Royal Navy (RN) Records




A Tracey, Stoker, HMS Magicienne, 1899-1902 Boer War, QSA (0). Ref: 285.195. Source: QSA medal rolls


Addis Ernest Tracy. Official Number: 209565. Place of Birth: Cork, Ireland. Date of Birth: 15 August 1884.


Private Royal Marines

6 July 1847

Alexander Treacy, 19 years, 5'7.125" of Coleraine Ballymoney County Antrim, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, enlisted Galsgow, shoemaker, set off the rolls 18 March 1853 Run from Barrns? From Run see below

31 March 1853 & 25 Nov 1853

Alexander Treacy, 24y8months & 25y4months, 5'7.125" of Coleraine Ballymoney County Antrim, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, enlisted Glasgow, shoemaker, set off the rolls 20 Nov 1853 Run from Barracks From Run see next line & set off the rolls 12 May 1855 D Branded


Alfred Edward Tracey. Official Number: 237753. Place of Birth: Aston, Warwickshire. Date of Birth: 06 January 1891.


Alfred Henry Tracey. Official Number: J65168. Place of Birth: West Ham, Essex. Date of Birth: 25 November 1898.


Andrew Tracy. Official Number: 198967. Place of Birth: Liverpool, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 06 July 1881.


Andrew Tracey, Waterman and now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Princess Louisa of Saint Mary Rotherhithe, Surrey. Will Date 14 May 1741 PROB 11/709


Andrew Tracey, mariner of St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey (who died HMS Ipswich). Probate inventory, or declaration, of the estate of the same, deceased

Covering dates 1741 May PROB 31/212 295-364


Archibald Oliver Tracey. Official Number: K46636. Place of Birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 10 October 1899.


Archibald Tracey. Official Number: J95463. Place of Birth: Manchester, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 29 October 1902.


Arthur Ewart Tracy. Official Number: F52523. Place of Birth: Liverpool. Date of Birth: 05 April 1884.


Arthur Herbert Tracey. Official Number: 201283. Place of Birth: Birmingham, Warwickshire. Date of Birth: 02 May 1881.


Arthur William Hanbury Tracy. Official Number: F6694. Place of Birth: Oxford. Date of Birth: 06 November 1891.


Arthur William Tracey. Official Number: K44860. Place of Birth: Colchester, Essex. Date of Birth: 22 February 1895.


Augustine Tracey. Official Number: 285195. Place of Birth: Dundee, Forfarshire. Date of Birth: 22 January 1878.

1852 [1455] Papers relative to the reduction of Lagos by Her Majesty's forces on the west coast of Africa.


Benjamin Tracey, stoker, killed on shore at Lagos, HMS Penelope


Charles Tracey; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: 40; Dates served: 12 February 1854-3 May 1856; Date and Type of Application: Greenwich 19 January 1866


Charles Henry Tracey. Place of Birth: Greenwich, Kent. Continuous Service Number: 12463B. Date of Volunteering: 08 July 1870. Date of Birth: 05 October 1854.

Charles Henry Tracey. Official Number: 46071. Place of Birth: Greenwich, Kent. Date of Birth: 1854.


Cyril Tracey. Official Number: M29888. Place of Birth: Woolwich, London. Date of Birth: 25 July 1899.


David James Fenning Tracey. Official Number: 112437. Place of Birth: Colchester, Essex. Date of Birth: 25 December 1850.


Dennis Tracey otherwise Trecey, Will, Carpenter of His Majesty's Prison Ship L' Aurore Date 11 February 1804 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1405


Donald Tracy. Official Number: K17409. Place of Birth: Windsor, Berkshire. Date of Birth: 09 August 1894.


Reference:       ADM 159/74/8571  [see Knockavilla RC]

Name   Treacy, Edmund

Register Number:        8571

Division:          Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division

When Enlisted/Date of Enlistment:    15 April 1897 Liverpool

Date of Birth: 15 November 1878

Born Knockavilla Cashel Tipperary

Labourer, RC, 5'5", fair complexion, Dk brown hair, blue eyes, scars one between eyes, several faint in corner of R eye one inside first joint fore finger left hand - moles small on throat several left side of neck

Father: Patrick, Bishopswood, Dundrum, Cashel, Co. Tipperary


Private - charcter VG

Depot Plymouth

Illustrious 98 to 01

Essex 04 to 05


Edward Tracey. Official Number: 73300. Place of Birth: Queenstown, Cork. Date of Birth: 21 June 1837.

Edward Treacy. Place of Birth: Queenstown, Cork. Continuous Service Number: 25652. Date of Volunteering: 05 December 1855. Date of Birth: 21 June 1837.

Edward Treacy. Place of Birth: Queenstown, Cork. Continuous Service Number: 37744A. Date of Volunteering: 22 May 1866. Date of Birth: 21 June 1837.


Name     Treacy, Edward

Place of Birth:   Queenstown, Cork

Continuous Service Number:    25652

Date of Volunteering:   05 December 1855

Date of Birth:    21 June 1837

Height 5'4"

Complexion: fair

Hair: Lt brown

Eyes: Lt blue

Marks: Slightly puckled

Ship: Conway?

Rating: Boy First Class

Period: Ten years

Captain: John Telford


Centurion 5 Dec 1855 to 8 Oct 59 - character good

Anephion 8 Dec 59 to 2 Feb 60

Qunwald? 3 Feb 60 tp 7 Nov 63 - character fair

Princess Royal 8 Nov 63 to 3 May 66 - character V Good

Trace continuing No 37744


Reference:         ADM 139/778/37744


Name     Treacy, Edward

Place of Birth:   Queenstown, Cork

Continuous Service Number:    37744A

Date of Volunteering:   22 May 1866

Date of Birth:    21 June 1837 [1 Dec 1838 crossed out]

Date:      [1853-1872]

5'7", fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, No marks

Ship: Black Prince 22 May 1866, able seaman, ten years

Previous Service:

Centurion 5 Dec 55 to 2 Feb 60 [three times]

Emerald 2? Feb 60 to 7 Nov 63

Pers Royal 8 Nov 63 to 28 Dec 65

Orontes 29 Dec 65 to 7 May 66

Late CS No 25652

10 years fron 5 Nov 1855

Ships 22 May 1866 to 8 May 1874


Edward Treacy, 26, bachelor, seaman, lives H.M.S. Hastings Queenstown (s. of Michael Treacy, labourer) married Margaret Green, 29, spinster, servant, lives Queenstown, (d. of John Green, mason) 6 February 1864 RC Chapel of Queenstown Wit: Tim Murphy & Susan Lynaly, her mark Queenstown Cork PLU] (signed her mark) [see Cobh]


Edward Tracey, corporal of the L’Hectar, died 17th September 1783


Edward Treacey/Treacy/Tracey, now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Pegasus

Will, Date, 16 June 1783, PROB 11/1105 Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury


16 June 1783 Will of Edward Treacey or Treacy or Tracey, now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Pegasus (PROB 11/1105/120)

...wife Sarah Tracey of the parish of St Mary Le Bow? in the county of Middlesex


Edwin Tracey. Official Number: M14270. Place of Birth: Southampton, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 11 May 1870.


Emmett Robert Tracy. Official Number: 195153. Place of Birth: Limerick, Limerick. Date of Birth: 21 March 1881.


Ernest Hanbury Tracy. Official Number: F22826. Place of Birth: Tooting, London. Date of Birth: 20 October 1898.


Evan Tracy. Official Number: 198748. Place of Birth: Shoreditch, London. Date of Birth: 31 May 1882.


Francis Robert Tracey. Official Number: 118849. Place of Birth: Hull, Yorkshire. Date of Birth: 08 December 1866.


Frank Tracey. Official Number: 210683. Place of Birth: Sandgate, Kent. Date of Birth: 12 February 1884.


Frederick George Tracey. Official Number: J98890. Place of Birth: Bow, London. Date of Birth: 16 February 1904.


Frederick William Francis Patrick Tracy. Official Number: 287221. Place of Birth: Saint Thomas, Limerick. Date of Birth: 12 July 1878.


Frederick William Tracey

1901 Census of England: Frederick W F P Tracey, 22, St Thomas Limerick Ireland, Stoker, Kent?

of Baker Place, Limerick, 01/12/1914 stoker; died during sinking of HMS Monmouth - Limerick Chronicle 

Nov 15, 1914 (IT) The Roll of Honour

HMS Monmouth...Tracy, Frederick William Francis Patrick, Stoker, P.O., 287221...

Dec 1, 1914 (FJ) Limerick Man on Board

Mr. Treacy, Baker place, Limerick, whose son D.F. Treacy, is believed to have been on board the Monmouth when she sank has received a message from Mr. Churchill assuring him of the sympathy of his Majesty and the Queen in his sorrow. Mr. Treacy has another son on board the Goldfinch.


Date:      1807-1808

Reference:             ADM 27/14/126

George Treacy; Ship's name: HMS Majestic; Pay book number: SB 214; Rank: Carpenter's Crew; Relation: Wife Elizabeth; When Allotted: 1807; Remarks: discharged 19 February 1810 to HMS Solebay.


George Treacey; Ship’s name: HMS Solebay; Pay book number: SB 123; Rank: Carpenter’s Crew; Relation: Wife Elizabeth; When Allotted: 1810; Remarks: Blank.


George Tracey. Official Number: 91706. Place of Birth: Cheerpiel, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 09 October 1859.


George Tracy. Official Number: 360025. Place of Birth: Devonport, Devon. Date of Birth: 24 December 1883.


George Walter Tracey. Official Number: 224053. Place of Birth: Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. Date of Birth: 27 September 1887.


1902 Naval prize money

George Tracey, leading seaman, "Ranger", 5s.9d.


Treasey Gullifoard otherwise Tracey Gullefar, Will, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Plymouth Date 12 March 1752 Catalogue reference PROB 11/793


Harry Tracy. Official Number: 98437. Place of Birth: Newtown, Montgomeryshire. Date of Birth: 29 June 1861.


Henry Tracey, Will, Seaman of His Majesty's Ship Sans Pareil No 58 Date 01 October 1800 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1349


Admiralty: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve: Records of Service, First World War

Reference:             ADM 337/120/259


Name      Tracey, Herbert

Page Number:        130

Date:       [1915-1918]


Herbert Tracy - married 31/12/18 [Herbert Tracy married Grace I Hawkins Oct-Nov-Dec 1918 Reigate, Surrey, England]

18.10.15 Sub-Lieutennt Tempy

18.10.16 Tempy Lieut

Victory addl for Motor Boat Reserve Depot 29.10.15. To join 30.10.15

"Stephen Furness" for duty in Motor Fishing Boat "Stately" No 154 17.11.15

20.1.16 Duplicate Commission issued to replace original lost in fire on the Risomafil.

4.3.16 Victory for course of instruction in Fisgard, etc, as may be ordered

7.5.16 Motor Launch M.L. 11 = 15/4/16 passed Portsmouth course

3.8.16 Athentine III for ML 11 incend on rchief = 18/10/16 Re appd on promotion

23.11.17 Actacon for ML 420 in cd cw 22605/18. Mentioned for services during blocking operations against Zeebrugge & Ostend 22-23.4.18, showed skill judgement which assisted swears of smoke screen in his section Jany 27.3.18

Demobiliced 20.10.19 - 5.10.19 sat av steady & reliable CDR Brandon

40 Telford Avenue, Streatham Hill, S.W. [London] 1/19 wife iv of R


Clarence Henry Baker or Herbert Tucker or Tracey, single, 41, b. 1877 (s. of Stephen Baker Tucker) married Grace Isabel Hawkins, single, 31, b. 1887 (d. of Thomas John Henry Hawkins) 31 December 1918 Burstow, Surrey, England, United Kingdom


Leeds Intelligencer 11 February 1777

Extract of a letter from Plymouth, Jan 30

"...There are four privateers from Newbury Port, the largest of twenty guns, commanded by Capt. James Tracy [of Wexford], late of the Yankey Hero, taken last summer by the Milford man of war, Capt. Burr. This Tracy is another Irishman, a Roman Catholic, has served in our navy, and is a genteel fellow, and a man of spirit; he is a nephew to old Tracy, the principal merchant of Newbury Port, and cousin to the owners of the present prize."


James Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Seaman

Ship Name: Saint Fiorenzo

Ship's Pay Book number: 466

11 August 1808, ADM 48/95,


17 December 1808 The London Gazette

List of Officers., Seamen and Marines killed and wounded on board His Majesty's Ship St. Fiorenzo, in Action with La Piedmontaise French National Frigate, On the 6th, 7th, and 8th of March 1808.

Wounded onthe 6th.

...John Treacy, Supernumerary Seaman.; ditto [slightly]...


James Tracey, Superannuated Sawyer, who died: 5 September 1836. Notes on executor's application for money owed by the Royal Navy.


Nov 7th 1854 Northern Times

List of the killed and wounded in the squadron in the attack on the forts of Sebastopol on the 14th Oct 1854

HM Steamship Sphynx. Killed. James Tracey OS, Drowned when boat keeper, by gig being swamped in action.


James Tracy. Place of Birth: Phibsborough, Dublin. Continuous Service Number: 23228. Date of Volunteering: 11 July 1855. Date of Birth: 26 August 1838.


Registers of Seamen's Services ADM 139/233

James Tracy, b. 26 August 1838 Phibsborough, Dublin

Date of Volunteering:  11 July 1855 Continuous Service Number:  23228


HMS Waterloo

James [Tracey - e crossed out] Tracy

Born: Phibsborough Dublin

Date of birth: 26 August 1838

Height: 5'5.5"

Comp;lexion: Farl?

Hair: brown

Eyes: Blue

Marks: None

Ship: Waterloo

Date of Enrty: 11 July 1855 [16 years]

Ratings: Boy 2nd Class

Period foe which he has volunteered: Ten yrs from the age of 18

Signed: James Tracy

Fred H Kerr Captain, on leave [Captain Frederick Herbert Kerr]

Henry Liddrle? & James Atehisro MD Medical officiers

[the service record is blank]


James Tracey and Michael Burn (invalids from H.M. ship Niger), September 25 1860, Eclipse (barque) NZ to London

2 October 1860 Daily Southern Cross, NZ


James Tracey. Place of Birth: St Budeaux, Devon. Continuous Service Number: 19361B. Date of Volunteering: 06 March 1872. Date of Birth: 29 November 1856.

James. Official Number: 58732. Place of Birth: Saint Budeaux, Cornwall. Date of Birth: 29 November 1856.


James Tracey. Official Number: J14546. Place of Birth: Leith, Edinburgh. Date of Birth: 22 January 1896.


James Edward Tracy. Official Number: J30290. Place of Birth: Orford, Suffolk. Date of Birth: 23 November 1898.



John Tracy, Will, Sailor in the Ship Jonah Date 06 May 1631 Catalogue reference PROB 11/159


John Tracey, Will, belonging to His Majesty's Ship Berwick Date 27 March 1740 Catalogue reference PROB 11/701/343


Reference:             PROB 11/732/153

Description:           Will of John Tracey, Mariner of Saint Mary Rotherhithe, Surrey

Date:       02 March 1744

...wife Mary Tracey one schilling and no more...


John Tracey, Will, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Pembroke of Ware Date 12 March 1750 Catalogue reference PROB 11/778


John Tracey, Will, Mariner now belonging to His Majesties Ship Grafton Date 15 June 1764 Catalogue reference PROB 11/899


John Tracey, Will, Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Monmouth of Hamoze Plymouth , Devon Date 31 July 1773 Catalogue reference PROB 11/990


John Tracey; Rating; Born: Cullen [Tipperary?]; Age on entry: 28; Dates served: 8 March 1793-12 May 1802; Date and Type of Application: Admiralty 22 December 1834

John Tracey. Dates served: 8 March 1793-12 May 1802; When admitted to Greenwich Hospital: 1 January 1835.


John Tracey, Lutine 11 Jan 1799 Treasurer ADM 26/3 page 008


John Tracy, Will, Gunner of His Majesty's Sloop of War La Legere Date 14 March 1800 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1339


John Tracey aged 29 born in Montmullock [Mount Mellick?], Ireland.

1805 Ship: HMS Britannia [With Admiral Nelson]

Rank/Rating: Landsman [seaman less than one year at sea]


Reference:             PROB 11/1483/178

Description:           Will of John Trasey otherwise Tracey, Mariner of Kings Lynn , Norfolk [born London]

Date:       30 July 1808

...four daughters...Sarah wife of James Brork of the city of Edinburgh...Elizabeth the wife of Nathaniel Best of the city of London...Mary...Joanna...


John Treacy, supernumerary seaman.

Slightly wounded serving on the H.M. St. Fiorenzo, in action with La Piedmontese French national Frigate on the 6th, 7th and 8th March 1808.

Asiatic annual Register, 1811

17 December 1808 London Gazette


John Tracey. Dates served: 16 August 1812-13 September 1822; When admitted to Greenwich Hospital: 2 November 1822.


John Tracey, seaman, mustered 1 Mar 1813


John Treasy, 17 May 1817, HMS Tecumseth, [on lakes Erie and Huron 1819]


18 June 1829 to 16 February 1830 Medical and surgical journal of His Majesty’s Hospital at Fernando Po [Bioko, Equatorial Guinea]

...Mr John Tracey, aged 27, carpenter; disease or hurt, fever. Put on sick list, 7 September 1829. Died 15 September 1829...


May 8, 1857 (BL) The Navy. Midshipmen...John Tracy to the Leopard...


John A Tracey. Official Number: 44717. Place of Birth: Colchester, Essex. Date of Birth: 27 January 1845.


John Arthur Tracey. Place of Birth: Stanway, Essex. Continuous Service Number: 11009A. Date of Volunteering: 27 January 1863. Date of Birth: 27 January 1845.


John James Treacy, 136949

Place of Birth: Crooke, Waterford

Date: 07 December 1870

ADM 188/188 Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services


John James Treacy,

Official Number:         136949

Place of Birth:             Crooke, Waterford

Date of Birth:              07 December 1870


Engagements: 7 Decr 88 - 12 years, 5'1", brown hair, hazel eyes, fresh complexion, G.T. tattoe on left arm, trade school


Impregnable, 15 2943, ratting B2C, from 8 Apl 86 to 6 Aug 86, Character V.G., Discharged D.S.2, Remarks £611 gc rb ud '86


John Tracey. Official Number: 83808. Place of Birth: Alverstoke, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 16 July 1853.


Ref: BT 377/7/40898 Royal Navy Reserve


Name      Treacy, John

Place of Birth:       Waterford, County Waterford

Number:                 D 904

Date of Birth:        16 April 1868 [18 Feb 1868 crossed out]


John M. Catherine

5'7", chest 37", fair complexion, hazel eyes, ship & flags on right arm clasped hands on left arm bracelet on left wrist

Address: 5 Ho 6 Ct Upper Frederick St Liverpool

19 13, RV36a, 22.5 years service

Aug 18, Liverpool, RV36a 11871 & Rv8a

Enrolment 14th August 1893 August 1915 Reliza|? RV2 reid

T.M. rating abolished 1st April 1908?


Dardanus various 1908 to 1910

Cyclops varios 1910 to 1912

R.N.R. medal awarded Liverpool 7 Oct 1912


John Tracey. Official Number: 134998. Place of Birth: Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Date of Birth: 07 May 1869.


John Tracey. Official Number: 128998. Place of Birth: Barony Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Date of Birth: 11 September 1869.


John James Tracy. Official Number: 277257. Place of Birth: Islington, London. Date of Birth: 21 September 1874.


John Tracey. Official Number: 293466. Place of Birth: Liverpool, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 28 December 1874.


John Tracey. Official Number: J42509. Place of Birth: Cootehill, Cavan. Date of Birth: 25 December 1892.


John Tracey. Official Number: K24283. Place of Birth: Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Date of Birth: 28 May 1882.


John Tracey. Official Number: K25310. Place of Birth: Exeter, Devon. Date of Birth: 25 January 1889.


John Tracy. Official Number: 193746. Place of Birth: Islington, London. Date of Birth: 02 February 1881.


John William Tracey. Official Number: J14357. Place of Birth: Reading, Berkshire. Date of Birth: 21 October 1895.


Reference:             ADM 337/71/300

Name      Tracey, John W [No personal information]

Service Number:    Z/1425

RNVR Division:    Tyneside

Date:       1894-1922

Victory I - 20 Apr 15 to 5 May 15 Shore invalided medically unfit


Joseph Tracey, AB, 51 years, b. 1753 Casto[?] Devonshire, mustered 19 Jul 1794 HMS Supply, discharged Purfleet [Essex]


Joseph Tracy, Will [brother of Patrick Tracy otherwise Treacey]

Seaman, “Aurora”

Ship's Pay Book number: 240

Date, 06 November 1798

Catalogue reference, ADM 48/94


...unto my nephew James Tracy residing in Lawrence Street Drogheda Ireland and I do hereby nominate and appoint Mrs Sarah Hawson residing in the South Quay in Drogheda Executrix...


Joseph Tracey; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: [Not Given]; Dates served: 17 September 1823-18 April 1855;


Joseph Tracy; 1831, Ship’s name: HMS Saint Vincent; Pay book number: SB 26; Rank: Able Seaman; Relation: Wife Anne.


Joseph Tracey; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: 29; Dates served: 17 January 1850-13 August 1856; Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 25 November 1854


George Trasey, 112061

Place of Birth: Barbadoes, West Indies

Date: 25 April 1857

ADM 188/139 Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services

1881 Census: Vessel "Cleopatra" Royal Navy, England


Henry Tracey, Sans Pareil 20 Oct 1800 ADM 26/4 page 21


Lawrence Tracey aged 24 born in Bray, Dublin, Ireland.

1805 Ship: HMS Britannia [With Admiral Nelson]

Rank/Rating: Landsman [ie less than a year at sea]

Lawrence TRACEY; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: 23; Dates served: 3 October 1803-23 August 1814; Date and Type of Application: Admiralty 19 June 1843


Matthew Treacy, (1885-1955) K1313

Place of Birth: Enniscorthy, Wexford

Date: 11 September 1886 [1885]

ADM 188/869 Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services [see Wexford page]



Michael Treacy, Princess Royal & Censeur & Bienfaisant 11 Jan 1799 Treasurer ADM 26/3 page 007


Michael Tracey. Place of Birth: Loughrea, Galway. Continuous Service Number: 24914. Date of Volunteering: 03 May 1855. Date of Birth: December 1838.



Owen Reynolds Tracey (19 March 1892-June 1993 Birkenhead). Official Number: J2986. Place of Birth: Saxmundham, Suffolk. Date of Birth: 19 March 1892.




Battle of May Island Loss of Submarines 1918 Signed O R Tracy (crew).WW1 Veteran

31 Jan 93 Edinburgh, to Commemorate the sad loss of life of officers and crew of the K Class British Submarines at the Battle of May Island 31st January 1918. In darkness and confusion K17 & K4 were rammed after altering course by HMS Fearless off May Island 31st January 1918 with great loss of life.

Signed by Owen Reynolds Tracy. Crew Member of K12 was 100 years old and still remembers ( at the time of signing ) 




Nicholas Tracey; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: 21; Dates served: 19 July 1808-25 August 1815; Date and Type of Application: Admiralty 4 April 1850


Patrick Tracy. Place of Birth: Spindle, County Galway. Continuous Service Number: 18367A. Date of Volunteering: 30 May 1861. Date of Birth: 15 March 1845.


Patrick Tracy of Limerick, 32 years, seaman?

The Guardian was built by Robert Batson in March 1784 at Limehouse ship building docks, London. Wrecked 1790 off coast of South Africa She was a clipper, a fifth-rate of 879 tons 44 guns an armed en flute 140 feet overall, commanded by 26 year old Lt.(N) Edward Riou.


Patrick Tracy otherwise Treacey [brother of Joseph Tracy]

Will of Patrick Tracy otherwise Treacey, Mariner on board His Majesty's Ship Aurora Number 243 on Ships Books 19 April 1804 PROB 11/1408


Patrick Tracy otherwise Treacey, Will, Mariner on board His Majesty's Ship Aurora Number 243 on Ships Books Date 19 April 1804 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1408

...August 1, 1798...to my Wife Nelly Treacey and to James Tracy my Son both residing in Drogheda in this County of Louth Ireland I...appoint Mrs Hawson living upon the Quay in Drogheda to receive his share until he arrives at the age of twenty one years . Proved at London 19 April 1804 by the Oath of Nelly Treacey otherwise Tracy Widow power reserved to Sarah Hawson Widow



Patrick Tracey aged 26 born in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

6 November 1804 Ship: HMS Colossus

Rank/Rating: Landsman [seaman less than one year at sea]


1847 Patrick Treacy, born Fermanagh, Ireland.

Attestation papers to serve in the Royal Marines at Woolwich 1847 (when aged 18).

Discharged [discharge date not given] as [discharge reason not given].

Folios 368-370. National Archives UK ADM 157/48/368

13 May 1847

Patrick Treacy, 18y5months, 5'6.25", of Innismacsaint Enniskillen Fermanagh, red hair, blue eyes, freckley complexion, enlisted Londonderry, laborer, set off the rolls 21 June 1853 Ran from Furlough



Folios 301-302: Patrick Treacey; Ship’s name: HMS Hastings; Pay book number: ML 73; Rank: Private Royal Marine 3rd Class; Relation: Mother Bridget.


1902 Naval prize money

Patrick Treacey, private, "Hastings", amount due 10s10d

Peter Tracey. Official Number: 66739. Place of Birth: Dublin, Dublin. Date of Birth: 18 March 1821.

Peter Tracey, b. 18 March 1821 Dublin, Ireland, Continuous Service Number: 39196, Date of Volunteering: 01 December 1858, Admiralty: Royal Navy Continuous Service Engagement Books ADM 139/392


Peter Treacy, M21290

Place of Birth: Gorey, Wexford

Date: 22 August 1885

ADM 188/1060 Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services


Name            Treacy, Peter

Official Number:         M21290

Place of Birth:             Gorey, Wexford

Date of Birth:              22 August 1885

Date:            [1916]

Formerly R.N.V.R. Y7288

Private Secretary

19 June 1916 Statibities?

FE, 5'8", chest 35.5", l Brn hair, blue eyes, fresh complexion


Vivid I, 3rd Wtr, 19 Jun 16 to 30 Aug 16, conduct VG

Iron Duke, 31 Aug 16 to 23 Sept 17, conduct VG

Vivid I, 24 Sep 17 to 20 Mrch 18, conduct VG

Shikarc, 21 Mrch 18 to 1 Feb 19

Elacto?, 2 Feb 19 to 30 Apl 19, Vide Jreneig? ledger

Vivid I, 1 May 19

Vivid I, 2nd Wtr, 19 Jun 19 tp 14 Jul 10, Shareon demob


G1 19.6.19

paid war gratuity


Philip Treacy. Official Number: J105646. Place of Birth: Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Date of Birth: 26 April 1905.


Name            Treacy, Philip

Official Number:         J105646

Place of Birth:             Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Date of Birth:              26 April 1905

Occupation: Cloth carrier

26 April 1923 - 12 yrs.

F.E., 5'2.5", chest 33.5", hair brown, eyes blue, fresh complexion, Tattoed R. forearm crossed flages

At 18, 5'3.5", chest 36", hair do [brown], eyes grey, do [fresh complexion]

Service: 3 Feb 22 to 3 Aug 28, over 15 ships, boy to AB,

Record transfered 1 Jan 1929


27 January 1932 Hull Daily Mail

Vessel feared lost...M2 [submarine]...Philip Treacy (leading seaman, seaman torpedoman)...

8 March 1932 The Western Morning News

M2 Widows Pension...Commons Questions...Mrs Alice Treacey, of Liverpool, whose husband lost his life in Submarine M2 and who was awarded a widow pension of 19s per week, plus 5s each for twins 11 months old, total pension 29s weekly; if he was aware that her rent is 14s per week and milk costs 7s6d weekly for the children leaving her with 7s6d per week, which she seeks to supplement from the public assistance committee, and would he be prepared to increase the pension?...


14 May 2012 Liverpool Echo

Liverpool widow’s ashes to be scattered on sunken submarine

A Liverpool family plan to spread their mum’s ashes over the site where the father she never knew is entombed in sunken submarine HMS M2.

Philip Treacy’s body has been sealed for 80 years inside the experimental submarine HMS M2, along with 57 other crew about three miles off Portland, in Dorset.

The surviving families of men killed in the mysterious peacetime submarine disaster now want to sail to the wreck to mark the 80th anniversary of the tragedy.

Philip “Jock” Treacy, who lived at Vronhill Street, in Toxteth, was just 26 when he died on board the HMS M2, which inexplicably sank on January 26, 1932.

He left behind his wife Alice, 25, and their 11-month-old twins Terry and Joan. Tragically Terry died of tuberculosis when he was 12.

Mr Treacy, a leading seaman and torpedo man, was home on leave for Christmas before rejoining the doomed submarine. Mrs Treacy died in 1976, having never re-married.

Her grand-daughter Eileen Glynn, of West Derby, said: “She did not speak much about Philip’s death and I was only a young teenager when she died.”

Joan married Ken Glynn at St Charles Church, Aigburth, in 1952, and Ken still lives in Garston. Joan died last year at the age of 80.

They had three daughters – Angela Roberts, 59, who lives in Speke; Margaret Glynn, 53, who lives in Allerton; and Eileen, 49, who lives in West Derby.

Eileen said: “We found a lot of clippings and photos after my grandmother died. She had letters of sympathy following the press reports of the accident.

“She also had a letter of condolence from someone in the Spanish royal family. My grandfather served in Malta and had his wedding banns read out in a church in Valetta.”

Joan wanted visit the sub’s wreck site where her dad died, but never achieved her wish.

Eileen said: “We plan to go there this year and we thought we should take some of her ashes and spread them over the area where her father is buried at sea.”

HMS M2 was found eight days after it went missing. The submarine incorporated a hangar containing a sea plane and one explanation for the tragedy is that the hangar door was opened too early, flooding the vessel.

The submarine, which sits intact on the seabed, is owned by MoD and protected under legislation as a war grave banning anyone from entering the vessel.



Date:      1796-1797

Reference:             ADM 27/1/253

Richard Treacy; Ship's name: HMS Alfred; Pay book number: SB 36; Rank: Able Seaman; Relation: Wife Margaret; When Alloted: 1797; Remarks: Deserted 11 May 1799 at Swansea.


Richard Christopher Tracey. Official Number: 126925. Place of Birth: Everton, Lancashire. Date of Birth: 10 December 1868.


1902 Naval prize money

Richard Tracey, midshipman, "Harrier", 8s1d.

Robert Tracey. Official Number: 100018. Place of Birth: Rathmines, Dublin. Date of Birth: 07 November 1858.

Robert Walter Tracey. Official Number: 288829. Place of Birth: Dover, Kent. Date of Birth: 08 December 1879.

Sidney Tracy. Official Number: M5900. Place of Birth: Donegal, Donegal. Date of Birth: 01 December 1891.

Stanley Rufus Tracey. Official Number: J102301. Place of Birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 02 November 1905.


Thomas Bernard Treacy. Official Number: F17343. Place of Birth: Holborn, London. Date of Birth: 18 April 1892.


Reference:    ADM 188/594/17343

Name            Treacy, Thomas Bernard

Official Number:         F17343

Place of Birth:             Holborn, London

Date of Birth:              18 April 1892

Occupation: Huderbaker

Date:            [1916]


27 Jun 1916 Hostilities, 5'9", chest 38", brn hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion

Ships 1916 1917:

Resident II


Dardalus (East church)

Discharged RAI


Thomas Tracey. Official Number: K39640. Place of Birth: Kilcock, Kildare. Date of Birth: 07 January 1891.

Thomas Tracy. Official Number: 136598. Place of Birth: Gosport, Hampshire. Date of Birth: 19 December 1864.


Thomas Tracey, Will, Mariner belonging to the Good Will Date 01 July 1761 Catalogue reference PROB 11/867


Reference:    PROB 11/867/14

Description: Will of Thomas Tracey, Mariner belonging to the Good Will

Date:            01 July 1761

...beloved brother John Tracey parish of St Andrews Holbown painter


Thomas Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Private Marine

Ship Name: Amaranthe

Ship's Pay Book number: 12

04 November 1797, ADM 48/94,


Thomas Tracey/Treacy Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Pearl. Will Date: 1779.


17 September 1779 Will of Thomas Tracey otherwise Treacy, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Pearl

...William Tracey my son of the parish of White Chapel Thosmary? same London...Dorothy Tracey widow...William Tracey...shall attain the age of seventeen years...


Thomas Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Ordinary Seaman

Ship Name: Monmouth

Ship's Pay Book number: 887

22 July 1801, ADM 48/95,


Thomas Tracey, 23 Dec 1802 to Sep 1803, HMS Calcutta, Discharged Longreach


Thomas Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Seaman

Ship Name: Diligent

Ship's Pay Book number: 58

18 June 1807, ADM 48/95,


Thomas Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Able Seaman

Ship Name: Dromedary

Ship's Pay Book number: 60

12 March 1808, ADM 48/95,


May 5, 1809 (BL) Loss of the Ship Travers

...East Indiaman vessel...Thomas Tracey, carpenters mate...


Thomas Treasy; Ship's name: HMS Espiegle; Pay book number: SB 176; Rank: Landsman; Relation: Wife Mary; When Alloted: 1810; Remarks: discharged 7 January 1811 to HMS Royal George.

Thomas Treasy; Ship’s name: HMS Royal George; Pay book number: SB 575; Rank: Landsman; Relation: Wife Mary; When Allotted: 1811; Remarks: Discharged 19 July 1814 unserviceable.


1812 British Prisoners in France

Givet Depot

Tracey, Thomas, Seaman, Blanche, Chatham


Date:      1814

Reference:             ADM 27/15/347

Thomas Treacy; Ship's name: HMS Norge; Pay book number: SB 870; Rank: Landsman; Relation: Wife Sarah; When Allotted: 1814; Remarks: discharged (date not stated) to HMS Gorgon.


Thomas Tracey. Dates served: Not stated.; When admitted to Greenwich Hospital: 5 September 1834.


Ref: BT 377/7/100802 Royal Navy Reserve

Name      Treacy, Thomas

Place of Birth:       Liverpool

Number:                 ST 2726

Date of Birth:        18 December 1885

Date:       [1908-1955]

Parents: Christopher Sarah

5'7.25", chest 37", fair complexion, grey eyes

Address: 26 Lamb Street Liverpool [crossed out]

Enrolment: 12 Jan 1916

2nd page


36 Upper Mercer Street Dublin

42 Arlington Street Liverpool

Naval Prize Money

Interim to Dublin 22 Jan 1920

Final to Liverpool 13 Nov 1922

HMS Eaglet 30 April 1919 demobilisation

Ships: 1916 to 1919


Thomas Bernard Treacy, F17343

Place of Birth: Holborn, London

Date: 18 April 1892

ADM 188/594 Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services


Thomas Tracy, full age, bachelor, Private Royal Marine, lives H.M.S. Crocodile (s. of John Tracy, engineer) married Ellen Murphy, full age, spinster, lives Cove, (d. of Patrick Murphy, shoe maker) 5 December 1848 Temple Robin Cove Church of Ireland Wit: George Burchill & George Burchill [Queenstown Cork PLU]


Walter Tracy. Official Number: 201539. Place of Birth: Holloway, London. Date of Birth: 16 December 1882.

Tracy, Walter Valentine (1914–1995), typographer, was born on 14 February 1914 in Islington, London, the son of Walter Tracy (1882–1938), a seaman in the Royal Navy. His mother, Anne Nunn (1883–1984)...


William Tracy or Tracey, Will, Mariner of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Date 09 December 1691 Catalogue reference PROB 11/407


William Tracey, Will, Marine Soldier in the Company and now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Neptune Date 03 September 1697 Catalogue reference PROB 11/440


William Treacey

Last cruise of H.M.S. "Loo" - Peterson

Able bodied seaman, deserted December 26 1742 at Portsmouth England


Reference:             ADM 106/1077/100

Commissioner P. Vanbrugh. Receipt of letter and warrants that money is to be sent to Plymouth to carry on the payments, to enter Henry Jefferys, Gunner of the Monmouth, and William Treacy, Gunner of the Weymouth, and appointing John Thomason as Surgeon's Mate of the Assistance.

Date:       1749 Feb 24


Reference:             PROB 11/828/224

Description:           Will of William Tracey or Tracy, Mariner of Saint Decumans, Somerset

Date:       21 February 1757

...wife Joan...


William Tracey or Tracy, Will, Seaman of His Majesty's Ship Romney Date 19 August 1783 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1107 [of Wexford]


...I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved father John Tracey of the parish of Ratholm Wexfod...20 December 1780...

...19? August 1783 was granted to Nicholas Hagan the lawful attorney of John Tracy the natural and lawfull father of the said person? and sole executor named in the said will for the use and benefit of the said John Tracy now residing in the parish of Ballybrennan in the Kingdom of Ireland...


William Tracey, Will

Rank/Rating: Seaman

Ship Name: Ramillies

Ship's Pay Book number: 888

23 May 1798, ADM 48/94


William Tracey. Place of Birth: Sligo, Sligo. Continuous Service Number: 30202. Date of Volunteering: 28 July 1856. Date of Birth: 1832.


William Tracey. Place of Birth: Manchester, Lancashire. Continuous Service Number: 20739. Date of Volunteering: 30 April 1855. Date of Birth: 01 May 1839.


William Tracey. Place of Birth: Marylebone, London. Continuous Service Number: 32806A. Date of Volunteering: 09 November 1865. Date of Birth: 09 November 1850.


William Treacy, b. 25 January 1848 Queenstown Cork. Date of Volunteering:  01 July 1862 Continuous Service Number:  23378A


ADM 139/634/23378

Name            William, Treacy

Place of Birth:             Queenstown, County Cork

Continuous Service Number:     23378A

Date of Volunteering:                01 July 1862

Date of Birth:              25 January 1848

Date:            [1853-1872]

HMS Hastings

31 Jul 1862

5'1.5", fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes

Boy 2nd Class

Continuous service: 25 Jan 1866 for ten years

I hereby certify that my son William Treacy my full consent to enter Her Majestrys Navy a period of ten years continuous and general service from the age of 18 in addition to whatever period may be necessary until he attain that age.

Queenstown July 30th 1862

Michael Treacy

[service record blank]


William Charles Tracey. Official Number: 113625. Place of Birth: Lexden, Essex. Date of Birth: 12 October 1865.


William Tracey. Official Number: 126178. Place of Birth: Saint Vincent Altringham, Cheshire. Date of Birth: 17 October 1868.


William Tracy. Official Number: 185315. Place of Birth: Hoxton Road Town, London. Date of Birth: 18 November 1879.


William Henry Tracy. Official Number: SS114933. Place of Birth: Sunderland, Durham. Date of Birth: 04 January 1891.


William Henry Tracey. Official Number: J42522. Place of Birth: Epsom, Surrey. Date of Birth: 20 July 1899.





08-23-1806 Sun (Dover, New Hampshire)

The English squadron gone against the Spanish settlements on the Rio de la Plata...; and Leda, 38 guns, Capt Tracey...


Alexander Copland Hutchison Threshie, Assistant Surgeon Royal Navy, will 19 September 1838

1838 London Medical Gazette [Alexander Copland Hutchison Threshie]

Threshie. Died, on the 20th April last, of fever, off the old Calibar River, on the coast of Africa, Doctor Alexander Threshie, surgeon of H.M.S. Viper;… native of Drumfries, an alumnus of the University of Glasgow 1832...



Photo of Electrical Artificer 2nd Class Albert Emmett St Clair-Tracy, courtesy of his son, Albert St Clair-Tracy, 2001

Albert Emmett St. Clair Tracy

Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Electrical Artificer 2nd Class
Service Number: P/MX 46988
Date Joined Hood: 02 June 1939
Biographical Information: Albert was born on 14 March 1912 in Buckland, Hampshire to Emmett and Constance St. Clair-Tracy. The family later lived in Southsea, Hampshire. He attended The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook from February 1925 to December 1927. He entered the Navy and was trained at H.M.S.Fisgard. He was 29 years old at the time of his loss. We have no additional information.


Patrick Tracey married Margaret McMahon on 2 January 1844 Wit: William Hickey & Mary Anne Davern. St. Andrew Parish, Dublin

Patricii/Pat Francis Tracy & Margarita/Margt McMahon

Carolus Johannes Tracy b. 16 August 1846 Sp. John Harron & Anna Knocks. St. Nicholas RC

Michael Albert Tracy b. 17 November 1848 Sp. Jas Hannon & Mary Nolan. St. Nicholas RC

Cathrine Tracey b. 20 December 1850 Sp. Eliza Dornan. St. Nicholas RC


Michael Albert Tracey married Christina Mary Ryan 11 July 1871 Church of Ireland, Drumcliffe (Ennis), Co Clare

Michael A. Tracey, full age, bachelor, printer, lives Ennis, (s. of P. F. Tracey, bootmaker) married Mary F. C. Ryan, full age, spinster, dress maker, lives Ennis, (d. of John Ryan, bootmaker) 11 July 1871 Drumcliffe Church of Ireland Wit: Edward Maurice? Chapmain? & Walter Greene [Drumcliffe Ennis PLU] signed her mark

Michael Tracy & Mary Ryan

Michael Albert Tracy b. 23 November 1874 of Church St Sp. James Cullinane & Kate McGrath. Drumclift Parish Co. Clare

Michael Albert Tracy of Limerick, printer, & Christina Ryan

Albert Michael Tracy b. 22 Nov 1874 Church St, Ennis, Clare. MA Tracy father Limerick (LDS)

Michael Tracy of Ellen Street, printer & Mary Ryan

Charles John Joseph Tracy b. 3 June 1876 Ellen Street Limerick. Mary Ryan, Ellen street, present at birth [her mark]

Albert Michael Tracey of James Street, printer & Christina Mary Ryan

Frederick Francis Patrick Tracey b. 13 Jul 1878 of James Street Limerick (LDS)

Michael Albert Tracey, compositor, of James Street & Christina M Ryan

Emmet Robert Tracey b. 21 March 1881 of James Street City of Limerick. Christina M Tracy mother James Street.

Albert Michael Tracy, compositor, of 32 Mary Street & Christina Mary Ryan

Addis Ernest Tracy b. 15 August 1884, of 32 Mary Street City of Cork. Christina Tracy mother 32 Mary Street [her mark]


1901 Census - 21.1 Cecil Street (Upper) (Shannon Ward No. 8 Limerick City, Limerick

Albert M L Tracy, 46, Male, Boarder, Methodist, Dublin, Printer, Read and write, -, Married

1901 Census - 80.3 in Douglas Street (Cork Urban No. 5, Cork)

Christina M Tracey, 44, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Co Clare, Housekeeper, Read and write, Irish and English, Married

1911 Census – 26 Catherine Street (Limerick No. 8 Urban, Limerick

Michael Tracy, 56, Male, Boarder, Methodist, Cork, Compositor, Read and write, -, Widower


1. Michael Tracey from Ennis, Co. Clare.
1.1. Emmett Robert Tracey. [b. Limerick]

1.1.1. Albert Emmett Tracey. Albert Edward Tracey married Renate Tracey?. Danielle Tracey. Natasha Tracey.

1.2. Addis E Tracey [b. Cork] married He married Norah Mc.Carthy on 1923 in Marylebone, daughter of Felix Mc.Carthy Mr. and Mary Ann Plummer.

1.2.1. Peter Tracey, b. 1924, d. 9/04/1991.

1.2.2. Christine Tracey, b. 28/03/1930.

1.2.3. Michael Tracey, b. 19/04/1930.

1.2.4. Irene Tracey, b. 1940.


Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services

1881 Emmet Robert Tracey (State Reg: Tracey, Emmet Robert, Limerick, 1st Quarter 1881 5 389)

1884 Addis Ernest Tracy b. 15 August 1884 Cork (State Reg: Tracy, Addis Ernest, Cork, 3rd Quarter 1884 5 130)

Online Document ADM 188/366


Albert Michael Tracy married Matilda Margaret Davis 1 July 1909 Methodist Church Dublin, Dublin South

1911 Census

Albert M Trecy (ie Tracy), 36, M, 9 Wesley Place Merchants Quay (part of) Dublin, Boarder, Church of Ireland, Army Pensioner, Married, C of Clare

Matilda Trcay (ie Tracy), 34, F, Wesley Place Merchants Quay (part of) Dublin, Boarder, Church of Ireland, Married 2 years, 2 child/2 alive, Plymouth

Cristina Trecy (ie Tracy), 1, F, Wesley Place Merchants Quay (part of) Dublin, Boarder, Church of Ireland, Single, Dublin City [Christina Matilda Marguerita married Thomas David Halliday 3 October 1942 Manchester, Lancashire]

Joseph David Trecy (ie Tracy), 2, M, Wesley Place Merchants Quay (part of) Dublin, Boarder, Church of Ireland, Single, Dublin City [married Alice Newton March 1933 Manchester North, Lancashire]



1901 Census of England

Frederick W F P Tracey, 22, St Thomas Limerick Ireland, Stoker, Kent?

Frederick William Tracey, 01/12/1914, Baker Place, stoker; died during sinking of HMS Monmouth; news report

Nov 15, 1914 (IT) The Roll of Honour

HMS Monmouth...Tracy, Frederick William Francis Patrick, Stoker, P.O., 287221...

Dec 1, 1914 (FJ) Limerick Man on Board

Mr. Treacy, Baker place, Limerick, whose son D.F. Treacy, is believed to have been on board the Monmouth when she sank has received a message from Mr. Churchill assuring him of the sympathy of his Majesty and the Queen in his sorrow. Mr. Treacy has another son on board the Goldfinch.


1901 Census - Portland, Dorsetshire

Emmett Robert Tracy, 20, b. Ireland, ORD Members Of Crew

Emmett R St C Tracy married Constance Ruth H Wilkes Jul-Aug-Sep 1909 Portsmouth, Hampshire

1911 Census - Portsmouth, Kingston Portsmouth, Hampshire

Emmett Robert St Clare Tracy   Head       Male       30           Ireland Resident, County Limerick, Seamen R N

Constance Ruth Helen St Clare Tracy       Wife       Female    22      Preston, Lancashire


Albert Emmett St. Clair-Tracy, Service Number P/MX 46988, Electrical Artificer 2nd Class, Died 24/05/1941 H.M.S. Hood Royal Navy, Son of Emmett Robert and Constance Ruth St. Clair-Tracy, of Southsea, Hampshire. Portsmouth Naval Memorial


Richmond Cemetery Services Grave Details

Position, Deceased name, Age, Date of Burial, Cemetery, Section, Grave

1, Addis Ernest Tracey , 69 Years, 22/04/1954, Twickenham Cemetery, J, T4

2, Norah Teresa Tracy , 81 Years, 30/06/1982, Twickenham Cemetery, J, T4






Alfred Martin Treacy

Paymaster-Captain Alfred Martin Treacy, O.B.E. R.A.N. Born 28 April 1869 at Newstead, Victoria. President of the Naval and Military Club, Melbourne, from 31 July 1916 to circia 28 July 1921. Died 9 August 1938 at Toorak, Victoria.




15 July 1921 The London Gazette & 19 July 1921 The Edinburgh Gazette

Central Chancery Of The Orders Of Knighthood

St. James' s Palace, 15th July, 1921

The KING has been graciously pleased to command, on the recommendation of the First Lord of the Admiralty, that the following appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which were published in the London Gazette on the dates stated, shall be transferred to the Military. Division of the 0rder, in terms of the notification published in the London Gazette No 31084 of the 27th December, 1918:-


Paymaster Captain Alfred Martin Treacy. R.A.N. 4th October, 1918.







Andrew Tracey; Rank: Master; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: [Not Given]; Approximate dates served: 6 May 1780-10 September 1795. ADM 29/1 Admiralty: warrant officers

1769 Masons book subscriber: Mr. Andrew Tracey, Mariner, ditto [Dartmouth]

Master of the Majestic, 1777 & 28-29 May 1794,


1794 Majestic

Andrew Tracey, Master, commissioned 1777

(Lord Howe on the first of June)


Log of Andrew Tracey, Master of the Majestic, 28, 29 May 1794, in Thomas S. Jackson, ed., Logs of the Great Sea Fights, 1794-1805 (London, 1899) cited in

Krajeski, Paul C. (2000) In the Shadow of Nelson: The Naval Leadership of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 1753-1812. Greenwood Press


1810 Lists of Pilots


Mr. Andrew Tracey


Plymouth...Charles Church...memorials...to Dr Thomas Stewart, 1829, and to Andrew Tracey, Esq., 1826, and Sarah, his wife, 1838...

Llewellynn Frederick William Jewitt (1873) A History of Plymouth


Charles Church Plymouth - South Aisle

11. White marble tablet, inscribed: Andrew Tracey Esq. of Gascoyne Place, Master in the Royal Navy for nearly half a century. Died March 9th 1826, aged 81. Also Sarah Tracey, Relict of the above, Died June 9th 1838, aged 79.


1832 United Services Journal

August 9th [1831]. At St. James's Westminster. Lieut.-Col. Elliott, Hon. E.I.C.S. of Barley House, Plymouth, to Catherine Charlotte, daughter of the late Andrew Tracey, Esq . of Gascoyne - place, Plymouth.


1860 The County Families of the United Kingdom

Elliot,* Colonel John (of Burley House). Son of the late J. Elliot, Esq. ; b. 178-; m. 1832 Catharine Charlotte, dau. of the late Andrew Tracey, Esq., of Gascoyne Place, Plymouth. Is a magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Devon, and a Colonel E.I, Co.'s services retired - Burley House, near Plymouth.


I am currently conducting some research on a Master Andrew Tracey Royal Navy as I have recently bought some of his possessions and I wondered whether you have any further information on him or would be interested in seeing the items?

In the small collection there is a telescope engraved to "Mr Andrew Tracey RN", a small naval dirk with the initials AT inscribed in the handle and a hand written note signed by Admiral Charles Cotton stating that Master Andrew Tracey had provided good service on the ship HMS Majestic from March 1793 to March 1794.

I can find records of him being in the Royal Navy from 1777 up until the early 1800's and he seems to have been a man of some means by the time of his death in 1826 being described as Andrew Tracey Esq of Gascoyne Place, Plymouth. He was certainly drawing a naval pension still in 1816 and there is a memorial plaque to him that still exists in Charles Church in Plymouth but I imagine he had other sources of income by this later period.

After his death, his daughter married Lieutenant Colonel Elliott of the East India Company who himself was a significant land owner in Plymouth and served as a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Devon.

Kind Regards
26 June 2018


I have found in the medal rolls (on Ancestry) for HMS Audacious around the time of the Battle of the Nile [1798] awards for Andrew Tracy as both AB (Able Bodied Seaman) and LM. Both he and his son Andrew were at sea so it is possible that these awards refer to his son (who also ended up as a Master Mariner according to his will).

jacky160 23-11-2010 http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/showthread.php/64600-All-at-sea

Thanks for your help . The man I am looking for gave his occupation as Mariner on his first marriage in 1765 and as Master in the Royal Navy on his second marriage in 1795 - so LM as a landsman does not make sense in 1794.

I have found in the medal rolls (on Ancestry) for HMS Audacious around the time of the Battle of the Nile awards for Andrew Tracy as both AB (Able Bodied Seaman) and LM. Both he and his son Andrew were at sea so it is possible that these awards refer to his son (who also ended up as a Master Mariner according to his will).

So further clarification of LM may enable me to stay at home rather than travel 200 miles to Kew and back.




The Ninth Report Of The Commissioners Of Naval Enquiry - Coal landed at Plymouth

August 16. 1801, "Union", Andrew Tracey, Master, from Sunderland, 47 chalders,


Andrew Tracey, 1810 Superannuated Masters with Pensions ditto [half pay?], at 3s per diem

Le livre rouge.


1830 Falmouth Station

1816 Captain A. Tracey, pilotage and quarantine expenses of "Nymph" at Standgate Creek...


Andrew Tracey, Will, Retired Shipmaster of Plymouth, Devon Date 22 February 1830 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1767


Andrew Francis Gordon Tracy [Great-Grandchild of William Moore Tracy] [father of Hugh Gordon Henry Tracy below]

Date of Birth: 05 July 1885

Rank: Commander

15 September 1900, ADM 196/50, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Executive Officers' Services

30th June, 1907 Sub-Lieutenant to Lieutenant

Jul 24, 1915 (IT) Naval Appointments

Lieutenant-Commanders A.F.G. Tracey to Racet? for Osborne College


Augustus Frederick Treacy (1798-1878)

Entered the navy 20 Oct 1811

07 April 1819, ADM 196/2, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Officers Time of Service

Lieut. 17 Sept 1828 (8 October 1828, Mr. Augustus Tracey, of his Majesty’s yacht Herald, is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant)

Married Georgiana Pallister 5th Nov 1835

31 January 1835 Western Times, Devon...Frederick Tracey, Esq. R. N. to Georgiana, fourth daughter of the late Geo. Hugh Palliser, Esq. of the County of Kent.

Jan. 28, [1835] ...At Stonehouse, Lieut. Augustus Tracey, R.N. to Georglana, fourth daughter of the late G. Palliser, Esq.

April 1845 The Gentleman's Magazine

Obituary Feb 20...Georgina, wife of Lieut Tracey R.N. of Tothill-fields, Westminister.

1841 Census: Augustus Frederick Tracy, 40, b. 1801 Outside of London, Governor, London

21 November 1849 Morning Chronicle (London)

On the 17th inst., at Plymouth, Augustus Tracey, Esq., Lieutenant R.N., to Marian [Marian Jubilee Coryndon], youngest daughter of George Coryndon, Esq., of Plymouth.

Governor of Tothill Fields Prison, Westminster (15 May 1853 received a letter from Charles Dickens)

Commander 1 Oct 60

1861 Census: Augustus F Tracey, 63, b. 1798 Plymouth Devon, Commander Royal Navy Half Hay, Devon

1871 Census: Agustus Tracey, 72, b. 1799 Plymouth Devon, Magistrate, Devon

31 May 1878 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette...Tracey. May 23, at St. James's-terrace, Plymouth, Marian, wife of Augustus Tracey, Commander R.N

4 January 1879 Pall Mall Gazette...Dec. 25. TRACEY, Augustus F., Commander R.N., at St. James's-terrace, Plymouth, aged So

Died January? 1879: Commander Augustus Frederick Tracey RN at St James Terr Plymouth...


(ii) Augustus Frederick Tracey of Plymouth, esq, commander RN
(i) Henry Elliot Tracey of Plymouth, esq
The contents of this catalogue are the copyright of Plymouth and West Devon Record Office


TRACEY. (Lieutenant, 1828.)

Augustus Frederick Thacey entered the Navy 20 Oct. 1811; passed his examination in 1819 ; and obtained his commission 17 Sept. 1828. His succeeding appointments were— 9 Sept. 1829, to the Hyperion 42, Coast-Blockade ship, Capt. Wm. Jas. Mingaye, lying at Newhaven— 9 July, 1830, to the Kent 78, Capt. Sam. Pym, on the Mediterranean station, whence he returned to England and was paid off at the close of 1831— and 17 May, 1833, to the Caledonia 120, Capt. Thos. Brown, with whom he returned to the Mediterranean. He was superseded from the ship last mentioned in the summer of 1834 ; and has since been on half-pay.

Lieut. Tracey has been for many years Governor of Tothill-fields Prison, Westminster. He married, 5 Nov. 1835, Georgiana, daughter of the late G. Palliser, Esq., and was left a widower 20 Feb. 1845.

William R. O’Byrne (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary


May 28, 1833 (BL) The Navy

...Lieut. A.T. Tracey appointed to the same ship [H.M.S. Caledonia]...


Feb 8, 1905 (IT) Naval Appointments

Midshipmen - A.F.G. Tracey to Majestic...

Jul 1, 1907 (IT) Naval Appointments

...A.F.G. Tracy to Mercury and additional, for submarines, on promotion...

Dec 18, 1908 (IT) Naval Appointments

Lieutenants...additional for submarines, in command...A. Tracey...


Benjamin Wheatley Tracey (m) [see Richard Edward Tracey] & [see Tracy Peerage Case]

Born 22 July 1805 Cove [Cobh?] Cork. Son of George Thomas Tracey. His father was a Purser and Paymaster in the Royal Navy.
Entered the navy 14 Jan 1816

Midshipmen passed 1824

Lieut. 30 Jan 1829

Married Elizabeth Howard 16 April 1831

Commander 1 July 64

04 August 1824, ADM 196/6, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Officers Time of Service


Reference:    ADM 196/6/356 FILE

Name            Tracey, Benjamin W

Rank:            Lieutenant

Date of Appointment:                04 August 1824

Date:            04 August 1824


TRACEY. (Lieut., 1829. F-P., 18; H-P., 13.)

Benjamin Wbeatley Tracey, born 22 July, 1805, at the Cove of Cork, is son of the late Geo. Thos. Tracey, Esq., Purser and Paymaster R.N. (1795); and brother-in-law of Commander John Jas. Hough, R.N., and of Capt. Robt. Kellow, R.M,, who died in 1844.

This officer entered the Navy, 14 Jan. 1816, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Albion 74, Capt. John Coode. In that ship, of which his father was at the time Purser, he fought in the ensuing Aug. at the battle of Algiers. Being paid off from her on her return from the Mediterranean in May, 1819, he next, in March, 1820, joined, in the capacity of Mid-shipman, the Vigo 74, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Robt. Lambert at St. Helena, where he remained until Jan. 1822. Between the latter date and March, 1824, he served at Portsmouth in the Ramilies 74, Capt. Edw. Brace, and Starling 4, Lieut.-Commander Chas. Turner; and he was next from March until Oct. 1824 and from Dec. 1824 until Feb. 1826, employed at Chatham and Plymouth, as Mate, in the Basilisk cutter, Lieut.-Commander John Jas. Hough, and Windsor Castle 74, Capts. Hugh Downman and Edw. Durnford King. He was then transferred to the Java 52, Capts. John Wilson and Wm. Fairbrother Carroll; to which ship, stationed in the East Indies, he continued attached as Mate and Lieutenant (commission dated 30 Jan. 1829) until Jan. 1830. From 29 Aug. 1831 until 1836 he commanded a station in the Coast Guard. This was his last appointment.

Lieut. Tracey is a claimant of the Tracey peerage. He married, 16 April, 1831, Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Howard, Esq., of Cork, and has issue three sons and two daughters. Agent — J. Hinxman.

William R. O’Byrne (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary


1809 The Naval Chronicle: Volume 22, July-December 1809:

Assistants Appointed...W. Whittaker and C. Tracey Supernumerary to the Mediterranean...


Dec 23, 1914 (IT) Royal Naval reserve

Sub-Lieutenant C. Tracey re-appointed to Maidstone as Acting Lieutenant to date December 1.


Charles D Richard Hanbury Tracy

Rank: Lieutenant

15 June 1854, ADM 196/14, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Naval Cadets to Admirals

1860 (314) Cadetships.

1854 Nominations...Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury Tracy...

15 October 1861, ADM 196/37, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Commission and Warrant Branch: Executive Officers M-Z

24 Jul 1862 (BL) Naval Appointments

Lieutenant - Hon. C.D. Tracy to the Shannon for gunnery duties.

1863, Removed from list, Lieutenant the Hon CDRH Tracy


[Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury Tracy, 4th Baron Sudeley (1840-1922)]. Log of H.M.S. Amethyst Sep.t 1859 to Dec. 1860. Vol 3., manuscript on paper, charting the voyage of HMS Amethyst from Callao, Peru, to Plymouth via San Blas, Mazatlan, Guaymas, Panama, Valparaiso and Rio de Janeiro, 88 pages, folio (368 x 230mm), including two pages of 'remarks', with a folding 'Plan of the Hold' in pen-and-ink, 4 sepia photographs, 6 folding or full-page maps in pen-and-ink, including a plan of San Blas, and folding double-page world map, and interleaved with 9 drawings and sketches in watercolour or pencil and wash (occasional light offsetting or spots). 19th-century half olive calf gilt (some wear). Provenance: Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury Tracy, 4th Baron Sudeley (armorial bookplate).
Naval reformer, Liberal MP and pioneer in commercial horticulture, Charles Hanbury-Tracy succeeded as 4th Baron Sudeley in 1877. Having first joined the Royal Navy at the age of fourteen and seen action in the Crimean War, he served a long commission on the sailing frigate HMS Amethyst. He left the navy as gunnery lieutenant in 1863, becoming MP for Montgomery Boroughs and in 1866 was admitted as a barrister to Inner Temple. He served under William Gladstone as a Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria from 1880 to 1885.




Christopher Treacy [see Joshua Treacy]

April 10, 1851 The Morning Chronicle (London, England)

Died...On the 31st December, at sea, on board the Lord Harlinge, Christopher Treacy, Esq., Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and youngest son of the late Captain Treacy, R.N. of Kingston-house, near Whitehaven.


Carlisle Journal 11 April 1851

At sea, on board of the Lord Hardinge, Treacy, on the 31st of December last, on a voyage to Bombay for the benefit of his health, Christopher Treacy, Esq., Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and son of the late Capt. Treacy, R.N., of Kingston House, near Whitehaven, aged 27 years - much and deservedly regretted.


29 July 1880 Will of Christopher Treacy - Personal Estate under £100

Administration of the personal Estate of Chrisopher Treacy formerly of Emmanuel College in the university of Cambridge but late at Sea Batchelor who died 31 December 1850 at Sea left unadministered by Matthew Treacy the Brother and one of the Next of Kin was granted at the Principal Registry to John Treacy of Grimston Villa Hull-road in the Suberbs of the City of York Gentleman the Brother and one other of the Next of Kin. Former Grant Prerogative Court of Canterbury June 1851.


Christopher Treacy

Approx. lifespan: 1825–1850

pens. Emmanuel College adm1843:05:05

Of Cumberland

s. of Captain: -, of Kingston House, near Carlisle, [Cumberland]

b. Durham, [Co. Durham]

Sch: Sedbergh School Sedbergh, [West Riding of Yorkshire]

Matric 1843:10MT:

BA 24 th Wrangler 1847

MA 1850

Fellow 1849

d. at sea 1850:12:31

brother of John Treacy (1836)

(Sedbergh School Reg. ; C. R. Hudleston.)


John Treacy

Approx. lifespan: 1818–1916

pens. Emmanuel College adm1836:05:18

Of Cumberland

s. of Captain: -.]

Matric 1836:10MT:

BA 1841

brother of Christopher Treacy (1843)


Christopher Handley Stiles Tracy

Rank: Captain (Retired)

Number: 277 Cr

Place of Birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire

Date 16 November 1886

Catalogue reference ADM 340/137 Records of the Admiralty


Edward B Tracey

Date of Birth: 02 March 1829

Rank: Navigator Lieutenant

03 July 1855, ADM 196/73, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Navigating officers


Francis McMahon Tracy served in the Royal Navy.

Lt. 12th Dec 1800

1811 Tracy, Francis, Frederick-st., Dublin, esq. Lieut RN (Prerogative Will)


16 August 1803 The London Gazette

Admiralty-Office, August 20, 1803.

Copy of a Letter from Sir James Saumarez K. B. Rear Admiral of the Blue, to Sir ssvan Nepean, Bart, doled on board His Majority’s Ship Diomede, at Guernsey, 15th August 1803.


I herewith enclose a Letter I have this Day received from Captain Mundy, of His Majesty's Ship Hydra, giving an Account of the Capture of the French Armed Lugger Le Favori, by the Boats of the Ship under his Command, highly creditable to the Steadiness .and Bravery of Lieutenant Tracey, and the Officers and Men employed on that Service, and which I request you will please to lay before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

I am, &c.

James Saumarez.


On August 1st [1803], having prevented a French armed lugger, the Farori, 4, from entering Le Havre, and forced her to haul close to the beach near the mouth of the Touque, Captain George Mundy, of the Hydra, 38, sent his boats under Lieutenant Francis M'Mahon Tracy and Midshipmen John Barclay and George French, to cut her out or destroy her. As they approached she was abandoned by her people, who, however, joined some troops and took station behind the sandbanks to cover her with their muskets. But in spite of their fire, the Favorl was carried off, the British losing no more than one man killed.

The Naval History of Great Britain from the Declaration of War by France in ...By William I James


George Thomas Tracey, b. 1770 Portsmouth Hampshire, captains clerk, La Prudente, enlisted 24 Sep 1790 HMS Bounty or Berwick

G.T. Tracey, Purser, Proselyte (late Tason) built 1796, Captain G. Fowke, stationed Sheeness for refitting 1800.

George Thomas Tracey [see Richard Edward Tracey] & [see Tracy Peerage Case]

Purser appoint to the HMS Albion 1815.


...May 1810?...Bulwark...Mr. Tracey, Purser.

George Hallam (1831) Narrative of a voyage from Montego Bay, in the Island of Jamaica, to England ...


John Hough, Esq. Obtained his first commission on the 19th Nov. 180" J and served under Captain (now Sir George) Scott, in the Horatio, at the capture of the French frigate Junon, Feb. 10th, 1809 f. We subsequently find him serving under the flag of Rear-Admiral Penrose, in the Egmont 74 I and, since the peace, commanding the Active revenue cruiser. He was advanced to his present rank on the 29th Sept. 1827- This officer married, Aug. 28th, 1815, a daughter of Mr. George Thomas Tracey, purser in the royal navy.

Royal Naval Biography 1833

Hough. (Commander, 1827. f-p., 20; h-p., 28.)

John James Hough was born about Feb. 1785...He married, 28 Aug. 1815, a daughter of Geo. Thos. Tracey, Esq., Purser and Paymaster R.N. (1805), and sister of Lieut. Benj. Wheatley Tracey, R.N. By that lady he has issue a son and three daughters. Agent—Joseph Woodhead.

O'Byrne, William Richard (1849) A naval biographical dictionary: comprising the ... v.1.


Godfrey Tracey, Ensign, Chapman’s room, Sebright’s Regiment, September 1765.


Guy Richard Tracey

Rank: Sub Lieutenant

Number: 002958

Place of Birth: London

Date 15 April 1896

Catalogue reference ADM 340/137 Records of the Admiralty


Harry Owens Tracey [Son of Harry Adair Tracey of Antrim & Cork, Ireland, grandson of Harry Tracey surgeon and great grandson of John Smith Tracey]

Date of Birth: 11 July 1869 Bermuda

1881 Census: "Honiton Grammer School" High Street, Honiton, Devon, England

Rank: Sub-Lieutenant 14th September 1889

Rank: Lieutenant

15 July 1882, ADM 196/43, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Executive Officers' Services


Henry Tracey [father of Osborn Tracey, RN]

Rank: Surgeon

21 or 25 October 1831, ADM 196/8, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Medical Officers

1832 United Services Journal...Promotions and Appointment...Surgeons...Henry Tracey...Donegal

September 28, 1832 (FJ) The Navy...Mr. Henry Tracey, to be Assistant Surgeon of the Donegal, vice Duncan, at sick quarters...

29 Aug 1834, Henry Tracey, Assist Surg...Super...[HMS] San Josef, 110

13 September 1834 Wexford Conservative The Navy...Supernumery Assistant-Surgeon Henry Tracey to the Sab Josef?...

8 April 1835 (FJ) Assistant Surgeon – H. Tracy to Pluto

1838 Henry Tracey Assistant Surgeon on H.M.S. 'Melville'.

Diary, 1838 Mar-Dec. 43p. Hg.

Describes a stay in Cape Town when the 'Melville' went to St. Helena and Tracey remained behind to look after the Admiral's family, the dockyard officers and men left behind from the 'Melville'. He comments on the social customs of Cape Town and the Malay Khalifah ceremony. Included are sketches of Farmer Peck's Inn, Muizenberg, called 'The Gentle Shepherd', Newlands House, Wynberg Church, Cape Flats and a water-colour of Simon's Town Martello Tower and Battery.

Published as A visit to Cape Town in 1838, ed. by A.M. Cunningham, Friends of the Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1980.

Tracey joined the Royal Navy as a surgeon in 1831. He arrived on board HMS Melville at Simon's Bay on 7 March 1838. He remained at the Cape whilst the Melville visited St Helena, finally leaving for England on 6 December 1838. This is a record of his visit.

1840 Henry Tracey Assistant Surgeon on H.M.S. 'Melville'.

Henry Tracey, assistant surgeon aboard Melville, succumbed to dysentery in September 1840

Surgeons of The Opium War: The Navy on the China Coast, 1840–42

Death - On the 25th Sept., [1840] on board the Victoria transport, in Chusan anchorage, on the Coast of China, Mr. Henry Tracey, assistant-surgeon of H.M.S. Melville.

Mr. Henry Tracey, Assistant-Surgeon, alluded to in our Obituary, was carried off by a severe attack of dysentery, while attending, with his usual kindness and assiduity, such of the crew of H.S.M. Melville, as had from the ill state of their health been sent to the Victoria, (transport,) during the time of her heaving down. He was followed to his final resting place, on the island in the anchorage, by many, whose experience of his private and professional merit, both on the Cape of Good Hope and other stations, will render his loss a lasting source of melancholy reflection.

The Nautical magazine

19th February 1841 The Welshman

In September last, on board H.M.S. Melville, in his 35th vear, Mr. Henry Tracey, of Llandilo. Mr. Tracey had discharged the duties of Surgeon in the Royal Navy for the last ten years, and during that period he most fully secured the favour of his superior officers, by uniform good conduct; the friendship and esteem of his equals by unvarying amiability, and the possession and exercise of those qualities that adorn the man; whilst his genuine benevolence of disposition, and assiduous attention to all in the hour of sickness, surrounded him with affection and respect. Few men of his years had a larger and warmer circle of friends once made, none were lost. To a dotingly fond parent, and his more immediate relations, his loss is irreparable; whilst all who have known him can, with ourselves, most truly say "take him for all in all, We shall not look upon his like again."

22 February 1841 Hampshire Telegraph... Henry Tracey, Assistant-Surgeon of Her Majesty Ship Melville. But was carried off by a sudden and severe attack of dysentery, while attending, with his usuaL ...

Apr 13, 1841 (BL) Quarterly Naval Obituary

Assistant surgeons...Henry Tracey...

1845 Naval Medical Supplemental Fund. Medical Officers in Plymouth Hospital 11 September 1828 to 11 April 1842. Henry Tracey £2.6.0 & £2.12.0

Africa miscellanea

Title: Notebook of Henry Tracey

Reference: RCMS 113/98 (former reference: MSS 5)

Creator: Tracey, Henry, d 1840, surgeon

Covering Dates: 1933

Extent and Medium: 1 folder; photograph; Manuscript

Content and context:

Henry Tracey (d. 1840) was born circa 1804, the son of George Tracey (d. 1826), an innkeeper, and his wife Grace, née Pellow (d. 1855). He was baptised in Uffculme Dissenting Chapel, Devon, on 23 October 1806, and spent his early life in Devon and Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. Tracey was assistant ship's surgeon on, successively, the 'Cadmus', (1831), 'Donegal' (1832), 'San Josef' (1834), 'Pluto', a steam yacht (1835), and 'Malabar' (1836). His last posting was on the 'Melville' (1837), which was involved in the 1st Opium War, 1839-1842. Tracey died unmarried on 25 September 1840 while at sea off Chusan, China Coast.

Twenty-three prints of a notebook, including sketches, describing a visit to South Africa on H.M.S. 'Melville' in 1838.

The prints were taken from originals collected by Dr J.G. Gubbins in 1932 in his attempts to restore the Library of the University of the Witwatersrand, which had been destroyed by fire that year. They were presented to the R.C.S. by the University of the Witwatersrand Library Appeal Committee, 1933.

Further information

'A visit to Cape Town in 1838' by Henry Tracey, edited by Anna M. Cunningham, was published in Johannesburg, 1980.

Donald H. Simpson, ed., 'The manuscript catalogue of the library of the Royal Commonwealth Society' (London, 1975), p. 114. Indexed


Reference:    ADM 196/8/594


Name            Tracey, Henry

Rank:            Surgeon

Date of Appointment:                25 October 1831 [ends Sep 1837]

Date:            25 October 1831


Henry Frank Tracey [Rev] [grandson of John Smith Tracey (son of Rev John Tracey)]

Date of Birth: 14 December 1860 [died 1948]

Rank: Assistant Paymaster

16/07/1878 Clerk Raleigh

16 July 1877, ADM 196/12, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Paymasters

16 July 1877, ADM 196/81, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Accountant, Medical and Navigating Branches' officers: L-Z

14 Dec 1881 – AP



born early 1861 Townstall Dartmouth Devon died 03 Jan 1948 60 Ashcombe Lewes co Sussex

brother to Leigh TRACEY born Dec . 1853 Dartmouth

brother to Campbell TRACEY born Jun . 1855 registered Totnes Devon died Dec . 1911 age 56 S Thomas Exeter

brother to Arthur TRACEY born c1857 Dartmouth died Jun . 1936 age 79 Fulham south London

brother to fourth son the Revd Frederick TRACEY born Jun . 1858 died Dec . 1938 age 80 Exeter

brother to Anna TRACEY born c1859 Dartmouth

brother to John TRACEY sixth son born c1860

son among at least seven children of the Revd John TRACEY

(1835--1871) vicar Townstall with S Saviour Dartmouth co Dorset

(1871--1874) rector Lesnewth Cornwall [1880 gone from Crockford]

born c1811 Antigua West Indies died before 1917 second son of John Smith TRACEY of isle of Antigua British West Indies; married Mar . 1852 Dartford co Kent, and Emma Elizabeth SAWERS born c1821 Brasted Sevenoaks co Kent;

married Sep . 1890 Tiverton Devon, Alice Rose CUMING born Jun . 1863 Bradninch registered Tiverton Devon died 18 May 1941 age 78 Montague Ridge Hill Dartmouth Devon [left 2 723 probate to Beatrice Irene Mabel Stewart SIM and Cecily Doris CARTER spinsters] sister to Ernest Horatio CUMING born Sep . 1865 Bradninch Totnes (1891) paper manufacturer daughter among at least four children of Charles Thomas CUMING (1871) of Bradninch Devon paper manufacturer employing about 40 hands (1891) farmer retired paper maker born c1825 Ottery St Mary co Devon England died Dec . 1906 age 82 registered Totnes Devon, [no will probate] married Jun . 1856 registered S Thomas Exeter Devon, and Hannah Maria WIPPELL born c1831 Rewe Devon died Jun . 1897 age 67 registered Tiverton co Devon (4;8;382;345;249)

Education 1882 Salisbury theological college (founded 1860 by Bishop HAMILTON, closed 1994) 1911 T D 21 Dec 1884 deacon (KELLY for) Salisbury 20 Dec 1886 priest (Francis Alexander Randal CRAMER--ROBERTS (1878--1885 bishop Nassau)) for Winchester (411;88)

Positions 1871 age ten scholar with parents, and brother Arthur age 14, sister Anna age 11, and brother John age 8, German governess, two servants

with HMS RALEIGH served in Mediterranean 1880

with HMS EUPHRATES conveying troops during South African war; 1881--1882 served Egypt, medal with clasp for Alexandria and the Khedive’s bronze star 31 Mar 1881 clerk unmarried, on HMS EUPHRATES (245) 1887--1889

with Fleet in Besika Bay during Russo--Turkish war; 1882 HMS INVINCIBLE at bombardment of Alexandria Egyptian Medal and clasp, Khedive Bronze Star 1884 – 1885 assistant curate Shrewton Wiltshire diocese Winchester 1885--1888 assistant curate Romsey diocese Winchester 1889--1890 assistant curate S Paul Devonport diocese Exeter 1890--Sep 1913 vicar Townstal with S Saviour Dartmouth Devon 31 Mar 1901 clergyman with Alice, children Ernest age 1 Rosamund age 3 Dartmouth Devon (345) 1890--1914 chaplain Devon artillery and 7th Devons (cyclists) (17 Aug 1907) curates are not ‘as plentiful as blackberries… in a few years they will be as extinct as the dodo .. coal--lumping holds out far better prospects’ for security than being a priest Taranaki Herald (24 Aug 1907) proposed that lay men on occasion should preach at the liturgy Press 1912 senior chaplain Wessex division territorial forces 1912 Territorial decoration (25 Oct 1913) wrote to the parish of his leaving, ‘been here too long to be good for either the parish or myself’, and has friends and relatives in New Zealand; he might return but his wife ‘says no vicar would stand me more than three weeks’ Ashburton Guardian (25 Oct 1913) twenty--three years vicar of Townstall with S Saviour Dartmouth, hoping to combine ministerial and Territorial work after 23 years chaplain to defence force Evening Post comes with commendation of the bishop of Crediton (suffragan to Exeter) and BOYD--CARPENTER sub--dean of Westminster abbey; and a brother was for years headmaster of All Saints Bathurst; a man of independent thought Sep 1913 left Townstal for New Zealand (411) 02 Oct 1913 with his wife sailing England White Star steamer AFRICA, due 22 Nov 1913 Wellington 11 Mar 1914 assistant curate Timaru diocese Christchurch (1;66) at Geraldine (26) 14 Mar 1914 The Times: reported his emigration to New Zealand as he had not found it possible to earn a living at Dartmouth and he was trying his fortune in the Dominion, where he now had an appointment 1914--1918 1st class chaplain (at Trentham) New Zealand forces (26): but no record in (356) May 1915 assisting priest cathedral church Napier diocese Waiapu --Jul 1915 relieving priest at Upper Riccarton diocese Christchurch but about to accompany troops from New Zealand 27 Dec 1915 assisting at S Barnabas Fendalton for Christmas, 268 communicants for the day Press 21 Jan 1918 resigned his position of senior chaplain at Trentham camp diocese Wellington 06 Apr 1918 he of Trentham at the Hydro Timaru Timaru Herald 1919--1922 vicar Gentleshaw diocese Lichfield 1922--1927 vicar Chiddingley diocese Chichester (84) 1927 licensed priest diocese Chichester (95) 1947 residing Lewes Sussex (97)

Other 1948 left 1 301 probate to Barclays Bank

The Blain Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy in the South Pacific


24 September 1909 The London Gazette

The undermentioned Clergymen are appointed Second Class Chaplains to the Territorial Force, ranking- as Lieutenant-Colonel, with precedence according to the dates of their appointment in the Imperial Yeomanry or the Volunteer Force. Dated 1st April, 1908 :—

Reverend Harry Frank Tracey, late Acting Chaplain, -2nd Devonshire Royal Garrison Artillery (Volunteers).


Ernest Osborn Tracey

Flight Cadet RAF, 100438, 13 Squadron RAF, died 31 May 1918 Killed while flying (crashed) Yatesbury Camp Wiltshire. Buried St Clements Churchyard, Dartmouth

Son of Reverend Harry Frank Tracey (Vicar of Dartmouth) and Alice Rosamund Tracey, of Vicarage Hill, Dartmouth.




born 10 Mar 1858 Dartmouth Devon died 10 Dec 1938 Exeter Devon

fourth son of the Revd John TRACEY & Emma Elizabeth nee SAWERS;

married 30 Jun 1890 All Saints East St Kilda Victoria

Lilian Mary ELDER

born Mar . 1864 London died 10 Oct 1932 Pensford Somerset

youngest daughter of Alexander Lang ELDER of Kensington London & Mary Eliza nee AUSTIN



1872-1873 Uppingham school

1882 BA university of London

1882-1883 Exeter college Oxford

1884 BA Oxford

1885 ad eundem gradum MA Sydney

1898 MA Oxford

27 Sep 1885 deacon Sydney

10 Jun 1900 priest Bathurst


01 Oct 1885-30 Jun 1886 curate S James city and diocese Sydney to reside at S Paul's college

1885-1886 vice-warden S Paul's college Sydney

1886-1887 second master Colston’s school Bristol

05 May 1888 curate All Saints Bathurst

1889-1898 head master All Saints college Bathurst

1899-1900 master Chatham House Ramsgate (his brother’s school)

1891-1903 chaplain bishop of Bathurst

12 Apr 1900- general licence Bathurst

10 Jun 1900-1902 honorary curate Kelso diocese Bathurst

1900-1902 examining chaplain bishop of Bathurst

1900-1902 traveling chaplain bishop of Bathurst

16 Oct 1903 permission to officiate Colonial Clergy Act province Canterbury, at Cornworthy

22 Sep 1906 permission to officiate Colonial Clergy Act province Canterbury permanent

04 Dec 1903-24 Jun 1907 vicar Cornworthy co Devon diocese Exeter

29 Nov 1907-14 Dec 1911 incumbent Cheddington co Dorset

1907-1911 rural dean Cheddington

1908 delegate for Bathurst at Pan-Anglican Conference

14 Dec 1911-30 Sep 1912 rector S Peter Marlborough co Wiltshire diocese Salisbury

04 Sep 1913-07 Jun 1919 rector Flax Bourton co Somerset diocese Bath & Wells

1919 general licence

1927-1931 residing Bristol

31 May 1934-1938 curate Crediton S Boniface diocese Exeter


maths and chess player

Guardian 23/12/38



Captain Harry Austin ‘Tim’ Tracey, b. 1903 Balhurst NSW, Austrial, son of Rev Frederick Tracey & Lilian Mary Elder


Haryy Austin Tracey.jpg


Lot 838: The N.G.S. ‘Palestine 1936-39’ & WW2 Group of 8 awarded to Captain Harry Austin ‘Tim’ Tracey, Royal Marines

The N.G.S. ‘Palestine 1936-39’ & WW2 Group of 8 awarded to Captain Harry Austin ‘Tim' Tracey, Royal Marines, who served early in the WW2 aboard H.M.S. Dorsetshire during the hunt for and subsequent sinking of the Bismarck in May 1941, later serving as R.M. Base Group Base Commandant, Second Echelon  R.M. Group M.N.B.D.O. II, and latterly as Naval Provost Marshal at Alexandria between March 1944 and January 1946, comprising: Naval General Service, 1909-62, G.VI.R., single clasp, Palestine 1936-39 (Capt. H. A. Tracey. R.M.); 1939-1945 Star; Atlantic Star; Africa Star; Italy Star; Defence Medal and War Medals, 1939-1945; Coronation 1937; Group swing-mounted upon bar as worn, minor edge nick to first at 9 o’clock and some  (8) Captain Harry Austin Tracey (c.1902-1982) was born in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, and began his military career just after WW1, receiving his first commission as a Second Lieutenant with the Royal Marine Light Infantry on 1 September 1921, being promoted to Lieutenant on 1 September 1924, and then to Captain on 1 September 1933. He came aboard H.M.S. Dorsetshire on 24 August 1937 and was serving aboard this vessel as the senior Royal Marines officer during the hunt and subsequent sinking of the German battleship the Bismarck on 26/27 May 1941. In the final attack, H.M. ships Dorsetshire and Norfolk closed with the enemy ship and began firing their 8 inch guns to great effect. In the process of her sinking, Dorsetshire and Norfolk fired some 2,800 shells and scored around 400 hits upon the Bismarck, beyond which the Dorsetshire also registered two further hits with torpedoes which sealed the German vessels final fate. Tracey left the Dorsetshire in July 1941 and served on the staff of the Flag Officer-in-Charge at H.M.S. Spartiate in Glasgow, between August 1941 and January 1943. He then served as a Royal Marines Group Base Commandant and Second-In-Command of the Second Echelon of R.M. Group M.N.B.D.O. II (Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation) from February 1943 to April 1943. He was given the rank of Acting Major on 9 January 1943, which he kept throughout the remainder of his career, as he served with the Field Ambulance Unit, M.N.B.D.O. II until February 1944, and then finally as Naval Provost Marshal in Alexandria from March 1944 to January 1946. Retiring from further service, he died in Australia in 1982, and was buried at Allambie Park Cemetery, Albany. Offered with three postcards and three copied photograph images of H.M. Ships Dorsetshire and Illustrious. – this lot is offered with 2 postcards and one copied photograph of H.M.S. Dorsetshire only.


Henry John Joseph Tracey. Official Number: 170717. Place of Birth: Saint Marks Ford Devonport. Date of Birth: 01 November 1877.


1915 Star Trio to 170717 H J J Tracey PO.1.RN. With copy service papers, Born St. Marks, Ford, Devonport. VF (3)



Hugh Gordon Henry Tracy (1912-2009), Rear Admiral [son of Andrew Francis Gordon Tracy]

Joined RN 1929; World War II 1939-1945; Senior Engineer, HMS Illustrious 1942-1944; Assistant to Manager of Engineering Department, HM Dockyard Chatham 1944-1946; Assistant Director of Marine Engineering, Admiralty 1956-1958; Commanding Officer, HMS Sultan 1959-1960; Imperial Defence College 1961; Chief Staff Officer to Flag Officer, Sea Training 1962-1963; Director of Marine Engineering, Ministry of Defence (Navy) 1963-1966; retired 1966

Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975

Rear-Admiral Hugh Tracy, CB, DSC, went to sea as a watch keeping officer in the cruiser Shropshire and the carrier Furious. At the outbreak of war he was in the Admiralty Engineer-in-Chief's department; as a lieutenant, he joined illustrious which included the capture of Madagascar from the Vichy French, patrolling the Indian Ocean against the Japanese, the Salerno invasion and from Trincomalee engaging in air strikes against the Japanese. Commended for his quick thinking during a serious petrol fire in the hanger and the results of an ammunition explosion with the DSC. Returning home in 1944 he took charge of a design team working on aircraft catapults and his final seagoing tour was engineer officier of the minelayer Manxman in the Far East until early 1948. He was training commander of the RN Engineering College at Manadon and captain of the engineering school at Sultan. Promoted to Captain 1955 and selected for the Imperial defence College in 1961. While working for FOST in Portland in 1963 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed Director of Marine Engineering. He lead the introduction of a single diesel fuel for all ships, and set in train the conversion of the Exmouth as the gas turbine trials ship, but retired before she got to sea. Appointed CB in 1965. September 7. Aged 96.

Navy News, November 2009


John Tracy [Son: John Joseph Clopp Harding Tracy]

born 23 Nov 1774

Entered the navy 1794

As Master's Mate on Ardent, he took part in the Battle of Camperdown (11 Oct 1797) and was wounded.

Lt 6th Oct 1800

Commander: 11 June 1814

Married Mrs. Knight nee Cooper 03 May 1825+

Out-Pension of Greenwich Hospital (17 May 1850)

Died in Chelsea on 23 Dec 1854


1797 Admiral Duncan off Camperdown

...the Ardent [gun ship]...masters mate John Tracey...wounded...

William James, Frederick Chamier (1860) The Naval History of Great Britain, from the Declaration of War by France in 1793, to the Accession of George IV.


Reference:    ADM 9/5/1334

Name: John Tracey; Rank: Commander; Date of Seniority: 11 June 1814.

Date:            1817






Naval General Service 1793-1840, 1 clasp, Camperdown

(John Tracy, Master’s Mate)

nearly extremely fine £5000-6000

Ex Seaby, June 1979.




20 Oct. 1797 Belfast Newsletter

victory Adm Duncan, Dutch fleet…John Tracey…


11 May 1804 (BL)

Cretdar?, Diamond Rock, off Martinque February 6, 1804. Sir,...Curieux French corvette...well aided by...Mr. Tracey, my secretary...wounded...Mr. Tracy, Sam Hood [Commodore] [Leeward Islands]


3 February 1807 The London Gazette

Admiralty-Office, Febraury 3, 1807.

Copy of a Letter from Vice-Admiral Russell to William Marsden, Esq; dated on board the Majestic, in Yarmouth Roads, the 31st of January 1807.

Sir ,

Herewith I inclose a Letter from Lieutenant Tracey, of the Princess Augusta Hired Cutter, reporting his having captured the Jena Privateer, and recaptured her Prize, a Prussian Ship, laden with Timber, bound to London, which 1 beg you will lay before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

I am, &c. T. M. Russell.

Hit Majesty’s Hired Cutler Princes: Augusta,

Sir, Yarmouth-Roads, Jan. 31, I 807.

I Herewith inclose a Letter to Admiral the Right Hon. Lord Keith, K. B. Commander in Chief, of which the following is in Substance a Duplicate for your Information.

Mv Lord,

I have the Honour to inform your Lordship, that on the 27th Inst. Lowestofle hearing West bv North Forty-five Miles, at half-past Eleven, P. M. 1 fell in with a French Cutter Privateer, and chaced her to the S. S. E. until half-past Two A. M. On the 28th, when having got alongside of her, and firing some Guns and Musketry into her, she lowered her Sails, and hailed that she had struck.

She is called the Jena, commanded by Captain Francis Capelle, with Thirty Men, mounting Four Guns, and has on board a great Number of small Arms. Had sailed from Flushing Twelve Days ago, and made Two Captures ; one of which, a large Prussian Ship, laden with a valuable Cargo of Timber, bound to London, I recaptured on the same Morning.

I have the Honour to be, &c.

(Signed) J. Tracey, Lieut, and Com.

To Vice-Admiral Russell, &c &c &c.


1808. On the 16th of January, in the forenoon, the British 14-gun brig Linnet, Lieutenant John Treacy, commander, being off Cape Barfleur, observed a large lugger in chase of a merchant ship and brig. Aware that the Linnet's sailing qualities were not of that nature which would enable her to close with the lugger except by stratagem, Lieutenant Treacy ably manoeuvred so as to join company with the merchant ships, and with them apparently endeavour to escape. At 6h. 30m. P.m., it being quite dark, the lugger, which was the Courier, of 18 guns and 60 men, closed with the merchant ship ; but as she was gallantly defended, the Courier was about to haul off. Just at this time, however, the Linnet arriving within musket-shot of the lugger, poured into her a well-directed broadside, accompanied by a volley of musketry, which fortunately cut away the Courier's main-lug halyards. The lugger was then hailed and ordered to surrender ; but instead of compliance, the mainhalyards were again bent, and the sail rehoisted. The Linnet accordingly re-opened her fire, and was so fortunate as to cut away the lugger's halyards no less than ten times. After continuing the running fight in this manner till 8h. 50m. P.m., the Courier, being in a sinking state, surrendered, having had her second officer killed and three men wounded ; but the Linnet sustained no loss whatever. The skill of Lieutenant Treacy was highly commendable.

Allen, Joseph (1842) Battles of the British Navy: from A.D. 1000 to 1840


5 January 1811 The London Gazette

Portsmouth January 4 1811

...that an account of the salvage received for the Recapture of the Ship John of Newcastle by His Majesty’s Brig the Linnet, Lieutenant John Treacy, Commander, on the [BLANK] Day of December 1810 will be exhibited in. the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty...


30 May 1812 The London Gazette

Admiralty-Office, June 2, 1812

Admiral Sir Richard Bickerton, commander in Chief at Portsmouth, has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq. a letter from Lieutenant Treacy, commanding His Majesty's cutter Linnet, giving an account of his having, on the 29th of last month, captured off the Start, Le Petit Charles French privateer, of St. Maloes, manned with twenty-six men, armed with small arms, sailed the proceeding day from Roscoff, and had not made any capture.


1812 List of Flag Officers and Other Commissioned Officers

William Treacy

Joshua Treacy, L., 13 Dec 1797

John Treacy, L. 6 Oct 1800

1814 Navy List


Joshua Treacy, 21 Mar 12

John Treacy, 11 June 14


Naval Chronicle for 1812. Volume 27 (from January to June) London

June 2

Admiral Sir R. Bickerton, Commander-in-Chief at Portsmouth, has transmitted to J.W. Croker, Esq. A letter from Lieutenant Treacy, commanding his Majesty’s cutter Linnet, giving an account of his having on the 29th of last month, captured off the Start, Le Petit Charles French Privateer, of St. Maloes, manned with 56 men, armed with small arms, sailed the proceeding day from Roscoff, and had not made any capture.


1813 Gun Brig 14 (f) Linnet, Commander Joshua Tracey [this is an error], Captured, February 25, by the French 40-gun Frigate Gloire, near the Madeiras.


21 Feb 1826 Edinburgh Advertiser

Captain Tracey, Royal Navy £3.3.0...

15 Aug 1826 Edinburgh Advertiser

Game List. County of Edinburgh…Tracy, J.C.H. [John Clopp Harding Tracy?] Edinburgh…


1832 Directory

Commanders in the Royal Navy...1814...John Tracey...


John Tracey, Esq.

Was wounded, while serving as master's-mate, on board the Ardent 64, Captain R. R. Burgess, at the memorable battle of Camperdown, Oct. 11th, 1797 He obtained his first commission on the 6th Oct. 1800; and commanded the Princess Augusta, a small hired cutter, of eight guns and about thirty men, in an action with a French privateer, of fourteen guns and full of men, near the mouth of the river Tees, June 13th, 1804. During this engagement, which lasted nearly four hours, the Princess Augusta received several shot near the water's edge, and was much shattered in her rigging, but had not a man killed, and only three of her little crew wounded. The enemy sheered off on perceiving the approach of two small vessels, manned with sea-fencibles, from Redcar.

On the evening of the 3d Feb. 1804, four of the Centaur's boats, containing sixty seamen and twelve marines, under the orders of Lieutenant Robert Carthew Reynolds, assisted by Lieutenant Bettesworth, Mr. Boss, and Mr. John Tracey, secretary, were detached to attempt the capture of the French national brig Curieux, mounting 16 long 6-pounders, with a complement of 105 men, lying at anchor close under Fort Edward, at the entrance of the Carnage, Fort Royal harbour, Martinique, victualled for three months, and all ready for a start to sea.

On the 28th Jan. 1807, Lieutenant Tracey captured the Jena privateer, of four guns and thirty men. He also re-took her prize, a Prussian ship, aden with timber, and bound to London. In the course of the same year, he was removed from the Princess August into the Linnet brig, of fourteen guns and sixty men in which vessel he made the following captures:

Le Courier, of 18 guns and 60 men, taken off Cape Barfleur, after a running fight of an hour and forty minutes, during which she had her second captain killed, and three men wounded, Jan. 16th, 1808. Foiid- rot/ant, of 10 guns and 25 men, taken off Cherbourgh, Aug. 30th, 1808.

Petit Charles, 26 armed men on board, but with HO guns mounted, taken off the Start, May 29th, 1812.

On the 25th Feb. 1813, being then in the chops of the Channel, the wind blowing hard, Lieutenant Tracey had the misfortune to be captured by la Gloire, a French 40 gun frigate, returning from a two months' cruise. His conduct on this occasion is deserving of particular mention.

La Gloire, when first discovered, was to windward. Bearing up under her fore-sail and close-reefed main-top-sail, she arrived within hail of the Linnet at 2-30 P.M., and ordered her to strike. Instead of doing so, the brig boldly crossed the bows of the frigate, and, regardless of a heavy fire which the latter commenced, obtained the weather-gage. As la Gloire outsailed the Linnet on every point, all that Lieutenant Tracey could now do, was to endeavour to out-manoeuvre her. This he did by making short tacks; well aware that, owing to her great length, the frigate could not come about so quickly as a brig of less than 200 tons. In practising this manoeuvre, the Linnet had to cross the bows of la Gloire a second and a third time (the second time so near as to carry away the frigate's jib-boom), and was all the while exposed to her fire j but which, owing to the ill-direction of the shot from the roughness of the sea, did no great execution. At length, at 3-30 P.M., having succeeded in cutting away some of the Linnet's rigging, la Gloire got nearly alongside of her ; but Lieutenant Tracey would not yet haul down the British co- lours. The brig suddenly bore up athwart the hawse of the frigate ; and la Gloire, had she not as suddenly luffed up, must, as the French captain, Mons. Roussin, says, have passed completely over her. Two broadsides from la Gloire now carried away the bowsprit, fore-yard, and gaff of the Linnet, and compelled her to surrender. Such seamanship and intrepidity, on the part of Lieutenant Tracey, shew where la Gloire would have been, had he encountered her in a frigate.

The Linnet was carried into Brest, and her late commander, officers, and crew, remained as prisoners until the end of the war. On the 31st May, 1814, a court-martial was held on board the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, to try them for the loss of their vessel ; when, in addition to an honorable acquittal, Lieutenant Tracey was highly complimented for " his judicious and seamanlike manoeuvres, for his courage and judgment, and for his endeavour to disable the enemy, though his efforts were not completely successful." On the llth of the following month, he was promoted to the rank of commander a just reward for his truly meritorious conduct.

This officer married, May 3d, 1825, Mrs. Knight, of Gosport, only sister of the Rev. J. R. Cooper, of Emsworth, co. Hants.

Royal Naval Biography 1833


Early in February, 1804, Commodore Hood determined that an attempt should be made to cut out the Curieiix, a fine French brig of sixteen 6-prs. and 70 men, under the command of Commander J. M. E. Cordier, which was lying in the harbour of Fort Royal, Martinique, under shelter of the guns of Fort Edouard, and was nearly ready for sea...On the night of February 3rd, four boats of the Centaur, 74, with 60 seamen and 12 Marines, under Lieutenant Eobert Carthew Reynolds (2), delivered the attack after a hard pull of twenty miles...The British loss was 3 officers and 6 seamen wounded, the gallant Reynolds mortally, and Lieutenant Edmund Byron Bettesworth and Midshipman John Tracy slightly...

Having visited the West Indies, she returned to Europe, and, in the chops of the Channel, on February 25th, 1813, fell in with the Linnet, 14, Lieutenant John Treacy. Treacy tried to out-manoeuvre his huge opponent, and handled his little vessel with extraordinary skill, managing even to brush away the frigate's jib-boom ; but after a little more than an hour's action, the brig was obliged to surrender. On May 31st, 1814, a court-martial honourably acquitted Treacy, and complimented him on his conduct, and, on June 11th following, the gallant Lieutenant was made a Commander.

The Naval History of Great Britain from the Declaration of War by France in ...By William I James


24 December 1855 - The Gentleman's Magazine

At Chelsea, aged 80, of the Magazines, Marchwood, near Gosport, Capt. John Tracy, R.N. He entered service in 1794 on board the Incendiary fire-ship, was made Lieutenant in the Explosion bomb 1800, and when commanding the Princess Augusta 8, captured the Jena privateer of the same force, and 19 others of the enemy's vessels. He was afterwards not less sucessful in the Linnet 12, but in Feb 1813 was unfortunately captured by the French 40-gun ship La Gloire. After his acquittal by court-martial in May 1814, he was promoted to the rank of Commander as a reward for the "courage and judgement, he had displayed on that occasion." His services on full pay occupied nineteen years.


TRACY. (Commander, 1814. F-P., 19; H-P., 34.)

John Tracy was born 23 Nov. 1774. He is a descendant of the ancient Barons of Devon. This officer entered the Navy, in 1794, on board the Incendiary fire-ship ; in which vessel and the Porcupine 24 (the former attached to the force sent in 1795 to co-operate with the French Royalists in Quiberon Bay) he was for about two years creditably employed on the Channel station, under Capts. Rich. Bagot and John Draper, as A.E., Coxswain, Quartermaster, and Midshipman. Being then nominated Master's Mate of the Ardent 64, Capts. Rich. Rundle Burgess and Thos. Bertie, he fought in that ship and was wounded (• Vide Gaz. 1707, p. 986.— In consideration of the injuries he sustained on this occasion he was allotted a pension which ceased on his promotion to tlie rank of Lieutenant) in the action off Camperdown 11 Oct. 1797, and was present in her in 1799 in the expedition to Holland, where he assisted in landing the troops and witnessed the surrender of the Dutch squadron under Rear-Admiral Storey.


During the winter of the latter year a six-oared cutter, with 8 men, belonging to the Arrow sloop, Capt. Wm. Bolton, in attempting to land in a heavy gale at North Yarmouth, was swamped at some distance from the shore. Two of the crew were drowned, a fate which, as it was found impossible to get a boat out to their assistance, must inevitably have attended the remainder, had not Mr. Tracy, who happened to be on shore, seized the beachmen's line, fastened it round his body, and, regardless of danger, dashed in among the breakers, through which he succeeded in reaching the unfortunate men, who, having the rope then secured to them, were hauled on shore amidst the acclamations of the beholders! On 6 Oct. 1800 Mr. Tracy was made Lieutenant into the Explosion bomb, Capt. John Sykes ; and on 13 of the same month he was removed to the Heldin 28, Capt. John Phillips, under whom we find him, in Aug. 1801, present in Lord Nelson's attack upon the Boulogne flotilla. In the following Jan, he was paid off. Assuming command, 28 Sept. 1803, of the Princess Augusta,, a small hired cutter, of 8 guns (4-pounders) and 25 men, he was occasionally employed in that vessel in the conveyance of despatches and other communications to Russia. He was strongly recommended also by his senior officer, Capt. Robt. Dudley Oliver, for valuable service he performed off Havre-de-Grace.


On 13 June, 1804, he had 3 or 4 men, including himself slightly, wounded, in an action of two hours and three quarters, fought near the mouth of the river Tees, with a French privateer of 14 guns, full of men, which in the end sheered off, on observing the approach of two small vessels, manned with seafencibles, from Redcar. The Princess Augusta, in this very gallant affair, received several shot near the water's edge, and was much shattered in her rigging. The conduct of her brave commander was highly ap- proved by the Commander-in-Chief, Lord Keith, and the Board of Admiralty. He afterwards (besides making prize, 28 Jan. 1807, of the Jena privateer, of 8 guns and 46 men (Vide Gaz. 1807, p. 142.)) took within 12 months as many as 19 of the enemy's vessels, and drove on shore on the coast of Holland and destroyed a captured brig, under a battery of 6 guns and a fire of musketry. In the affair with the Jena he was again slightly wounded ; and for this and his other proceedings he had the gratification of receiving letters of a flattering nature from his Commanders-in-Chief, Lord Keith and Vice-Admiral Thos. Macnamara Russell, as well as the renewed approbation of the Admiralty.


On 4 Feb. 1807 Mr. Tracy was removed to the command of the Linnet brig, of 12 18-pounder carronades, 2 long sixes, and 60 men. In her he was chiefly employed in blockading Havre-de-Grace, in cruizing in the Channel, North Sea, &c. in escorting convoy to Newfoundland, and on service on the coast of Ireland. On 16 Jan. 1808 he enforced the surrender, off' Cape Barfleur, after a running action of an hour and 40 minutes, of Le Courrier lugger of 18 guns and 60 men (Vide Gaz. 1808, p 107);* on 30 Aug. following he captured, near Cherbourg, the Foudroyard of 10 guns and 25 men ; his vessel, during the latter part of the operations connected with the expedition of 1809 to the "Walcheren, occupied the advanced position in the river Scheldt, in order that she might be on the look-out for fire-vessels ; and on 29 May, 1812, he took, off the Start, Le Petit Charles, carrying 26 armed men. On other occasions he recaptured two brigs, made prize of a privateer and two small French sloops, and detained three Danish vessels. His performances indeed in the Linnet twice obtained for him the commendation of their Lordships ; and he was continued in her until Feb. 1813 ; on 25 of which month he fell in with, and was forced to strike his colours to, the French 40-gun La Gloire, This latter step, however, was deferred until he had done all that intrepidity could do, and had exhausted every resource that consummate seamanship could suggest. In pronouncing its sentence, the court-martial, which, on 31 May, 1814, assembled on board the Gladiator at Portsmouth to try the late officers and crew of the Linnet, expressed its opinion " that the capture of H.M. late gun-brig Linnet was caused by her falling in with a French frigate of very superior force, and that the conduct of the said Lieut. John Tracy, his officers, and company was most able, judicious, and seamanlike, although they were not so fortunate as to effect their escape from so superior a force. Yet," it went on to say, " their manoeuvres in having three times crossed the frigate's bows, and at one time so near as to carry away her flying-jib-boom, evinced so much courage and judgment, that the court doth adjudge the said Lieut. John Tracy, his officers, and company to be fully and most honourably acquitted." As a reward for his skill and valour Mr. Tracy was promoted, 11 June following, to the rank of Commander. He afterwards, until 1836, sought, but in vain, for employment; nor has he been since more successful in his efforts to obtain, that which he covets, the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital.


Commander Tracy married, 3 May, 1825, Mrs. Knight, of Gosport, only sister of the Rev. J. B. Cooper, of Emsworth, co. Hants. A son, by a former marriage, J. J. C. H. Tracy, is a Lieutenant R.N.

William R. O’Byrne (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary


Jn Tracy, master

Alex Nisbet, surgeon

Grenada (convict ship)

sailed 08/09/1826 Downs/London with 88 females

arrived 23/01/1827 Sydney NSW with 84 females


John Tracy

Rank: Midshipman

1756-1917, ADM 196/37, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Commission and Warrant Branch: Executive Officers M-Z

19/12/1859 Mate/Sub Lieutenant


John Joseph Clopp Harding (Hording) Tracy (m) [Son of John Tracy above]

Date of Birth: 02 March 1809

09 Jul 1823 Entered the navy

July 1823 ADM 196/69, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Lieutenants' services and inferior time

1830 John J.C.H. Tracy, Lieutenant

07 April 1830, ADM 196/13, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Naval Cadets to Admirals

30 Sep 1837 Lieut

28 Nov 1839 Wanderer
18 Jul 1845 Chief Officer, Coast Guard - July 29, 1845 (BL) Coastguard: Lieutenant John J.C.H. Tracy, R.N. to command a Station.

Sept 1845 The United Service Magazine

Coast Guard Appointments...Lieut J. J. C. H. Tracy, R.N., to command the Station at Pitt's Deep...

TRACY John J.C.H. Lieut & Ch Off 18 Jul 45 Pitts Deep

18 July 1845, ADM 196/37, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Commission and Warrant Branch: Executive Officers M-Z

1849 (601) Salaries, pensions, &c. Lieut. J.J.C.H. Tracy, Chief Officer, Coast Guard, Southampton, £91 compensation for loss of half-pay, £91.5.0, total £192.5.0

August 1861 Court-martial: James Mahaln did offer to use violence towards Lieutenant John Joseph Clopp Harding Tracey commander of the Mermaid, coast guard cruiser

3 August 1861 - Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail

Alleged attempt to shoot a naval officer..."2. that the said James Mahaln, he being in actual service and full pay, did offer to use violence towards lieutenant J. J. Clopp Harding Tracy, commander of the Mermaid, tender to her Majesty’s ship Dauntless, his superior officer, the execution of his office, by having, on or about the evening of the 8th of July, stepped forward after Lieutenant Tracy and followed him with loaded pistols on his arrival on board the Mermaid, the same being a breach of the 16th article of war."...

1861 (310) Naval officers. John J.C.H. Tracy, Mermaid, £200.15.0 to £182.10.0, £36.10.0, £219, £18.5.0

1 Jan 1864 Rank: Retired Commander

16 Oct 1875 NP


TRACY. (Lieut., 1837. F-P., 22 ; H-P., 2.)

John Joseph Clapp Harding Tracy is son of Commander John Tracy, R.N.

This officer entered the Navy, 9 July, 1823, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Queen Charlotte 100, Capt. Jas. Nash, lying at Portsmouth; where he removed, in Feb. 1824, to the Victokt 100, Capt. Chas. Inglis. From April, 1826, until Jan. 1830, he served (he had already attained the rating of Mid- shipman) in the West Indies in the Esfi£gle 18, Capts. Rich. Augustus Yates, Williams Sandom, Henry Gosset, Joseph O'Brien, Chas. Ramsay Drinkwater (now Bethune), and Russell Eliott. He then again joined, for rather more than three months, the Victoby, Capt. Hon. Geo. Elliot; and he was next, from 8 Sept. 1830 until 8 Jan. 1834, and from 19 Jan. 1834 until 22 Sept. 1837, employed as Mate in the Rainbow 28, Capt. Sir John Franklin, and Chakybdis 36, Lieut.-Commander Sam. Mercer, in the Mediterranean and on the coast of Africa. On 30 of the month last mentioned he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. His appoint- ments have since been— 16 Dec. 1837, to the Lily 16, Capt. John Reeve, with whom he returned to the coast of Africa— 28 Nov. 1839, after six months of half-pay, to the 'Wandebek 16, Capts. Hon. Joseph Denman, Stephen Grenville Fremantle, and Geo. Henry Seymour, in which vessel he was for four years and seven months employed on the African and China stations, tbe chief part of the time as First-Lieutenant, including about four weeks that he acted as Commander— and 18 July, 1845, to the charge, which he still retains, of a sta- tion in the Coast Guard. On 19 Nov. 1840 he landed at the Gallinas, and after having destroyed the factories, brought off a number of slaves, whom he conveyed, in the prize-vessel Vanguarda, to Sierra Leone. In an engagement with some pirates off Acheen, on the coast of Sumatra, Mr. Tracy, who had charge of the Wandeeek's boats, and was in company with those of the Haeleqdin, had 4 men wounded, one of them severely, in his own boat, the pinnace.

William R. O’Byrne (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary


John Joseph Clapp Harding Tracy (s. of John Tracy) married Mary Ann Gover (d. of William Gover) 22 Jul 1847 Saint Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire, England

Mary Ann Harding Tracy b. 27 Aug 1849 Saint Andrew, Holborn, London, England

John Joseph Gover Tracey b. 14 Aug 1855 Gosport, Hampshire, England

William Samuel Gover Tracy b. 30 Dec 1859 Gosport, Hampshire, England

Florence Emily Tracey b. 12 Apr 1863 Shanklin, Hampshire, England


John Joseph Clapp Harding Tracy buried 10 Oct 1887 Saint Mary Scholing, England, age 77, b. 1810


John Smith Tracey, Will, of Basse Terre, Island of Guadeloupe Date 15 March 1811 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1520 [possible uncle of John Smith Tracey, grandfather of Henry Frank Tracey, great grandfather of Harry Owens Tracey] [see http://traceyclann.com/files/Antrim.htm & http://traceyclann.com/files/Traceys%20of%20the%20Caribbean.htm]


Reference:    PROB 11/1520/264

Description: Will of John Smith Tracey of Basse Terre , Island of Guadeloupe

Date:            15 March 1811

...Harry Tracey a minor and John Tracey an infant...


1800 Court Martial of Lieutenant John Spinney

...held aboard His majesty's ship the Royal Sovereign in Torbay [Devon England] the 27th of October 1800...appointing Mr John Smith Tracey to officiate as judge advocate...


1850 (106) Second report from the Select Committee on Ceylon

Capitulation of Demerara and Essequibo...Batavian Republic...Government House, 18 September 1803...signed J.S. Tracy, Naval Secretary...


2d of October 1803

...articles of capitulation proposed to the inhabitants of Demerara...(signed) W. Grinfied Sam. Hood. Wm Tatum, Mil Sec. John Tracy, Naval Sec.

Centaur, Diamond Rock, off Martinico, February 6th, 1804.

...capture of the Curieux, French corvette...She was lying close under Fort Edward, at the entrance of the Careenage, Fort Royal Harbour, Martinico...[boarded with] Mr. Tracey, my secretary...[wounded] Mr. Tracey, though not badly...."Sir Evan Nepean, Bart." "Samuel Hood."

Proclamation January 27th 1810 Planters and Inhabitants of Guadaloupe

...By command of their excellencires W.H. Wilby J.S. Tracy.

Thomas Southey (1827) Chronological History of the West Indies, Volume 3


1806 (118) Papers relating to colonies, lately belonging to the Batavian and French Republics, in the West Indies

Colonies of Essequibo and Demerara...Batavian Republic...J.S. Tracey, Naval Sec...


Parish Register of St. John

1 Jan 1807 John Smith Tracey to Anna Hill Osborne , Spinster. L. [with Osborne family genealogy]

Vere Langford Oliver (1896) The History of the Island of Antigua: One of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the First Settlement in 1635 to the Present Time, Volume 2. Mitchell and Hughes


17 April 1807 (FJ) Married

In the Island of Antigua, J.S. Tracey, Esq. (Secretary to Rear Admiral Sir A. Cochrane) to Miss Ann Osborne, daughter of - Osborne Esq. of that island.


The Gentleman's Magazine

March 1811...At Barbadoes, on his passage to England, John Smith Tracey , esq . Secretary to his Excellency Sir A. Cochrane.


Church of St Mary The Virgin, Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England











Naval Chronicle for 1812. Volume 27 (from January to June) London


Lately, Dr. D. J. H. Dickson, physician to the Fleet at the Leeward Islands, to Miss Tracey, sister of the late J. S. Tracey, Esq. secretary to Sir Alexander Cochrane.


John Smith Tracey, Will, Gentleman late Purser of His Majesty's Ship the Atholl of Llandilo , Carmarthenshire Date 01 May 1833 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1816 [nephew to John Smith Tracey above]


Jonas Tracey

Ship Journal – Panther. Rated at 350 tons, 70 crew, 30 guns. Voyages: (1) 1699/1700 Borneo (New Company). 24 Jan 1700 -. (2) 1701/2 Borneo (New Company). Capt Jonas Tracey/Robert Robinson. Downs - Madeira 27 Mar 1702 - 12 Jul Batavia - 9 Aug Samarang - 26 Aug Banjarmassin 20 Mar 1703 - voyage ended mid-1704. (3) 1704/5 St Helena and Borneo. Capt John Camell. Downs 5 Jan 1705 - 26 Apr St Helena - 7 Sep Batavia - 12 Nov Tamborneo - 18 Apr 1707 Batavia 24 Aug - 24 Oct Cape - 11 Sep 1708 Downs.

Ship Journal – Catherine. 200 tons, 20 guns, 40 crew. Voyages: (1) 1704/5 Borneo. Capt Jonas Tracey. Downs 5 Jan 1705 - 18 Jul Benkulen - 25 Apr Batavia - 26 Sep Banjarmassin - 22 Nov Batavia - 11 Dec Banjarmassin - 6 Apr 1707 Batavia - 24 Oct Cape - 24 Dec St Helena - 5 Apr 1708 Galway - 21 Sep Downs.

List of the packet for Captain Jonas Tracey of the Catharine, East India Company General Correspondence E/3/95 ff 182-83 16 Dec 1704, E/3/95 f 182 Dec 1704 & E/3/95 f 174 17 Jan 1705

Jonas Tracy, commander of the ship Katherine, Covering dates 1708

Jonas Tracey, Will, Commander of the Ship Cathrine Date 15 November 1708 Catalogue reference PROB 11/505

Errington v Watson.

Plaintiffs: Thomas Errington, mariner of Greenwich, Kent and Ann Errington his wife (late widow of Captain Jonas Tracy deceased, late Commander of East India Ship ''Katherine").

Defendants: Robert Watson, gent, James Pursely, Matthew Theed, James Minty, Richard Rawlinson, Joseph Rivers and Joseph Rivers (the son).

Date of bill (or first document): 1715


Reference:    E/3/95 ff 182-83

Orders and instructions to Captain Jonas Tracey of the Catharine

Date:            16 Dec 1704

Reference:    E/3/95 f 182

List of the packet for Captain Jonas Tracey of the Catharine

Date:            [Dec 1704]


Joseph Tracy

Greenwich out-pensioners applying for admission into Greenwich Hospital as in-pensioners (after service in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or the Naval Dockyards)

Covering dates, 1833 August 1, ADM 6/240 Register of candidates for admission to Greenwich Hospital. Described at item level


Joshua Treacy/Treacey/Tracey (1776 Ireland - 1845 Moresby Cumberland) [see also sons Christopher Treacy & William Treacy] [perhaps related to William Treacy of Co. Clare who also sevred on HMS Glatton]



Joshua Treacy service record. (ADM-196-6-362)

Lieut 13 Dec 1797

Comm 21 Mar 1812

Ret Captain 13 Sep 1844

Ships (all Lieut):

Busy 23 Dec 97 to 3 Mar 1799

Proselyde 18 Mar 99 to 4 Jun 1800

Prince 5 Jun 1880 to 5 Augt 1800

Prince George 6 Aug 1800 to 28 Apl 1802

Glatton 27 May 02 to 18 Sep 04

San Josef 19 Sep 04 to 18 Mar 07

Monmouth 4 Aug 07 to 15 Sep 07

Swiftsure 4 Nov 07 to 16 Aug 08

Hibernia 14 Sep 08 to 5 May 10

San Josef 6 May 10 to 27 Mar 12



Entered the navy 21 Nov 1778

Lt 13th Dec 1797


Reference:    ADM 1/1632/144

Folios 321-322: James Colnett, HMS Glatton, Chatham. States he is short of two Lieutenants and requests appointment of same. Also Lieutenant Treacy has performed the duty of first Lieutenant much to the satisfaction of Captain Portlock and himself and requests he continues in that position.

Date: 1802 July 2

Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Former reference in its original department: Cap C180


Lieutenant: Joshua Treacy, HMS Glatton, a unique Ship to have transported Convicts to Sydney Harbour 1803.

Treacy. Lieutenant, Royal Navy 1803 Apr 7 - Appointed to sit on Criminal Court (Reel 6037; SZ991 p.4) State Records, New South Wales


11th May, 1803...Lt. Tracy...

Captain Oolnett To Governor King. His Majesty’s Ship Glatton,

Sir, Sydney, 15th May, 1803

...nor shun the attack of any person, as was intimated to Lieutenant Treacey yesterday...

Governor King To Captain Colnett. 16 May. Government House, Sydney,

Sir, Sunday evening, half—past 6, 15th May, 1803.

I received yours this evening by Lieut. Treacy...

14th May, 1803...Lieut’t Tracey...

Historical records of Australia. Ser.1:v.4 1803/1804: June


Commander; Date of Seniority: 21 March 1812. ADM 9/4 Nos. 867-1257. 1817


21st December, 1827 Cape Of Good Hope Government Gazette

Arrivals In Simon’s Bay...Dec 18, His Majesty’s Ship Samarang...Passengers – Captain J. [Joshua?] Treacy, R.N...


1832 Directory. Commanders in the Royal Navy...1812...Joshua Treacy...(The above Officers are on the half pay of 10s0d.)

Capt 13th September 1844 [?]

Retired 1844

Died in Whitehaven on 15 Apr 1845.

Rank: Retired Captain, 23 December 1797, ADM 196/6, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III) - Officers Time of Service

Treacy (Comm. Joshua). R.N. Seal of the Dean 18th cent. CLIII.65. (British Library manuscripts)

Carlisle Journal 26 April 1845

At Kingston House, in the parish Moresby, on the 15th instant, Joshua Treacy, Esq., retired Captain in her Majesty’s Navy, in the 73rd year of his age.


1812 List of Flag Officers and Other Commissioned Officers

William Treacy

Joshua Treacy, L., 13 Dec 1797

John Treacy, L. 6 Oct 1800


1814 Navy List


Joshua Treacy, 21 Mar 12

John Treacy, 11 June 14


Naval Chronicle for 1812. Volume 27 (from January to June) London

Professional Liberality of Sir Charles Cotton

Lieutenant Joshua Treacy, late 1st. lieutenant of the San Josef, had sailed with Sir Charles Cotton for 13 years. On Sir C. striking his flag, in 1807, Lieutenant Treacy accepted an offer of Sir John B. Warren, of being first of the Swiftsure, his flag-ship, and proceeded in her to Newfoundland. When Sir Charles hoisted his flag in the Hibernia, of' Lisbon, Lieutenant Treacy proceeded to join him, but through some delay of conveyance, he unfortunately was detained for a considerable time, during which, Lieutenant J. Bellamy was acting as first. Lieutenant Treacy joined about; month before Sir Charles struck his flag; on which event, the Admiral gave Lieutenant Bellamy (although a perfect stranger to him) his commission as: commander; judging that it would be an act of injustice to preclude him from that promotion, which, by the courtesy of the service, is generally on such occasions, conferred for the performance of the duty, which Lietenant Bellamy had most creditably discharged.


Joshua Treacy, Esq.

Obtained the rank of lieutenant in Dec. 1797 and served for many years under the late Admiral Sir Charles Cotton. On that officer striking his flag in 1807, Mr. Treacy accepted an offer of Sir John Borlase Warren, and proceeded with him to Halifax, as first of his flag-ship, the Swiftsure. When Sir Charles Cotton assumed the command on the Lisbon station, after the emigration of the House of Braganza, he again applied for his old follower; who accordingly hastened to join the Hibernia 110, from which ship he was removed, with the admiral's retinue, into the Sail Josef, on the Mediterranean station, in 1810. Lieutenant Treacy was made a commander on the 21st Mar. 1812.

Royal Naval Biography 1833


TREACY. (Retired Captain, 1844. F-P., 21; H-P., 46.)

Joshua Treacy died 15 April, 1845, at Whitehaven.

This officer entered the Navy, 21 Nov. 1778, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Infernal, Capt. Allen, employed at Deptford and Spithead. Five months after he had been discharged from that vessel he joined the Triumph 74, Capt. Philip Affleck, attached to the force in the Channel. Her he left in July, 1780 ; from which period he did not again go afloat until received, as A.B., in Jan. 1793, on board the Terrible 74, Capts. Skeffington Lutwidge, Geo. Campbell, John Miller, and Sir Rich. Bickerton. Attaining the rating of Midshipman in the following April, he served in that capacity in a gun-boat, and on shore in the batteries, at the occupation, in the course of the same year, of Toulon. He was afterwards, 14 March and 13 July, 1795, present in Hotham's partial actions with the French fleet off Genoa and the Hyeres Islands. He continued in the Terible, part of the time as Master's Mate, and latterly in the Channel, until made Lieutenant, 13 Dec. 1797, into the Bust 18, Capt. John Acworth Ommanney, stationed in the North Sea ; and he was subsequently appointed—19 Oct. 1798, to the Pnoselyte 32, Capt. Geo. Fowke, in which frigate (he did not join her until March, 1799) he cruized on the coast of Ireland and then accompanied the expedition to Holland, where he assisted in landing the troops under Sir Ralph Abercromby—24 April and 27 Not. 1800, to the Prince and Prince George 98's, bearing each the flag of Sir Chas. Cotton in the Channel—27 May, 1802, to the Glatton 50, Capt. Jas. Colnett, employed at first in conveying convicts to New South Wales, and next as flag-ship, at Leith, to Admirals Rich. Rodney Bligh and Jas. Vashon — 18 Aug. 1804, to the San Josef 110, bearing the flag of his patron Sir C. Cotton in the Channel—4 Aug. 1807, to the Monmodth 64, Capt. Edw. Dumford King, on the eve of her departure for the East Indies— 29 Oct. following, as First, to the Swiftsure 74, fitting for the flag of Sir John Borlase Warren, wliom he accompanied to the coast of North America— and 12 Sept. 1808 and 4 May, 1810, to the Hibernia 120, and San Josef again, flag-ships of Sir C. Cotton on the Lisbon and Mediterranean stations. He was promoted to the rank of Commander 21 March, 1812 ; and placed on the list of Retired Captains 13 Sept. 1844.

William R. O’Byrne (1849) A Naval Biographical Dictionary


June 2 Joshua Treacy bac : 37 and Mary Tate spin : 31 licence

The Parish Registers of Dalston, Cumberland: Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1678-1812

July 1, 1812. Cumberland and Westmoreland. At Dalston, Captain Joshua Treacy, R.N. to Mary, second daughter of John Tate, esq. Of Holm Hill. Monthly magazine and British register, Volume 33


Joshua Treacy, b. 1775, 37, married Mary Tate, b. 1781, 31, on the 2 Jun 1812 Dalston, Cumberland, England

Joshua Treacy & Mary Tate

George Treacy Bapt 04 May 1813 Crosthwaite, Cumberland, England

Joshua Treacy & Mary

Joshua Treacy Bapt 18 May 1814 Saint Michael, Workington, Cumberland, England. Joshua Treacy b. 1814 d. 1837, 23 years, buried 7th Sep St. Oswald anglican Durham

Matthew Treacy Bapt 02 Aug 1816 Saint Michael, Workington, Cumberland, England

John Treacy Bapt 02 Aug 1816 Saint Michael, Workington, Cumberland, England

Sarah Treacy Bapt 02 Mar 1818 Saint Michael, Workington, Cumberland, England

James Treacy B. 07 Dec 1819 Bapt 04 Jan 1820 Bridekirk, Cumberland, England

William Treacy Bapt 10 Jul 1821 Bridekirk, Cumberland, England


1827 History, directory, and gazetteer of the counties of Durham and...Treacy Captain Joshua, R.N. Old Elvet, City of Durham


4 July 1831. Petition: Joshua Treacy, commander RN, for contribution towards education of son at Cambridge University NRO 452/C/2/710 [Joshua?]


Alumni Oronienses: the Members of the University of Oxford, 1715-1886

Treacy, Joshua, IS, Joshua, of Workington, Cumberland, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 9 June 1831, aged 17; scholar 1832-7, B.A. 1836


1841 Census - Kingston Place Moresby Whitehaven Cumberland England

Joshua Treacy, 65, b. abt 1776 Ireland, Navy

Mary Treacy, 60, b. abt 1781 Cumberland

John Treacy, 20, b. abt 1821 Cumberland

Christopher Treacy, 15, b. abt 1826 outside Cumberland


26 Apr 1845 Carlisle Journal

At Kingston House, in the parish of Moresby, on the 15th instant, Joshua Treacy, Esq., retired Captain in her Majesty's Navy, in the 73rd year of his age.


19 May 1845. Will of Joshua Treacy Commander in the Royal Navy Moresby, Cumberland. PROB 11/2018

Joshua Tracy, Kingston Ho, Cumberld, Executor: Mary Treacy P.G. Court Register 2 Folio 437

May 1845 Will: Joshua Treacy of Kingston House near Whitehaven P. Moresby Co Cumberland, a Commander in the Royal Navy - Prog I £8000


19 May 1845 Will of Joshua Treacy, Commander in the Royal Navy of Moresby, Cumberland

[rough transcript] [Image]

In the name of God Amen

This is the last will and testament of me Joshua Tracy a commander in the Royal Navy and now residing at Kingston House near ? ?? Whitehazen in the parish of Moresby in the county of Cumberland ? being in good health both of body and mind I do bequeath the ? ?? property I man be posschord of at

in the following manner to care of my dear sons Matthew Treacy John Treacy William Treacy and Christopher Treacy the sum of 2100 sterling to my dear brother ? John Treacy the sum of 100 to my dear niece Jane Gouloing 260 ?? and to my beloved wife Mary I leave all my household furniture ?

and plate and whatever other property real or Arsenal I may be ? ??

possessed of at the time of my death and to be disposed of by Act as she

may think proper to our sons by will at Acr death I do hereby ? ??


1850 Obituary Cumberland – Feb. 28. At Kingston House, near Whitehaven, the widow of Capt. Joshua Treacy, R.N. The Gentleman's Magazine


2 May 1850 Will of Mary Treacy, Widow of Moresby , Cumberland PROB 11/2113/383

Will of Mary Treacy of Kingston House in the Prish of Moresoy in the county of Cumberland..late husband Joshua Treacy...sons Matthew Treacy, John Treacy, William Treacy and Christopher Treacy...my sister Orresabella? Oubrvard? of ?


1840 Medical Times

Apothecarites Hall. The following gentlemen passed on Thursday April 16...Matthew Treacy, Whitehaven...

Government Gazette November 9, 1841

Unclaimed Letters - General Post Office Sydney for the month of October 1841

...Matthew Treacy, Esq, surgeon, William Treacy...

1847 Directory

Mat. Treacy, Surgeon, Bridge-street, Workington, Cumberland

1850 Directory

TREACY, Matthew, Bridge-street, Workington, Cumberland — M. R. C. S. Eng. 1839 ; L.S.A. 1840 ; Surg, to the Disp.

1851 Census

Mathew Treacy, 34, b. 1817 Workington Cumberland, Member Of The College Of Surgeons & Licentite, Cumberland

1875 The Doctor

On the 10th Jan., at Low Dinsdale [Durham], Matt. Treacy, M.B.C.S.E. aged 60.

23 November 1877 London Gazette

MATTHEW TREACY, Esq., Deceased. Pursuant to the Act of Parliament of the 22nd and 23rd Victoria, cap. 35, intituled " An Act to further amend the Law of Property, and to relieve Trustees."

NOTICE is hereby given, that all creditors and others having claims or demands against the estate of Matthew Treacy, formerly of Dunston Lodge, but late of Dinsdale Park, Darlington, both in the county of Durham, Surgeon, deceased (who died on the 10th day of January, I876, and of whose personal estate and effects letters of administration, with the will annexed, have been granted by the District Registry at Durham of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, Probate Division, on the 22nd day of March. 1870, to John Treacy. now of Park-place, Munkgate, in the suburbs of the city of York. Esq), are hereby required to send in the particulars of their debts, claims, or demands, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, to the said John Treacy, the said administrator, with will annexed, at our offices, No. 12, Pavement, in the city of York, on or before the 5th day of January, 1878, at the expiration of which time the said administrator will distribute the assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the debts, claims, or demands of which he shall then have had notice; and the said administrator will nor be liable for the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose debt, claim, or demand he shall not have liad notice at the time of such distribution of the said assets.—Dated this. 17th day of November, 1877

J., J. P. and H. WOOD, Solicitors to the said Administrator.


1851 Obituary, Dec 31. At sea, on board the Lord Hardinge, Christopher Treacy, esq, B.A. (1847), Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge, and youngest son of the late Captain Treacy, R.N., of Kingston House near Whitehaven. The Gentleman's Magazine

Treacy, Christopher. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 5. 1843. Of Cumberland. [S. of Captain — , of Kingston House, near Cariisle. B. at Durham. School, Sedbergh.] Matric. Michs. 1843; B.A. (24<A Wrangler) 1847; M.A. 1850. Fellow, 1849. Died at sea, Dec. 31, 1850. Brother of the next. {Sedbergh Sch. Reg.; C. R. Hudleston.)

Treacy, John. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 18, 1836. Of Cumberland. [S. of Captain — .] Matric. Michs. 1836; B.A. 1841. Brother of the above.

Alumni cantabrigienses; a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900; (1922)

29 July 1880 Will of Christopher Treacy - Personal Estate under £100

Administration of the personal Estate of Chrisopher Treacy formerly of Emmanuel College in the university of Cambridge but late at Sea Bachelor who died 31 December 1850 at Sea left unadministered by Matthew Treacy the Brother and one of the Next of Kin was granted at the Principal Registry to John Treacy of Grimston Villa Hull-road in the Suberbs of the City of York Gentleman the Brother and one other of the Next of Kin. Former Grant Prerogative Court of Canterbury June 1851.

The Sedbergh School Register, 1546 to 1895

Treacy, Christopher, entered August, age 18; born at Durham; left October, 1843; Scholar of Emmanuel Coll Cambridge B.A., Twenty-fourth Wrangler, 1847; Fellow. Died young.


24 October 1851 Carlisle Journal

At Hong Kong on the 22d of August, Captain William Treacy, son of the late Captain Treacy, R.N., of Kingston House, near Whitehaven, aged 30 years.


1851 The Indian News and Chronicle of Eastern Affaires


Victoria, Hong Kong. Aug 22. Capt William Treacy, late Commander of the British ship "Lord Hardage?"


23 March 1852 Will of William Treacy, Ship Owner and Master Mariner of Hong Kong China (PROB 11/2150/158)

William Treacy of Whitehavon in the county of Cumberland...aunt Isabella Willward...two brothers Matthew Treacy and John Treacy... Administered to John Treacy Esquire the brother on the 21 day of March 1882.


Martin Tracy [born 1835 son of Rev John Tracey, grandson of John Smith Tracey]

Rank: Midshipman

1756-1917, ADM 196/37, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Commission and Warrant Branch: Executive Officers M-Z

25 July 1855 Cork Examiner

... Martin Tracey, midshipman of the Vesuvius...

2 August 1855 (AC) Black Sea. Destruction of the floating bridge in the straits of Genitsghi

Lieut W.N.W. Hewitt to Commander S. Osborne. Beagle, off Glienitchesk...and the paddle box boat, under Mr. Martin Tracy, midshipman, of the Vesuvius...Great credit is due to Mr. Hayles for his activity and zeal in destroying the same [hawsers], and to Mr. Martin Tracy, for the effectual fire he kept up in covering his retreat, the firing from the ship and paddle box boat at the same time causing great confusion and loss amongst the enemy as they retired from their exposed position...


John Tracey, clergyman, & Emma of Stonhouse

Martin Tracey b. 22nd July 1835 East Stonehouse Devon


May 1848 Royal Navy Commission

Naval Cadets...Martin Tracey and James T Pringle, to Hastings;...

Masters Assistants...R. L. Tracy, to Investigator;...







A Crimea medal to M. Tracey, H.M.S. Vesuvius.

Roughly depot impressed, some minor knocks to edge.

Suspender bar by Bailey of Coventry.

Azoff bar loose on ribon.







A Crimean War pair awarded to Midshipman Martin Tracey, Royal Navy
Crimea 1854-56, 2 clasps, Sebastopol, Azoff (Midsn. M. Tracey, R.N., H.M.S. Vesuvius.) officially impressed naming in the style of Naval Long Service medals circa 1910; Turkey, Order of the Medjidie, breast badge in silver, gold and enamels, extremely fine (2) £500-600

Provenance: Sotheby, December 1990.
Midshipman Martin Tracey took part in the commando-style raids against the Russian supply routes bordering the Sea of Azoff in the Summer of 1855. When commanding a paddle-box boat on detached service from H.M.S. Beagle, he and his small crew gave covering fire whilst Seaman John Trewavas swam inshore to cut the hawsers on the pontoon bridge at Genitchi. For this act of gallantry, Trewavas was awarded the Victoria Cross, and for his own services on this and other occasions, in the Sea of Azoff, Tracey was awarded the Order of the Medjidie.
Subsequently transferring to the Orion, Tracey deserted his ship while she was lying at Spithead on 24 March 1856, and was seen no more. He thus never received his Crimea medal, nor was he recommended for the Turkish Crimea medal, Fifty-four years later, his younger brother, the Reverend H. F. Tracey, Vicar of Dartmouth [see above], laid a claim for the issue of a medal in Martin Tracey’s name, and this was authorised in 1910 (despatched on the authority of the Admiralty to the Reverend Tracey, 6 May 1910). There are very few surviving examples of this medal which can be attributed to an individual, of any rank, who served in the Royal Navy in the Sea of Azoff operations (vide pages 340-344, Naval Medals 1793-1856, by Captain K. J. Douglas-Morris, R.N., where Martin Tracey’s medal is discussed).



Osborn Tracey [son of Harry Tracey, Surgeon, RN]

23 June 1862 Cha. Division, Royal Marine Light Infantry

21 Apr 1878 - C


Reference:    ADM 196/60/245 record

Name            Tracey, Osborn [b. 1844]

Rank:            Captain

Date of Appointment:                23 June 1862 [2nd Lieutenant] 21 Nov 1865 1st Lieutenant, 21 Apr 1878 Captain

Date:            23 June 1862

Born: Dartsmouth Devon

Entered at 18 years

Father: Harry Tracey Surgeon

D.D. 5 September 1882 [died]


Ptk Tracy, Ex. -R.N.

1886 Bassetts Directory Co. Louth


Richard Edward Tracey [see Richard Edward Tracey] & [see Tracy Peerage Case]

Date of Birth: 24 January 1837 [Cork]

Rank: Master's Assistant

Rank: Lieutenant

Rank: Admiral

15 January 1852, ADM 196/76, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Civil Branch - commissioned and warrant officers: O-Z

17 January 1852, ADM 196/70, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Lieutenants' services and inferior time

17 January 1852, ADM 196/14, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Naval Cadets to Admirals

January 20, 1852 (FJ) The Navy. Masters' Assistants - Richard E. Tracy to the Fisgard, flag ship at Woolwich.

12 December 1853, ADM 196/37, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Commission and Warrant Branch: Executive Officers M-Z

30 Jan 1858 (act) Mate HMS Harrier 17

1859 Thom's Almanac and Official Directory of Ireland: Richd E. Tracey (act) Mate, Harrier, 17 sc. s. sloop 100 h. p. - South-East Coast of America, 30 Jan 58

December 3, 1859 (FJ) Naval Appointments. Lieutenants...Richard E Tracey...to the Excellent...

July 12, 1860 (FJ) Naval Appointments...Lieutenants...R.E. Tracey to the Conqueror...

June 1862 Lieut R E Tracey to the Euryalus

1865 [3428] Japan. No. 1. (1865.) Correspondence. Lieutenant R.E. Tracey of the "Euryalus"

1866 [3605] [3605-I] Report of the Special Armstrong and Whitworth Committee. Vol. I. Report. Remarks on the practise made with the Armstrong guns of HMS Euryalus at Kagosima...signed Richard Tracey Gunnery Lieut...

29 Dec 1871 – C

1871 [C.248] China. Commander Tracey of the Avon, Senior Naval officer at Tien-tsin

1874 [C.950] China. No. 3 Lieutenant Tracey of the Iron Duke, Hong Kong [refers to the River Lee at Cork]

7 March 1878 Slave trade, dhow destroyed at Mantyrano, Zanzabar. Report by Captain Richard E. Tracey of HMS Spartan

1894 Malta Naval Yard Salaries £13,211 Adm. Supt., [Rear-admiral] Richard E. Tracey [Hibernia]...


Reference:    ADM 50/399

Rear Admiral Richard E. Tracey

Date:            1889 – 1890


Reference:    ADM 196/41/166


Name            Tracey, Richard Edward

Rank:            Admiral

Date:            1756-1917

Former reference in its original department: Volume 3


Robert L Tracey [brother of Richard Edward Tracey]

Rank: Master's Assistant

15 April 1848, ADM 196/76, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Civil Branch - commissioned and warrant officers: O-Z

1860s R. L. Tracey, esq Bombay [friend of Dr. Livingstone]


Robert Lambert Tracey. When admitted to Greenwich Hospital School: [23 March 1844].

Parents' names: Benjamin Wheatly and Elizabeth Tracey nee Howard.

[Applicant born 14 April 1833]. Parents married 16 April 1821 in East-Stonehouse, Devon. Bond by Benjamin W Tracey and Richard Jones dated 28 September 1844.

ADM 73/363/72



May 1848 Royal Navy Commission

Naval Cadets...Martin Tracey and James T Pringle, to Hastings;...

Masters Assistants...R. L. Tracy, to Investigator;...


HMS Investigator was a merchant ship purchased in 1848 to search for Sir John Franklin's ill-fated Northwest Passage expedition. She made two voyages to the Arctic and had to be abandoned in 1853, after becoming trapped in the pack ice.



...HMS Investigator, May 18th 1848 ...He is a Master Ossie Tracey by name, Son of a Lieut. that I had put under my charge .

Samuel Gurney Cresswell (2000) War, Ice & Piracy: The Remarkable Career of a Victorian Sailor


Seward John? Tracy [1893 Warick - 1976 Clun, Shropshire?]

1915 Naval Losses in the Dardanelles

Wounded...Reported under date May 6...Lt. Seward J. Tracy, R.M., Deal Bn., R.N. Divn...

HMS VENUS 10 December 1918 At Colombo Lat 6.95, Long 79.85

8.30 am: Captain Seward J. Tracy, R.M. , 3 E.R.A.s, and 1 C.P.O. joined from England


Stopford Cane Tracey [see Richard Edward Tracey] & [see Tracy Peerage Case]

Date of Birth: 24 or 26 August 1838 [Cork]

Rank: Master's Assistant

Rank: Captain

Rank: Staff Commander

14 July 1853, ADM 196/21, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Navigating Officers

14 July 1853, ADM 196/76, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Civil Branch - commissioned and warrant officers: O-Z

25 January 1856, ADM 196/79, Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III), Accountant, Medical and Navigating Branches' officers: P-Z

13/07/1859 Second Master

March 17, 1859 (BL) Navy...Master Assistants - Stafford C. Tracey to the Mersey...

23/11/1863 Navigating Lieutenant

June 24 1861 Stopford C. Tracey, Second Master, "Penguin" off Querimba Island,

1st or 5th April 1875 Staff Commander

S C Tracey, Master HMS Orestes, 1863. Seychelles. His map of Port Victoria, triangulation chart copied to Scale: 1 inch to 200 yards. Compass indicator. Drawn by Arthur G Tregaskiss, Master's Assistant, HMS Octavia July 1866. Originally enclosure no 2 in a letter dated 9 July 1866 from Commodore Hillyar RN. 1866 MPI 1/686 4 items extracted from ADM 1/5967.

1 Apr 1873 – S Cr

30 August 1875 (FJ) [HMS] The Iron Duke...officers...Nav. Lieut. Stopford C. Tracey...

23 Jul 1877 apptd to the Bellerophon.

1878 Staff Commander Stopford C Tracey, of H.M.S. Bellerophon.



Reference:    ADM 196/79/1107               FILE

Name            Tracey, Stopford Cane

Rank:            Captain

Date of Appointment:                25 January 1856

Date:            25 January 1856


Stopford Tracey, Royal Navy

BALTIC 1854 ('Amphion'); CHINA 1857-60, 1 clasp, Canton 1857 ('Sans Pareil') both medals with contemporary engraved naming, nearly very fine (2)



Thomas Tracy

Greenwich out-pensioners applying for admission into Greenwich Hospital as in-pensioners (after service in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or the Naval Dockyards)

1834 September 4 ADM 6/241 Register of candidates for admission to Greenwich Hospital. Described at item level


1654 Capt. Wm. Tracey, Fortune, Kinsale. ", Sends the muster book. ...

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654 (1880)


William Treacy, 19, born Clare Ireland, enlisted 29 Jul 1802 HMS Glatton, holds 11? tickets, AB to 23 Sept 1802 then Masters Mate [Sub-Lieutenant] [perhaps related to Joshua Treacy who was a lieutenant on HMS Glatton] [perhaps a relative of Bishop Eric Treacy]

William Treacy, late Lieutenant belonging to His Majesty's Sloop of War Minstrel

7 November 1806 Lieutenant


Reference:    ADM 1/1635/66

Folios 367-368: James Colnett, HMS Glatton, Greenhithe. Reply to the letter dated 3 December 1802 relates the discharge of William Treacy, Master's Mate on HMS Glatton into HMS Melpomene. He has to state with the change in the establishment of the ship, he had one Mate and two Midshipman more than compliment. He wrote on 11 November 1803 regarding discharging men and received on the 14 November 1803 the following:- Mr Treacy Master's Mate into HMS Hero, Mr Nidall Midshipman into HMS Seaflower and Mr Fitzmaurice Midshipman into HMS Hindostan.

Date: 1803 Dec 7

Former reference in its original department: Cap C468


Will 04 January 1812, PROB 11/1529, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury


1812 List of Flag Officers and Other Commissioned Officers

William Treacy

Joshua Treacy, L., 13 Dec 1797

John Treacy, L. 6 Oct 1800


The Minstrel, Sloop Ship. Vellum document detailing the appointment of William Treacy as Lieutenant of the Minstrel, dated sixth day of June 1807 in the forty seventh year of His Majesty's Reign. Signed by [?]William Marsden, Lord Gambier (1756-1833), Sir C. Bickerton and Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), when Junior Lord of the Admiralty.








Carlisle Journal 24 October 1851 [see Joshua Treacy]

At Hong Kong on the 22d of August, Captain William Treacy, son of the late Captain Treacy, R.N., of Kingston House, near Whitehaven, aged 30 years.

18 November 1851 Morning Chronicle (London)

Captain Wm. Treacy, commander of the British ship Lord Hardine at Victoria Hong Kong...


6 March 1847 The Spectator

East India Shipping... Lord Hardinge, Treacy...


The Lord Hardinge made her first voyage to Bombay from Liverpool, under the command of Capt. Tracey. She later made voyages to China. She was sold in the mid-1850's, first to London owners, and then to Sterling & Co.,Glasgow, for whom she spent the rest of her career in the trade to the Caribbean.




April 1744. “Nancy” Brig, ??? Tracy (master), retaken by the “Tuscany” from a Spanish privateer in the Channel.

'Treasury Orders: 1744', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5: 1742-1745 (1903), pp. 593-599.

1744 The gentleman's magazine

Spanish Ships taken by the English

July 7. The Nancy, Capt. Tracey, from Barbary, with Raisings, Morocco Skins, Almonds, Ostridge Feathers, &cc. taken by a Spanish Privateer but re-taken by the Tusea y Galley, Capt. Stephen Sprackling.


11 May 1764 Belfast Newsletter

…Neptune Tracey foul sunk…

1764 The Universal magazine, Volume 34

News Foreign and Domestic...Leyden April 27

...Admiral Cornish, the Captains Pitchford and Collins, are ashore ; also all the country Captains, except Capt. Tracey ; and upwards of 30 paddy boats foundered or drove ashore;...Snow Neptune, Tracey, ran foul of the Calcutta, and both sank together...


18 - 22 July 1783 Belfast Newsletter [William ‘Beau’ Tracy see Tracy Peerage Case]

Portsmouth Beer sloop Royal George towed Mr. Tracey, assistants diving bellcables stern keel vessel lighters tide hawser Orpheus frigate machinery.

17 - 21 Oct. 1783 Belfast Newsletter

raise Royal George Portsmouth cables Mr. Tracey, ship.


23 June 1797 Belfast Newsletter

…Mr. Tracey, Portsea ‘Charon’…


May 21 1802? Plymouth Report

...and from the Cove of Cork, with victualling stores, the Princess Royal armed victualler, Capain Tracey...

The Naval chronicle


April 16th [1831] At Storehouse Chapel, Lieut. RW Tracey, RN to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W. Dowand, Esq. of Cork.

The United service magazine

May 6, 1831 (FJ) Marriages

At Plymouth, Lieutenant Tracey, Royal Navy, to Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of W. Dowand, Esq, of Cork.


1831-32 Royal palaces and buildings

Marchwood House, Captain Tracey, commander in His Majesty’s Royal Navy


1837 Mr. Tracey, senior mate of the "Charybdis" at Accra and Sierra Leone


June 1840 Southampton...Commander Tracey, R.N....


7 July 1862 (FJ) Admiralty, June 23

Royal Marines Light Infantry...cadets to be Second Lieutenants...Osborne Tracey...


12 November 1862 (FJ) Africa

Captain Tracey, of the Pride of Canada, died on the 28th ult., and five of his crew.


Kilrush, March 21, 1868 from the Clare Freeman

…A party of Marines under command of Lieut. Treacy from the Frederick William now lying at Foynes, have occupied the Cappa barrack adjoining the quay of this town; and a guard of marines are placed on duty at the Bridewell here, where the Fenian prisoners are confined…


28 December 1872 (FJ) Admiralty

A silver medal for long service and good conduct and a gratuity of £15 have been received for presentation to Master-Gunner Tracey, Coast Brigade, stationed at Great Yarmouth.


11 December 1876 (FJ)

The nautical assessors of the inquiry into the loss of the St. Lawrence will be Captain Tracey of her Majesty’s ship Spectator and Captain Hannay, of the Active.

December 1876 South Africa

The nautical assessors of the inquiry of the loss of the St. Lawrence will be Captain Tracy, of H.M.S. Spartan, and Captain Hannay of the Active.


11 June 1877 (FJ) Mutiny on board a ship at Kingstown

The Autocrat, a large brig, belonging to the United States...crew, most of them shipped in Dublin...pointed out by the Captain as the mutineers. They were - John Tracey, John Power, thomas King, Thomas Connor, Gustavus Holmes and Thomas Carr...


4 may 1878 (FJ) Royal Marines

...Lieutenant O Tracey to be Captain, vice Wroore.

15 May 1878 (FJ)

An exchange on the general foreign service roster has been sanctioned between Captains RH Dwyer and Osborn Tracy, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


6 December 1882 (NG)

Captain Tracey, of the Royal Marines, her majesty's ship Valliant, committed suicide while the vessel was off Tarbert.


July 1885 Berehaven, Cork

...umpire is Captain Tracy of the [HMS] Suitan...




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