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Catherine Tracy


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) of Antrim and Cork


Henry Tracy


James S. Treacy

James S. Treacy

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James Treacey

James Treacey

James Treacy


John Tracy


M. Tracy


Matthew Tracy


Michael Tracey

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Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) of Antrim and Cork




??? Treacy


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) of Antrim and Cork


James Treacey


Matthew Tracy




Michael and Patrick Tracy


Michael Tracy of Dublin


Stephen Tracy


Thomas Tracy, wife Catherine Tracy, and John Tracy




James Treacy


Patrick Treacy




David Treacy’s son


James Treacey


James S. Treacy


P Treacy




Patrick and James Tracy


Stephen Tracy




Matthew Treacy of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.




??? Tracey





Henry Tracy


Thomas Tracey of Yorkshire





??? Treacy


James S. Treacy of New York


Michael Tracey of Iowa


Patrick J. Treacy, Nashua, New Hampshire





M. Tracy


Robert Tracy


Stephen Tracey


Thomas Henry Tracy




??? Treacy of Cork and United States


22 February 1866 (FJ) The Fenian Movement

Arrests in the South...Cork...Charleville...Liscarrol...Fremont...The police, in the first instance, had set out in search of a man named Tracey, sometime a sergeant in the American service, who had lately come from America to this country. He had decamped, having no doubt, got wind of the intended arrest.

22 February 1866 Cork Examiner

Arrests Near Charleville... named Treacy, who had only been a month home from America, had been a sergeant in the Federal army, and appeared to have recently been promoted to other rank. ...


??? Tracey of Wicklow


30 September 1865 (FJ) Alleged Fenianism in Wicklow

At the Carnew Petty Sessions...Messrs Tracey, RU Boyce, H Braddell, Thomas Braddell and William Braddell, Laurence Crimmeen and Philip Crimmeen were charged with drilling and being members of the Fenian Conspiracy...


Major Bernard Tracey of Ireland and Virginia


December 30, 1873 The Daily state journal (Alexandria, Va.)

Pardons Granted.—Gov. Walker to-day pardoned and released from the penitentiary Major Bernard Tracey, of this city, on condition that he would leave the state and never return. Major Tracey, a gallant officer of the Fenian army, was put in durance vile for assaulting his wife with a bludgeon on Fourteenth street.


Bernard Tracey, 24, b. 1832 (s. of Michael Tracey & Bridget) married Susan Mckinna, 37, b. 1819 (d. of John Shepperd & Anne) 20 Jul 1856 Richmond, Virginia, Usa


1860 Census - 1 Ward Richmond City, Henrico, Virginia, United States

Bernard Tracy                             M            29           Ireland

Larence Mc Kenny                     M            15           Virginia

Mary A Mc Kenny                     F             12           Virginia

Margrett E Mc Kenny                               F             10           Virginia

John M Tracy                              M            3             Virginia

Susan L Tracy                             M            0             Virginia

James Garvey                             M            23           Ireland

Tim Castlow                               M            23           Ireland

John Cronly                 M            45           Ireland

Suson Tracy                                F             25[?]       Ireland


1870 Census - Virginia, United States

Bernard Tracy                             M            40           Ireland

Susan Tracy                 F             45           Ireland

John M Tracy                              M            12           Virginia

Susan Tracy                 F             10           Virginia

Miranda E Mckinney                  F             18           Virginia


David Treacy’s son of Kilmallock Limerick


...attack by the Fenians on the local police barracks on the morning of the 6th March 1867...in Kilmallock [Co Limerick]...Among others mentioned during the trials as having been present...David Treacy's youngest son...[Gibbonstown?]



Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) of Antrim and Cork


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy came from Brigadee, Ballymena, County Antrim. She came from a Protestant landowning family. Elizabeth was better known in Young Ireland circles as ‘Finola’. She assisted the Fenians, and took part in the Home Rule and Land League movements. She was only 16 when she started contributing to The Nation and was often published. She also published work in the Belfast Vindictor. Her first publication, Poems by Finola, a small volume of patriotic poems was published in Belfast in 1851. Her poem “The Irish Mother’s Lament” was published in ‘Street Ballads etc’ in 1865. Ralph Varian of Cork also had numerous poems published in that volume. In 1869, he published ‘The Harp of Erin: A Book of Ballad-poetry and of Native Song’ in which she was included. In 1871, she married Ralph Varian and he also edited her second volume of poems in 1874, ‘Never forsake the ship and other poems’ Dublin: McGlashan & Gill. [link] There is also ‘The political and national poems of Finola’, Dublin, M.H. Gill & Son, 1877.

[see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]



Christine Kinealy (2009) Repeal and revolution: 1848 in Ireland. Manchester University Press.

Lucy Collins, ed (2012) Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870-1970. Liverpool University Press.


Henry Tracy of England


February 1867 Arrest of 67 Fenians

A telegram from Chester [England] informed the authorities in Dublin that about a 1000 [Irish] men, suspected to be Fenians, had arrived in Liverpool intending to travel to Dublin...The following were transmitted to Richmond Bridewell;...Henry Tracy...

13 February 1867 (FJ) Fenian Movement

...they gave their names as...Henry Tracy...

15 February 1867 (TH) Extensive arrests of alleged Fenians in Dublin

...Henry Tracy...


James S. Treacy (1842-1902) of Gibbinstown, Co. Limerick and New York


Formerly a Captain of Co C 8th Regt. N.Y. State N.C. [resigned 1880] and a zealous member of the I.R.B. and Clan-na-Gael. Rumoured Treasurer of the Emerald Club NY in 1883. (21 April 1883 The New York Times)

Treacy, Executive Board, Clan na Gael 1870s-1880s.


September 28, 1878 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Mr. Michael Davitt in New York (From the Irish-American). The great event of the season was the fourth annual excursion of the "Irish Volunteers" of New York...present...Lieutenant James Tracey, 8th Regiment, NGSNY, and lady...


09-27-1878  New York Herald (New York)

The released Fenians...Melody and Condon...The following persons were unanimously elected to act as a reception committee...James Treacy...


07-22-1891 New York Herald (New York)

Denouncing their Clergy. Parnellites...The meeting which was fully attended and was said to represent the full strength of the revolutionary and Clan-na-Gael element in this country...Among the committeemen...Captain John S. Treacey...


June 10, 1905 The Irish standard (Minneapolis, Minn.)

James F. X. O'Brien [MP for Cork], Whose Death Occurred in Ireland....in a speech delivered in London a few months ago, and which The Gaelic American published at the time, told the story of the capture of the Ballyknocken police barracks [near Mallow Co Cork on the March 5 1867], and frankly gave the credit that was due them to [William Mackey] Lomasney and [Michael] O'Brien [who was afterwards hanged for participation in the Manchester rescue]. With O'Brien's party on that night were also the late Captain James S. Treacy of New York, John Coughlan, whose grave in Washington was decorated last Sunday, and Professor Edward O'Mahony of New York...


Devoy's post bag, 1871-1928, Volume 2

...has no chance of knowing anything except through such sources as a letter from you or Jim Treacy. And I need not remind you of Treacy's epistolary qualifications in the matter of detailing interesting information...


John Devoy Papers. National Library of Ireland.

1881 July 3. Letter from John Fitzgerald to John Devoy regarding Jim Treacy, the Land League, J.J. Breslin, and the effect of American politics on the management of the Knights of the Red Order,

1886 Mar. 29. Letter from William O'Mulcahy, Grand Forks, to John Devoy regarding James Treacy and James Reynolds and John Groves,

1889 Jan. 15 Letter from John Kenealy to James Treacy saying he expected him to write but has received nothing,. Envelope addressed to "Mr.James Treacy / 160 Second Ave / New York". 2 cent stamp. Letter from "Los Angeles".

1889 June 29 Letter from Cornelius MacCarthy to John Devoy saying cabinet deliberations are taking too long for his liking,. Envelope addressed to "John Devoy Esq / C/o James J. Treacy / 160. 2nd Avenue / New York". 2c stamp. Letter from "161 Mississppi St / St. Paul"

1891 Jan. 8 Letter from Michael Breslin to John Devoy regarding the split between those for and against Charles Stewart Parnell,. [Subjects include James Treacy]

1894 Oct. 5. Letter from James Pallas to John Devoy asking him for help with his "case", and regarding James Treacy and "McGuire",

1898 Feb. 26. Letter from John Daly to John Devoy regarding his lecturing tour, "Father Cronin", "Mr. Mooney", "Murphy", "Carey", "McIlroy" and "Jim Tracey"


James Treacy of Raruddy, Co. Galway


22 apr 1933 (CTr)

At a general meeting of the Closetoken Fianna Fail cumann a vote of sympathy was passed with the relatives of the late Mr Jas Treacy, Rathruddy [Raruddy], whose unexpected death on Thursday 13th inst caused profound regret in his native parish and surrounding districts. The late Mr Treacy joined the Fenian Brotherhood at a very early age, and gave sustained? support during his lifetime to the cause of Irish freedom. Deceased was a devote and practical catholic and a faithful member of the various church sodalities in Loughrea on Sunday at the monthly meeting of the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular to which he belonged, Prayers were offered at the Abbey Church for the eternal repose of his soul.

10 jun 1933 (CTr) Loughrea Town Commissioners

Mrs. Tracey, Rathruddy, also wrote thanking the Board for kind expression of sympathy passes with her and family on the death of her husband.


James Treacey of Limerick and Cork.


November 24, 1866 (FJ) The Seizure of Arms in Cork

...proceeding to the establishment of Mr. John Daly, Grand Parade, and there arrested a young man named James Treacey, who was an assistant in the establishment. The prisoner is about 25 years of age, of tall and athletic appearance, with black moustache and slight whiskers. He came from the county Limerick.

24 November 1866 (N) Fenian Rifles in Cork

...two cases [containing 80 rifles, bayonets and bullet moulds] brought by the Liverpool steamer...A young man named Tracy, in the employment of John Daly and Co. of this city, was arrested here to-day. The two cases of rifles seized...were consigned to the address of the above named firm - Cork Examiner

November 1866 Cork Examiner

A man named Tracy, in the employment of John Daly and Co., of this city, was arrested here to-day. The two cases [of 80 rifles] seized by the police this morning were consigned to the address of the above-named firm.

1 December 1866 (N) Arrests and Seizures
Cork...James Treacy, the young man who was arrested on Thursday, after the seizure of arms, was brought up at the police-office on Saturday morning, and admitted to bail, finding two of £25 each, and giving his personal security in the sum of £50, after which he was discharged. - Cork Examiner
21 January 1867, Evening Post, Volume II, Issue 293, Page 2

Fenianism in Ireland

…A person named Tracey, in the employment of Daly and Co., of Cork, has been arrested…[re-arrested?]


M. Tracy of Canada


M. Tracy, pte, Canada G.S, (1866-1870) 1 bar Fenian Raid 1870. Fenian Raid Medal.


Matthew Tracy of Cork


February 1867 Fenian Movement in Kerry

...Mr. Matthew Tracy, the reporter of the Cork Herald, tried to telegraph that there was disaffection among the troops. The RM stopped the telegraph and arrested Tracy...

Question.HC Deb 01 March 1867 vol 185 cc1233-4

LORD NAAS Sir, on the 20th of February a telegram was taken to the telegraph clerk at Killarney to this effect— Rumoured disaffection of troops. Officers heard men singing songs with civilians. Removed by police. Military sent to quarters. Fourteen soldiers missing this morning. A wire cut last night at Cluanmullane. I need hardly assure the House that with the exception of the last—the cutting of the telegraph wire—the whole was entirely false. On this message being taken to the magistrates by the person charged with the conduct of the telegraph at Killarney, the magistrates thought it their duty to order the arrest of the person who was proved to have sent the telegram. It turned out that the gentleman's name was Tracey, and that he was a reporter of the Cork Herald. The magistrates considered that this person, in sending this message, had been guilty of a very serious offence against the law of the land; and they committed him to take his trial at the ensuing assizes. Bail, however, was offered on his part and accepted. As the trial is pending, and as this gentleman has given notice of his intention to take action at law against the magistrates for false imprisonment, I am sure the House will feel that I should exceed my duty if I expressed any opinion on the transaction.

March 09, 1867 Nation 

Mr. Tracy of the Cork Herald, is in a position to mediate with advantage upon what Louis Veuillot has written in 'Le Parfum de Rome' about the electric telegraph. "On both sides of the railway (he says) are ...

7 February 1868 (FJ) Matthew Tracy V. David J. Cruice RM

The action is brought by Mr. Matthew Tracy, a reported on the Cork Daily Herald against the RM of Killarney for false imprisonment. Damages were laid at £1000...[RM] inquired from him if he were related to a man named James Tracy who had been arrested some time before. He said not...

7-8 February 1868 Cork Examiner

... Matthew Tracy v. Daniel Cruice, R.M. was an action/or false imprisonment, in which the damages were laid at £1,000. The plaintiff is a member of the reporting staff ...

... by Mr. Tracy against Mr. Cruise, R.M., for false imprisonment, terminated yesterday, the jury returning a verdict for the plaintiff— £'150 damages and costs. The ...

10 February 1868 (FJ)

...verdict for the plaintiff for £150...correspondant of the Cork Herald in Kerry...

Letters and Leaders of my Day T. M. Healy, K. C.

Father Tracy's brother, Mat, a reporter on the Cork Examiner, was a "character." He was dispatched during the Fenian Rising of 1867 in Kerry by its owner, J. F. Maguire (M.P for Dungarvan), to report events. Mat, equipped with a musket plus a lead-pencil, set forth and was speedily arrested. Telegraphic communication between England and Ireland was then in its infancy, and the Government had no details of Mat's activities. Maguire, in his reporter's bona fides, demanded in the House of Commons satisfaction for his arrest from Lord Naas, the Chief Secretary of the day. That nobleman (afterwards Lord Mayo, the murdered Indian Viceroy) effused in apology, and agreed that the arrest was an infringement of the "liberty of the Press." Maguire urged that compensation should be paid. Lord Naas concurred. Whether £100 or £500 was given, it was too much for Mat. Friends gathered round him night after night, to enjoy his compensation and hospitality. At the end of his jovial evenings he would raise his glass in pathetic self-pity, crying, "Ah, boys! The British Government has been the ruin of me!"

7 November 1876 (FJ) Death

Tracy - February 3, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. Barry, South Main-street, Cork, Mr. Matthew Tracy for many years connected with the Cork Examiner.

Aug 29, 1928 (IT) Ireland Past and present

..."In '67 at the time of the Fenian rising, the Cork Examiner senat a man down to Kerry to 'do the rising'. The man whose name was Matt Tracey, went down armed with a lead pencil and a rifle, and was at once taken into custody - most unjustly - I need hardly say. The owner of the examiner, Mr. John Francis Maguire, was in Parliament, and denounced this invasion of the liberty of the press...Lord Mayo...promised that a sum of £500 would be paid to Mr. Tracey...


Matthew Treacy of Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.


23/11/1912 Enniscorthy Guardian

Treacy – November 16, 1912, at his residence, 12 Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, Matthew Treacy, aged 73 years; deeply regretted by his sorrowing family. R.I.P. Funeral took place on Monday morning to Cathedral Cemetery, after High Mass and Office.

Obituary. Mr Matthew Treacey. Enniscorthy.

On Saturday last after a rather prolonged illness Mr. Matthew Treacey, Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, breathed his last. He had been ailing for some months past, so that the end did not come as a surprise. Mr. Treacey, was a quiet, unassuming, respectable old resident of the town, possessing intelligence above the average. He remembered something of the ’48 movement, and was acquainted with all that took place in the dark days of ’67. He was father of Michael Treacey, formerly of Wexford. Office and High Mass were held on Monday in the Cathedral. The celebrant was Rev. John Codd C.C. Cathedral: chanters, Rev. Patrick Cummins, C.C., and Rev. John Bultler, C.C., Cathedral. In the choir were – Rev. James Rossiter, C.C., Cathedral; Rev. Father Lawrence, and Rev. Father Columbanus of the Capuchin Order;  Rev. J. J. Rossiter, M.SS., Templeshannon: Rev. Robert Stephenson, M.SS., Templeshannon; Rev. Richard Walsh, M.SS., do.; Rev. Patk. Murphy, M.SS., do. Internment took place immediately after in the Cathedral cemetery. R.I.P.




Michael Tracy of Dublin


1866 Photograph, Mountjoy Prison, Dublin.

Enlisted in the Rifles for the purpose of propagating Fenianism in that corps.

[Possible match - Michael Tracey, b. 1835 Roscrea, 3154 King's Royal Rifle Corps - 60th Rifles]


Michael Tracey of Iowa


1877 CNG convention in Cleveland

32 [Nashua, New Hampshire], Patrick Treacy...178, John Reagan and Michael Tracey [Iowa?]...


Jeremiah O'Donovan-Rossa newspaper in New York called "The United Irishman"

Feb [18]85 Michael Tracy, Waterville, Iowa



Michael and Patrick Tracy of Dublin


3 January 1867 (FJ) Charge of Fenianism

...Michael Tracy of 46 Poolbeg street, deposed that on the 24th Ult, he was walking in Luke street, with his brother Patrick Tracy and another man named John Harris, when the prisoner residing at 9 Luke street [approached them to make an oath]...

January 1867 Charge of Fenianism

Michael Tracy, 46 Poolbeg street, on Christmas Eve, with his brother Patrick Tracy and another man named John Harris were approached...



michael Tracy.jpg

1866 Michael Tracy,

Mountjoy Prison, Dublin,

enlisted in the Rifles for the purpose of propagating Fenianism in that corps.


Photographs of some of the more serious offenders confined under Penal and Reformatory Discipline in Mountjoy Government Cellular Prison Dublin. August 1857.

Thomas A. Larcom photographs collection, 1857-1866 [Mountjoy Prison].


P Treacy Bulgaden Limerick


20 July 1916 Cork Examiner

Mrs Begley Kilmallock...Her death removes another link with the stirring times of '67. On the 6th March of that year the insurgents who attacked the Killmallock police station were led by Captain Dunne, who wore a green jacket. Some nights previous his measure for the garment was taken at Kilmartin Churchyard by the late Mr C Hawthorn, tailor, there being also present the late Mr P Treacy Bulgaden...


Patrick Treacy of Galway


1860’s Fenians

“In Dunmore the ‘centre’, I think, was Pat Treacy, a shoemaker.”

Ryan, Mark Francis (1946) Fenian Memories.


Patrick b. before October 1833 (or 1831), Dunmore, married March 2, 1845, Dunmore, to Bridget Grady, who seems to have been his landlady's daughter. Win Ford (sister below) had bad memories of British soldiers. Patrick, according to family stories, was suspected of being a Fenian organizer for Dunmore and denied it vigorously. This would have been in the 1850's and may have accounted for Win's lifelong hatred of the British.  [see Dunmore Galway]


Patrick J. Treacy, Nashua, New Hampshire


John Devoy Papers. National Library of Ireland.

1896 April 9. Letter from Patrick J. Treacy, Nashua, New Hampshire, to Laurence Brennan looking for advice on how to put the current head of his local D on trial for "giving scandal and misrepresenting several members",


1877 CNG convention in Cleveland

32 [Nashua, New Hampshire], Patrick Treacy...178, John Reagan and Michael Tracey [Iowa?]...


...Nashua Camp...a "reorganization" took place and Patrick Treacy took over in 1874...



Patrick and James Tracy of Tipperary


March 1867 Reward

...A reward of £100 has been offered...John ??? of Ruskeen, Tipperary and shot dead his brother-in-law, Patrick Tracy for refusing to join a party of Fenians...

7th March 1867 Inquest

Patrick Treacy, at Rosmult, Drombane, Upper Kilnemanagh, Dr. Quinlan. Reported by Constable Mullarkey. Verdict-Wilful murder.

13 March 1867 (NG) Thurles

The sum of £200 is offered to anyone who will give information that will lead to the arrest of the person or persons concerned in the shooting of the young man named Tracy, in Ruskeen.

20 March 1867 (NG)

...they went it is alleged to Roskeen, and set fire to a retired police pensioners house, and set the police barracks on fire, and ended their career of crime by going to the of a Mr. Reardon, demanding arms, and when a young man of the name of Tracy looked out he was forced at, wounded and has since died. This lawless band, then proceeded to Pallas...

8th June 1867 The Tablet

On Monday morning week as many as twenty men came to Thurles police barracks and voluntarily gave themselves up...One of the prisoners, named Stapleton, having been with the party which destroyed the Roskeen Barracks and murdered the boy Tracy, was detained in custody, bail being refused in his case, and the remainder were set at large.

31 July 1867 (NG)

John Reardon...I live at Rossmulty; I recollect the night of the 5th of March; Patrick Tracy, the deceased, who was my boy, was in the house...went to break the window where Tracy was killed; I went up stairs to see the boy, and I went and shook him to know what was wrong; he was dying; his brains were knocked out; I found a stone with blood and hair on it in the room, also a bullet...

2 August 1867 (FJ)

Michael Sheehy was indicted for treason-felony. A bill for wilful murder had also been found against him for the murder of Tracy, who was shot when looking out of Riordan's public house...

3 August 1867 (NG) Tipperary (North Riding) Assizes

Trial of "Captain" Michael Shrehy...house of a respectable dealer, named John Reardon, close to the barracks. That man, with two young men, his assistants, named Patrick and James Tracy, were in the house within...but before leaving Patrick, one of the young men, was shot dead in the upper window, from which he was looking down on the crowd...the hand that fired the shot was the prisoner's...James Reardon swore that the deceased and brother, James Tracy, were in the house...

5 Aug 1867 The Edinburgh Evening Courant

The Fenians. Michael Sheehy...convicted of treason-felony...The sentence was penal servitude for twenty years...He had not been put on his trial for the murder of Tracey, but there was no doubt of his having fired the shot that killed him...


Robert Tracy of Canada


Robert Tracy, Fenian Raid 1866 (Med. Staff). North-west rebellion 1883. Medal. Fenian Raid Medal


Stephen Tracy (1837-1964) of Tipperary and Dublin



The Centre, or head of the Circle (who was supposed to have the rank of Colonel) was known as "A", and he was allowed to have nine "Bs", or sub-Centres (Captains) ; each "B" had nine "Cs" (Sergeants) if his quota was full, and every "C" had nine "Ds", who were privates. This regulation was never strictly adhered to and some Circles, like that of John Hickey of "Kingstown", and William F. Roantree's in the Leixlip District of Kildare, had fully 2,000 members. A little Tipperary hunchback shoemaker named Stephen Tracy, who was one of [James?] O'Callaghan's "Bs" in Dublin, had the ambition to become a Centre, recruited his section up to 150 men and appointed three or four "Nomeenial 'Bs' ", saying he "didn't want to play second fiddle to no man", and there were other instances of the kind.

Devoy, John (1929) Recollections of an Irish rebel: the Fenian movement. Its origin and progress. Methods of work in Ireland and in the British army. Why it failed to achieve its main object, but exercised great influence on Ireland's future. Personalities of the organization. The Clan-na-Gael and the rising of Easter week, 1916. A personal narrative. Chas. P. Young company, printers, 1929]


Where were those meetings held to which Brien took you? - In an old empty coach factory in Dorset-street.

Who use to preside at those meetings? - A man named Stephen Tracey.

What used to take place at those meetings? — Drilling principally.

"The Fenian Conspiracy.": Report of the Trials of Thomas F. Burke and Others. Dublin Special Commissions



January 9, 1864 The Irish People.jpg



January 9, 1864 The Irish People [Fenian Newspaper]


Stephen Tracey.


We are sorry we have to record this week the death of Mr. Stephen Tracey, at his residence, 6, Werburg-street, Dublin. Deceased was an ardent lover of his country, firmly believed in its regeneration, and zealously laboured in teaching the people to unite and act, if they ever meant earnestly to possess any right, but the right to starve in this country. Naturally delicate, Death visited him in the midst of his labours. We revere his memory, and wish his spirit eternal rest. With equal capacity few men could have done more than he did for the good cause. His gentle disposition endeared him to his companions. If the four or five hundred friends who walked with his remains to Glasnevin on last Wednesday, will bear in mind his zealous labour when living, and strive to follow the example he has left behind him; though gone from amongst them, he will live in his work, and his spirit will, if possible, be in their midst.


Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin - Stephen Tracy, died 1864, 27 years



Stephen Tracey of Halifax Canada


Fenian Raid Medal

Stephen Tracey, 409 Brunswick street, Halifax Volunteer Battalion




Thomas Tracy, wife Catherine Tracy, and John Tracy of Dublin


11 January 1866 (FJ) Extensive Seizure of Pikes

...No. 16 Blackhall-row...Joseph Brown and Catherine Tracy were charged...Tracy is a poor-looking, middleaged woman...rere of 63 New street I found the woman Tracy...the name I got of the person who took the house was John Tracy, and the woman said her husband's name was Thomas Tracy...

13 January 1866 (N) Extensive seizure of Pikes

...a house in Blackhall-row, which had been used as a butcher's shop...They found the place converted into a workshop...306 pikes and pike heads...The workshop had been rented by a man named John Tracy, who lives in New-street...Wife...Catherine Tracy was arrested...three little children, and one of them, nine months old, sick...- Evening Freeman

18 January 1866 (FJ)

...brought up to head officed...John Browne..."wanted to shave Tracy"...

8 February 1866 (FJ)

...On a carpenters plane the name Tracy was carved...

March 1866 Fenian Conspiracy

...pike manufacture...Blackhall row...Thomas Tracy alias Michael Sheridan who stated that he was a window sash maker...In his residence at New street a patent machine for making percussion cap, a quantity of sheet cooper and a gun was found. His wife was taken into custody but was subsequently discharged. He was arrested at the house of Michael Dowling of No.3 Peter's Row...Tracy is suspected of also being mixed up with the Fenian armoury recently seized at Loftus lane.

1866 The Fenian Conspiracy

Dublin Wednesday. This morning early the police discovered over 300 pikes and a large quantity of percussion caps in the workshop of a man named Tracey, in Blackhall Row.  Tracey is not yet in custody, but his wife, and a man supposed to be an accomplice, are said to have been arrested.

Guardian 11/1/1866 p.3

9 March 1866 (FJ) The Fenian Movement

After the extensive seizure of pikes...Black-hall-row...Michael Tracey, a carpenter, was the pike handle maker, and the person to whom the workshop belonged...Fenian armoury at loftus lane, where a plane was discovered with the name of Michael Tracey carved on it...arrested in the house number 3 Peter's row. For some time past he abandoned his assumed name of Tracey and took up his real name of Sheridan, altered his dress and general appearance...

10 March 1866 (N) Important Fenian Arrest

The public are aware that Thomas Tracey, who was understood to be principally concerned in the manufacture of pikes, pike handles and ammunition in the extensive manufactory which was started in Blackhall-row, in December last, and who, it is said, had an intimate connection with the ammunition depositories at North Anne-street, Longford-lane and South Earl-street, has a length of time been able to evade the police. This morning, however, Detective officers Magee and Cullen proceeded to a house in Peter's-Row, near Aungier-street, and there arrest Tracey, whom they found living with a jobbing shoemaker named Dowling....[failed identification] as his beard had been shaved off, and his appearance otherwise altered...The prisoner Tracey was in the employment of Hugh Francis Brophy, one of the Fenians already convicted and sent to penal servitude. - Evening Mail of Thursday.


Thomas Tracey arrested in 1866 for involvement in the Fenian Movement was the son of Michael Tracy & Catharinae Morgan.

Michael Tracy & Catharinae Morgan [see Dublin]

Thomas Tracey b. 28 August 1835 Sp. Jacobo Byrne & Maria Trcey. quinises? Rathmines RC Dublin



Thomas Tracey of Yorkshire


20 February 1866 (FJ) The Fenian Movement

Amongst those arrested...Thomas Tracey, clothpresser, Yorkshire...



thomas tracy.jpg

1866 Thomas Tracy,

Mountjoy Prison, Dublin.


Photographs of some of the more serious offenders confined under Penal and Reformatory Discipline in Mountjoy Government Cellular Prison Dublin. August 1857.

Thomas A. Larcom photographs collection, 1857-1866 [Mountjoy Prison].




Thomas Henry Tracy of London, Ontario


T. H. Tracy, Fenian raid 1866. General services Medal with one clasp. [Thomas Henry Tracy, London, Ontario] Fenian Raid Medal




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