It may be presumed that the Traceys of Mayo are descended from the Sil Anmchadha


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The Traceys of Mayo can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as they are of the Sil Anmchadha.


In Mayo, there was the ancient 6th century place name of Fearsad Tresi (Treisi’s channel) located below the Abbey of Rafan, parish of Killala. There is also Trassey/Tressy Mountain and Corradrishy [Coirdressagh] in the parish of Attymass.



1676 David Tressy of Clunlackin, 50, Ballyovers Parish [Cloonlagheen, Ballyovey Parish?]

The Irish ecclesiastical record, 1876


4 April 1715 Grand Jury of Mayo

Parish Priests

David Trasey of Ballioney parish, dead. Miles McDonnell officiates in his place.

Burke, William P (1914) The Irish priests in the penal times (1660-1760) [microform] : from the state papers in H. M. Record Offices, Dublin and London, the Bodleian Library, and the British Museum". Waterford


1730? List of lands, qrs and tenant names on the lands in the Co. of Mayo to be ejected by Sir Henry Lynch

Ballynebrehun [Ballynabrehon? (Kilcolman/Clanmorris)], 1 qr, Ballidonaghue, 1 qr, and Clunavilly 1 qr John Madden, Francis McDermot, Patrick Sloen, Austin Moran, Teige Kinelly, Mich Moran, Richd Trassy, Elizabeth Martin, Edmond Coscry, Margrett McInany, Edmond McLoughlin, Donell Oltogh, Mich Kelly, Pat Grimes, Nicholas Rany.

The Lynch Blosse Paper Analecta Hibernica no. 29, p.211 John Tracy, born in 1727, settled in County Mayo, where he married Catherine, daughter of John Treston, Esquire, of that County, by whom he had an only son. Died in 1799. Married into a Roman catholic family appears to have adopted their religious profession. Edward Tracy, born in 1755. who married, first Mary, daughter of John Treston, Esquire, of Cottage, in the County of Mayo, by her he had issue… And secondly Margaret, daughter of Martin Mc Hale, Esq., of Cloonkeash, in the parish of Turlough, county of Mayo, and by her had issue…

November 25, 1854 (FJ) Marriage

November 23, in the Parish Church of Loughboy [Lugboy. Annagh, Mayo], by the Rev. Mr. Horan, Matthew Tracy, Esq., of South Hackney, London, eldest surviving son of the late Martin Tracy, Esq, and great-grandson of the Hon. Robert Tracy, to Anne Kate, only daughter of Luke Treston, Esq, of Feamore, county Mayo.

November 29, 1854 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Nov. 23, in the parish church of Loughboy, by the Rev. Mr. Horan, Matthew Tracy, Esq., of South Hackney, London, eldest surviving son of the late Martin Tracy, Esq., and great grandson of the Hon. Robert Tracy, to Anne Kate, only daughter of Luko Trenton, Esq., of Feamore, county Mayo.

1855 Marriage

- At Loughboy, Matthew Tracy, esq. Of South Hackney, eldest surviving son of the late Martin Tracy esq. And great-grandson of the Hon. Robert Tracy, to Anne-Kate, only dau. Of Luke Treston, esq. Of Fenmore, Co. Mayo.

The Gentlemans Magazine and Historical Review January 1855.

March 1862 The Tracy Peerage Case

It is stated that this long-suspended case is likely to be early brought before the Committee of Privileges, in the House of Lords, for further hearing and final adjudication. The present claimant is Matthew Tracy, Esq., who traces his descent from the second marriage of Robert, second viscount, and Baron Tracy - John, the third viscount, and Baron Tracy having died without male issue. He is the eldest surviving son of Martin Tracy, Esq., of county Mayo, Ireland, and seeks to recover possession of the titles, honours, and dignities of the family estate of Rathcoole, county of Dublin. The claimant's petition to her Majesty was referred by the  Queen to Sir Richard Bethell, when Attorney-General, to report on its merits, and Sir Richard reported that, in his opinion, the evidence was sufficient to justify his referring the petition of the claimant, and the statements in support thereof, to the House of Lords for consideration and adjudication.

(See Tracy Peerage Case IV) – Background information

Tracey - Treston connection

If you have any further information on the Trestons - like how these two were connected, who the mother was, etc. I would be delighted to get same.

Martin Meehan, Mayo 17 August 2011


James Traiy - NSW

Alias: Tracey Tracy Bourke Burke      

Religion: Catholic
Marital status: Married
Calling/trade: Farmers labourer
Born: 1791 Mayo Co
Tried: 1826 Queens Co         

Sentence: 7 

Former convictions: None
Ship: Boyne (1826)
Crime: Stealing pig

British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854 

Edward Tracey born Crossboyne, Mayo Served in other regiment(s) unspecified; Royal Garrison Battalion Discharged aged 44 after 16 years of service, 1802

Edward Tracey b.1758 Clavie or Crossboyne, Mayo Other regiments and Royal Garrison Btn 1786 –24th May/10th June 1802 labourer WO120/18 lame WO116/11 WO116/252



John Tracey, 9 Jul 1802, Lodge 233 Ballinrobe Mayo,  



1, 2, 3, Michael Daly, James Daly, Ellen Tracey widow, Boleyboy alias Boulaboy, 30a/3r/0p, £15.6.0 [combined], Lease from Walter Lambert to Denis Daly and James Tracey, dated 1st May 1807 for one life or 21 years (the life is Michael Daly, still living, aged 61 years). The contents are stated in the lease to be 21a/1r/0p Irish...


Return of Persons examined and certified as Qualified by Apothecaries' Hall in Dublin 1829

Dec 4 1807, Charles Tracey, Magherafelt, Derry

Nov 16 1810 Daniel Tracey, Nenagh [no county stated]

Dec 21 1810 Mark Tracey, Feymore, Mayo


James Tracey, DMP 2267, born 1813, Westport, Co. Mayo; ex-Constabulary [error – he was from Tyrone]

The Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy. Four Courts, 2001


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


E Tracy [& Co], Creaghadwa [?], Aglish, Mayo, 1824

Edwd Treacy [& Patrick Flynn], Town Park [?], Aglish, Mayo, 1824


Frank Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832


Michl Tracey, Seefin, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842


Pat Tracy, Ballydavock, Drum, Mayo, 1834

Patk Tracey [& James McDonald], Ballyhankeen, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842

Patt Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832

Pattk Tracy [& James McDonald], Ballyhankeen, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842


Thomas Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832



E Tracy [& Co], Creaghadwa [?], Aglish, Mayo, 1824

Edwd Treacy [& Patrick Flynn], Town Park [?], Aglish, Mayo, 1824


Michl Tracey, Seefin, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842

Patk Tracey [& James McDonald], Ballyhankeen, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842

Pattk Tracy [& James McDonald], Ballyhankeen, Crossboyne, Mayo, 1842


Pat Tracy, Ballydavock, Drum, Mayo, 1834


Patt Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832

Frank Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832

Thomas Treacy, Killeenrevagh, Kilcommon, Mayo, 1832



1821-1874 Poverty Relief Loans

With record for Ballinrobe and Castlebar.

1821-1874 Poverty Relief Loans


1835 State of religious and other instruction now existing in Ireland

Diocese of Tuam

Knock: Hedge school kept by Michael Tracy. Payments by the children of 1s to 2s6d per quarter. 40 children. Established one year and a half. Reading writting arithmetric and Roman Catholic catechism.


1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen

Jas Tracy, b. Ballindean [Ballindine Mayo]


1836-1840 Outrage Reports Ireland

Mary Tracy, 1839, Ballyhean, Mayo


1841 Ballina - Wesleyan Methodist Preacher Richard Taylor Tracey


Himalaya Plymouth arrived 26 Feb 1842 Port Philip
Martin Tracey/Tracy, 27 hus f33, Wheelwright, Prot, both, Co Mayo

Amelia Tracey/Tracy, 22 wife f33, House servant, Prot, both, Co Mayo


December 21, 1842 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Caught At Last.—Thomas Bourke, charged with violating the person of Mary Tracey, near Ballyheane, more than three years since, was committed to the county prison on Thursday for trial at the ensuing assizes. The accused was arrested at Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.

March 11, 1843 (FJ) Castlebar Assizes

...indicted for rape on Mary Treacy, on the 25th June, in the 3d of the Queen, at Kilboyne, in this county.

March 15, 1843 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Thomas Bourke...on the person of Margaret Tracy at Ballyheane...acquitted...


March 02, 1842 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Stealing timber...McGugh from the parish of Torlough...larch timber the property of Colonel Edward Fitzgerald...Michael Tracy deposed that he and defendant went together to the chapel of Patk...and neither of them took any timber...defendants house is more than a half a mile from Col Fitzgeralds gate...is brother-in-law to the defendant...

May 29, 1843 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Trespass and breaking windows...summoned by Col. Edward Fitzgerald of Turlough Park [Castlebar]...Catherine Tracey was called to give evidence...fined Patrick Tracey 10s...


1843 RIC

John Treacy, 5410

Jno Treacy, 5410, 20 (b.c. 1823), 17 Feb 1843, b. Londonderry, RC, married April 1848, wife b. Mayo, Lab, to Reserve Roscommon 18/2/44


Am looking for more information on a John Treacy #5410 to determine if he is indeed "our" john Treacy. specifically death date, wife name, where pension sent to after his death (wifes name etc I have other possiblities but this is most likely

thanks katy siswo...@aol.com july 17, 2000


February 12, 1845 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Michael Mulroony of Aughisdrmagh preferred a complaint against a man named Tracy but in the summons he gave his name as Thomas Gillmor...He produced the receipts of Tracy and his lease to prove that his clients name was Tracy...Tom Tracy...went into Mrs Trimbleton's public house to drink...passing bad silver...Tracy was sitting at another table and remarked it was a shame for any man to endeavour to rob an orphan...settling with Tracy over the price of a cow...fined 10s. Tracy paid the fine, declaring that was the first time he was ever summoned in his life...


1846 Slater's national commercial directory of Ireland


John Tracy, leather seller, Bridge st


1847 RIC

Michael Tracy, 9795

Mich Tracy, 9795, 21 (b.c. 1826), enlisted 22 Mar 1847, b. Tipperary N,, RC, to  Mayo


Irish Reproductive Loans Fund Records 1848-1854 (PRO) T 91/187b

Thomas Tracey, McGordan, August 1846, Went to America May 1852 [Monagarraun, Islandeady?]


July 29, 1851 (FJ) Court of Chancery - Knott v. Bingham

...lands of Belmont, county Mayo...application on behalf of an annuitant for £200 Irish named Tracy...


1851 English Census

Town Hill, Warrington, Lancashire

John Treacy, Head, 35, b. 1816 Mayo, Married, Labourer

Pheba Treacy, Wife, 32, b. 1819 Warrington, England, Married,

Patrick Treacy, Brother, 25, b. 1826 Mayo, Unmarried, Labourer

Mary McNeal, Relative, 14, b. 1837 Mayo, Unmarried, Servant

James Treacy, Relative, 30, b. 1821 Mayo, Unmarried, Labourer


Luke Tracey, 28, b. 1823 Mayo, Ireland. Lancashire. Labourer

Mary Tracey, 25, b. 1826 Mayo, Ireland. Lancashire.           


Thomas Treesy, 20 years, born Mayo, Escomb Co Durham, Folio 495


1851 Census - 1908 Pensions Act

The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in 1908. Pension claimants had to prove their age. Those born before 1864 used the 1841 and 1851 census.


24.8.17 [24th August 1917] Image       Image

Patrick Grogan (1845-47) (s. of Bridget Tracey & John Grogan) 1851 Killunagher Annagh Co. Mayo

Address: Carlinghow Lane, Batley, Yorks

[Note: Found two families see over




Ellen - died


Grogan   John     Head   32 marrd 1843

Grogan   Bridget            Wife    30

Grogan   Patt      son       5

Grogan   Catherine         dau      3

Grogan   Laurence         Son      4 months

No deaths or absentees


Grogan   John     Head   50 married 1840

Crogan   Bridget            Wife    30

Grogan   Catherine         Daughter         8

Grogan   Margt  Daughter         5

Gorgan   Michl   Son      3

No son Patk. No deaths or absentees


IG Record 30977

GROGAN Patrick John GROGAN Bridget GROGAN ne Tracey Killunagher Annagh Costello Mayo 1917 - Carlinghow Lane, Batley, Yorks. Born 1845-47. Family - Pat, Catherine, Laurence, Ellen(died). 1851 John Grogan 32, head, married 1843, Bridget 30, wife, Patt. 5, Cath. 3, Laurence 4mos. 1851 John Grogan 50, head, married 1840, Bridget 30, wife, Catherine 8, Margt. 5, Michael 3, no Patrick.


Killunagher, Annagh, Co. Mayo

Bridget Tracey   Mother                       



May 12, 1852 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Police Inquiry.—On Monday last a court of inquiry sat at the Police Barrack Ballyheane, to examine into certain charges against a Policeman named Tracy, for some time stationed there, but recently removed to Ballinrobe. The charges are of so delicate a nature we do not deem ourselves justified in giving them publicity, at least until the result of the investigation becomes public.


6th July 1852 Ship Shackamaxon, Liverpool to Philadelphia

Bridget Tracy 40 Mayo Philada 3 Boxes


6 June 1853 London Daily News

...Kates and Treacey for the further development of the Clew Bay Mines...



Michael Treacy, Cuillaun, Kilvine [Mayo], 6a/2r/0p, £1.11.6 rent, tenant from year to year


Griffiths Valuation Mayo 1856-57


By Area

Francis Tracy Bolinglanna Achill Mayo

Francis Tracy Caheravoostia Kilcommon Mayo


James Tracey Friarsquarter, West Ballinrobe Mayo

James Tracy Boleyboy Kilvine Mayo

James Tracy Tawnynagry Ballintober Mayo


John Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo


Michael Tracy Cuillaun Kilvine Mayo


Patrick Tracey Abbeyquarter Town of Ballyhaunis Annagh Mayo

Patrick Tracey Gortlahan Kildacommoge Mayo

Patrick Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Patrick Tracy Tawnynagry Ballintober Mayo


Sarah Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo


Thomas Tracey Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Mayo

Thomas Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Thomas Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Francis Tracy Bolinglanna Achill Mayo


Patrick Tracey Abbeyquarter Town of Ballyhaunis Annagh Mayo


James Tracey Friarsquarter, West Ballinrobe Mayo

Thomas Tracey Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Mayo


James Tracy Tawnynagry Ballintober Mayo

John Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Patrick Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Patrick Tracy Tawnynagry Ballintober Mayo

Sarah Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Thomas Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo

Thomas Tracy Derreennascooba Ballintober Mayo


Francis Tracy Caheravoostia Kilcommon Mayo


Patrick Tracey Gortlahan Kildacommoge Mayo


James Tracy Boleyboy Kilvine Mayo

Michael Tracy Cuillaun Kilvine Mayo


July 18, 1855 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Mary Tracy [from Kennury...who is no triffle either]...Crotty at Kennury...Thomas Tracy another servant of Mr Crottys...

August 15, 1855 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Mr. Charles Crotty of Maumeen...tresspass...witnesses...Miss Tracy from Maumeen, and Martin Tracy...

February 27, 1856 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Tracy and others for assault...Crotty....Thomas Tracy...I am in the employment of Mr. Crotty...

July 1857 Castlebar...Baynes, the publican behind the breaking of the pound, and his wife, were convicted for that offence, that he was up in court again in 1858 for stealing timber from Crotty and that he attacked Crotty's servants at a later date...Memorial of Catherine Byrne and Thomas Treacey (Crotty's servants), July 2/1858, in S.P.O.I./CS.O., Reg. papers, 16710/1858...Charles Crotty, the Dublin purchaser of Kennury, Mawmeen and Tawnynagry, in the Barony of Carra, Co. Mayo.

Pádraig G. Lane. Some Galway and Mayo Landlords of the Mid-Nineteenth Century.Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol. 45 (1993), pp. 70-89

March 31, 1858 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...removing wood...Charles Crotty of Kinnury...Thomas Tracey (Mr Crotty's servant) deposed...

April 21, 1858 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Petty Sessions...cow dispute..Crotty...Thomas Tracey examined...

June 16, 1858 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Westport Triangle assault...[servants of Charles Crotty of Kennury]...Thomas Tracey...went into the post-office to get Mr. Crotty's post bag...Thomas Tracey examined...he was riding his own mare...Swears he was in motal terror of his life for three quarters of an hour in Jack Joyce's...he was five years in Mr Crotty's employment, and he could not tell how often he was in court...He (Tracey) would never have a quarrel with anybody only that he lives with Mr. Crotty...Mary Tracey sworn...

August 10, 1859 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Board of Guardians...Biddy Corcoran and child were re-admitted after a brief discussion...the child belongs to a man named Tracy who is in Mr Crotty's service. He gave the girl six pounds and that should keep her from cominh here for relief...Biddy [former employee of Crotty] said her child was five quarters old; that she got one pound from Tracy before it was born, and four pounds after it...signed a paper...

December 11, 1867 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty sessions...Duffy...Thomas Tracy, Mr Crotty herd...trespass...

March 03, 1869  Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Petty sessions...Duffy...Thomas Tracy [Crotty?]...tresspass...

July 1871 Castlebar

Mr. Charles Crotty...a servant man of mine, Tracy, handed the following notice to me in February 1870...


October 21, 1857 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Bridget Tracy examined - Is acting for the pound keeper...


December 08, 1858 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Flannerys of Beltra...witness James Tracy...


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Thomas Treacy 15 Jun 1910 Killawalla Castlebar Mayo, gentleman, to Anne Gavin widow

William Treacy 26 Nov 1899 Ballinvilla Mayo, school teacher, to Anne Treacy widow


Margaret Gaynor 23 Jul 1914 Ballindine Mayo, Michael Treacy, merchant


January 18, 1860 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Sympathy with the Pope....Burriscarra and Ballintubber...Pat Tracey...


July 18, 1860 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Petty Sessions Court...Thomas Tracy (Kenury boys)...fair night of Ballyhean...


1861 British Census

Bailey Tracey, b. 1835 Mayo OR 1841 Ireland, Wrexham Regis Wrexham Denbighshire Wales

= Mary Tracey, b. 1836 OR 1841 Galway, Wrexham Regis Wrexham Denbighshire Wales

Dennis Tracey, b. 1860 Staffordshire, Wrexham Regis Wrexham Denbighshire Wales


1861 - 22 Adlington Squ Stockport St Mary Chesire

Bridget Tracy, lodger, married, 25, b. 1836 Mayo Ireland, minder

John Tracy, lodger, 3, b. Stockport Chesire

Ann Tracy, lodger, 1, b. Stockport Chesire


1861 Census – Waterside Saddleworth Upper Mill -West Riding of Yorkshire

Patrick Tracey, Lodger, U, M, 17, Paper Maker , b. Ireland - Mayo


1861 Census - Cellar dwelling 10 Lucas Yard New Town Huddersfield Trinity Yorkshire

Julia Tracy, head, widow, 36, b. Mayo Ireland, Hawker

Mary Ann Tracy, daur, 8, b. Huddersfld Yorkshire

Julia Tracy, daur, 6, b. Huddersfld Yorkshire


1 Jan 1862 Assizes

John Jennings and John McLoughl convicted of assault of Thomas Treacy, servant boy of Westport

March 12, 1862 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Crown Court...grievious assault on the person of a man named Thomas Tracey...was at tbe fair of Westport that day; was going home in company with his uncle [Walter Cannon], when the prisoners met them, and one of them struck witness with a stone in the head, and the other struck him with a whip in the face; from both wounds be bled profusely...


May 1864 Address to Robert McIllree

Westport...W Tracy, County Surveyor... [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]


June 22, 1864 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo) [bad copy]

Roscommon Quarter Sessions...appeal brought by Mark Tracy against borough magistrate for Athlone for a fine of 40s or 3 months imprisonment for being drunk and disorderly on horse back on the 14th May within the town of Athlone...was baliff to Sir Comptom Doonvile [Mayo landlord]...


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracy, James, Castlereagh, Roscommon/Mayo. 9 143

Treacy, Catherine, Castlereagh, Roscommon/Mayo. 9 164

Treacy, Mary, Castlebar, Mayo.   4 126


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Charles Tracey, enlisted 13 Jun 1879 Fort Robinson Nebraska by Lt King for 5 years, born Mayo Ireland, 33 years, Teamster?, hazel eyes, Blk hair, fair complexion, 5’8.75”, 3 Cav, I coy, dischargd Jun 12/84 Ex of service at Fort Apache AT, a Pvt Char good

Charles Tracey, enlisted 26 Jun 1884 Jeff Bks Mo by Lt Sprole for 5 years, born Mayo Ireland, 40 years, soldier, hazel eyes, dk hair, dk complexion, 5’9”, 7 Cavy, H? Coy, 2 enlisyment, discharged June 28 89 Exp of service at Ft Sill I.T. [Oak] a Sarr Char Excell

Chas Tracey, enlisted 13 Jul 1889 Jeff Bks Mo by Lieut Sands for 5 years, born Mayo Ireland, 45 years, soldier, Haz eyes, Dr hair, Dk complexion, 5’9”, 1 Cavy, K coy, Enl [enlistment], Dishon Disch’d Apr 16/93 G.C.M.O. 22, Dept Aziz ’93, Frt Grant, A T Pvt

Thomas Tracy, enlisted 17 Jul 1865 Philadelphia Pa by Capt Besh for 3 years, born Mayo Ireland, 21 years, labourer, hazel eyes, dark hair, brown complexion, 5’8.5”, [1] 8 Cavy B coy, Dest’d Sept 21/66 Ebl’d Oct 6/70 in Ord Detachment Watertown Ira aglamia Ryan Dest’d Mch 20/71 Enl Mch 23/71 in Co ‘D’ / Inf, Agfamis Ryan Destd June 2/71, Enl in Co ‘D’ Ihay June 7/71 as James M Ard ??? [2] 14 Inf C coy, Ion 6/72 Enl Jany 18/72 in Co ‘G’ 2 Inf as Henry Horwood dest’d June 9/72 enl June 4/72 in Co ‘F’ 19 Inf as Thos King? Dest’d June 9/72 Enl in Co ‘C’ 8 Des June 14/73 as James Lyon Destd Jan ?/73 under GO 10? Na 73 dialys Spd 2/73 ??? ??? ???


1866 Nov 17th

Lease of lands in Ballykennefick Co. Cork by William Agustus Treacy of Westport Co. Mayo to John Busteed of Crosshaven Co. Cork. (Belfast Public Record Off T662 (302) [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

- Alphabetical

- by County


County of Mayo (South Division) [Note: see also Cork]

23 May 1868 W.A. Treacy County Division [Note: See Balla Parish] [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]

1877 County Surveyors

William Treacy, dismissed, 4 assisants salaries £80

W.A. Treacy...Mr.Treacy exchanged to County Mayo and Mr. Deverell came from Mayo...1863, the county surveyor had one bridge to construct...

9 Mar 1867 Ballinrobe Chronicle

To the Grand Jury of the County of Mayo. My Lord and gentlemen. It is with regret I am about to ask the favour from you of permitting me to leave this county. My children have arrived at that age when it becomes incumbent on me to provide tuitions for them. This I see no prospect of being able to do, so long as I remain in this county. This is my sole object in wishing to leave it. W.A. Tracy, County Surveyor...passed...

15 February 1868 (TH) Lough Mask and River Robe Drainage

The Superintendent, Mr Tracy, County Surveyor of South Mayo read his report...The report and estimate was passed...Mr Tracy, tendered his resignation of the office of Superintendent, stating that having regard to his other duties in the county, it was impossible for him to discharge the duties of the office satisfactorily. Mr Tracy's resignation been accepted, it was proposed...that Murtagh Farragher, Esq, CE., of Gardenfield be appointed...

18 July 1868 Ballinrobe Chronicle

We understand that Mr Tracey County Surveyor for South Mayo, exchanges with Mr Deane, County Surveyor for Cavan. During Mr Tracey's sojourn amongst us he was most courteous and agreeable to all who came in contact with him.— Mayo Examiner


1 July 1867 (FJ) Thanks after Sermon

St. Mary's Church, Ballinrobe...Mr. Tracy, SC [Constable] 2s6d...


30 July 1867 (FJ) Castlebar

...Hugh Flynn was indicted for the manslaughter of one John Tracy on the 24th of March last, at Cullayalla in this county...[public houses of Joyce and Baynes]...One of the factions was the Tracy party and the other the Flynns, of which Hugh Flynn, the prisoner, was the leader...[stone] struck him [Tracy] on the right temple and knocked him down. When he got up he was able to walk to the police barrack, and told his story to the police...died three days after...Guilty.

27 November 1867 (FJ) The Queen v. Hugh Flinn

...Barnes's pub house near Castlebar...attacked by deceased and his father and brother...The court affirmed the conviction.

10 March 1868 (FJ) Spring Assizes - County Mayo

Stephen Flynn and two other were indicted, that they, on the 23rd of March 1867, at Killavalla, did assault Thomas Tracey, so as to do him grievous bodily harm...The riot in this case...occurred when two factions beat each other and one person, the son of the present presenter, lost his life...


December 16, 1868 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty sessions...John Tracy...fair day at Castlebar...[duplicate]

December 16, 1868 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...Serious Assault Case. Thomas Hopkins v. Thomas O'Brien and John Tracey...fair day of Castlebar...As we were on our way home, a short distance beyond the workhouse, we thought we heard a scrimmage, we stopper and as soon as we did, John Tracey called out to save him...Bridget Tracey [John Tracey her brother]...


6 Mar 1869 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Petty Sessions...Sub-Constable Michael Tracey...


19 Feb 1870 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Petty sessions...Catherine Tracey v. James Tracey, for assault on the 9th inst, was sentenced to one month's imprisonment in Castlebar gaol, and to enter into security to be of the Pence, and in default of bail, at expiration of that period, to be imprisoned for two months' additional.


24 September 1870 (N) Subscriptions of the Inhabitants of Castlebar and Its Neighbouring Parishes

...M. M'Gough, Tracey (Irish House)...


4 July 1871 (FJ) The Sisters of Mercy, Ballinrobe, County Mayo

...Beautiful Album and Embroidered Pin Cushion - T. Tracy, Esq, Liverpool.

8 July 1871 Ballinrobe Chronicle

The Sister of Mercy Ballinrobe...Bazaar...Beautiful Album & Embroidered Pin Cushion - T Tracy Esq., Liverpool...


1871 British Census

Tom Tracy , Head, M, 41, b. 1830 Mayo, labourer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy , Wife, F, 40, b. 1831 Mayo, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Dennis Tracy , Son, M, 20, b. 1851 Mayo, Cotton Piecer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Patrick Tracy , Son, M, 18, b. 1853 Mayo, Cotton Piecer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Michel Tracy , Son, M, 16, b. 1855 Mayo, Cotton Piecer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mark Tracy , Son, M, 14, b. 1857 Mayo, Cotton Piecer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

John Tracy , Son, M, 12, b. 1859 Mayo, Cotton Piecer,  Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy , Daughter, F, 9, b. 1862 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

James Tracy , Son, M, 8, b. 1863 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire


Mary Tracey, Head, F, 42, widow, b. 1829 Castlebar, Warrington Lancashire

John Tracey, Son, M, 22, b. 1849 Warrington, File Cutter, Warrington Lancashire

Catherine Tracey, Daughter, F, 19, b. 1852 Warrington, Factory Hand, Warrington Lancashire

Bridget Murphy, Mother, F, 66, b. 1805 Castlebar, Warrington Lancashire


John Tracy, spouse Catherine, b. abt 1813 Mayo Ireland, Shropshire England

= Catherine Tracy, spouse John, b. abt 1817 Mayo Ireland, Shropshire England


Michael Tracy, spouse Margaret, b. abt 1826 Galway Ireland, Staffordshire England

= Margaret Tracy, spouse Michael, b. abt 1826 Mayo Ireland, Staffordshire England


Patrick Tracy, spouse Ann, b. abt 1846 Mayo Ireland, Shropshire England

= Ann Tracy , spouse Patrick, b. abt 1847 Shropshire England, Shropshire England


Patrick Tracy, spouse Bridget, b. abt 1841 Mayo Ireland, Staffordshire England

= Bridget Tracy, spouse Patrick, b. abt 1840 Mayo Ireland, Staffordshire England


Pattrick Tracey, spouse Mary, b. abt 1841 Mayo Ireland, Staffordshire England

= Mary Tracey, spouse Pattrick, b. abt 1846 Mayo Ireland, Staffordshire England


Julia Tracy, b. abt 1826 Mayo Ireland, Yorkshire England

Tracy (Mayo), District 25, Huddersfield Civil Parish Census Records (Huddersfield, Yorkshire


February 24, 1874 Sun (Maryland)

Tracy - On the 2nd? of February 1874, Ellen aged 71? years, wife of Thomas Tracy, a native of the parish of Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland.

March 15, 1886 Sun (Maryland)

Mr. Thomas Tracy died on Saturday aged eighty-five[?] years, at his residence, No. 10 South Central avenue. He was a native of Castlebar, county Mayo, Ireland and had lived in Baltimore thirty-five[?] years. Several…


June 24, 1876 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Claremorris Quarter Sessions...assault at Carney's Hill a mile from Ballinrobe...fair of the Neale...Mr. Tracey...Gibbons gave Mr. Tracey a shove because he offered £9 [for the sheep]...


January 27, 1877 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Railway meeting in Ballindine...present...Patt Tracy...first resolution...seconded by Patrick Trassey, Esq...


July 28, 1877 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Claremorris Sessions...Patt Tracy sworn - I was in Gordon's employment [shoes & boots]


October 26, 1878 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

...Tenants farmers league...Swineford...P. Tracy, Irishtown...


10 May 1879 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Boot and Shoemakers Society..."Resolved that this be called ' The Ballinrobe Boot and Shoemakers Operative Society'" Proposed by Mr J Tracy...


13 Dec 1879 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Union... The shoes supplied by Mr James Tracey, contractor, were on Inspection approved of, and the master directed to take them into stock.


8 January 1881 (N) Land League

Ballintubber...Managing Committee...Andrew Treacy...

9 July 1881 (N) Land League

...Ballintubber [Mayo]...Mr. A. Treacey...

24 October 1885 (N)

Ballintubber Branch...Andrew Treacy...

September 28, 1891 (FJ) Mr. Parnell in the West

Ballintubber...Andrew Treasey...


23 Apr 1881 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Petty Sessions...Possession. Mary Walsh v. James Treacy, overholding possession of a house in town of Ballinrobe, held as weekly tenant at 2s6d a week. Several weeks rent due. Defendant alleged the tenancy was monthly, not weekly. Decree to possession within the prescribed time.


1881 English Census (LDS)

Agnes G Tracey, 19 years, born Westport, single, scholar, 9 Berkeley Gard London Middlesex RG11/0025 Folio 19 Page 31 [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]

James M Tracey, 23 years, born Cork, single, Commercial Clerk (Ship Owner), 9 Berkley Gard London Middlesex RG11/0025 Folio 19 Page 31 [Brother]

Ceceila Tracey, 76 years, born Mayo, widow, Formerly Laundress (on Parish Pay), 14 Royal Court Cuppin St Chester St St Mary on Hill Chesire

John Tracy, Head, Married, M, 39, Cotton Blowing Room Hand, Mayo; 4 Benisons Court, Stockport, Cheshire

Sophia Tracy, Wife, Married, F, 34, Cotton Throstle Spinner, Liverpool, Lancashire

Katharine Tracy, Daughter, Single, F, 7, Scholar, Stockport, Cheshire

Ann Tracy, Daughter, Single, F, 3, Stockport, Cheshire

John Tracy, Son, Single, M, 2, Stockport, Cheshire

Mary Moran, Grand Mother, Widow, F, 78, Housekeeper, Dublin

John Tracey, Head, Single, M, 46, Laborer Iron Trade, Mayo; Waltons Ct No 4, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Mary Tracey, Lodger, Married, F, 23, Flax Spinner,

Julia Tracey, 55 years, born Mayo, widow, formerly hawker (invalid), 12 Lucas Yard Huddersfield York

Julia, 26 years, born Huddersfield, daughter, single, Hawker

Veronica, 7 years, born Huddersfield, grand-daughter

Hubert, 5 years, born Huddersfield, grandson

Charles, 2 years, born Huddersfield, grandson

Margaret Tracy, 29 years, born Roscommon, single, Unemployed Weaver, 50 Staple St Bradford York

Bridget Muldoon, 46 years, born Mayo, widow, sister, Weaver Worsted

John Muldoon, 26 years, born Bartle York, Unemployed Mason

William Muldoon, 16 years, born Bradford, Unemployed Spinner Worsted

Patrick Tracy, 40 years, born Mayo, single, Pedlar (Moor), Mardu Cott Llandrinio Montgomery Wales

Pat Tracy, 19 years, born Mayo, single, Farm labourer, 3 New Break Oldham Lanc

Patrick Tracy, Boarder, Married, M, 40, Cotton Spinner, Mayo; Bridge End, Rastrick, Yorkshire

Bridget Tracy, Boarder, Married, F, 38, Cotton Winder, Mayo

Sarah Tracey, Lodger, Single, F, 18, Rag Sorter Paper Mill, Mayo; 7 John St, Bury Lancashire.

Sybla Tracey, Widow, F, 75, Fish Hawker, Mayo; "Union Workhouse" Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire.

Thomas Francis Treacy, Head, Married, M, 32, Coal Miner, Mayo; High Lane Ends, Hetton Le Hole, Durham

Eleanor Treacy, Wife, Married, F, 30, Sunderland, Durham

Mary Treacy, Daughter, Single, F, 0, Hetton Le Hole, Durham


27 January 1882 Freeman's Journal

The Evictions In Mayo...Anthony Treacy...


1883 Return of judicial rents

John Treacy of Cultycroghan Mayo, landlord Michael F. Treston, 14a/2r/23p, poor valuation £2/8/0, old rent £6/8/0, new rent £4/0/0


23 May 1885 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Petty Sessions...A Bkessed Family. An old woman named Bridget Gibbons, lives in Townagry, and in that same blessed townland Tommy Treacy, her nephew, also resides...for the defence Ann Treacy (a 16 year old daughter to Tom)...fine Thomas Treacy 10s and costs and his daughter Bridget...[bad copy]


1886 Immigration - Celtic to New York

Edward Tracey, 24, labourer, Mayo [with 4 others]


1889 Thomas Tracy and the Parnell Commission


March 01, 1890 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Tuam Diocesan Missionary Fund...Claremorris Deanery...Bekan...W. Tracy...


6 June 1891 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Ballinrobe Petty Sessions...by the evidence of another inmate [workhose] James Tracy...


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Ann Tracey, Killawalba (Killala? Mayo Ireland), 1893, 25 years, housemaid, Killawalla to Chicago Ill [possibly travelling with Thomas Devanney?, 20, of Castlebar]


Annie Treacy, 1910, to sister, Catharine, Cidarhurst Av, Ciderhurst, L.I. [Detention]

Annie Treacy, Claremorris (Mayo?) Ireland, 1910, 17 years, single, Mother Anne Treacy, Ballenvella, Claremorris. sister Kathleen Treacy, Cedar Hurst Av, Long Island NY. 5’6”, fair complexion, black hair, blue eyes. b. Claremorris Ireland. [Annie Treacy 17, G???ie Treacy 17, on same boat but separate, perhaps duplicate record ]

G???ie [Hannie?] Treacy, Claremorris (Mayo?) Ireland, 1910, 17 years, single, Mother Anne Treacy, Ballenvella, Claremorris. sister Kathleen Treacy, Cedar Hurst Av, Long Island NY. 5’6”, dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes. b. Claremorris Ireland. [Annie Treacy 17, G???ie Treacy 17, on same boat but separate, perhaps duplicate record ]  [crossed out]


Anne Tracy, Westport [Mayo] Ireland, 1913, 21 years, single, 11-149576=6/5/36, father Thos Treacy Tawnnyagry Westport, to sister Brdgt Treacy 26 Hudson St Chicago Ill, 5'5", fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, b. Westport Ireland.


Annie Treacy, Westport Mayo Ireland, 1920, 27 years, single, Brother: James Treacy, Tawnynegry, Killavalla Westport, Co. Mayo.  lived 7 years Chicago, Sister Mrs B Laffey, 822 Rush Street, Chicago Ill. B. Westport Co. Mayo [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23] [crossed out]

Michael Treacy, Westport Mayo Ireland, 1920, 17 years, single, Brother: James Treacy, Tawnynegry, Killavalla Westport, Co. Mayo. Sister Mrs B Laffey, 822 Rush Street, Chicago Ill. B. Westport Co. Mayo [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23] [crossed out]

Catherine Treacy, Castlebar Mayo Ireland, 1920, 23 years, single, Father Patrick Treacy, Derreoascobe, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. to uncle Thomas Treacy, 153 Lincoln Avenue, Bronx NY, b. Castlebar, Co. Mayo. [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23] [crossed out]

Annie Treacy, Westport Mayo Ireland, 1920, 27 years, single, Brother: Mr J Treacy, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  lived 7 years Chicago, Sister Mrs B Laffey, 828 Rush Street, Chicago Ill. 5’7”, fresh complexion, fair hair, grey eyes. B. Westport Ireland [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23]

Michael Treacy, Westport Mayo Ireland, 1920, 17 years, single, Brother: Mr J Treacy, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Sister Mrs B Laffey, 828 Rush Street, Chicago Ill. 5’10”, fresh complexion, fair hair, grey eyes. B. Westport Ireland [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23]

Catherine Treacy, Derrenescob (Dereenascobe Mayo?) Ireland, 1920, 23 years, single, Mother Mrs E Treacy, Derrenescoob, Co. Mayo. Ireland. to uncle Thomas Treacy, 153 Lincoln Avenue, Bronx NY, 5’5”, fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. b. Derrensoob Ireland. [Michael Treacy 17, Annie Treacy 27 & cousin? Catherine Treacy 23]


Anna Tracy, Castlebar Mayo Ireland, 1922, 20 years, domestic, 5'4", fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, Father: Anthony Tracy, Tawnagrany, Castlebar, Ireland. Cousin paid passage. To cousin Mrs Bridget Taffy, 1117 Garfield Ave, Chicago Ill [Norah Kelly's sister]. b. Castlebar [crossed out] [Bridget Treacy 23, Norah Kelly 31, Ann Tracy 20 travelling together]

Bridget Treacy, Castlebar Mayo Ireland, 1922, 23 years, domestic, 5'6", fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, Father: Patrick Tracy, Derrinascirt, Killaralla, Castlebar, Ireland, To Chicago Ill. sister paid passage, Uncle James McRoagul, 2932 Woodlawn Ave, Chicago Ill. b. Castlebar. [Bridget Treacy 33, Norah Kelly 31, Ann Tracy 20 travelling together]

Anna Tracy, Castlehar [Castlebar] Mayo Ireland, 1922, 20 years, domestic, 5'4", fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, Father: Anthony Tracy, Tawnagrany, Castlebar, Ireland. passage paid by cousin. To cousin Michael Tuffy, 1117 Garfield Avenue, Chicago, Ill. b. Castlebar Ireland.


Annie Tracey, Claremorris Mayo Ireland, 1924, 56 years (Son: Mr. Thomas Tracy, Ballinvilla, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. daughter: Mrs. ??? ??? 415 ??? ??? Strett, Winstoad, Conn. b. Ballinil? Co. Mayo (ALL CROSSED OUT)


Catherine Tracey, Ballinrobe Mayo? Ireland?, 1898, 20 years, to New York, sister: Mrs? Cluleahy? 539 w 44th St New York


Cath Treacy, Ballyhaunis (Mayo?) Ireland, 1903, 16 years, to Aunt Kate Kilcourse, Lawrence, Long Island.


Bridget Tracy, Ballintubbes (Ballintubber Mayo) Ireland, 1907, 22 years, to cousin Thos Tracy 84 Huron St Chicargo Ill [also Gavin & O’Brien] 5’6”, fair complexion, Fair hair, grey eyes, all born Ballintubber


Bridget Tracey, Westport Mayo? Ireland, 1909, 23 years, Brother: Thomas Tracey, 84 East Haron St, Chicargo, [Father?] Thomas Tracey, Kilavella Westport


Eduard Tracey, Ballyhaunis Mayo Ireland, 1900, 22 years, labourer, to Newton? Mass, sister Kate Tracey [sister Norah, travelled with Sarah Tracey of Galway]

Norah Tracey, Ballyhaunis (Mayo Ireland?), 1900, 17 years, servant, to Newton? Mass, sister Kate Tracey [brother Eduard, travelled with Sarah Tracey of Galway]

The following are listed together but may not be related:

Sarah Treacy, 1900, 21, servant, Galway, to Boston Mass, paid by sister, sister 146 Bracou? [Not listed in index]

Norah Treacy, 1900, 17, servant, Ballyhaunis [Mayo?], to Newton Mass, paid by sister, sister Kate Tracey Newton Mass [Not listed in index]

Eduard [Edward] Treacy, 1900, 22, lab, Ballyhaunis [Mayo?], to Newton Mass, paid by self, sister Kate Tracey Newton Mass [Not listed in index]

Patrick Crowley, 1900, 21, carpenter, Clonakilty [Cork], paid by sister, sister Kate Crowley, 1 Wall St Drekacton Ma

John Tracey, near Athenry (Galway Ireland), 1900, 19 years, lab, to Boston Mass, paid by sister, sister Mary Ann Tracy Vermont? Av B’ton


John Tracey, Nelson England, 1920, 45 years, Wife: Mrs Tracey, 59 Chapel St, Nelson England. Brother: Thomas Tracey, 153 Lincoln Ave NY, 5’6.5”, fresh complexion, brn hair, blue eyes, b. Westport Ireland, to Bronx NY


Maggie Tracey, Kilawalla (Killala Mayo) Ireland, 1907, 20 years, single, to sister Bridget Treacy 846 Huson St Chicago, 5’4”, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Westport Killawalla


Mary Treacy, Cong (Mayo? Ireland), 1901, 13 years, American, to Brooklyn, US resident, to aunt Jane Igoe, 73 Graham St, RS


Mary Tracey, Ireland, 1924, 20 years, single, 5’0”, fresh complexion, auburn hair, brown eyes, Father: Anthony Treacy, Tawnynagry, Westport, Co. Mayo. To: cousin Michael Tuffy, 104 Wellington Avenue,  Chicago Ill. b. Westport Co. Mayo Ireland


Mary Treacy, Westport Mayo Ireland, 1924, 21 years, single, Father Patrick Treacy, Dereenacolbe, Killavalla, Westport, Co. Mayo. uncle James? McKeague?, 2232 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Ills. 5’3”, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. b. Westport Co. Mayo Ireland.


Michael Treacy, Ball...hann.. (Ballyhaunis Mayo? Ireland), 1900, 19 years, single, Ballyhaunis, to Brooklyn, Tohissister? Jane? Brissnan?,  112 Hewell St


Patrick Treacy, Ballindine Mayo Ireland, 1921, 22 years, single, farm labourer, Father Treacy Clonraine Ballindine Co. Mayo. To cousin John Devane 395 Court Street Brooklyn NY. 5'10", fresh complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, b. Ballindine Co. Mayo Ireland.


Patrick Treacy, Westport (Mayo?) Ireland, 1905, 22 years , single, labourer, lived Westport Irish to sister Mrs Treagy Treacy 84 East Huron St Chicago Ill


Patrick Tracey, Ballyhaunis Mayo Ireland, 1911, 19 years, 5’7”, fair complexion, blond? Hair, bleu? Eyes, Mother: Anne Tracey Ballyhaunis Co Mayo. Sister: Kathleen Tracey, Cedurhunt? Ave, Faraoceaw? Long Cafs?, to Long Island NY, b. Ballyhaunis Ireland


Patrick Tracey, Detained, 1911, to Sister Kathleen, Fan Rodaway L.I., N.Y.


Thomas Tracey, Killawalla (Mayo?) Ireland, 1907, 11 years, US Cit, to 84 East Huron St, Chicargo, [see Thomas Tracy 40, also Joseph Walsh 11]

Thomas Tracey, Killawalla (Mayo?) Ireland, 1907, 40 years, 5’7”, fresh complexion, grey eyes, US Cit, to 84 East Huron St, Chicargo, about Oct 1888 [see Thomas Tracy 11, also Joseph Walsh 11]


William Treacy, Claremorris (Mayo) Ireland, 1920, 24 years, single, mother Mrs Trecy Balinvilla Claremorris Ireland. to brother P Treacy 201 West 77th St NYC. 5'9", fsh complexion, fr hair, blue eyes. b. Ballinvilla Ireland.

William Treacy, Claremorris (Mayo) Ireland, 1920, 24 years, single, mother Mrs Treacy Balinvilla Claremorris. to brother P Treacy 201 West 77th St NYC. 5'8", fr complexion, drk hair, brn eyes. b. Claremorris Ireland. [crossed out]


Winnie Tracey, Ballinrobe Mayo Ireland, 1902, 20 years, single, Ballinrobe, to New York, sister paid passage, sister Katie Tracey 706? ? 844 St New York


Ellis Island - Ballinrobe

1901 September 20 Teutonic Queenstown

Mary Cusack age 18, to Ann Tracy in NYC paid own passage.

1901 Census Ireland: Garranagerra, Ballinrobe, Ross, Mayo, Household, Cusack, Patrick(76), farmer/widower, Bridget Connolly (75) sister in law/not married, Cathrine(50) dtr. in law/widow, Mary(19) gd, Maggie(17) gd, Peter(15) gs, Patrick(11) gs

1903 September 10, Queenstown

Margaret Cusick servant, age 18, Ballinrobe to cousin Mrs. Tracey, 724 Washington st New York





United States Naturalization Petitions


Thomas James Tracy, born 24 Jul 1902 Belnaullett Mayo, Ireland. Naturalised 1925 Dorchester, MA


Winifred Tracey, born 25 Mar 1890 Cloonadeen, Co Mayo, Ireland. Lives 510 East 77 St NY NY, Domestic, 45 years, fair complexion, brown eyes, black hair, 5'5", 134 lb, not married, emigrated June/July 1902 from Queenstown. Naturalised 1935 New York



22 August 1893 London Gazette

August 18, 1893: Sorting Clerks and Telegraph learners, George Treacy (Castlebar) [see Avoca Wicklow]

British Postal Service Appointments

Francis Treacy, 1897, Cong [Mayo]

Geo Treacy, 1893, Castlebar [Mayo]

Jun 23, 1900 (CT) Chips of Interest

A meeting of the letter carriers was held in Castlebar on Friday last, the object being to consider a suitable presentation to Mr G Tracy on the occasion of his marriage and to extend to him their wishes and congratulations. It was decided to present him with a beautiful clock as a token of their regard and esteem.

June 22, 1901 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

...letter from Mr Tracy acting-postmaster at Castlebar...erection of a pillar box at the courthouse...

July 13, 1901 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Castlebar Post Office. Mr O'Dohekty, of Coleraine, has now taken up the duties of Postmaster in the Castlobar Post Office. Mr George Tracey, who has acted pro tem since the lamented death of Mr John B Sheridan, has given thorough satisfaction, not alone to Die officials, but to the public generally, and his good management has proved his efficiency to secure even a more extensive office than that of Castlebar. His many friends who had hoped for his permanent appointment, though disappointed, feel confident that there is as good if not a better future before him.

28 Sept 1901 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Mr. George Treacy. We are glad to learn that Mr George Treacy is still under the favourable notice of his superiors, and has been sent to relieve Mr Killeen, Postmaster, Ballyhannis, who has gone on leave for a month. Ballyhaunis Post Office covers a very large district and only a very competent man such as Mr Treacy could be entrusted with the responsibility.


October 20, 1894 Ballinrobe Chronicle

New Licenses...Michael Treacy, Main-street, Ballindine...rejected


4 March 1895 San Francisco Call [see Daniel O'Connell Tracy]

Allen— In Oakland, March 3, 1895, Esther Hamilton [Kelly], dearly beloved mother of Daniel O'Connell Tracy, William T. Tracy, Mrs. Joseph Dougherty and Thomas Joseph Allen, a native of County Mayo, Ireland, aged 77 years 7 months and 7 days. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday), at 9:30 o'clock a.m. from her late residence, 1410 Fifteenth street, thence to St. Patrick's Church, West Oakland, a solemn high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery, via the 11 o'clock boat from Oakland.


Pennland Liverpool to Phila 17 June 1895

Thomas Tracy, 21, b. 1874, lived Castlebar [Mayo], to uncle Pat Creine 1830 Webster St Phila


11 Apr 1896 Ballinrobe Chronicle

Amalgamation of Ross Barony with Ballinrobe Union...Meeting at Clonbur...present...T. Treacy (Coruamone)...


December 19, 1896 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

...the home of Mr Joseph Conroy, Turlough, was transformed into the scene of a pleasant party...marriage...J. Tracy...


April 24, 1897 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Married. Treacy And Hanlon — At the Roman Catholic Church, Castlebar, on Thursday 8th inst, by the Rev Father O'Flaherty, C.C., Sergeant Robert John Treacy, Connaugh Rangers, to Deborah Hanlon, Newtown, daughter of the late Sergeant Hanlon, same corps

August 25, 1906 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Birth. Tracey.—On 15th August, 1906, the wife of Robert J Tracey, ex-Col.-Sergt. 3rd Battalion Connaught Rangers. Newtown, Castlebar. of a son.


'Pennland', Liverpool to Phila 16 May 1898

John Tracy, 54, b. 1844, USC, lived Ballycastle [Mayo?], American citizen returning home 470 Collom St Phila [with Annie 50]

Annie Tracy, 50, b. 1848, USC, wife, lived Ballycastle [Mayo?], American citizen returning home 470 Collom St Phila [with John 54]


1900 Irish Mission for Immigrant Girls in New York City

Cath Tracey, 1903, 16 years, from Mayo. Sponsor: Kate Kilcourse Lawrence, L.I. (Teutonic - May 07 1903)

Ellen Gannon, 1900, 21 years, from Mayo. Sponsor: Mrs. Tracy Box 169 Rye N.Y. (Etruria - October 07 1900)



 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



Partial 1901 Census






Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants

Castlebar T./Shamble Square






George (29)

PO clerk/born Co. Wicklow

Kate Josephine (20) wife

Frances Eleanor Ferris (17) PO learner/born Co. Roscommon







Patrick (52)


Margaret (48) wife

James (20) or (28) son/farm labourer/not married







John (60)


Anne (55) wife

Patrick (32) weaver/son/not married

John (30) son/not married

James (24) son/not married

Mary (18) dtr./not married







Patrick (28)


Ellen (25)

Kate (4)

Bridget (3)

Mary (2)







Thomas (43)


Bridget (40) wife

Catherine (20)

Ellen (18)

Anne (10)

Honor (7)

James (6)

Michael (3)







Thomas (50)


Bridget (45) wife

John (25)

Mary (20)

Maggie (18)

Bridget (17)

Owen (9)







John (51)


Patrick (22)

Bridget (20)

Mary (18)

Maggie (16)

Ellen (12)







Thomas (80)


Catherine (78) wife/born Co. Westmeath

Anthony (30) son in law (last name shown as Treacy)

Mary (28) dtr.

John (2) gs

Anne (6mo.) gd







John (65)


John (40) son/married

Mary (30) dtr. in law

James (3) gs

Kate (7mo.) gd

Ballindine T.






Michael (36)

grocer/hardware spirit dealer

born Co. Galway

Kate (28) wife/born Co. Galway

Mary Julia (4)

Nora (2)

John (10mo.)

Thomas Fahy (18) grocers asst.

Myles Moloney (15) shop asst.

Mathew Flattery (15) shop asst.

Bridget Larkin (20) cook

Kate Conroy (14) nurse







Mary (60)


Thomas (30)

Bridget (26)

Mary (15)

Belmullet T./Davis St.






Mary (22)


husband James RIC constable

Annie Veronica (5mo.)

Mary McManmon (55) mother/widow







Bridget (70)









Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants

Belmullet T./William St.




RIC barrack Belmullet




DPG (42) head constable/not married/born Co. Kerry-PBS(33) sgt./not married/born Co. Clare-PG(37) act. Sgt./not married/born Co. Sligo

James Tracy (33) married/born Co. Fermanagh

William Farrell (34) not married/born Co. Donegal-see continued record

Westport T./Shop St.








John (19)

Patrick (18)

Joseph (14)

Willie O'Connell (22) shop asst./not married/born Co. Galway

John O'Grady? (20) shop asst./not married

Charles Nicholson (20) shop asst./not married

Patt Tracy (20) shop asst.

Katie Moran? (21) servant

Kate Kelly (22) servant







Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants

Castlebar T./Newtown






Deborah (47)


Deborah Treacy (26) dtr./married

Michael Treacy (2) gs

John Treacy (9mo.) gs

Castlebar T./Thomas St.






Ann Jane (47?)


John (21) mason

Kate (16)

Sam? (14)

Frank (11)

Bridget Godfrey (68?) mother/widow/born Co. Galway

Charles Treacy? (27) boarder/mason/not married/born Co. Tipperary







Patrick Joseph (37)

teacher/born Co. Roscommon

Mary Josephine (31) wife/born Co. Galway

Lillie (10) born Co. Galway

John Vincent (9)

Gertrude (5)

Bridget Treacy (18) servant/born Co. Galway

Michael Vahey (13) farm servant

Claremorris T./Church St.






Martin (25)

manager of drapery

continued record-Francis Keane(15) drapers asst.

John Treacy (15) drapers asst.

Anne Moloney (23) servant-all not married 







Owen (30)



Bridget Treacy (78) boarder/widow

Westport T./9 High St.






Austin (62)


Margaret (45) wife

Marion (23)

Sabina (20)

John (13)

Austin (12)

Maud (10)

Michael (9)

Patrick (6)

Mary Treacy (19) servant/not married

Westport T./Bridge St.






Peter (50)


Angela (32) wife

Arthur Bernard (15)

Bridget Treacy (16) servant




May 25, 1901 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Death of Mr. David Morley Ballhaunis...mourners...M Tracey, Ballindine...


Feb 15, 1902 (CT) Castlebar Petty Sessions

Alleged serious injury. A prosecution at the suit of the King v. Patrick Tracy for having assaulted a man named [Patk] Foy on the 25th of March last was called...granted an adjournment pending the decision of a civil action arising out of the same occurrence in which Tracy is sued by Foy for £50 damages for breaking his leg.

Apr 12, 1902 (CT) Castlebar Petty Sessions

Alleged serious assault. The Kilawalla Assault Case. The King v. Patrick Tracy and Patrick Malone...it was a case of a rather serious assault as the injured man's leg had been broken in a drunken row...civil action...Tracy separated them and they went on towards home...The case against Tracy and Malone was then dismissed without prejudice.


Mar 22, 1902 (CT) Hurling. Roscommon V. Castlebar



Apr 19, 1902 (CT) Selection of Candidates for coming Co Council Elections

...UIL...Ballindine...Michael Tracy...


March 29, 1902 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Hurling. Roscommon v. Mayo...C. Tracy for Castlebar did good work...

May 10 1902 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Hurling. Roscommon Gaels v. Co. Mayo (Castlebar)...Mayo...Charles Tracey..

June 20, 1903 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

GAA Mayo Championship

Hurling between Castlebar and Ballina...Tracy (Castlebar) with his bafefooted brigade...C. Tracey (capt.)...

July 02, 1904 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Hurling. Ballina V. Castlebar. On to-morrow (Sunday); a very interesting hurling match between; the above teamsw will be played in the Pigepn Park. The contest should be a close and exciting one as the Castlebar men have had very little practice; but not withstandmg this, we think Tracey and his green-jerseyed followers will give a  good account of themselves. The match will commence at 3 o'clock p.m. sharp.

9 July 1904 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Hurling Ballina v. Castlebar...The following played for Castlebar - C. Treacy (captain)...


Jan 23, 1904 (CT) Shebeening in Castle Street

...Mrs Mayberry, Castle street...four men, Treacy, Rainsford, Baird and Kelly were also charged...two of the men in the house were permanent lodgers working at the asylum...


Feb 25, 1905 (IT) RIC

Transfer of Constables...James Tracy, Mayo to Roscommon.

August 1908 IT

Constable James Treacy, Ballina gallantly stopped a run away horse...

Aug 22, 1908 (IT) RIC

Constable Treacy, Ballina, performed a meritorius act on Wednesday...

Nov 9, 1908 (FJ) RIC

Favourable Records...J. Tracy, Mayo...

Jan 23, 1909 (IT) RIC

..."P" examination...roll of honour...James Treacy, Mayo...


Apr 1, 1905 (CT) Sad Tragedy at the Infantry Barracks Castlebar [see Swineford]

...Corporal Wm. Tracey of the ??? Batt Connaught Rangers...Mr. Robert Tracey sworn deposed: I live in Castlebar, and am in charge of the canteen of the 1st Connaught rangers...my brother, Corporal Tracey...9.30 am that morning in the canteen. He came for drink and I refused him because I thought he was drinking too much. Deceased was about 38 years of age. He was about 18 or 19 years in the army. I hadn't seen him before for the last 14 or 15 years...The deceased was good friends with all those in the room and with the whole battalion...the old church cemetery Castlebar...full military honours.


May 12, 1906 (CT) Decree For possession

Lord Lucan sought to recover possession of a house in Newtown Castlebar occupied by a man named Henry Gavin (representative of the late Mrs Lunnion) and a lodger named Thomas Treacy.


May 26, 1906 & June 09, 1906 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

...Miss Maria McDonagh in the employment of Mrs Tracy, Ballindine was examined and deposed that the defendants were in the shop on the same morning...William Macker, an assistant in Mr Treacy's shop at Ballindine, deposed to changing a £1 note for Barrett. He gave the £1 for a drink, and witness gave him the change...


Oct 5, 1907 (IT) RIC

No. 4 Company...William Tracy, do [Mayo]...

April 1913 IT

RIC Transfers...William Treacy, from Mayo to Waterford...


Dec 10, 1910 (CT) United Irish League
Enthusiastic meeting at Killawalla...platform...John Tracey...J. Tracey...


1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland



Feb 22, 1913 (CT) Biscuits and cheese

Crime of supplying food with drink...Ballindine Petty Sessions...against Michael Tracey, the holder of a seven day house...The charge was dismissed without prejudice, Mr Des Graz dissenting.


Aug 2, 1913 (CT) Celebrants of the Masses

...votive Masses on the Holy Mountain [Croagh Patrick]...Rev. Joseph E. Tracey, Boston, USA...


1913-1922 Military History

Robert (Bob) Treacy of Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Thomas Tracy, Guards Reserve, Dublin & Mayo


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

Robert John Treacy, b. abt 1864, Kilconduff, Mayo

William Treacy, Kilconduff, Mayo,


Nov 21, 1914 (CT) The Irish Volunteers

Volunteer Tournament at Balla...Balla company under Command of Sergeant Tracey...

Bob Tracy of Castlebar, Co. Mayo

A company of the Irish National Volunteers was formed in Castlebar in 1913 which I joined; it was then run by a committee...In connection with the drilling of the Volunteers, we had four instructors all ex-N.C.O.s. of the Connaught Rangers but as they were all reservists they had to report to their unit when called up before the outbreak of the first world war in 1914. Two of them were outstanding as instructors their names were Tracy and Murtagh.

Witness: Michael McHugh, Comandant IRA, Mayo, 1921

My own local company - Balla - was exceptionally lucky in having an experienced sergeant of the Connaught Rangers as our instructor. His name was Tracey and he undoubtedly knew his job. He was a man of splendid physique and a decent type with a good national outlook. This man' a instruction to the Balla Company gave us a better groundwork than we otherwise would have had.

Witness: Richard Walsh, Member, IRB, 1908-21; Representative on IV Executive, 1917-21; Senior Officer, IRA Mayo, 1919-21

The Great War of 1914 came. I was then in my  fifteenth year. Local men began drilling. I did nod understand what it was all about but I joined the ranks and learned the military exercises. Our instructor was big Bob Treacy, ex-Sergeant Major of the Connaught Rangers. Later I knew I was a member of the Irish National Volunteers. After six months of this training it petered out and the younger men drifted away. Some, on the advice of the English so-called gentry who occupied the "big houses", joined the British Army.

Witness: William T O'Keeffe, Staff Officer IRA, Mayo, 1920; ASU Manchester, 1920 -1921


Jan 3, 1914 (FJ) Parish of Parke (Half Parish of Turlough) Mayo

Cashel...1s...Mary Tracy.


Dec 11, 1915 (CT)

Hobart Cycles...agents...Ballindine - Michael Treacy


1915 Merchant Navy

M Tracy; rank/rating, Trimmer; age, 39; place of birth, Mayo; previous ship, Lusitania. Ship: Lapland 1915


1916-1922 Names of Customers in a Ledger in a Store in Westport

Anthony Treacy, Dereenascobe, 17 March 1916

John Treacy, Dereenascobe, 16 March 1916

Mrs. Treacy, Tawneygrey, 15 March 1916

Thomas Treacy, Tawnygry, 23 March 1916


22 January 1916 Western People

Ballindine Breach of Warranty Case. Thomas Murray Derrynaboy Tullrahan sued John Treacy Cloegrean Ballindine for all loss and damage sustained by breach of warrenty on the sale of a bullock...said he was glad to know him as the brother of Mr Michael Treacy of Ballindine...dismissed...


26 August 1916 Western People

House Property in Ballindine [Mayo]...Town Tenants League whose energetic Hon Sec Mr M Treacy, Merchant, had all the facts and figures relating thereto always at hand.


23 Dec 1916 Connaught Telegraph

Castlebar petty sessions...Sergeant Hegarty summoned James and Anthony Tracey for not having lights on their vehicles and each was fined 2s and 8s 6d costs


1917 USA Draft Registration  

Patrick Treacy b. 02 Aug 1881 Co Mayo Ireland, naturised citizen, chauffeur, mother dependant, single, lives Laurence [Nassau County] NY


Aug 17, 1918 (CT) Adjourned

Anthony Grady, Derrynacoobe, had Mary Treacy summoned for assault and Margaret Kelly for abusive language.

Sep 7, 1918 (CT) Christian Science

Austin Grady, Derrynascoobe, summoned Mary Tracy and Margaret Kelly for assault and there was a number of cross cases...


Apr 26, 1919 (CT) Kilawalla Sinn Fein Hall

Thomas Kerrigan, Derrinascoobe, summoned Thomas Kelly, Tawneygry, for assault and he had a like case against Bridget Kelly and Mary Treacy...Mrs Treacy deposed to seeing the Kellys and the Kerrigan's having a dispute on the road...apply to have the recognisances of Mrs Kelly and Mrs Treasy estreated as they were already under a rule of bail.


Dec 6, 1919 (CT) Death of Mrs Gibbons Carrownisky Louisburgh

...choir...Father Tracey CC Louisburgh...


Apr 16, 1921 (CT)

Messages of sympathy...Mr. J.A. Tracy, Ballindine...


Aug 4, 1922 (FJ) Killed in Mayo Ambush

Two Nationalist Soldiers buried in Glasnevin...Thomas Tracy...Dublin Guards Reserve, National Army killed in an ambush at Newport Co. Mayo on July 23...


1922 Army Census

Thos Tracey; 20; Pte, home address: Ricehill, Ballinagh, 787 Pay no: 06299, Joined: 13/3/22 Ballinagh, single, RC, Next of kin: brother, Next of kin: John Tracey, 18 Ricehill, Ballinagh, [Mayo].; Ballyhaunis (Mayo); download file


1922-1924 Dublin Metropolitan Police and Civic Guard (Garda Síochána) Personnel Registers

Robert Treacy, No. 3595, of Newtown Street Cstlebar Mayo, b. 26/3/1902, joined 3/3/1923, RC, 5'11', 37.5/35.5 chest


Aug 18, 1923 (CT) Castlebar Sports

...Gate Stewards...M. Treacy...

Feb 26, 1927 (CT) Castlebar Coursing Meeting

...Gate Stewards...M. Treacy...

Jul 13, 1929 (CT) Castlebar Sporting Carnival

...Committee...Michael Treacy...Ticket Stewards...Michael Treacy...

Aug 9, 1930 (CT) Mayo Garda Sports

...committee...M. Treacy...Ticket Stewards...M. Treacy...

Aug 1, 1931 (CT) British Legion of Ex-Servicemen - Castlebar Branch

Aquatic Sports...Committee...Michael Tracey...


Oct 27, 1923 (FJ) Coleman Quick-Lite

...Ballina: Howard Treacy...


Nov 10, 1923 (CT) The Prisoners

...release the political prisoners...Plebiscite [Castlebar]...Ellison Street...Michael Treacy...Newtown...Paddy Treacy...


Nov 26, 1923 (FJ) Charge against Soldiers

...National Army...R. Treacy...[at] Ballinadene...Claremorris Court, dismissed


Dec 8, 1923 (CT) Driving Accident

George Howard Tracey, Garden St, Ballina sued...for £25 personal injuries received...motor lorry at Francis St Ballina...contributory negligence and dismissed the action with five guineas cost and a like sum for expenses...


Nov 6, 1926 (CT) Castlebar District Court

Guard Butler, Partry, summoned Patrick Treacy, Towneygry, for an unlicenced dog, and he was fined 25s.


Aug 1, 1928 (IT) Royal Irish Academy of Music

...Convent of St. Louis Boarding School Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo...Violin...Kitty Tracey...


Aug 10, 1929 (CT) Castlebar District Court

Mr Wm Treacy, Ballina, was summoned for not having mud splashers on a lorry and he was fined 5s.


Nov 16, 1929 (IT) Ballina Mail Van Rifled

...Castleconnor, Co. Mayo...The van, which was been driven by Miss Tracey, daughter of the contractor for carrying the mail...

1929 Girl driver of Irish Mail Van held up. Locked in shed by Robbers.

An Irish girl driving her father’s motor mail van had an exciting ordeal at Castlecomer, County Mayo, yesterday when she was held up on a lonely road by two masked men.

The girl, Miss Treacy, was driving the Ballina mail van. She was compelled to stop by a barrier of large stones placed across the road, and two masked men armed with revolvers immediately jumped from behind a fence and seized her.

After a struggle they locked her in a shed while they rifled the mail bags. The bandits then fled, carrying off money intended for paying the old-age pensions and postmens’ wages, in addition to a number of registered letters and postal orders. The police are searching the district but so far no arrests have been made.

Guardian 16/11/1929 p.13

Nov 23, 1929 (CT) Mail Car Held up

The motor mail van from Ballina to Easkey was held up on Friday morning at Castleconnor...The van was driven by Miss Tracey, daughter of the contractor for the conveyance of the mails...My brother, Leo, was with me in the van...Miss Tracey added that this was her second experience of being held up and the mails robbed...


Jan 18, 1930 (CT) Catholic Truth Society

...Newtown and Blackfort: Messrs. Wm Mongey and M. Tracey...


1931 Thom's Trades Directory


George Treacy, Motor Engineers, Garden Street


26 aug 1933 (CTr)

Mr PJ Hanlon, who sails from Galway on Sunday for the United States...holiday in Mayo...He is brother of Mrs. Tracey, Newtown, Castlebar and Mr. Hugh Hanlon of Messrs Bourkes, Ellison street.


Jun 8, 1935 (CT) Mayo-American News

Coming pilmgrimage to Croagh Patrick...committee...Pat Tracy...


May 23, 1936 (CT) Castlebar District Court

...John Tracey (Tom), Killawalla, summoned J. Tracey (Jun.) and Denis Tracey for causing damage to a fence and using abusive language...directed that the fence be repairded...

Jun 20, 1936 (CT) ...Castlebar District Court...

Mrs. Ellen Treacey, Killawalla, sued John Treacey (Tom) for £3.10s for goods sold and delivered...In cross examination the plaintiff said that Owen Tracey was not the real purchaser of the goods. Owen Tracey only got one halfpenny worth of goods and she had it marked up to him. (laughter)...plaintiff said that the goods were given out in return for some coupons...admitted owing £3.1s.4d...

Jun 20, 1936 (CT) Partry Tresspass?

...Thomas and John Tracey, Partry...John Tracey (John) the defendant was quite agreeable to the erection of any kind of a fence...plaintiff Thomas Tracey refuses to agree to anything except a stone wall fence...


Oct 2, 1937 (CT)

Mr. Howard Treacy, Swinford, deposed that on the 21st August he was driving his motor van...


Oct 2, 1937 (CT) Standard Rent Action

At the District Court in Ballina ...Mr. George Treacy, Garden St, applied to have the standard rent fixed for a house which he occupies in Upper Garden St, from Dr. JH Coolican....


May 14, 1938 (CT) Westport Court Cases

Dirty eggs - warning to traders...Helen Tracey, Killawalla....


Jul 13, 1940 (CT) Departure

...Mr. Frank Donnelly...employed in Messrs Langan's, Ellison St Castlebar...colleagues in Castlebar...M. Tracey...


Dec 7, 1940 (CT) Badminton

...misses Adamson and Treacy (Ballina) beat Miss C. Wynne and Mrs. Aderley (Castlebar)...


May 3, 1941 (CT) Killawalla Turbary Trouble

...a lengthy title action respecting a portion of bog and raodways at Killawalla, the parties to which were Messrs Costello, Treacy, Patrick Gavin (Pa) and Patrick Gavin (Senior). It would appear in the first place that Mr. Treacy was a Sweep winner at one time and that he then decided to go in for the bog...sued by Costello...right of way brought by Mr Treacy against the Gavins...

Jul 19, 1941 (CT) Costly Killawalla Litigation

...Wm Treacy...


Aug 23, 1941 (CT) Death

Treacy (Ballindine) August 19, 1941 at her residence Ballindine, Mrs. Michael Treacy; to the inexpressible grief of her husband and children. Sincerely regretted by her numerous friends and acquaintances. remains removed to Ballindine Church on Wednesday. High Mass on Thursday, burial immediately afterwards.


Sep 26, 1941 Guardian [Manchester]

For sale at Ballindine Co. Mayo.

Two storey slated cottage, central position, with concrete sheds on large tillage plot at rear extending to river rent free price moderate M. Treacy, Proprietor


Jan 31, 1942 (CT) County Council of the County of Mayo

...new road...40 Irish perches of thereabouts, at present in the occupation of William Treacy, Killavally, [Ballintober], Wesport...


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Austin Patrick Treacy b. 2 Aug 1893 Mayo, Ireland Residence: New York, New York

Martin Joseph Tracy b. 4 May 1880 Mayo, Ireland Residence: Hartford, Connecticut

Martin Treacy b. 7 Nov 1884 Westport, Ireland Residence: New York, New York

Patrick Joseph Treacy b. 2 Apr 1883 Dercenascobe [Derreennascooba?], Ireland Residence: Chicago, Illinois


Feb 27, 1943 (CT) "Thomasine" Memorial

...members...M. Tracey...Mrs D Tracey, Newtown, whose mother was a first cousin of "Thomasines" wrote supplying some valuable data. The letter disclosed that Olivia Knight's mother was a Miss D'Alton of Colebrook House, Ballaghaderreer...Mrs Tracey had letters Olivia wrote to her uncle and her mother and she remembers reading in one that it was olivia wish that she should end her days in Ireland...


Dec 9, 1944 (CT)  Claremorris lady Bereaved

...Mrs Connolly, Shop St, Tuam. Deceased was sister of Mrs P. Treacy, Mount St, Claremorris...


Sep 29, 1945 (CT) Basketball. Westport win.

...a special braodcasting apparatus set up by Mr. JP Tracey, popular and progressive Westport radio-engineer...


Feb 2, 1946 (CT) Men Charged

...two brothers...Fitzpatrick...assaulted John treacy, Cuiltycrehan, on the night of 19th November last...let land...pony...


Apr 12, 1947 (CT)

...Mr Patr Treacy, waterworks caretaker, Ball???ruba, tendered his resignation from that post...


Apr 23, 1949 (CT) Athletics in Castlebar

...present...Michael Treacy...


Jan 14, 1950 (CT) Still They Go

Recent Mayo departures for the United States...John Joyce of Parks Ballyglass Claremorris....At Shannon to wish "bon voyage"...cousin Mr. James Tracey...


Jun 19, 1954 (CT) Mr. John Treacy, Killawalla

...death of Mr John Treacy, Killawalla which took place recently. The deceased was an old and respected resident in the district...the funeral was weel attended...The chief mourners were: Mrs Ellen Treacy, Killawalla (widow); Mrs Mary Treacy, Tawnagry and Mrs Catherine Carroll, castlecarra (sisters); Mrs Willie Treacy, Killawalla; Denis Treacy, Kilmaine; Pat Treacy, mace; John Treacy, Tawnagry; Tom Treacy, do; Martin Carrol, Killawullaun; Paddy Treacy, tawnagry; Pat Carroll, USA; Tom Carroll, Kilmaine, Miss Mary Carroll, Castlecarra, Mrs J Duffy, England (nieces and nephews).


Jul 24, 1954 (CT) Four Ballinrobe lads on County Minor Team

...Mayo County team which defeated Sligo in the Connaught final at Tuam...T. Treacy...


Dec 10, 1955 (CT)

...PJ Treacey, Barrack Hill, said he was present...



Tom Treacy of Mayo and Chicago Ill

Acordion player and traditional band leader



1 September 1976 News Journal, Chicago Ill. › Page 48

Monica Dougherty, Mary Beth Sammons (2011) Irish American Heritage Center. Arcadia Publishing, Charleston.

John Bernard Ruane (2001) Parish the Thought: An Inspirational Memoir of Growing Up Catholic in the 1960's. Pocket Books, NY

Terence "Cuz" Teahan, with Josh Dunson (1980) The Road to Glountane. Chicago, Ill. http://www.scribd.com/doc/136684203/The-Road-to-Glountane


Nora Bunce, always ready with tea and scones, dead at 85

...She was born in the Irish village of Killawalla, near Westport, County Mayo. Her hamlet was Derreenascoobe. In Gaelic — a language at which she excelled — it means “the Little Derry” or “Oak Wood of the Broom.” Her parents, Martin and Catherine Malone, operated a 26-acre farm....Nora Malone was about 17 when she decided to seek her future in Chicago, where her maternal uncle, Tom Treacy, headed a top orchestra that entertained Irish immigrants in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. In 1949, she arrived in Chicago, where she stayed on the West Side with Tom Treacy and his wife, Mary, landing a job as a live-in maid for a wealthy family.




Tom Treacy played with Tom Treacy’s Irish Orchestra, Chicago, starting in the 1920‘s. Photo supplied by Bill Conroy, 2/10/2010. Tom was Bill’s wife’s uncle.


t treacy.jpg





Church Records – Baptisms South Mayo Family Research Centre

Surname        Firstname           Source Year                   Source*     

TRACY          MARY                1745             B              

TRACY          AGNES JOHNSTON             1863             B    [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]

TRACEY      MARY                1864             B              

TRACY          WILLIAM          1865             B              

TREACY      MARGARET AFFLECK THOMSON          1865                B          

TRACEY      BRIDGET          1867             B              

TRACEY      ANNE                1867             B              

TRACY          JOHN                 1869             B              

TRACY          JOHN                 1869             B              

TRACY          MARY                1869             B              

TRACY          JOHN                 1869             B              

TRACY          MARY                1870             B              

TRACEY      CATHERINE    1871             B              

TRACY          CATHERINE    1872             B              

TRACY          HONOR             1872             B              

TRACY          MARY                1872             B              

TRACY          THOMAS           1872             B              

TRACY          CATHERINE    1872             B              

TRACEY      PATRICK          1873             B              

TRACY          BRIDGET          1873             B              

TRACY          ANTHONY        1874             B              

TRACY          MARGARET    1874             B              

TRACY          MARGARET    1874             B              

TRACY          JAMES               1875             B              

TRACY          THOMAS           1875             B              

TRACY          JOHN                 1875             B              

TRACY          THOMAS           1876             B              

TRACY          BRIDGET          1877             B              

TRACY          BRIDGET          1877             B              

TRACY          BRIDGET          1878             B              

TRACY          ELLEN               1878             B              

TRACY          CATHERINE    1878             B              

TRACEY      JAMES               1879             B              

TRACEY      MARTIN            1880             B              

TRACY          MARY                1881             B              

TRACY          MARY                1883             B              

TRACY          PATRICK          1883             B              

TRACY          MARGARET    1885             B              

TRACY          MICHAEL         1885             B              

TRACY          CATHERINE    1886             B              

TRACY          ANNE                1890             B              

TRACY          HONOR             1892             B              

TREACY      MICHAEL JAMES                1898             B    

TRACEY      CATHERINE    1899             B              

TRACEY      MICHAEL         1899             B              

TRACEY      JOHN                 1899             B              

TRACEY      BRIDGET          1900             B              

TRACEY      JOHN JOSEPH                 1900                 B    

TRACY          ANNE                1901             B              

*Source : B = Birth


Army Birth Registration

Robert Treacy, Castlebar, 1902, 94th, Vol 807 page 34


Victoria Australia Marriages

1874, 00977, F, Tracey, Emelia, Archbell, John, Mayo,



Annie E. Treacy, Aged 30, b. Mayo [Galway?] Ireland  (d. of Patrick Treacy & Honor Langan) m. Jeremiah S. Mcevilly, aged 32, b. Mayo Ireland  (s. of James Mcevilly & Julia Joyce) 25 Oct 1899 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana  [see Dunmore Galway]

Annie E Mcevilly  b. 1 Aug 1870 (d. of ??? Treacy & ??? Langan) d. 22 Jan 1947 Alameda, California, United States


Thomas James White (b. 30 Oct 1900 Dalton, Ill. d. 19 Dec 1924 Riverdale, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Catharine Tracey b. County Mays, Ireland & John E. White Sr. b. Larwall, Ind.

Occupation: Switchman

Residence:  Dalton, Ill.

Spouse:   Gladys White

Burial Date: 23 Dec 1924

Burial Place: Mt. Olivet


Catherine Thressie (26, b. County Mayo, Ireland) & Samuel Bruscato  (26, b. Chicago, Illinois)

Harold Bruscato  b. 16 Apr 1920  Chicago 


Edward Treacy & Mary Jordan

My Jordan ancesters lived at 'Cussane Cross', where roads from Galway City-Monivea and Athenry-Tuam intersected. A modern farm house is there now, on NW corner. John Jordan (d. 1867) and Hannora Clancy (d.1890) had 7 children:
1. Thomas (b.~1841- ), m. ______; daughter Mary, m. Edward Treacy. One son ____ Treacy, who has since moved, we think, from original home to Co. Mayo, Ire.
6 Oct 2007


James Tracy (b. 1892 Mayo d. 1892) m. Sara Agnes Nevin 1842 Couboure Ontario (LDS)


John Tracey
I am looking for relatives of my great grandfather, John Tracey born Mayo or Galway about 1853. His fathers name was Lawrence Tracey or Treacy and he was a mason. John Tracey was a miner who moved to England and then America. Married Sarah Duffy in 1877 in Durham, England where he was a coal miner at the Shotton Colliery. His father was Lawrence Tracey (a mason), deceased at the time of the marriage in 1877.
They are both listed as natives of Ireland in the 1881 census. Sarah's father was Daniel Duffy and Mother was Rose Ann Roddey both natives of Ireland. John Tracey's father was Lawrence Tracey deceased in 1877. They were coal miners and masons by trade. Emigrated in 1882. Any information would be great. He perhaps had a relative named Thomas Francis Treacy (1881 British Census for Mayo?) born about 1849. Any help from Tracey's in the area would be appreciated.

Sean P. Tracey stracey@traceylawfirm.com December 2011


John George Tracey (b. 1886 Co Mayo Ireland d. 1968 Bolton England)

I am trying to find more information on my great grandfathers parents and siblings. He was born in Co. Mayo Ireland, his father was also John George and his mother I think was a Anne Kilcoyne. I believe they had 14 children one being called Patrick Tracey. The others I know nothing about. We had been told, may be rumour, that one of the Traceys was mayor of a town in Wisconsin. I believe the village was called Brickins in Co. Mayo. I would be really grateful for any more information.

Denise wolfendale March 02, 2008


Marion Treacy (d. 4 May 1947 in Cork, Ireland) m. William Alexander John GOW (b. 10 Apr 1898 in Foresters Croft, Muthill, Perhshire, Scotland) 8 NOV 1924 in Mayo County, Ireland


John Abraham GOW

Abraham William GOW


Mark Tracy (of South Mayo Militia) & Winifred ???

Ann Tracy b. 25 February 1798 (CoI Dingle, Co. Kerry)


Martin Tracy (b. before 1828 Mayo d. 2 April 1893 Chicago Cook Co Il) & Mary Hallourin

Denis b. 1848 m. Mary Ellen Maher


Has ChildrenJeannette TRACY b: December 16, 1889 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA


Dennis Tracy (b. 1848 County Mayo, Ireland d. Jul. 8, 1908 Cook County Illinois, USA)

Dennis Tracy married Mary Ellen Maher and they had 12 children. Dennis was a Teamster and owned a Cartage Company and had a stable of horses.


  Dennis Tracy (1870 - 1871)*

  Mary Tracy Egan (1872 - 1950)*

  Emmet Tracy (1874 - 1874)*

  Joseph Tracy (1875 - 1875)*

  Nellie Tracy (1877 - 1900)*

  Clara Frances Tracy Reilly (1878 - 1947)*

  Mabel Tracy (1881 - 1883)*

  Martha Catherine Tracy Skahen (1884 - 1953)*

  Jeannette Tracy O'Connor (1890 - 1943)*

  Angela Tracy Kennedy (1891 - 1969)*

  Walter Tracy (1893 - 1954)*

  Patrick Tracy (1894 - 1894)*

Spouse:  Ellen Maher Tracy (1848 - 1927)*

Burial: Calvary Cemetery Evanston Cook County Illinois, USA

Created by: Mary Jeanne Monhardt Record added: Apr 04, 2001 Find A Grave Memorial# 5340597

1900 United States Census

Name:           Dennis Tracey

Residence:    Chicago city, Cook, Illinois

Birth Date:   Mar 1847

Birthplace:    Ireland

Relationship to Head-of-Household:        Self

Spouse Name:             Ellen Tracey

Spouse Birth Place:     Ireland

Father Birthplace:        Ireland

Mother Birthplace:      Ireland

Race or Color (expanded):         White

Marital Status:             Married

Years Married:            30

Immigration Year:       1860

Enumeration District:  0213

Household    Gender   Age

Dennis Tracey             M           

Spouse          Ellen Tracey           F            

Child            Mary Tracey          F            

Child            Nellie Tracey         F            

Child            Martha Tracey       F            

Child            Frances Tracey       F            

Child            Jennetta Tracey      F            

Child            Angela Tracey       F            

Child            Walter Tracey        M


Margaret Baker (b. 12 Nov 1881 Chicago, Illinois d. 14 Aug 1946 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Mary Tracey b. Co. Mayo, Ireland & John Baker b. Syracuse, N. Y.)

Occupation: Spinster

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Burial Date: 17 Aug 1946 Mt. Oliver Worth, Cook, Illinois


Patrick Tracey of Co.Mayo,Ireland & Catherine Burke of Ireland

Owen Tracey (b. 12 May 1860 Mayo Ireland, d. 22 January 1941 Saratoga Springs NY) m. Margaret Hines 1936. He had his own farm, died Grand Avenue. Nearest relative Mrs. John Tracey 252 Grand.

William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home Records


Patrick James Tracey (b. 1833 in Limerick, County Mayo d. 22 Oct 1893 Trinity Cemetery, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA) m. Anna Gallagher Collins (b: 01 SEP 1843 in Nunda, Livingston, New York, USA)  AFT 25 JUN 1860 in Nunda, Livingston, New York, USA

Immigration: Liverpool, England 28 NOV 1853 Ship: New World (departure Limerick)

18 JUL 1860 Laborer, Town of Avon, Livingston , New York, USA (7/18/1860 Census & 1880 Census Records show the spelling as Tracey.
17 JUN 1870 Titusville Ward 3, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA (6/17/1870 Census, name is Tracy. Patrick & Ann are married with 4 children: Mary, age 9; Annie, age 7; Kittie, age 5; and John, 9 months)

16 JUN 1880 Boilermaker, Titusville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA (In 1880, John is the only child listed. Anna, Mary and Katherine were not. Were they out of the house by then?)


Has ChildrenMary Tracey b: ABT 1861 in Nunda, Livingston, New York, USA

Has ChildrenAnna Aloysius Tracey b: 04 FEB 1863 in Nunda, Livingston, New York, USA

Has ChildrenKatherine Tracey b: 25 DEC 1864 in Nunda, Livingston, New York, USA

John Tracey b: 17 APR 1869 in Titusville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA


Thomas TRACY or TRACEY - Co Mayo?, Ireland

Thomas Tracey b.? Co Mayo? Ireland, in NY abt 1853, in WI 1856-70, in MN aft 1870 spouse: Mary Hogan b.? in Ireland m.? believed to be in Ireland


Ann     b abt 1853 in NY
Edwin   b 1856 in Beloit, Rock Co, WI            
Thomas  b 1857 in Beloit, Rock Co, WI            
Michael b 1859 in Beloit, Rock Co, WI - see below for more info
Matthew b 1862 in Beloit, Rock Co, WI            
Anthony b abt 1864 believed to be in Beloit

Michael is my great-grandfather.  He married Margaret A McNally (b 1859 in Faribault, Rice Co, MN)  They had 4 children. Margaret's parents were Patrick (or John) and Bridget Dorden.

Trying to find parents of Thomas Tracy and Mary Hogan as well as siblings.

SueB in Rochester, MN Mar 29, 1996


Thomas Tracy (23 years) m. Bridget Kane (22 years) 23 Aug 1885 Cook, Illinois 

John J. Tracey (b. 15 Nov 1886 Chicago, Illinois d. 18 Apr 1932 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Thomas Tracey b. Mayo, Ireland & Bridget Kane b. Mayo, Ireland

Occupation:           Clerk

Residence:             Chicago, Ill.

Burial Date:           21 Apr 1932 Holy Sepulchre, Worth, Cook, Illinois

Wm. Tracey (b. circa 1896 Chicago, Illinois  d. 21 Sep 1924 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of Thomas Tracy b. Ireland & Bridget Kane b. Ireland) 

Occupation: City Fireman 

Residence: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 

Spouse: Mary Tracy 

Burial Date: 24 Sep 1924 Holy Sepulchre, Chicago, Ill. 





1855 Griffith Valuation

Francis Tracy [teacher?] Bolinglanna Achill Mayo - house let by Michael Gallagher (teacher)


Thomas Treacey

Thomas Treacey was born in Achill Island around 1846-1850. The name of the place is belived to be Kildownet [Carrickkildavnet]. He married a Mary Delaney but not sure where.
Does this sound familiar? Thanks

josie_garnett  16 May 2002





Brt? Tracey married John Grogan 27 Jan 1838 Wit: Willm Murphy & Mary Bride. Bekan Parish


1851 Census - 1908 Pensions Act

The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in 1908. Pension claimants had to prove their age. Those born before 1864 used the 1841 and 1851 census.


24.8.17 [24th August 1917] Image       Image

Patrick Grogan (1845-47) (s. of Bridget Tracey & John Grogan) 1851 Killunagher Annagh Co. Mayo

Address: Carlinghow Lane, Batley, Yorks

[Note: Found two families see over




Ellen - died


Grogan   John     Head   32 marrd 1843

Grogan   Bridget            Wife    30

Grogan   Patt      son       5

Grogan   Catherine         dau      3

Grogan   Laurence         Son      4 months

No deaths or absentees


Grogan   John     Head   50 married 1840

Crogan   Bridget            Wife    30

Grogan   Catherine         Daughter         8

Grogan   Margt  Daughter         5

Gorgan   Michl   Son      3

No son Patk. No deaths or absentees


Martin Tracey & Mary Tracey [see Kilcolman]

Bridget Tracey b. 11 Dec 1861 Sp. Pat & Mary Tracey. Annagh Parish





Patt Tracy & Bridget

Bridget Tracy b. 6 May 1854 of Lankill [Aghagower] Sp. Owen Hughes & Sarah O'Donnell. Aughagower Parish


Catherina Treacy married Austin Gavin 27 Feb 1869 of Derrcen na Scobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Michl Gavin & Anne? Treacy. Burriscarra Parish

Catherine Tracy & Austin Green/Gavin?

Cath Green b. 11 Feb 1880 Sp. Michl Gavin & Bridnt? Costin? Aughagower Parish


Patrick and Rose Treacy of Mace



 Aughaval (& Westport)


Thomas Treacy m. Mary Langan 16 December 1846 Westport (LDS)


William Augustus Treacy & Agnes Johnson Thomson [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]

Margaret Affleck Thomson b. 20 June 1865 Westport (LDS)

William Augustine Treacy & Agnes Thomson

Margaret Afflick b. 20 June 1865 Westport – County Surveyor of Maps


Ellen Tracy & John Tunny

Robert Tunny b. 13/20 Mar 1878 of Monaymon [Monamore? Aghagower] Sp. Tom Kerrigan & Mary? Tuney Aughaval Parish


James Treacy & Sarah Kate ???


Has ChildrenAnn TREACY (b: June 19, 1928 in Westport, Ireland, Co. Mayo) Marriage 1 Terrance MCDONAGH b: September 14, 1927 in Gubb Newtownbutler, Ireland, Co. Fermanagh Married: February 11, 1961 in Coventry, England


1. Has Children Living MCDONAGH

2. Living MCDONAGH

3. Living MCDONAGH

4. Living MCDONAGH




Pat Tracey of Westport, Co. Mayo









Mary Tracy & Pat Loftus

Mary Loftus b. 9 Dec 1838 of Lisalicane  Lissalacaun Drum] Sp. Pat Timision & Margt Tracy [also a Bridget Tracy] \


Bridget Tracy married Martin McGrath of the Neil [The Neale town Kilmolara] ? Feb 1843 Wit: Rich? Martin  & Ellen Cunnane Balla Parish

Bridget Tracy & Martin MacGrath

Anthony MacGrath b. 30 Mar 1844 of Drum Sp. Pat Cunnane & Mary Iago. Balla Parish


Timothy Treacy & Cath Burns

Thos Treacy b. 20 Apr 1851 of Biliusia [Ballinlassa? Drum] Sp. John Duffy & Mary Kearns. Balla Parish


Bt/Bridt Treacy/Tracy/Treasy & Ml/Michl Londra

Mary Londra b. 19 Sep 1869 Sp. John & Mary Treacy. Balla Parish

Thos Londra b. 12 Feb 1871 Sp. Luke Londra & Mary Mitchal Balla Parish [Note: married to Anne Biorain? at Beloavia? July 8 1912?]

Julia Londra b. 9 Mar 1873 Sp. Tom Cooney & Bridgt Gibbons. Balla Parish

Honor Londra b. 17 Mar 1878 Sp. Pat Mitchal & Mary Londra  Balla Parish


Ned Treacy? & Brigt Loran

James Treacy b. 29 Jun 1879 Sp. Edwd? McHue? & Mary Fanin? Balla Parish





Jane Tracey (d. of William Tracey) m. Anthony Hammond (s. of John Hammond) 20 Dec 1848 Ballinrobe [PLU]


Jno Tracy & Mary [moved to Liverpool LINK]

Jno Tracy b. 3 Jun 1851 of Friarsquarter Sp. David & Mary Kelly. Ballinrobe Parish

Thos Tracy b. 11 Jan 1854 of Glebe St? Sp. Jno Gill & Mary Ann Keasy? Ballinrobe Parish


Margaret Tracy married Mich Walsh 23 Nov 1861 Wit: Miles Walsh & Winny McDermot Ballinrobe Parish


James Tracey married Kate Loughry 28 Dec 1867 Wit: Toms Tracey? & Jane McHale Ballinrobe Parish

James Tracy, 20, single, (s. of Michael Tracy) married Kate Loughry 16, single, (d. of James Loughry) 21 Jan 1867 Ballinrobe, Mayo, Ireland (LDS)

James Tracy/Tracey & Kate/Catherine Loughry

Catherine Tracy b. 13 Jan 1868 Sp. John & Mary Anne Quigly? Ballinrobe Parish (8 Jan 1868 LDS)

James Joseph b. 29 Sep 1869 Sp. Pat Cullison & Margt Quigley Ballinrobe Parish

Margaret Mary Tracey b. 1 Sep 1872 Sp James Fahy & Ellen Loughry Ballinrobe Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 15 Sep 1875 Sp. Mary Frennell & James Loughry Ballinrobe Parish

James Treasy, shoemaker, of Ballinrobe & Kate Loughry of Ballinrobe

Catherine Tracey b. 8 Jan 1868 Abbey St Ballinrobe

James Tracy b. 15 Sep 1869 Ballinrobe

Ellen Treasy b. 4 Oct 1875 High Street Ballinrobe

Anne Jane Tracy b. 8 Jul 1879 Abbey St Ballinrobe

Bridget Tracey b. 28 Jun 1881 Abbey St Ballinrobe

Michael Treacy b. 7 Sep 1882  Abbey St Ballinrobe

Bridget Treacey b. 28 Jan 1884 Abbey Street (bootmaker)

James Tracy & Catherine Laughry

Anne Jane b. 8 July 1879 (LDS)


17 July 1900 (IT) Humant??? and Tracy [see Cantrell Tracy of Naas]

July 11, at Naas Presbyterian Church by the Rev. William Elliott, MA and by the Rev RJ Sloan, Alexander Beau??? Manager Ulster Bank, Ballinrobe, son of ??? Hamment? Ballylougher, Ballymena, to Elizabeth M??? [Mary] (Lily?), eldest daughter of the late ???[Richard] H. Tracy Roseville, Naas. [Kildare] [bad copy]

Elizabeth Mary Macintosh Tracy & Alexander/Alen Beaumont, Manager of Ulster bank Ballinrobe

Mabel Elizabeth Beaumont b. 15 June 1905 Ballinrobe

John Beaumont b. 22 July 1907 Ballinrobe

Margaret Holden Beaumont b. 2 February 1911 Ballinrobe


Ballinrobe death PLU

James Tracy died 1865, age 80

Catherine Tracey, died 1867, age 70

Bridget Treacy, died 1880, age 84

Bridget Tracey, died 1881, age 0

Mary Tracey, died 1882, age 60

James Tracy died 1883

Michael Treacy, died 1883, age 0

Jane Tracey, of Ballinrobe, died 25 July 1893 Workhouse Ballinrobe, age 59, married, weaver, Informant Mich Concannon occupier Ballinrobe workhouse

Patrick Tracey, of Cloonadeen, died 28 Oct 1900, age 64, widower, farmer, informant Winnie Tracy daughter present at death Cloonadeen [Cloonlagheen? Ballyovey]






The Farmer and the Fairies

Mrs J. Treacy,

Bowgate St.,


Co. Mayo.








Parish Records: http://eastmayo.org/


Surname Researchers


Long Island NY

Bekan, Co Mayo

Katy Simmonds



Ellen Tracy married Thos Waldr [Waldron?] 19 Feb 1832? Wit: Patt Wardr & Mary Noone. Bekan Parish

Eleanor Tracey & Thomas Waldronn

Patrick Waldron b. 23 Jan 1838 Sp. John Monily & Eleanor Tracey. Bekan Parish


Brt? Tracey married John Grogan 27 Jan 1838 Wit: Willm Murphy & Mary Bride. Bekan Parish [see Annagh]


Michl Tracy married Bridgt Mulcleane 20 Apr 1845 Wit: Pat Jordan & Mary Mulcleane. Bekan Parish


Peter Albert Connaughton m. Ann Waldron 23 June 1846 Wit: Robert Tracy & Margaret Nowlan


Thos Tracy & Licis Morrill

Ewr Tracy b. 20 May 1848 Sp. Brian Lyons & Ell McHugh. Bekan Parish


John Treacy married Bridgt Waldron 22 Mar 1861 Wit: John Daly & ? Waldron. Bekan Parish

Joannes Treacy & Brigida Waldron

Joannes Tracy b. 12/17 Feb 1862 Sp. Michl Flynn? & Maria Treacy. Bekan Parish

John Trac(e)y & Biddy/Bridget Waldron

Mary b. 11 January 1865 Ballindine (LDS)

Bridget b. 3 August 1867 (LDS)

James b. 1 November 1868 (LDS)

Ellen b. 1 December 1870 (LDS)

Sarah b. 30 November 1872 (LDS)

John Tracy, landholder, & Bridit Waldron?

Sarah Tracy b. 30 Nov 1872 of Cultachrane [Cuiltycreaghan? Bekan]. John Tracy father Culterhane [his mark] [PLU Ballindin Claremoris]


James Tracey & Bridget Waldron

Ellen b. 21 January 1865 Ballindine (LDS)


Montnairn 10 Jun 1927 Canada [see 1901 & 1911 Census Culnacleha]

John Treacy, 22, single, farm labourer, b. Kiltychrean [Cuiltycreaghan Bekan], Ireland

Nellie Treacy, 18, single, b. Kiltychrean, Ireland, domestic,

Sister: Miss Delia Treacy, General Delivery, Edmonton, Alberta

Father: Mr. John Treacy, Kiltycrehane, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.


Metagama 15 Jun 1928 Canada

Thomas Treacy, 21, labourer, b. Claremorris Ireland

Brother: Mr. John Treacy, General delivery, Edmonton, Alberta

Father: Mr. John Treacy, Brickens [Brickeens Bekan], Claremorris, Co. Mayo


William Treacy m. Anne Kilgannon(?) 5 February 1885 Wit: Richard Tarpey & Honor Kilgannon [see Kilvine]

William Treacy, full age 30, bachelor, National teacher, lives Ballinvella, (s. of John Treacy, dead, Police Constable) married Anne Kilcourse, 20, spinster, of Red Park [stated as being in Bekan], (d. of Thomas Kilcourse, living, herd) Wit: Richard Tarpey & Mary Tarpy on the 5 January 1885 RC Chapel of Bekan [PLU Ballyhaunnis Claremorris]


Mary Tracy m. Patrick Finn  17 May 1896 Wit: Owen Finn & Mary Waldron



 Burriscarra (& Ballintober)


Mary Tracy m. Thomas Foy circa 1820

My great great great grandfather, Thomas Foy, was born in County Mayo, north Connacht, Ireland, sometime around the year 1795 or 1800. He married Mary Tracy (based on daughter Margaret's death certificate) sometime before the year 1820 and lived on the Foy/Hunt farm in the townland of Derreennascooba in County Mayo, which is situated on a hillside in the Partry Mountains, just south of Killavally (also called Killawala) and eight miles south of Castlebar, the county seat of Mayo.



Jas Tracy married Eleanor Tracy 16 Feb 1840 of Derinascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Pat & Cath Tracy. Burriscarra Parish [Note: A dispansation in 3o & 3o was got for th above married Jas & Eleanor Tracy]

Jas/Js Tracy/Treacy & Eleanor/Nelly/Ellen Tracy

Mary Tracy b. 14 Feb 1841 of Tauna [Tawnynagry? Ballintober] Sp. Thos & Cath Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 20 Apr 1845 Sp. Patt & Cath Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Thos Treacy b. 7 Aug 1850 of Tawnynacrigh Sp. John Tracy & Anne Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Cathe Tracey b. 28 Oct 1854 of Tarnanagri Sp. Thos & Catherine Tracey. Burriscarra Parish


Mary Tracy & Denis/Dennis Conway

Cath Conway b. 17 May 1840 of Derenascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Jeremy McQuine & Biddy Knight. Burriscarra Parish

Ellen Conway b. 6 Oct 1842 of Derrynascuba Sp. John Conway & Kate Tracy. Burriscarra Parish


Jas Tracy & Anne Lavelle

Jas Tracy b. 6 Jun 1840 of Kelavala Rue Na Sharagh [Killavally Ballintober] Sp. Thos Tracy & Mary Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

Honor Tracy b. 14 May 1842 Rue Na Sharagh Sp. Mica? & Mary Faden. Burriscarra Parish

Anne Tracy b. 25 Apr 1847 Sp. Martin Malone & Bridget Tuffy. Burriscarra Parish


Anne Tracy & John Knight

Mary Knight b. 6 Oct 1840 of Keltharsehaun [Kiltarsaghaun Ballintober] Sp. Jas Tracy & Mary Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Owen Knight b. 4 Mar 1847 of Keultursuhane Sp. Jno Walsh & Bridget Malley. Burriscarra Parish


John Tracy/Treacy & Cath/Catherine Maly/Mally/Molly

Mary Tracy b. 9 Oct 1840 of Derinascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Pat Tracy & Mary Tuffy. Burriscarra Parish

Pat Tracy b. 10 Aug 1842 of Dinasores Rule Sp. Thomas Tracy & Catherine Mally. Burriscarra Parish

Thos Tracy b. 29 Sep 1844 of Derrynascoba Sp. Martin Malone & Mary Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 10 Jan 1847 of Derrisnascoba Sp. James Tracy & Margaret Tuffy. Burriscarra Parish

James Treacy b. 18 Jan 1852 of Derrynascouba Sp. John Lehins & Honor Treacy. Burriscarra Parish


John Tracy/Catherine Mally

I saw you had a John Tracy/Catherine Mally listed.  I wonder if this info will update it. (They are my gt gt grandparents).
Children of John Tracy and Catherine Mally
Patrick Tracy b 1842
Thomas Tracy b 1844
Bridget Tracy b 1847
Catherine Tracy b 1848 - my gt grandmother.

She was baptised in Skehahagh [Killawalla] Chapel but I am having difficulty in locating this church. Catherine emigrated to England in about 1868 married to Patrick Mulhearn also from Mayo. Catherine Tracy was the mother of Margaret Mulhearn. Catherine and Patrick Mulhearn together with Margaret emigrated to Barnsley Yorkshire about 1866 - Census 1871 shows by then they had a further two children age 5 and 10 months born in Yorkshire. All census records here just show Ireland. But I know Mayo is county of origin. Used to visit some distant relatives in Foxford when I was a child - and grandmother taught me my first Irish songs - The West's asleep and Men of the West were compulsory learning for me. Catherine died 1910.
Hope this is of some use.
Eileen Chamberlain [eileenbchamberlain@hotmail.com] 08/05/2009


Thos/Thomas Tracy/Treacy & Cath/Catherine/Kate Tracy/Treacy

Biddy Tracy b. 16 Jan 1841 of Derinascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Pat & Ann Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Pat Tracy b. 4 Jun 1843 of Derinascobe Sp. Pat Tracy & Biddy Maley. Burriscarra Parish *

Mary Tracy b. 9 Nov 1845 of Derrynascuba Sp. Denis Conway & Cath Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 6 Oct 1849 of Derrenasceriba Sp. James Tracy & Mary Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Anne Treacy b. 27 Jun 1852 of Derrynascouba Sp. Francis Knight & Mary Treacy. Burriscarra Parish


Pat Tracy & Peggy/Margaret Knight

Biddy Tracy b. 18 Jan 1841 of Tauna [Tawnynagry? Ballintober] Sp. Thos Knight & Peggy Rhonan. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracy b. 12 Apr 1844 of Tawngeir Sp. Mich O'Brien & Margret Birreen. Burriscarra Parish

Patt Tracey b. 27 Feb 1850 of Tawnanacrigh Sp. Thos Tracey & Catharine Tracy. Burriscarra Parish


Biddy Tracy & Edwd Walsh

Biddy Walsh b. 6 Feb 1841 of Derinascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Math Tracy & Anne Foy. Burriscarra Parish

Mich Walsh b. 9 Jul 1843 of Derreennas Rulu Sp. Thomas Foy & Mary Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

Jno Walsh b. 20 Jun 1849 of Derreensscobe Sp. John Walsh & Anne Treacy. Burriscarra Parish


Pat Tracy & Biddy Byrne

Margt Tracy b. 3 Apr 1841 of Kaltharsehaun [Kiltarsaghaun Ballintober] Sp. James Byrne & Mary Gibbons. Burriscarra Parish


Thos Tracy married Honor Rean [Kean?] 18 Feb 1841 of Bohaun [Ballintober] Wit: Pat Tracy & Mary Kean. Burriscarra Parish

Thos Tracy/Treacy & Honor Kean/Kinn/Keane

Bridget Tracy b. 31 Aug 1845 of Derrynascoba [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. James Tracy & Mary Keane. Burriscarra Parish

Anne Treacy b. 27 Feb 1847 of Derreenascobe Sp. James & Cath Treacy. Burriscarra Parish

Ellen Treacy b. 28 Apr 1850 of Derrynascoula Sp. Michl Knight & Brigit Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Ellen Treacy b. 1 Jun 1851 of Derrynascouba Sp. Michl Mally & Mary Walsh. Burriscarra Parish *

Honor Tracy b. 30 Jan 1854 of Derrinascouba Sp. Martin Malone & Anne Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracey & Honor Kean(e)

Mary Tracey b. 26 February 1841 Dereenascobe

Thos Tracey & Honor

Cathe Tracey b. 17 November 1855 of Derreenascobe Sp. Thos Tracey & Honor Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

John Treacy & Honor Kane

Ann Treacy b. February 27 1848 of Derreenascobe Sp. James & Cath Treacy. Burriscarra Parish


Mary Barry (b. 24 Dec 1859 Castle Bar, Ireland d. 11 Mar 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Thomas Tracey b. Castle Bar, Ireland & Nora Kane b. Castle Bar, Ireland)

Occupation: At Home

Spouse:  Patrick J. Barry

Burial Date: 12 Mar 1925 Mt. Olivet


John Tracy & Anne Foy/Fay

Jas Tracy b. 24 Apr 1842 of Derinasobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Thos Duffy & Biddy Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Michl Tracy b. 22 Sep 1844 of Derrynascoba Sp. Dominick & Bridget Fay. Burriscarra Parish

Pat Tracy b. 10 Jan 1847 of Derrynascoba Sp. Dominick & Catherine Foy. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracy b. 5 Feb 1854 of Derrinascouba Sp. Thos & Margaret Foy. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracey & Anne

Bridget Tracey b. 2 Nov 1856 of Derreenascobe Sp.. Burriscarra ParishPat O'Brien & Margaret Knight


John Tracey & Ann Foy

Pat b. 24 April 1842 Dereenascobe

Pat b. January 10 1847 Dereenascobe

Mary b. 5 February 1854 Dereenascobe



Mary Baker (b. 02 May 1861 County Mayo, Ireland d. 17 Oct 1937 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of John Tracey b. County Mayo, Ireland & Anne Foy b. County Mayo, Ireland

Occupation: houswife

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse:         John Baker

Burial Date: 20 Oct 1937 Mt. Olivet, Worth, Cook, Illinois


Martin Tracy & Mary Walsh

Thos Tracy b. 28 Aug? 1842 of Kilavalla Tauna [Killavally Ballintober] Sp. Edmd & Birry Walsh. Burriscarra Parish


Pat Tracy married Bridget Maly of Gorthaun [Gortbaun Ballintober] 4 February 1842 Wit Denis Coneway & Mary Maley. Burriscarra Parish

Pat Tracy/Treacy & Brid/Bridget/Biddy Mally/Malley

Pat? Tracy b. 6 Apr 1843 of Derrynascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. John Maly & Kitty Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracy b. 17 Mar 1844 of Derreenascobne Sp. Thomas & Bridget Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Thos Tracy b. 17 Dec 1845 of Derrynascoba Sp. Richd Walsh? & Ellen Mally?. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Treacy b. 27 Nov 1848 of Killarsahane [Kiltarsaghaun Ballintober] Sp. Richd & Margaret Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

Cath Tracey b. 24 Nov 1861 of Ballybouke [Bellaburke Ballintober] Sp. William Mally & Biddy Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Pat Tracy & Bridget Mally

William Tracy b. 18 August 1865 Castlebar (LDS) Ballyburke Labourer


Honor/Honoria Tracy/Treacy & Pat Bryan/O'Brien

Thos Bryan b. 2 Jun 1843 of Kilavalla Bohaun [Killawullaun Ballintober] Sp. Jas & Biddy Tracey. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget O'Brien b. 26 Jul 1848 of Bohane [Bohaun Ballintober] Sp. Philip Kane & Anne O'Brien. Burriscarra Parish [same page]

Thos O'Brien b. 9 Jul 1848 of Derreenascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Patt Treacy & Mary Tuohy. Burriscarra Parish [same page]

Philip O'Brien b. 31 Aug 1851 of Derrynascoruba Sp. Thos Malone & Mary Tuffy. Burriscarra Parish

Mary O'Brien b. 8 May 1853 of Derreens Sp. Michl Lavelle & Mary Tuffy. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Tracey & Pat O'Brien

Mary O’Brien b. 18 November 1846 of Derrynesscoba Sp. John & Catherine Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas O’Brien b. 9 July 1848 of Derreenascobe Sp. Patt Treacy & Mary Tuohy. Burriscarra Parish


Mary Tracy late O Donnel married John Walsh 11 Jun 1843 of Mauseend [Maumeen Ballintober] Wit: Pat Tracy & Brid? Tracy. Burriscarra Parish


Pat Mally and Ann Byrne

John Mally b. 12 May 1845 Kiltarsaghaun Sp. Michael and Mary Tracey. Burriscarra Parish


Pat Tracy & Mary Canon

Maryn Tracy b. 15 Feb 1846 of Derrynascoba [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Martin Wahne? & Catherine Cousin?. Burriscarra Parish


Anne Tracey married Thos Ryder 30 Mar 1857 of Derreen [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: John Ryder & Bridget Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Nancy Tracey & Tom Ryder

Bridget Ryder b. 27 Feb 1862 of Cortoonbouer [Cartronbower Ballintober] Sp. Ned Ryder & Bridget Sweeney. Burriscarra Parish


Tom? Treacy & Pegg? Foy?

Mary Treacy b. 21 May 1861 of Derrinasquobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. John Treacy & Mary Walsh. Burriscarra Parish


Bridget Treacy married John McGough 18 Feb 1862 of Derringasquicobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Tom Hays & Mary McGough. Burriscarra Parish


Bridget Treacy married James Farrell 14 Jan 1864 of Derrinasquobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: John Farrell & Kitty? Burns?. Burriscarra Parish


John Treacy married Anna Heanaghan 3 Feb 1864 of Derrandoffderig [Derrindaffderg Ballintober] Wit: [BLANK]. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracy/Treacy & Anne/Nancy Henahan/Henaghan/Henehan/Henaghane

Pat Tracy b. 19 Mar 1865 of Derrynascoobo Sp. Thomas Tracy & Mary Henahan. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracey b. 7 Oct 1867 of Derrynascoobe Sp. Philip Henaghan & Ellin Stanton. Burriscarra Parish

John Treacy b. 25 Mar 1869 of Derren Clopderg? [Derrindaffderg Ballintober] Sp. Anthony Henaghan & Ellen Stainton. Burriscarra Parish

Kate Tracy b. 6 Feb? 1871 of Derreen a Scouba Sp. John Duffy& Mary Henaghan. Burriscarra Parish

Anthony Tracey b. 25? Mar? 1874 of Derrynascobe Sp. Anthony Henehan & Ellen Staunton. Burriscarra Parish

James Tracy b. 10 Oct 1875 Sp. Tom Tuohy & Bridget Tuohy. Burriscarra Parish

Eveleen Tracy b. 24 Feb 1878 of Derreendafderg [Derrindaffderg Ballintober] Sp. Michael Staunton & Bridgit Duffy. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracey & Anne Heneghan

Anthony b. 1 March 1874 Castlebar (LDS)

James b. 20 November 1875 (LDS)

Ellen b. 18 June 1878 Derrinascobe (LDS)

Anthony b. 1881 Dereenscobe Sp. Anthony Henehan & Ellen Staunton (Ballintober)

James Tracey 24 (s. of Thomas Tracey) Derrenscobe m. Anne Henghan 22 (d. of Anthony Henghan) Dereendafderg 14 February 1864 (Castlebar)

Thomas b. 7 Ocober 1866 Dereenascobe (Ballintober)

John b. 19 June 1869 Dereenascobe Farmer (Castlebar)

Anthony b. 26 June 1874 Dereenascoobe  (Henehan) (Ballintober)


TREACY/TRACY + HENEGAN Killvally, Ballintober

John Tracey/Treacy (son of Thomas) married Anne Heneghan (b. ca. 1844, dau. of Anthony & Eleanora Stanton Heneghan) 14 Feb 1864 Killvally Roman Catholic Church; witnesses at their marriage were: Thomas Heneghan & Mary Tracey. John Tracey/Treacy was a farmer in Derrenascobe, son of Thomas Tracey.
Their children were:
Thomas bap: Oct 1866; sponsors: Phillip Heneghan & Ellen Stanton.
John Treacy: bap Mar 1869; sponsors: Anthony Heneghan & Ellen Staunton. (grandparents)
Catherine Tracy; bap Feb 1871; sponsors: John Duffy & Mary Heneghan.
James Tracey b. 20 Nov 1873.
Anthony Tracy; bap Jan 1874; sponsors: Anthony Heneghan & Ellen Staunton. (grandparents)
Evelyn Tracy, bap Feb 1878; sponsors: Richard Stanton & Bridget Duffy.
Mary Treacy, bap May 1880; sponsors: Tom Henehan and Margaret Conway.
Any connects/descendants of John Treacy/Tracy and Anne Heneghan out there?
Patti Graman Hanaghan dmhanaghan@yahoo.com 26 Jul 2005

Looking for info on:

John Duffy and Mary Henaghan; sponsors at Catherine Treacy/Tracy baptism, 6 Feb 1871.
Richard Stanton and Bridget Duffy; sponsors at Evelyn Tracy/Treacy baptism; 24 Feb 1878.

Patti Hanaghan 26 Jul 2005


John Tracey married Margaret Conway 4 Jul 1864 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: Pat Gibbons & Bridget Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracey & Margt/Margaret Conway

Thomas Tracey b. 30 Apr 1865 of Tawnynagry Sp. Michael & Bridget Conway. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracey b. 9 Jun 1866 of Tawnynagry Sp. Denis & Bridget Conway. Burriscarra Parish


Bridget Tracey married Pat O'Brien 13 Aug 1865 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: Martin O'Brien & Mary Tracey. Burriscarra Parish


Margaret Dever (b. circa 1873 Mayo, Ireland d. 02 Jul 1920 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Bridget Tracey b. Mayo, Ireland & Patrick O'Brein b. Mayo, Ireland)

Occupation: Housewife

Residence: Chicago

Spouse:         Patrick Dever

Burial Date: 05 Jul 1920 Mt. Carmel Chicago


Bridget Tracey married Michl Holland 23 Feb 1866 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: Pat Mitchell & Ellin Conway. Burriscarra Parish


Thomas Tracey married Cath Burns 6 Feb 1866 of Kinnury [Kinnewry Ballintober] Wit: Pat Gibbons & Margaret Tracey. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracey/Tracy & Cathe Burns

Anne Tracey b. 9 Nov 1867 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Sp. Thomas & Mary Tracey. Burriscarra Parish [Note: twins]

Bridget Tracey b. 9 Nov 1867 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Sp. Pat Mangan & Bridget Scott. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracy b. 27 Aug 1868 of Tawnynagry Sp. John Lehin & Sarah Grey. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracey & Catherine Byrne/Burn(s)

Anne Tracey b. 22 February 1867 Balla (LDS) Burn - Tawnayey Landholder [Tawnynagry]

Biddy Tracey b. 22 February 1867 Balla (LDS) Burn - Tawnayey Landholder

Mary Tracey b. 14 June 1869 Tawnyagry Farmer

Catherine Tracey b. 2 January 1872 Castlebar No.1 (LDS) Burns – Tawnaghy

Margaret Tracey b. 20 July 1874 (LDS)


Anna Cain (b. 09 Nov 1875 West Port, Co Mayo, Ireland d. 10 Feb 1945 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Tom Tracey b. West Port, Co Mayo, Ireland & Catherine Burns b. West Port, Co Mayo, Ireland)

Occupation: Housewife

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse:  Patrick D

Burial Date: 13 Feb 1945 St Marys, Evergreen Park, Cook, Illinois


Mary Tracey married Michael Devin 24 Feb 1867 of Derrynascoobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: John Ryder & Catherine Gibbons. Burriscarra Parish


Mary Tracey married Martin O'Brien 2 Mar 1867 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: Patrick & Bridget O'Brien. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracey & Martin O’Brien

John O’Brien b. 18 June 1869 Carrowbeg [Islandeady]


Mary Tracy married Richard Walsh 11 Apr 1867 of Derrynascobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: John Joyce & Catherine Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Treacy & Richd Walsh

Bridgt Walsh b. 5 Apr 1869 of Killavalla [Killavally Ballintober], Sp. Tom Treacy & Mary Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

John Walsh b. 4 Jun 1871 of Killevalla Sp. Austin Gavin & Honoria Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

Michl Walsh b. 25 Sep 1875 Sp. John Knight & Mary Knight. Burriscarra Parish


Patt Tracey married Margaret Corkle 29 Mar 1868 of Derreenascabe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Thomas O'Brien & Honor Gibbons. Burriscarra Parish

Pat/Patt Tracy & Margt/Margaret Cokellr/Corkoran/Korkil/Corcoran/Corkle

John Treacy b. 28 Marr 1869 of Derreenascoba Sp. John Treacy & Kitty Maley. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracy b. 11 Sep 1870 of Derranascobe Sp. John & Mary Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Tracey b. 28? Mar? 1874 of Derrynascobe Sp. Michael Devin & Mary Tracey. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 20 May 1876 Sp. John Carroll & Mary Carroll. Burriscarra Parish

James Tracy b. 15 Jun 1879 of Dorreenascobey Sp. John Lehin & Kate Malley. Burriscarra Parish

Patt Tracy & Margaret Tracy

Philip Tracy b. 4 Apr 1878 Sp. Patt Malone & Anne Malone. Burriscarra Parish

Patrick Tracey & Margaret Corkill/Corkel(l)/Coggel/Coggil/Korkil

John b. 18 June 1869 Dereenascobe Farmer (Coggil - Castlebar)

Mary b. 13 September 1870 (LDS) (Castlebar) Dereenascobe

Catherine b. 14 January 1872 Castlebar No.1 (LDS) (Castlebar)

Bridget b. 10 October 1873 (LDS) (Castlebar)

Thomas b. 10 June 1976 (LDS) Coggel

James b. 26 September 1879 (LDS) (Castlebar)

Bridget b. 1881 Sp. Michael Devin & Mary Tracey (Korkil - Ballintober)


Thomas Tracy married Bridget Faden 15 Mar 1868 Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: John Tracy & Honor Joyce. Burriscarra Parish

Tom Treacy & Bridgt/Bgt Fadian/Faden/Faddin

John Treacy b. 6 Jun 1869 of Tawna na grie Sp. Michl & Mary Fadian. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Treacy b. 5 Nov 1871 of Taonak Sp. Michl Faden & Honor Joyce. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 4 Mar 1877 Sp. Patt Tracy & Bridget Heneghane. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracey & Bridget Fadden

John Tracey b. 18 June 1869 Tawnyagry Farmer

Mary Tracey b. 24 January 1872 Castlebar No.1 (LDS) Tawnaghy

Bridget Tracey b. 4 June 1877 (LDS)


Catherina Treacy married Austin Gavin 27 Feb 1869 of Derrcen na Scobe [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Michl Gavin & Anne? Treacy. Burriscarra Parish [see Aughagower]


Thomas Tracey and Ann Hughes

Michael b. April 29 1870 Cloonboorhy [Cloonboorhy Burriscarra]


Anne Treacy married Jno Gavan 7 May 1870 of Taunaghfrie [Tawnynagry Ballintober] Wit: Richd & Honoria Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

Anne Tracey & John Ga?in/Gavin

Mary Ga?in b. 17 Feb 1872 of Derreenascouba [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Sp. Michl Gavin & Mary Tracy?. Burriscarra Parish

Catharine Gavin b. ? Mar 1874 of Derrynascrobe Sp. Anthony Kergan & Mary Kengan. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Gavin b. 12 Mar 1876 Sp. Michl? Conway & Mary Conway. Burriscarra Parish

Ann Tracey & John Gavin

Mary b. 4 July 1872 Dereenascoobe Farmer

Catherine b. 26 June 1874 Dereenascoobe  

Thomas b. ??? August 1877 Dereenascoobe  


Michael Gavin (b. 05 Aug 1888 County Mayo, Ireland d. 28 Jun 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Anna Tracey b. County Mayo, Ireland  & John Gavin b. County Mayo, Ireland)

Occupation: Laborer

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Burial Date:01 Jul 1925 Mt. Carmel


Peggy Tracy married Austin Grady 12 Mar 1870 of Dercennascaba [Derreennascooba Ballintober] Wit: Peter & Sarah Grady?. Burriscarra Parish


John Treacy married Margt Joyce 1 Nov 1870 of Killavalley [Killavally Ballintober] Wit: John Treacy & Honoria Walsh. Burriscarra Parish

John [Tom crossed out] Treacy & Maggie Joyce

Thos Treacy b. 8 Oct 1871 of Taonash [Tawnynagry Ballintober] Sp. Michl Joyce & Mary Treacy. Burriscarra Parish

John Tracy & Margaret Joyce

Thomas b. 21 January 1872 (LDS)

Bridget b. 10 May 1877 (LDS)


Catherine Tracy & Tom Gibbons

John Gibbons b. 14? Nov 1875 Sp. Patt Gibbons & Mary Gibbons. Burriscarra Parish

Bridget Gibbons b. 21 Jan 1878 Sp. Thos Maddin & Mary Maddin. Burriscarra Parish

Patt Gibbons b. 14 Jul 1878 Sp. Patt Gibbons & Mary Tracy. Burriscarra Parish


Thomas Tracy & Bridget Henaghane

Mary Tracy b. 6 Dec 1876 Sp. John Tracy & Mary Tracy. Burriscarra Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 10 Dec 1877 Sp. Tom Tracy & Mary Conwey?. Burriscarra Parish

Thomas Tracy & Bridget Henaghan

Catherine b. 20 April 1878 Tawnynagry (LDS)


John [James crossed out] Tracey & Bridget Tracy

Brisget Tracey b. 26 Aug 1877 Sp. Pat Tracey & Bridgt Crian. Burriscarra Parish


Tom Tracy & Catherine Tracy

Honor Tracy b. 18 Mar 1877 Sp. Martin? Grady & Margart Grady. Burriscarra Parish


* follow each other in register


Pat Tracey m. Ellen McHale ??? February 1896

Katherine Treacy b. 1895

I am researching the following families:
O'Connell, Murphy, Broder (Broderick?)
- from Ahaneboy, Knocknagashel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- from Caherlane, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Malone, Treacy (also Tracey), McHale, Walsh
- from Dereenascobe, Killawalla, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Russis, Matsukas, Matsoukas, Nicholas, Papadakis,
Georgopolos, Polos
- from Greece

Larry O'Connell August 4, 2001larry_oconnell@hotmail.com


Anthony Treacy & Mary Treacy

Pat b. 15 November 1905 Tawnagry 


Catherine Treacy & Pat Carroll

James b. 29 August 1905 Dereenascoobe 

Kate b. 1 January 1907 Dereenascoobe 


Ellen Treacy & James Hallinan

Mary b. 7 November 1912 Kiltarsaghaun Farmer


James Treacy, fullage, batchelor, farmer, of Tamaynagry Killawalla, [Tawnynagry Ballintober] (s, of Thomas Treacy, farmer)  married Kate Gibbons, fullage, spinster, of Cloones Partree [Partry Ballyovey] (d. of William Gibbons, farmer)  1 March 1921 At Partree Church Wit: Michael Treacy & Catherine Gibbons


Patrick Joseph Treacey (1922-1997) m. Mary Kerrigan who lives in Westport, Co. Mayo



Paddy Joe Tracey

Tom Kerrigan, Sr., working a dumper in England with Paddy Joe Tracey at front. Third man unknown.

Source: Killawalla: The Road to Our Hearts, 1999.



James Treacy

Walter Treacy born in Dereenacooba, Killawalla in 1929. The family still has the farm there.

kathy 28 Sep 2006


Mary Tracey, 28, spinster, farmer, of Parks [Touaghty] (d. of Patrick Tracey, farmer) married Patrick Brennan, 31, Batchelor, farmer, of Wealhfort [Weatherfort Rosslee], (s. of Patrick Brennan, farmer) on the 16 January 1932 at Carnacon Church Wit: Patrick Fahey & Anne Tracey [Carrownacon, Burriscarra]



Ballinrobe PLU

Ellen Treacy, died 3 Dec 1947, age 78, married, farm, Parks, Informant Michael Mahon present at death Mount Pleasant

Pat Treacy, died 22 Nov 1961, age 87, widower, farmer, Parks, Informant Fal Mahon present at death Parks


Killawalla Cemetery Co Mayo

In Loving Memory of Lily Treacy (nee Athersmith) Died May 14 1996 aged 72 years her husband Michael November 14 1996

Treasured Memories of Margaret Treacy Dereenascoobe died 20th Aug 1996 aged 80 years her husband Paddy died 18th Dec 1996 aged 82 years

In Loving Memory Patrick Joseph Treacy Westport Tawnynagry, January 26 1997 age 75  his daughter Margaret died June 1952 aged 6 weeks his mother Mary December 1959 age 68 years

In Loving Memory of Tom Treacy Lower Charles Street Castlebar died 31st Jan 2005 aged 88 years and his wife Mary died 22nd May 2005 aged 81 years




Fr. Michael J. Tracey was born in Killawalla, Westport, Co. Mayo on the 9th September 1947. He attended St. Patrick’s National School in Killawalla, St. Mary’s College, Galway and St. Patrick’s College, Carlow. Most Rev. Joseph B. Brunini D.D. Bishop of Jackson, Mississippi ordained him as a priest on June 14, 1972 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Killawalla. He served at Our Lady of the Gulf parish, Bay St. Louis as Associate Pastor from 1972 to 1976. He served as Associate Pastor of Nativity B.V.M. parish, Biloxi from 1976 to 1980 when he was assigned as Associate Pastor of St. James parish, Gulfport until 1984. Fr. Tracey served as Associate Youth Director of the Diocese of Natchez-Jackson from 1975 to 1977. When the Diocese of Biloxi was established in 1977, Bishop Howze appointed Fr. Tracey as its first Director of Youth Ministry. He served in that capacity from 1977 to 1981. Bishop Howze also appointed him as the Associate Editor of "Mississippi Today," the weekly Catholic newspaper for Mississippi Catholics. Fr. Tracey served in that capacity from 1977 to 1979. He has also served as Executive Director of Marriage Encounter for the diocese as well as a member of the Diocesan Priests Council. He received a Master degree in Pastoral Ministry from Fordham University, New York in 1985. He returned to the Diocese of Biloxi in 1985 to become Director of RENEW, a three-year, small group faith sharing process, for the diocese. During his tenure as Director, he created several small group faith-sharing booklets for participants that are being used in various dioceses in the United States and Canada. Fr. Tracey became pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas parish at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg in March 1988 and served there until September 2000. Presently, he serves as pastor of Our Lady of the Gulf parish, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Fr. Tracey wrote a regular column called ‘Rambling Rhetoric’ for “Mississippi Today” from 1976 to 1982. He began writing a regular column called ‘Traveling Companion’ for “Gulf Pine Catholic,” newspaper of the Diocese of Biloxi, in 1988. This column continues today. Fr. Tracey has written several articles for various national Catholic newspapers and magazines including “National Catholic Reporter”, “America” magazine and “The Priest” magazine. In 1996, he published his first novel, ‘Woman of the Cloth’, published by Town Square Books. The novel reflects one woman’s struggle for identity and ministry in the Church.  He was also a contributing author to ‘Contemporary Religious Ideas’, published in 1996 by Libraries Unlimited. His chapter deals with "Catholic Spiritualities for Every Person." He published  "Walking Shoes: A Soul Journey," in  2002. It is a reflection on elements in life’s journey. His most recent book, "May the Wind be at your Back - Reflections in the shade" was published in 2003. His latest book, published in 2006, is titled "She was no Lady - A personal journey through Hurricane Katrina" It is the story of his journey of recovery through Hurricane Katrina, which devastated his parish in late August 2005. He was honored by the Co. Mayo Association of Boston as the "Mayo Person of the Year" in October 2008 for his work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Recently he published an illustrated adult fable, "The Crooked Christmas Tree" which challenges us to look deep within to discover each other's inner beauty rather than looking at people superficially. The book, along with his other books, are available at amazon.com. or amazon.co.uk. Fr. Tracey retired, after 40 years serving in Mississippi, in January 2013 and moved to his native country, Ireland. In his retirement, he continues to write his columns.


McEvoy, John (1993) St. Patrick’s College Carlow 1793-1993. St. Patricks’s College, Carlow.


Michael Tracey Westport





Bridget Tracy married Martin Mcgrath of the Neil [The Neale town Kilmolara] ? Feb 1843 Wit: Rich? Martin  & Ellen Cunnane. Balla Parish


Kate Treacy, of Cong, died 28 Nov 1900, age 37, married, wife of a gasfitter, Informant Denis Hogan father present at death Cong



 Castlebar (& Aglish)


Edwd Tracy married Margaret McGuire on 4 October 1825 Wit: Thomas Fergils & Richd Flanagan. Castlebar Parish


...In the Catholic registers of Castlebar was the marriage of an Edward Tracy to Margaret McGuire on 4 October 1825...Margaret "Tracy or McGuire" remarried to a Thomas Moran...

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors By Dwight A. Radford, Kyle J. Betit


Mary Catherine Tracy (b. 1825 Castlebar d. 8 June 1893 Green Wisconsin) m. John Conway 9 February 1839 (LDS)


Thos Tracey & Ellen Deacey/Daisey

Catherine Tracey b. 11 Sep 1841 Sp. John & Mary Walsh. Castlebar Parish

Thos Tracey b. ? Dec 1847 Sp. Michl Flynn & Anne Flynn. Castlebar Parish

Thos Tracy b. 4 Oct 1847 Sp. Michael & Anne Flynn. Castlebar Parish [duplicate]


Catherine Tracey b 1841 of Thomas Tracy and Ellen Deacey in Aglish parish

Eileen Chamberlain [eileenbchamberlain@hotmail.com] 08/05/2009


John Tracey & Margt Owns

Edwd Tracey b. 24 Jul 1842 Sp. Michl Moran & Mary Garvey. Castlebar Parish


Bt Tracey & Ned Deegan/Dugan

Anthony Deegan b. 27? May 1846 Sp. Joseph Hughes & Mary Hughs. Castlebar Parish


Michl Tracy & Fanny Bourke

Jno Tracy b. 23 Nov 1848 Illegitimate Sp. George Bourke & Mary Do [Bourke]. Castlebar Parish


William of Denis Byrne and Bridget Ludden August 12 1849 Sp. John Mulligan and Ellen Tracy


Bridget Tracy married John Walsh 27 Jun 1860 Wit: Charles Joyce & Mary Mangan. Castlebar Parish

Bridget/Bt Tracy & John Walsh

Thomas Walsh b. 7 Jul 1860 of New Antrim [Newantrim Aglish] Sp. Patt Doyle & Catherine Cosney. Castlebar Parish

Mary Walsh b. 29 Jan 1862 of New Antrim Sp. James Tracy & Cathe Caira. Castlebar Parish

James Walsh b. 13/15 April 1864 of Sarnaught Sp. Michael Comey & Cath Comey. Castlebar Parish

Wm Walsh b. 5 Oct 1866 of Sarnaught? [Sarnaght Aglish] Sp. John Tracy & Bt Walsh. Castlebar Parish [written in]

John Walsh b. 2/5 Aug 1868 of Sarnaught Sp. Pat O'Brien & Bridget Tracy. Castlebar Parish

Pat Walsh b. 22/25 Jan 1871 of Sarnaught Sp. Thomas O'Brien & Bridget O'Brien. Castlebar Parish

Bridget Walsh b. 21 Apr 1873 of Sarnaught Sp. Bridget Walsh. Castlebar Parish


John Treacy & Mary McHale

Mary b. 2 March 1864 Castlebar (LDS)


Bt Tracy & James Farrell

Pat Farrell b. 26/30 Oct 1864 of Drimna Castha [Drumnacarta Aglish] Sp. Thomas Tracy & Cathe Burns. Castlebar Parish

Bridget Farrell b. 18 Mar 1866 of Drimnacasth Sp. James Farrell & Margaret Tracy. Castlebar Parish


Bridget Tracy & Thos/Thomas Carr

John Carr b. 23 Jun/8 July 1866 of Spencer St Sp. Joseph Bourke & Bridget Bourke. Castlebar Parish

Mary Anne Carr b. 21 Jun/5 Jul 1868 of Narrow lane Sp. John Coheran & Celia M'Geever. Castlebar Parish

Bridget Tracy & John Carr

John b. 23 June 1866 Spencer St Castlebar

Bridget Tracey & Thomas Carr

Maryanne b. June 17 1868 Duke St Carpenter 


Bt Tracy married Michael Devanny 3 Mar 1869 Wit: Patt Devanny & Honor. Castlebar Parish

Bridget Tracy & Michael Devanny

Thomas Devanny b. 9/11 Apr 1871 of Drimnacart? [Drumnacarta Aglish] Sp. Michael Devanny & Anne M'Dermott. Castlebar Parish

Michael Devanny b. 23/28 July 1873 of Drimna Carth  Sp. Michael M'Cormack & Honor M'Cormack. Castlebar Parish

Peter Devanny b. 11/19 Sep 1875 of Dr??acartha Sp. Dominick Meany? & Kate Dervanny. Castlebar Parish

Mary Devanny b. 2/9 Dec 1877 of Drimnacartha Sp. Pat Devanny & Bridget Quinn. Castlebar Parish

Bridget Treacy & Michael Devanny

Michael b. 23 July 1873 Drummin Castle


John Tracy married Bridget Creane 5 Mar 1871 Wit: Thomas O'Brien & Bridget Tracy. Castlebar Parish

John Tracey & Bridget Creane

Honor Tracy b. 2 Feb 1872 of Ardvarney [Aglish] Sp. Pat Creane & Bridget Tracey. Castlebar Parish

Pat Tracy b. 24/26 Jul 1873 of Ardvarney Sp. Martin Creane & Mary Creane. Castlebar Parish

John Trac(e)y & Bridget Crean/Crane

Honor b. 2 February 1872 Castlebar No.1 (LDS) Arderry

Patrick b. 26 July 1873 (LDS) Crane

Thomas b. 28 September 1875 (LDS) m. Margaret Conway 29 November 1900 Manhattan NY (LDS) Crane

John b. 28 September 1875 (LDS)

Bridget b. 8 January 1878 (LDS)

Pat Tracy m. Bridget Creane 5 March 1871 Castlebar

Pat Tracy & ??? Crean

Bridget Tracy m. Edward McGowan of Crimlin (John McGowan of Burren) 17 February 1889


George Tracy, full age, bachelor, sorting clerk Post Office, lives Castlebar, (s. of Richard Tracy, farmer) married Kate J Walsh, full age, spinster, lives Castlebar, (d. of Patrick Walsh, farmer) Wit: John Durkan & Ellen Blawick on the 3 June 1900 RC Chapel of Ballyheane [Castlebar PLU] [see Avoca Wicklow]


Robert Treacy, full age, bachelor, Sergeant of 88 Connaught Rangers, lives Military Barracks, (s. of James Treacy, Pensioner of R.I.C.) married Deborah Hanlon, full age, spinster, (d, of John Hanlon, dead, pensioner) Wit: Thomas Conroy Sergt & Sarah Ryder on the 8 April 1897 RC Chapel Castlebar [PLU Castlebar] [see also Swinford]

Aug 25, 1906 (CT) Birth

Tracey - On 15th August 1906, the wife of Robert J. Tracey, ex-Col. Serg. 3rd Battalion Connaught Rangers, Newtown, Castlebar of a son.

Apr 5, 1941 (CT) Obituary - Death of Mr. Robert J Treacy, Newtown Castlebar

...Mr. Robert Treacy (76)...served as a Regimental Sergeant Major in the Great War...Company Commander of the Irish volunteers 1913...training the Volunteers of Balla, Claremoris and Barneycarroll...The chief mourners were: Mrs. Treacy (widow), Michael, Joseph, Paddy and Sergt Robert Treacy, G.S. (sons); Hugh and Partick Hanlon (brothers-in-law)...Langan Staff Castlebar...

Apr 12, 1941 (CT) Acknowledgement

Treacy (Castlebar) The widow and members of the family of the late Robert Treacy, Newtown, Castlebar, wish to return sincere thanks to all who sent Mass cards, messages of sympathy and sympathised personally; and hope this will be accepted by all in greatful acknowlegment.

Mar 27, 1943 (CT) In Memoriam

Treacy - second Anniversary - In loving memory of Robert Treacy, Newtown, Castlebar, who departed this life on 28th March 1941. On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy. Mass offered on Saturday 27th March 1943. - Inserted by his wife and family.


Castlebar Old Cemetery,  County Mayo, Ireland

In Loving Memory of

Robert Treacy

Newtown, Castlebar

Who Died 28th March 1941

Aged 78 Years

Husband Of Deborah

In Loving Memory of

Deborah Treacy

Newtown, Castlebar

Who died 4th Dec 1955

Aged 80 Years

Wife of Robert

Created by: Dympna Joyce Record added: Apr 17, 2009  Find A Grave Memorial# 35977770



 Castlemore & Kilcolman (& Ballaghaderreen)


John Tracy & Cathe Galagher

James b. 8 May 1864 Ballaghadereen (LDS)





This family may have been from Crossboyne, Co. Mayo


1871 Census

Tom Tracy, Head, M, 41, b. 1830 Mayo, labourer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy, Wife, F, 40, b. 1831 Mayo, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Dennis Tracy, Son, M, 20, b. 1851 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Patrick Tracy, Son, M, 18, b. 1853 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Michel Tracy, Son, M, 16, b. 1855 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mark Tracy, Son, M, 14, b. 1857 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

John Tracy, Son, M, 12, b. 1859 Mayo, Cotton Piecer, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

Mary Tracy, Daughter, F, 9, b. 1862 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire

James Tracy, Son, M, 8, b. 1863 Mossley, Hartshead Mossley Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire


1881 Census - Turnpike Rd, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey      Head       M            54           Galway, Ireland, labourer

Mary Tracey          Wife       F             54           London, Lancashire, England

Mark Tracey          Son         M            24           Mossly, Lancashire, England, labourer

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             19           Mossly, Lancashire, England, Cotton Reeler

James Tracey         Son         M            18           Mossly, Lancashire, England, Cotton Picer (Ma)

Margaret Tracey    Daughter                F             6             Mossly, Lancashire, England


1881 Census - Tintwistle (Cheshire), Lancashire

Joseph Delaney           Head       M            62           Ireland

Margaret Delaney        Wife       F             55           Ireland

Joseph Delaney           Son         M            17           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England

James Mills   Boarder M            24           Oldham, Lancashire, England

Margaret Mills             Boarder F             23           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England

Fred Mills     Boarder M            2             Mossley, Lancashire, England

Dennis Tracey             Boarder M            30           Ireland, (Cotton Op)

Julia Tracey Boarder F             28           Stalybridge, Lancashire, England, (Cotton Op)

Thomas Tracey            Boarder M            7             Mossley, Lancashire, England

Joseph Tracey              Boarder M            6             Mossley, Lancashire, England

William Tracey            Boarder M            4             Mossley, Lancashire, England


1881 Census - Wyre Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire

Michael Tracey            Head       M            26           Ireland, Cotton Grinder (M A)

Margaret Tracey          Wife       F             36           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Cotton Cardroom


1891 Census - Stamford Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England

Thomas Tracey      Head       M            64           Ireland Galway, labourer

Mary Tracey          Wife       F             68           London, England

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             29           Lancashire, England, Reeler Of Cotton

James Tracey         Son         M            28           Lancashire, England, Reeler Of Cotton

Margaret Tracey    Niece      F             16           Lancashire, England, servant

William Tracey      Nephew M            13           Lancashire, England, Piecer Of Cotton







Tracy, Treacy

Patti Hanaghan


Brigida Tracy & Patricius O'Brien

Catharina O'Brien b. 21 Feb 1867 Sp. Michea O'Brein & Maria Knight. Islandeady Parish

Michael O'Brien b. 19/22 Sep 1872 Sp. Martin & Maria O'Brien. Islandeady Parish


Maria/Mary Tracy & Michaelis Divan/Devin/Dever

Joannes Divan b. 4 Jan 1868 of Cashel [Islandeady] Sp. Joanne Tracey & Catharina Maby?. Islandeady Parish

Michael Devin b. 10 Jul 1870 of Cashel Sp. John Ryder & Jane Ryder. Islandeady Parish

Brigida Dever b. 9 Feb 1872 Sp. Michaele Joyce & Catharina Joyce. Islandeady Parish

Thomas Dever b. 10/11 Feb 1873 Sp. Patricio & Maria Gibbins. Islandeady Parish

James Dever b. 16 Jun 1875 Sp. Pat & Margaret Tracy. Islandeady Parish

Mary Tracey & Michael Davin

Michael b. 13 July 1870 Cashel

Mary Tracey & Michael Diver

James b. 28 July 1875 Cashel 

Mary Tracey & Timothy Dever

Peter b. June 10 1879 Cashel  (Baptism)

Mary Tracey & Michael Dever

Edward b. April 15 1888 Cashel


Mary Tracey married Martin O'Brien 2 Mar 1867 of Tawnynagry [Ballintober] Wit: Patrick & Bridget O'Brien. Burriscarra Parish

Mary Tracey & Martin O’Brien

John O’Brien b. 18 June 1869 Carrowbeg [Islandeady]

Mary Tracey & Martin O'Bryne

Catherine O'Bryne b. 27 Nov 1870 of Caraby [Carrowbeg Islandeady] Sp. Thomas Tracey & Bridgit Faden. Islandeady Parish

Pat O'Brien b. 23 Feb 1876 Sp. Pat & Bridget O'Brien. Islandeady Parish


Mary Tracey & Thomas Malley

Thomas b. February 10 1885 Carrowbeg





Maria Treacy married Thos MacGual 4 May 1850 Wit: Patrick King & Annna Moran. Keelogues Parish


Patrick Treacy? married Bt? Mulloy 26 Sep 1858 Wit: John Cuepin & Bt? Colgan? Keelogues Parish



 Kilcolman (& Claremorris)


Thos Tracy married Cecily Morally 13 Apr 1841 Wit: Bryan & Margt McDonogh. Kilcolman Parish [Note: Settled at Case / visitation]

Thos Tracy & Cecily Morrally

Eleanor Tracy b. 21 Oct 1855 of Ranaghardo [Tawnaghlahard Kilcolman] Sp. Charles McHugh & Cecilly Morrally. Kilcolman Parish

Winifred Tracy b. 20 June 1858 of Ballynageand? sp: John and Ann Morally. Kilcolman Parish

Tim? Tracy b. 15 Dec 1861 of B. Gren [Ballygowan? Kilcolman] Sp. Pat Morally & Anne Thomas. Kilcolman Parish


1. Thomas Tracey (1810-1876) married Cecilia Marley (1821-???) Died Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.

1.1 Bridget (June 1847- November 3, 1917) married John Patrick Goulding November 1, 1868 Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.

1.2 Mary (1850-April 28, 1943) married William Boyle 1869. Died Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.

1.3 Winnie (1860) Went to USA.

1.4 Anna (1863) born Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.

1.5 John (1869) born Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio.



John Morally and Mary McDonogh

John b. 27 June 1841 sp: Thomas Tracy, Cecily Morally


Sibby/Nony?/Selina/Sebrina Tracey & Pat Ryan

Catherine Ryan b. 9 September 1850 sp: John and Mary Ryan. Kilcolman Parish

John Ryan b. 20 November 1851 sp: Pat Mc___(?), Sarah Dowd

Thos Ryan b. 18 Oct 1853 of Mount St Sp. Patt Dolan & Mary Boyle. Kilcolman Parish

Patt Ryan b. 21 May 1856 of Clare Sp. Michl Cassidy? & Brifgit Gibbons?. Kilcolman Parish

Michl Ryan b. 16 May 1858 of Clare Sp. Patt Davis & Mary Ryan. Kilcolman Parish

Martin Ryan b. 2 December 1860 of Clare sp: Pat & Catherine Ryan. Kilcolman Parish

Mary Ryan b. 11 Oct 1863 of Claremorris Sp. John & Catherine Ryan. Kilcolman Parish

Pat Ryan b. 6 May 1866 of Clare? Sp. Michl Ryan & Honor Devine. Kilcolman Parish

Sabina Tracey & Patrick Royan

Patrick Royan b. 02 May 1866 Claremorris, Mayo (LDS)


Martin Tracey & Mary Tracy

Patt Tracey b. 11 Mar 1857 of Easkerlally [Eskerlevally Kilcolman] Sp. Thos & Mary Glynn?. Kilcolman Parish

Thos Tracy b. 20 Nov 1860 of Eskerlavally Sp. John Glynne & Mary Pendagast. Kilcolman Parish

Martin Tracey & Mary Tracey

Bridget Tracey b. 11 Dec 1861 Sp. Pat & Mary Tracey. Annagh Parish


(?)smeared) Clarke to Cecily Morrally 21 August 1861 -pt- Pat Mcdonogh, Bridget Tracey


John Lyons and Ann Thomas

Patt b. 2 December 1862 Kilbeg sp: John Morally, Cecilia Tracey

David Fitzgerald and Mary Sheridan

Honor b. 14 February 1864 Kilmore sp: Pat Carney, Celia Tracy


Mathew Finn and Bridget Jennings

Sarah b. 4 September 1869 Dalton sp: Mathew Tracey, Bridget Murphy


Delia Tracy d. 21 August 1970 Kilbeg Claremorris (LDS)



 Kilcommon and Robeen


John Tresey & Biddy

Martin Tresey b. ? Nov 1872 Sp. Jon Tressy & Mary Hantor? Kilcommon and Robeen Parish





Pat Treasy & Mary? Rowly

Pat? Treasy b. 2 Apr 1849 of Dresitas? Sp. Chesii? Tressy & Cath Ryan. Killasser Parish


Mary Treacy & Domk Tansy

James Tansy b. 13 Jul 1856 of Duntas? Sp. Michl Treacy & Brid Treacy. Killasser Parish


Mary Treascey married Pat Haran 24 Jan 1876 Wit: Pat Piggeon & Nell Tansey. Killasser Parish



 Kilmoremoy (Mayo & Sligo)


Esther Maria Roach of Ballina (d. of Samuel & Eliza Tracy of Seixton) married Edvardus Sweeney of Barracks (s. of Bernardi & Maria Heffron of Kerry) 27 Mar 1877 Wit: Patritius McDonagh of Baracks & Maria Kearney of Ballina. Kilmoremoy Parish





Jas Tracy & Kate/Cath Welby/Walbe [see Swineford]

Fanny Tracy b. 16 Apr 1871 of Kilkelly [Kilmovee] Sp. James Tracy & Mary Tracy. Kilmovee Parish

Thos? Tracy b. 31 Aug 1873 of Kilkelly Sp. Jas Tracy & Thos? Do [Tracy]. Kilmovee Parish



 Kilvine (& Ballindine)