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An Irish Family History
Trasci family of Italy
A branch of the Tracy family is BAFFA TRASCI AMALFITANI  also descendent from the English de Tracy. 
This Italian branch of the family descent from one of the sons of the Baron of Barnstaple who in 1204 
moved to Constantinople to fight in the 4th crusade. There he became orthodox and took the name of 
SPERADIONE (in Honor of Saint Speradione). His grand-nephew was the hero GIORGIO de Trasci who fought 
against the Turkish army in 1535 and for his braveness was created “Chevalier” by Emperor Charles V 
who took all his family and relatives in Naples, Italy. His grand daughter Teodolinda de Trasci 
(14/5/1555 - 25/12/1593) was the last of the de Trasci family and so as not to lose the surname she 
got the right from the king of Naples to add to her husband’s surname her own one. She got married 
in 1571 to STEFANO BAFFA, descendent from an Albanian family who came in Italy in 1471 and so the family 
became BAFFA TRASCI. To give her family’s surname to her siblings she had to prove the historical 
importance of it, and she proved that her line was descendent from the line of baron of Barnstaple.  
In 1799 princess Teodolinda grand-grand-grand-grand-grand son GABRIELE BAFFA TRASCI (1770 - 1816) married 
lady Maria Saveria Amalfitani, daughter of the 7° Marques of Crucoli and added his wife’s surname. Today 
this line of the Tracy family, living in Naples, is included into the 5th part of “Annuario della Nobiltà 
Italiana”, a Peerage of the Italian aristocracy. The coat of arm used since XIII century was different 
from the original branch; the coat of arm of the TRASCI was green with a cockatrice upon a silver plough.
NOTE: Early references to the Norman/English Tracy family often use the spelling Trasci.
stemma BAFFA TRASCI.jpg
The BAFFA TRASCI coat of arm is the attached: on the left is light blue with a green fava bean (BAFFA) 
and on the right is, light blue ground, with the green cocktrice, crowned, upon a silver plough (TRASCI).
1843 Boston Weekly Magazine
Leontio Vernon de Tracy, a young Italian nobleman, now lecturing in Montreal, is almost a match for Eliha Burritt, the learned blacksmith. 
He is an exile, and has spent his time in roaming over the world. Though not yet twenty-one, he understands 24 languages and speaks 17.