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Established since 1780 on the Great Heath of Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Treacy's is the oldest pub in Ireland in the same family name. One of Ireland's best known landmarks, the thatched premises is situated just off the main Dublin to Cork/Limerick road (M7).







Tracy's Bar, on the corner of Waterloo and William Streets, Derry, established 1889.



Tracy's Bar, Derry / Londonderry









Treacy's Pub of Youghal, Co. Cork was established in 1901.

The pub has been in the family since 1901, when it was bought by Michael Treacy, a local farmer. In the 1940’s, Michael's son Joe Treacy became licensee. Joe’s son Michael Treacy is the current licensee.

It was a popular place for "old time" dancing in the 1950's and 1960's, which took place in the backroom of the bar, known locally as the "Ballroom of Romance".



The Nook Bar – 110 years in business February 2012 - with pictures of the family





Treacy’s Bar, Killimor, County Galway

Phone: +353 90 967 6108

Email: treacysbar2@gmail.com



(Photo: Jim Treacy, Brookline NH USA)




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Thomas Treacy’s Business in Killimor:

Tom Treacy was a shop-keeper and undertaker. The premises was built by Tom Treacy and Tommy Lyons, Ramore (uncle of Johnny) and was roofed by Tom Heade, Slateford
From the early 20th century, Treacy’s shop was an integral part of business life in Killimor.

The surviving ledgers, day-books and cash-books, available from Treacy’s, date from 1915 to 1959. Bill heads found in the ledgers described Thomas Treacy as “Builder, Contractor, Hardware Merchant and Grocer” who stocked farm implements, building materials, timber, cement, oil, paint, groceries, drapery and boots and shoes. The bill heads also contained a reminder that oak, deal and pine coffins were always in stock. Thomas, whose family were farmers in Lisdeligna, started his business life in a rented premises. He then bought a site, built his own house, shop, stores and workshop and moved there in 1932. Being a master builder, he erected many houses in the Killimor area and built the barracks in Kiltormer. Together with his wife Nora, (née O’Hara, Neale) , and later, with his three daughters, he ran a very successful business for many years. He employed staff and trained apprentices in the building, carpentry, hardware and grocery business. Customers included the townspeople, people from the various townlands and from the adjoining parishes. The grocery and drapery business was run in a similar manner to that of the other shops in Killimor. Clients bought the basic household and clothing necessities, paid by cash (sometimes by instalments), and were often credited with the value of eggs or butter supplied to the shop for resale. In some instances customers part-paid their account by supplying loads of turf. Local sources remember that Treacy’s was renowned for the sale of high quality boots, shoes and wellingtons at very reasonable prices. Musical instruments were also stocked, such as tin whistles, fiddles, (and spare strings), and jew’s harps. One can imagine the cacophony of sound emanating from the shop as instruments were being tested before purchase.


Extract from Chapter 10: Angela Geoghegan (ed) (2012) Killimor Our Parish And Our People. Killimor & District Development Society






Treacys service station


Treacy's Service Station & Fishing Tackle Shop

Treacy's Fishing Tackle can supply Anglers with all their needs. Hand-made fishing flies are available on request and are especially popular during the May Fly season. The Service Station and Car Wash can supply the Angler and non-Angler alike with everything to keep them on the road.


Ger Treacy, Treacy's Service Station, Drewsboro, Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland
 Tel: +353 (0)61 921014





“Treacy’s”, Upper Limerick Street, Roscrea

The Ground Floor operated as the popular “Treacy’s” Bar from the early 1900’s to the 1980’s. For sale 2016.


Patt/Patrick Tracy & Mary Grace

Lawrence Treacy b. 13 Sep 1842 of Summerhill? [Rathnaveoge Tipperary] Sp. Martin Grace & Anne Treacy Roscea Parish


Lawrence Treacy, full [age], bachl, farmer, of Roscrea, (s. of Pat Treacy, farmer) married Kate Madden, do, spinst, do, of Summer Hill, (d. of Hugh Madden, do) Wit: Edward Hooly & Mary Anne Bergin on the 7 March 1886 Roman Catholic Church of Roscrea [PLU Rocrea Roscrea Tipperary]

Lawrence Treacy, dealer, & Kate Madden

Hubert Treacy b. 17 March 1889 Glebe View Roscrea


1901 Census

Lawrence Treacy, 57, M, 109 Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary, Shop Keeper, R Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Roscrea, Co Tip

Catherine Treacy, 41, F, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary, R Catholic, Wife, Married, Roscrea, Co Tip

Patrick Treacy, 12, M, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary, Scholar, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Roscrea, Co Tip

Herbert Treacy, 10, M, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary, Scholar, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Roscrea, Co Tip

Catherine Treacy, 9, F, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary, Scholar, R Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Roscrea, Co Tip


Oct 11, 1902 (SS) Roscrea Petty Sessions

Mr EG Preston DIRIC opposed the renewal of the licences of Messrs Joseph Treacy, Grove Street; Lawrence Treacy, Limerick Street; and Mrs Larkin, Main Street on the grounds that they took part in a riot on the 23rd September last...no justification for the objection...4 to 2 they decided in giving the certificate for the renewal...


17 August 1907 (NG) Roscrea Petty Sessions

Kate Tracey, publican, of Limerick-street, was charged by District-Inspector Annesley with a breach of the Licensing Act [Sunday trading]


1911 Census

Catherine Treacy, 55, F, 113 Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary (head, Licenced publican, widow, b. Kings)

Patrick Treacy, 22, M, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary

Hubert Treacy, 21, M, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary

Mary Kate Treacy, 20, F, Limerick Street, Roscrea, Tipperary (shop assistant)


James Houlihan 12 Mar 1899 Roscrea Tipperary, farmer, to Laurence Treacy of roscrea, shopkeeper

Laurence Treacy 3 Feb 1903 Limerick Street Tipperary, shopkeeper, to Kate Teacy widow

Kate Treacy 4 May 1915 Roscrea Tipperary, widow, to Mary K. Treacy, spinster





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1984 Shopfronts of Roscrea

L. Treacy, Limerick St, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary


1984 Shopfronts of Roscrea map.jpg





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