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Great every fire in the house of Tracey, men of their word sitting upright (15th century Grammatical Tract)
Origins, history and genealogy of the Tracey/Tracy/Treacey/Treacy family name in Ireland.
The Irish name Tracey is derived from the native Irish O'Treasaigh Septs. The name is taken from the Irish word "treasach" meaning "war-like" or "fighter". It is also translated as "higher", "more powerful" or "superior". It may also be derived from the Irish word for three, with an association to the Tuatha Dé Danann. 
The first reference to the surname in the Irish Annals was in 1008AD, where it states, "Gussan, son of Ua Treassach, lord of Ui-Bairrche, died." 
Variations on the name
There were numerous variations of the name but in modern times usually only the following forms are found: Tracey, Tracy, Treacey and Treacy in English and Ó Treasaigh (masculine), Ní Threasaigh (feminine) in Irish. The English spelling of the name appears to be inter-changeable and different variations can be found within a family or even for an individual. When tracing ancestors all spelling of the name should be checked. For convenience the spelling Tracey is used on this website. The early standardised spelling is Tracy, which was adopted by the leading English family, although they also used other variations.  Threasy, Treasy, Tressy and Trassy were earlier variations, probably based on the pronouniation of the Gaelic name and regional dialects. Usually, the spelling Treacy is particular to Ireland. It appears to have been first adopted by Protestant families and became increasingly popular and the most numerous in the second part of the 19th century with the rise of nationalism. The following are the variations that have been found: 
Surnames: McGillentresse, McTreacey, McTressy, Otrassi, Otrassy, Otraye, Otreasly, Otreassi, Otreassy, Otressay, O'Tracy, O'Trasha, O'Trashy, O'Trassey, O'Trassy, O'Trasy, O'Treacy, O'Tressie, O'Tressy, O'Tresye, Thracey, Thracy, Thrasi, Threacy, Threshie/Thressie (Scotland), Threasy, Tracey, Traci, Tracie, Tracy, Tracye, Trasci, Trascy, Trasey, Trasie, Trassee, Trassey, Trassie, Trassy, Trassye, Trasy, Trayce, Traycey, Traycy, Trayse, Trayssi, Treacey, Treacy, Treacye, Treascy, Treasey, Treasy, Treassey, Treasie, Trecy, Tresay,  Tresey, Treffy (i.e. Tressy), Tresse, Tressee, Tressey, Tressi, Tressie, Tressy, Trissey, Trosse, Trossee, Trossey, Trycee, Ytreassy.
Gaelic spelling: Ó Treasaigh (masculine), Ní Threasaigh (feminine), Ua Treasaigh, Uí Threasaigh, Uí Treasaigh, Uí Treassaich.
Ancient spellings: Thresaigh, Thressaich, T[r]easaigh, Treasaighi, Treassach, Treasuigh, Tresach, Tresaich, Tresaig, Tresaigh, Tressach, Tressaich, Tressaig, Tressaigh, Tresuig, Tresuigh. Treasacháin (male). Treisi, Tresi (female).
Christian names: Treasach, Tressach (male) and Trása, Treasa, Tressa (female).
Place Names
There are also a number of place names that may be derived from the name:
In Antrim, there is the townland of Artresnahan (Ard Treasacháin) in the civil parish of Drummaul, Dundressan in Island Magee and Clonetrace in Skerry.
In Armagh, there is the townland of Ardress (Ard dreasa possibly Tracys height) in the civil parish of Loughgall.
In Carlow there is Traceys crossroads (E of Fighting Cocks on the Carlow-Ballon road). In the Inquisitions of Charles I, there is Vallintracny, probably in the parish of Kellistown.
In Cavan, there is the townland of Cordressogagh, Killinagh. See Monaghan.
In Clare, there is the townland of Gortatrassa (Killuran) and Treacy's Island (Rabbit Island) Scarriff Bay, Lough Derg.
In Cork, in the Fiants of Elizabeth I, there is a reference to Balliatrassie (Ballatrasnie, Ballyatrassnie), Ballytrasna, Kilmurry? Co. Cork, and in James I Gortdressagh Killacloyne Carrigtohill/Caherlag Cork city
In Derry, there is Listress (Cumber Upper).
In Donegal, there is the townland of Carntressy, 3 kilometers west of Pettigo, and possibly the townland Gortinessy, both in the civil parish of Templecarn and Clanrasse in Kilmacrenan.
In Down, there is the Trassey River and Valley in the Mourne Mountains. There is also Killydressy in the civil parish of Witter OR Ballyphilip, Ards Peninsula. Also Ballyclondresse the original name of Moydalgan in the civil parish of Dromara.
In Dublin, the hill of Garyston (Garristown, near Ashbourne Co. Meath) was also called the hill of Trasse (Trase) in the Book of Howth [Carnew Manuscripts] and mont de Holtrase in the Inquisitions of James I.
In Fermanagh, there was Killtrasse in Magheriboy Barony.
In Galway, there is Turloughtrassa Cross (Turlach Treasaigh), the cross of Turlogh Trassa,  a cross roads NW of Caherweelder townland in the civil parish of Killeely. 
There is Gortdrishagh [Gortdressagh] (civil parishes of Kilcummin, Abbeygormacan and Templetogher).
In Kildare, there are the townlands of Baltracey (north of Clane), Baltracey and Newtown Baltracey (SE of Naas) and Traceys crossroads (SE of Kildare town).
In Kilkenny, there is the townland of Kiltrassy (Killamery) and Carraig Treasa at Booleyglass (Aghaviller).
In Laois, there was Shamboe Tracy, [Shanboe Aghaboe?] meaing old house of Tracy, manor of Villars, Barony of Upper Ossory. Also Tracy’s Lane Ballycullenbeg [Mountmellick].
In Limerick, in the Fiants of Elizabeth I, there are references to Castlematrasse (Castlematrix, Castlematraske) and Courtmatrasca (Courtmatrix, Courtmatruske, Court Mutris, 
Courtvatraskie) Rathkeale, Co. Limerick and Cahirassie (Cahirassey, Carassie, Carrassie, Kahirassie) Caherass, Croom, Limerick.
In Louth, there was Ballrassie, Tresach or Tracy's Park, near Drogheda, perhaps Baltray.
In Mayo, there was the ancient 6th century place name of Fearsad Tresi (Treisi’s channel) located below the Abbey of Rafan, parish of Killala. There is also Trassey/Tressy Mountain and Corradrishy [Coirdressagh] in the parish of Attymass.
In Monaghan there is the civil parish of Ematris. which in earlier records is called Emetresse. A townland in this civil parish is Cordressigo [formerly called Corrigressagh and Iomadh-Treasa = many Traceys] Nearby, in Cavan bordering Fermanagh, there is the similarly named Cordressogagh in the civil parish of Killinagh.
In Sligo, there was Gortrassy and Sessueman Castle. [possibly Gortnadrass Achonry]
In Tipperary, there was Garranelandresy otherwise Lander's grove near Fethard.
In Tyrone, there is Killdress (Cill Dreasa).
In Waterford, there is Treacy's Hill (Kilmacthomas).
In Westmeath, there is Aghyrassy (Newtown) and Ratrass (Killucan).
In Wexford, there are the townlands of Ballytracey (Ferns) and Tracystown East and West (Taghmon).  There is a 1608 reference to Illanstrassock,
perhaps represented by the modern day townlands of Island, west of Gorey Town.
In Wicklow, there is the townland of Cooldross. (cúil a’ dreasa) in the civil parish of Newcastle-Lower which may be named after the Traceys.
Historical References
The following contain references to the Traceys:
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An ongoing list of emigrants and ships.      
The earliest reference to emigration to America, was a transport list to Virginia North America:  
1653 Robert Tracy  
1653 Robert Tracye  
1654 Mary Tracy     
1654 Robert Trasey    
1655 Teague Trassey    
Early Families of Southern Maryland By Elise Greenup Jourdan 2007,M1    
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Mathew J. Tracy (1915) Historical Sketches of the Tracy and Tanner Families.     
Harrison Scott Baker II (2004) History of the Tracy Family [Bazil/Bezaleel Tracy]    
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England - Liverpool        
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