It may be presumed that the Traceys of Cavan are descended from the Cenél Eóghain










The Traceys of Cavan can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as they were of the Cenél Eóghain.


In Cavan bordering Fermanagh, there is the townland of Cordressogagh in the civil parish of Killinagh. This is similar to the nearby townland in Monaghan of Cordressigo [formerly called Corrigressagh and Iomadh-Treasa = many Traceys], which is in the civil parish of Ematris. which in earlier records is called Emetresse.



1812 The Eudoxologist; Or, An Ethicographical Survey of the Western Parts of Ireland: A Poem. To which are Prefixed the Author's Poems on the Giant's Causeway, and Killarney; with Other Miscellaneous Compositions By Patrick O'Kelly. Published by Printed for the author, by J. Watt, 60, Back-lane

Rev. Andrew  Tracy, co. Cavan
Mr. Pat Tracy,  Castlerea [Roscommon???]

1814 Drung co. Cavan

John Ferguson, of the 38th Regiment of Scotch Militia & Mary Jackson, of the Town of Stradone in the Parish of Larah, on Thursday the 29th December 1814, by the Rev'd Andrew Treacy in the house of Samuel Hartley of said Town, by License.

1823 Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts

Rev. A. Tracey, for parish of Lavey, Cavan 18th July 1822 £25

1824 House of Lords Papers

Rev. A. Tracy, Parish of Lavy, Cavan, July 18 1822, £25.0.0

16th April 1827 Lavy [parish]

A. Tracy curate

1828 Curates of Established Church

17. Diocese of Kilmore

Rev. Andw Treacy, 25 years officiating, yearly salary £69/4s/7.5p

1833 Salaries and emoluments of curates

Lavay, Diosese of Kilmore, Andrew Treacy, salary £75, 30 years employed, employed by non-resident, no glebe house

1836 Returns – Post Office (Dublin)

Stradone – William West (Postmaster) – Rev. A. Tracy and Abraham Hartley both Stradone (Surities)

Parliamentary Papers Great Britain, House of Commons 1837

1837 Returns of General Post Office

Stradone, postmaster William West, securities Rev A Tracy and Abraham Hartley both Stradone, amount due 5 January 1831 £13/17/4.75, surities written to, amount paid, 16 December 1836

Andrew Treacy (Reverend), 1837, Kilmore Diocese will. Exec: M McDowell, Lavay, Co. Cavan. IWR/1837/F/442.


1821 Cavan Census, LDS film 0100820

Townlands of Cladagh, Parish of Castlerahan, Barony of Castlerahan,

House 17, 1 story records; Michael Tracy, age 50, a farmer with 11 acres; daughter Anne, age 14, a spinner and Hugh son, age 20, a labourer.

Tithes "the parish of Castlerahan which abuts the East side of Kilbride. As near as I can tell the landlord for all of theses was a Mrs. Moore. James Tully is in Carninn, Philip & Bryan Tulley in Cormeen, I noted a Giddy? Nugent in Clankeefey, and a Patt Tully in Mullaghmore. I ran out of time on page 58 and suspect there may be 20 or so more pages."

Research interest of Tony waja@erols.com


1821 Census Fragments


 By Area


Andr Treacy, 64, [Rev], Carole [Curate] Established Chuch Lavey, 2 Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan [15? Acres] [page]

Anne Tracy, 14, Daughter, Spinner, 17 Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan

Anne Treacy, 22, Daughter, Spinner, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Bridgt Treacy, 10, Daughter, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Cath Treacy, 14, Daughter, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Cath Treacy, 40, Wife, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Cathe Treacy, 23, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Cathe Treacy, 60, Wife, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Catherine Tracy, 30, Wife, Spinner, 21 Latoon Lurgan, Cavan


Eliza Treacy, 15, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Ellen Treacy, 40, Wife, 1, Garryaven Or Killegrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Francis Treacy, 20, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Hugh Tracy, 20, Son, Labourer, 17 Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan


James Tracy, 36, Labourer, 21 Latoon, Lurgan Cavan [no acres stated]


Mary Tracy, 25, -, Spinner, 18 [17] Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan

Mary Treacy, 17, Daughter, Spinner, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Mary Treacy, 19, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Math Treacy, 44, -, Farmer, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan [14 acres]

Michael Tracy, 50, -, Farmer, 17 Killefenla [Killyfinla], Castlerahan, Cavan [11 acres]

Michl Tracy, 5, Son, 21 Latoon, Lurgan, Cavan

Michl Treacy, 7, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Patt Treacy, 11, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Peter Treacy, 40, Farmer, 1, Garryaven [Garryowen sub-division of] Or Killegrogan, Lavey, Cavan [6 acres]


Wm Treacy, 22, Son, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan



Andr Treacy, 64, [Rev], Carole [Curate] Established Chuch Lavey, 2 Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan [15? Acres] [page]

Cathe Treacy, 60, Wife, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Cathe Treacy, 23, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Wm Treacy, 22, Son, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Mary Treacy, 19, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan

Eliza Treacy, 15, Daughter, -, 2, Poles, Annagelliff, Cavan


Michael Tracy, 50, -, Farmer, 17 Killefenla [Killyfinla], Castlerahan, Cavan [11 acres]

Anne Tracy, 14, Daughter, Spinner, 17 Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan

Hugh Tracy, 20, Son, Labourer, 17 Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan

Mary Tracy, 25, -, Spinner, 18 [17] Killefenla, Castlerahan, Cavan


Math Treacy, 44, -, Farmer, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan [14 acres]

Cath Treacy, 40, Wife, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Francis Treacy, 20, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Patt Treacy, 11, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Michl Treacy, 7, Son, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Anne Treacy, 22, Daughter, Spinner, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Mary Treacy, 17, Daughter, Spinner, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Cath Treacy, 14, Daughter, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Bridgt Treacy, 10, Daughter, -, 8, Killigrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Peter Treacy, 40, Farmer, 1, Garryaven [Garryowen sub-division of] Or Killegrogan, Lavey, Cavan [6 acres]

Ellen Treacy, 40, Wife, 1, Garryaven Or Killegrogan, Lavey, Cavan


James Tracy, 36, Labourer, 21 Latoon, Lurgan Cavan [no acres stated]

Catherine Tracy, 30, Wife, Spinner, 21 Latoon Lurgan, Cavan

Michl Tracy, 5, Son, 21 Latoon, Lurgan, Cavan


28 Nov 1823

Letter from Major John Wills, Esker Lodge, Lucan, Dublin, chief police magistrate, to Nathaniel Sneyd, MP for County Cavan, recommending the conduct of a Mr Tracy [William Samuel Tracy?], who previously served in the police establishment under Wills' superintendence. Wills describes him as 'a Person in every way qualified to fill a Situation very different from the one he held under me'. (see William Samuel Tracy)

1 item; 3pp CSO/RP/1823/2248


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


Alexander Tracy, Killoughter, Annagh, Cavan, 1825 [1849]


Edwd Tracy, Killoughter, Annagh, Cavan, 1825 [1849]


Hugh Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

Hugh Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828


James Tracey, Killafenla, Castlerahan, Cavan, 1831

James Tracy, Tullabrack [Tullybrick], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

Jas Tracy, Tullabrick [Tullybrick], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

John Tracy, Bellesses, Killinkere, Cavan, 1833


Mathew Tracy, Killagrogan, Lavey, Cavan, 1834 [written in twice]

Mathew Tracy, Killagrogan, Lavey, Cavan, 1834 [written in]

Matt Fressy [Tressy], Garryowen, Lavey, Cavan, 1834


Pat Tracy [crossed out with Pat McGune], Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828

Pat Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828


Tracy [widow], Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828


W Tressy [Rev] , Lavey Isle, Lavey, Cavan, 1834

Wm [widow crossed out] Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828



Alexander Tracy, Killoughter, Annagh, Cavan, 1825 [1849]

Edwd Tracy, Killoughter, Annagh, Cavan, 1825 [1849]


James Tracey, Killafenla, Castlerahan, Cavan, 1831


Hugh Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

Hugh Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828

James Tracy, Tullabrack [Tullybrick], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

Jas Tracy, Tullabrick [Tullybrick], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down [Cavan], 1828

Pat Tracy [crossed out with Pat McGune], Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828

Pat Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828

Tracy [widow], Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828

Wm [widow crossed out] Tracy, Ballinahahie [Ballynahaia], Drumgooland [Drumgoon], Down, [Cavan] 1828


John Tracy, Bellesses, Killinkere, Cavan, 1833


Matt Fressy [Tressy], Garryowen, Lavey, Cavan, 1834

Mathew Tracy, Killagrogan, Lavey, Cavan, 1834 [written in twice]

Mathew Tracy, Killagrogan, Lavey, Cavan, 1834 [written in]

W Tressy [Rev] , Lavey Isle, Lavey, Cavan, 1834



Mar 22 1825 Cavan Herald

Assizes: James Tracy, Terence McQuinn, and Patrick McGuire, for administering unlawful oaths.


22 December 1828 (FJ) Chancery

Michael Tracy, Henry Grattan and wife Plaintiffs; Ralph Hinds, George Southern Meares, James Martin and others, Defendants

...6th June 1823 and 24 July 1827...the lands of Nedd Cornagee, and part of Tabberlien, called Daffin and Millea, otherwise Milleck, in the County of Cavan prior to the plaintiffs mortgage...13 July 1815...

[Note: May be connected to Frances Tracy, the catholic, female owner of the “Freeman’s Journal” See Frances Tracy]


British War Office - Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854 

Thomas Tracy Born Lurgan, Cavan Served in 40th Foot Regiment; Meath Militia Discharged aged 40 Covering date gives year of discharge 1831. 20 yrs service. WO117/2Discharged 12th Oct 1831 WO120/25 WO97 WO117/2

Thomas Tracy, b. 1791 Bally James Duff, Cavan

Thomas Tracey b. Lurgan 1/40th died (of wounds?) 24th Dec 1815


Will 1830 Probate 1830 Kilmore Diocesean Wills

Margaret Treacy, Runlahey


25 March 1905 (AC) Belturbet of Yore

At a meeting of the Corporation of Belturbet held on Wednesday, 2nd November 1831...Corporation property commonly known as "Town End" Park the following persons then in possession agreed to purchase the portions of the property in their posession respecively on the following terms - "Each person on paying twenty years purchase to get a lease for 999 years from the Provost at 2s6d per year." The tenants who purchased on these terms were...James Tracey (absent)...- Tracy...

15 April 1905 (AC) Belturbet of Yore

Rent Roll of the Corporation in 1833...James Tracy, do, [Barrack Hill?] 2s6d; Eliza Tracy, 2s6d;...


British War Office

James Tracy b. 1834 Ballylough, Cavan 2/18th Foot

James Tracey or Tracy, Ballyborough [Bailieborough], Cavan, Ireland [WO 23]

Regiments:         [18th foot 2nd battalion]

Rank:     private

Age:       35

Foreign service:             New Zealand 6 10/12; Australia 7/12

Character:          fair

Trade:    laborer

Height - feet:     5

Height - inches:             4 1/2

Hair:       brown

Eyes:      hazel

Complexion:      sallow

Regimental surgeons report:      bronchitis

Invalid depot report:     will interfere etc.

Residing in Wanganui New Zealand

Permission to reside:      29 November 1870



James Tracey, 16 Sep 1835, Bailieborough Cavan,  Certified 16 Feb 1838


1841 RIC Service

John Tracy, 4325, b. 1821 Kilkenny

4325 Jno Tracy, 20 years, 5'8.75", b. Kilk, Catholic, recommended by W. Delany J.P., appointed 21 Nov 1841, served Kild Cavan Donegal to 7 Aug '55, PIS Con - PA Con 1 Mar '53 - Con 1 Aug '59, Pensioned 1 June 73, served 31 years 6 months, pension £36.0.0


British War Office - Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854 

Bernard Tracey Born Nockbride, Cavan Served in 53rd Foot Regiment Discharged aged 25, 1842-1850

Bernard Tracey, b. 1825 Coot Hill, Cavan, Service number 1671, private, 53rd & 85th Foot King's (Shropshire Light Infantry), attested 11/11/1842, age 17, at Glasgow Lanarkshire. served 5 years 355 days, 4 years 9 months in the East Indies, unfit for further service in India. Regiment Court Martial on the 25th April 1849 at Inniskillen for being drunk on duty, convicted. He has been in possession of one good conduct badge since 1st January 1849.

1851 Census - Naiper Street, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Andrew Moor, Head, 43, b. 1808 Ireland, Ag Lab

Catherin Moor, Wife, 41, b. 1810 Ireland, Ag Lab

Mary Moor, Daughter, 18, b. 1833 Paisley, Cotton F Mule Peicer

Lilly Moor, Daughter, 15, b. 1836 Paisley, Cotton F Mule Peicer

Andrew Moor, Son, 13, b. 1838 Paisley, Cotton F Mule Peicer

John Moor, Son, 10, b. 1841 Paisley, Cotton Half Time

Joseph Moor, Son, 6, b. 1845 Paisley, Cotton Half Time

Catherine Moor, Daughter, 5, b. 1846 Paisley, Cotton Half Time

Richard Moor, Son, 3, b. 1848 Kilbarchan,

Barnard Tracey, Son-In-Law, 25, b. 1826 Ireland [Cavan], Chelsea Pensioner


December 4, 1843 (FJ) Repeal in America

Albany, NY...subscription announced...Keran Tracey...Cavan...[or Tipperary]


1846 Slaters Directory


James Tracy, slater and plasterer, Market st


Hugh Treacy, wheelwrights and cart makers, Deanery st


7 July 1848 (AC) Magistrates

...W.S. Tracy, esq, to the county of Cavan...[It does not appear that he went to Cavan but went to Antrim] (see William Samuel Tracy)

8 July 1848 (TH) The Magistry

W.S. Tracy, Esq., to the county of Cavan


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Matthew Tracy, 22 years, hazel eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5’9.25”, born Cavan Ireland, labourer, enlisted 20 Mar 1848 Lewistown by Cpt Andreas for 5 years, 3 Art K, discharged 27 Mch 51 sentence Genl Ct Martial, At Fort Constitution NH, a private


6 July 1849 (AC) Belturbet Regatta

...The winner came in three lenghts before its competitor; was rowed by Charles Reilly, - M'Vettie and steered by Edward Tracy. The other cot was pulled by Owen Reilly, - M'Manus and steered by a brother of Edward Tracy. These cots were then given to the women, who had a most amusing race. The rowers stripped to the waist, allowing nature's ornaments to greet the face of day in happy freedom...


British Civil Service Evidence Of Age

James Tracy, born 1851 Crossdoney Cavan Ireland


1851 Census - 1908 Pensions Act

The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in 1908. Pension claimants had to prove their age. Those born before 1864 used the 1841 and 1851 census.


1851 Tracey (Mulligan), Maghnernacaldry Drumgoon Cavan. Cen/S/4/821. not found

10.7.17 [10th July 1917] Image

Thomas Tracey (s. of Phil Tracey & Bessie Mulligan) 1851 residence Maghernacaldry Drumgoon Cavan

Address: Drumnatrade, Cootehill, Co Cavan

[Note: 1851 census search not found]

IG Record 46324

Tracey Thomas Phil Tracey Bessie Tracey nee Mulligan Maghernacaldry Drumgoon Tullygarvey Cavan 1917 - Drumnatrade, Cootehill, Co Cavan.


Maghernacaldry, Drumgoon, Co. Cavan

Thomas Tracey     Applicant                               

Phil Tracey                       Father                        

Bessie Mulligan    Mother


18.8.17 [18th August 1917] Image

Susan Tracey (d. of Peter & Bridget Hughes) 1851 residence Kilnacor Denn Cavan

Address: Mr Mathew Tracey Killagrogan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff, Cavan

[Note: Search 1851 census. Found Peter & Biddy Hughes no trace appel there is a Mary Tracy three years lodger]

IG Record 46658

Tracey Susan --- --- Kilnacor Denn Loughtee Upper cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killagregan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff. Head of family - Peter and Bridget Hughes. 1851 Peter and Biddy Hughes, with Mary Tracey aged 3yrs, lodger.


IG Record 46120

Tracey, Susan --- --- Kilnacor Denn Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killagrogan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff. Head of family - Peter & Bridget Hughes. 1851 Peter & Biddy Hughes, there is a Mary Tracey, 3yrs old, lodger, no Susan.

Kilnacor, Denn, Co. Cavan

Susan Tracey        Applicant                   

Peter Hughes        Father


1851 Tracey (McMahon), Termon Killinkere Cavan. Cen/S/4/644

23.1.17 [23rd January 1917] Image

Susan Tracey (a 70) (d. of Thos Tracey & Catherine McMahon) 1851 residence Termon Killinkere Cavan

Address: Mrs Susan Smith, Boghes key, New Inns, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan

IG Record 46147

Tracey, Susan - Thomas Tracey Catherine Tracey nee McMahon Termon Killinkere Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mrs Susan Smith, Bogheskey, New Inns, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan.


Termon, Killinkere, Co. Cavan

Susan Tracey                    Applicant                               

Thos Tracey                      Father                         

Catherine Mcmahon         Mother           


1851? Census Search

Tracy Killygrogan Lavey Cavan Cen/S/4/740

7.8.17 [7th August 1917] Image

Mathew & Susan Tracy (s. of Francis Tracy & Susan) 1851 residence Killygrogan Lavey Cavan

Address: Mr Mathew Tracey Killagrogan New Inn, Kells, Ballygamesduff, Co Cavan

[Note: Census search. found father Mathew Tracy. Found Mathew Tressy with grandson Mathew Tressy 5 yrs.]

IG Record 46243

Tracy Mathew and Susan Francis Tracy Susan Tracy Killygrogan Lavey Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killygrogan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan. Found - Head of family-Mathew Tracy, grandfather. 1851 Mathew Treasy with grandson Mathew Tracey, 5yrs old.


Killygrogan, Lavey, Co. Cavan

Mathew Tracy      Applicant                   

Francis Tracy        Father


1841/1851 Census search

Tracey Belturbet Annagh Cavan. M3108/1 & M3168/23. Not found

20 July 1910 Image   Image

Anne Tracy (maiden name) 71 years (d. of Edward Tracey & Bridget Tracey ) Deanery St Belturbet Annagh Cavan. 1841 & 1851 Census family not found.


1841 & 1851 Census

Treacy - Belturbet Annagh Cavan. M3168/192. Not found


Belturbet, Annagh, Co. Cavan

Anne Tracy                    Applicant

Edward Tracey  Father

Hugh Tracey                  born 1806

Mary Tracey                  born 1829

Bridget Tracey   born 1811



Margaret Tracey            born 1833

Rosy Tracey                   born 1836

Pat Tracey                      born 1839


1841/1851 Census search

Tracey Virginia Lurgan Cavan. M3168/9

Virginia, Lurgan, Co. Cavan

Pat Tracey          Father 


October 28, 1852 Anglo-Celt

Cootehill Quarter Sessions sub-constable John Tracy


British Postal Service Appointments

Edward Tracy, 1852, Belturbet [Cavan] To Wattlebridge


January 5, 1854 Anglo-Celt

Patrick Tracy was indicted for picking a woman's pocket in Ballyconnell. He was found guilty, and sentenced to three months imprisonment without whipping, as there was no evidence of any previous offence by him.


1 November 1855 (AC) Cavan Quarter Sessions

Thomas Glynn (soldier home from Sebastopol), Edward Treasy/Tracy/Treacy, Peter Reilly, Thomas M'Cabe, Michael Tierney and Laurence Telvin...assaulting constables and riot...September last at Drumalee...Annagh graveyard to Butlersbridge...police leaving Belturbet...Sentenced to three months with hard labour.


Griffiths Valuation Cavan 1856-1857


By area

Edward Tracy, Corporation Lands, Annagh, Cavan


Felix Tracey, Munnilly, Drumgoon, Cavan


Hugh Tracey, Mc Il,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan

Hugh Tracey, Strah,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan


James Tracey, Barra,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan

James Tracy, Tanderagee, Bailieborough, Cavan


Michael Tracey, Killygrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Michael Tracy, Killygrogan, Lavey, Cavan


Patrick Tracey, Munnilly, Drumgoon, Cavan


Thomas Jr. Tracey, Tullybrick, Drumgoon, Cavan

Thomas Sr. Tracey, Tullybrick, Drumgoon, Cavan

Thomas Tracey, Termon, Killinkere, Cavan

Edward Tracy, Corporation Lands, Annagh, Cavan

Hugh Tracey, Mc Il,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan

Hugh Tracey, Strah,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan

James Tracey, Barra,Beltu.,(Corp. Lands), Annagh, Cavan


James Tracy, Tanderagee, Bailieborough, Cavan


Felix Tracey, Munnilly, Drumgoon, Cavan

Patrick Tracey, Munnilly, Drumgoon, Cavan

Thomas Jr. Tracey, Tullybrick, Drumgoon, Cavan

Thomas Sr. Tracey, Tullybrick, Drumgoon, Cavan


Thomas Tracey, Termon, Killinkere, Cavan


Michael Tracey, Killygrogan, Lavey, Cavan

Michael Tracy, Killygrogan, Lavey, Cavan


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Mary Tracey 27 Oct 1913 Bailieborough Cavan, spinster, Mrs Bridget Murtha

Michael Tracy 27 Nov 1891 Killagrogan Cavan, farmer, by Mathew Tracy, farmer


13 May 1859 (AC) Able bodied paupers, Cavan Union

Mary Tracy, 26 years, 1 child, Belturbet Division



14. Thomas Tracey, Tullybrick or Tullybricke Drumgoon Cavan, £0.17.10 rent, 1a/0r/34p, tenant from year to year


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

Bernard Tracey, b. 1825 Coot Hill, Cavan WO97 Chelsea  

James Tracey, b. 1839 Coothill, Cavan WO97 Chelsea  

James Tracy, b. 1834 Ballylough, Cavan WO97 Chelsea  

John Tracy, b. 1837 Belturbet, Cavan WO97 Chelsea  


1861 Ulster Street Directory

Bailieborough, a market town and a parish, partly in the County Meath, but chiefly in the County Cavan.

James Tracy, slater and plasterer, Market Street.

Belturbet, a market town in County Cavan

Hugh Trace, cart maker, Castle Hill.


May 25, 1861 Cavan Observer

A light-fingered gentleman who gave his name as Patrick Tracy, was brought up, charged on informations with having stolen a half-sovereign and 17s. 6d. in silver, from the person of Bernard Hill. Mr. Tracy, according to his own statement, was a model of innocence, requested the Court to pay particular attention to his case, had cross-examined Hill with the ability of an Old Bailey lawyer; but Hill, though rather simple-looking, succeeded in convincing the Court that, whether accidentally or otherwise, Mr. Tracy had abstracted the cash from his pocket. The Court accordingly sent Mr. Tracy for trial to the Quarter Sessions, despite the solemn protest of that gentleman that it was a great shame to do so.

June 29, 1861 Cavan Observer

Cavan Quarter Sessions

Patarick Tracy was indicted for having at Cavan on the 14th of May, assaulted Bernard Hill, and stolen from his person a cap, value 2s. 6d., a purse value 1s., and containing half a sovereign and 17s. in silver.

The prisoner pleaded not guilty. He was undefended....Bernard HILL was the only witness examined for the prosecution. The particulars of the case were given in our Petty Sessions report at the time the prisoner was committed for trial...The jury found the prisoner guilty.


July 6, 1861 Cavan Observer 

Margaret Carmichael and Mary Tracy appeared to answer the complaint of Susan Masterson for having assaulted her, and robbed her of 2s. The Chairman said he could scarcely believe the evidence of his senses; he had seen Susan so often in the character of defendant that he never deemed it possible that she could appear in any other role. This remark elicited only a grim smile from Black-eyed Susan, and a declaration that she had "right good cause to complain.".....She was in the nursery of the Workhouse when Mesdames Carmichael and Tracy laid violent hands upon her, knocked her down, displaced her head-dress, searched her hair, and finally stole her purse, containing six shillings of the current coin....The plunderers ran out to the yard with their booty, leaving her extended on the nursery floor They subsequently gave her back the purse and four shillings, retaining the other two....The two shillings were not found on the persons of the accused, and one of them stoutly asserted that they only found four shillings and threepence--halfpenny in Susan's purse, every penny of which they returned....The Court only dealt with the assault, for which they sentenced Mesdames Carmichael and Tracy to two months' imprisonment each. Susan look as if she would have preferred the restitution of the "tiu" to the incarceration of her assailants...


May 17, 1862 Cavan Observer

Dr. Humphrys v. High Tracy

The plaintiff, Dr. Humphrys of Ballyhaise, summoned defendant for refusing to give up a tax cart which had been given to him for repairs some months previously, and which was repeatedly asked for by Dr. Humphrys. The Court allowed defendant three weeks to finish the repairs of the tax cart.

1862 Cavan Observer

Belturbet Petty Sessions Saturday, Nov. 15

Dr. H. G. Humphrys a. Hugh Tracy

This was a summons for refusing to give up a tax-cart left for repair.

Mr. Knipe, who appeared for the defendant, said the magistrates had no jurisdiction, the price of same being over £5.

Mr. Armstrong appeared for Dr. Humphrys.

Hugh Tracy summoned Dr. Humphrys for £3 17s 6d for the repairs of a tax-cart.

Mr. Knipe--This is the tax-cart for which we are summoned for refusing to give up, and we are quite willing to give it any time we are paid for the repairing of it.

Tracy was then sworn, and proved the amount of his claim, at the same time handing a bill of particulars to the court.

Mr. Armstrong stated the case for the defence, as he was instructed, that some time ago Dr. Humphrys bargained with Tracy  for a tax-cart, of a particular description, then named, for a sum of £6. The tax-cart, when finished, Dr. Humphrys said was not what he had bargained for, and Tracy said he would make any changes Dr. Humphrys thought necessary. Dr. Humphrys returned the tax-cart to Tracy to have those changes made, and now to his surprise he asked to pay no less a sum than £3 17s for what he was to have originally received.

Dr. Humphrys was then sworn, and deposed to the facts stated by Mr. Armstrong.

A witness named Monahan, produced on behalf of Tracy, proved distinctly that he heard Dr. Humphrys state to Tracy he would pay him whatever his charge was for doing the repairs.

After a few words from Knipe, The Court said he would adjourn the case for a week; in the meantime the case could be settled. He also stated he would give them some assistance himself to do so.

Both parties stated that they would leave the case to him to settle.

The court then adjourned.


1862 Offences commited in the County of Cavan

Robbery of Bernard Heel, labourer, 15 May 1861, Cavan town, inf lodged 15 May 1861, Patrick Tracy, convicted at quarter sessions


Thomas Tracy, d. 02 Nov 1864, Termon, Killenken, County Cavan, Ireland, Age: 80, Occupation: Pensioner, Marital Status: Married


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Thomas, Bailieborough, Cavan. 2 349

Tracy, Mary, Cavan, Cavan. 13 110

Treacey, Margaret, Granard, Cavan/Longford/Westmeath.  18 196

Treacy, Bernard, Granard, Cavan/Longford/Westmeath.  8 235

Tressy, James, Cootehill, Cavan/Monaghan. 18 160


1850-1883 New York Emigrant Savings Bank Records

18 Mar 1867 57975 Thomas Tracy of 40th 6th St, shademaker, born 1843 Cavan arrived 1859 per " Jas Keeler" wife Kate Smith [crossed out] or wife Cathn Tracy born 1839 Cavan arrd. 1851


7 December 1867 (AC) Cavan Poor Law Union

Rev. Father Smith...obected to a pauper girl named Mary Tracy being employed in the capacity of nurse in the sick wards of the workhouse hospital...removed from the position of nurse for "good reasons" then stated but she had been subsequently reinstated in her position by Dr Moore without the authority of the board...The Master - Dr Moore says that she is the most efficient nurse in the house...The Rev Mr Smith does not object to her going into the women's ward; but he does to her entering the men's. He has reasons best known to himself for the objection. An order was the made...


September/October 1870 Ambulance Committee in aid of the French Army

...per P M'Cabe Fay, Esq, Cootehill...Hugh Tracy...

20 September 1870 (FJ) Irish Ambulances for the French

Cootehill, Co. Cavan...Hugh Tracy...


21 November 1870 (FJ) Wounded French

Parish of Killinkere, County Cavan[?]...James Tracy...


1871 British Census

Patrick Treacy, spouse Bridget, 62, b. 1809 County Meath, Ireland, Labourer, Lancashire

= Bridget Treacy, spouse Patrick, b. abt 1819 County Cavan Ireland, Lancashire


Parsee arrived Auckland 07 May 1873 (assisted emigration)

Bridget Treicey, 24 years, single, dom servt, of Cavan


1877 RIC Service

Peter Treacy, 42480, b. 1857 Galway East Riding


42480 Peter Treacy, 19 years, 5’9.5", b. Galway ER, Catholic, recommended By SI Singleton, farmer, allocated 8 Aug 76, served Cavan 31 May 77, died 7/3/84 42480D/86530, Bilious Attack, Cond in Kings


1881 British Census

Thomas Tracey, 63 years, born Galway, Fruiterer, 204 Bury New Road Broughton In Salford Lanc

Catherine, 52 years, born Cavan, wife

James, 29 years, born Liverpool, son, single, Invoice Corresponding Clerk (Comm)

Mary, 24 years, born Liverpool, daughter, single

Letita, 22 years, born St. Helens Lanc, daughter, single

Elizabeth, 16 years, born Manchester, daughter, single, Milliner


1883 Return of judicial rents

Michael Treacy of Killygregan Cavan, landlord Mathias Smith, 10a/2r/4p, poor valuation £7/0/0, old rent £7/18/3, new rent £6/10/0

James Tracy of Termon Cavan, landlord Rev. Orange S. Kellett, 12a/1r/9p, poor valuation £4/10/0, old rent £9/3/8, new rent £6/10/0


1888 Return of judicial rents

Michael Treacy of Killagrogan Cavan, landlord James Reilly and others, 11a/2r/39p, poor valuation £7/0/0, old rent £9/5/0, new rent £6/0/0


15 March 1890 (AC) Cootehill Union

The recent Surcharge...the case of out-door relief given to Mrs Tracy, amount 10s, surcharged to Mr. John Rice;...


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Edward Tracey, Cootehill (Cavan Ireland), 1905, 35 years, single, shoemaker, sister paid passage, sister Mrs Bassett, 500 West 125 street New York.[ widower?]


James Tracy, New Ferry Ches England, 1910, 24 years, single, Father James Tracy, Termon, Billis Po., Virginia, Co. Cavan. To friend Pat Lynch, 770 3rd Ave, New York, NY. 5’6”, clear complexion, Brn dark hair, blue eyes. b. Kilincere [Killinkere] Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Helena Treacy, Cavan Ireland, 1913, 14 [17] years, Father Jas Treacy, Termon, Cavan. to Bro Jas Treacy, 2 bro & 3 sis, 317 318 W 48 st New York, 4’8”, Fr complexion, Fr? Hair, blue eyes, b. Cavan Ireland.


John Treacy, Ballyjamesduff Cavan? Ireland, 1911, 18 years, single, lived Ballyjamesduff Father James Treacy, Billis, Virginia, Co. Cavn. Brother James Treacy, 86 Greenwich Ave, New York. 5’3”, fair complexion, fair hair, brown hair. B. Virginia Ireland.

            Jno Treacy, detained, 1911, Brother, Bro Jas?,  8 Greenwich? Ave, NY


Mary Tracy, [Tracey] Cootehill Cavan? Ireland, 1910, 18 years, single, Mother Mrs Treacy, Cootehill Cousin Wm Henry 258 Heyward St Brooklyn. 4’10”, fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. b. Cootehill Ireland.


Rose A Tracey, Virginia (Cavan?) Ireland, 1898, 18 years, single, to sister Mary? 47th St NYC


21 January 1893 (AC) Baileboro Union

Chargeability. A man named Tracy who was admitted a few days previous was brought before the guardians...came from Galway...I am a plasterer out of work, and had no means of supporting my wife and children. I came to my own union, and will leave as soon as I can work again...I was working in Athlone and tried to get into the workhouse but they told me to go into my own union...I was born, bred and reared in Bailieboro...Chairman - Let him be brough before the magistrates to-morrow at Petty Sessions.

Petty Session. Mr Joseph Flinn, RO, prosecuted Thomas Tracy, of no fixed residence, for going from one union to another and seeking relief...we have power to send you and your family to jail. We will let you off with a caution provided you leave the workhouse in a week. Defendant - Well I will be in again. Can you put me away from this place I was bred, born and reared.


Various Workhouse records – see Navan Meath & Rathdrum Wicklow


See 1911 Census - Monknewtown, Mellifont, Meath


1893 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC)

Annie Tracey, b. Cootehill 19 March 1893 (Catalogue reference WO 398/220)


24 August 1895 (AC) Notes and Comments

The Cootehill Gratten Fife and Drum Band, which was established a little over six months ago...The committee and members of the band principally belong to the labouring classes. The committee are...Mr E Tracy, secretary...

23 April 1898 (AC) The '98 Centenary

...present...E. Tracy, Cootehill...

18 June 1898 (AC)

Mr E Tracy, Hon Sec, Cootehill, Grattan Volunteer '98 Club writes:...


March 1887 Horses

...Edward Tracy, Ballymacduff...[Cavan?]


7 January 1899 (AC) Cavan Land Court

Second Statutory Term

10 (List No.), 543 (Record No.), 31 (Form No.), Rep of Mathias Smith, decd. (Landlord), Matthew Treacy (Tenant)


10 February 1900 (AC) United Irish League

Meeting in Belturbet...platform...J Tracy, UDC;...

2 June 1900 (AC) Meeting in Killinkere

United Irish League...present...Jas Tracy...


16 June 1900 (AC) Alleged Irregularities in Bailieborough Workhouse

...Tracey had been making a new floor in the day room of the lunatic ward...

30 June 1900 (AC) Bailieboro Union

...Mary Parker now pregnant admits having had frequent immoral relations with a former inmate of the workhouse named Thomas Tracy...


1900 Return of judicial rents

Matthew Treacy of Killygrogan Cavan, landlord Constanine Smith and another, 11a/2r/39p, poor valuation £7/0/0, old rent £7/13/8, new rent 1 £6/10/0, new rent 2 £5/5/0


1900 Irish Mission for Immigrant Girls in New York City

Rose Tracey, 1898, 17 years, from Cavan. Sponsor: Mary Tracy 442 W. 47th ST. N.Y. (Majestic - September 08 1898)

Ellen Flanagan, 1898, 20 years, from Cavan. Sponsor: Mary Tracy 442 W. 47th ST. N.Y. (Majestic - September 08 1898)



Sowans were also used in the making of bread. The most complete recipe I have for this use of them is from T. Tracey, Cootehill, whose mother made them as follows at the turn of the century in the Mountain Lodge area of Kill, Co. Cavan. "Put a lb. or two of oatmeal in a crock of water and the same quantity of 'seeds'. Put in two boiled potatoes and leave for two or three days, stirring occasionally. It will 'barn' (ferment) and it was used for making bread". Strangely enough she used the word 'flummery' to describe the above mixture, minus potatoes, when eaten raw or boiled. In a neighbouring area treacle was added instead of potatoes.

Brian Ó Mórdha. The Great Famine in Monaghan (Continued). Clogher Record, Vol. 4, No. 3 (1962), pp. 175-186



1901 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland


1901 Census of England

Mary Ann Tracy, 50, Bainemouth Co Cavan Ireland, Laundress, Lancashire


17 January 1903 (AC) Goods Sold

John Rooney v. Edward Tressy. John Rooney, publican Cootehill against Edward Tressy of Bridge Street for 11s9d goods sold. Mary Rooney deposed to the amount being due, he got half pints of whiskey from me, it was not his father the goods were sold to. Defendant denied getting any drink in the house since '87, whe he paid for it. -Decree.


21 November 1903 (AC) UIL

Cootehil...Edward Tracy...


22 October 1904 (AC) UIL Meeting

Cotehill...?? Tracy...

Killinkere Lower Band...P. Treacy...Patrick Tracy...John Tracy...


20 August 1904 (AC) Posession of a House

Michael M'Evor summoned John Tracy for possession of a house in Mullaghbawn.

17 September 1904 (AC) Arva Petty Sessions - Rent

Michael M'Evor summoned John Tracy for rent due...[6d 12 weeks rent]...Decree granted 3s and 3s costs.


9 December 1905 (AC) Bawnboy Union

Clerk - [re nurses] You should have informed Mrs Tracy and then submit it to the Board...


1907 Ulster Street Directory


Treacy Bros., timber merchants, Bridge Street.
P. Treacy, labourer, New Cavan Road


Army Pensions—Case of John Tracy. HC Deb 10 May 1907 vol 174 c470 470

§ MR. J. P. FARRELL To ask the Secretary of State for War if he will consider the case of John Tracy, late of the 55th Regiment, who served in the British Army for over twenty years and took part in the Indian Mutiny, including the Relief of Lucknow, the Mussura Campaign of 1868, and who is now seventy years of age, and is living in poor circumstances near Arva [Ardvagh], with a view to increasing his pension to 2s. per day during the remainder of his life.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Haldane.) This man is in receipt of 1s. 3d. a day, which is the highest rate of pension for which he is eligible under the regulation which applies.

4 December 1909 (AC) Infirmary Patients

The Master reported that he got money from two infirmary patients to keep for them - John Williams, Belturbet, £4/7/0 and John Tracy, arva, 16s6d and asked that they be put on the separate register, and if so that the amounts to be charged for their maintenance be fixed...said Tracy was a poor man...He has a small army pension and a large family. He is up to 70 years of age...he does not have the old age pension...It was decided not to put Tracy on the separate register...


‘Friesland’, Liverpool to Phil 10 Sept 1910

Delia Treacy, 18, b. 1892 Co Cavan Ireland, Friend Michael Fern 18 Pullbank Rd New Terny. Passage paid by brother. In Boston, here since Feb 10, 127 W Concert St Boston, 2 sisters married phila, Pa. brother James Treacy Phila Country Club, Mrs Rose Day. 5'6”, dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes.

Ellen Tracy/Triacy, 30, b. 1880 Milltown Ireland, married, father Martin Belmont Milltown Co. Galway. Lived Tacony US from 1897 to 1910. Husband Frank Tracy 7214 Tulip St Tacony Pa. Husband called for them, husband has 1st papers. Fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes.


1910 Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory

Cootehill, County Cavan

Treacy Bros., timber merchants, Bridge st.
J. Treacy, shoemaker, Bridge street



1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


30 March 1912 (AC) Ballyconnell Quarter Sessions

Action about a bicycle. P. Brady living near Belturbet sued a man named Tracy for £5 value of a bicycle. [Wanted to return the bicycle which cost £4/5/0] Defendant said he was a carpenter in Miltown and bought a bicycle in Cavan at £4/10/0. The returned bicycle was badly damaged. Dismissed case.


6 July 1912 (AC) Cootehill Petty Sessions

...Mary Treacey corroborated the assault...


1 February 1913 (AC) Death of Mr. Robert Fitzpatrick, Greathill, Belturbet

...mourners...Cavanagh...O Tressy...


1913 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

Francis Treacy, 62231, b. 1882 Kilkenny


62231 Francis Treacy, dob 17 Aug 1882 [24 years], 5'9 5/8", b. Kilkenny jd from Carlow, Protestant, married 7.4.20 wife from Tyrone, recommended by DI Carter, Asylum Attendant, appointed 15 Nov 06, served Meath 1st May 1907 - Tyrone 10.5.12 - Cavan 5.3.1913 - Belfast 1.6.1913, Disbanded 20.5.22 T.S. Belfast No 16 C.A. £153.2.9


June 1913 IT

RIC Transfers...Constable John Duffy has been transferred to Count Cavan and is replaced by Constable Francis Treacy, both officers having effected an exchanged.


1 March 1913 (AC) Police Cases

Constable Lynch v. Hugh Treacey, Aughagesland, for threatening and abusive language...alleged stolen oats, for which defendants house had been searched...constable had threatened to break his neck...bail of £5 and two sureties of £2/10/0...

Same v. Michael Treacey, Cootehill, for drunkeness, fined 2s6d.


1913-1922 Military History

Michael Tracey, Baldonnel Dublin and Killeshandra, Co. Cavan


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

Francis Tracey [Francis Treacy], b. abt 1869, Drumgoon, Cavan

Francis Tracey, b. abt 1870, Drumgoole, Cavan

Patrick Tracey, b. abt 1885, Swadlesbar, Cavan,  

Phillip Tracey, b. abt 1882, Kll, Cavan,  

27 January 1917 (AC) Deserters

John Mulligan and Francis Treacey, Cootehill, were charged by Sergt. Burke with being absent from their regiments without leave, and both men were remanded, pending the arrival of a military escort.


Mar 22, 1915 (FJ) Cootehill Schoolboys Death

...Michael Tracey, labourer, Cootehill...James Moriarty, schoolboy aged 8 years...John Gorman, schoolboy...The accused was returned for trial, on the charge of murder, to Cavan Assizes, bail being refused.


Oct 23, 1916 (IT) Wounded

Highland Light Infantry...Tracey, 3801, T. (Cavan)

Francis Tracey, Highland Light Infantry 3801 Private


1917 USA Draft Registration  

John J Tracey b. 18 Mar 1883 Cavan Ireland, alien 1st pap? 5 yrs, single, sister 26 yrs dependant, lives 4 Concord St Boston Mass, waiter at Hotel Westminister


13 July 1918 (AC) Cavan Technical Committee

...A letter was received from the Department adverting to the short course of instruction in woodworking conducted in Bailieboro by Mr. T.J. Treacy...[Secretary awaiting reports and accounts] had received a letter from Mr. Treacy stating he was in the doctor's hands, and to send on his salary...His class was finished and he said he was going to a special session in Dublin, and then to take his holidays...he was very sorry he could not go to the meeting, as he was suffering from an attack of influenza. The letter was dated from Wicklow, where Mr. Treacy lived.

20 March 1920 (AC) Breifne Antiquarian Society

The inaugural meeting...held in Town Hall, Cavan...present...T.J. Tracy...N.T.;

10 April 1920 (AC) Manual Instruction at Shercock

...instruction in woodwork to be given in the courthouse by Mr. T.J. Treacy...


A course of instruction in woodwork will be conducted at the New Technical School, Cootehill by Mr. T.J. Treacy, A.C.P. C.&G. (Final)...

14 October 1922 (AC) Cavan Joint Committee for Technical Instruction

...quarterly meeting...T.J. Tracy, Manual Instructor, were in attendence...

2 August 1924 (AC) Cavan Joint Committee for Technical Instruction

...annual meeting...T.J. Tracy, Manual Instructor, were in attendence...


...at the Town Hall, Ballinagh...instruction will be given by Mr. T.J. Treacy, Technical Instructor (approved by the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, Dublin)...

25 September 1926 (AC) ADVERTISEMENT

...in Bunnoe Hall...instruction will be given by Mr. T.J. Treacy, Certified Technical Instructor (approved by the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, Dublin)...

2 October 1926 (AC) Technical Education

...the new man would be available for the rural districts, but now the suggestion is that he go into the Technical School to take Mr. Tracey's place...it was decided that Mr. Tracey be re-called to the Technical School, Cavan, and the opening of the Bunnoe classes postponed...

14 May 1927 (AC) Cavan Joint Committee

...monthly meeting...T.J. Tracey, manual instructor;...

Dec 6, 1930 (MC) The Mountnugent Tragedy

Manual Instructors sad fate....Mr. Timothy J. Treacy...Deceased came to the district about twelve months ago and lodged at Lisnabrinia, Mountnugent in the house of Bartle Lynch. He was aged about 53 years. He was very popular in the district and was a very capable official...The funeral on Sunday was very largely attended. The deceased was a native of Co. Wicklow. [Tipperary? 1901 census Carlow]


1918-1941 Merchant Navy Seamen

John Tracey, b. Cavan Cavan

John Tracey, b. 1896 Cavan Cavan


27 December 1919 (AC) Cootehill Petty Sessions

Patk O'Reilly, DC, Rahoran, sought posession of a house in Bridge street, occupied by Susan Treacey.

10 January 1920 (AC) Cootehill Petty Sessions

...granted order for possession.


6 November 1920 (AC) Raids and Arrests in Killeshandra

...The following young men were arrested and brought to the barracks and searched:-...Michael Tracy, Patrick Donohoe, Flaugh;...[Feaugh]


National School Registers

Hugh Treacy, b. 1916, 1920, Cavan

Myra Treacey, b. 1917, 1923, Cavan

Rose Treacy, b. 1914, 1926, Cavan

Susan Treacy, b. 1918, 1923, Cavan

Susan Treacey, b. 1918, 1923, Cavan


26 March 1921 (AC) Co. Cavan Malicious Injury Claims

...Jas Tracy, Castlesaunderson, Belturbet, £10, damages and carrying away fishing tackle and carpenter's augur on the 17th Feb...


22 July 1922 (AC) Cootehill Parish Court

Rates Cases...Patrick Treacey...I am in the house this 9 years and paid no rates, and I have not possession of the whole house; the top room is kept from me...

12 August 1922 (AC) Cootehill Parish Court

Rates Cases...Patrick Treacey, Cavan Road, for £1/4/0 for rates due...evidence by the tenant that the landlady, Mrs. Simpson, was going to pay the rates....no rates had been paid for nine years and the landlady had paid the rates for the other house...Defendant said he hadn't what could be called a house at all, only 2 rooms, that had been taken from the rest of the house, and there was a room over them that he hadn't possession of at all.

31 January 1925 (AC) Cootehill District Court

Possession of a House. Marcella Brown, Dublin sought possession of a house from Patrick Treacey, Cavan Road...the notice to quit was dated August 20th last,; the rent was 2s a week and there were then 25 weeks due...Tracey occupied the house since Sept. 1913; there was a small yard to the house and the others in the row owned by the plaintiff; the sanitary conveniences had been pulled down...the house was not in a reasonable state of repair and the landlady was not entitled to get rent for it and could not get an order for possession. The agreement was that the landlady would pay the rates, but lately she refused to do that and the tenant had up till now paid £3/9/0 rates...[discussion about state of the house and rates paid]...the defendant was entitled to a dismiss without prejudice.


26 August 1922 (AC) Notice of Charitable Bequests

In the goods of William Tracey, late of Bridge Street, Cootehill, in the County of Cavan, deceased...died on the 15th day of November 1921...To Father Galligan, Cootehill, the sum of £10 for Masses for Deceased'd soul and the soul of his brother, John...


2 December 1922 (AC) Cootehill - Town Tenants League

...meeting to establish branch...committee appointed...P. Treacey...


1922 Army Census


Edward Tracey; -; Pte, Infantry, home address: Buttlersbridge, Cavan, 15656 Pay no: -, Joined: 11/9/22 Cavan, married, RC, Next of kin: wife, Next of kin: Mary Tracey, Buttlersbridge, Cavan, Remark: On leave, wife ill.; Cavan (Cavan); download file


Michael Tracey; 23; I.M. 1889, Pte, Engineers, home address: Drumcearey, Losset, 23221 Pay no: 06394, Joined: 28/3/22 Ballinagh, single, RC, Next of kin: brother, Next of kin: Mr. John Tracey, Drumcarey, losset [Cavan?].; Custume Barracks (Westmeath); download file


1917-1921 Medal application Michael Tracey, Baldonnel Dublin and Drumcarey Losset Cavan

Michael Tracey


Maintenance Unit, Baldonnel, Dublin

Drumcarey, Losset Post Office, Cavan

Notes: File relates to unsuccessful Service (1917-1921) Medal application. Medal not awarded.

Data Protection Note: Open

Organisation: None

National Army Service Number: 65391

Medal awarded: None

File Reference: MD5485


5 April 1924 (AC) Cootehill District Court

Possession of Houses. Annie Brady, Drumnatrade, summoned Kate, Bernard, Michael and Edward Treacey, Drumnatrade...Complainant said she was executrix of her uncle James Brady, deceased, who owned an out farm in Drumnatrade, and on which the defendants were caretakers; under the will the farm had to be sold and she wanted possession. The defendants had a claim...for the crops in the fields...claimed £7...An agreement was come to by which the defendants were to get £7/10/0 and leave the premises within a month.


6 July 1929 (AC) Cootehill Urban Council

Letting of a house....special meeting...one of the new houses had been given to a Mrs. Treacey, the Chairman said the house should not have been let at that special meeting...letting was cancelled...it was decided that the house be given to Frank Conlon.


Jul 25, 1925 (MC) Alleged Assault

Frank Reilly, Galbolia summoned Joseph Clarke, same place...His cousin, Patk Treacy


Nov 22, 1930 (MC) Cavan News

At Bailieboro Circut Court...Robert James, Bailieboro obtained a decree against Michael Treacy, for possession of a house at Leitrim. There was no appearance by the defendant...


1931 Trade Directory


Devine & Tracey N/A, Builders, Holburn Hill.


17 July 1937 Dungarvan Observer.

The troops of friends and well wishers in Portlaw and purlieus, of Miss Rose Treacy, Kildallon, Co. Cavan, extend cordial felicitations to her on her marriage to Mr James Coe. Miss Treacy who was formerly attached to the Marchioness of Waterford's domestic staff at Curraghmore House, won the sum of £5000 with a half-share in the "Sweet Afton" ticket which drew Laurett II in the Cambridgeshire Sweep last year.


1937/8 Schools Collection

Mary P. Tracey/Treacy, Derravona [Derryvony], Belturbet, Co. Cavan.

Mrs A Tracey, Lisnabantry, Virginia, Co. Cavan

Lillie Tracy, 15 years, Castlesaunderson Demesne, Drumlaney, Co. Cavan



Cavan¹s Emergency Years

…On the 31st May, 1941 I heard of the Dublin bombings. Later that year I joined my local L.S.F. unit and was issued with a blue uniform, red arm-bands and torches. Our Group Leader was the late Michael Tracey, Killygrogan, Upper Lavey and the District Leader was the late Stanislaus Lynch of Ballyjamesduff…


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

James Treacy b. 16 Mar 1885 Cavan, Ireland Residence: Kings, New York

John Joseph Tracey, 202 Huntington Ave Boston Suffock Mass, 48 years, b. 18 Mar 1894 County Cavan Ireland, contact Mrs Lilian Roche, works Hotel Grisham

William Joseph Tracy b. 12 Jun 1883 Cavan, Ireland Residence: New York, New York

James Treacy, 23 Bery Ct B'klyn Kings NY, 57 years, b. Mar 16 1885 Cavan Ireland, contact Dora Treacy, work unemployed


2011 Quinn Cement EPA reports

Treacy’s field, near Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan.





Church Records – Baptisms Co. Cavan Genealogical Research Centre

TRASY, ANNE, 1766, B









TRACY, PAT, 1846, B

TRACY, ANNE, 1848, B

TRACY, ROSE, 1850, B










TRACY, MARY, 1862, B




TRACEY, ANN, 1874, B








TRACY, JOHN, 1890, B




TRACY, JOHN, 1894, B











*Source : B = Birth


Alfred Tracey & Ida Gertrude Muriel Swarbrigg

Tracey and Swarbrigg. On Tuesday, February 12, 1929, at Ashfield Parish Church, Cootehill, by the Rev. W.R. Moore, Alfred, second youngest son of William and the late Mrs. Tracey, Barnacullia, Sandyford, County Dublin, to Ida Gertrude Muriel, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late John Swarbrigg, Laurel Villa, Cootehill, County Cavan.


Ellen Tracey b. abt 1846 m. Joseph Gibson 1866 (LDS)


Catharine Tracey, 25, Single, b. 1843 County Cavin, Ireland (d. of Francis Tracey & Susanne Coyle) married George Beunje, 36, Single, b. 1832 Amsterdam, Holland (s. of Gerard Beunje & Joan Camphausen) 28 Jun 1868 Manhattan, New York


Mary Tracy

Mary b. 22 September 1864 (LDS)


Montrose 9 May 1925

Patrick Treacy, Age: 39, b. Cavan Ireland, 1911-1921 Montreal, farmer,  St. Cecelia Street Montreal Quebec,

Mary Ellen Treacy, 33, b. Cavan Ireland, 1911-1921 Montreal, housewife

Aunt: Mrs R.L. Tubley, Derryham, Co. Cavan.





Catharine Tracy married Petan? ? 7 Jan 1852 Wit: Hen? ? & Margarita Reily?. Annagh Parish


Catherine Tracey & Charley Reily

Bridget Reily b. 21 Aug 1874 Sp. Rose Keleher. Annagh Parish


Anne Treacy married Thomas McAvinue 9 Apr 1877 Wit: Joseph Ford & Ellen Duffy. Annagh Parish


John Tracey married Margaret McAvinue 7 Jan 1883 Wit: Francis Timaney & Anne Hegarty. Annagh Parish





Patrick Tracy & Mary McNamara

James Tracy b. 24 Apr 1850 Sp. Michael McLaughlin & Rose McEnteer. Castlerahan and Munterconnaught Parish








Emma Tracey, journalist, living in London from Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan.


BBC journalist covering all things disability for the Ouch blog and talk show. Lover of radio, fun books, blind geekery and a good chat. Emma has lead a life of Braille proofreading, wedding singing and audio journalism in Ireland before joining the BBC Ouch team in 2005. In her role, she works on the award-winning Ouch Podcast and gets to spend time with interesting disabled people for the interviews section of the site. Outside work, Emma likes reading, gadgets and a good conversation.


Emma has much experience working on local radio stations as well as partaking in audio productions in college. She was an editor of the TalkAround audio Magazine. She based the TalkAround recording studio and office from her home in Cavan. She was also a regular contributor to the RTE Radio 1 Programme, AudioScope, dealing with matters for and about people with Vision Impairments.


She graduated in November 2003, with an Honours Degree in Communications from Dublin City University. Emma's final year thesis saw her produce a 35 minute audio documentary, tracking the 50 year history of a local Cavan musical society.


She was married to Robin Spinks on the 24 August 2013.








 Drumgoon (& Cootehill)


1. James Tracy (b. abt 1804 Coote Hills) m. Catherine ??? (b. abt 1808 Coote Hills) abt 1829 Coote Hills (LDS)

1.1 Thomas Tracy (b. 1830/1 Coote Hills d. 20/4/1899 Saugerties Ulster Co NY) m. Bridget Traynor abt 1859 Coote Hills (LDS)

1.1.1 Catherine (b. 29 July 1860 Coote Hills d. 1940) m. William Lenning 1884 Massachusetts (LDS)

1.1.2 Mary TRACY b: 1864 in Saugerties, Ulster Ny

1.1.3 John Matthew TRACY b: 31 Jul 1866 in Saugerties, Ulster, Ny

1.1.4 Sarah TRACY b: 1869 in Saugerties, Ulster Ny

My gggrandfather James Tracy was born in cootehill, Cavern. He married Catherine. They had a son Thomas who married Bridget Traynor. Anyone with a connection please respond.
Douglas Shaw - Nov 29, 2009



Joannis Tressy & Anna Magivny

Thomas Tressy b. 7 Jan 1831 Sp. Hugone M'Evey & Alicia Brady. Drumgoon Parish


Eugenius [Hugenies?] Tracy & Margarita Magorry

Sara Tracy b. 18 Sept 1831 Sp. Thoma Tracy & Margarita Connel. Drumgoon Parish


Ellenora Tracy & Francisci Duffy

Robertus Duffy b. 14 Jun 1832 Sp. Ber McMahon & Celia McMahon. Drumgoon Parish


Thomas Tressy married Elenora McCabe 1 Jan 1834 Wit: Jacobus M'Gahan & Alicia M'Cabe. Drumgoon Parish

Thomas Tressy/Tracy & Elenora/Elen McCabe

Michael Tressy b. 1 Oct 1834 Sp. Joanne Conaghly & Elenora Hughes. Drumgoon Parish

Mary Tracy b. 10 Oct 1839 Sp. James & Anne M'Cabe. Drumgoon Parish


Charles Treasy & Biddy Dirman

Charly Treasy b. 10 Jul 1835 of Ballinaha [Ballynahaia] Sp. Billy Treasy & Betty Dirman. Drumgoon Parish


Patt Treasy/Tracy & Judy Kelly

Jno Treasy b. 25 Jul 1835 of Ballinaha [Ballynahaia] Sp. Felix? Treasy & Mally M'Cabe. Drumgoon Parish

Patk Tracy b. 4 Sep 1842 Sp. Sally Tracy Ballinahaia. Drumgoon Parish


Ann Treasy married Patt Brawly 18 Dec 1835 Wit: Jno Leary & Ann M'Gagan. Drumgoon Parish

Ann Tracy/Treacy & Patt Brawly

Michl Brawly b. 19 Sep 1839 Sp. John Nickle & Mary Brawly. Drumgoon Parish

Charles Brawley b. 15 Nov 1841 Sp. John McCaim & Biddy Treacy. Drumgoon Parish


Felix Tracy married Mary McDonald 8 Oct 1838 Wit: Hugh McCroo & Anne McCabe. Drumgoon Parish


William Tracey & Nelly Hughes

Thomas Tracey b. 16 Feb 1840 Sp. Thomas McDonald & Betty Trainor. Drumgoon Parish


Ann Trasy & Patt Murphy

John Murphy b. 20 Nov 1843 Sp. Billy M'Grongh & Kitty Brully?. Drumgoon Parish


Phil Treacy married Ann M'Donl 14 Nov 1845 Wit: Jno & Kitty Reilly. Drumgoon Parish


Mary Treasy & James Cassidy

Mary Cassidy b. 4 Jul 1852 Sp. Phill Treasy & Mary Cassidy. Drumgoon Parish


Philip Tracy married Eliza Mulligan 8 Jun 1853 Wit: James McQuillian & Mary Coyle. Drumgoon Parish

Philip Tressy & Bessie/Elizabeth Mulligan

Margaret Tracey b. 1855 (Gillen Family Tree)

Elizabeth Tressy b. 26 June 1865 Cootehill (LDS)


Thomas Tressy & Catherine Reilly (see Kilsherdany)

Philip b. 31 May 1879 Tierenenass (LDS) [Tievenanass]


Thomas Tracy, labourer, & Catherine Reilly

Patrick Tracy b. 17 Oct 1885 Lakeland. Elizabeth Tracy [her mark] Lakeland present at birth. Tullyvin Cootehill PLU


Patrick Treacy, of age, bachelor, labourer, of Clones, (s. of Thomas Treacy, farmer) married Catherine Logue, of age, spinster, of Clones, (d. of James Logue) Wit: James O'Nrien & Mary Anne Quigley 05 June 1906 Clones RC Church [born 1885 Cavan - see 1911 Census Clones Monaghan]


Tressy/Tracy family of Cootehill/Tullyvin

Looking for the family of a Philip Tressy of Cooney's Row, Cootehill, he died there on 5 Jan 1867 - I think his wife might have been an Elizabeth Mulligan.
His son Thomas born about 1854 - later Tracey - married Catherine Reilly on 20 Nov 1877 at St. Pat's, Carrickallen.
Lived 1901 at Tievenamass, Tullyvin, and 1911 at Drumnatread, Tullyvin.
Twelve of a family - James 1887, Margaret 1889, Michael and Thomas (twins) 1892, Francis 1896, John 1887, Edward 1898 and Bernard 1900, others must be born 1877-1887.
I have a connection from Thomas 1892, died in Coventry in 1961.
Are there any relations in the area ??
Where is the nearest chapel which might have records ?

dabeck 1 Feb 2014


I am a descendant of Philip Tressy/Tracey.
Philip and Elizabeth aka Bessie Mulligan had a son Hugh, who had a son John, who had my Grandad Seamus.
I live in South London.
Claire xx

claire tracey 13 Jul 2017


Sally Tressey married Robert Clearken 5 Oct 1855 Wit: Thomas Loughanan & Ally =. Drumgoon Parish


Patt Treacy & Rose Quinn

Hugh Treacy b. 1 Oct 1859 Sp. Felix Treacy & Rose Brogen. Drumgoon Parish

Patt Tracy & Ros McGivena

Rose Tracy b. 25 Oct 1867 Sp. Rihs M'Kenna & Mary Leonard. Drumgoon Parish

Patrick Tressy & Rose Quinn

James Tressy b. 29 Nov 1864 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)

Rose Tressy b. 19 Oct 1867 (LDS)


Thomas Treacy married Bridget Creanor 31 Oct 1859 Wit: Thomas Littleton? & Cathrin Malon. Drumgoon Parish


Edward Treacy married Charolet McGinniss 14 Sep 1860 Wit: William Gilin & Cath McLoclan. Drumgoon Parish

Edward Tressy & Charlotte McGuiness

Edward Tressy b. 2 October 1865 Cootehill (LDS)


Felix Treasy married Catherine Murray 5 Feb 1860 Wit: Jno Murray & Anne Murray. Drumgoon Parish


Bridget Tressy, 23, spinster, farmer, Do [Tullybrick Drumgoon], (d. of Thomas Tressy, farmer) married Edward Murtha, 25, bachelor, labourer, lives Tullybrick? (s. of Edward Murtha, labourer) 26 November 1864 RC Chapel Cootehill Wit: John McCabe & Rose McCabe [Cootehill Cootehill PLU]

Bridget Tressy married Pat Murtha 20 Nov 1864 Wit: John McCabe & Rose McCabe. Drumgoon Parish

Bridget Tressy, 23, b. 1841, single (d. of Thomas Tressy) married Edward Murtha, 25, b. 1839, single (s. of Edward Murtha) 26 Nov 1864 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)

Bridget Tressy & Edward Murtagh

Edward Murtagh b. 26 Feb 1868 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)


Rose Tracy married Dan Reilly 14 May 1866 Wit: Patt M'Ginis & Bernard Reily. Drumgoon Parish


Sally Treacy & Robert Cleaken

Michael Clearken b. 19 Aug 1867 [1868?] Sp. Michael Brady & Anne Mahon?. Drumgoon Parish

Sarah Tressy & Robert Clerkin

Margaret Clerkin b. 27 Jul 1867 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)

Anne Clerkin b. 27 Jul 1867 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)


Michl Treasy & Mary

Patt Tressy b. Oct 1867 Sp. John Dinmir & Mary Treasy. Drumgoon Parish


Jas Tresey? & Cath Reilly

Mary Tressy b. 1 Mar 1868 Sp. Con Cahilly & Mary Reilly. Drumgoon Parish

James Tressy & Cathrine Reilly

Hugh b. 3 May 1865 Cootehill (LDS)

Mary Tressy b. 13 Mar 1869 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)


Michl Treacy? married Mary Leary 8 July 1868 Wit: jno M'Cabe & kitty Cosyion?. Drumgoon Parish

Michael Tressy & Mary Seary/Leary

FEMALE Tressy b. 17 Dec 1870 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)

Thomas Tressy b.  6 Feb 1872 Cootehill, Cavan (LDS)


James Trassey? married Margaret Markey 8? Oct 1868 Wit: Edward Marky & Kitty M'Cabe. Drumgoon Parish


Elizabeth Tressy

Francis b. 12 December 1869 Cootehill (LDS)



Saint Vincent Cemetery, Vallejo, Solano, California, United States

Thomas Tracy, 24, born 1840 Ireland, buried 1864

Patrick Tracy, 51, born 1838 Cuthille Ireland, buried 11 May 1889

Robert A Ivers, 76, born 1817 Cuthhille Ireland, buried 24 May 1893 Hus

Mary J Ivers, 67,  born 1832 Cuthhille Ireland, buried 15 Oct 1899, wife


In memory of

Thomas Tracy

beloved brother

of Mrs Mary Ivers

native of Cuthhill Co Cavan Ireland


October 15 1864

Aged 24 years 5 months 7 days

Patrick Tracy

beloved brother

of Mrs Mary Ivers

native of Cuthill Co Cavan Irealnd 


November 1 1889

Age 51 years 8 months 6 days

??? in Peace

??? AMEN



William Tracey

I have an ancestor called William Tracey, who was born around 1831 in Drum Ewen, Ireland. He later married Mary McGuire and had a daughter called Rebecca, born about 1857 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. I need to find out where Drum Ewen was or is today. Or would like to hear from anyone researching the above names in that area.
Ann-Marie Gillard May 09, 1999

Can't locate "Drum Ewen" but might possibly be "Drumgoon", a parish in the barony of Clonkee, county Cavan. [Drumowen Tyrone?]
1841-1901 Census Returns for Pottery Workers in Greenock

1861: William Tracy, 35, Pottery Labourer, Ireland

1871: Robina Tracey, 15, Pottery Cutter, Greenock

1881: Wiiliam Tracey, 16, Pottery Worker, Ireland & Mary Tracey, Pottery Worker, Greenock & Jane Tracey, 16, Pottery Worker, Greenock

1891: William Tracey, 60, Potter, born Drumewen Ireland

1901: William Tracey, 72, Potter, Ireland





Edward Tracy, 34, bachelor, farmer, lives Ballymore [Granard], (s. of Bernard Tracey, farmer) married Margret Buody, 24, spinster, lives Lisnatinane? [Lisnatinny Drumlumman], (d. of Thos Buody, farmer) 11 July 1869 RC Chapel Mulloughorn [Mullaghoran Drumlumman] Wit: Patrick Higgins & Jane Terney [Finea Granard PLU Cavan] [Buddy in index] [see Granard]



 Kilanne (& Bailieboro)


Donald Tracy and Catherine Margaret Currie

James Joseph Tracey born appox 1832 in Baillieboro, Cavan, Ireland, Married Agnes Ann Hearty approx 1855. Immigrated to New Zealand at some point. Drowned in the Wanganui River; his body was found on the 5 February 1897.


Thomas James b 1857? - d 1933 Wanganui, New Zealand

Catherine Ellen b 1859? - d 1924 Wanganui, New Zealand

I am interested in hearing from anyone with ANY information relating to any of the above.

Regards Nichola Chapman N.Chapman nichola.chapman@infogen.net.nz 16 Jun 2001


James Joseph Tracey & Agnes Ann Hearty

James Joseph Tracey (m Agnes Ann Hearty) Bailleboro,Co Cavan c1830 went to Scotland & married there 1853 to New Zealand c1862

Janice Goldsworthy New Zealand May 11, 2002


John Tracie m. Ann Hearty 10 July 1853 Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland

James Trasey & Ann Hearty

James Trasey b. 29 March 1856 Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland


7 June 1882 Wanganui Chronicle

Resident Magistrate's Court...Chimney on Fire. — Joseph James Tracey was charged with allowing his chimney to be on fire on the 27th. May. — Defendant did not appear. — Sergeant Bissett reminded his Worship that the case had been adjourned from a previous sitting at defendant's request. The offence having been proved, defendant was lined 5s, and costs 7s.


New Zealand Deaths

James Joseph Tracey, 1897/84, 65Y


6 February 1897 Wanganui Herald

Found Drowned.

The body of an elderly man named Joseph James Tracey was found about 5.30 last evening on the river bank just below Mrs Duncan's, on the Sedgebrook side, by Mr William Symes, of Eastown. The body was lying face downwards, and was close to high water mark, evidently washed up by the incoming tide. The deceased, who lived on the sandhill behind the foundry, was last seen about 11.15 on Saturday night by a man named William Ryan. The latter met Tracey at the Fountain, and at his request directed him along the Quay as far as Brennan's Hotel. He appeared to have had a little drink, and was evidently a bit mixed. On parting with Ryan, Tracey said he could get along all right now. It is surmised that the unfortunate man must have lost his way, and either wandered on to the reclaimed land or on to the beach the other side of Churton's Creek and fallen into the river, and his body taken up the stream by the strong flood tide of the past few days. The deceased was well known to old residents of Wanganui, and during the last few years had been employed by the Corporation in attending to the rubbish heap. About a fortnight ago he was sued by his wife [Agnes Tracey] for maintenance, but as the plaintiff did not appear to support her claim the information was dismissed. An inquest is proceeding as we go to press, [Since writing the above we are informed by Mr T Tracey. a son of the deceased, that he saw his father on Taupo Quay on Monday afternoon.]


James Treacy & Susan Clarke

Susan Tracy b. 6? Aug 1835 of B. Boro [Bailieborough] Sp. Mick Raid? & Mary Rogers. Killanne Parish

Clara Treacy b. 30 Sep 1839 of B. Borro Sp. James Heary & Bridget Keeffe. Killanne Parish


Clara Tracy & Pat Campbele

Mary Campbele b. 12 Jun 1836 of Lughnaher? Sp. Geo Camel & Mary Tracy. Killanne Parish


James Tracey, Stuccoman of Bailieboro & Honora Brady [1849-1868 missing from online RC registers]

Thomas Tracey b. 25 February 1864 Bailieboro. Honora Tracey, mother, Bailieboro Present at birth, her mark (LDS) [Tracey, Thomas, Bailieborough, Cavan. 1864 2 349]


Bridget Tracy & Ed Murtagh

Ellen Murtagh b. 7 Jul/21 Mar 1880 of Drumlin Sp. Pat Lynch & B Lynch. Killanne Parish



 Kilbride and Mountnugent [see also Meath & Westmeath]


Biddy Tracy & Thomas Reilly

Thomas Reily b. 24 Feb 1832 Sp. James Tracy? & Margaret Tracey Kilbride and Mountnugent Parish





Thomas Tracy married Catherine McMahon 5 Nov 1843 of Tarsonna [Termon Killinkere] Wit: James & Elizabeth Caslon? Killinkere and Mullagh Parish

Thos Tracy & Catherine McMahon

James Tracy b. 8 Sep 1844 of Tarmon Sp. Patt Coony & Margt Lynch. Killinkere and Mullagh Parish


1851 Tracey (McMahon), Termon Killinkere Cavan. Cen/S/4/644

23.1.17 [23rd January 1917] Image

Susan Tracey (a 70) (d. of Thos Tracey & Catherine McMahon) 1851 residence Termon Killinkere Cavan

Address: Mrs Susan Smith, Boghes key, New Inns, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan

IG Record 46147

Tracey, Susan - Thomas Tracey Catherine Tracey nee McMahon Termon Killinkere Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mrs Susan Smith, Bogheskey, New Inns, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan.


Termon, Killinkere, Co. Cavan

Susan Tracey                    Applicant                               

Thos Tracey                      Father                         

Catherine Mcmahon         Mother           


Susan [Mary crossed out] Tracy, 22, spinster, lives Termon, (d. of Thomas Tracy, farmer) married Eugene Smith, 25, bachelor, farmer, lives Buggasky, (s. of Andrew Smith, farmer) 16 February 1871 RC Chapel Clansphilip Wit: John M Gannon & Sara McMahon, her mark [Termon Bailieborough PLU]

Susan Tracey & Owen Smith/Smyth

Andrew Smith b. 24 Jul 1872 of Boyes Reg [Bogesky Lavey] Sp. James Tracey  & Anne Do [Tracey] Lavey Parish

Thomas Smyth b. 4 Jul 1875 of Bogaskey Sp. John Denning & Anne Tracey. Lavey Parish


James Tracy & Anne Gillick

Mary Anne Tracy b. 6 Oct/5 Nov 1878 of Termon Sp. Owen Traynor & Mary Gillick. Killinkere and Mullagh Parish

James Tracey & Anne/Abbe Gillick

Thomas b. 20 December 1876 (LDS)

Mary Anne b. 5 November 1878 Termon (LDS)

Rose Anne b. 3 February 1881 (LDS)

James Tracy, farmer, of Termon & Anne Gillick

Patrick Tracy b. 24 March 1883 Termon. Catherine Tracy, mother-in-law, present at birth, her mark. [Tracy, Patrick, Bailieborough, 2nd Quarter 1883 2 387]


1901 Census

James Tracey, 54, M, 5 Termon, Termon, Cavan, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Cavan

Anne Tracey, 44, F, Termon, Termon, Cavan, , Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Cavan

James Tracey, 16, M, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Cavan

Bedelia Tracey, 10, F, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Cavan

John Tracey, 8, M, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Cavan

Ahelena Tracey, 6, F, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Cavan

1911 Census

James Tracy [Fracy], 73, M, 6 Termon, Termon, Cavan, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Cavan,

Anne Tracy [Fracy], 66, F, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married 36 years, 10 child/7 alive, Co Cavan,

Patrick Tracy [Fracy], 28, M, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Roman Catholic, Son, Single, Co Cavan,

Elenia Tracy [Fracy], 14, F, Termon, Termon, Cavan, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Single, Co Cavan,


Ellis Island

James Tracy, New Ferry Ches England, 1910, 24 years, single, Father James Tracy, Termon, Billis Po., Virginia, Co. Cavan. To friend Pat Lynch, 770 3rd Ave, New York, NY. 5’6”, clear complexion, Brn dark hair, blue eyes. b. Kilincere [Killinkere] Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Helena Treacy, Cavan Ireland, 1913, 14 [17] years, Father Jas Treacy, Termon, Cavan. to Bro Jas Treacy, 2 bro & 3 sis, 317 318 W 48 st New York, 4’8”, Fr complexion, Fr? Hair, blue eyes, b. Cavan Ireland.


James Treacy, 29, single, b. 1885 Ireland (s. of James & Anna Gillick) married Dora Haggerty, 23, single, b. 1891 Ireland (d. of Cornelius & Anne Carlon) 22 Nov 1914 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


1920 Census - Manhattan Assembly District 5, New York, New York, United States [see 1942 Draft]

James Tracey               Head       M            33           Ireland, Immigration Year 1910

Dora Tracey                 Wife       F             30           Ireland, Immigration Year 1912

John Tracey Son         M            5             New York

Raymond Tracey         Son         M            3             New York

Kathleen Tracey          Daughter                F             0             New York

1940 Census - Assembly District 2, Brooklyn, New York City, Kings, New York, United States

James Tracy Head       M            55           Ireland, chef restaurant

Dora Tracy   Wife       F             52           Ireland

John Tracy    Son         M            25           New York, machinist shipyard

Raymond Tracy           Son         M            23           New York, trainee assistant racing? stable?

Kathleen Tracy            Daughter                F             21           New York, clerical





Pat Tracey married Rose Quinn 2 Dec 1845 Wit: James Campbell & Bessy Reilly. Kilsherdany Parish


Biddy Tracy & Jas Hagan

Mary Anne Hagan b. ? Sep 1847 Sp. John Hagan & Mary Tracy. Kilsherdany Parish


Jas Tracy married Catharine Reilly 4 Feb 1856 Wit: Wilm McKenna & Catharine Lee. Kilsherdany Parish


Patrick (Patt) Tress(e)y/Treacy & Anne/Oney/Honora Mohan/Moohan

Hugh b. 10 May 1868 (LDS)

Catherine Tressy b. 28 June 1869 Tullyvin (LDS)

Anne Tressy b. 2 September 1873 Tullyvin (LDS)

Patrick b. 21 July 1875 (LDS)

Philip b. 13 April 1877 (LDS)

Honora b. 9 August 1879 (LDS)


Thomas Tressy & Catherine Reilly (see Drumgoon)

Philip b. 31 May 1879 Tierenenass (LDS) [Tievenanass?]





Annam Tracy married Johannem Moony 3 Feb 1838 Wit: Patitio & Edwardo Lynch. Knockbride Parish

Ann Tracy & John Mooney

Jane Mooney b. 8 Dec 1840 of Greolatta? Gasfon? [Greaghcrottagh? Knockbride]  Sp. Peter McCohe? & Mary Blake? Knockbride Parish [very faint]


Terentium Tracy married Mariam Tierney 23 May 1839 Wit: Jacobo Lagan & Eliza Maily. Knockbride Parish


An Tracy [Traynor?] & Pat Bird

Mary Bird b. 20 Nov 1846 Sp. Ben Mully & Lucball? Tracy [Traynor?]. Knockbride Parish





Hugh Tracy, labourer, & Catherine McDonnell

Patrick [Hugh crossed out] Tracy b. 12 Oct 1888 of Carrickacromen [Carrickacroman Larah]. Killyvin Cootehill PLU





Susan [Mary crossed out] Tracy, 22, spinster, lives Termon, (d. of Thomas Tracy, farmer) married Eugene Smith, 25, bachelor, farmer, lives Buggasky, (s. of Andrew Smith, farmer) 16 February 1871 RC Chapel Clansphilip Wit: John M Gannon & Sara McMahon, her mark [Termon Bailieborough PLU] [see Killinkere and Mullagh]

Susan Tracey & Owen Smith/Smyth

Andrew Smith b. 24 Jul 1872 of Boyes Reg [Bogesky Lavey] Sp. James Tracey  & Anne Do [Tracey] Lavey Parish

Thomas Smyth b. 4 Jul 1875 of Bogaskey Sp. John Denning & Anne Tracey. Lavey Parish


Matthew Tracy, 30, bachelor, farmer, of Killagrogan [Killygrogan Lavey] (s. of Francis Tracy, farmer) married Bridget Smith, 25, spinster, of Do [Killagrogan] (d. of Peter Smith, Do [farmer] Wit: Hugh Smith & Mary Kerns? on the 23 October 1880 RC Chapel of Lavey [PLU Stadone Cavan]




Lavey, Co. Cavan

In 1975, Lavey had one of its most successful years, winning the Junior double - League and Championship.












Front: Owen McConnon, Francis Tracey, Mattie Kearns, paul Smith, Jimmy Galligan, Tony Smith (Capt.), Charlie Smith, Paddy Reilly, Johnny Costello, Ned Nelson, Matt Brady

Back: Cyril O’Reilly, Vincent Maguire, Seamus Tracey, Tommy Tracey, Thomas Maguire, Des King, John Joe Maguire, Pat McGahern, Phil Smith, Andy Smith, Sean Smith, Sean McBride

Lavey 1975 Double Champions





Mariam Tracey married Jacobum Kenney of Ahalohan [Aghaloughan] on the 18 Sep 1825 Wit: Eugenius Tracy & Philippus Shaffney Lurgan Parish


Martham Tracy (Aeatholicium) b. 21 Dec 1826 of Pollamalady Sp. Edvardium Ferguson, Maria Reilly & Catherine Curran. Lurgan Parish (note: statim postia in matremonia conjunia eum)


Martha Tracy & Edward Ferguson

Joannam Ferguson b. 8 May 1831 of Lurgan Sp. Philippus Sheridan & Bridida Brady Lurgan Parish

Brigidam Fogerson b. 10 Nov 1833 of Curraghmore Sp. Joannes McGinninis & Cathe Keelan Lurgan Parish

Patm Ferguson b. 12 Jan 1836 of Curraghmore Sp. Edward Ferguson & Brigd Smith Lurgan Parish

Robertum Fergusson b. 23 May 1841 of Lisnafana Sp. Thomas & Martha Tracy Lurgan Parish


Edvardum Tracey married Brigidam Reilly of Virginia on the 3 Feb 1831 Wit: Geodfry Tormay & Anna M'Gahsan Lurgan Parish

Edward Tracy & Brigid Reilly

Thomam Tracy b. 12 Aug 1833 of Virginia Sp. Hugo Reilly & Maria McMahon Lurgan Parish

Joannem Tracy b. 20 Jan 1836 of Virginia Sp. Joannes Reilly & Eliza Kennan Lurgan Parish

Annam Tracy b. 29 Aug 1841 of Virginia Sp. Mathew Faulkner & Maria Garakan  Lurgan Parish



James M. Tracy, postmaster and merchant, East Smethport, was born in Philadelphia, Penn., in April 1844, a son of Edward and Bridget (Riley) Tracy, natives of County Cavan, Ireland. They came to Philadelphia from their native land, but, thinking a newer country better adapted to their needs, came to Keating township, McKean county, in 1842, and purchased a tract of land for a farm. They were the parents of seven children, James M. being the third son, who during his youth attended the common schools and worked upon the farm. After his marriage, Mr. Tracy remained upon the farm with his parents until September, 1876, when he came to East Smethport, where he erected the building he now occupies, and engaged in mercantile business. Mr. Tracy married in June, 1863, Miss Ann, daughter of Bernard and Ann (Gallagher) Burns, natives of Ireland, who came to Union City, Erie Co., Penn., in 1845. Five children have blessed this union, viz.: Thomas A., Mary E., Lillie E., Annie E. and Paul E. In July, 1885, Mr. Tracy was appointed postmaster at East Smethport, which office he still retains. In politics Mr. Tracy is a Democrat, and he and his family belong to the Catholic Church.


In June, 1873, Andrew Tracy signed the roll of attorneys...Andrew Tracy, a young lawyer of Smethport, was tried in February, 1879, for the murder of his cousin, Miss Mary Reilly, at Smethport. District Attorney S. W. Smith, M. F. Elliott and W. W. Brown represented the State, while C. B. Curtis, A. B. Richmond, George A. Jenks, A. G. Olmsted and N. McSweeney defended. He was found guilty of murder, and, in April, sentenced by Judge Williams to death. The Judge, in passing sentence, said: “The victim was a friend, not an enemy; a relative by blood; a modest and lovely woman, whose only offense was that she had struggled to overcome her affection for you, from a sense of duty toward the church to which she belonged, and toward her parents whom she honored.” Every effort was made to save this unfortunate man, but the board of pardons refusing to interfere with the sentence the law was carried into effect in December, 1879. This tragedy of September 18, 1878, may be said to have broken up one of the most hospitable homes of McKean county.


In 1880, Thomas D. Nash came to Smethport, and same year married Miss Mary A. Tracy, a daughter of Edward and Bridget (Riley) Tracy, of Smethport, Penn. In May, 1883, he went to Harrisburg, Penn., under Hon. J. Simpson Africa, in the office of internal affairs, where he remained until May, 1887, when he returned to Smethport, and has here since remained, engaged in mercantile business. Mr. and Mrs. Nash are members of the Catholic Church.


John Wallace was a surveyor in the Instanter neighbourhood in 1810. He it was who surveyed the lots for…Solomon Tracy…


The seated tax-payers of Corydon township in 1836-7 were…FH Tracy…


David Tracy who commenced trading at Ridgway, December 21 (1846), was granted a license; ...


Clermont Lodge, 949, I.O.O.F. was organised June 7, 1877, with the following members…Edward Tracy…


The following is a list of the medical men who registered in McKean county…in 1881…WC Tracy, Boston, 1866


Bradford Division was instituted December 22, 1885. The early members were…JL Tracy…


Camp No.7 Union Veteran Legion was instituted July 29, 1886. Among the first officiers were…WB Tracy…


History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, and Forest, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Selections: Including Their Early Settlement and Development; a Description of the Historic and Interesting Localities: Sketches of Their Cities, Towns and Villages ... Biographies of Representative Citizens ...By J.H. Beers & Co, 1890


1850 Census - Keating, McKean, Pennsylvania, United States

Edward Tracy                             M            46           Ireland, farmer

Bridget Tracy                             F             40           Ireland

Thomas Tracy                             M            17           Ireland, farmer

Michael Tracy                             M            11           Ireland

John Tracy                   M            6             Pennsylvania

Mary Tracy                  F             4             Pennsylvania

Andrew Tracy                            M            1             Pennsylvania


1860 Census - Keating, McKean, Pennsylvania

Edward Tracy                             M            65           Ireland, farmer

Bridget Tracy                             F             48           Ireland

Michael Tracy                             M            20           Ireland

James Tracy                 M            16           Pennsylvania

Mary Tracy                  F             13           Pennsylvania

Andrew Tracy                            M            11           Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Tracy           F             8             Pennsylvania

John Tracy                   M            6             Pennsylvania


In Keating township, August 14, 1868, Edward Tracy, aged 72 years.  Mr. Tracy was one of the oldest settlers of that township and well and favorably known to the citizens of this section of country.  He leaves a large circle of relatives  and friends to mourn his loss.



1870 Census - Keating township, Smethport, Pennsylvania

James Tracy M            25           Pennsylvania, farmer

Anna Tracy F             23           Connecticut

Thomas Tracy              M            5             Pennsylvania

Mary Tracy                  F             1/12        Pennsylvania

Bridget Tracy              F             58           Ireland

Mary Tracy                  F             26           Pennsylvania

John Tracy                   M            16           Pennsylvania


11 December 1879 The Elk County advocate (Ridgway Pa) [Link]

Execution of Andrew Tracy at Smethport, Pa., Thursday, Dec 4, 1879

Andrew Tracy was born in Smethport, where he lived until he was twelve years of age. At that age he was regarded as reserved and thoughtful in manner, and this characteristic marked him in after years, He was never known to enter into any of the villuge sports, and at the school he at tended he was noted as a very studious boy. .Leaving home at twelve years of age, he entered the Allegany Divinity School, a Catholic institution in Cattaraugus county, where his eldest brother Rev. Michael Tracy, was then acting as u professor. Disregarding the earnest desire of his parents that he should enter the priesthood, as his two brothers had done, he re turned to Smethport in 1869, having determined to fit himself for the legal profession. After a brier visit to his parents he went to Conneautvill Crowford county, and became a law student in the office of S. J. Thomas. Here for two years his application to study was so close that he was rarely seen at social gathering, his acquaintance were few, and there were not many who did not lock upon him with favor. From Conneautville he went to Greenville and became connected with the office of A. D. Gillespie. It was at this place that he made application to be admitted to the bar, passed a fine examination and soon after entered upon the practice of the law, going to Mercer and connecting himself with the office of Griffith & Mason. He entirely lacked business talent and never prosecuted his profession to the extent of having a case in court. His Intellect was of an introspective character, and he was only happy when buried in his books.

...His brothers, Rev. Michael Tracy, of Carrollton, Cambria county, and Rev. Thos. Tracy, of Greenville, Mercer county, Pa...The aged mother, four brothers and two sisters of the condemned passed nearly the whole of Wednesday in his cell...


December 19, 1879 The World: New York

The Mysteries of the Crematory.

Washington, Pa., December 14—The 11 A. M. train from Pittsburg brought a body to be cremated here to-day. It was conveyed from the depot directly to the crematory where tt Is now being incinerated. The remains are said to be those of a young man from New York City, aged about, twenty-five years. The body was inclosed in a rough over-coffin. It Is not known what the name of the deceased was, and the only clue was this address on the coffin : " C. W. Quirk, Washington, Pa." One of the trustees is said to be Rev. Dr. George S. Payson, of New York. Dye, the man in charge of cremation, Is the same man who cremated Dr. Lemoyne, He refuses to tell anything about the remains. It Is rumored that the remains are those of Andrew Tracey, the lawyer, who was hanged In McKean County, Pa., December 1, who wished his remains cremated. A man identified with cremations reports that the neck of the deceased was badly discolored and showed violence in some way. The cremation is strictly private.


1880 Census - Smethport, McKean, Pennsylvania

Mary Tracy   Self         F             32           Pennsylvania, United States, Millenery bussiness

Lizzy Tracy Sister      F             27           Pennsylvania, United States, Millenery bussiness

Mary Martin                servant    F             21           Michigan, United States, Millenery bussiness

Bridget Tracy              Mother    F             72           Ireland

1880 Census - Keating, McKean, Pennsylvania

James M Tracy            Self                        M            36           Pennsylvania, United States, store keeper, parents born Ireland

Annie G Tracy             Wife                       F             29           Connecticut, United States, parents born Ireland

Thomas A Tracy          Son                        M            15           Pennsylvania, United States

Eugene M Tracy          Daughter                F             10           Pennsylvania, United States

Ella L Tracy                 Daughter                F             9             Pennsylvania, United States

Annie E Tracy             Daughter                F             6             Pennsylvania, United States

Paul E Tracy                Son                        M            4             Pennsylvania, United States


St. Philip Church, Crossingville, Edinboro, Pennsylvania

The bell in the church tower was a gift to the parish by the Rev. Michael Edward Tracy, who served as pastor from 1871 to 1894. The name of the bell is The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was dedicated to her on December 8, 1882.











Father Thomas (Urban) Tracy (1833 Cavan – 1915 Alabama)


Father Thomas Urban Tracy was born in August, 1833 [1836 USA biography] in the town of Virginia County Cavan, Diocese of Kilmore, Ireland.


He studied at St. Vincent's College and at Cleveland, Ohio. He was ordained in June 1858 for the Diocese of Erie and during that year became Secretary of  the Most Rev. Bishop Josue Young of St. Patrick's, Erie Pa. After 1864 he had charge of St. Francis Church, Clearfield Pa., and in 1867 he volunteered for the missions in Alabama. Saint Mary’s church Huntsville, became his headquarters at this time.


In 1868, he returned to the diocese of Erie and was appointed pastor of Saint Michael’s Church, Greenville, Pa. The record of the years of Father Tracy’s labors in Greenville is indeed meager. It was during Father Tracy’s pastorate that an extension as well as a gallery, belfry and bell were added to the original church. The cemetery was dedicated in the same (1869) year. Credit too must be given to Father Tracy for organizing a Catholic congregation in Jamestown and for building St. Bridget’s church there in 1874. He served St. Bridget’s congregation as a mission from St. Michael’s until his departure in 1876. Unfortunately, the oldest living parishioners were mere children when he left here to become a member of the Order of Saint Benedict, and they can remember little more than his kindly countenance.


In the latter year, Father Tracy felt himself called by Divine Grace to the monastic life, and accordingly he made application at St. Vincent’s Abbey to be accepted as a member of the Order of Saint Benedict.  He was canonically received as a novice on August 23, 1876, and made his first vows on August 24, 1877. Abbot Boniface Wimmer assigned him first to Sacred Heart church, Saint Mary’s, Elk County, and then to Saint Malachy’s Priory, Creston, Iowa, to assist in its missions.


During the next years he became attached to St. Benedict’s Abbey in Kansas. In April, 1883, Father Urban Tracy, O.S.B. became pastor. Mooney Creek, Kansas, a mission ten miles southwest, had heretofore been attended on one Sunday of the month by the pastor of St. Patrick‘s. During Father Urban’s time, this mission obtained a resident priest and St. Patrick‘ s received regular services on all Sundays and Holy Days of obligation. Father Urban renewed the tin roof on the church belfry at a cost of $75.00 and reduced the old debt to $1500.00. He was a most zealous priest and very kind and considerate. He would rather give than take. He was beloved by all and a special friend to the afflicted and needy.


In 1885 he was transferred to the Priory of St. Joseph’s, Covington, Kentucky, and in the following year he returned to Alabama, his canonical home for the rest of his life. He was first stationed in Tuscumbia and in 1887 succeeded the Rev. Benedict Menges, (who later became the first Abbot of St. Bernard’s, Alabama) as pastor of Huntsville. Here he joined the new Abbey in 1892 and in 1895 was appointed professor of Saint Bernard’s College. He continued in this post until 1900, at which time he assisted in the founding of a new Benedictine monastery at Gessen, Louisiana. From 1903 to 1909 he acted as chaplain of the hospitals at Birmingham and Montgomery. He celebrated his golden anniversary in the priesthood in 1908 at St. Bernard's College, Alabama.


At the age of seventy-three after having labored zealously for fifty-one years as secretary to Bishop Young, parish priest, and active Benedictine missionary, he retired to spend his last years in more complete contemplation with his confreres at Saint Bernard’s Abbey, Culman, Alabama. He died on June 13, 1915 and was buried in the College cemetery.





The History of St. Francis of Assisi Parish 1936 [Clearfield Pa USA]




1900 Census - St. Bernards College, Precinct 1 (excl. Cullman City), Cullman, Alabama

Urban Tracy    Secretary         M         64        b. Aug 1836 Ireland, Secretary teacher, emigrated 1892



Edward/Bridget Tracy, 1844 Pennsylvania

I am seeking information on my line of Tracy's. Here's what I know --

Edward and Bridget (Riley) TRACY came from the Town of Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland in about 1842 to Philadelphia with two young sons. By 1844 they had moved to Keating Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania. They had five more children in Keating Township, where they lived until at least as late as 1880.Edward and Bridget Tracy’s children were:

1. Thomas - born in 1833 in Ireland

2. Michael Edward - born in 1840 in Ireland. Michael was a Catholic priest in various churches of NW Pennsylvania from the late 1860's until 1927 when he died in Corry, Pennsylvania. He built a school in Corry named St. Edward after his nephew Edward Murray Tracy (my grandfather.) The name of the school was later changed to St. Thomas to reflect the name of the church.

3. James M. - born in 1844 in Keating Township, PA. James married Ann Burns in 1863.Ann was the daughter of Bernard and Ann (Gallagher) BURNS, natives of Ireland. James and Ann Tracy had five children - Thomas A., Mary E., Lillie E., Annie E., and Paul E. Tracy. James was engaged in the mercantile business in East Smethport, PA where he put up a building. He was appointed Postmaster of East Smethport in July 1885 and held the office until at least 1890.

4. Mary - born in 1847 in Keating Township

5. Andrew - born in 1849 in Keating Township

6. Elizabeth - born in 1852 in Keating Township

7. John - born in 1854 in Keating Township. John was my great grandfather. He married Isabelle (Belle) Murray in the late 1870's.Their first child, Edward Murray Tracy, was my grandfather and he was born in Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1880. John and Isabelle Tracy had four other children - Frances M., Mary Claire, George U., Paul M. and John Tracy.

Thanks. Art Tracy June 30, 1998


Art Tracy (View posts)  Posted: 8 Jan 1999 t0 2006


Pat Tracy & Mary Rahael

Pat Tracy b. 28 Jun 1846 of Virginia Sp. James & Mary Cannon Lurgan Parish


Anne Treacy married John Smyth of Virginia on the 31 Oct 1852 Wit: John Smyth & Michl Lennon  Lurgan Parish

Anne Tracy & John Smith

Bernard Smith b. 13 Nov 1858 of Virginia Sp. John Smith & Anne Foy Lurgan Parish

Catherine Smith b. 30 May 1870 of New Street Sp. Phile? Caffey & Anne Caffrey Lurgan Parish


Catherine Tracy/Tacey & Charles Reilly

Mary Reilly b. 12 Jan 1863 of N St Sp. William Reilly & Susan? Tacey Lurgan Parish

Bernard Reilly b. 23 Feb 1868 Sp. Bernard Curran & Susan Tracy Lurgan Parish


Susan Tracy & Dan Lawler

John Lawler b. 22 Jul 1876 of Green Sp. Micky Rodgers & Mary Galroy Lurgan Parish

Margaret Lawler b. 6/11 Mar 1879 of Virginia Sp. Mrs Crossan Lurgan Parish (note: married Pat Hurley 15 Oct 1936 ??? ???)



Raffony Graveyard Virginia, County Cavan

Annie Tracy, d. 23 Jun 1952, Lisabunty




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