It may be presumed that the Traceys of Sligo are descended from the Cenél Eóghain









The Traceys of Sligo can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as they were of the Cenél Eóghain.


The townland of Gortnadrass (gort na dreasa) in the civil parish of Achonry may be named after the Traceys. It is likely that Gortrassy is a corruption of Gortnadrass,



Patent Roll, 11 James I. Part 2.

VIII-37...Carrow-gortdrassa, 1 q', containing Leaghcarrow gortedrassa and Leaghcarrowdownraghtin;


Families of the 16th Century

French of Gortrassy, and Sessueman Castle, Co. Sligo, m. a dau. of O’Connor-Sligo; he d. in 1624 (19th Century Lord de Freyne, Co. Roscommon).

Hogan, Edmun (1878) The Description of Ireland and the state thereof as it is this present in Anno 1598. MH Gill, Dublin.


1749 Elphin Diocesan Census

Thomas Trassey, papist, baker, Sligo, St. Johns Sligo, Co. Sligo.

Legg Marie-Louise ed. (2004) The census of Elphin 1749. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin.

Manning, Peter (1947) Elphin Diocesan Census 1749: surname index.


Canadian military service

Ambrose Tracey born abt 1777 Kilvarnet, Sligo - Canadian military service Jun 1802

Thomas Tracey born abt 1794 Arumcliff, Sligo - Canadian military service 1 Dec 1812

Thomas Tracey born abt 1797 Dumliy, Sligo - Canadian military service 1 Dec 1812


22 March 1808 (FJ) Crown Court Sligo

Michael Tracy was indicted for cow-stealing, and found guilty - to be transported for seven years.

...They were joined by three men who had been tried in March 1808 in Sligo - Michael Tracy who was found guilty of cow stealing, Michael McDermott of petty larceny and John Supple who was found guilty of threshing (Freeman's Journal 22 March 1808)


Ireland-Australia Transportation


First Name




Trial Place



Native Place


Death Place





Boyd (1809)









TRACEY, Michael. Per "Boyd" 1809; escaped per "Marian" 1810

1811 Apr 27, To G Dowdeswell, Bengal, re Tracy (Reel 6002; 4/3490D pp.171-3) Re Michael Tracy and Mary Donald, escaped per "Marian" 1810, and conditions under which emancipists can leave New South Wales (Reel 6002; 4/3490D pp.171-3)


PUBLIC NOTICE - Sydney Gazette May 28th 1810
The following prisoners being absent from their respective employments, all Persons are cautioned against harbouring or maintaining any of them on pain of prosecution; and all constables and others are required to do their utmost to apprehend and lodge them in custody.
John Quinn, Mr Mays Servant; John Davis Alias Scroggin, George Allibon, Mr Digin`S Servant; John Stoneham, Alias Cheeseman , Thomas Baker, Michael Tracey , William Southerland And Joseph Bryan From The Sydney Town Gangs. William Bowen, John Williams; John Thompson Alias Happy Jack ; Charles Peale; Mrs Sideaways Servant; Charles Wycomb, Mrs Reibie`S Servant: Michael And Patrick Lee from the Brickmakers gang.



Ireland-Australia Transportation


First Name




Trial Place



Native Place


Death Place





Martha (1818)





Co Sligo






TRACEY, Michael. Per "Martha", 1818

1819 Jan 4, On list of convicts disembarked from the "Martha" and forwarded to Bringelly for distribution (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.246)

1820 Aug 14, On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.198)

1820 Aug 16, Government man to William Walsh sentenced to be sent to Newcastle; to be brought back in connection with robbery at house of John White (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.127-30)

1820 Aug 21, Re request by W Howe to send to Molles Main (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.205)

1820 Sep 18, Now at Newcastle, should be sent back to Sydney in connection with robberies at Minto and Cabramatta (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.156-7)

1820 Oct 6, Re transfer from Newcastle for trial (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.316)

1820 Oct 11, Prisoner at Newcastle. Sent to Sydney under guard to be lodged in Sydney Gaol (Reel 6067; 4/1807 p.127)

1820 Oct 23, Re awaiting trial in Sydney (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.380)

1820 Nov 22-Dec 14, Sentenced to death. In reports of prisoners tried at Court of Criminal Jurisdiction (Reel 6023; X820 p.29)


British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Michael Tracey born Drumholme, Donegal. Served in 31st Foot Regiment Discharged aged 23, 1813-1818

Michael Tracey, b. 1795 Ballintra, Donegal

Michael Tracey b. 1800 Drumholme 31st till 1827 Pensioner in DON. Pension transferred from Sligo to Londonderry 30th June 1856 permanent WO22/184 Chelsea 11th Nov 1818 as Treacy. Labourer served in Sicily WO116/28


1820 & 1834 Sligo - Wesleyan Methodist Preacher [see Richard Taylor Tracey]


The history of Sligo: town and county [see William Samuel Tracy]

In a few years the sixteen men and a new officer, named Tracy, got lodging or barrack accommodation in a house on the site of the college, in Quay Street.

1833 Commissioners for Auditing Public Accounts in Ireland

Constabulary Police - County of Sligo

The account of Messrs. Bulfin and Tracey, Paymasters of the Constabulary force of the County of Sligo, for one year, from the 1st day of January to the 31st day December 1831.

14 Oct 1831-20 Oct 1831

Letter from [Maj] George Warburton, Inspector General of Police [in Connaught], Ballinasloe, [County Galway], to Lieutenant Colonel Sir William Gosset, Under Secretary, enclosing a report from William S Tracy, Sub-Inspector, Sligo, [County Sligo], drawing attention to an attempt by the gaoler of the county gaol to requisition members of the police constabulary; stating that a request was made to take two prisoners from the gaol to the quarter sessions at Ballymote which he refused doing unless accompanied by the gaoler or a deputy.

2 items; 4pp CSO/RP/1831/2565

11 Jan 1832-24 Jan 1832

Letter from John S Tracy, [William Samuel Tracy] Sub-Inspector, Sligo, to Maj Warburton, Inspector General, reporting on his decision to refuse a request from Robert Jones, High Sheriff of Sligo to provide police protection to a political meeting at Sligo court house; enclosing copies of correspondence [extant]; includes legal opinion [possibly of Richard W Greene], noting that Tracy acted correctly. Also letter from Jones, to Sir William Gosset, [Under Secretary], threatening to resign his position if he can no longer order the police to preserve the peace. Also letter from Warburton, to Gosset, noting that Tracy was placed in a difficult position and may have erred in refusing the order from the high sheriff. Also copy of letter from Gosset, to Warburton, forwarding a copy of a letter to Jones informing him that the Lord Lieutenant would be prepared to accept the resignation but adding that the remaining period before appointing a new sheriff may be too short to allow this take place. Also damp press copy of reply from Gosset, to Jones, outlining in detail why the sub-inspector acted correctly in the affair and did not disrespect Jones’ authority.

8 items; 23pp CSO/RP/1832/376

21 Aug 1832

Letter from William S Tracey, Sub Constable, [Sligo], [probably to George Warburton], reporting from a recent meeting of the local board of health who were loud in their denouncement of government for failing to provide financial assistance; observing that there have been 53 deaths in one day [from cholera], that many corpses remain unburied and that nurses are leaving the hospital. Also covering letter from George Warburton, to Thomas Taylor.

2 items; 4pp CSO/RP/1832/3870

7 Sep 1832-13 Sep 1832

Resolution of the Board of Health for Sligo, praising the conduct of WS Tracey, Inspector General, during the cholera epidemic in Sligo; noting that the resolution has been published in the Sligo Journal. Also covering letter from Charles Hamilton, Board of Helath, Sligo, to Sir William Gosset, [Under Secretary], noting that the epidemic is receding in his town.

3 items; 5pp CSO/RP/1832/4334

December 27, 1832 (FJ) Rioting in Sligo

...William S. Tracy, Esq, Sub-Inspector of Police was examined...

December 4, 1833 (FJ) List of the Sub-Inspectors of the Constabulary...

...Sligo, Captain Tracy, Sligo.

September 2, 1834 (BL) Marriage

Aug 25, in Lisnadell Church, William S. Tracy, Esq. Sub-Inspector, county Sligo Constabulary to Margaret, second daughter of the late Thomas Simpson, of Beech Hill, in the county of Armagh, Esq.

1835 Petty Session Town of Sligo

Magistrate Presiding - William S. Tracy 13, 20 Aug, 24 Sep, 29 Oct

1836 Royal Commission for inquiring into the condition of the poorer classes

1830, Defendant: Andrew Tracey, house & lands, Plaintiff: Patrict Hart, Calry Carbery Sligo, rent £13/13/0

1836 Return of Names of Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates

William Samuel Tracy, Sligo, Sligo

1837 Sub-Inspectors of Police

William Samuel Tracy, Sligo, 11 years 9 months previous service to passing of Act


1835 Juvenile Association

Carlow District School

John Storrs’ Card – Mr. H. Tracy 1s 0d

Ennis College

Master Bernard’s Card – Mr. Tracy 0s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

1836 Juvenile Association


Sarah Maria Robinson’s Card – John Tracy 2s 6d


Miss Brown’s Card – Mrs. Tracy 1s 6d

Miss Clifford’s Card – Mrs. Tracey 2s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

The Annual Reports of the Juvenile Association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland.


1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen

William Tracey, b. 1832 Sligo Sligo

William Tracey, b. 1832 St John Sligo

Wm Tracey, b. Sligo Sligo

1853-1923 Royal Navy

William Tracey. Place of Birth: Sligo, Sligo. Continuous Service Number: 30202. Date of Volunteering: 28 July 1856. Date of Birth: 1832.


1836-1840 Outrage Reports Ireland

William S Tracy, 1838, —, Sligo


6 April 1837 (FJ) Justice Rent

From the parish of Drumcliff, co. Sligo...Patrick Tracey...


1837 Lewis Topographical Dictionary Subscribers

W.S. Tracy, Esq., J.P., Sligo [William Samuel Tracy moved to Belfast, Co. Antrim in 1852] [see William Samuel Tracy]


17 Jul 1844 (CE) Assizes

Ellen Tracy, at Ballymote. on the 15th of May, and sentenced to l8 months' imprisonment and hard labour. The details of this trial were of too objectionable a nature to be published.


September 25, 1844 (FJ) Sligo - Symapathy with the operative tanners of Dublin

...Broguemakers of Sligo...signed...Francis Tracy...John Tracy...

5 October 1844 (N) Sligo - Sympathy with the Operative Tanners of Dublin

...Brogue-makers of Sligo...signed...Francis Tracy...John Tracy...


Saint John Almshouse – St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

Thomas Tracey, 54, Destitute, Sligo, Lady Sale, Roman Catholic, Admitted 30th November 1847, Discharged 10th December 1847

James Tracey, 19, Destitute, Sligo, Lady Sale, Roman Catholic, Admitted 30th November 1847, Discharged 10th December 1847


1846-1851 New York arrivals

William Tracey, age 35, Labourer, Sligo Ireland to Upper-Canada, Liverpool: Roscius 03/07/1849

Patrick Tracey, age 32, Labourer, Sligo Ireland to Upper-Canada, Liverpool: Roscius 03/07/1849

Margt. Tracey, age 13, Labourer, Sligo Ireland to Upper-Canada, Liverpool: Roscius 03/07/1849

Bessy Tracy, age 16, Labourer, Roscommon Ireland to Kentucky, Liverpool: Roscius 03/07/1849


James Tracy, age 24, Immigrant, Great Britain to USA, Sligo: Dromahair 10/12/1850

Ann Tracy, age 20, Immigrant, Great Britain to USA, Sligo: Dromahair 10/12/1850


Mary Tracey, age 17, Labourer, Ireland to USA, Sligo: Dromahair 10/15/1851


1848-1859 Sligo Workhouse Admission

Michl Treacy, b. 1813, admitted 1858, Roman Catholic       

Ellen Treacy, b. 1818, admitted 1858, Roman Catholic        

Maria Treacy, b. 1855, admitted 1858, Roman Catholic       

Ann Tracy, b. 1817, admitted 1859, Roman Catholic



Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Thomas Burrows Tracey, pen. (Mr. Guillemard), Oct. 11 1853, aged 18; s. of William, Magistrate; b. Sligo. [see William Samuel Tracy]


Griffiths Valuation - Sligo 1858

Francis Tracy Caltragh St. Johns Sligo

Francis Tracys Cornageeha St. Johns Sligo

Owen Tracy Sligo Old Gallows Hill (West S) St. Johns Sligo

Patrick Tracey Sligo Gallows Hill or Holbourn, Town Calry Sligo


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Edward Tracy 24 Mar 1919 Ballycaegan Edendery Sligo, farmer, to Edward Tracy

Ellen Treacy 13 May 1909 St. Mary’s terrace, Sligo, widow, to John R. Treacy, School teacher

Francis Tracey Or Tracy 19 Jan 1878 Newtownholmes Sligo, farmer, to son John Tracey/Tracy, farmer


1861 British Census

William Tracey, b. abt 1836 Sligo Ireland, Cornwall England


10 October 1863 Sligo Champion

Parliamentary Voters For Sligo Borough...Francis Tracy...

29 October 1864 Sligo Champion

Parliamentary Voters For Sligo Borough...Francis Tracy...


1865 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Mary Anne, Sligo, Sligo. 12 335

1866 Births

Tracy, Beesy, Sligo, Sligo. 7 349

1868 Births

Tracy, John, Sligo, Sligo. 7 384

1869 Births

Tracy, Mary, Sligo, Sligo. 17 325

1870 Births

Tracy, Margaret, Sligo, 17 337

1871 Births

Tracy, Owen, Sligo, 7 372

1874 Births

Tracy, Bridget, Sligo, 2 368

Tracy, Celia, Sligo, 12 331

1875 Births

Tracey, Catherine, Sligo, 12 319


1850-1883 New York Emigrant Savings Bank Records

19 Jun 1865 47220 Patrick Tracy, of Van Bruntf? Bklyn, shoemaker, born 1839 Sligo ard 1864 per "Harvest Queen", single, Fa Owen Mo Margt Dillon

29 Oct 1866 55767 John Tracy of 272 Elizabeth, shoemaker, born 1844 Sligo ard 1866 per "Aibrinnia" Fa Owen Mo Br Dillon


April 1866 The friends of Sergeant Armstrong MP in Sligo

...His conducting agent in the late election, Mr. Daniel Tracy, solicitor...

11 October 1869 (FJ) Sligo Election

Mr Sergreant Armstrong QC...I was returned for Sligo...my sole agent was Mr. Tracey, of Messrs Kernan and Tracey...

12 October 1869 (FJ) Sligo Election

Mr. Thomas Foley...I got £180 of the money brought by Messrs Byrne and Tracy and divided it amoungst those of Sergeant Armstrongs supporters...Thomas Tracey £15...

21 December 1869 (FJ)

...Mr. Tracy, solicitor...examined.

22 December 1869 (FJ)

...Mr Daniel Tracy sworn...I was Sergeant Armstrong's conducting agent in '65....£500 [was used for expenses, none to voters]

December 1869 Sligo Election Commission

...Mr. Tracy, solicitor and his broth-in-law, Mr. Byrne...Mr. Daniel Tracy, solicitor, deposed that he conducted in '65 for Sergeant Armstrong, and spent $500 on the ocassion, £140 of which was for non-electors and remaimnder in legal expenses...Mr Tracy, solicitor, gave evidence too with reference to the election of 1865 and denied any promises were made to voters. He expressed surprise that £900 was applied for after the election... (see Daniel Thomas Treacy)


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

Bridget Tracy, 1887 Ballymote Sligo


September 1869 Sligo Petty Sessions

...Pat Tracy...


1870 Sligo

3. 2 & 2a on Map no.3, Frank Tracy, High street Town of Sligo and Caltragh, £17.10.5 rent, part of the land of Caltragh, tenant from year to year


1871 British Census

Ann Tracy, b. abt 1834 Sligo Ireland, Surrey England

Bartholomew Treacy, 30, b. 1841 Achonry [Sligo], Labourer Iron, Lancashire


29 March 1873 Pilot (Boston Ma)

Deaths under New York City

Tracey - March 14, Margaret, wife of John Tracey, county Sligo, Ireland, age 30 years, 4 months and 10 days.


1874 Tewksbury Almshouse Intake Record - Massachusetts

William Tracey, age 23, from Boston July 21 1874, condition lame back

23 b. June 8 1851 in East Boston and lived there till about 1860 and then his parents removed to Ire taking family with them. Fa James died died shortly after arriving in Sligo Ire & mo Margaret with sons Andrew and William returned to America. Land New York fall of 1869 per ship Thornton, Capt Wells. Direct to Boston & 3 mo lived Ho Anderson St. Enl Feb 7 & went west Feb 11 1870 mo died same year. Wm remained west till about a year ago, as a private of 7th US infantry, wounded July 1870 & disch Nov 30 1870 for disability. Returned to Boston about 1 year ago, since been peddling. Has pension of $18.00 a month per mo. Sprained his ankle recently by boot heel catching in the stair casing at Dooleys Hotel and also injured his back. Fa James Tracey thinks Nat. owned 3 houses in Boston, one E. Boston 4th Section and 2 in the city. Sold all his prop when he returned to Ire. Thinks fa paid taxes cant tell where or for whom he worked. Dont remember much about fa Teins. No other Inst. 


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Thomas Tracey, enlisted 14 Feb 1872 Chicago Ill by Lieut Madden for 5 years, born Sligo Co Ireland, 22 years 2/12 months, labourer, grey eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’6.5”, 3 Art, I coy, deserted at March 18 73. Sumd Jan 1 74 Transfd to D 5 Inf Discharged Feby 5 1875 at Cantomund? Me Fort Rio River Tr SO 197 Dept Mo Mar 28/74 Pvt


1877 Precognition against Catherine Grant, Mary Ann Tracey for the crime of assault and robbery, theft and previous conviction

Catherine Grant, alias Nicol, Catherine, married, m.s. Kerr, Age: 31, Address: Drummer's Close, Greenock, Origin: Native of Dundee

Mary Ann Tracey, Age: 22, Address: Drummer's Close, Greenock, Origin: Native of County Sligo, Ireland [Galway? See below]

National Records of Scotland AD14/77/120


1878 Return of Infants born in Irish Workhouses

Owen Tracy, 1872, died, Sligo Union


1879 County Of Sligo — Return Relating To Agrarian Crimes (Ireland)

52. 13 Dec 1879, Bessie Tracey, attacking houses,

Tracey’s house, it was alleged, was broken into and her brother dragged out. The parties, who are all relatives, had a dispute about the farm.

John Tracey, James Devins

Acquitted at Quarter Sessions

Return of crimes - County of Sligo 1880

14 Dec 1879 Attacking houses, Bessie Tracey accused John Tracey (& James Devins), Tried at Sligo Quarter Sessions 24th January 1880, acquitted.

Tracey's house, it was alleged, was broken into and her brother dragged out. The parties, who are all relatives, had a dispute about the farm.


5 March 1881 (N) Land League Kilglass [Sligo?]

...elected...Mr. Thomas Tracy, Meraugh...


1881 English Census

John Tracy, Head, Married, M, 63, General Labr, Sligo; 13 Province Court, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Roseana Tracy, Wife, Married, F, 62, Sligo

Patrick Tracy, Son, Single, M, 25, General Labr, Nottingham

Maria Jordan, Grand Daughter, Single, F, 4, Nottingham


Winifred Tracey, Head, widow, 42 years, born Sligo, cotton weaver, 7 St Thomas St Hyde Chesire

Katherine Tracey, daughter, single, 21 years, born Hyde Chesire, cotton weaver

Jane Tracey, daughter, single, 19 years, born Hyde Chesire, card room hand

Anne Tracey, daughter, single, 14 years, born Hyde Chesire, card room hand


1881 Ship: Rio Formoso; Official number: 63263.

James Tracey; rank/rating, Mate; age, 36; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, continued. BT 99/1316

1881 Ship: Rio Formoso; Official number: 63263.

James Tracey; rank/rating, Mate; age, 40; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, continued. BT 99/1316

June 14, 1883 New-York tribune

Brig Teneriffe, Tracy. Sligo - Miller & Houghton.


1888 Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen relating to Ireland

Sam Tracey, 51, b. Sligo, d. 13/03/1888, Drowned Luce Bay, Mate SS Galgorm Castle, Belfast, wreck

20 March 1888 Freeman's Journal

... James Tracy (mate) leaves a widow and nine children, the oldest of whom is only 17 years of age.


1884 Return of judicial rents

Francis Treacy of Cornageeha Sligo, landlord William K. Barrett, 147a/1r/20p, poor valuation £24/0/0, old rent £20/0/0, new rent £18/0/0


1884-9 (1908 Royal Commission on Congestion - Sale of Tenants rights)

Frank Tracey of Coonaflicka Roscommon or Sligo, judical rent £14/0/0, fixed 24/6/1884, sale 5/3/1889, £180, 11 years, landlord W. Barrett Esq

1908 [Cd. 3748] Royal Commission on Congestion in Ireland.
2. Coonaflicks, Frank Tracy, judical rent £14, fixed 24th June 1884, sale 5th March 1889, £100 obtained, 11 years, W. Barrett Esq landlord [Cornageeha Sligo?]


1889 Sligo Independent Newspaper, County Directory, Almanac and Guide

Patrick Tracy, borough Sligo


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Fanny Tracey, Sligo Ireland, 1892, 30 years, last residence Sligo, to NY [see Mary Tracey 10]

Mary Tracey, Sligo Ireland, 1892, 10 years, to NY [see Fanny Tracey 30]


Lizzie Tracey, Sligo Ireland, 1915, 30 years, single, 5’4”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, lives Deigo Ireland (Ross Point crossed out) Mother: Mrs Tracey Rosses Point Sligo Ireland. To friends Ms McKeon? Hatton? Alberta B.C., b. Sligo Ireland


Patrick Tracey, Rosses Point Sligo Ireland, 1909, 23 years, single, 5’6”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, shop assistant, Mrs Bridget Tracey, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo. To sister Mrs Mary Asillen, 476 14th St, Brooklyn NY b. Rosses Point, Ireland [crossed out]

Patrick Tracey, Rosses Point Sligo Ireland, 1909, 23 years, , single, 5’8”, clear complexion, Dk brown hair, blue eyes, shop assistant, Mother Mrs Tracey, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo. To sister Mrs Mary Gillen, 476 14th St, Brooklyn NY b. Rosses Point, Ireland


United States Naturalization Petitions

Patrick Tracy, born 17 Dec 1885 or 1888 Sligo, Ireland. Naturalised 1923 Brooklyn, NY


'Kensington', Queenstown to Phila 7 July 1894

Bgt Treacy, 23, b. 1871, lived Clooneigh [Kilteevan, Roscommon?], to Uncle M. Breheny 113 Hannah St Harrisburg,

Celia Treacy, 22, b. 1872, lived Lennaghmore [Annaghmore Sligo], Aunt Magg Toole, 1432 South 22nd St Phila. [also Julia 18]


February 29, 1896 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

The Co. Sligo Men's Ball...Tammany Hall [NY]...present...Thos Tracey and Miss Lannigan...




 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



May 14, 1909 (FJ) Death
Treacy - May 13, 1909, at her son's residence, Sligo, Ellen, widow of the late David Treacy, Youghal. Remains arrive at Youghal Station on to-morrow (Saturday) morning at 10.30 o'clock. Solomn Mass at 11.30 o'clock. Funeral to follow.


1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


1913-1922 Military History

John Rupert Treacy, [Professor] of Youghal, County Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Sligo.


As for Jinks, throughout 1912…focused on meetings of the town and North Sligo UIL…He unsuccessfully backed John Treacy, founder of the town’s Gaelic Club, for the job of headmaster of the Technical Schools in July…Roscommon Journal 27 July 1912

Michael Wheatley (2005) Nationalism and the Irish Party: Provincial Ireland, 1910-1916

Sligo 1914-1921: A Chronicle of Conflict. By Michael Farry.

Another Sinn Féin supporter was John R. Treacy, a native of Youghal, County Cork, who taught in Limerick and Dublin before coming to Sligo in 1904. He taught in Summerhill College and in the Technical School. He had been involved with Griffith and William Rooney in Sinn Féin while in Dublin and was one of the “Apostles of Sinn Féin” in Sligo.

In 1916, the Mayor got another opportunity to voice his sympathy for the executed leaders at a meeting in Sligo to appeal for funds for the Irish National Aid Association. This association was set up to help the dependents of those killed and imprisoned on the rebel side in the rising. The Mayor presided and among the attendance were… J. Tracey…During the month of November the Sinn Féin party in Sligo town started a club in a room in a building in Pound Street. It was called "The Wanderers Gaelic Club" but was popularly called "The Sinn Féin Club". Among those involved were John R. Treacy…

The by-election was fought in January 1917 with polling day on February 3rd. All those on the republican side, though as yet not united, rallied around Plunkett. Many from Sligo tookcpart. Alec McCabe, who had been on the run since the rising took part as did some from Sligo town including probably J. R. Treacy…The Mayor, Mr Hanley and Mrs Hanley welcomed the Countess and a bouquet of roses was presented by Miss Ita Tracey, daughter of the chairman of Sligo Sinn Féin club.

In 1918. on August 15th there was a nationwide protest by the Sinn Féin organisation against the banning of the organisation and the banning of meetings in Ireland. At various places throughout the land speakers read a printed statement from Sinn Féin and as a result were arrested. In County Sligo a large meeting was held outside the Town Hall. The statement was read by J. R. Tracey…As a result of their action on August 15th Professor Tracey and John Hennigan were arrested on Thursday night/Friday morning and taken into custody. They were still in Sligo prison awaiting trial a week later and both men were offered some hours liberty to visit their families on Sunday August 18th. Treacy accepted but Hennigan refused. On Tuesday, 27th August, the pair were removed to Galway prison. On September 5th a meeting of the Sligo Urban Technical Committee was held under the chairmanship of Rev P. Butler. Treacy was a teacher at the Sligo Technical School and had been there for fourteen years. His appointment was part time subject to annual re-appointment. A letter from Treacy was read at the meeting in which he stated that "owing to circumstances over which I have no control I shall be absent for some time". The committee decided unanimously to re-appoint him and to appoint a substitute pending his return. On September 24th at a court martial in Renmore Barracks Galway, Tracey and Hennigan were found guilty. At the trial Hennigan admitted reading the Sinn Féin manifesto and said that he would do so again if the occasion arose. Both men were sentenced to two years imprisonment. In the case of Professor Tracey he was released at the beginning of October on medical advice. When he arrived at Sligo Station he was met by a large crowd of Sinn Féiners and escorted to his home.

In 1919, on St. Patrick's Day another protest meeting was held this time about the prisoners especially those from Sligo: John Lynch, Henry Monson, John Hennigan, John Kelly and Frank O'Beirne. The meeting was held in the Market Yard and the speakers included the Mayor, J. R.Tracey, R. G. Bradshaw, Michael Nevin, J. J. Clancy. Members of the Volunteers were there under the command of Liam Pilkington. The other Sligo prisoner, J. J. O'Connell, did not arrive in Sligo until Wednesday March 19th. His arrival was not expected and there was not a large crowd to meet him. However about fifty Volunteers did turn out and escorted him to the Gaelic Club, Teeling Street… J. R. Tracey president of the club.

In December 1920, among those arrested were John R. Treacy…All these arrests put further pressure on detention space in Sligo and at the end of January some prisoners were moved to Derry. These included John R. Treacy, James Devins, James Doocey and Harry Benson. Also those arrested on January 22nd were moved on February 28th. John R. Tracey of Sligo was moved from Derry jail to Ballykinlar around this time.


March 1916 Sheehy Skeffington Papers

MS 33,604 (17) John R Treacy

1917-1918-1919 Schools under Roman Catholic management

Summerhill College Sligo - 106 pupils - £251/14/0 teachers salary grant

Qualified lay teachers:

John R. Treacy £140 & £160

Wm. P. Gilbert £140 & £160

F. O'Carroll £140 & £160

Not duely Qualified lay teachers:

J. Delany £70

Patrick O'Donnellan £50 & £60

John Fallon & £45

J. McCarthy £12 & £10

Wednesday, April 3rd 1918 The Jail Journal of Michael Collins

Sligo jail is a short distance from the town. 'Tis generally speak ing like all other jails. It must be old, I think, both from the look and the plan. The cells are smaller than those I knew in Staffordand Wandsworth but the same size as Mountjoy, I think, or the Frongoch clink. The size of course does not make a great difference. One doesn't get appreciably more exercise in a cell 14 by 7 than in one 12 by 7. Mr. Treacy and Mr. Clancy visit me in the evening. The Mayor of Sligo also pays me a visit. I tell him I don't quite like the look of some things.

Íosold Ó Deirg and Michael Collins. "Oh! Lord the Unrest of Soul": The Jail Journal of Michael Collins. Source: Studia Hibernica, No. 28 (1994), pp. 7-34

2 August 1918 The State of Ireland. – Report on movements and Meetings of Extremists in the Dublin Police Area

Treacy, John R., Sligo

1.7.’18 – Arrived in Dublin. He was not observed associating with Sinn Feiners

29.7.’18 – Returned to Sligo

W.C. Johnstone, Vicer Regal Lodge, Dublin - Secret Memorandum GT 5570

October 1919

When Dr Ferran M.O., Foxford; Mr. Wm. Sears, Editor “Enniscorthy Echo” and Prof. P. O’Domhnallain were released from Sligo jail, where they served four months imprisonment for speeches at an anti-conscription meeting in Foxford on Easter Sunday, they were meet at the prison by the Mayor, Prof. J.R. Treacy, who was also released this week.

Jan 5, 1920 (FJ) Secondary Teachers

A meeting of the Central Executive Council of the Association of Secondary Treachers in Ireland...Mr. Tracy (Sligo)...

Sep 20, 1920 (FJ) Belfast Expelled Workers Fund

Sligo's Splendid Response...Letter...6 St. Mary's Terrace, Sligo....yours faithfully, John R. Treacy, Bernard McDonagh, Charles East. Joint Treasurers.

Dec 23, 1920 (FJ)

Arrests at Sligo included John R. Treacy, St. Mary's Terrace;...

February 1921

On Friday, the following prisoners were transferred from Sligo to Derry Jail...J.R. Treacy, Professor, St. Mary’s Terrace, Sligo...

Ballykinlar Internment Camp

Mr. Dixon's boundless energy, however, more than made up for the Council's lethargy, and, as I have said, the Prisoners' Commandant gave him every assistance in his power. The result was that in a short time we had Irish Classes for men of every province and every stage of know- ledge, Shorthand and Book-keeping Classes, conducted by Professor Tracey, of Sligo; Singing, Fiddle, and Piano Classes, and little circles for the study of French and Classics.

Walsh, Louis J.  (1921) On my keeping and in theirs : a record of experiences "on the run", in Derry Gaol, and in Ballykinlar Internment Camp. The Talbot Press, Dublin

October 1921

Mr. J.R. Tracey, Sligo, who had been on 3 weeks parole after long internment has been released.

December 1921 Ballykinlar Men Attacked - A Co. Down Outrage

...The first special train contained 413, the second 646 (chiefly from Munster), and the third and last 450 from Dublin...Mr. Stephen Treacy, an elderly gentleman, whose son was also an internee, [both of Dublin] was struck by a bullet on the foot. He was at once attended by Dr. Reynolds, who had been the internee medical officer in the camp, and the wound was found to be slight...Prominent people included in the release...J. Tracey, Acting Commandant Camp I...

15 September 1923 & 22 September 1923 Sligo Champion

Sligo Technical Committee “... seen Mr. Treacy and asked him to reconsider the question his resignation. Mr. Treacy's decision, however, was final. The resignation ... ” & “... J. R. Treacy, who had resigned after 20 years most efficient and painstaking service. Mr. Treacy, not being a whole-time official, was ... ”

Nov 22, 1923 (IT) Clontarf Doctor's Case

...Sullivan v. Treacy...support and maintenance of the defendant wife at his home, "Verville" Clontarf from the 14th December 1922 to the 29th August 1923. The defendant, John R. Treacy, of Sligo...shock caused by the raids made at the defendants residence in Sligo by the British auxiliary forces...Irish White Cross Association, which decided to place the lady in plaintiff's home...and agreed to pay her maintenance as he (defendant) could not afford to do so...the Associations cheques were dishonoured by orders of the military authorities...action to be tried by a judge...

Aug 12, 1924 (FJ)

Ursuline Convent Sligo...Ita Treacy...

Nov 29, 1929 (IT) Obituary

Mr. John Rupert Tracy

The death of Mr John rupert Tracy, late of Summerhill College Sligo, took place at 6 St. Mary's terrace, Sligo on last Tuesday.

The late Mr. Tracy was originally connected with the Sligo Technical Schools, and was subsequently principal teacher of Irish at the Summerhill College for many years. He was a very prominent Republican, being identified with the Sinn Fein movement almost from the begining.

Dec 7, 1929 (SS)

Professor John Rupert Tracey, who died at his residence, 6 St. Mary's terrace Sligo, was a well known member of the teaching profession who was born in the County Cork. President Cosgrave was a pupil of his when the late professor was on the staff of the Christian Brothers' School, James Street, Dublin.

Born at Youghal, sixty-one years ago, he was educated at the Christian Brothers local establishment and had a distinguished career. He joined the teaching profession at an early age, and taught at the Christian Brothers Schools Synge street, Dublin, as well as James' Street. He was closely associated with William Rooney, the poet, and Arthur Griffith in the early days of the Sinn Fein movement, helping to edit the "United Irishman". He was on the professional staff of Summerhill College, Sligo, for the past 25 years.

Known in Sligo as "the father of Sein Fein", Professot Tracy was an esteemed figure in the life of the town, and his death was received with feelings of general regret. The funeral which took place on Thursday, was of a large dimensions, and of a representative nature, the late professors popularity being strikingly illustrated. The coffin, draped in the tri-colour, was borned from the church to the graveyard on the shoulders of a number of old friends, and many marks of respect were displayed during the progress of the cortege through the town. Sympathy will be extended to his widow and family, as well as his sister-in-law, Mrs Tracey, Catherine Street, Youghal, and his nephew, nieces and cousins in that town.

November 26, 1931 (IP) Memoriam

Treacy (Second Anniversary) In loving memory of John Rupert Treacy (John R), late Professor, Summerhill College, Sligo, who died on 26th November 1929. Sacred Heart of Jesus grant him Sweet Repose. Inserted by his sorrowing wife and children.

Apr 29, 1933 (CT) Sucess in Sligo

...Irish drama...J.R. Treacy Cup...

Cunningham and Treacy - September 4 1935 at University Church, Dublin...Vincent, third son of Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham, Maudabawn, Cootehill, Co. Cavan to Ita, only daughter of Mrs. Treacy and the late John R. Treacy, 6 St. Mary's Terrace, Sligo.

Jun 24, 1939 (CT)

...The principal attraction was the celebrated Kildare Irish Dramatic Club, winners of the first prize and the Dr. Tracy Cup at Sligo Feis this year...


Sligo Cemetery, Sligo Town, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Erected by, his friends and the Citizens of Sligo, (In the year of his office), of, Fraser Brown, (Mayor), as a token of public esteem. To the memory of, John R. Tracy, late prop. Summer Hill College, Sligo, who died, on the 28 day of Nov. 1929.



In Memory of Master J Tracey "Aylevarroo.", Mercantile Marine who died on 07 October 1917
Remembered with honour, Tower Hill Memorial, England

John Tracey came from Rosses Point near Sligo in Ireland. He Captained the Aylevarroo and would have sailed to and from Liverpool many times, so it is possible that he may have moved his family to Liverpool and used St Anthony’s church to worship.

…In October 1917, the Aylevarroo's master John Tracey, from Rosses Point in Ireland, was preparing to sail from Liverpool to Tralee, then to Limerick with a general cargo. Jack was employed as a fireman-stoker on the ship. Captain Tracey was short of an able bodied seaman and cabled his friend, Thomas Devaney, in Rosses Point asking him to join the ship's company. Thomas accepted and left for Sligo, intending to catch the afternoon train to Dublin then the night boat to Liverpool. In Sligo he met an old shipmate and the two went for a drink in a pub. Time slipped by and Thomas missed the train, the ferry to Liverpool and the Aylevarroo…The Aylevarroo and her twenty crew, including the ship's master, were lost off the Ballycotton Islands near Cork on 8th October 1917…


WW1 Merchant Seamen Medal Cards BT 351/1

John Joseph Tracey, b. 1867 Sligo

1915 Merchant Navy

J Tracey; rank/rating, 1st Mate; age, 44; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, Aylevarroo. Ship: Aylevarroo 1915

J Tracey; rank/rating, Mate; age, 47; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, Aylevarroo. Ship: Aylevarroo 1915

John Tracey; rank/rating, 1st Mate; age, 44; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, M J Hedley. Ship: Lillie 1915

John Tracey; rank/rating, Mate; age, 44; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, same ship. Ship: M J Hedley 1915

John Tracey; rank/rating, Mate; age, 44; place of birth, Sligo; previous ship, M J Hedley of Penzance.  Ship: Aylevarroo 1915



25 jul 1931 (CTr)

Roscommon defeated Sligo in the junior hurling replay...Tracey and Lambe sent in two points in quick succession...[Sligo] John Tracey


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Patrick Joseph Tracy b. 20 Dec 1885 Sligo, Ireland Residence: Brooklyn, New York


Families By Ontario Genealogical Society 1996

C.J. Tracey, Sligo

John Tracey, Carlow

William Tracey, Waterford




Ken Tracey – President Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce 2007 2008


Ken Tracey was born and raised in Sligo and moved to Toronto in 1989. He studied Electronics at Sligo RTC and Business at Ryerson. After 10 successful years with the PepsiCo organization he co-founded Marketingisland, a marketing technology and services company. Marketingisland have been ranked in the top 20 fastest growing emerging companies in Canada for the last 2 years. Ken is currently the President of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce in Toronto, a board member of the Irish Person of the Year and also sits on the board of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto (EUCOCIT) as Executive Vice President and a board member of Ireland Park Foundation.


Ken Tracey





Church Records - Baptisms & Marraiges Co. Sligo Hertitage & Genealogy Centre

TRACY, JOHN, 1831, B
               TRACY, JOHN, BRENAN, ANNE, 1835, M
TRACEY?, ANNA, 1836, B
               TRACY, JOHN, MADDEN, MARY ANNE, 1838, M [moved to Laois]
TRACY, JOHN, 1840, B
TREACY, N.R., 1842, B
TRACY, JOHN, 1849, B
               *CURREN [Curred], MICHAEL, TRACY, MARY, 1860, M
               *GREY, JAMES, TRACY, ANNE, 1860, M
*TRACY, MARIA, 1865, B
               *TREACY, PATRICK, JORDAN, CATHERINE, 1868, M (see Sligo St. Johns below)
*TRACEY, JOHN, 1868, B
               *HARTE, PETER, TREACY, ANNE, 1870, M
*TRACY, MARGARET, 1870, B (see census 1901?)
               *NELSON, JAMES, TRACY, JOAN, 1874, M
TRACY, -----, 1874, B
TRACEY, CATHERINE, 1876, B (see census 1901?)
TRACY, JOHN, 1877, B
               *TRACY, FRANCIS, GILGAN, BRIDGET, 1878, M
               NEILAN, THOMAS, TREACY, ANNE, 1884, M
TRACY, PATRICK, 1885, B (see census 1901?)
               TREACY, JOHN, FINIGAN, MARY, 1889, M

Source : B = Birth  M = Marriage

* Details below



John Tracy Esq of Lex m. Mary Madden of Sligo (d. of James) 10 Jan 1838 Sligo Champion [see Laois]


Catherine Tracy

Beesy b. 25 May 1866 Sligo Sligo (LDS)


Mary Ann Tracey (b. 1857 Galway, Ireland d. Jan 1904 Nottingham) m. John Flear abt 1893 Ireland?

She was a cotton winder in Ireland and had several brothers and sisters in County Sligo.



Michael Tracey (b. Roscommon or Sligo) & Anna Mcdonald

John Tracy (b. circa 1884 Illinois d. 12 Oct 1918 Chicago, Cook, Illinois ) (s. of Michael Tracey b. Ireland & Anna Mcdonald b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Operator 

Occupation: Carpenter 

Street Address: 7316 Peona St 

Burial Date: 15 Oct 1918  Mt. Olivet 

Informant: Lilian Tracey, 7316 Peona St

Michael Tracey b. 25 Feb 1889 Chicago Illinois (s. of Michael Tracey & Anne Mc Donnell) d. 15 Dec 1960 5626 S Sangamon Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Occupation: Clerk

Cemetery: Mt Olivet

Spouse's Name: Catherine Tracey

Edward Tracey (b. 06 Feb 1891 Chicago, Cook, Ill. d. 17 Nov 1932 Evergreen Pk., Cook, Illinois) (s. of Michael Tracey b. County Sligo, Ireland & Ann Mc Donald b. Couty Mayo, Ireland

Occupation: Motor Man, C.S.L.

Residence: Chicago illinois

Informant's Name: Michael Tracy

Burial Date: 21 Nov 1932 Mt Olivet, Chicago, Cook, Illinois

??? Tracy b. 16 Mar 1898 Chicago, Cook, Illinois  (female, d. of Michael Tracy & Anne Macdonald)

Joseph Tracey (b. 24 Apr 1900 Chicago, Illinois d. 05 Sep 1930 Midlothian Village, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Michael Tracey b. Roscommon, Ireland & Ann Mc Donald b. Roscommon, Ireland)

Occupation: Clergyman

Informant's Name: Edward Tracey  

Burial Date: 09 Sep 1930 Mt. Olivet, Chicago, Cook, Ill.

1900 Census ED 870 Precinct 9 Lake town Chicago city Ward 29, Cook, Illinois, United States

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Head  Michael Tracey  M 49 Ireland, labourer, Naturalised Married: 17  years; Immigration Year: 1880  

Wife  Anne Tracey  F 39 Ireland, Married: 17  years; Immigration Year: 1880  

Son  John Tracey  M 17 Illinois, Messenger Tolgate??? 

Son  Michael Tracey  M 12 Illinois 

Son  Edward Tracey  M 9 Illinois 

Daughter  Annie Tracey  F 6 Illinois 

Daughter  Elizabeth Tracey  F 3 Illinois 

Son  Joseph Tracey  M 0 Illinois 

1910 Census Chicago Ward 30, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  Michael F Tracy  M 58y Ireland, Immigration Year: 1882   

Wife  Anna M Tracy  F 48y Ireland, Immigration Year: 1882   

Son  Michael J Tracy  M 21y Illinois 

Son  Edward F Tracy  M 18y Illinois 

Dau  Marie R Tracy  F 15y Illinois 

Dau  Elizabeth D Tracy  F 12y Illinois 

Son  Joseph Tracy  M 9y Illinois 

1920 Census Chicago Ward 30, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  Michael Tracy  M 68y Ireland 

Wife  Ann Tracy  F 58y Ireland 

Son  Michael Tracy  M 30y Illinois 

Son  Edward Tracy  M 28y Illinois 

Dau  Marie Tracy  F 25y Illinois 

Dau  Lillian Tracy  F 22y Illinois 

Son  Joseph Tracy  M 19y Illinois 


Michael Tracey (b. circa 1851 Ireland d. 26 Dec 1923 Norwood Park., Cook Co., Illinois) 

Father b. Ireland 

Mother b. Ireland 

Occupation: Street Department 

Residence: Chicago 

Spouse: Ann 

Informant's Name: Michael T Tracy

Burial: 29 Dec 1923 Mount Olive


Ann Tracey b. 29 Aug 1860 Roscmman Ireland (d. of John Mcdonald & Catherine Mccommick of Roscomman Ireland) d. 03 Apr 1928 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse's Name: Michael Tracey

Burial Date   06 Apr 1928 Mt Oliver Worth Cook Ill.


Michael F Tracey (Mar 1850 County Sligo Ireland - Dec 26 1923 Chicago Cook County Illinois USA)

Anna M McDonald (Aug 29 1860 County Mayo Ireland - Apr 3 1928 Chicago Cook County Illinois USA)


  John James Tracey (1883 - 1918)

  Edward William Tracey (1892 - 1932)

  Marie Anne Tracey (1894 - 1978)

  Joseph Richard Tracey (1900 - 1930)



Michael Treacy & Helen/Eleanora Nolan [see Carlow]

Margarita Tracy b. 25/28 Sep 1879 of Busherstown Sp. Thoma Nolan & Julia Delany. Tinryland Parish (Note: Married at Cathedral Elfin [Sligo] to Martin Kelly on 29 Sep 1918)



 Aughanagh (East Sligo)


Mary Treacy? & James Reynolds?

Mary Reynolds b. 22 Jul 1824 Sp. John Fis & Evelina Monaghan Aughanagh Parish


James Tracy & Ann Casilan/Conlan

Edwd Tracy b. 01 Dec 1856 Sp. Patt Hahrly & Susan Clancy Aughanagh Parish (LDS)


Patt Tracy & Jane Hughes

Mary Tracy b. 28 May 1846/1856 Sp. James McNiff & May Kenny? Aughanagh Parish (LDS)


Patt Tracy & Elen Fan???

James Tracy b. 28 Jan 1857 Sp. Robert Hagan & Ann Tim??? Aughanagh Parish (LDS)




 Ballysodare and Kilvarnet (West Sligo)


Patritius Tracey & Brigida Foley

Maria Tracey b. 20 Sep 1846 of Corhownagh [Ballysadare] Sp. Maria Mahon Ballysodare and Kilvarnet Parish



 Drumcliff (West Sligo)


James Tracey, full age, bachelor, seaman, lives Rosses Up, (s. of Patrick Treacy, seaman) married Bridget Higgins, full age, spinster, lives Do Rosses Up, (d. of John Higgins, Do [seaman]) 11 January 1864 RC Chapel of Drumcliff Wit: Owen Gillon, his mark, & Cat Brown? [Drumcliff Sligo PLU] [crossed out] (signed her mark)


1. Patrick Tracey

2. James/Jacobi/Jacobo Tr(e)ac(e)y m. Bridget/Brigida(e)Higgins/Higgans 11 January 1864 Drumcliff (LDS) [RC records start 1865]

3.1 Mary Anne/Anna b. 7 September 1865 Sligo Sligo c. 10 September 1865 RC Drumcliff and Magherow (LDS)

3.2 Joannes b. 30 April 1868 c. 10 May 1868 RC Drumcliff and Magherow (LDS)

3.3 Margarita b. 23 September 1870 c. 8 October 1870 RC Drumcliff and Magherow (LDS)

3.4 Brigida Tracy b. 22/25 Dec 1873 of Rosses Upper Sp. Thoma Higgins & Anna Higgins. Drumcliff Parish (LDS)

3.5 Catherina Tracy b. 16/20 Jun 1875 of Rosses Upper Sp. Joanne Higgins & Maria Gillan. Drumcliff Parish (LDS)

3.6 Elena b. 14 July 1878 (LDS)


1901 Census [Living in Co. Meath in Census Records]






Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants

Rosses Upper






Bridget (56)

House Keeper/widow

Margaret (29) dressmaker

Kate (23)

Patrick (15)


Cemetery Records

Bridget Tracey, Rosses Point Co. Sligo. d. 10/04/1955. plot 6D1

Helina Tracey, Rosses Point Co. Sligo.  d. 21/03/1955.  plot 6D1


Drumcliff Graveyard

Bridget Treacy died 10 April 1925 aged 84

Katie Tracey, 64, Single, Rosses Point, 26 Mar 1941



 Kilmoremoy (South Sligo & Mayo)


Maria Treacy & Darby Brogan

Catherine Brogan b. 8/12 Apr 1830 of Trawley? Sp. John Durkan & Catherine Kenny Kilmoremoy Parish



 Kilshalvey (West Sligo)


Anne Tracy & Michl/Ml Flaney/Flanery

John Flanery b. 23 Apr 1859 of Agham Sp. Thos Flaney & Ellen Gallagher. Kilshalvey Parish

Mary Flaney b. 9 Sep 1860 of Agham Sp. Jas Gallagher & Bid Gallagher. Kilshalvey Parish

Cath Flaney b. 14 Jun 1862 of Agham [Aughris? Cloonoghil] Sp. Tom Flaney & Mary Gallagher. Kilshalvey Parish

Michael Flanery b. 29 Oct 1864 Tobercurry, Sligo (LDS)


 Sligo St. Johns (& Calry) (West Sligo)


Maria Tracy of Newtown Holmes (d. of Francisci Traci & Marg? Brennan of Newtown Holmes) married  Michaelis Curred of Newtown Holmes (s. of Barthelemi Curred & Marg? Berian of Newtown Holmes) on the 13 May 1860 Wit: Patritis Tracy of Gallows Hill & Maria Tracy of Newtown Holmes St John's, Sligo Parish. RC Calry (LDS)

Maria Tracey & Michs Curred

Anna Curred b. 22/24 Feb 1861 of Ratcliff Sp. Patritis Tracey & Joanna Tracey St John's, Sligo Parish


Anna Tracy of Sligo (d. of George Peacock & Maria Mulhall of Manorhamilton) married Jacobus Grey of Balidsdare [Ballysadare] (s. of Jacobi & Bridgt Benson of Balisodare) on the 19 November 1860 Wit: Joanne McLoughlin of Chapel St & Winifda Lang of Chapel St St John's, Sligo Parish (note: muliar in matrimis autea conguncta fuit). RC Calry (LDS)


George Peacock Tracy b. about 1835, married Mary Mulhall before 1860. (LDS)

Anna b. abt 1861 m. 19 November 1860 (LDS)


Beesey Tracey, miner?, spinster, lives Ballyternan, (d. of Patrick Tracey, labourer) married Patrick Burns, full [age], bachelor, Pensioner?, lives Ballyternan?, (s. of Thomas Burns, pensioner?) 2 November 1865 Caley Church of Ireland Wit: William Cannen?, his mark, & Samuel Suconich? [Calry Sligo PLU Church of Ireland] signed their marks

Beesy Tracy & Pat Burns

Thomas William Burns b. 4 Jan 1866 Sligo, Sligo (LDS)

Brididae Tracy & Patritii Burns

Patritius Burns b. 1/13 Feb 1872 of N House Sp. Anna Tracy. St John's, Sligo Parish (note: Nil)


Bridget Tracy b. abt 1846 Abbey St Sligo m. James Gray abt 1867 Abbey St (LDS)

Brigeta Tracy & Jacobe Gray

Patritius Josephus Gray b. 11/12 Jan 1868 of Abbeyquarter? Sp. Joane O'Connor & Elizabetha McLoughlin  St John's, Sligo Parish


Patrick/Patt Treacy, full [age], bachelor, shoemaker, lives Gallowshill South, (s. of Owen Treacy, shoemaker) married Catherine Jordan, Do [full age], spinster, servant, lives Newtownholmes, (d. of Michael Jordan, farmer) 22 October 1868 RC Chapel St. Johns Sligo Wit: John Coyne & Honora M'Loughlin [Sligo Sligo PLU]

Patritius Treacy of Fallowhill South (s. of Eugeni & Margareta Dillon of Fillanth Hill S.) married Catharina Jordan of Newtownholmes (d. of Michaelis & Honoria Duffy of Sligo) on the 22 October 1868 Wit: Joanne Coyne of M.C. Toacl & Honoria McLoughlin of John St. St John's, Sligo Parish. RC Calry (LDS)

Patrick/Pat/Patritius Tracy/Treacy &. Catherine/Catharina Jordan

Mary b. 16 September 1869 Sligo Sligo (LDS)

Eugenius Tracy b. 24/30 Apr 1871 of Pound? St Michael Curred & Johanne Tracy Sp. St John's, Sligo Parish. Owen b. 20 May 1871 (LDS)

Sarah Tracy b. 22/29 Mar 1874 of Newtownholmes Sp. Francisa Tracey & Maria Gorman. St John's, Sligo Parish  Celia b. 1 June 1874 (LDS)

Catherina Tracy b. 9 Feb 1876 of Back St Sp. Datution Glynn & Anna Jordan. St John's, Sligo Parish. Kate b. 28 March 1876 Sligo Sligo (LDS)

John b. 25 May 1878 (LDS)


Owen Tracy, 31, b. 1874 Ireland (s. of Pat. & Cath. Jordan) m. Johanna Martin, 22, single, b. 1883 Scotland (d. of Pat. & Eliz. Mcleod) 03 Dec 1905 Manhattan, New York

Owen Tracy, 52, b. 6 Jul 1874 Ireland, shipping clerk, d. 22 Jul 1926 Manhattan, New York (s. of Patrick Tracy & Catherine Jordon, both born Ireland) Spouse's Name: Joan Tracey Buried: 24 Jul 1926 St. Raymonds


Anne Treacy, Do [full age], spinster, lives Newtown Holmes, (d. of Francis Treacy, Do [farmer]) married Peter Harte, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Coolera, (s. of Patrick Harte, farmer) 28 April 1870 RC Chapel St. Johns Sligo Wit: Lares? Hart & Winefred Jordan [Sligo Sligo PLU] signed her mark

Anna Treacy of Newtownholmes (d. of Francisus & Anne Brennan of Newtoanholmes) married m. Petrus Harte of Bal??? (s. of Patritii & Maria Bree of Coolrra)

on the 28 April 1870  Wit: Jacobo Hart of Coolena & Margreta Jordan of Newtownholmes. St John's, Sligo Parish. RC Calry (LDS)

Anna Tracy & Petrus Hart

Joannes Josephus Hart of Grange Ormsby [Killaspugbrone] b. 26/29 Jun 1872 Sp. Francusus Tracy & Brigitta Hart St John's, Sligo Parish


Francis Tracy b. abt 1828 Newtownholmes m. Anne Brennan abt 1848 Newtownholmes (LDS)

Anna b. 1849 Newtownholmes (LDS)

Francis Tracy b. abt 1847 Newtownholmes m. Anne Brennan before 1872 Newtownholmes (LDS)

Anna b. abt 1873 Newtownholmes (LDS)


Mariae Tracy & Eugene Ghetheas [Gethius?]

Eugenius Ghetheas [Tracy crossed out] b. 5/15 Apr 1871 of Workhouse Sp. Margarrita Quin St John's, Sligo Parish (note: Nil)


Joannas Tracy of Newtown Holmes (d. of Francisus & Annae Brennan of Newtown Holmes) married m. Jacobus Nelson of Carrowkeel [Kilmacowen] (s. Henerici & Catherinae Peaulon of Carrowkeel) 26 January 1874 Wit: Jacobus Peaulon of Carrowkeel & Anna Currid of Sligo. St John's, Sligo Parish. RC Calry (LDS)

Jane Tracy/Treacy, of full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Newtown Holmes, (d. of Francis Tracy, living, farmer) married James Nelson, of full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Carrowkeel, (s. of Henry Nelson, living, farmer) 26 January 1874 RC Chapel Ransboro [in Kilmacowen] Wit: James Scanlan & Annie Currid [Sligo Sligo PLU]

Joanna Tracy & Jacobus Nelson

Henricus Nelson b. 2/4 Dec 1874 of Carrowkeel [Kilmacowen] Sp. Michael Currid & Honora Nelson St John's, Sligo Parish

Maria Catherina Nelson b. 2 Nov 1876 of Carrowkeel [Kilmacowen] Sp. Franciscus Tracy & Maria Nelson  St John's, Sligo Parish


Tracy & Nelson
I live in Sligo Ireland and I have details of the children of Joanna Tracy Newtownhomes  Sligo  who married James Nelson from Carrowkeel on 24th January 1874 in the Cathedral in Sligo town. I am researching the Nelson family for someone in NY and got the details from the Civil registrations office in Sligo.

These are the children of Joanna Tracy and James Nelson who married 24th January 1874  The civil Marriage record says that the father of Joanna was Francis from Newtownholmes
Children of James Nelson & Joanna Tracy ( sometimes spelled Treacy or Tracey)
Henry Nelson              D.O.B.      02/12/1874
Francis Nelson             D.O.B.      11/05/1878
Mary Nelson                D.O.B.      05/01/1880
Anne Jane Nelson       D.O.B. 28/10/1881
Lizzie Nelson              D.O.B.  04/11/1883
Male (no name) Nelson   D.O.B.      10/07/1885
Agnes Nelson              D.O.B.      21/09/1888
Patrick Flaherty & Elizabeth Nelson D.O.M 23/11/1925  Father's Names  John Flaherty & James Nelson

Rosaleen Scanlon 20 January 2012
My web site http://underbenbulben.ie/home.aspx


Bridida Tracy

Michael Tracey b. 18/25 Sep 1875 of Workhouse Sp. Brigida Scanlon St John's, Sligo Parish (note: illegitimate)


Franciscus Tracy of Newtownholmes (s. of Francisi & Anne Brennan of Newtownholms) married Brigida Gilgan of Bruagice [Breeoge Kilmacowen] (d. of Michalis & Brigda Banks of Bruagice) on the 22 August 1878 Wit: Joannes Derins of Rusheen & Maria Nargadon of Rathcliffe St Sligo. St John's, Sligo Parish. RC Calry (LDS)

Francis Tracey, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Newtown Holmes, (s. of Francis Tracey, farmer) married Bridget Gilgan, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives Brungo, (d. of Michl Gilgan, farmer) 22 August 1878 RC Chapel Coohera Wit: John Devins & Mary Hangadon [Sligo Sligo PLU]


Cunningham and Treacy - September 4 1935 at University Church, Dublin...Vincent, third son of Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham, Maudabawn, Cootehill, Co. Cavan to Ita, only daughter of Mrs. Treacy and the late John R. Treacy, 6 St. Mary's Terrace, Sligo.



 Taunagh (Mid Sligo)


Patritus Tracey & Anna Nangle

Brigadam Tracey b. 31 Mar 1844 Sp. Maria Ford Taunagh Parish





Petition by Sligo Protestants, 1813, 1813.

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