jordan Mountmellick Parish

Mary Abbagail Treacy b. 4 Apr 1849 Sp. Jas. Cummins & Johanna Hanly Mountmellick Parish

Anne Treacy b. 1 Jan 1851 Sp. Jas Hologhan & Cath. Fyans Mountmellick Parish

William Treacy b. 30 Jan 1853 Sp. Denis Kelly & Ellen Walsh Mountmellick Parish

Ellen Treacy b. 11 Apr 1857 Sp. Jno Bradshaw & Mary Lalor Mountmellick Parish

Dorah Treacy b. 3 Jun 1858 Sp. Ml Fynes & Margt Horan Mountmellick Parish


Eliza Treacy & Thos Conroy

Eliza Conroy b. [circa 2 Apr 1843 – all crossed out] Mountmellick Parish


Cath. Treacy & Richard Behan

Thomas Behan b. 20 Aug 1843 Sp. Jer. Dowling & Bess Quarter Mountmellick Parish

William Behan b. 3 Jan 1847 Sp. Martin Lynam & Mary Murray Mountmellick Parish


Andrew Gorman & Marg't Flinn

Joseph Gorman b. 28-Aug-1843 Sp. Jas. Gorman & Judy Tracy


Andrew King & Eliza McDonnell

Hugh King b. 1 Oct 1843 Sp. Wm. Treacy & Cath. Walsh


James Burke & Sarah Coss

James Burke b. 20 Oct 1844 Sp. James Lamb & Fanny Treacy


Jas. Gorman & Biddy Siney

Mary Gorman b. 10-Jan-1847 Sp. Patt Siney & Mary Treacy


James Cummings & Bridget Bird

Mary b. 26 Jul 1847 Sp. Joseph Teacy & Margt. Treacy Mountmellick Parish


Jas. Waldron & Cath Kelly

James Waldron b. 7 Oct 1847 Sp. Wm. Treacy & Lucy Treacy


George Flemming & Anne Corcoran

George Flemming b. 30 Apr 1848 Sp. Daniel T. Treacy & Anne Dunne


Richard Tracy married Margaret Moore 26 Jan 1848 Wit: Andrew Malone & Mary Delany Mountmellick Parish

Richd Treacy & Margaret Moore

John Treacy b. 17 Sep 1848 Sp. John Horan & Mary Delaney Mountmellick Parish


as. Gray & Ellen Murphy

James Gray b. 12-Nov-1851 Sp. Henry Grey & Marg't Treacy


Mary Tracy alias Commafor? married William Johnson 20 Nov 1851 Wit: Michael Dowling & Margaret Dowling Mountmellick Parish


Chas. Farrell & Ellen Dooley

Ellen Farrell b. 26 Jun 1853 Sp. Wm. Gorman & Winifred Treacy


Patt Treacy & Eliza Flynn

John Treacy b. 3 May 1857 Sp. John Geoghan & Mary Gorman Mountmellick Parish

Peter Treacy b. 10 Jul 1859 Sp. Thos. Cleary & Bridget McGee Mountmellick Parish

Mary Treacy b. 4 Aug 1861 Sp. Joseph Cullen & Bridget Higgins Mountmellick Parish

Thomas Treacy b. 2 Aug 1863 Sp. Michael Neal & Ann Foran Mountmellick Parish

Wm Tracy b. 15/25 Jun 1865 Sp. John Carroll & Mary Flynn Mountmellick Parish

Joseph Treacy b. 29 Mar/14 Apr 1867 Sp. Pat Whelehan & Ellen Flynn Mountmellick Parish


James Bergin & Mary Jordan

Daniel Bergin b. 10 Jan 1858 Sp. Danl. Treacy & Mary Treacy

Mary Bergin b. 17 Jul 1853 Sp. Denis Bergin & Anne Treacy


Ellen Treacy & Michael Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick b. 25 May 1856 Sp. Jas Boland & Marg't Wilkinson Mountmellick Parish

Mary Fitzpatrick b. 2 Dec 1859 Sp. John & Anne Conroy Mountmellick Parish

Ellen Fitzpatrick b. 2/6 Mar 1864 Sp. Thomas Whelan & Margaret Conroy Mountmellick Parish

Thomas Fitzpatrick b. 5/16 Jun 1867 of Commons [Castlebrack] Sp. Pat & Margaret Dempsey [McEvoy in duplicate] Mountmellick Parish (Note: Married to Esther Hession in Mt Mellick ??? July 14 19)

Eliza Fitzpatrick b. 12/23 Jun 1872 Sp. Wm Buggy & Mary Fitzgerald Mountmellick Parish

Joseph [James in dulicate] Fitzpatrick b. 10/21 May 1874 Sp. John Frinan & Betty Delaney Mountmellick Parish


Edward Tracy married Mary Dune 15 Aug 1859 Wit: John Troy & Julia Anne Maguire  Mountmellick Parish

Edw Treacy & Mary Dunne

Joseph Treacy b. 2 Sep 1860 Sp. John Troy & Julia Anne Maguire Mountmellick Parish

William Treacy b. 12 Jan 1862 Sp. Edwd Murphy & Eliza Butler Mountmellick Parish

Edward Treacy b. 24 May 1863 Sp. Edward Fitzpatrick & Ann Hogan Mountmellick Parish

Mary Elizabeth Treacy b. 3/9 April 1865 of M Melick Sp. Michl Richardson & Maria Treacy Mountmellick Parish

Patrick Treacy b. 24/27 Jan 1867 Sp. Patk Murphy & Ann Martin Mountmellick Parish

Edward Tracy & Mary Dunne

Mary Elizabeth b. 4 April 1865 Mountmellick (LDS)

Patrick Daniel b. 24 January 1867 Mountmellick (LDS)


Reverend Joseph Vincent Tracy (1860-1947), DD, b. at Mountmellick, Ireland, 26 August, 1860, son of Edward Tracy, of Cashel, Ireland. Education: at Hawes Hale and Bigelow public schools, Boston; Boston College; Holy Cross College, Worcester (A.B., 1882) ; St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y.; St. John's Seminary, Boston. Ordained priest by the Most Rev. John J. Williams, Archbishop of Boston, February 24, 1886. S.T.D. St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1898; received the title of Missionary Apostolic from Pope Leo XIII, 1903. Spent the earliest years of his priesthood in Florida and Minnesota; [Father Joseph V. Tracy came to Darwin Mn Nov. 21, 1887, formerly of Boston where he had been an in­structor at a boy's school. In addition to the mission at Forest City Father Tracy organized catechism classes in various school districts. Father went east in February 1889, returning July 1893.] in 1889 was assigned to the parish of the Most Precious Blood, Hyde Park, Mass.; teacher of Holy Scripture at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1890-88; in 1898 was recalled to Boston to teach the New Testament at St. John's Seminary and act as local director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Through his efforts, branches of this society were organized in more than one hundred parishes and over $84,000 collected for missions within four and a half years. In 1906 he read a paper before the annual meeting of the Arch-bishops, entitled The Catholic Church in the United States, and its mission work, in which a plan for a national mission-support organization covering all mission needs was outlined. Appointed Rector of St. Anthony's Parish, Allston, 1907; Rector of St. Columbian's, Brighton District, Boston, since 1907. Has contributed to the Sacred Heart Review, Catholic World, American Catholic Quarterly, Ecclesiastical Review. Address: Rector, St. Columbkill's, Brighton District, Boston, Mass.    

The Catholic Encyclopedia and Its Makers. The Encylopedia [!] press, inc.,1911& 1917

The Health Center was the unique creation of Rev. Joseph V. Tracy, D.D., pastor of Saint Columbkille's [Brighton, Ma], who oversaw the greatest amount of  development in the history of the parish. A 1936 article, citing Monsignor Tracy's Golden Jubilee as a priest, recognized his efforts at Saint Columbkille's in constructing the Institute Building (1917 - 1919), the Convent (1923 - 1924), the Columb House (est. 1923) and the new wing of the school building (1932).  Monsignor Tracy later was responsible for the construction of the present Rectory in 1938. The early 1930’s brought the depression but also saw a fourteen-room addition to our School which was to serve as the present High School.  The High School curriculum, previously a two- or three-year course for girls, now became a four-year regimen.  When the doors of the new High School building opened in September 1932, boys were accepted for the first time.  1938 saw the old Rectory moved to the front of the parish property while the present Rectory was being constructed, the last in the series of Parish buildings.  It was occupied on November 9, 1938, and the old Rectory, built by our first Pastor and added to by our second, disappeared forever.  Monsignor Tracy declined in health in his later years and administrators were appointed to care for parish affairs, first Father Michael J. Norton, and then Father John J. Scollan.  On September 30, 1946 Father William J. Daly, the boy who had graduated from the School in that 1909 Class, officially became Pastor, with Monsignor Tracy being designated Pastor Emeritus.  Father Daly’s most immediate concern was for the care of his old friend and Pastor.  Monsignor Tracy, affectionately known as “The Pastor of Charity,” died on February 12, 1947.



Mary M. Dunne Tracy, d. 04 Feb 1898 Boston Massachusetts, lived 707 E. Broadway Boston, age 70, b.c. 1828 Ireland, (d. of Joseph Dunne & Mary Burns both born Ireland) Spouse Edward Tracy


Thomas F. A. Tracy d. 25 Mar 1900 Boston Massachusetts, buried Brookline, age 27, b.c. 1873, Single, Surveyor (s. of Edward Tracy & Mary Dunne both born Ireland)


Edward A Tracy, 42, b. 1863 Ireland, (s. of Edward Tracy & Mary Dunn) lives 319 E St, physician m. Helen A Sullivan, 33, b. 1872 Boston (d. of John Sullivan & Margaret Mahoney) lives 60 Broadway, milliner, on the 19 Jun 1905 Boston, Massachusetts by the Joseph V Tracy, Pr, 20 Holton St


Holyhood Cemetery, Boston

The right Reverand Joseph Vincent TRACY born Aug 26 1860

Ordained February 26 1886 died February 12 1947

Professor of Sacred Scriptures Mt. St Mary’s Seminary Emmetsburgh MD

Professor of Sacred Composition St John’s Seminary Brighton Mass

Organizer of the Society for the propagation of the faith in the United States

And it’s Director for the Archdiocese of Boston

Pastor of St. Anthony’s Church Allston, Mass

Pastor of St Columbkille Church Brighton, Mass

Edward TRACY of Mt Mellick, Ireland married on Our Lady’s day 1859 Died March 19 1904 aged 72 his wife

Mary Monica DUNNE of Cashel Island [Ireland?] Died February 4 1898 aged 70

Thomas Francis TRACY died March 25 1900 aged 27

Helen SULLIVAN TRACY wife of Edward A TRACY M.D. Died August 17 1908 aged 35

Patrick Anthony TRACY died October 25 1933 aged 68

Edward A TRACY M.D. died January 12 1935 aged 71

Joseph Vincent TRACY died February 23 1940 aged 34

Mary R TRACY died June 26 1941 aged 75



John Tracy married Hanna McNamara 9 Jun 1863 Wit: William Begly & Catherine Connors Mountmellick Parish

John Tracy & Hanna McNamera

Thomas b. 25 February 1864 Mountmellick (LDS)


Mary Tracy married John Conroy 16 June 1863 Wit: Michael Fitzpatrick & Marg Conroy? Mountmellick Parish

Mary Treacy & John Conroy

Margaret Conroy b. 1/6 Nov 1864 of M Melik Sp. Ellen Dowling Mountmellick Parish (note: Legitimate)

Mary Conroy b. 2/7 Jan 1872 Sp. John Kerwin & Maria Fennelly Mountmellick Parish

Patrick Conroy b. 14/22 Feb 1874 Sp. Patk Conroy & Sarah Bohan Mountmellick Parish

Ann Conroy b. 12/13 May 1877 of Mountmellick Sp. James Doyle & Anne Bohan Mountmellick Parish

William Conroy b. 25/27 Jul 1879 of Mountmellick Sp. Joseph Conroy & Margt Colgan Mountmellick Parish


Thos Treacy & Mary Scully

Ellen Treacy b. 13/165 Aug 1869 Sp. Ml Fahy & Win Dooling Mountmellick Parish

Cath Treacy b. 12/25 June 1873 of Garrymore [Castlebrack] Sp. Pat & Anne Rorke Mountmellick Parish

Patrick Treacy b. 27/28 May 1876 of Upper Forest [Castlebrack] Sp. John & Brigid Dunne Mountmellick Parish

Thos Treacy & Mary Dowling [error?]

Michael Treacy b. 7/9 July 1871 of Dernacart [Castlebrack] Sp. Denis Malone & Kate Dunne Mountmellick Parish

Thomas Tracy & Mary Scully

Ellen b. 13 August 1869 (LDS)

Michael b. 6 July 1871 (LDS)

Catherine b. 15 June 1873 (LDS)

Patrick b. 27 May 1876 Upper Forest (LDS) (Mountmellick)


Bridget Tracy & Wm McLoughlin

Michael McLoughlin b. 8/15 Apr 1873 of Mt Mellick Sp. Kate Flagherty Mountmellick Parish (Note: Leg)


Mary Tracey of Moore? St MtMellick married Edmond Walshe of Tullaroan Co. Kilkenny 15 Sep 1873 Wit: John Tracy & Brigid Tracy Mountmellick Parish Co. Laois

Mary Tracey m. Edmond Walshe 15 September 1873 Mountmellick (LDS) [see Tullaroan Parish Co. Kilkenny]


John Treacy & Mary Gavin

Hettina Treacy b. 19 Feb/1 Mar 1874 of Mountmellick Sp. Denis & Mary Gorman Mountmellick Parish


Catherine Tracy & John Fahy

Mary Anne Fahy b. 17 Jun 1877 of Quarrymount [Castlebrack] Sp. James & Honor Brady Mountmellick Parish


Brigid Treacy of do [Mountmellick] married Martin Cleary of Mountmellick 27 Jun 1881 Wit: John Tracy & Nannie? Tracy Mountmellick Parish

Bridget Treacy & Martin Cleary

Mary Margt Cleary b. 14/17 Jul 1882 Sp. Denis Bergin & Anne Treacy Mountmellick Parish

Dorah Cleary b. 16 Jul 1883 Sp. Patrick Cleary & Ellen Molloy Mountmellick Parish

Martin Joseph Cleary b. 27 Apr/4 May 1885 Sp. James Treacy & Eliza Molloy Mountmellick Parish


Group Photographs

1988...Paddy Treacy...

1990...Ger Treacy...Paddy Treacy...

2004...Connor Treacy, Ger Treacy...

Bridie Dunne (2011) History of Castlebrack


Castlebrack Cemetery

(19) Here lieth the body of Hugh Tracy departed this life October 27 1772 age 57 years. Lord have mercy on his soul.


(20) Here lyeth the body of Daniel Tracy departed life 27th October in the year of our Lord 1738?



(East side)

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick Tracey died October 7th 1902 aged 83 years.

Julia Tracy died March 9th 1912 aged 81 years.

Hugh Tracy died October 24th 1930 age 73 years.

Also Annie Tracey died May 5th 1867 age 6 mths.

Mary Tracey died March 13th 1942 age 64 years.

Erected by his daughter Mary Tracey Cappincur. [Offaly – see 1901 & 1911 Census]

(North side)

Hugh Tracy who died May 18th 1940 aged 27 years.



Patrick Treacy, Roskeen, died October 1963. [Castlebrack Laois]

His wife Nora died March 1973.

Also their sons Tom died January 1950,

Patrick died 13th February 1993,

His wife Martha died 5th March 1983.


Bridie Dunne (2011) History of Castlebrack.





1. John Tracey, Mountrath, woollen draper, married Mary Delany;

1.1 Daniel Tracey born c. 1813

Cousin Felix Delany, Dublin, apothecary, cousin german. H 1829


TREACY, JOHN, Esq., (of Tenikilly) [see Camross]

Eldest son of the late John Treacy, Esq. of Tenikilly by Mary, dau. of Kyran Delany, Esq., of Tenikilly , b. 1800 a. 1827; m. 1838 Mary, dau of James Maddan, Esq of Sligo, and has, with other issue, John b. 1838. Mr. Treacy is a Magistrate for Queen's Co. - Tenikilly near Mountrath, Queen's Co.

Edward Walford (1860) The county families of the United Kingdom


John Tracy Esq of Lex m. Mary Madden of Sligo (d. of James) 10 Jan 1838 Sligo Champion


13 January 1838 Sligo Champion

Married  On the 10th instant by the Rev William Tracy, John Tracy Tenikelly, in the Queens County, Esq, to Mary, eldest daughter James Madden, Esq of Sligo

23 Aug 1845 Sligo Champion

Birth. On Monday the inst., the lady of John Tracy, E»q. Tinekclly, Queens county, of a daughter.



Betty Treacy & John Hayes

James Hayes b. 8 Sep 1830 of Helloro? [Hollow?] Sp. Thos Downey & Margt Ryan Mountrath Parish


Ellen Tracy/Treacy & Mick/Michl Kirwan/Keeravan/Kerwin

Mary Kirwan b. 2 Jan 1831 Of MtRath Sp. Patt Kirwan & Mary Collison?  Mountrath Parish

Patk Keeravan b. 20 Jul 1834 of Do [MtRath] Sp. Wm Tracy & Mary Keeravan  Mountrath Parish

Philip Kerwin b. 10 Apr 1836 of Town Sp. Patt Kerwin & Mary Treacy Mountrath Parish


Tho?/Wm? Treacy & Mary Kirwan

Johanna Treacy b. 13 Mar 1831 of Do [MtRath] Sp. Pat Kirwan & Mary Collison Mountrath Parish

Mick Treacy & Mary Keiravan

Philip Treacy b. 4 Nov 1832 of MtRath Sp. Mick & Joanna Tracy Mountrath Parish

Wm Treacy & Mary Kerwin

William Treacy b. 25 Jan 1835 of ?rat? [MtRath?] Sp. Francis & Johanna Kenedy? Mountrath Parish

James Treacy & Mary Kirwin

Julia Treacy b. 6 Nov 1836 of MtRath Sp. Mary & Edwd Kerwin Mountrath Parish

John Tracy & Judith Tracy

James Tracy b. 24 Dec 1837 of M'rath Sp. Pat Brophy & Margt Tracy Mountrath Parish

Wm/William Tracy & Mary/M Treacy

Ellen Treacy b. 4 Aug 1839 of Mtrath Sp. John Treacy & Kate Fitzpatrick Mountrath Parish

Thos Tracy b. 9 May 1843 of Main Street Sp. Mountrath ParishPat Kirwain & Johanna Tracy  Mountrath Parish

Edwd Treacy b. 21 Feb 1847 of MtRath Sp. D Pim & Mr? N. Treacy Mountrath Parish [moved to Birr Offaly]

Wm Tracy & Mary Kerwan/Keravin/Kirwan

Cathe Tracy b. 23 Feb 1845 of MtRath Sp. Edwd Kirwan & Jhno'dina? Tracy Mountrath Parish

Michl Treacy b. 9? Dec 1848 of Main Street Sp. Michl & Mary Keravin Mountrath Parish [duplicate]

Michl John Treacy b. 19 Dec 1848 of Mountrath Sp. Michl & Mary Kirwan Mountrath Parish [duplicate] [see Michael John Treacy]

Margt Anne? Treacy b. 20 May 1850 of Mtrath Sp. Thos Cooper & Julia Treacy Mountrath Parish

Eliza Tracy b. 26 Jun 1853 of MtRath Sp. Thos Ryan M.D. & Ellen Tracy Mountrath Parish

Charlotte Agnes Treacy b. 16 Sep 1855 of Mt? Sp. Martin Keho & Eliza Delany Mountrath Parish


Joanna Treacy married John Fitzpatrick of M'Rath? 4 Aug? 1839 Wit: Thos Gowan & Kate? Fitzpatrick Mountrath Parish


Mary Anne Treacy married Wm Delany of Mt Rath 24 Oct 1849 Wit: Edwd Kiernwan & Johanna Treacy Mountrath Parish

Mary Anne Delany alias Tracy of MtRath married Edmond Walsh of Castletown 10 Jan/Feb 1852 Wit: Andrew Gorman & Jane Bergin Mountrath Parish

Mary Anne Delany or Tracy m. Edward Walsh 10 January 1852 Mountrath RC (LDS)


Edwd Treacy & Winifrid Josephine Bergin/Bergan

Mary Ann Treacy b. 29 Jan 1852 of Mountrath Sp. Philip Treacy & Jane Bergan Mountrath Parish

John Joseph Treacy b. 2 May 1853 of MtRath Sp. Thomas Treacy Kilcommen [Kilcomin Offaly] & Maria Bergin (Miltown? Mountrath Parish

Ana Maria Tracy b. 12 Oct 1856 of Markt Sq Sp. Wm Tracy & Philippa Tracy? Mountrath Parish


Judith Tracy & William McNamara

Anne McNamara b. 19 Jun 1853 of Coote Street Sp. Pat & Mary Collins Mountrath Parish


Johanna Tracy married Martin Keogh of Mouthrath? 30 Nov 1854 Wit: Darby Kehogh & Cathn Kierwan? Mountrath Parish


Dora Treacy & Jas Cunninghan [see Aghaboe Parish]

Joseph Cunnighan b. 19 Dec 1858 of Hollow Sp. George Cunnigham & Mary Cunnigham Mountrath Parish


Ellen Treacy of M'Rath married Edwd Ryan of Ennis 27 May 1861 Wit: Michl Bergin & Julia Treacy Mountrath Parish


Jas Tracy & Bridget Lowey/Lawry

Bridget Tracy b. 22 Aug 1869 of Euptan? sp. Edwd Lowry & Ann Walshe Mountrath Parish

James Tracy b. 10 Apr 1871 of Town Sp. Patt Galvin & Cath Laway? Mountrath Parish


Catherine Treacy [Tacory] of Mountrath (d. of Timothy Treacy [Tacory]) married John Dwyer of Mountrath (s. of Michael Dwyer) 12 Sep 1875 Wit: Cornelius Wheeler? & Ellen Hyland  Mountrath Parish


28 February 1878 (FJ) Marriage

Treacy and Keon - February 27, at the pro-Cathedral, Marlborough-street, by the Rev TJ O'Reilly, CC, Daniel Joseph Treacy, Esq, JP, Teinkilly, Queen's County, to Mary Josephine, only daughter of the late Ferdinand P Keon, Esq, New Brooke, county Leitrim.

Daniel J Treacy (s. of Joannis & Mariae Treacy of Tinikilly Queens Co) of Lurgan m. Maria J Keon (d. of Ferdinandi & Mariae Keon, mortai) of 8 M Gardiner Pce on 27 February 1878 Wit: Joannes Treacy of Tinikilly & Anna Treacy of Tinikilly. Pro-Cathedral Dublin.

Dec 16, 1925 (IT) Death

Treacy - December 15, 1925, at his residence, 12? Upper Leeson street, Daniel Joseph Treacy, ??? son of the late John Treacy, J.P. Teni??? Mounthrath. RIP. Funeral private. No ???.

Treacy - January 8, 1927, at her residence 18 Upper Leeson street, Dublin, Mary Josephine, widow of the late Daniel J. Treacy, Solicitor, Mountrath, and grand-daughter of the 2nd ??? de Blaquiere?, Port Letunn? Mullingar R.I.P.


Henry McDermott of Roscommon m. Hohanna Keogh of Thurles (d. of Mary Tracy & William Keogh, dead) on 18 August 1869 Wit: Michael Tracy of Mountrath & Kate Hede of Thurles [plus other text] St. Andrew Dublin


1860 The Phoenix NY

Mary Tracy, Mountrath, died.


Feb 11, 1919 (IT) Death [bad copy]

Treacy - February 10 1919, at his residence ??? Mountrath, John J Treacy JP eldest son of Mr John Treacy JP. Office and High Mass at ??? Rd? Church to-morrow (Wednesday) Funeral afterwards.


Oct 1888 Confiramation Mountrath

John Patrick Tracey son of John Tracey, Maryboro Road

19 June 1894 Confirmation Mountrath

Mary Brigid Treacy, 9 years, daughter of Daniel & Mary, Maryboro Road




Mary Tracey married John Kelly 28 Oct 1783 of ??? Eilisscounty? Wit: Tracy Kelly & John Tracy Offerlane Parish


Dennis Tracy & Eliz? Kinsela?

Catharine Tracy b. 13/18 Aug 1787 of Churchtown Sp. Joseph Nulty? & Susy? Mullan? Offerlane Parish [faint copy]


Catharine Treacy married Willm Cassin 1 Apr 1788 Wit: Willm Chattam & John Kely Offerlane Parish

Catharine Tracy & Willm Cassin

Andrew Cassin b. 4 Feb 1789 of Derry Sp. Andrew Hanigan & Hariet Burke Offerlane Parish


Tim? Tracy? & Lucy Kerwan?

Bridget? Tracey b. 2 Aug 1790 of Churchtown Sp. Ned Grady & Betty Kelly Offerlane Parish


Timothy Tracy married Judith Osm?? 13 Sep 1795 Wit: Denis Dunne Cavan Dunne Mary & Mary Tereb? Offerlane Parish


Biddy/Bridget Tracy/Threacy & Matt/Matthew Davis

Jn Davis b. 30 Oct 1795 of Tinikilly [Tinnakill] Sp. Revd K Walton & Sarah Delany Offerlane Parish

Mary davis b. 5 Nov 1797 of Tinakilly Sp. Edwd Leonard & Catharine Threacy Offerlane Parish

William Davis b. 4 Mar 1800 of Tinikill Sp. John Tracy & Mary Delany Offerlane Parish

Ann Davis b. 15 Jun 1808 of Tennikill Sp. Thom? & Elizabeth Davis Offerlane Parish


Philip Tracy married Mary Horahan 10 Apr 1796 Wit: Edmond Moyler & Margaret Delaney Offerlane Parish


Kitty Treacy & Denis Delany

Martin Delany b. 13 Oct 1798 of Dorolahen [Derrylahan] Sp. her mother & the widow Treacy Offerlane Parish


John Tracy & Catherine Meagher

Catherine Tracy b. 19 Aug 1800 of Derryduff Sp. Mary Kiernan Offerlane Parish


Phill Tracy & Mary? Hawsly?

Martin Tracy of Churchtown b. 16 sep 1800 Sp. Patt & Mary Dowling Offerlane Parish


Ann Tracy & Denis Delany

Denis Delany b. 17 Apr 1802 of Ballinnaly [Ballinrally] Sp. Thos Barry & Mary Collins Offerlane Parish

Mary Delany b. 8 Apr 1804 of Balinraly Sp. Denis & Judy Brown Offerlane Parish


Catharine Tracey & Robert Carroll

Pat Carroll b. 7 Jun 1802 of Clonin Sp. ? Carroll & Nancy Nowlan Offerlane Parish


Peggy Tracy married Bernard Higgins 19 Aug 1806 Wit: Malick & Thos Dilon? Offerlane Parish


Pat Tr? & Cathe Cassin

James Tr?? b. 20? Dec 1812 of Castletrench? Sp. Edwd Kirwan? & Mary Downey


Thomas Tracy married Cath Phelan 1 Feb 1834 Wit: Michl Tracy & Mary Phelan Offerlane Parish


Mary Tracy & James Brophy

Richd Brophy b. 24 May 1834 Sp. John Brophy & Vany Fitzpatrick Offerlane Parish

Philip Brophy b. 15 Jul 1836 Sp. Patt Cunn? & ??? Offerlane Parish

Mary Brophy b. 10 Jun 1841 of Buiushild Sp. Martin Quidohy & Mary Donohoe? Offerlane Parish


Peggy Treacy & James Gorman

Anne Gorman b. 2? Oct 1836 Sp. Mick Quigly & Mary Carr Offerlane Parish


Betty Treacy? & Patt Bolger

Cath Bolger b. 16 Feb 1840 Sp. Dan Tysmot? & Mary Bolger Offerlane Parish


John Tacy married Cath Fitzpatrick 25 Nov 1840 of Deerpark Wit: Thos Tracy & Teresa Grig? Offerlane Parish (Note: Certificate? from Shinrone?)


Mary Anne Tracey of The Ridge (d. of James & Mrs Tracey of The Ridge) married Patrick Hegarty of Clonin [Offerlane] (s. of Jas Hegarty & Bridget Delany of Clonin) 6 May 1879 Wit: Patrick Shearn of Mullingar & Mary Dunne of Cappagh Maryborough Parish



 Portarlington (Laois/Offaly)


Rose Tracy & Jno Dunne

Martin Dunne b. 9 Apr 1820 Sp. Joannes Scully & Brigt Reilly Portarlington Parish

Peter & Willm Dunn b. 29 Jun 1821 Sp. Bryn Carbry, Cath Fing, Tom Do & Joane Mullery Portarlington Parish

Anne Dunne b. 4 July 1824 Sp. Karrall Kanana & Anne Dunphy Portarlington Parish

Patrick Dunn b. 3 Sep 1826 Sp. Peter Dunn & Mary Gantly Portarlington Parish


John Tracy & Judy Gorman [see Mountmellick Parish]

Mary Tracy b. 26 February 1820 Sp. Michl Carrol & Mary Malon. Portarlington Parish


Jno Tracy & Honor/Dolly/Dora Conroy/Canrey

Anne Tracy b. 7 Sep 1823 Sp. Jas Dunne & Bridgt Tracy Portarlington Parish

Jno Tracy b. 11 Mar 1832 Sp. Jno Conroy & Sally Tracey Portarlington Parish

Jas Tracy b. 18 Jan 1835 Sp. Wm Conroy & Ellin Conray Portarlington Parish *

Catherine Tracy b. 19 May 1841 Sp. Jas Flynn & Margt do [Flynn] Portarlington Parish


Jno Tracy & Mary Fox

Elizth Tracy b. 19 Sep 1824 Sp. Thos Phelan & Elizth Do [Phelan] Portarlington Parish


Patrick Tracey married Anne Commons 23 Oct 1825 Wit: Thomas McEvoy? & Mary Brennan Portarlington Parish

Patt Tracy & Anne Cummins/Commons

Simon Tracy b. 20 May 1828 Sp. Thos Carroll? & Honor? Cummins Portarlington Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 24 Apr/May 1830 Sp. John Power & Agnes Cleen? Portarlington Parish [duplicate]

Anne Tracey b. 3 Jun 1832 Sp. Mick? Cummins & Bidy Cummins Portarlington Parish

James Tracy b. 5 Jan 1835 Sp. John Donegab & Mary Deeny Portarlington Parish

John Tracy b. 4 Apr 1837 Sp. Thomas Clear & Ellin Donagan Portarlington Parish

Rose Tracy b. 14 May 1840 Sp. Mick Groghan & Bess Tracy Portarlington Parish


Patt Tracy married Mary Kelly 22 Jan 1826 Wit: Jas Finerty? & Jane Kelly Portarlington Parish


Patrick Tracy & Essy/Esther Amerson/Tracy

Margt Tracy b. 23 Sep 1827 Sp. Thos Tracy & Mary Do [Tracy] Portarlington Parish

Anne Tracy b. ? Feb 1830 Sp. James Tracy & Sara? Holmes Portarlington Parish

Patt Tracy b. 20 May 1832 Sp. Mick Win & Mary Moucher Portarlington Parish


Catharine Tracy & Patt Ferrall

Mary Ferrall b. 14 Oct 1827 Sp. Tom Dempsey & Celila? Conoly Portarlington Parish


Peter Tracy & Cath Mulpetn

Geo? Tracy b. 23 May 1830 Sp. Wm Dowling & Elisa Do [Dowling] Portarlington Parish


Jno/Joseph/Meck Tracy & Mary/Margt Bracker/Bracken

Edwd Tracy b. 21 Aug 1831 Sp. Jno Hughes & Bridgt Tracy Portarlington Parish

Mary Tracy b. 2 Dec 1832 Sp. Matt Whelan & Betty Maher Portarlington Parish

Cathr Tracy b. 25 Jan 1835 Sp. Mick McGee? & Eliza Jones? Portarlington Parish

Sara Tracy b. 28 Jun 1837 Sp. Jno Connell & Margt Mahan? Portarlington Parish


Premier arrived 01 Jul 1840 NSW (Bounty immigrants)

Bridget Tracy (d. of Joseph Tracy (farmer) & Mary Bracken) RC, single, kitchen maid, 20 years, of Jamestown, Queens, Ireland

Anne [Amelia] Tracy (d. of Joseph Tracy (farmer) & Mary Bracken) RC, single, housemaid, 22 years, of Jamestown, Queens, Ireland



Cornelius Neill/Neale, age 36 arrived per 'Hive' 1835, application to marry Bridget Tracy age 20 arrived per 'Premier’, 7 May 1841 West Maitland



Joseph Tracy (†1875) & Mary Bracken (†1856)

Ann Tracy (B.C. 1818 - James Town, Irlande D.C. 1898) m. John Casey (Ca 1815-1889)

Annie Casey (1844 Bathurst, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, Australie - 1928)


Bridget Tracy married Thomas Lamb 27 Feb 1832 Wit: Jno Dunne & Ellen Mahon Portarlington Parish *


Henry Tracy married Cath Flynn 27 Feb 1832 Wit: James Dineen? & Mary Hyland Portarlington Parish *

Henry Tracy & Cathr/Mary Flynn/Flinn

Thomas Tracy b. 20 Dec 1832 Sp. Peter Tracy & Margt Flynne Portarlington Parish

Mary Tracy b. 18 Jan 1835 Sp. Mick Hyland & Ann Flynn Portarlington Parish *

Ann Tracy b. 12 Nov 1837 Sp. John Fitzpatrick & Mary Hyland Portarlington Parish

James Tracy b. 6 Nov 1842 Sp. Edwd Conroy & Sally Moore Portarlington Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 12 May 1845 Sp. Peter McEvoy & Mary Conroy Portarlington Parish


Christy Tracy & Bess Dalton

Edward Tracy b. 17 Jun 1832 Sp. Edward Dalton & Cath Carty Portarlington Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 22 Nov 1834 Sp. Pat Tracy & Kitty Monahn Portarlington Parish

Michael Tracy b. 21 Oct 1839 Sp. Mick? McEvoy & Lucy Carroll Portarlington Parish


Sally Tracy? married James Dugan of Moset? [MORETT Coolbanagher] 29 Jan? 1833 Wit: ??? Dugan? & Margt? Tracey? Portarlington Parish


Mary Tracey married Mick Maher ? Feb 1835 Wit: Mick Dwyer & Bess Maher Portarlington Parish


Mary Tracy & Mick Deegan

James Deegan b. 12 Mar 1835 Sp. Peter and Ann Tracy Portarlington Parish


Margt Tracy & Mick Dunne

Margt Dunne b. 18 Oct 1835 Sp. Jno Dunn & Bridget Foran Portarlington Parish


Denis Tracy married Esther Kelly 7 May 1835 Wit: James Kirwan & Judith Farisha? Portarlington Parish (Note: by oren? ifth? Bl-?)


Margt Tracy married John Lewis 12 Feb 1836 Wit: Lau Casey & Cath Conroy Portarlington Parish


James Tracy & Ann Geehan

Jas Tracy b. 1 Sep 1838 Sp. Cach Foran & Craws? Lang Portarlington Parish (Note: Md or attempted to be Md by bands?)


Mick Tracy & Biddy Melia

Leonard [Hannas?] Tracy b. 8 Nov 1841 Sp. Mick Float & Mary Melia Portarlington Parish

James Tracy b. 16 Nov 1845 Sp. Mick Connor & Bessy Dunpy Portarlington Parish

Mary Tracy b. 16 Nov 1845 Sp. Patt Donohair & Julia Connor Portarlington Parish


Margt Tracy married Martin Charles 29 Jul 1846 Wit: Martin Tracy & Mary Brackin Portarlington Parish


James Dempsey & Mary Dunne

James b. 28/5/1848 sponsors Patrick Dooley & Frances Tracy St. Michael's R.C. Church, Portarlington, Co. Laois


Eliza Tracey of Ballylenan [Ballylevin Geashill Offaly] married Patk Neil of Heath [Greatheath Coolbanagher - Emo RC] 18 Oct 1851 Wit: Danl Knowles & Anne Tracey Portarlington Parish


Joe Tracy & Joanna Lawlor

John Tracy b. 12 Nov 1852 Sp. Jno Tracy & Sally McEvoy Portarlington Parish


Pat Tracey married Maria Hynes of Monte/Morete [MORETT Coolbanagher] 24 Nov 1853 Wit: Jno Deigan & Julia Hynes Portarlington Parish

Pat Tracey & Mary Hynes

Eliza Tracey b. 29 Sep 1861 Sp. John Doran & Mary Flinn Portarlington Parish

Peter Treacy b. 5 Mar 1867 Sp. John Kavanagh & Anne Fitzpatrick Portarlington Parish

William Tracy b. 12 Mar 1871 Sp. Simon Whelan & Bridget Gleeson Portarlington Parish


Mary Tracy & Martin Chuly?

Joseph Chuly b. 9 Jun 1855 Sp. Thos Hurly & Bridget Cosinn? Portarlington Parish


Cath Treacy of Balentohe [Ballintogher Lea] married Willm Coleman of Monte? [MORETT Coolbanagher] 13 Oct 1859 Wit: Joseph Mulhade & Cath Conroy Portarlington Parish

Kate/Cath/Catherine Tracey & William Coleman

William Coleman b. 30 Jul 1860 Sp. Joseph Mulhall & Kate Conroy Portarlington Parish

Lucy Coleman b. 21 Sep 1862 Sp. John Tracy & Teresa Do [Tracy] Portarlington Parish

William Coleman b. 26 May 1867 Sp. John Fitzgerald & Bridget Roantree Portarlington Parish

Joseph Coleman b. 17 Mar 1872 Sp. Patrick Hughes & Mary Coleman Portarlington Parish

Teresa Coleman b. 10 May 1874 Sp. James Coleman & Margaret Mack Portarlington Parish


Patk Tracey of Killanure [Killinure Lea] married Cath Doolan of Jastown [Jamestown Lea] 8 Oct 1863 Wit: Lau Carrole & Bess Keys? Portarlington Parish


James Tracy, single, 26 years (s. of John Tracy) m. Margaret Carroll, single, 26 years (d. of Daniel Carroll) 24 Nov 1864 St Michaels RC, Kings, Ireland

James Tracy of Ctwood [Courtwood Lea] married Margt Carroll of The Heath [Greatheath Coolbanagher - Emo RC] 24 Nov 1864 Wit: Thos Hynes & Mary Hanlon Portarlington Parish

James Treacy & Margaret Carroll

Catherine Treacy b. 30 Sept 1866 Sp. Thomas Hynes & Mary Hanlon. Portarlington Parish


James Tracy & Margaret Carroll

Catherine b. 3 November 1866 Emo (LDS)


Michael Tracy married Kate Devoy 24 May 1866 Wit: William Murphy & Elisa Tynan. Portarlington Parish [see Kildare]

Michael Treacy married Catherine Devoy, Mountmellick, 1866 8 453


Michael Tr(e)acy (b. abt 1827 in Nicholastown, Athy d. 13 Nov 1902 in Riverstown [Ballybrackan], Monasterevan) m. Kate/Catherine Devoy (b: Abt 1840 in Courtwood, Ballybrittas, County Laois) 24 May 1866


John Treacy b: 14 Jan 1869 Monasterevan (LDS) m. Rita Holland

Catherine Treacy b. 4 March 1870 Monasterevan (LDS)

James Treacy b: 29 Nov 1871 Monasterevan (LDS)

William Treacy b: 26 Feb 1874 Monasterevan (LDS)*

Patrick Treacy b. 19 Nov 1875 (LDS)

Has ChildrenElizabeth Treacy b: 15 Jul 1877 Crockenelia (LDS) m. Patrick Okeena (b: Abt 1857 Ireland)

Mary Treacy b: 5 Aug 1879 Monasterevan, Athy (LDS)

Agnes Treacy b: Abt 1879

The Treacy burial place is in Nicholastown cemetery, Athy. James Miller (1900 -1974) of Glasshouse, a grandson of John Devoy (d. 1862) and Anne Devoy (Bridgett), purchased the Treacy farm at Riverstown, Monasterevan.



Simon Tracy of Courtwood? [Lea] married Anne Rowe of Garrmadk [Garrymaddock Moyanna]1 Feb 1865 Wit: Peter Murphy & Margy Moor? Stradbally Parish


Eliza Treacy & Robert Row

Bridget Row b. 28 Oct 1866 Sp. William Walsh & Anne Minhans Portarlington Parish


Margaret/Margt Tracy & Edward Kelly

Edward Kelly b. 24 Apr 1870 Sp. Daniel Dunn & Catharine Kelly Portarlington Parish