Traceys of Antrim











In Antrim, there is the townland of Artresnahan (Ard Treasacháin 'Treasachán's height') in the parish of Drummaul, named after the Traceys. (Place-Name of Northern Ireland vol. iv p.24). There is Dundressan in the civil parish Island Magee.


1580? Ulster

The Countie Of Doune...Kilulto* is a very fast Countrie, full of Wood and Boggs. It bordereth upon Lough Evaghe and Clonbrassell...This countrie, before the baron’s warrs in Ingland was possessed and Inhabited by Inglishmen, and there doeyth yet remain there an old defaced castle, which still beareth the name of one Sr Miles Tracie.”

Hogan, Edmun (1878) The Description of Ireland and the state thereof as it is this present in Anno 1598. MH Gill, Dublin.

The county of Down...The captain of Kilultoe is Cormac McNeyl, who likewise has brought by Sir N.B. from the bondage of the O’Neyles. “This country afore the Baron’s wars in England was possessed and inhabited by Englishmen, and there doth yet remain there an old defaced castle, which still beareth the name of one Sir Miles Tracy.”

Carew Mss. Vol 2, p. 437

…an old defaced castle, which still beareth the name of one Sir Miles Tracy." The captain of Kilwarlin is a McGenys, called Ever McRorye, and sometimes did contribute and yield to Clandeboy, but now depends only upon the Queen. In Kinalewrty, or McCartan's…

 Ulster Ms 611, p. 278

The county of Downe...This country conteineth all the landes between the haven of Carlingford to the Bay of Knockfergus, viz. Little Ards which lyeth on the north side of the river of Strangford, it is a fertill champion country of the inheritance of the lo: Savadge. Great Ards, belonginge to com mac Neile og. South claneboy which reacheth from the Duffrin to the river of Knockfergus Kiluto, lyinge vpon lough Eaghe and Cranbrasclo. Before the Barons wars in England yt was well inhabited by Englesh, and there still remayethe an olde decayed castle bearing the name of one Sr. Nicholas Tracy

A Treatise of Ireland  By John Dymmok, Richard Butler, Irish Archaeological Society, Dublin Irish Archaeological Society, Irish Archaeological Society, Dublin. 1842

* [Killultagh, civil parishes of Aghalee, Aghagallon and Ballinderry of Co. Antrim on the border with Down. This is located at the south eastern end of Lough Neagh. Of interest at the north eastern end of Lough Neagh is the townland of Tirgracey]


1616 The Castle and Family of Sir Neale O’Neill

Neile Oge married Alice, daughter of James Fitzgerald, and died about 1599, leaving two sons minors, of whom we afterwards find the following notice:

“We doe acknowledge and confess that we have received at the hands of the Maior, Sheriffs, and Corporacon of the Towne of Knockfargus, the Patent graunted unto us by his Majestie for houldinge of our lands of Killeleagh, Kilmackevit, being formerlie committed by direction from the late Lord Deputie, unto the trust and custodye of the Maior and Corporacon of Knockfergus aforesayde, until such tyme as we should come to perfecte adge, and be capable of reason and understandinginge; as wytness our hands this 18th of April, 1616.


Hercules Langforde                   Neall O’Neall

Thomas Tracy                            Hugh O’Neall

Thomas Wittu”*

...1627...additional names of persons noticed in the records as inhabitants of this town [Carrickfergus], most of whom were tenants of this corporation. From their names, we conjecture the persons came from England...Tracy...

*History of Carrickfergus, 2d edit.

The Gentleman's Magazine 1833 - Page 851 or 581???

(Note: A slightly different version appears in Hill, George (1873) An Historical Account of the MacDonnells of Antrim: Including Notices of Some Other Septs, Irish and Scottish. Quintin Publications.)


1622 Diocese of Down and Connon

Christopher Tracy M.A. Ballymartin or Templepatrick

Resident and servth the cure – church ruinous

1643 Ministers

…Mr. James Tracy of Templepatrick…

Reid, James Seaton (1834) The History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland: Comprising the Civil History of the Province ...


1621? Templepatrick

Mr. Josias Welsh (grandson of John Knox the reformer of Scotland)…came to Templepatrick, in the year 1621 or 1622…At this time, James I, having changed his religious opinions from Presbyterianism, was attempting to enforce Episcopal church government in Scotland…The state of the country, of religion, and the banished Scotch and English ministers, were often the principal topics of their conversation. The captain having an unfavourable opinion of the abilities and conduct of Mr. Tracey, the incumbent, expressed a desire of seeing some sensible, pious man of these divines…In consequence of promising a safe conduct, Mr. Walsh, was introduced to the captain, who was so well please with his conversation, learning and piety, that he engaged him to preach in the temple, the next Lord’s day. Mr. Tracey, being informed of the captain’s intentions, went early to the church on that day, and had begun the service before the captain arrived; but when he entered, he ordered the incumbent out of the desk, and Mr. Walsh into the pulpit…1631 (he was) suspended by the Bishop of Down for non-conformity. (Mr. Welsh died 23rd June 1634 after 12 years in Templepatrick)…From the death of Mr. Walsh in 1634, till the ordination of Mr. Kennedy, in the year 1646, there was an interruption of public worship in Templepatrick…Such were the causes which prevented the puritans from the enjoyment of the beifits of public worship in Templepatrick, from the year 1631, till the ordination of Mr. Kennedy, as pastor of the congregation, in 1646. [Note: No reference to the Tracy ministers below]

Stephenson, Samuel Martin (1825) A Historical Essay on the Parish and Congregation of Templepatric. Belfast. p.31-2, 35


Colvill's nearest clerical neighbour during his early years at Coole was Christopher Tracy, incumbent of Ballymartin, Ballywalter and Templepatrick. Tracy was perhaps a member of an old Anglo-Norman family long settled in Ulster…One Sunday in the year 1622 Norton invited Welch to preach in the church instead of the vicar. Tracy countered by arriving early and starting the service, but when Norton...The next vicar of Coole, Thomas Murray...had been... rector of Ballymartin since 1668, where succeeded Francis Tracy who was instituted by Jeremy Taylor in 1661. Tracy may have been a son of Christopher Tracy, who was rector of ...

Harry Jessop St. John Clarke (1938) Thirty Centuries in South East Antrim: The Parish of Coole Or Carnmoney. Quota Press


1644 The clergies lamentation: deploring the sad condition of the kingdome of Ireland

I come now to render an account of such as I left in Carickfergus, Belfast, Newry, Lisnygarvy, and the neighbouring parts, in so unfthomed a misery as my plum and line is to light and short to expresse their indigencies...mr. Durry of Ballimenah, Mr. James Tracy...


1650 Testament of Dame Anne Langford, the widow and relict of Sr Hercules Lanford late of Carrickfurgus Knt...James Tracey and John Orpin Executors...tenth day of Apprill Anno dni 1650...James Tracey

The Town book of the Corporation of Belfast, 1613-1816? - Belfast (Northern Ireland), Robert Magill Young - History - 1892 - 351 pages


1662 p.650 (Adventurers?)

A true abstract of the several debentures of the officers’ and soldiers belonging to Captain John Gallands company for their services since 1649 and their claims that are added thereunder...John Tracy...Certified and examined by (Sir) John Pettie; and with note signed by same, that this list contains several debentures satisfied in Captain John Gallands lot. In part satisfaction of his debt there was set out 5,597 acres, 2 rods in the liberties of Coleraine and Co. of Londonderry and 2169 ¼ acres in the barony of Kilconway, Co. Antrim.


18 July 1665. Historical Manuscripts Commission - Marquis of Ormond

James Tracey of Carrickfergus, Clerk, a Minister of the Church of England. Exempt from quartering soldiers.

Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Volume 9, Part 2


1676 Sara [or Lara] Tracye, Carrickfergus Connor Diocesan Wills


1706 List of Burgesses and Freemen of Carrickfergus.

Lt Humphrey Tracey [moved to Derry?]


12 Nov 1713 Lease - Registered 7 July 1719

31yrs Ballykeele in Manor Kert or Crebilly with Mills, co Antrim

Henry Ohara Esq of Crebilly [Parish Ballyclug] co Antrim and Sir Robert Adair of Ballymena, co Antrim


Laurence Laughorne, Vintner gent, of Sun Tavern, Devereux Ct, nr Middle Temple, London, England

William Ellis, of Golden last, Bell Yard, Westminster, England

Edward Bussey junior


Mr [Justice] Tracey, Sergeants Inn, Fleet St, London, England


6 Sep 1737 & 19 Jun 1738 Deed Poll

William Tracy of Ballyneill, Londonderry gent son and heir conveyed by James Tracy of Ballyneill, Londonderry lands which had previously been demised to John Graves of Castledawson, Co. Antrim by Daniel Waller of Derrygarve, Co. Antrim. Witnesses Thomas Graves of Castledawson, Co. Antrim, linen draper, Neale O'Quinn of Ballagher, Londonderry, & Gabriel As Rainey of Maghrafelt, Londonderry.  Many of the details regarding the witnessing of these documents are unreadable


1740 The Parting Cup [poem]

… twelve Miles of Carrick…Pat Tracy…Ralph…








Trial Place



Native Place


Marital Status

Trade or Calling



Death Place

Hugh McTreacey



Boddingtons (1793)






Defender murder



Crime details available




British War Office

John Tracey b.1791 Randall’s Town, Antrim 3/27th 1807 then 19th Light Dragoons March 1815 with Richard

The 19th Light dragoons were in India from 1782 to 1806, then England, then Canada 1812-1816, then returned to England

Canadian military service

John Tracey born abt 1791 Randles Town, Antrim - Canadian military service 6 Mar 1815


1811 Hibernia, Belfast to New York

Hugh Tracy



John Tracey, 4 Nov 1812, Lodge 811 Hill Hall Lisburn Antrim/Down,  


14 September 1813 (BL) Auxiliary Missionary Society

...Ballymena...The Rev. S.W. Tracy, one of the Secretaries of the parent Society in London, will preach on the occasion...

1813 The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle, Volume 21

...Rev S.W. Tracy...Corresponding Secretary to the Missionary Society...London...(No.4, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn)


In announcing the return of Mr. Tracy. we are happy in being enabled to inform our readers, that, in addition to the formation of Auxiliary Societies in the northern counties of Tyrone, Armagh, Down, and Autrim, which we have already announced, Mr. Tracy succeeded in establishing an Auxiliary Missionary Society in the south, for the county of Cork: the Committee of which comprizes some of the most respectable characters in the city, and other parts of the county; among whom are John Anderson, Esq. of Fermoy, 'and W. Roberts, Esq. of Charleville, Bankers; by either of whom subscriptions are received, as well as by the Treasurer, James M‘Mullen, Esq. of Cork.

Mr. Tracy, on his return, begs to express the grateful sense which he entertains ot' the kindness which he experienced in all parts of Ireland from the Clergy and Christians of every church, which has laid him and the Missionary Society under lasting obligations—A hope is indulged, that the union which has at length been formed, under circumstances so auspicious, between the churches in 'England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the propagation of our common faith among the hundreds of millions of the heathen world, will be productive of no inconsiderable benefit to the united empire, as well as the world at large.


No. 478791, Vol. 698, p.50 Registry of Deeds, Dublin

On 1 November 1815, Lease and Release between Francis Dickson of Belfast Co. Antrim and Jane his wife of the first part; Thomas Dickey of Hill Road, Co. Antrim Esq., of the second part; Michael Harrison of Ballymena of the third part; Mary Jones of Canada, widow, of the fourth part. Mary Jones paid Francis Dickson 950 pounds sterling and for other considerartion mentioned. They, Francis Dickson and Jane his wife, and Thomas Dickey, granted, released and confirmed, according to their respective interests, to Michael Harrison, attorney (see No. 407045), to hold forever in trust for the sole benefit, use and behoof of Mary Jones, property now in the hands of Mr. John Tracy, collector of taxes, property lying on the Ballymena road to Brog-shane, and adjoining the town of Ballymena, called Farm odge, containing 8 acres of woodland, with dwelling house, offices and gardens. Jane Dickson released Michael Harrison from paying her dower in case she should survive Francis Dickson. Witnesses: John Tracy of Ballymena; Thomas Mercer of Birnie, of Dunminning, Co. Antrim; Alex Stewart and Richard Davison of Belfast. [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim] [Note: May have been from Castlecomer Co Kilkenny]

Falley, Margaret Dickson (1898-) Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research: A Guide to the Genealogical Records, Methods, and ...


Feb 22, 1820 (BL) Jamaica (Port Royal)

The brig Letitia which left Port Royal on Sunday for Dublin and Belfast was discovered on the evening of that day to be leaky...Captain Starks?...About seven next morning she had nearly four feet water in her cabin, at which time Mr. Tracey with the female passengers left the vessel in a boat and proceeding to the shore...- London Ship and Com. List


1824 November 23 (BL) A list of persons commited from the Police? Court? Belfast? and afterwards transported of hanged.

...1821...Edwd. Tracy...


1823-1838 Tithe Applotment Books


Jno Tracy, Bottom, Kirkinriola, Antrim, 1833

John Tracy, Bally Loghan, Portglenone, Antrim, 1825



Jno Tracy, Bottom, Kirkinriola, Antrim, 1833

John Tracy, Bally Loghan, Portglenone, [Ballyloughan Ahoghill] Antrim, 1825

Links to images of the books can be found at the PRONI. The search page is located at: https://apps.proni.gov.uk/eCatNI_IE/SearchPage.aspx

The suggested search terms should be “Tithe Applotment” and the name of the civil parish or townland. The information on the particular book includes the list and order of townlands.


Jun 4, 1824 (BL) Notice to Coachmakers &c

We hereby caution the public not to employ Daniel Tracey, Coach Carriage Maker, he having left our factory on Saturday last, 29th May, without giving notice. For the Belfast Coach Factory Company, Wm. Cain, Jun Manager.


28 August 1826

William Adair to John Tracy both of Ballymena, Co. Ant.

Lease of 24a. 22per. for one life or 61 years from 1 Nov.1825

Rent: £46 p.a.

Bottom, Co. Ant.


November 1827

Lease of a holding in Dunmurry [Drumbeg Antrim - Belfast] from the Drapers' Company to James Tracy.


September 29, 1829 (BL)

The Treasurer of the House of Industry has received from the Police Magistrate, the following sums for being drunk and riotous...Edward Tracey 2s...


1829-1833 Juvenile association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland

Mrs. Treacey, 2s 6d, Diocesan School, Ballymena

Mrs. Tracey, 1s 6d, Mrs C and Mrs Montgomereys Card, Ballymena

Master R. Tracy, 3d, Rebecca Parkers Card, Banagher

Mr. Tracy, 1s, Master Robert Deverells Card, Tullamore

Mrs. Tracy, 6d, Mis Welchs Card, Maryborough

M. L. Tracey, Esq, 2s 6d, Miss E Cuppaidges Card, Galway


Nov 16, 1830 (BL)

Wm Granny of Liminary [Ballyclug, Antrim] has received £2.14s...grain in May's market...been swindled out of the amount of 11 cwt of oats by James Tracey, who has since absconded.


December 28, 1830 (BL) District School at Ballymena (opened May 3, 1830)

At the first public examinations...Treacy...


February 12, 1833 (BL) Sheriff's Sale

John Treacy, Esq v. Francis Murray and another...sell by public auction, all the goods and Chattels of said defendant, Francis Murray...consisting of a large stock of Woolen-Drapery at the defendants warehouse in Rose-Mary-street in the town of Belfast...


1832, 1839-40 Parishes of County Antrim XIV (Carrickfergus???)

53, Patrick Tracy, 29, Roman Catholic, assault, bail to appear, can read and write, 12th September.

by Angélique Day, Patrick McWilliams, Queen's University of Belfast Institute of Irish Studies, Royal Irish Academy, Royal Irish Academy, Queen's University of Belfast, Institute of Irish Studies, Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1996 Page 108


9 July 1833 Belfast Newsletter

Belfast Quarter Session - Alex. Tracy for, stealing one sack of corn, the property of Robert Harvey, at Lisburn, on 2d July; not guilty.


Clifton Street Cemetery, Belfast

15 December 1833

Betty Treacy, Aged 84, Servant, Carrick Hill, from Co. Armagh, family unknown


March 18, 1834 (BL) County Armagh Assizes

Orange Processions. On Tuesday about 25 Orangemen were charged with walking in processions on 12th July last, at Newtownhamiliton, Middleton, Markethill and Portadown, together with three others, namely James Thompson, James Morrison and James Treacy, who had been convicted at last Assizes...fine of 6d each and be discharged. With respect to those three who were found guilty at the last Assizes, I also require that they enter in to their own recognizances, in £20 each, to be of the peace for seven years.


British War Office - Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

John Tracey/Treacy born Birr, Offaly. Served in 49th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 32, 1835-1853

John Tracey, b. 1821 Birr, Kings (Offaly)

John Tracey b. 1821 Ballinasloe/ Birr, King’s Offaly 49th Foot 1835-53 Pension transferred from Belfast to Athlone temporarily 27th Dec 1853 WO22/144


1836-1840 Outrage Reports Ireland

Emily Trassey, 1836, Belfast, Antrim


Mar 14, 1837 (BL) Antrim Assizes

...for an assault on Mary Tracy at Belfast on 11th September last. Not guilty.


29 Oct 1839 (BL) Belfast Quart Sessions

Patrick Treacy, for assaulting Geo. Drake and others, at Ballymacarrett, on l0th December last. Pleaded guilty....


Jul 14, 1840 (BL) Belfast quarter sessions

...for stealing a blanket, the property of Patrick Tracey on the 15th June last


Jan 5, 1844 (BL) Belfast Petit Sessions

...Alex Tracey...5s and costs...using horses with galled backs and shoulders.

January 5, 1844 (BL) Belfast Petit Sessions

...Alex Tracey, Hill-hall...


February 7, 1845 (BL) Died

On the 30th ult. Mr. Thomas Tracy, Falls road, aged 44 OR 49 years.


March 12, 1845 (FJ) Antrim Assizes

Samuel Tracy...illegal procession on the 31st July at Ahoghill. Pleaded guilty.


September 22, 1846 (FJ) Repeal Association

...Repeal wardens of Belfast...John Tracey...


1846 Slater’s Directory

Ballymena – Gentry & Clergy

Mrs Tracy, Brigadie (see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim)


1846-1851 New York arrivals

Mary Tracey, age 23, Wife, Ireland to USA, Belfast, Scotia 12/13/1848

Margt. Tracey, age 20, Immigrant, Great Britain to USA, Belfast: Standard 12/05/1850


7 June 1847 Holograph letter from Elizabeth Tracy, Ballymena, to Cullen: Looking for Pope’s autograph. (see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim)

Papers of Paul Cullen (Rome, Armagh, Dublin) Irish College Rome


6 July 1847

Alexander Treacy, 19 years, 5'7.125" of Coleraine Ballymoney County Antrim, enlisted Galsgow, shoemaker, 18 March 1853

31 March 1853 & 25 Nov 1853

Alexander Treacy, 24y8months & 25y4months, 5'7.125" of Coleraine Ballymoney County Antrim, enlisted Galsgow, shoemaker, 20 Nov 1853 & 12 May 1855


29 Dec 1848 (BL) Police Court

Yesterday - Street Rioting. Two ferocious looking tatterdermallions named Pat Tracy and John O'Neill, were charged with being drunk and disorderly at Ritchie's place on Wednesday. A great crowd had gathered round them, and much disturbance was created. O'Neill in defense said "his time was up at Christmas" meaning his term of total abstince, and he signalized his first hour of freedom by "a spree". On the promise of good behavior they were discharged.


June 1, 1849 (BL)

S. W. Tracy Esq, our new resident magistrate took his seat on the bench today for the first time... (see William Samuel Tracy)


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

William Samuel Tracy, Belfast, Magistrate -


1851 Census (16/4/1851) & National Archives

Craigdunloof Townland, Dunaghy Parish, County Antrim

William Tracy, Head, 42, married 1829, Read & Write, Tailor (Tyrone)

Alice/Nancy Tracy, Wife, 41, None

John Tracy, Son, 18, Agricultural labourer, Read & Write

William Tracy, Son, 15, Tailor, Read,

Patrick Tracy, Son, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Sarah Tracy, Daughter, 10, at Mr. Carey’s School

Ann Tracy, Daughter, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Jane Tracy, Daughter, 4, None

Absent from Household 30th March 1851:
Hugh Tracy, 21 (Son) - Tailor (America)
Died since 6th June 1841:
James Tracy, 6 months (Son) - Inflamation - Spring 1846
Ellen Tracy, 1 (Daughter) - Meazels - Winter 1851

Lisnamanny Townland, Dunaghy Parish

Robert McQuillin, 78 (Head) (Married 1802) - Farmer
Absent from Household 30th March 1851:
John Tracy, 16 (Servant) – Farm Labourer


1851 Census - Hanover Square, St Saviour, Totn Devonshire [see below]

Harry Tracey, Head, 43, b. Antrim, Ireland, General Practione M.r.c

Maria Tracey, wife, 37, b. Stonehouse, Devonshire, England

Osborne Tracey, son, 6, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England

Agnes Tracey, daughter, 4, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England

Charles Tracey, son, 2, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England


1852 Belfast/Ulster Street Directory

James Tracey, labourer, 34. McTiers Street (Shankhill/Shankill)

William S. Tracy, R.M., Ravenhill


June 30, 1852 (BL) Collegiate School, Belfast

...Latin Grammer and Vocabulary...Tracy...Spelling and Derivation...Tracy...English History...Tracy...


1852-3 Pupils and teachers who left Albert Agricultural Training Institution Glasnevin Dublin

James Donovan of Clare, entered Oct 19 1852, left Nov 23 1852, patron: Jas. Tracey Esq of Belfast Antrim, Admitted to the special junior class Marlboro-street, being trained as a teacher.


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Thomas Burrowes Tracy, 1st s. of William Samuel, Belfast, R.M. and Margaret Simpson; ed. TCD M 1855. (see William Samuel Tracy)


1856-57 Report of President of Queen's College, Belfast

List of the Successful Candidates - Civil Service of the East India Company (1857 the First Year of Public Competition)

Mr. Tracy, 21 years on the 1st May 1857, educated Trinity College Dublin, 2092 marks [Thomas Burrows Tracey???]


Militia of Ireland

Antrim Second Lieutenants

William Samuel Tracy 9 April 1856

22 April 1856 Edinburgh Gazette

Antrim Artillery Regiment of Militia

William Samuel Tracy, gent. to be Second Lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted.

22 Apr 1856 (BL) Antrim Artillery Regiment of Militia

Wm. Samuel Tracy, gent, to be Second Lieutenant, vice Clarke, promoted.

Antrim First Lieutenants

William Samuel Tracy 19 March 1859

14 April 1859 IT

The Royal Antrim Artillery…The following officers have joined the regiment since its embodiment on Tuesday…First Lieutenants…W.S. Tracy…


August 1, 1856 (BL) Grand Ball to the County Antrim Militia Regiments

...Mr, Miss and Lieut Adair, and Mr. Tracy;...Mr. T. Tracy, Mr, Mrs and Misses Tracy...

3 Oct 1862 (BL) Grand Military Ball

...Mr., Mrs., and Misses Tracy, Crumlin Road...


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Anne Treacy 4 Jul 1876 Brigadie House Antrim

Harry Owens Tracey 28 Jan 1895 Islandnahoe Antrim, sister Eleanor A M Tracey

William Augustus Treacy 18 Feb 1886 Ballymena Antrim, son James Mathews Treacy of 112 Fenchurch street London


Eliza Jane Glass 6 Hazlett-square Belfast Widow who died 15 January 1894 at same place was proved at Belfast by Robert Tracy of Cormullagh County Tyrone Farmer and William Watson of Eskreagh County Tyrone Book Agent

Rose Mcdonald 36 Newington Avenue Belfast Widow who died 19 September 1911 granted at Belfast to Joseph Treacy, Teacher.


25 Aug 1859 (BL) Carrickfergus Petty Sessions

[case of assult of a mother on a son who had change religon to a Protestant]...Miss Tracy and Mrs. D. O'Rorke came to the house [of Alexander Costello who staying at Mr. Johnston's at Greenisland] on the 4th August...


20 Dec 1859 (BL) Ragged School, Donegall Quay

...committee...Mrs. Tracy, Tudor Lodge...


29th May 1860 Trayes

1326. John Trayes, of Belfast, in the County of Antrim, Ireland. Engineer, for an invention for- “Improvements in steam boilers or steam and heat generators, and in the application of heat.”

Woodcroft, B (1861)Chronological index of patents applied for and patents granted [afterw.] of patentees and applicants for patents of invention. Patent office.



9. William Tracy, Shaneoguestown, [Muckamore (Grange of)], Antrim, £2.16.4 rent, from week to week


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

Hugh Tracy, b. 1851 Lisburn, Antrim

James Tracey, b. 1835 Belfast, Antrim

Mathew Tracy, b. 1859 Belfast, Antrim

Matthew Tracey, b. 1862 Belfast, Antrim

Patrick Tracey, b. 1875 Belfast, Antrim

William Tracey, b. 1838 Ballymena, Antrim

William Tracey, b. 1858 Antrim, Antrim

William Tracy, b. 1841 Ballymena, Antrim

Militia Service Records (WO96) [Home Guard/Territorial Army]

Arthur Tracey, b. 1864, Belfast, Antrim

Matthew Tracey, b. 1862, Belfast, Antrim


1860-1921 Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen













Antrim county





1861 Belfast Street Directory

Mrs. Tracy 14 Brown Street (Millfield to Melbourne Street)

W.S. Tracy, R.M., Tudor Lodge, Crumlin Road.

Petty Sessions

Held in the Court-house, Howard Street, every day, at half-past ten o'clock. W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate. Clerks, J. Searight and G. Kennedy.

Local Marine Board

Appointed under the Mercantile Marine Act 1850, for the examination of masters and mates, and the shipping and discharging of crews. Members of the Board - Ex-Officio members, Mayor of Belfast and W. S. Tracy, Esq., Resident Magistrate…

Belfast Sailor’s Home
Tomb Street - Established in 1852, for providing a suitable home for seamen, with opportunities for mental improvement and religious instruction. Patron, Hid Excellency the Earl of Eglinton and Winton. Vice-Patron, Captain W. H. Hall, C.B. President, the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore. Vice-President, the Mayor of Belfast. Managing Committee - W. S. Tracy, Esq.,…

Belfast School of Art
In connexion with the department of Science and Art, Marlborough House. Officers for 1861: President - Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye. Vice-Presidents, William S. Crawford, J.P., D.L.; S. K. Mulholland, W. S. Tracy,…

Freemason’s Club
Masonic Hall, Donegall Place - Established 1st November 1851. Committee (Original Members) W. S. Tracy, Lodge 10

The Provinical Grand Lodge of Belfast and North Down: Meets on the second Wednesday in March, June, September & December, at High Noon, in the Freemason's Hall, Donegall Place, Belfast. Officers for 1861: R.W.D.P.G.M. - W.S. Tracy, P.M., 10

Belfast Anacreontic Society

Instituted in 1814 for the cultivation of Instrumental and Vocal Music…Vice-Presidents…W. S. Tracy

Belfast Classical Harmonist’s Society

Established in 1851 for the cultivation of Choral Music, and the production of complete Oratorios…Librarian, Mr. S. Tracy.


1861 Ulster Street Directory

Ballymena, is a stirring, business and thronged market inland town, in the County of Antrim

Mrs. Treacey, Brigadie.


Griffiths Valuation Antrim 1861-62

[IMPORTANT: Please note that the continuation of the land records to 1933 is now available at the PRONI http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/search_the_archives/val12b.htm]


By area

Anne Tracy, Bottom Kirkinriola Antrim


Edward Tracy, Cromac Townparks Bond Street Shankill Belfast Antrim

Edward Tracy, Smithfield Townparks McClenahan's Court Shankill Belfast Antrim


John Tracy, Muckamore Grange of Muckamore Antrim


Mary Tracy, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Fleming Street Shankill Belfast Antrim


William S. Tracy, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Crumlin Road Shankill Belfast Antrim

William Tracy, Shaneoguestown Grange of Muckamore Antrim

Anne Tracy, Bottom Kirkinriola Antrim


Edward Tracy, Cromac Townparks Bond Street Shankill, Belfast Antrim

Edward Tracy, Smithfield Townparks McClenahan's Court Shankill Belfast Antrim

Mary Tracy, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Fleming Street Shankill Belfast Antrim

William S. Tracy, St. Ann's Ward Townparks Crumlin Road Shankill Belfast Antrim


John Tracy, Muckamore Grange of Muckamore Antrim

William Tracy, Shaneoguestown Grange of Muckamore Antrim



13 Oct 1862 (BL) Poisoning by Mistake

Yesterday, a little boy, two years of age, the son of Edward Tracy, Chapel Lane, got possession of a bottle containing tincture of iodine, and before he was observed he drank a considerable quantity of it. Drs. Murney and Mawhinney were called in, and administered an antidote, and the little sufferer was subsequently removed to the General Hospital.


1862 Antrim County Directory

William Samuel Tracy (Res. Mag.) Belfast


18 Feb 1863 (BL) Belfast Police Court

Alexander Tracy and Charles Owens were charged with having stolen from the County Down Railway Station six paper parcels and one box containing books to the value of 30s...five months.

31 Oct 1863 (BL) Belfast Police Court

Alexander Tracy, a thief, was charged with assaulting a man named Barr in North Street...2 months.

27 Febrauary 1866 (BL) Belfast Police Court

Alexander Tracy, an old offender, was charged with stealing a cloak, a pair of trousers, and a vest, the property of John M'Alister, publican, York Street.


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Mary, Antrim, Antrim. 1 1


24 Mar 1866 (BL) Assizes News. County of Antrim

Wm. Tracy who was charged with a larceny on the 26 of February, was remitted for trial to the Quarter Sessions.


December 1867 [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Staff Assistant Surgeon Tracey in charge of the troops at the Linenhall Barracks and Commissariat Staff Corps at Aldborough House has been released from duty and granted leave until required to embark for Canada.


1867-9 Return of Poor Persons removed from England, Wales and Scotland to Ireland

William Tracy of Barony, Lanark, transported from Glascow to Belfast.


1 May 1868 (BL) Belfast Police Court

James Tracy, described as a flax-mill manager, was brought up by Sub-constablc Chism, charged with refusing to pay 1s 4d car-hire to Samuel M'Ihago. The defendant was ordered to pay Is 4d, the amount of the car-hire, and 3s Sd for loss of time to the carman, and the charge was withdrawn.


15 October 1869 (FJ)

Departures from Kingstown...John Tracy, Belfast...


8 November 1871 (FJ) Arrival at the Gresham Hotel [Dublin]

...Wm Tracy, Belfast...


29 Mar 1872 (BL) Ballymoney Quarter Sessions

Stabbing. James Tracy was charged with wounding one James M'Cullagh on the 12 February last...pleaded not guilty...nine months imprisonment.



William Tracey, 29 Feb 1872, Lodge 31 Belfast Co Antrim,  


Police Gazette

John Treacy/Tresey, Murder, 21 Feb 1874, Ballywatermoy, Craigs, Lower Toome, Antrim

6 March, 1874 The Witness

Aiding and assisting to Murder

Thomas Biggar was indicted for aiding and assisting Alexander Gordon, on the 21st February to kill and murder John Tracy, near Ballymena. The prisoner was remanded till next Assizes.

May 8, 1874 (BL) Legal Notice - Notice of Intention to apply for Compensation...

Whereas John Treacey, late of Dunoine in the county of Antrim, Linen Loftman, was on the 21st day of February 1874, at Ballywatermoy, in the Parish of Ahoghill, Lower Barony of Toome, in the said county of Antrim, beaten, maimed and injured, and in consequence thereof, died at my house on the 24th day of February 1874...One thousand pounds...John Treacey, Sen, of Dunoine, in the county of Antrim, Head-Loftsman, and next of kin of said John Treacey...

05/06/1874 The Police Gazette , or Hue-And-Cry

Royal Irish Constabulary. Antrim. Description of Alexander Gordon, native of Tullyrawley, who stands charged with having, on the night of the 21st February, at Ballywatermoy, in the barony of Lower Toome, parish of Craigs, inflicted wounds on the head of John Treacy, of Dunmining, from the effects of which he died on the 24th.

July 1874 County Antrim

...murder of John Treacy in February...

1875 Return of Applications to Grand Jury

John Tracey, Antrim, 1874, Death of son; alleged murder and waylaying, 21st February 1874, £1000 requested, Disallowed


August 1875 Fire in Belfast, Antrim

A fire took place in the premises of Tracey and Wilson, hatters, Waring Street. The fire originated in one of the warehourses in an upper storey. After a short time the flames were completely subdued.


11 Jan 1876 (BL) Fall down stairs

A child named Michael Tracy, aged two years, fell down the stairs of a house in Con's Lane yesterday evening, and sustained severe injuries. He was at once taken to the Belfast Royal Hospital, where he remains in a somewhat precarious condition.


22 June 1876 (BL) Births

Treacy - June 13 at 1 Scotchmount Terrace, Belfast, the wife of William Treacy, of a son

12 November, 1877 Belfast Newsletter

Tracey -- November 9, at 1, Scotchmount Terrace, Belfast, Howard Alexander Mahon, son of Mr. Wm. Tracey, aged 1 year and 6 months.


Bebington arrived Auckland 15 Jul 1876 (assisted emigration)

Thos G Trassey, 22 years, single, farm laborer, Londonderry

Richd Trassey, 20 years, single, farm laborer, Londonderry

16 September 1876

Letter from John Gilmore, Tauranga [New Zealand] to his parents….'strange to say that 2 of the young men that went from Belfast was the first that died and 2 brothers. Their (?) name was Trassy; Robert seen them in Belfast… ' T1611/2

Bebington Gravesend to New Zealand 26 February 1876

(Passenger) John Gilmore...wrote...

17 died and strange to say that 2 of the young men that went from Belfast was the first that died and 2 brothers. There name was Trassy. Robert seen them in Belfast...22 year old Francis and 20 year old Richard Tracey died from Typhus fever on 8 and 12 April respectively. For a list of those who died during the passage see the New Zealand Herald 17 July 1876 p.2

Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments Respecting North America By Great Britain Parliament, Scotland Parliament, Leo Francis Stock Published by The Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1924

Arrival of the Bebington July 15

April 8, Francis Tracey, 22 years typhus fever;

April 12, Richard Tracey, 20 years, typhus fever;

29 July 1876 Daily Southern Cross, NZ


October 17, 1876 (BL) Lurgan Open Coursing Meeting

Field Stewards...Mr. D.J. Treacey...


Daniel Josh/Joseph Treacy, full [age], bachelor, solicitor, lives Lurgan, (s. John Treacy, JP?) married Mary Josephine Keon, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives Sell Gardiner St, (d. of Ferdinard Keon, Gent) 27 February 1878 RC Cathedral Marlboro St Wit: John Treacy Juhcd & Anee M Treacy [Dublin North PLU] [see Daniel Thomas Treacy]


1877 Belfast Street Directory

Edward Tracey, 48. Bond Street New (Eliza Street to Macaulay Street)

John Tracey, drapers' assistant 91 Woodstock Road (Mountpottinger)

John Tracey, fireman, 171 Urney Street (Shankhill Road to Ashmore Street)

Wm. Treacey, manager, 1 Scotchmount Terrace

Wm. Treacy, linen lapper, 141 Leeson Street (Off Falls Road)


1878 Return of Infants born in Irish Workhouses

Mary A. Tracy, 1873, discharged, Belfast Union


1878 Register of Apprentices Shipbuilding No. 1469

Joseph Tracey, born Belfast, age 17, Bound 26.4.78, Registered 26.4.78 at Belfast, Term 4 years, Bound to Thomas John Walker of Sunderland.

Remarks: Deserted 2.5.78 "Alice Wilson" 12934 at Belfast p'C 31.12.78


Stephen Treacy, Inland Revenue, Expetant of Excise, Aug 30 1856/7

Loftus's inland revenue almanack and official directory

1861 Second Class Assistant

Stephen Tracey, Dublin

1863 First Class Assistant

Stph Treacy, Galway 2D

1864 Rides

S Treacy, Letterkenny 2

1864 Loftus's inland revenue almanack and official directory

S. Treacey, Letterkenny, (Dunfanaghy)

[State Reg: Stephen Treacy m. Maria Wilhelmina Gilligan, Galway 1872 9 144]

3 January 1874 Freeman's Journal

Treacy - Dec. 24, at Temple-terrace, Manor-street, [Dublin] the wife of Stephen Treacy, Esq., H. M.'s Inland Revenue, of a daughter.

Stephen Tracey & Maria Gilligan

Rose b. 24 December 1873 No 3 North City, The City Of Dublin (LDS)

12 December 1879 Belfast Morning News

"... Stephen Treacy, Eeq., H.M. Inland Revenue, Belfast, of a son."

Stephen Treacy & Maria Wilhemina Teresa Treach Gilligan 

Andrew Mary O'Conor Treacy b. 04 Dec 1879 Salt Hill, Galway, Ireland 

1880 Belfast Street Directory

Inland Revenue Office, Queen's Square, Division Officers - Belfast 2nd Division; Stephen Treacy

6 March 1880 Belfast Morning News

TREACY—March 3, at Salt Hill, Galway, Maria W. T. Treacy, wife of Stephen Treacy, H.M. Inland ... ”

1883 Ham's Inland revenue and mercantile year-book

S. Treacy (J at I.R.O.) Belfast

S. Treacy, Division Officer

C. Treacy, Beith Greenock

C.. Treacy, Ride Officer


1878 RIC Service

Patrick Tracy, 43623, b. 1858 Fermanagh


43623 Patk Tracy, 20 years, 5'10.75", b. Fermanagh, Catholic, recommended by S.J. Frazer, farmer, allocated 6 April 78, served Down 31 Dec 78 - Belfast 1/7/79 - Tyrone 20-11-83, Punishments, drowned 5/7/84 43623D/89590, When bathing, Cond in Donegal


7 July 1884 (BL) Sad Bathing Accident at Stewartstown

...a policeman named Patrick Tracey was drowned...deceased who was about 26 years of age, and of a powerful build, came from Belleck, County Fermanagh. He had only been six years in the service, during five of which he had been stationed in Belfast. He came to Stewartstown about six months ago...


1880 Belfast Street Directory

Edward Tracey, labourer, 48 Bond Street New (Eliza Street to Macauley Street )

John Tracey, loftman 36 Millan Street (Ross Street to Raglan Street)

John Tracey, salesman 91 Woodstock Road (Mountpottinger)

John Tracey, salesman, 91 Grovefield Terrace
William Tracy, 4 Raby Street (off Ballynafeigh Road)


1881 British Census

Peter Tracy, 39 years, born limerick, married, beer retailer, The Old House at Home Beer House Westbourne Sussex [see Limerick]

Amelia, 30 years, born Portsmouth Hamshire, wife

John, 5 years, born Tralee, son

Charles, 3 years, born Belfast, son

Edwin, 11 months, born Ashton Under Lyne Lanc, son


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

James F Tracy, enlisted 23 Jun 1882 NY City by Capt Poole for 5 years, born Beefast [Belfast Antrim] Ireland, 21 years 2 months, grey eyes, D Bro hair, dark complexion, 5’5”, 18 Inf Bd A coy, discharged June 7/86 at Fort Hays Kans per S.O. 127 A.G.O. ’86 a Pvt Char fair

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 8 Mar 1894 Newark NJ by Cap Wallace for 5 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 21 years 1 month, labourer, blue 10 eyes, L bro hair, fair complexion, 6’3”, 13 Inf C coy, Disch’d June 7/97 S.O. 80, A.G.O. ’90 Ft Niagara NY, Pvt, Good

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 23 Jul 1897 Pittsburg Pennsylvania  by Cap Evans for 3 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 24 years 4 month, Soldier, blue eyes, bro hair, fair complexion, 6’3.25”, 4 Inf G coy, 2 enlistments C13Inf 6/7/97, Disch July 22/1900 Sauta Cruz P.I. exp ser. Very good Corpl

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 5 Sep 1900 San Francisco Cal by Cap Dyer for 3 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 27 years 8 month, Soldier, bro 4 eyes, a bro hair, fair complexion, 6’2.25”, 3 Arty 35 Coast Arty N coy, 3 enlistments G 4 Inf 7.22.1900, Discharged Sept 4/03 Fort Monroe Va. Orofser Pvt Very Good

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 22 Sep 1903 Pittsburg Penn by Cap Griffith for 3 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 30 years 7 month, Soldier, bro eyes, bro hair, fair complexion, 6’2.25”, 20 Inf E coy, 4 enlistments, 35 C Arty 8.4.03, Discharged Feby 15 1906 Zacubrango P.I. per insh War Dept 1903 Pvt Very good Lof

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 16 Feb 1906 Zamboanga Philippine Islands by Cap Lewis for 3 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 32 years 11 month, Soldier, bro eyes, bro hair, fair complexion, 6’2.25”, 16 Inf G coy, 5 enlistments, E 20 Inf 2.15.06, Discharged Feby 15/0906 at Fort? Crank? Nah? Ex of ser Pvt Very good Lof

Patrick Treacy, enlisted 27 Feb 1909 Fort DA Russell Wyoning by Lieut Bastion for 3 years, born Belfast [Antrim] Ireland, 35 years 11 month, Soldier, bro eyes, black hair, medium complexion, 6’2.25”, 1 2 3 11 Inf D Bd A coy, 6 enlistments, 16 Inf 2.15.09, Discharged Feby.26.12 at Fort DA Russell NY, exp of ser Pvt good h&f


10 Nov 1883 (BL) Accidents

Edward Tracy, 45 years of age, residing at 48, Bond Street, was admitted to the Royal Hospital yesterday suffering from fracture of the leg.


1884 The Belfast and province of Ulster directory (Partial)

Geo. P. Tracy, commission agent, 4 Waring St. & 9 ???

Henry Tracy

John Tracey, lithographer, 81 Cullingtree road

John Tracey, porter, 22 Hanover? Street

(there are also other entries)


Britannic, Liverpool & Queenstown to New York 21 Sep 1885

Thomas Tracy, 28, M, labourer, Belfast


17 Jul 1886 (BL) Notice to Creditors

In the goods of William Augustus Treacy [deceased 18 February 1886], late of Ballymena, in the County of, Antrim, Esquire...undersigned solicitors for James Matthew Tracey of 112 Fenchurch Street, in the City of London, Esquire, the Administer of the Diseased...grant probate...High Court of Justice in Ireland...


1888 Return of number of requisition forms under Representation of People Act, 1884, sent to clerk of Belfast Union

William Tracey, 84 Albert Street, formerly of 10 Devonshire-street


21st May 1891 Evening Express [Wales]

Big Blaze At Belfast. At one o'clock to-day a very serious fire broke out in the extensive ham curing establishment of Messrs. Tracey and Co. (Limited), Belfast, covering over an acres of ground. A great quantity of 1 iro and provisions has been destroyed, and, as the fi. e is still raging and a strong wind blowing in e direction of similar premises of Messrs. Sinclair and Co. (Limited), it is feared both concerns, which are the largest of the kind in the United Kingdom, may eventually be destroyed.


14 Dec 1891 (BL) Police Intelligence

...Great Patrick street...Edward Tracey and another witness proved an alibi...


1891 English Census

Beryl Tracey, Age: 19, Boarder, b. Gibralter, St Leonard, Exeter, Devonshire


1 Jan 1892 (BL) Kindred Jottings 1891

A person known as "George Treacy No. I", last heard of in 1862?, is entitled to share in the estate of a deceased relative;


May 2, 1892 (BL) Belmont Bowling Club

President's Team...G. Treacey...

15 June 1892 (BL) Bowling

...G.P. Treacy...


24 Aug 1892 (BL)

John Tracey, Dramnahos, caretaker, for Mr. John Feran?, Belfast, summoned two lads, named John Ross, aged about twelve years, is and Robert Woods, for having maliciously injured d a house and a quantity of hay on 12th inst…


27 Aug 1892 (BL) Notice - wanted

Thomas Treacy (Late Sergeant Royal Irish Fusiliers), Who died recently in the Royal Hospital for Incurables, Dublin. If his brother would apply to the Registrar of the above Hospital, he may hear something to his advantage.


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Eliza Treacy, Belfast (Antrim?) Ireland, 1913, 23 years, single, Mother Mgt Treacy, Louth Dundalk. friend Maggie Butler, Sumonitt Ave, Amsterdam, NY. c/o Mrs Hinlriga? Llia to Miss Butler?. 5’9”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. b. Louth Ireland. [Londonderry port of departure]


Ernest Tracy, [Sibbald crossed out] 1922, 26 years, Musician, 5’7”, 141lb race Scotch [ships crew as stated as Scotch] [see Belfast]

Ernest W. Tracy [Sibbald crossed out], 1922, 26 years, musician, 5’7”, 141lb, race Scotch [ships crew as stated as Scotch] [see Belfast]


Joseph Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1909, 18 years, Father: Mr. Tracey 39 Earlsearch? Belfast. Uncle: Wm Hope 54 Johnston Ave Kearrey NJ?, 5’2”, dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes, b. Belfast Ireland,

Robert Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1913, 22 years, single, letterpress printer, 5’5”, fair complexion, auburn hair, blue eyes, scare right hand aff? At second joint, father Christopher Tracey, 39 Earlscourt Str, Belfast. to brother Jas Tracey, 101 So Footh? Str, Harrison, NJ. b. Belfast Ireland.

Robert C. Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1920, 31 years, married, printer, 5’2”, fr complexion, aub hair, vblue eyes, 1st finger rt hand missing,  Wife Mrs H? Tracey, 159 Albert Street, Belfast. To Friend Mr Thomas O’Hagan, 220 West 42nd St New York, b. Belfast Ireland


Michl. Tracey, Belfast (Antrim Ireland?), 1892, 45 years, USA citizen, to NY


Michael Treacy, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1922, 25 years, single, grocer’s assist, Lived Belfast. Mother: Mrs A. Treacy, Newton, Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh. To cousin Miss L. O’Reilly, 45 South 1st Ave, Mt Vernon NY. 5’6”, fresh complexion, blk hair, grey eyes. b. Enniskillin Ireland.


Patrick Tracey, Belfast (Antrim Ireland?), 1897, 25 [24y9m] years, to New York, George? Herron Kittoburg? Allebany? (see Mary Ann Tracey 23, also John ??? Herron crossed out)

Mary Ann Tracey, Belfast (Antrim Ireland?), 1897, 23 years, to New York, George? Herron Kittoburg? Allebany? (see Patrick Tracey 25, also John ??? Herron crossed out)


Peter Tracy, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1910, 49 years, single, clergyman, lived Belfast Ireland. Mother Ellen Tracey, Post Office, Cranagh, Co. Tyrone. To Goldhorne NSW Aust. To Grldhrone? New S Wales Australia. 5’8”, dk complexion, dk hair, dk eyes, b. Brauagh Co, Tyrone Ireland


Sarah Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1922, 39 years, Aunt Mrs Vadeley, 159 Albert St Belfast Ire, Husband Mr. R.C. Tracey, 166 South Seventh St Newark N.J., b. Banbridge Ireland [Also Mary Magee 37 single merchant b. Banbridge Ireland to brother-in-law RC Tracey]

James Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1922, 4 years, b. Belfast Ireland

Mary Tracey, Belfast Antrim? Ireland, 1922, 2 years, b. Belfast Ireland

Sarah Tracey, Newark USA, 1923, 39 years, Husband: Robert Tracey, 130 South 7th St, Newark N.J., b. b. Laurencetown Banbridge? Ireland. Father-in-law: Mr. C [Christopher?] Tracey, 39 Earlscourt St Belfast. lived in NJ 1922-1923. [Sarah Tracey 39, James Joseph Tracey 6, Mary Alice Tracey 3, Sarah Christina Tracey 2 months]

James Joseph Tracey, Newark USA, 1923, 6 years, b. Belfast Ireland.

Sarah Christina Tracey, Newark USA, 1923, 0 years 2 months, b. Belfast Ireland.

Mary Alice Tracey, Newark USA, 1923, 3 years, b. Belfast Ireland.


United States Naturalization Petitions

Joseph Tracey, born 02 May 1909 Belfast, [Antrim] Ireland. Naturalised 1932 Bronx, NY. Spouse's Vilma Tracey born 13 Jan 1913 Children Joseph Patrick Tracey born 24 Oct 1931

Thomas Tracey, born 01 Jul 1897 Belfast, [Antrim] Ireland. Naturalised 1933 Bronx, NY. Spouse's Kathleen Tracey born 15 Nov 1899 Children Thomas Edward Tracey born 07 Aug 1930, Kathleen Tracey born 31 Jan 1932


23 February 1893 Freeman's Journal

... Captain W X Tracy, Ordinance Store De. partwnut, has been appointed Senim Ordnance Officer of the Belfast District...


1893 Coroners Inquest

Elizabeth Tracy, 76 Templemore Avenue, Belfast, Antrim

Place Of Death: 76 Templemore Avenue

Date of Deat : 14 November 1893

Date of Inquest:

14 November 1893

PRONI Ref :   ANT/6/1/1/9/13


16 Nov 1894 (BL) The Presbyterian Church

Mrs. Treacy. No. 4 (Ballymoney)...


August 1895 St. Michael Hospital, Kingstown, Dublin

Blackrock...Mrs Tracey, Belfast £1, Mr. Martin Hayes, Belfast £1, Mr. Thomas Hayes, Belfast £1...


1 Mar 1898 (BL) Larcenies in Londonderry

...premises of William M'Closkey, 109 Foyle Street...bicycle left at gateway by Thomas Tracy a lodger in the house. He was keeping it for his brother who had recently gone to Belfast...


15 September 1898 Irish News

The Catholic Association, in behalf of the Catholic and Nationalist inhabitants, was represented by Mr P.J. Magee, solicitor, and Mr Patrick Doran, inspector. We append a list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Falls Ward:-

Tracey, Henry, 11 Dunmore Street.

Tracey, Christopher, 17 Dunmore Street.

20th September 1898 Irish News

Belfast Revision Courts – Success of Nationalist in Falls Ward

The business of the Revision Courts was resumed yesterday in the County Courthouse, Crumlin Road. The Catholic Association, in behalf of the Catholic and Nationalist inhabitants, was represented by Mr P.J. Magee, solicitor, and Mr Patrick Doran, inspector. We append a list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Falls Ward:-

Henry Tracey, 11 Dunmore Street.

Christopher Tracey, 17 Dunmore Street.


October 9 1900 Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania)

Tracy - On Saturday October 6, Rose wife of Michael Tracy and daughter of Patrick and Honora? Connelly of County Antrim Ireland. aged 55? years...




1901 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



1901 Census of England

George Prescott Treacy, 20, Belfast, A B Seaman, Glamorganshire


Feb 1, 1913 (CT) Advertisment

At a meeting of the Catholic employees of the firm of Messrs W and G Baird Ltd, Belfast held on Friday November 1, 1912, the following resolution was passed:...our relations with the firm have always been of the most cordial nature...Kathleen Tracey 2 years service...


1907 Belfast Street Directory

Agnes Tracey, 50 Glentoran Street (off Ravenhill Road)

Christie Tracey, compositor, 39 Earlscourt Street
Henry Tracey, labourer, 48 Burnaby Street (Distillery Street to Roden Street)

Jas. Tracey, boiler maker, 29 Dunmore Street (from Springfield Road to Clonard Gardens)

Patrick Tracey, labourer, 9 Bow Street (Cullingtree Road to Nail Street)

Samuel Tracey, R.I.C., 32 Willowfield Gardens

Thos. Tracey, labourer 6 Harold Street (off Byron Street)

Wm. Tracey, dairyman, 216 Leeson Street ([left hand side] Falls Road to Grosvenor Road)


July 1908 Final year list of King's Scholars, qualified for Certificate of Compency in Irish and won prize of £5

Delia K. Treacy, of Tuam Convent Galway. St. Mary's training college, Belfast


Aug 17, 1908 (IT) Half Mile Flat Handicap

...qualified...R.C. Tracey, W. Belfast H. (20)


Prerogative Will, 1814 - William Sturrock LL D Archdeacon of Armagh...The above has been copied from an extract from Archdeacon Sturrock's Will written out by Mrs. Margaret Tracey on the 19th January, 1909. Drumtullagh, 4th Jan. [January?] 1960.


1909 RIC Service [see Down]

John Treacy, 61643, b. 1887 Down


61643 John Treacy, dob 19 Jan 1887 [18 years], 5'8.125", b. Down, Catholic, recommended by DI Millar, cellaeman, appointed 15 Jan 06 re-appointed 3.12.08 with loss of former service, served Antrim 12 June 1909, Punishment, Discharged 17.1.06 Unfit by surgeon 33706/RI resigned 2.8.11 61643D/58763, to emigrate to America, Contd in Galway


Jun 19, 1909 (IT) RIC The undernamed recruits...No.1 Company...John Tracy, Antrim.

1911 Census:

John, Treacy, 24, M, Ballyscullion, East, Ballyscullion, Antrim (Constable, RC, Bar man?, single, b. Co. Down)


Mar 9, 1910 (FJ) Cross Country Running

Belfast - John Mitchel Gaelic Harriers...Robert Tracy...

Mar 14, 1910 (FJ) National Championships...National Novices Inter-County

...individual placings...R. Tracy 16...


Jul 9, 1910 (IT) RIC

Constable Samuel Tracey, Mountpottinger [Belfast], has been promoted to the rank of acting-sergeant after long service in the force.


1910 Belfast Street Directory

Christie Tracey, compositor, 39 Earlscourt Street (Cavendish Street to Iris Street)

H. Tracey, tailor, 43 Welsh Street (Lagan Street to McAuley Street)

Henry Tracey, printer, 29 Bombay Street (Kashmir Road to Clonard Gardens)

Mrs. Tracey, 12 Norton Street (off McAuley Street)

Patk. Tracey, labourer 7 Bow Street (Cullingtree Road to Nail Street)

Samuel Trecay (Treacy Tracey), R.I.C., 38 Willowfield Gardens (off Woodstock Road)

Thos. Tracey, labourer, 6 Harold Street (off Byron Street)

Wm. Tracey, labourer, 7 Wilton Square North (Wilton Street to Canmore Street)


1910 Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory

Carrickfergus, County Antrim

C.S. Tracey, Ord. Dep., Lancasterian Street


Joseph Treacy: Probate of the Will of Rose McDonald late of 36 Newington Avenue Belfast Widow who died 19 September 1911 granted at Belfast to Joseph Treacy Teacher. Date Of Grant: 11/10/1911 Effects: Effects £87 10s. 0d.


Mar 3, 1911 (FJ) National Championships

Belfast John Mitchel Harriers...R. Treacy...




1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland

June 8, 1911 (IT) Ulster Women and Home Rule

...Ulster Womens Unionist Council...Belfast...Miss Tracy (Hon. Sec.)...

Aug 24, 1911 (IT) Ulster Women and Home Rule

Meeting at Bushmills...North Antrim Womens Unionist Association...Miss Tracey proposed the following resolution: That we the members of Bushmills Branch...


Probate of the Will of Rose McDonald late of 36 Newington Avenue Belfast Widow who died 19 September 1911 granted at Belfast to Joseph Treacy Teacher.


US State Department records

Frederick Owen Birney born 1868-12-22 at Belfast, married to Margaret Tracy born Dunlop, Iowa, US resides Belfast son Edward b 1911 Spokane, Wash, 2 daug Kathleen b 1912 Belfast Aileen b 1913 Belfast; cousin Miss Edith Birney, Chevy Chase, MD naturalized 1896-08-15 at Cook Co, IL; arrived Belfast July 1911 business



1912 WO 97 - Chelsea Pensioners British Army service records

Thomas Tracey, born 1872 Monaghan Monaghan Ireland, No. 7266 Private Lancashire Fusiliers - 20th Foot, attested 13 Feb 1891 age 19

19 years, 5'*", 131 lb, 34-5" chest, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, RC,

Royal Irish Fusilliers 11 Feb 91 to 21.3.99. Served Home, East Indies, Burma, Egypt, Home, Malta, Gibralta, Malta, Eygpt, Home.

Next of Kin: Mother Mary Ann Monaghan, brother elder James R.I. Fus, brother younger John Monaghan, Intended residence Gentslough St Monaghan

Discharged 10 Feb 1912 at Tidworth, age 40 years, 5'9.5", 29-42" chest, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, labourer, intended residence: 12 Donard St Ravenhill Road Belfast

Discharged in consequence of the termination of his second period of engagement

Conduct very good, two good conduct badges, pay Rate 5d class II, served 21 years


The Ulster Covenant 1912


By Area

Aggie Tracey, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill,

Annie Tracey, Lee Ballyclare, Antrim: East,


Beryl Tracey, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North


David Tracey, Lea Ballyclare, Antrim: East


Eleanor AE Tracey, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North


John Tracey, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill


Lizzie Treacy, Ravencliff Donegal Park, Belfast: North


Marguerite Treacy, 38 Willowfield Gardens, Belfast: East

Miss Tracey, Seymour Street, Antrim: South

Mrs. Tracey, Ballymarlow Co Antrim, Scotland: West and Scotland: Glasgow


Sarah Trac(e)y, 5 Castle Street Lisburn, Antrim: South

Aggie Tracey, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill,

John Tracey, 46 Weir Street, Belfast: West, Shankill

Lizzie Treacy, Ravencliff Donegal Park, Belfast: North

Marguerite Treacy, 38 Willowfield Gardens, Belfast: East


Annie Tracey, Lee Ballyclare, Antrim: East,

David Tracey, Lea Ballyclare, Antrim: East


Beryl Tracey*, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North

Eleanor AE Tracey, Ballybogey House Dervock, Antrim: North


Miss Tracey, Seymour Street, Antrim: South

Mrs. Tracey, Ballymarlow (Ballymarlagh?) Co Antrim, Scotland: West and Scotland: Glasgow

Sarah Trac(e)y, 5 Castle Street Lisburn, Antrim: South


* Miss B Tracey was also an agent for signing at Ballybogey House


1913 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

Francis Treacy, 62231, b. 1882 Kilkenny


62231 Francis Treacy, dob 17 Aug 1882 [24 years], 5'9 5/8", b. Kilkenny jd from Carlow, Protestant, married 7.4.20 wife from Tyrone, recommended by DI Carter, Asylum Attendant, appointed 15 Nov 06, served Meath 1st May 1907 - Tyrone 10.5.12 - Cavan 5.3.1913 - Belfast 1.6.1913, Disbanded 20.5.22 T.S. Belfast No 16 C.A. £153.2.9


June 1913 IT RIC Transfers...Constable John Duffy has been transferred to Count Cavan and is replaced by Constable Francis Treacy, both officers having effected an exchanged.

Dec 12, 1921 (FJ) [Belfast Riots]

...Orange gunmen...Constable Francis Treacy, attached to Brown Square barracks, was wounded in the foot in Fairview? street...

Jul 29, 1922 (IT) Belfast and the North

Ex-constable Francis Tracey was awarded £20 at the Record Court for injuries received whilst on duty in Twickerham street, Belfast, on December 10th 1921.


Francis Treacy, 12 Jun 1923, George Andrews Lodge 258 Belfast Co Antrim, Constable R.I.C. Certified 12 Oct 1923. To 105. Resigned 1924.


British Postal Service Appointments

James P Tracey, 1913, Londonderry

James P Tracey, 1914, Boyle [Longford]

James P Tracey, 1920, Londonderry

James P Tracey, 1924, Belfast

James P Tracey, 1942, Northern Ireland

Mary J Tracy, 1920, Ballymena [Antrim]

Mary J Tracy, 1921, Omagh [Tyrone]

Mary J Tracy, 1923, Portrush [Antrim]

Thomas Tracey, 1937, Belfast

William P Treacy, 1953, Belfast


May 1914 Quebec Arrivals - Empress of Ireland

Margaret Tracy, 69, widow, b. Ireland, to Vancouver BC, domestic, CoI

Beryl Tracy, 42, single, b. Gibraltar, to Vancouver BC, domestic, CoI


1914-1918 Ireland’s Memorial Records

John Tracey. Reg. No. 9028. Rank Acting Drummer, 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Killed in action France 6/8/1917. Born Monaghan. [Lived at 23 Geoffrey St Belfast?]

22 September 1917 (AC) ...John (Jack) Tracy, R. Dublin Fusiliers, youngest son of the late Mrs. Tracy, district nurse, Monaghan, has been killed...


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

Frederick Tracey, b. abt 1873, Belfast, Antrim

Thomas Tracey, b. abt 1872, 20 Oakfield St, Belfast

Thomas Tracey, b. abt 1897, Shankill, Antrim,  


WW1 Merchant Seamen Medal Cards BT 351/1

James Tracy, b. 1894 Belfast

1915 Merchant Navy

J Tracy; rank/rating, 5th Engineer; age, 21; place of birth, Belfast; previous ship, same. Ship: Rowanmore 1915

J Tracy; rank/rating, 5th Engineer; age, 21; place of birth, Belfast; previous ship, first. Ship: Rowanmore 1915

J Tracy; rank/rating, Intermediate 6th Engineer; age, 21; place of birth, Belfast; previous ship, Rowanmore. Ship: Orduna 1915

J Tracy; rank/rating, Intermediate 6th Engineer; age, 21; place of birth, Belfast; previous ship, same. Ship: Orduna 1915

1918-1941 Merchant Navy Seamen

J Tracey, b. 1894 Belfast Antrim

*James Tracey, b. 1894 Belfast Antrim

James Tracy, b. 1894 Belfast Antrim

James Jos Tracey, b. Belfast Antrim

James Joseph Tracey, b. 1911 Belfast Antrim

*John Tressey, b. 1879, Belfast, Co. Antrim

William John Tracey, b. 1913 Ballyclare [Antrim]

Wm John Tracey, b. Ballyclare [Antrim]

[Note: * = photo . http://www.irishmariners.ie/]


May 30, 1917 (IT)  Roll of Honour

R.D. Fus...Tracey, 9028, J. (Ligoniel) [Belfast]

Jul 17, 1917 (IT) Previously reported wounded, now reported not wounded

R. Dublin Fus. - Tracey, 9028, J. (Belfast)


1917 USA Draft Registration  

Joseph G Tracey b. 30 Aug 1891 Belfast Ireland, naturalised, machinist Ford Motor, single, no dependants, lives 74 Grand W Highland Pk Mich


Royal Air Force

Edward James Tracey, born 1899, Antrim, 1918, 285024, Labourer


1919 resident Belfast

Thomas Tracey, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 3201 Lance Corporal

Thomas Tracey, 3201 4th, 8th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, age 22, born 1897 Shankill Antrim


1919 Passport Application

Joseph Gerard Tracey born Belfast Ireland 10 Aug 1891, father Christopher Tracey, emigrated 26 June 1909 from Londonderry, lived Newark NJ, machinist, to visit sick father, passport application 1919 Wayne Michigan. Elizabeth Tracey, wife of Joseph Gerald Tracy, born Ingran County Armagh Ireland, he was naturalised 29 May 1917 Wayne Detroit, to go to the US to join my husband, application Belfast 9 Jan 1920.


7 May 1920 London Gazette

...members representing employers in the trade appointed by the Minister of Labour...Mr. H. Treacy, 193, Spamount Street, Belfast


31August 1923 & 23 March 1934 Belfast Gazette [see John Tracy (1876-1936) Solicitor, Politician and Coroner]

John Tracy, Solicitor, 26 Corn Market, Belfast; and Northern Bank Chambers, Londonderry

16 May 1930 Belfast Gazette

John Tracy, Solicitor, 14 Donegall Street, Belfast; and Londonderry

18 December 1936 & 28 April 1944 Belfast Gazette

Tracy & Logue, Solicitors, 26 Corn Market, Belfast; and Northern Bank Chambers, Londonderry


Jul 28, 1921 (IT) Belfast Co-Operative Health Insurance Society

...Committee...elected...H. Tracey...


1922 Dentists

58 Patrick Tracey, 25 Alma Street Belfast


Sep 18, 1922 (IT) Bowling

...Falls (Belfast)...C. Tracey...


Apr 12, 1924 (IT) Royal Ulster Constabulary

At Sydney street West Barracks a curfew dance was held by CI Division officers and non-coms...A capable committee under H.C. M. T. Tracey carried out the arrangements.

Feb 28, 1925 (IT)

...Barracks, Sydney street West Belfast...West Regiment "C1" Special Constabulary...All the arrangements were carried out by the following committee:- Head Constable Major T. Tracey...


May 25, 1926 (IT) Bowling at Clontarf

...No. 2 - Belfast - J. Tracey (Castleton)...



Estate of Harriett Charlott Orr, (spinster), Eleanor Agnes Mary Tracey (spinster) and Beryl Tracey (spinster) and Godfrey William Ferguson and Alfred Edward Brett, trustees for sale under the will dated 6 September 1902 of Margaret Owens and Robert Thompson and the said Alfred Edward Brett, trustees for the sale under the will of Jane Owens: townland of Ballyeaston barony of Upper Antrim, Co Antrim. FIN/48/3/1441

7 March 1930 & 23 October 1931 Belfast Gazette

Estate of Harriett Charlotte Orr, Spinster; Eleanor Agnes Mary Tracey, Spinster; and Beryl Tracey, Spinster, and Godfrey William Ferguson and Alfred Edward Brett, trustees for sale under the will dated 6th September 1902 of Margaret Owens and Robert Thompson and the said Alfred Edward Breet trustees for sale under the will of Jane Owens…County of Antrim…lands of Ballyeaston…


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Thomas Sinclair Tracey b. 27 Dec 1885 Calms [Camlin? – Antrim or Derry], Ireland Residence: Baltimore, Maryland

2632 Harford Ave, Baltimore, Md

5'10.5", 140 lb, light skin, bald

Mrs Rose Tracey

Employer: RH Bozman Bros, 1050 Granby St, Batto, MD


1953: Queens University Belfast – Fitzgibbon Cup Winners

Brendan Trainor (Antrim), Vincent Kelly (Antrim), John Butler (Antrim), John Flanagan (Antrim), Danny Gilmartin (Antrim), Des Cormican (Antrim), Paddy Dougan (Antrim), Seamus McDonald (Antrim), Jack Savage (Antrim), Ted McConnell (Antrim), Bobby McMullen (Antrim), Brian McAleenan (Down), Paul Crilly (Antrim), Donal Anglin (Antrim), Gerry Treacy (Antrim).





Army Birth Registration

Ellen F. Tracey, Belfast, 1902, 51st, Vol 850 page 174

Frederick Treacey, Belfast, 1875, 87th, Vol 799 page 2

Frederick Treacey, Belfast, 1875, 89th, Vol 1338 page 13



James Tracy - of Salford Barracks (Groom's Parents: Patrick Tracy & Elizabeth of King's County) m. Mary McLynn - of Regent Road (Bride's Parents: Patrick McLynn & Anne of County Antrim) Witness: John McGee of Barracks; Bridget O'Neill of Seddon St.
Married by: James Wilding
Marriage: 30 Aug 1848 Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford, Lancs.
Source: Original Register at LRO Preston





Sean Treacy of Antrim

Winner of the Circuit of Ireland Historic Class



The Tach, page 11, July 2006 of the St. Lawrence Automobile Club, Kingston, Ont.





John Tracey b. 1829 Oldstone (LDS)


Ellen Tracey (d. of William Tracey) m. James Semple (s. of John Semple) 3 Sep 1852 Grange of Muckamore, Ant, Ire  [Temple LDS]

Ellen Tracey, of full age, spinster, lives Muckamore, (d. of William Tracey, labourer) married James Semple, of full age, bachelor, flour miller, lives Bushmills, (s. of John Semple, corn miller) 3 September 1852 Muckamore Church of Ireland [Presbyterian crossed out] Wit: John Tracy & Jane Tracey [Grange of Muckamore Antrim PLU] [see Portrush RC]


John Tracey, full [age]. bachelor, labourer, lives Muckamore [Rice crossed out], (s. of BLANK Rice, labourer) married Jane Curry, full [age], spinster, lives Muckamore, (d. of Robert Curry, labourer) 11 November 1854 Grange of Muckamore Chuch of Ireland Wit: Thomas Hamilton & Bristow Charters [Muckamore Antrim PLU] signed her mark

John Tracey (s. of ??? Rice) m. Jane Curry (d. of Robert Curry) 11 Nov 1854 Grange of Muckamore, Ant, Ire (LDS)

John Tracey m. Jane Curry 1854 Oldstone [Muckamore] (LDS)

William b. 7 August 1855 Oldstone (LDS)

William b. 16 June 1857 Oldstone (LDS)

Sarah b. 20 September 1859 Muckamore (LDS)

Dorothea b. 15 September 1861 Muckamore (LDS)

Mary b. 11 January 1864 Antrim Antrim (LDS)

John Trac(e)y & Jane Corry

Ellen b. 10 December 1866 Muckamore Grange Antrim (LDS)

Robert b. 21 September 1871 (LDS)


Sarah Armstrong nee Tracy, full age, widow, lives same place Ballyvoy parish of Kilbride, (d. of John Tracy, farmer) married Alexander Robinson, full age, bachelor, servant, lives Ballyvoy parish of Kilbride, (s. of Robt Robinson, laborer) 4 May 1857 Kilbride Pres Church Wit: William McMullen & William McCartney [Kilbride Antrim PLU]

Sarah Armstrong (d. of John Tracy) widowed m. Alexander Robinson (s. of Robert Robinson) single, 4 May 1857 Kilbride, Ant, Ireland 


Mary Tracy (d. of William Tracy, single) M. Robert Murray (s. of Thomas Murray, single) 28 Nov 1857  Kilbride, Ant, Ireland 

Mary Tracy, minor?, spinster, lives Doagh parish of Doagh, (d. of Wm Tracy, laborer) married Robert/Robt Murray, full age, bachelor, laborer, lives Grange parish of Kilbride  (s. of Thomas Murray, laborer) 28 November 1857 Kilbribe Church of Ireland Wit: John Hutchison & Samuel Phillips [Kilbride Antrim PLU] [faint copy]



[Note: The following family has it’s origins in Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England. John Smith Tracey was the son of Henry Tracey and Honner Smith. His sons are Harry Tracey and John Tracey. John was born in Antigua, and there is a passport for a Harry Tracey stating that he was born in Antigua. However in the 1851 census Harry states that he was born in Antrim. Another Antrim connection is his son Harry Adair Tracey] [see http://traceyclann.com/files/Traceys%20of%20the%20Caribbean.htm]


Church Of St Mary The Virgin, Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England

'Sacred/To The Memory Of/

John Smith Tracey,/

For Many Years Secretary In The Royal Navy,/

Who Died At Barbadoes/The 26th Decr 1811; Aged 36 Years,/

This Tablet Of Affection To One,/

Who Was Generally Beloved/

And Estemed,/Is Erected By His Sister'


1831 Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal

Surgical Examinations at Edinburgh 16th May 1831...From Abroad Harry Tracey...


1833 Members...Harry Tracey, Esq. Surgeon, Plymouth.

The Transactions Provincial Medical And Surgical Association. MDCCCXXXIII. (1833)


1841 Census St Saviour Dartmouth, Devon

Harry Tracey M 32 Surgeon N Lower St 16829

Harry A Tracey M 3   Y Lower St 16829

John Tracey M 6m   Y Lower St 16829

Maria Ann Tracey F 2   Y Lower St 16829

Maria Ann Tracey F 23   Y Lower St 16829


Ann Maria Adair was the daughter of Thomas Banjamin and Sarah Adair. In 1837 she married Harry Tracey of Dartmouth (see T17, Tracey section).
It is clear that the Adair and Tracey families became fairly close with the marriage of Ann Maria and Harry Tracey (see above).



1850 Dartsmouth, Directory of Devonshire

Harry Tracey, surgeon, Hannover sqr

Rev Jno Tracey.,B.A.,vicar of Townstal & St Saviour's, Vicarage


1851 Census - Hanover Square, St Saviour, Totn Devonshire

Harry Tracey, Head, 43, b. Antrim, Ireland, General Practione M.r.c

Maria Tracey, wife, 37, b. Stonehouse, Devonshire, England

Osborne Tracey, son, 6, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England

Agnes Tracey, daughter, 4, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England

Charles Tracey, son, 2, b. Dartmouth, Devonshire, England

1851 Census - Saint Saviour Dartmouth, Devon, England

Harry Tracey               Head       M            43           Antigua British Subject, General Practitioner M R C S E L A C, residence Hanover Square

Maria Tracey               Wife       F             37           Stonehouse, Devonshire

Osborne Tracey           Son         M            6             Dartmouth, Devonshire

Agnes Tracey              Daughter                F             4             Dartmouth, Devonshire

Charlis Tracey             Son         M            2             Dartmouth, Devonshire

Sarah Stone Servant   F             37           Woodleigh, Devonshire

Elizabeth Pietre           Servant   F             23           Stokenham, Devonshire

Thalia Clarke               Servant   F             19           Kingswear, Devonshire


...the brass to Harry Tracey, 1861 at Dartsmouth, St. Saviour is by John Haywood, a noted Devonshire architect, but uses the letter style of the Wallers.

Church Monuments: Journal of the Church Monuments Society, Volume 16

...St. Clement’s Church, Townstal, Rev. Harry F. Tracey, vicar...St. Saviour’s...brasses...to Dr. Harry Tracy (uncle of the present vicar, and brother of a former vicar)...


1861 Census - East Stonehouse, Devon

First name(s)













Where Born















Shropshire - Shrewsbury


Sarah S













Shropshire - Shrewsbury


Ann M













Devon - Stonehouse















Devon - Dartmouth















Devon - Dartmouth















Devon - Dartmouth















Devon - Bovey Tracey















Devon - Ivybridge




Epsom College Register

Tracey, Charles, s. of Harry Tracey, surgeon, of Dartmouth, b. 1849, 1. 1867


Henry Tracy (1809-) m. Maria Adair (1815-1902)

Agnes Tracey

Harry Adair Tracey

John Tracey Unknown-1860

Maria Tracey

Osborne Tracey

Percival White Tracey (1845 Dartmouth, Devonshire - 1909 South Africa) m. Marcella Devenish [see Traceys of South Africa]

Beryl Antoinette Tracey

Katie Tracey

Marcella Millicent Tracey

Osborne Tracey

Muriel Tracey (1884-Unknown)

Harold Adair Tracey (1896-Unknown)


Harry Adair Tracey, Lt. Col. Royal Artillery, (d.1886)

7 Apr [18]56 Gentlemen Cadets to be Lieutenants

6 Dec [18]66 second captain, vice Taylor

June [18]71 Adjutant

24 July [18]75

24 July [18]82

Harry Adair Tracey, full [age], bachelor, Captain Royal Artillery, lives Loughanmore, (s. of Harry Tracey, gentleman) married Elizabeth Anne Owens, full [age], lives Holestone, (d. of John Owens, gentleman) 9 January 1868 Garrah? Church of Ireland Wit: J. Owens & Thomas Clarke [Donegore Antrim PLU]

Jan. 9. 1868 At Donegore, Harry Adair Tracey, Capt. R.A. (Royal Art) to Elizabeth Anne, youngest dau. of John Owens, esq., of Holestone, c. Antrim

10 January 1868 Belfast News Letter

Tracey and Owens - January 9 at the Parish Church Donegore, County Antrim, by the Rev. G.C. Symthe, rector of Carnmoney, cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J.A. Kerr, rector of the Parish, Captain Harry Adair Tracey, Royal Artillery eldest son of the late Harry Tracey, Esq., of Dartmouth, Devon, to Elizabeth Anne, youngest daughter of John Owen Esq, J.P, of Holestone, County Antrim [bad copy]

Son Harry Owens Tracey [Date of Birth: 11 July 1869 Bermuda, joined Royal Navy] [Lt. Harry Owens Tracey, R. N., b. 1869 in Burmada; son of Harry Adair Tracey of Cork and Co. Antrim]

Harry Adair Tracey & Elizabeth Anne Owens

Harry Owens Tracey b. 11 July 1869 Bermuda [Harry Owens Tracey d. 28 Jan 1895 Islandnahoe Antrim, sister Eleanor A M Tracey]

Eleanor Agnes Mary Tracey b. 02 Feb 1871 Freshwater, Hampshire, England 

Gibraltar National Archives

MilitaryDeathsId: 365

SEQ: 298

RecordNumber: 8

Day: 6

Month: 2

Year: 1872

WhereDied: moorish castle quarters

Surname: tracey

GivenName: Elisabeth Ann

Sex: Female

Age: 29

Profession: wife of H.A. Tracey Captain Royal Artillery [Harry Adair Tracey]

PlaceOfBirth: ireland

PeriodOfResidence: 7 months

Cause: diarrhea after confinement

Primary: violent diarrhea after confinement

Duration: 7 days

Secondary: exhaustion

SignatureOfInformant: husband of deceased

NameOfMedicalPractioner: Joseph Patron

Henry Adair Tracey, full age, widower, Captain RA, lives Ballydivity Derrykeighan, (s. of Harry Tracey Esq, surgeon) married Margaret Stewart Moore, full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Islandnahoe [Islandahoe] Derrykeighan, (d. of James Stewart Moore Esq, JP?) 24 December 1874 Billy Church of Ireland Wit: Jas Stewart Moore & Anthony Traile [(Bushmills) Coleraine PLU]

28 Dec 1874 (BL) Marriage

Tracy - Moore. Dec 24 at Billy parish Church, Captain H.A. Tracy R.A. to Margaret Stewart daughter of the late James stewart Moore, Esq, Bally???, Co. Antrim.

12 January 1875 (FJ) Marriage

Tracey and Stewart-Moore - December 24 last at Billy Church, County Antrim, by the Venerable Archdeacon of Connor, Harry Adair Tracey, Captain Royal Artillery, to Margaret, eldest daughter, of the late James Stewart-Moore, Esq., of Ballydivity, county Antrim.

Harry Adair Tracey & Margaret Stewart Moore

Violet Millicent Tracey b. 06 Feb 1876 Rawul Pindee, Bengal, India d. 1946 Portrush

Martin Tracey  b. 25 Aug 1877 India, d. 03 Nov 1931 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, age: 54, Single 

Mabel b. 24 June 1879 Charles Fort (LDS) [Cork] [State Reg: Tracey, Mabel, Kinsale, 3rd Quarter 1879 5 348]

Mabel Tracy, 32 years, b. Ireland, spinster, Anglican (d. of Harry Adair Tracy  & Margaret Steward Moore)  m. John Graham, 49 years, b. England, Bachelor, clerk, Anglican (s. of John Graham & Mary Sinclair)  17 Oct 1911 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  Wit: Martin Tracy of Vancouver & Frances H De Wolf of Vancouver

Charles Francis Tracey  b. 16 Jun 1882 Northern Ireland  d. 11 Dec 1950 Vancouver B C, British Columbia, Canada, age: 68, Widowed  spouse: Louise Blanche Upjohn 

Charles Francis Tracey, 30 years, b. Balleylough, Ireland, Bachelor, of Lake Buntzeen?, [no profession], Church of England  (s. of Harry Adair Tracy, soldier & Margueret Stewart Moore)  m. Louise Blanch Upjohn, 39 years, b. Wymouth, England, Spinster, nurse, of Vancouver, b. Winmouth? England, Church of England (d. of Frank John Upjohn, professor of music & Lydia Slade Stone)   24 Mar 1913 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Wit: Martin Tracey & John Dunning

Tracy - On Dec 11 1950, suddenly at Vancouver, Charles Francis Tracey, son of the late Col and Mrs H.A. Tracy. [late 3539 West 37th Avenue Vancouver, bridgeman Vancouver Harbour Commission.]

Frances Anne Tracey  b. 22 Jun 1884 St. Mary-the-Virgin, Dover, Kent, England 

James Thomas Tracey  b. 04 Dec 1885 bapt. 24 Mar 1886 St. Mary-the-Virgin, Dover, Kent, England 

8 January 1868

Draft Settlement on the marriage of Capt. Harry Adair Tracey R.A., Loughanmore, Co. Antrim, to Miss Elizabeth A. Owens, Ballyvoy Lodge, Ballyvoy, Co. Antrim. D1080/5/149

8 January 1868

Settlement on the marriages of Capt. Harry Adair Tracey, R.A., Loughanmore, Co. Antrim, to Miss Elizabeth A. Owens, Ballyvoy Lodge, Ballyvoy, Co. Antrim. D1080/5/150

14 August 1875

Letter from Major H.A. Tracey, R.A. London, to Henry Adair and James Owens requesting a loan of trust money, part of a settlement made at the time of his marriage on 8th January 1868 to Miss Elizabeth A. Owens and issuing out of Bonds of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company. D1080/5/153

16 September 1876

Copy Will of Major Harry Adair Tracey, R.A. D1080/5/161

26 November 1878

Letter from Major H.A. Tracey, R.A., Port Ballintrae, Bushmills, Co. Antrim, to Henry Adair and James Owens, [Holestone], Co. Antrim, requesting that a sum of £600 trust money be invested in Debenture Stock of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company. D1080/5/164

…Some years ago (1878) Major HA Tracy, RA, in a published article entitled, "Was the Architect of the Great Pyramid inspired?"…

29 September 1882-1 October 1882

One of two acknowledgements of receipt of trust money by Major H.A. Tracey, R.A. from Henry Adair and James Owens [Holestone] Co. Antrim to be used for the entrance of his son Owens Tracey into the Royal Navy and in particular the payment of his fees and the purchase of an outfit. D1080/5/165A

29 September 1882-1 October 1882

One of two acknowledgements of receipt of trust money by Major H.A. Tracey, R.A. from Henry Adair and James Owens [Holestone] Co. Antrim to be used for the entrance of his son Owens Tracey into the Royal Navy and in particular the payment of his fees and the purchase of an outfit. D1080/5/165B

Will Harry Adair Tracey d. 2 Sep 1886 Barrington House Dover Kent, Colonel RA, to Margaret Tracey Island-na-hoe near Dervock Antrim widow the Universal legatee

11 November 1886

Case on behalf of Mrs Margaret Stewart Tracey widow and administrator of the late Colonel Harry Adair Tracey, concerning properties and land in Ballyeaston, Glenarm and Mulloughconly [sic], Co. Antrim. D1080/5/170

1887 London Wills

Harry Adair Tracey - Personal Estate in England £143.17.3

16 May. Administration (with the Will) of the Personal Estate of Harry Adair Tracey late of Barrington House Dover in the county of Kent. Colonel Royal Artillery who died on or about 2 September 1886 at same place granted 7 January 1887 at Dublin to Margaret Tracey of Island-na-hoe Dervock in the County of Antrim the Widow the Universal Legatee.

8 May 1891 (BL) Coleraine Academical Institution Athletic Sports

...spectators...Miss Tracy, Ballydivitty...

13 October 1891

Acknowledgement of receipt of £400 trust money, by H.A. Tracey, from James Owens, [Holestone, Co. Antrim], and confirmation of a payment of £100 made to the late Colonel Tracey by James Owens, [Holestone] and Henry Adair, (now deceased), as payment for fees and a Royal Navy outfit on 29th September 1882. D1080/5/173

1 February 1895

Mortgage for £500 and interest, from Harry Owens Tracey, Island-na-hoe, Dervock, Co. Antrim to Misses Bertha Grace Phoebe and Augusta Anketell, Greenmount, Muckamore, Co. Antrim concerning lands at Ballyeaston, Co. Antrim and tenements in Bridge Street, Toberwine Street and Abbeyhill, in Glenarm, Co. Antrim. D1080/5/175

16 April 1896

Letters of Administration to the personal estate of Harry Owens Tracey, late of Island-na-hoe, Dervock, Co. Antrim. D1080/5/177

16 April 1896

Copy letters of administration of estate of Harry Owens Tracey, late of Island na hoe, Dervock, Co. Antrim, died at sea 28 January 1895, intestate. D1824/B/2/14


Margaret Tracey of 23 Gipsy Hill Upper Norwood county Surrey widow died 21 January 1931 Probate London 13 June to Violet Millicent Tracey spinster.  Effects in Northern Ireland £21 14s. 10d.  Re-sealed Belfast 12 August.

February 21, 1931 The Advocate (NY)

Mrs. Margaret Tracey, widow of Lt.-Col. H. A. Tracey, R. A., and daughter of Capt. J. Stewart Moore, Ballydivity, Co. Antrim, died aged 85.


Harry Adair (Lt Col RA) TRACEY

m. Elizabeth Anne OWENS (Wife) (b. About 1832 in Holestone, Doagh, Antrim, Ireland) ABT 1865 in Ireland


http://images.gencircles.com/i_b.gif, unknown female TRACEY b. About 1867 in Ireland

http://images.gencircles.com/i_b.gifHarry Owens TRACEY b. 1869 in Ireland

http://images.gencircles.com/i_b.gif, unknown female (2) TRACEY b. About 1871 in Ireland

m. Margaret STEWART-MOORE (Wife) (b. 10 May 1845 in Ireland) 28 Dec 1874

Title: Charles Clark's Gilliland / Stewart Documents Publication: Charles Clark (charles.clark@xtra.co.nz), 2003 Ballydivity lodged at the Genealogical Office Dublin by James Stewart-Moore (May 1793-23 Dec 1870), and a family tree (descendancy chart) of the Stewarts of Ballintoy drawn around 1928 by John Leslie Stewart-Moore (b. 1891) and held by (among other such institutions) the Coleraine Library.




1869 (6 May) entire addressed to a wine merchant in Bordeaux, bearing 2d. bright blue strip of five, pair and single, all cancelled by “B/1” vertical obliterator (Type K2),

showing red crayon “1/2”, “BERMUDA/PAID” c.d.s. overstruck by “PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR PACKET” (1.7) and Calais entry (2.7) datestamps, circular-framed “PD” in red and, on reverse, London and arrival datestamps. A rare and most attractive franking.


Note: The letter was written by Capt. H.A. Tracey of the Royal Artillery Corps, R.E. Capt. Tracey spent two years on Bermuda, from 1868-1869, in charge of food stores and this letter, written to wine merchant, may well have been for the officer’s mess.



 Belfast City


North Belfast Harriers Ladies won the Irish 10k roads championship last year in Navan. Athletics Ireland nominated them as their representative in the European clubs roads championship in Moscow Saturday 8/9/07. The Race was a 15k road race for teams of four, three to score plus a manager. The North Belfast Team was Sharon trimble, Louise Mc clean, Lisa Tracy and Cathy McCourt with Claire McCorry as team manager. Sharon Trimble was first home in 57minutes followed by Cathy McCourt, Louise McClean and Lisa Tracy. They finished a creditable 7th team against the elite of European clubs. Not to be outdone the manager Claire also competed in and finished the race.


Anne Treacy b. 1 Oct 1818 St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Ellen Treacy

William Treacy b. 11 Apr 1827 St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Anne Tracy married Pat McGuchen 18 Apr 1835 Wit: Wla Tairn & Rose Liechen. St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Ann Tracy & Patt McGucken/McGuican

Cath McGucken b. 24 Mar 1839 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Ellen McGuican b. 13 Jul 1855 Sp. Catharine? Treasy? St. Patrick's, Belfast city

John McGucken b. 18 Apr 1858 Sp. James Quinn & Margt Morris St. Patrick's, Belfast city


John Treasy & Emelia Burley

Elisa Treasy b. 11 May 1835 St. Patrick's, Belfast city


John Tr(e)ac(e)y

Ann Tracey/Treacy b. Belfast area c1836? m. Thomas Maw in Manchester

Elizabeth b. Ashton (or possibly Belfast)

My 2nd Gt Grandmother was called Ann Tracey and she married my 2nd Gt Grandfather Thomas Maw in Manchester area date unknown, I have searched for a marriage but the only one I can find is for a John Maw to Ann Treacy in 1863 in Ashton Under Lyne, I believe this is their marriage but don't know why John changed his name to Thomas. Ann died in 1881 in Manchester Royal Infirmary but on the 1881 census Thomas & Ann are living in Ashton Under Lyne (again tying in with the marriage I found) and Ann says she was born in Belfast, and my their daughter my Gt Grandmother Elizabeth is stated as being born in Gorton, Manchester in c.1865. Then in 1882 Thomas marries an Elizabeth Tracey in Ashton Under Lyne giving her fathers name as John Tracey. On the 1891 census Elizabeth says she was born in Ashton. I have been trying to sort this mystery out for a few years now and whenever I find some new info it creates another problem to solve. I have searched for the birth of my Gt Grandmother Elizabeth Maw c.1865 in Gorton but can not find her anywhere, the only marriage I can find is that one for John Maw and Ann Treacy, and all I know about Ann Tracey/Treacy is that she was born c.1836 in Belfast and if Elizabeth Tracey was her sister then Ann’s father could be John Tracey/Treacy.

Mike Knight mkturkey@hotmail.com

Ann Tracey (b. 1836 in Belfast, Northern Ireland d. 16 June 1881 in Royal Infirmary, Manchester) Marriage 1 Thomas MAW (b: 1836 in Belton, Lincoln, England)


1. Has ChildrenElizabeth Gertrude MAW b: 1865 in Gorton, Mancheser, England

2. Ann MAW b: 20 JAN 1868 in 7 Mary Ellen Street, Manchester, England

3. Henry MAW b: 1870 in Manchester, Lancashire, England

4. Alfred MAW b: 1874 in Mancheser, England


Anne/Ann/Nancy Tracey & Jn/John Dennison/Doonan/Doran/Dornan

Ann Doran b. 6 Jan 1839 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Ellen Dornan b. 31 Jan 1841 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

John Doonan b. 2 Jan 1843 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Hugh Dornan b. 26 Feb 1845 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Art Dennison b. 25 Nov 1850 Sp. Bella Eaton St. Patrick's, Belfast city       


Eugene Tracey & Jane Walsh

Elisa Tracey b. 22 Dec 1839 St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Mary Tracey & Bernard Laverty

James Laverty b. 15 Feb 1842 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Mary Tracy & Bernard Laverty

Mary An Laverty b. 1 Aug 1854 Sp. Sarah Gallagher. Portrush RC Parish Antrim


Thos Tracy married Rosanne Campbell 2 Jun 1843 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Thos Tracy & Roseanna Campbell

John Tracy b. 10 Mar 1844 St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Thos Tracy & Mary McKenna

Amelia Tracy b. 12 Jul 1846 Sp Margt Boyd St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Jane Tracy married Mathw McGarry 15 Aug 1846 St. Patrick's, Belfast city Wit: Alin McDermott


James Tracey married Rose McCullin 6 Oct 1850 St. Patrick's, Belfast city Wit: Ed M'Carmack & Rose M'Carmack


Sarah Tracey & James Hayes

Margaret Hayes b. 11 Sep 1851 Sp. Mary Creen. St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Jane Tracy & Ambrose Cullen

Jane Cullen b. 16 Jan 1854 Sp. James Breen & Ellen Breen. St. Patrick's, Belfast city

From: gar***cullen.netlineuk.net
I am seeking Ambrose Cullen, birth, second marriage and children. Ambrose Cullen married Ann Jane Niblock 19 Dec 1850 in Belfast and gave his age as 25 or 28 and his father James as a stonemason. Ambrose'e son James was born 11 April 1852 by this marriage. He had a daughter Jane by his second wife Jane Trac(e)y on 16 Jan 1854. We note that the name Tracey also comes from Wicklow.


Edward Tracy, 23, bachelor, carter?, lives Townland of Lower Malone parish of Shankill, (s. of John Tracy, carman) married Margaret Wilson, 23, spinster, lives Townland of Lower Malone parish of Shankill, (d. of Robert Wilson, stone mason) 19 May 1855 Belfast Registrars Office Wit: William McCracken & Phillip Burk [Belfast PLU Antrim & Down] signed their marks

Edward Tracy (s. of John Tracy, 23 years) m. Margaret Wilson (d. of Robert Wilson, 23 years) 19 May 1855 Belfast, Ant, Ire 


Edwd Tracey married Eliza Lavery 13 Jun 1856 Wit: James Muldoon & Margrit Pollark St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Edward Tracy & Elizabeth Leary

Joseph Tracy b. 21 Oct? 1861? Sp Anthony Leary St. Malachy's, Belfast city

Edward Tracey & Elizabeth Lavery

Thomas Tracey b. 1 Mar 1863 Sp Joseph Lavery? & Elizabeth Carty? St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Edward Tracey & Elizabeth Lavery

Edward Michael b. 29 November 1866 Belfast (LDS)


John Tracy

Margaret Ann b. 6 May 1857 Christ Church Belfast (LDS)

Matimba b. 23 February 1859 Christ Church Belfast (LDS)


Bessy Tracey & John Kennedy

John J Kennedy b. 30 Nov 1857 Rosanna McNicholl St. Patrick's, Belfast city


Jane Tracy & Martin Hugh McConoll

Mathew Hugh McConoll b. 22 Jul 1858 Sp. Tiresa Kere? St. Patrick's, Belfast city     


William Tracy married Mary Loughlin of Gilford 29 Jan 1859 Wit: William Bridget & Sarah Raverty. Tullylish Parish Co. Down

William Tracy & Mary Loughlin

Harriot Tracy b. 2 Apr 1860 Sp. William Bridget & Ellen Loughlin. Tullylish Parish

William Tracey & Mary O'Loughlin/Loughlin/McLaughlin

Christopher Tracey b. 11/16 Jun 1867 of Mafford St Sp. Thomas Caphlay? & John Peart St. Peter's, Belfast city

William Tracey b. 2/30 Nov 1869 of Milford St Sp. ??? St. Peter's, Belfast city

Henry Tracy b. 6/7 Jan 1872 of Milford St 9 Sp. Hugh Boyle & Clara Mullan St. Peter's, Belfast city

Patrick Tracy b. 4/6 Sep 1874 of Leeson St Sp. Mary Grumley St. Peter's, Belfast city

Mary Ellen Treacy b. 6/8 Feb 1877 of Leeson St Sp. Ellen O'Neile St. Peter's, Belfast city

William Tracey/Treacey & Mary O’Laughlin/Loghlen/Loughlin

Christopher b. 13 June 1867 Belfast (LDS)

William b. 13 December 1869 Belfast No.4 (LDS)

Henry b. 10 February 1872 Belfast No 6 (LDS) (State Reg: Treacey, Henry, Belfast, 1872 1 407) Moved to Dublin with his brother John? (Dublin Census 1911)

Patrick Tracey b. 15 Dec 1874 Ireland

Mary Ellen b. 21 March 1877 Antrim Antrim (LDS)


Patrick Tracey, 20 years, bachelor, labourer, lives 25 Mulhouse St (s. of William Tracey, labourer) married Alicia Mason, 20 years, spinster, winder, lives 9 Bowe St (d. of John Mason, labourer)  Wit: Peter Flanagan & Mary Hawthorne 25 December 1894 St Peter RC Chapel Belfast [PLU Belfast No. 6 Antrim] [see 1901 & 1911 Census Smithfield Antrim]


Joseph Tracy, 21, single, b. 1910 Belfasy Ireland (s. of Patrick & Letitia Mason) married Vilma Fulop, 18, single, b. 1913 N.Y.City (d. of John & Elizabeth Lockatos) 7 Feb 1931 Manhattan, New York, New York


Elizabeth Ann Tracey, 17, spinster, lives Glengormlay (d. of John Tracey, bleacher) married John Murray, full age, bachelor, painter, lives Belfast, (s. of John Murray, dead) 24 July 1864 RC Chapel of Greencastle Wit: John Tracey & Margaret Mulholland [Whitehouse Belfast PLU]

Elizabeth Ann Tracey, single, 17 years, (d. of John Tracey) m. John Murray, single, (s. of John Murray) 24 Jul 1864 Belfast, Ant, Ireland (LDS)

Elizabeth Tracey of Glengormley married John Murray of Belfast 24 Jul 1864 Wit: John Tracey. Greencastle Parish Antrim


James Tracy, 21, bachelor, labourer, lives Whiteabbey Carnmoney (s. of John Tracy, labourer) married Eliza Beatty, 23, spinster, lives Whiteabbey Carnmoney (d. of Joseph Beatty, weaver) 6 January 1866 Registers Office Wit: Thomas Hamilton & Joseph Ross, their marks [Belfast Belfast PLU Antrim] signed their marks

James Tracey & Eliza Beatty

John b. 17 November 1866 Whitehouse District (LDS)


James Tracey married Teresa Hughes 16 Jun 1866 Wit: Joseph Collins & Mary Doran. St. Malachy's, Belfast city [Not listed in State Registration]

James Tracy/Trecy & Teresa/Tresea Hughes

Emily Tracy b. 15/16 Mar 1867 of Peel St Sp. Maryann Hughes St. Peter's, Belfast city

Teresa Trecy b. 6/9 Dec 1868 of 66 Cuper S Sp. Melizabeth Logan St. Peter's, Belfast city

James Tracey & Tiresa/Theressa Hughes

Emily b. 11 March 1867 Belfast (LDS)

Tiresa b. 5 December 1868 Belfast No.5 (LDS)


Emma McCurry, 34, widow, b. 1870  Wilkesbarre Pa (d. of James Tracey & Therese Hughes) married John Winkler, 35, single, b. 1869 Tochberg Tyrol Austria (s. of Warner Winkler & Mary Winkler) 11 Apr 1904 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


Theresa Wilson b. Ireland (d. of James Tracy, machinist, & Theresa Hughes) died 23 Sep 1929 105 Pleasant Street Concord New Hampshire. Spouse: Samuel J. Wilson. Buried St. Josephs West Roxbury Mass


Michael Tracey, 40, bachelor, pensioner, lives 42 Leffle? Patrick st (s. of BLANK Tracey, labourer) married Sarah McGaney, 22, spinster, lives 42 Leffle? Patrick st (d. of James McGaney, mason) 9 November 1866 RC Chapel Saint Patrick wit: John Redmond? & L? Maher, their marks [Hospital Belfast PLU Antrim] signed their marks

Michael Tracey married Sarah McGainey 9 Nov 1866 Wit: John Maher & John Redmond. St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Michael Tracey, 40 years, single (s. of ??? Tracey) m. Sarah McGaney, 22 years, single (d. of James McGaney) 09 Nov 1866 Belfast, Ant, Ireland (LDS)

Michael Tracy & Sarah McGainey

Sarah Elizabeth Tracy b. 08 Feb 1866 Sp Bridget McCruddan St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Michael Tracey & Sarah McGanney/McGaley

Sarah Elizabeth b. 21 January 1866 Belfast (LDS)

Michael b. 16 November 1873 Belfast (LDS)


Rose Ann Tracy & Wm John Chambers

Thomas Chambers b. 28 May 1867 Sp. Mary McGeo St. Malachy's, Belfast city

Samuel Chambers b. 28 May 1867 Sp. Ellin Numan St. Malachy's, Belfast city


Ellen Tracey, 18, spinster, mill worker, lives 33 ??? St (d. of Francis Tracey, labourer) married  Henry Byrne, 29, widower, Private 54th Regt, lives Belfast Barrack, (s. of Henry Byrne, butler) 3 January 1869 RC Chapel Saint Patricks Wit: Edward Bratly? & Mary Thompson [Belfast Belfast PLU] Antrim

Ellen Tracey, 18 years, (d. of Francis Tracey) m. Henry Byrne, 29 years, widowed (s. of Henry Byrne) 03 Jan 1869 Belfast No2, Antrim, Ireland (LDS)

Ellen Treacy & Henry Byrne of 54th

Willm Francis Byrne b. 16 Apr 1871 Sp. Eliza Renison & Edwd Tallant. Curragh Camp Parish


Lizzie Tracey & James M'Sheenan

James M'Sheeman b. 29 Apr/6 May 1871 of Conway St 190 Sp. Catherine Brankin St. Peter's, Belfast city


George Parnell Treacy, 23, bachelor, budener?, lives Belfast, (s. of Robert Treacy, farmer?) married Lizzie/Elizabeth McKay, 19, spinster, BLANK, lives Belfast, (d. of Donald McKay, mechanic?) 26 March 1873 Presbyterian Church Townsend St Belfast Wit: Henry Wells & Jane Gliser? [Belfast PLU Antrim]

George Prescott Tracey/Treacy/Treacey (b. 36 Mcclure Street) & Lizzie/Elizabeth McKay

Clara Hanna Tracey b. 3 Jan 1874 Belfast Castlereagh No 1, Down (LDS) Knockbreda

Jane Treacy b. 1 Dec 1875 McClure Street Belfast, Antrim (LDS)

Martin and Treacy - June 19 [1901], at Christ Church, Rathgar, Dublin by the Rev. John Ramsey, LLB, Ballymoney, Alexander Blair, fifth son of the late Robert Martin, 4 Belgrave place, Rathmines, to Jean (Jennie) second daughter of the late George Prescott Treacy, Belfast.

Martha/Maude Treacy b. 28 Feb 1878 Belfast Down Down (LDS)

George Prescott Treacy/Treacey b. 12 Aug 1880 Belfast, Down (LDS)

George Prescott Treacy, 39, b. 1881, clerk, of 73 The Mansions Durban m. Elsie Maud Reid, 23, b. 1897, of Shamfordhill Road Durbane, on the  27 Mar 1920 Durban, Natal, South Africa Wit: Mary Smith & Arthur J Smith

1901 Census of England

George Prescott Treacy, 20, Belfast, A B Seaman, Glamorganshire


14 Nov 1894 (BL) Dublin Day by Day

The election of twelve candidates as pupils of the Masonic Orphan Boys School was announced today...Albert R. Treacy, son of the late Mr. George Prescott Treacy, commission agent, Belfast...1679 votes...[1901 Census Dundrum, Dublin]


Neill family tree (LDS)

Clara Hannah Treacy b 3 January 1874 183 Woodstock Road, Belfast married Archibald Fletcher 19 December 1898 St Annes Cathedral Church of Ireland, Belfast 1901 Census 1901 Govan, Lanarkshire

Maude Victoria Treacy b. 24 May 1888 Sydenham Belfast d. 21 June 1961 Belfast. 1901 Census Main Street, Bangor, Co Down.

Ruby Florence Treacy b. 19 January 1883 211 Lorne Terrace, Belfast d. 2 July 1953 Hamilton, Auckland, New Zealand 1901 Census Kingstown, Dublin 1911 Census Rathmines & Rathgar West Dublin. married Harry Neill Forsythe 1911 New Zealand



George P Tracey, Belfast Co Antrim, 372 13th Feb 1891

George Prescot Tracey, 26 Jul 1882, Lodge 372 Gillhall Down, To 31. Died 24 Dec ‘93

25 June 1892 (BL)

Treacy - June 24. at his residence, Coosilla House, Lower Sydenharm, Belfast, George Preseott Treacy. The remains of my beloved husband will be removed for interment in the City Cemetery, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at three o clock…

1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

George Prescott Treacy 24 Jun 1892 4 Waring Street Belfast and Sydenham Down, by Hutchinson M’Kee and Robert J. Murray, Merchants

George Prescott Treacy: The Will of George Prescott Treacy late of 4 Waring-street Belfast and Sydenham County Down Manufacturer's Agent who died 24 June 1892 at latter place was proved at Belfast by Hutchinson M'Kee and Robert J. Murray Merchants both of Belfast the Executors. Date Of Grant: 07/10/1892 Effects: Effects £598 12s [Will: 4 Waring-street Belfast 4th May 1887, Sydenham Belfast County Down, my present wife Eliza Treacy, £40 per year to my wife for the support of herself and the children provided she remains unmarried]

18 Oct 1892 (BL) Notices

In the Goods of George Prescott Treacy, late of Belfast, in the County of Antrim, Commission Agent, Deceased....on or about the 24th June 1892...


Elizabeth Tracey/Tracy & John/Edward McGuirk/Mcguirke

Catherine McGuirke b. 26/30 Mar 1874 of English Sp. Catherine Tracey St. Peter's, Belfast city

Elizabeth McGuirk b. 23/30 Apr 1877 of Hillen Place Sp Margt M'Gouvern St. Mary's, Belfast city

Elizabeth McGuirk b. 20/28 Apr 1879 of Qualikelan? Place Sp St. Peter's, Belfast city


William Treacy, full [age], bachelor, outfitter, lives 2 Alexandra Terrace Belfast, (s. of Robert Treacy, bootmaker) married Emma Glasgow, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives 2 Alexandra Terrace Belfast, (d. of William Alexander Glasgow, watchmaker) 4 September 1875 St. Thomas Church of Ireland Wit: Ellen Brown & Robert Burkitt [Belfast PLU Antrim]

William Tracey/Tracy & Emma Glasgow

Isidora Madeline Tracey b. 13 December 1878 Ballynafeigh Belfast in Annaclone, County Down [Derrykeighan Antrim] (LDS)

Violet Emma Tracy/Tracey b. 11/19 Feb 1881 Dublin Dublin (LDS)


1901 Census

Emma Treacy, 50, F, 49.3 Longwood Avenue, Wood Quay, Dublin, Dressmaker, Church of Ireland, Head of Family, Widow, Kings Co

Isidora Treacy, 21, F, Longwood Avenue, Wood Quay, Dublin, Drapery Business Assistant, Wesleyan Church Methodist, Daughter, Not Married, Belfast


1911 Census

Emma, Treacy, 49.2 Longwood Avenue, 61, F, Wood Quay Dublin (b. Offaly, widow, Irish Church)

Isidora, Treacy, Longwood Avenue, 31, F, Wood Quay Dublin (b. Belfast, single, Irish Church)


Sarah Tracey, full [age], spin, BLANK, lives Richet;s? Place, (d. of Michl Tracey, stone cutter) married John McAuley, full[age], widower, labourer, lives Abbey St, (s. of Barney McAuley, labourer) 28 August 1876 Christ Church of Ireland Belfast Wit: Mary McNeally? & Hans? Cleland, signed her mark [Belfast PLU Antrim] signed their marks


Sarah Tracey, 19, spinster, BLANK, lives 171 Uring? St, (d. of John Tracey, labourer) married Thomas Teer, 21, bachelor, labourer, lives 173 Uring? St (s. of William Teer, labourer) 30 August 1878 St. Annes Church of Ireland Wit: Thomas Hiffinson & Martha Gillesbie [Belfast PLU Antrim]


Cath Tracy & William Smith

Johanna [William crossed out] Smith b. 3/6 Oct 1878 of 18 Keyssine St Sp. Edwd Gagen & James? Gagan  St. Peter's, Belfast city


Mary Tracy

Mary Elizabeth b. 28 October 1879 Belfast (LDS)


Thomas Tracey, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Conlif? Street Belfast, (s. of Timothy Tracey, labourer) married Mary Jane Nevins, full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Conlif Street Belfat, (d. of Henry? Nevins, labourer) 04 July 1880 St. Annes Church of Ireland Wit: T? Scott & Sarah Tripond? signed her mark [Belfast PLU Antrim] signed her mark

Thomas Tracy & Mary Jane Evans

Thomas Tracy b. 10 December 1880 Belfast (LDS)


1901 Census

Thomas Tracey, 60, M, 6 Harold Street, Clifton, Antrim, General Labourer, Church of Ireland, Head of Family, Married, Belfast City

Mary Jane Tracey, 50, F, Harold Street, Clifton, Antrim, Linen Weaver, Church of Ireland, Wife, Married, Belfast City

David Tracey, 25, M, Harold Street, Clifton, Antrim, Engine Driver in Rope Works, Church of Ireland, Son, Not Married, Belfast City

Johanna Tracey, 19, F, Harold Street, Clifton, Antrim, Linen Weaver, Church of Ireland, Daughter, Not Married, Belfast City

Thomas J Tracey, 15, M, Harold Street, Clifton, Antrim, Labourer in Factory Lett Boy, Church of Ireland, Son, Not Married, Belfast City


Birth out of wedlock Belfast 1873

My grandfather David Tracey always gave his birth date as 17 Dec 1879. His parents were Thomas Tracey and Mary Jane Evans who were married in July 1880 at St Anne's C of I in Shankill parish. Both were shown as previously unmarried.
I've now found out that David was born as David Evans on 17 Dec 1873, six years earlier than he always claimed. His parents were shown as David Evans and Mary Jane Evans nee Armstrong. The birth was registered by his mother. I've not found a marriage or any other children for this couple so I'm almost certain that Mary Jane Evans was an unmarried mother who invented a husband and the maiden name of Armstrong to avoid registering her son as illegitimate.
This leaves me without a name for David's birth father. I've wondered if the father's name may have been Armstrong, possibly David Armstrong. I realise I'm probably clutching at straws here but would be interested to hear if anyone else has a similar situation where an unmarried mother claimed to be married and used the father's name as her maiden name. Also if anyone thinks this is unlikely I'd be interested to hear why.

frankie-d 27 December 2010

I went down to the LDS FHC yesterday and looked at the film for this birth, the family were in the same street (Boomer St off Divis St) where David jnr was born so David snr and Mary Jane were indeed a genuine couple. Still haven't found a wedding for them.
This leaves the following partial sequence of records for Mary Jane –
May 1877 Gives birth to Thomas Evans (name shown as MJ Evans, formerly Armstrong)
July 1880 Marries Thomas Tracey (name shown as MJ Nevins, previously unmarried, father Henry Nevins)
Dec 1880 Gives birth to Thomas Tracey jnr (name shown as MJ Tracey, formerly Evans)

I think Thomas Evans may have died in infancy, there's no mention of him in family lore and there's a record of a Thomas Evans age 0 who died early 1878 in Belfast. The LDS don't have this on film so I'll have to send off for it.
I can’t find any death cert which fits for David Evans around this time. I’m wondering if he may have just gone away rather than died.
My next question is thus about why MJ would describe herself as Spinster (previously unmarried) on her marriage record. If David had died would there be a stigma attached to being a widow marrying again or does this suggest that David was still alive and the marriage was bigamous? I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has encountered a similar situation.

frankie-d 6 Jan 2011


Lizzie Tracey [Douglas crossed out], 23, spinster, millworker, lives 7 Brown St, (d. of Patrick Tracey, alive, car driver) married Robert Shevlin, 25, bachelor, labourer, lives 66 Millfield, (s. of Michael Shevlin, alive, dealer) 23 April 1881 RC Chapel St. Mary Wit: Charles Meneary & Annie Douglas, signed her mark [Belfast Belfast PLU Antrim] signed her mark


Dora Tracy, 22, spinster, servant, lives 21 Dandy Row Belfast, (d. of John Tracy, fireman) married Isaac Patterson, 20, bachelor, porter, lives 17 St Andrews Sq Belfast, (s. of Isaac Patterson, woodman) 03 November 1883 St. Annes Church of Ireland Wit: James Wright & Mary Jane Patterson [Belfast Belfast PLU]


Mary Tracey, 20, spinster, BLANK profession, lives 21 Argyle Street, (d. of John Tracey, labourer) married Joseph Whiteside, 20, bachelor, labourer, lives 21 Argyle Street, (s. of George Whiteside, labourer) 11 August 1884 Trinity Church of Ireland Wit: John Whiteside & Eliza Whiteside [Belfast Belfast PLU Antrim]


William John Tracey (b. 1 May 1895 Belfast d. 16 December 1959 Belfast) m. Catherine McCrory.


Has ChildrenLiving TRACEY

Kieran McBrien Aug 18 2003


Ellen Tracey & Hugh Eaton

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me, I was looking at the marriages on the Tracey Clan web page and noticed a marriage of Ellen Tracey 3rd quarter 1898 (1 325) in Belfast, I think this might be my great grandmother. Would the clan have a record of her husband, if it is my great grandmother she married Hugh Eaton. They were married in Belfast but lived in Derry.

Any info would be great. Many thanks.

Paul Simpson 30 August 2006 paul.simpson1609@hotmail.co.uk


Alicia Nora Tracey (b. 28 August 1899 Belfast d. 3 March 1986) m. John Joseph McShane 6 May 1922 Belfast (LDS)


Thomas George Tracey & Ellen Johnson

Jack Charles b. 27 May 1903 Belfast m. Mary Ruth Mikulisak 2 November 1946 (LDS)


Alphonsus Tracey b. 17/21 Oct 1905 of Tattykeel Drumragh Tyrone Sp Francis Mullan & Kate McAnespie (Note: Married to Kathleen McGuchin in St Malachy's Belfast by Frank Kerr CC in June '41)


James Tracey (b. 1841 England) m. Anne Abernathy? [see Liverpool]

John Tracey b. 01 Jan 1847 Liverpool, England...

James Tracey (b. 1863 Liverpool, England d. 24 Mar 1938) m. Maria Robinson

May Tracey b. 01 Jan 1890

Anne Tracey b. 18 Aug 1894

James (Jimmy) Tracey b. 25 May 1911 Belfast

Mary (Polly) Tracey b. 1880 Liverpool, England...

Michael (Sony) Tracey b. 1883 Liverpool, England...

Joseph Tracey b. 1885 Liverpool, England...

Catherine Tracey b. 1887 Liverpool, England...



Elizabeth Tracey (b. Lurgan Co. Armagh, Ireland October 13 1889), wife of Joseph Gerard Tracey, US passport holder, emigrated from Londonderry June 22 1909, lives principally at Detroit Mich. He is temporarily residing with his parent at Belfast Ireland.

American Consulate, Belfast, 9 January 1920


Andrew Tracey, 5960, 3rd Royal Irish Regiment, enlisted 13/10/11 Special Reserve, demob 6/3/1919, rejoin Clonmel, Prisoner of War 13/10/1915 in Germany.

32 years 6 months b. 1879, general labourer, RC, 5'5.75", 130 Lbs, 36" chest, blue eyes, light brown hair, single, employer Mr James Delaney Main St Templemore.

Address for pay 8 Hazelfield? Street, Belfast

2/7/1920 13766 Mr Andrew Tracey, Church St Templemore, co. Tipperary, class Z final discharge.

7 May 1919 Pension. Discharged 2/4/1919, aged 39, married, c/o Mrs Quinlan Church St Templemore, 30-40% debility,

11 Jan 1915. Letter to Mr Wm Tracey Church St Templemore taken prisoner at Lille 19-21/10/14 to Limburg Germany.

Andrew Tracey, 5500, Corps Leinster Rgt, served 12.5 years, discharged 24/10/10, address Church St Templemore, offers re-enlistment special reserve 10/10/11

14/5/1916. Money due from the estate of the late No.6919 Private William Tracey 2nd Bn Leinster Regt [brother?]


Christopher Tracey. Tracey Christopher of 39 Earlscourt Street Belfast retired lithographic printer died 30 December 1934 Probate Belfast 4 February to Thomas Cairns technical expert and Joseph Slevin spinning master. Effects £1575 19s. 1d.


Gulielmus Patritius Tracey b. 10/15 July 1909 Drumragh Tyrone Sp Agnes Johnson (Note: Married to Bridget L McGale? in St Patrick's Belfast on 3 July 1935 by Rev J Byrne Adm)


Robert Francis Treacy, Flight Sergeant, 1796178. 267 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 25th July 1946. Age 22. Son of Francis and Bella Treacy, of Cliftonville, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 460. Column Singapore Memorial.


Flight Sergeant Robert Francis Treacy (1796178) served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve during World War Two. He was the son of Francis Treacy and Bella Treacy of Cliftonville, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

He died on 25th July 1946 aged 22 years old. At the time, he was with RAF 267 Squadron. Robert’s death came as a result of one of the biggest aviation disasters in Burma.

At 1200hrs on 25th July 1946, Douglas Dakota C-47 Skytrain KN585 took off from Yangon Airfield, Burma. As the plane climbed, it entered an area of thunderstorms. In severe turbulence, the left wing broke off the craft causing it to crash into a swamp around 25 miles northeast of Bassein, Burma. All 4 crew members and 18 passengers died in the incident.





1902 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

Samuel Treacy, 52768, b. 1867 Kilkenny Kildare


52768 Samuel Treacy, 20 years 2 months, 5'19.75", b. Kilkenny Kildare, Protestant, married 24.4.95 wife from Dublin, recommended by DI Newell, famer, allocated 9 Nov 87, served Limerick 29 May '88 - Dublin 15.7.91 - Down 16.7.95 - Belfast 15.2.02, P Act Sergt 1.6.1910 - P Sergt 1.4.1912, 5 Rewards, Disbanded 31-5-22 TS Belfast No 48 CA £195-0-0, Cond Queens & Wicklow


Ernest William Sibbald Treacy

My Grandfather was Ernest William Sibbald Treacy was married to Evelyn May Hester (Morris) 25th August 1920 Belfast, Northern Ireland. Some of his family lived in Hollywood, Northern Ireland. Ernest’s Father was from Southern Ireland his name was known as Sam and his wife Elizabeth. But Sam and Elizabeth eloped to Northern Ireland and married and he was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

I remember him when I was young and I am trying to find out more about his family. I have all the information on his wives and children. I am just trying to find out about his brothers and sisters and where they came from originally in Ireland. I myself was born in Ireland but later and I am living in the USA now.

Ernest was the band leader of Sibbald Treacy’s Rhythm Kings in Northern Ireland and played for the BBC. He also played the piano. I would like to hear from anyone that knew him or may have any of his sheet music. I remember as a child seeing all his sheet music with his picture on the front of it and visiting him when he lived on the Antrim Road in Belfast where there was a plaque outside the front door that read Musical Director Sibbald Treacy Lives or lived here. I am not sure if it is still there or not.

Thanks, Rosemary Foffee3@Aol.com April 12th, 2008

Woods family from Belfast and surrounding areas

Robert Lloyd Woods, my father, married to Ethel Woods, nee (Treacy)…

Rosemary Crain November 02, 2009


Samuel Treacy, full age, bachelor, Constable R.I.C., lives Ballybrack (s. of William Treacy, farmer) married Margaret Sibbald, full age, spinster, lives Kilboggett Cabinteely (d. of John Sibbald, steward) Wit: Leeson Treacy & Samuel Sibbald on the 24 April 1895 Killiney Co. Dublin Church of Ireland [see Kilkenny]


Margaret Sibbald, born 1872, married a Kilkenny RIC man, Samuel Treacy, in Rathdown in 1895.


1901 Census

Samuel Treacy, 33, M, 26 Castle Street, Comber, Down, Constable R. I. C., Church of Ireland, Head of Family, Married, Co Kilkenny

Marguerite Treacy, 25, F, Castle Street, Comber, Down, Constable R. I. C., Church of Ireland, Wife, Married, Co Dublin

Ernest K S Treacy, 5, M, Castle Street, Comber, Down, Scholar, Church of Ireland, Son, Not Married, Co Down

Ethel E Treacy, 2, F, Castle Street, Comber, Down, Scholar, Church of Ireland, Daughter, Not Married, Co Down

September 1907 IT Courageous Conduct...Constable Samuel Treacy, Belfast, Second Class and £1 10s.

July 1910 IT Constable to acting Sergeant...Samuel Treacy, Belfast.

1907 Belfast Street Directory Samuel Tracey, R.I.C., 32 Willowfield Gardens

1910 Belfast Street Directory Samuel Trecay (Treacy Tracey), R.I.C., 38 Willowfield Gardens (off Woodstock Road)

1911 Census

Samuel Treacy, 43, M, 38 Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI, acting Sargt. R.I.C. b. Kilkenny)

Margaret Treacy, 33, F, Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI, married 16 years, 4 child, b. Dublin)

Ernest W S Treacy, 15, M, Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI)

Ethel E Treacy, 10, F, Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI)

Saml R Treacy, 9, M, Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI) [joined merchant navy]

Austin Treacy, 7, M, Willowfield Gardens, Ormeau, Down (CoI, b. Belfast)

April 1912 acting Sergeant to Sergeant...Samuel Treacy, Belfast


3 May 1912 London Gazette

For Registration as Temporary Boy Clerks (Postman)

Ernest William Sibbald Treacy


Ernest William Sibbald Treacy &: Evelyn May (Mary) Hester MORRIS (b: 28th April 1899 in Southampton New York)

Brian Treacy b. ??? in Belfast N.Ireland

Audrey Treacy b. ??? in Belfast Ireland (Last known living in England had been married and had children.)
Ethel Gertrude melbourne Sibbald Treacy (b. 30th April 1926 in Belfast N.Ireland) She was a twin to Patricia (Daisy) Treacy.



Ernest W S Treacy, 5 May 1920, Gothic Lodge 293 Ballymacarrett, Co Down, Musician. Certified 2 Jun 1921. Resigned 1923. To 340.


Feb 16, 1921 (IT) Marriages [bad copy]

Craig and Treacy - On Wednesday, January ?? 1921 at Willowfield Parish Church, ???, Robert William, youngest and ??? surviving son of Major Samuel Craig, Bonvisa? Antrim Rd, Belfast to Ethel Elizabeth Audrey, only daughter of sergeant Samuel Treacy, R.I.C. and Mrs Treacy, 35? Willowfield? Gardens, Belfast.



Sibbald Tracy


                1930’S Other Broadcasting Stations,
                Northern Ireland.
                6.00 Sibbald Treacy’s Rhythm Kings.
                Guardian newspaper


15 Aug 1930, Radio Times vol. 28 no. 359, p. 365
The afternoon concert on Friday, August 29, will be provided by the Trocadero Sextet, directed by E.W. Sibbald Treacy, and relayed from the Trocadero Restaurant, Portrush. Besides being musical director of the sextet, Mr. Treacy is responsible for the dance band at the Northern Counties Hotel in this County Antrim seaside resort. His interest in dance music began when he visited America eight years ago and came into contact with Schneider’s band in New York and Pennsylvania. Shortly after this he completed a tour through Europe with an American band, and the experience gained in this direction has been made full use of by Mr. Treacy, with the result that his sextet has proved itself the finest café orchestra in the Province. An idea of the strength of the combination can be gleaned from the fact that it contains such artists as Randolph Booth (violoncello), whose solos were at one time a feature of the Regent Cinema, Sheffield; and Jack Glover, who has earned a high reputation in the dance world.


Photograph - Ulster Museum

Sibbald Treacy's Counties Rhythm Kings band in ballroom at Northern Counties Hotel




John Geddis Tracey, a part-time private in C Coy, 7-10 Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), was shot dead on the 26/06/1987. An employee of Northern Ireland Electricity, he was shot off duty while renovating a house, on Surrey Street, off Lisburn Road, Belfast. He was aged 46 years and married with six children.





Seán Treacy

Deepest sympathy is extended to Jimmí Treacy and the family of Seán Treacy (aged 72 years) Ballymun, Dublin and formerly of the Antrim Road, Belfast, whose death occurred during October. A former engineer with Dublin County Council he gave sterling service to the movement and for prisoners in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. From the staff of an Ard-Oifig, Sinn Féin Poblachtach.

Saoirse, number 115, November 1996




Belfast Burial Records

Alex Tracey of 9 Byron Place, Age 3 Mos, death 17 August 1884, burial 18 August 1884 City Cemetery - Public Ground

Alexander Tracey of 34 Shannon Street, Age 6 Mos, death 26 September 1904, burial 27 September 1904 Cemetery City Cemetery

Child Of John & Mary Tracey of 29 Cumberland St, death 14 November 1922, burial 15 November 1922 Cemetery City Cemetery - Public Ground

Coreena Tracy of 265 Holywood Road, aged 53 years, died 25 November 1987, buried 4 December 1987 Roselawn Cemetery

Denis William Treacy of 4 Torrin Walk Dundonald BT16 2DN, died 26 September 2010, aged 85 years, buried 30 September 2010 Roselawn Cemetery

Edward Tracey of Union Wkhouse, 52 Bond St, Age 70 Years, death 17 January 1895, burial 19 January 1895 City Cemetery - Public Ground

Elizabeth Tracey of 5 Lime St, Age 18 Years, death 27 September 1878, burial 28 September 1878 City Cemetery - Public Ground

Emily Sarah Tracey of 5a Belvoir House, Stillborn, death 6 June 1987, burial 8 June 1987 Roselawn Cemetery

Evelyn M E Treacey of 43 Ashley Avenue, aged 83 years, buried 23 April 1982 Roselawn Cemetery

George Prescott Treacey of Consilla House, Sydenham, aged 44 Years, died 24 June 1892, buried 26 June 1892 City Cemetery

Hugh Tracey of Workhouse, 4 Keegan St, Age 43 Years, death 6 October 1894, City Cemetery - Public Ground

James Edward Tracey of 46 Slieveban Drive Belfast, Age 79, died 26 November 1999, burial 29 November 1999 City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

Jane Tracey (Mrs) of 4 Torrin Walk Ballybeen BT16 2DN, Age 78, death 10 June 2010 burial 15 June 2010 Roselawn Cemetery

Jane Tracey (Mrs) of 7 Wilton Sq Sth, Age 71 Years, death 26 November 1901, burial 28 November 1901 City Cemetery

John Tracey of 402 Shankhill Road 22 Argyle St, Age 51 Years, death 15 March 1889, burial 17 March 1889 City Cemetery

John Tracey of Union Infirmary, Age 66 Years, death 17 March 1925, burial 21 March 1925 City Cemetery - Public Ground

John Tracey of 265 Holywood Road, Age 67, death 19 December 1996, burial 18 June 1997 Roselawn Cemetery

Lizzie Treacy (Mrs) of 76 Templemore Avenue, died 13 November 1893, aged 47 years, buried 15 November 1893 Belfast City Cemetery

Maria Tracey (Mrs) of 53 Shannon Street, Age 27 Years, death 21 August 1904, burial 23 August 1904 City Cemetery

Martin Tracey of 28 Cliftonville Avenue, Age 10, death 2 February 1981, burial 4 February 1981 Roselawn Cemetery

Mary Tracey (Mrs) of Union Infy, 131 Sandy Row, Age 57 Years, death 3 February 1900, burial 6 February 1900 City Cemetery

Maud Victoria Tracey of 6 Chichester Rd, Age 73 Yrs, death 21 June 1961, burial 23 June 1961 City Cemetery

Rose Tracey of Workhouse, Age 62 Years, death 11 December 1911, burial 10 June 1912 City Cemetery - Public Ground

Samuel Henry Tracey (master), of 14 Wilton Sqr South, Age 5 Mos, death 25 July 1893, burial 26 July 1893 City Cemetery

Thomas Tracy of 21 Dane St, aged 8 Years, died 18 December 1880, buried 18 December 1880 City Cemetery - Public Ground

William Tracey (master) of 7 Wilton Square South, Age 12 Mos, death 21 December 1903, burial 22 December 1903 Cemetery City Cemetery

William Tracey (master) of 8 Canmore Street, Age 12 Weeks, death 7 March 1892, burial 8 December 1892 City Cemetery

Wm Tracey of Union Infirmary, 3 Mcparland Ct, Age 56 Yrs, death 17 April 1889, burial 19 April 1889 City Cemetery - Public Ground






John Tracy m. Jane Stewart 2 March 1810 Lisburn (LDS)





Monica Tracey b. 1931 in Lisburn, County Antrim. She was educated at the Sacred Heart of Mary Convent, Lisburn, and Queen's University Belfast, where she read French. She has lived in France and Germany, and has taught in Enniskillen

“It’s the living that kills you.” The Second Blackstaff Book of Short Stories in 1991.

 ‘Unweaving the Thread’ in 2001



 Drumaul RC


Mary Tracy & George Basley

Jane Basley b. 17 Mar 1827 of Jactory Drumaul Parish Antrim


Ann/Jane Tracy & Jno/James Dornan

William Dornan b. 31 Jul 1831 of Shanescreagston [Shane's Castle] Drumaul Parish Antrim

Rosan Doran b. 16 Dec 1832 of Island Rea [Islandbane] near Antrim Drumaul Parish Antrim


Ann Tracy & Wm McGready

William McGready b. 14 July 1839 of M Antrim Sp Charles and Ann Magee Drumaul Parish Antrim





NOTE: There are gaps in the RC online marriage register.


Jan 21, 1817 (BL) Married (see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim)

On the 12th instant, at Ballymena, by the Rev. Richard Babington, John Tracy, esq, to Mrs. Love.

1. John Treacy & Ann ???

1.1 William Augustus Treacy (circa 1818 – 1886)

1.2 Anne b. 3 June 1821 Ballymena (LDS)

1.3 Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy (1821-1896) Known in Young Ireland circles as ‘Finola’. She was often published in The Nation, and also published work in the Belfast Vindictor.

John Treacy, Esq of Antrim

(his youngest daughter)

1.4 Catherine Hyndman Treacy b. about 1830 Antrim m. Robert Ball Steele (b. 24 May 1826) 1858

Robert Lawrence Ball Steele b. 30 September 1859 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)

Catherine Treacy Steele (Burke, Sir Bernard (1863) A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland)

John Treacy Steele b. about 1861 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)

Anne Treacy Steele b. about 1864 Rathbride Kildare (LDS)

Kate Hyndman Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Brigada? Ballymena? (d. of John Treacy, gentleman) married Robert Ball Steele, full [age], bachelor, gentleman, lives Ballymena, (s. of Robert Ball Steele, gentleman) 24 November 1858 Kilconriola Church of Ireland Wit: William Harte & Norman? McEwing? [Ballymena PLU] [bad copy]


Wm Tracy married Alice Donnelly 13 Jan 1829 Glenravel Parish Antrim [see 1851 Census]

William Tracey & Alice/Alicia/Ellena Donnelly/O'Donnell

John Tracey b. 8 Apr 1832 Glenravel RC Antrim

William Tracey b. 16 Feb 1834 of ?arrycowan [Ballycowan Connor] Sp. James m'Laughlin & Rose M'Keever Glenravel RC Antrim

William Tracey b. 2 Aug 1835 of ?arrycowan [Ballycowan Connor] Sp. Con OBoyle & Catherine McKeeven. Glenravel RC Antrim

Mary Tracey b. 9 Apr 1837 of ?arrycowan [Ballycowan Connor] Sp Charles ORaw & Margaret ORaw. Glenravel RC Antrim

Sarah Tracey b. 1 Jul 1839 of ?breen/Lisbreen [Skerry] Sp John ORawe & Mary MLaughlin. Glenravel RC Antrim

James Tracey b. 22 Feb 1852 Sp John ONeill & Rose ORaw. Glenravel RC Antrim

Arthur Tracey b. 15 Jan 1854 Sp John McCormick & Catherine McNally. Glenravel RC Antrim


1851 Census (16/4/1851) & National Archives

Craigdunloof Townland, Dunaghy Parish, County Antrim

William Tracy, Head, 42, married 1829, Read & Write, Tailor (Tyrone)

Alice/Nancy Tracy, Wife, 41, None

John Tracy, Son, 18, Agricultural labourer, Read & Write

William Tracy, Son, 15, Tailor, Read,

Patrick Tracy, Son, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Sarah Tracy, Daughter, 10, at Mr. Carey’s School

Ann Tracy, Daughter, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Jane Tracy, Daughter, 4, None

Absent from Household 30th March 1851:
Hugh Tracy, 21 (Son) - Tailor (America)
Died since 6th June 1841:
James Tracy, 6 months (Son) - Inflamation - Spring 1846
Ellen Tracy, 1 (Daughter) - Meazels - Winter 1851


Agnes Treacey (26, d. of John Treacey) m. John Brown (31, s. of John Brown) 13 Aug 1860 Ballymena, Ant, Ire

Agnes Treacey, 26, spinster, lives Slaught Connor, (d. of John Treacey, labourer) married John Brown, 31, bachelor, labourer, lives Ballymacrea Connor, (s. of John Brown, soldier) 13 August 1860 Ballymena Registrars Office Wit: James Featherston & Margaret Blaney, her mark [Ballymena PLU] signed their marks


Ann Treacy & James McCriet

Mary McCriet b. 29 Jan 1867 Sp.Widow Fife Glenravel Parish Antrim


Miss Tracey & Ambrose O'Rorke

Hugh O'Rorke b. 6 Apr 1868 of Ballybolland [Ballybollen Ahoghill] Sp. James Laverty and his wife. Glenravel Parish Antrim


Ann Tracey

Hugh b. 4 April 1868 Clough (LDS)


John Tracey & Margaret Clarke

John Tracey b. 14 May 1871 Sp Gregory ONeill & Elizh Mallon. Glenravel RC Antrim

John Tracey & Margaret Clarke

John b. 28 April 1871 Clough (LDS)

Jane b. 6 June 1876 Antrim Antrim (LDS)


Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Brigadie Ballymena, (d. of John Treacy, Esq) married Ralph Varian, full [age], widower, brush manu-facturer, lives Glanmire View Balckrock Co. Cork, (s. of Thomas Varian, brush manu-facturer) 25 May 1871 Kilcorniola Church of Ireland Wit: Ann B Harte & Agnes Dickie [Ballymena PLU]


30 May 1871 (BL) Marriage

Varian - Treacy May 25, by special licence, at Brigadier House, by the Rev. John W. Murray, I.L.D., Ralph Varian, Esq., Glanmire View, Blackrock, Co. Cork, to Elizabeth Willoughby (Finola), daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq., Brigadier House, Co. Antrim.

[State Marriage Registration: Elizabeth Willoughby Treacy, Ballymena, 1871 6 117]


James Tracey, full [age], bachelor, tailor, lives Glenravel [RC Parish], (s. of William Tracey, tailor) married Eliza/Elizabeth Fife, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives Glenravel, (d. of James Fife, farmer) 21 January 1875 RC Chapel Glenravel Wit: Daniel Delargy & Jane Fife [Clogh Ballymena PLU]


17 July 1900 (IT) Humant??? and Tracy

July 11, at Naas Presbyterian Church by the Rev. William Elliott, MA and by the Rev RJ Sloan, Alexander Beau??? Manager Ulster Bank, Ballinrobe, son of ??? Hamment? Ballylougher, Ballymena, to Elizabeth M??? [Mary] (Lily?), eldest daughter of the late ???[Richard] H. Tracy Roseville, Naas. [Kildare] [bad copy]



William Tracey buried 18 Mar 1869 Glenravel Parish Antrim


Mary Tracey

My grandmother (Mary Tracey) I was told was born in Glenravel (Martinstown). She married Patrick McCollum from Ballycastle, in Belfast, on 24/6/1886. She is mentioned in a book "When Dublin Was The Capital" by Alison Murphy. I know little about her and I would like to find out, who her parents were and if she has any brothers or sisters. Jane [mailto:gallagher630@btinternet.com]

James Tracey [John Tracey & Jane Curry of Antrim?]

Mary Tracey (b. [1864?] Co. Antrim d. 1948 Portaferry, Co Down) m. Patrick McCallum


1911 Census - 74 New Row Street, Portaferry, Down






William Tracy & Rebecca ???

Mary b. 30 April 1837 Carnmoney (LDS)





Sarah Treacy married Thomas McGee 3 Mar 1864 Wit: James Anely and brother Kirkinriola Parish Antrim


??? Treacy & Charles Kerr

??? Kerr b. 11 Apr 1872 Sp Ths Dorhan Kirkinriola RC Parish Antrim

Ann Treacey & James Kerr

Mary Ann Kerr b. 9 Apr 1872 Ballymena, Ant, Ire




Robert Tracey, of full age, widower, bleacher, lives Inver Larne (s. of Robert Tracey, bleacher) married Catharine Wills, Do [of full age], spinster, Do [lives Inver Larne], (d. of Robert Wills, labourer) 25 February 1865 RC Chapel of Larne Wit: Robert Wills & Mary Orr [Larne Larne PLU]

Robert Tracey, widowed, (s. of Robert Tracey) m. Catherine Wills (d. of Robert wills) 25 Feb 1865 Larne, Antrim, Ireland (LDS)

Robert Trac(e)y & Catherine Wills

Robert b. 10 October 1866 Larne (LDS)       

Joseph b. 4 August 1868 Larne (LDS)

Ellen b. 23 September 1870 Larne (LDS)

John b. 30 July 1872 Larne (LDS)

Catherine b. 30 September 1874 Inver Larne (LDS)


Henry Tracey, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Inver Larne, (s. of Robert Tracey, labourer) married Mary Timmoney, full age, spinster, domestic servant, lives Inver Larne, (d. of John Timony, labourer) 07 November 1880 RC Chapel Larne Wit: Neal Crossey? & Annie McDade [Larne Larne PLU]





Jane Tracey

Mary b. 4 February 1867 Clogh (LDS) (Cloghs ???)





Ann Treacy

James b. 29 Aug 1874 Galgorm Antrim (LDS)





Mary Tracey & Bernard Laverty

James Laverty b. 15 Feb 1842 St. Patrick's, Belfast city

Mary Tracy & Bernard Laverty

Mary An Laverty b. 1 Aug 1854 Sp. Sarah Gallagher. Portrush RC Parish Antrim


Ellen Tracey, of full age, spinster, lives Muckamore, (d. of William Tracey, labourer) married James Semple, of full age, bachelor, flour miller, lives Bushmills, (s. of John Semple, corn miller) 3 September 1852 Muckamore Church of Ireland [Presbyterian crossed out] Wit: John Tracy & Jane Tracey [Grange of Muckamore Antrim PLU] [Temple LDS]

Ellen/Eliza Tracy & James Semple

William semple b. 24 Jul 1853 Sp. William & Elizabeth Semple. Portrush RC Parish Antrim

James Semple b. 4 Mar 1855 Sp. Mary McGarry. Portrush RC Parish Antrim




Violet Millicent Tracey, 1946, Billy Antrim [see Harry Adair Tracey]





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